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I’m sure by now most of you have read several of my stories. This story is a little different then most. This is chapter one of many. But, I’m only going to write this first chapter, and the last chapter. And I’d like to challenge some of the other writers out there to write the chapters in between. I’ve written a few guidelines so that the chapters will flow together fairly well, but anyone is welcome to write a chapter for the story. I’ll try and write the final chapter soon, and of course the more people who write chapters the more likely I am to finish it.

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This story deals with sex between males, in graphic detail. If you're not over 18, this is illegal for you to even look at, so stop right now. If homosexual content is not your cup of tea, you can leave the tea party. The characters and story are copyright Teiran 2002, or their respective owners in the case of later chapters. Please do not redistribute without permission. Otherwise, enjoy!



Fun at the Mall



The fox browsed through the little shops isles, picking his way through the various leather contraptions and kinky toys. A slim, feminine looking dog bounced up to him. "Hey Wildfire, you gonna pick anything out for me today?" The fox grinned at the little dog. "Yeah right Jimmy, you couldn’t handle me." The dog grinned up at him. Oh come on, you’d be surprised what I can take fox." Michael "Wildfire" Fox chuckled as he fingered a ball gag and raised an eyebrow at the dog. "Oh, trust me doggy. I’d break you." The fox grinned, "And soooo many of the guys would hate me for that." The dog just grinned

Jimmy was the clerk at "Yiff R Us" the sex shop in the Haden View mall. Its entrance was around a corner, as far off the main hallway as you could get so it was hidden from the rest of the mall. It was one of the malls largest stores, and each day, hundreds of people would walk casually down the hallways of the mall, look around them to see if anyone was watching them, and then casually skirt their way down the little side hallway that lead to the store. Jimmy’s boss was quite understanding about people’s need for privacy, for a while he’d even used Toys R Us bags, at least until the owners of the toys R Us on the other side of the mall found out. Jimmy had personally tried everything single thing they sold, either with his boyfriend of one of the customers themselves. The little dog was really popular with the crowd of gays who hung around the mall. So, for that matter was Wildfire. And though they flirted shamelessly with each other, the fox and dog had almost nothing in common.

Wildfire was almost a foot taller then Jimmy was, and easily twice as large. Jimmy was eternally slim and lean type of guy, able to break the hearts of any man who came through his door and wear a dress better then most women could. While Jimmy blurred the gender lines like nobodies business, Wildfire was all male. He was muscular, strong and built like tank. His slim fox body was covered in muscle, mostly because he worked out ever day at the gym. Of course, because he was a fox Wildfire’s body didn’t really show his strength, but that only served to make him fast as well as strong. At one time, there had been some debate about whether the fox was all talk or not, but no one was willing to say anything after he came to the defense of two young wolves that a couple of gay bashers decided would be easy targets. They’d gone home in ambulances and no one had ever messed with Wildfire again. At least, not like that. More then a few of the guys who frequented the Haden View mall had been drawn to him cause of the incident, intrigued by the danger. And if there was one thing classically ‘fox’ about Wildfire, it was his sex drive.


Wildfire grinned as a group of cute, twinkish guys whistled at him as he left Yiff R’ Us. He twirled the small bag of new toys he’d bought with a grin. A ball gag, a new pair of handcuffs and something Jimmy had invented, a collapsible spreader bar. "Oh lord Jimmy," the fox whispered as he fingered the spreader bar through the bag. "What will you come up with next?" The fox chuckled and wandered his way through the mall. As he walked, guys would smile and wave, the adventurous and brave ones whistling or brushing up against him for a quick grope. Wildfire just grinned as he shopped, not looking for anything but just wasting time. Eventually, he found himself near the little hallway that lead to the restrooms near the Billiards’ department store on the ground floor. The fox grinned and swished his tail, heading down the hallway.

Wildfire peered around the restroom as he opened the door. The stalls all stood empty and the only other guy there was a wolf washing his paws. The gray furred wolf looked up at him and Wildfire flashed him a grin as he headed for the last stall. The wolf was tall, fairly buff and quite cute. The fox chuckled a little to himself, setting the bag from Yiff R Us on the ground and unbuckling his belt. The stall was like every other stall in malls across the world, except for the fact that it had a real lid on the toilet. Wildfire suspected that was Jimmy’s handiwork. The dog had once complained that public restrooms didn’t have any proper place to get bent over. The fox grinned and turned his ears backwards to listen as the wolf finished drying his paws and took a few steps towards him, away from the door. Wildfire grinned and swished his tail from side to side, unbuckling his pants and letting them side down the curve of his rump as he pretended to use the restroom. Wildfire grinned as he the wolf growled softly and moved closer. That move always worked on the big canines. You swished your tail and flashed a little rump, and then they always wanted a piece. The wolf padded up behind the fox, a paw reaching out and rubbing the back of the fox’s jeans, pushing them down even more as the wolf said in a gruff voice, "Hey fox, you looking for a good time?"

Wildfire licked his lips and grinned "Oooh, and what if I am huh?" The fox flashed a grin over his shoulder, his tail flicking back and forth, the tip across the wolf’s chest. The wolf grinned and squeezed Wildfire rump. "Well then fox, I’m gonna give you one." Wildfire grinned and let go of his pants, letting them fall down around his feet. The wolf shoved a paw in his pocket, pulling out some lube as he unbuckled his pants and pulled out his cock, which was already hard as a rock. Wildfire murred softly when he saw the wolf’s cock. He was well hung, nearly nine inches long, and thick. Wildfire grinned wide and gripped the railings of the stall tight as the wolf rubbed the tip of his lubed cock under his tail, his paws gripping Wildfire’s hips as he kicked the stall door closed behind him. This was gonna be a great ride.

The wolf and fox moaned together as the wolf’s cock pushed into Wildfire, stretching his tailhole open slowly. The wolf growled softly as he pushed forward, and Wildfire kept groaning in pleasure as the fat wolf cock sunk into him. "Oooh wolfie…" Wildfire’s tail flicked back and forth around the wolf’s leg and he arched his back, squeezing down on the wolf’s cock as he pulled out. "You’re a big bad wolf…" The wolf chuckled and put an arm around the fox’s chest. "Oh am I? You like my big cock inside you fox, don’t you?" Wildfire murred, his eyes closed as the wolf thrust into him. He hadn’t had a male like this inside him in ages. The wolf’s cock was thick and long, stretching him open wide and making his whole body tingle as the wolf humped him hard and fast. The wolf’s well-lubed cock pounded into the fox’s tailhole, and Wildfire murred loudly and moaned in pleasure, his tailhole tightening and flexing around the wolf’s cock. The wolf knew what he was doing. He thrust in hard and quick, pulling out slow, making sure his cock rubbed against all the fox’s sweet spots, banging into his prostate with each hard thrust.

Wildfire bit his lip and whimpered as the wolf’s paw wrapped around his hard cock and gave it a stroke. "Oh yeah, you like this don’t you fox? You’re a good little faggot…" The wolf trailed off as he nibbled the back of Wildfire’s neck, his paw stroking the fox’s cock. "You’re just like every other fox, you just can’t resist having a cock shoved up in you…." Wildfire’s eyes opened a bit and he glared at the wall in front of him. He let the comment slide because he didn’t want things to end now. The wolf was just to hot and to good at fucking… Wildfire murred and let himself drift back into the pleasure of the wolf’s thrusts. The wolf kept a steady hard rhythm, varying the way his paw stroked at the fox’s cock as his cock thrust deep inside him. The wolf’s tongue licked Wildfire’s ear and he said, "All you fox’s are the same. A real guy like me comes along and you flick your tails and drop your pants without ever even being asked. But you’re especially good faggot…" The wolf growled and thrust his cock in hard to emphasize his words, "You’ve got the sweetest ass I’ve ever had faggot…" The fox gave the wolf humping him an absolutely evil glare, "You know, you’re just as much a ‘faggot’ as I am… and stop calling me that or get out of me…" The fox’s words dripped with ire. Wildfire didn’t like the way the wolf was acting. Humping a guy is all fine and dandy, but you don’t trash them while you do it. "Ohhohoh no I’m not fox." The wolf’s arms squeezed Wildfire’s waist as he thrust faster, his growing knot teasing the fox’s tailhole. "You’re the one with a cock in your ass, you’re the faggot. But it’s cool, I like faggot foxes like you, you’ll let me fuck you anytime I want…" the wolf chuckled softly, his paws rubbing Wildfire’s chest, "You faggot foxes are the best cock warmers…" the wolf laughed and Wildfire set his jaw and spread his legs a bit.

Wildfire's ear's flatten against his head. That was it, this wolf needed a serious lesson in humility. Wildfire eyed the pipes that connected the toilet to the wall and then his bag from Yiff R Us. An evil grin spread across the fox’s face as the wolf kept humping him harder, pushing himself closer and closer to climax. And thank to Jimmy, the fox was perfectly prepared to give the wolf his lesson right now.

Wildfire moaned loudly, pushing back against the wolf as he leaned over and slipped his paw the bag. The wolf, concerned now only with how far he could get his cock into him, didn’t even notice. Wildfire smirked as he leaned back up and twisted in the wolf’s grip, an arm wrapping around his muscular neck as the fox brought him into a deep kiss. The wolf smiled a bit into the kiss, closing his eyes and thrusting hard. Wildfire acted in one fluid motion. He bent his knees, pulled the wolf forward and flipped him over his shoulder in one smooth motion, the wolf’s cock roughly pulling out of his tailhole. Wildfire grinned with satisfaction as the wolf landed on the toilet spread-eagle, his legs straddling the bowl. The wolf let out a mighty howl of pain, stunned by the fox’s sudden attack. And that was all the time Wildfire needed. He grabbed the wolf’s right paw and slapped the handcuff’s he’d pulled from his bag around it. The wolf growled in sudden anger, but Wildfire’s knee found a tender spot in his back as the fox grabbed his other paw. He pushed the wolf paws together, threading the handcuffs behind the metal pipes for the toilet and forcing the wolf’s other wrist into them. Wildfire grinned and let go of the wolf’s paws, and the wolf howled in anger as he struggled with them, but he was securely handcuffed to the back of the toilet.

"Fuck you, you little faggot! I’m gonna… MmPh!" The wolf’s words ended in a muffled howl of anger as Wildfire rammed his new ball gag into his open muzzle, pulling the elastic band back behind his head. "Oh, I doubt you’ll be doing much of anything, Mister Real Man." Wildfire flashed the wolf an evil grin as he took a step back from him and held a small metal tube in both paws. "Except finding out the hard way what its like to be a ‘Faggot’." Wildfire pulled the ends of Jimmy’s collapsing spreader bar apart, the metal rod lengthening with a menacing series of clicks as it expended. The wolf’s eyes widen in horror and he started to struggle hard, lashing out at Wildfire with his legs as the fox grabbed for his ankles. But Wildfire was stronger, and he pulled the wolf’s pants and underwear off him and forced the wolf’s hind paws into the leather straps on the ends of the spreader bar, forcing his legs open wide. Wildfire took a step back a bit to admire his handy work.

The gray wolf was handcuffed to the wall, bent over at the waist because of the toilet and his feet were held about four feet apart; making his tailhole easy to see despite his attempts to cover it with his tail, which was now firmly tucked between his legs. Wildfire grinned evilly, grabbed the wolf’s lube out of his pants and stepped over the bar holding the struggling wolf’s legs open. He leaned over the big wolf as his rubbed his hard cock between the wolf’s furry cheeks. "Do you still think you’re such hot stuff now, Mister Real Man? Huh?" The wolf’s eyes stared at him, round as saucers as the wolf tried to pull away from him. "Let me let you in on a little secret wolfie…" The fox purred as he rubbed the lube over his cock, his nose rubbing against the back of the wolf’s neck as he struggled and growled, his muffled howls of anger making Wildfire only grin wider. "Being a man doesn’t have anything to do with whether you let another guy fuck you. It’s in how you act that makes you a man." The fox nipped the back of the wolf’s neck, and the wolf’s eyes widened and he whimpered as Wildfire pressed his cocktip against the wolf’s tailhole. "Now take this like a Man wolf…"

Wildfire’s paws gripped the wolf’s hips and he ground his cock into him, pushing hard against the wolf’s obviously virgin tailhole. The wolf howled in pain, but even muffed by the gag it was loud. He tightened down his tailhole, but Wildfire didn’t back down. "Relax wolf, or it’ll hurt even more…" the wolf howled again, and Wildfire gripped the scruff of his neck in a paw and growled, "Relax Now wolf!" The wolf froze up in fright and he relaxed his tail hole, and the fox pushed in hard, stretching open the wolf’s ring slowly, his cock sinking into the hot and very tight passage. The wolf moaned through the gag, half in pain and half in pleasure. Wildfire just growled in pleasure, sinking his cock deep into the wolf’s ultra tight ass and biting the back of the wolf’s neck. The wolf howled and twisted in his bonds, shaking in pain and pleasure as the fox sunk his entire cock into his virgin tail hole, pulled back out and slammed back in again. The wolf whined loudly, trying to pull away from Wildfire as the fox murred in pleasure. The wolf’s ass was so tight he couldn’t believe it. He was defiantly a virgin, there was no other way his ass could be so tight.

"What’s wrong wolf? Not enjoying your first fuck?" Wildfire grinned as he pushed the wolf down and held him still, pounding his cock deep into the wolf’s ass, his hips banging into the wolf’s rump. The gray wolf howled through the gag, jerking at the handcuffs and throwing his head back as one of Wildfire’s paws slipped around his waist and wrapped around his hard cock, eliciting a moan from the wolf. "Oh, I guess you are enjoying this, aren’t you wolf?" The wolf’s eyes closed and Wildfire just grinned and thrust faster, plowing his cock deep into the pinned wolf.

Wildfire settled into a steady, hard rhythm as he buggered the wolf, whose ears were pressed flat against his head. The wolf’s eyes were shut tight and his breathing was shallow as Wildfire mounted him hard, the wolf pressing himself flat against the toilet, trying to keep Wildfire’s paws away from his cock, which was dripping pre as the fox fucked him. Wildfire smiled as he pulled the wolf’s head back and began to nibble on his neck, making the wolf moan even louder, his tail hole flexing around the fox’s invading cock. "Oooh yeah wolf... that’s it, squeeze my cock…"Wildfire pinched the wolf’s left nipple and nipped at his neck. "Squeeze my cock and I’ll make you cum wolf…" The wolf whined through the gag, pushing his hips back against the fox’s thrusts. Wildfire grinned as the wolf opened his eyes and whined in pleasure, hanging his head in shame. Wildfire’s paw ran across the wolf chest and up under his chin, lifting his muzzle up as Wildfire kept thrusting into his tail hole hard. "Come on wolf, take this like a real man, and admit you’re enjoying yourself…"

Wildfire chuckled loudly as the wolf growled at him and tried to push him up off his back, but Wildfire wrapped an arm around the wolf’s chest, his paw squeezing the wolf’s cock hard. Holding the wolf’s body tightly, he put all his strength into his thrusts. Wildfire grinned, feeling his growing knot barely pop out of the wolf’s tail hole. He was so close to climax he could taste it. He gave the wolf’s ass a few quick, hard thrusts with the full length of his cock and slammed his knot deep inside the wolf, locking them tighter. Wildfire grinned as the wolf’s body twisted in his grasp as his growing knot popped in and back out of the wolf’s tail hole. The wolf thrashed back and forth and howled as the fox’s knot popped in and out of him with every thrust of his cock. His cock jumped in Wildfire’s paw, and the fox grabbed the back of his neck in his muzzle as the wolf came hard. The wolf howled through his gag, his body shaking as his cum shot across the stall. Wildfire’s back arched as his cock pulsed inside the wolf, pumping his fox cum deep inside the shaking wolf’s body. Wildfire yipped in pleasure as the wolf continued to howl behind the gag, his body convulsion as the fox’s seed flooded into his ass. The fox and wolf convulsed together for several long minutes, the fox’s arms holding the wolf’s chest, Wildfire’s cock trapped deep inside the wolf’s no longer virgin tail hole.

Wildfire panted hard, leaning onto the wolf’s back. "Oooh lord…" he whispered softly, shifting his hips and moving his cock inside the wolf’s guts. The gray wolf whimpered and growled something, but the gag muffled his words. Wildfire pushed himself up onto his feet, his knot pulling at the wolf’s tail hole, forcing him to raise his rump into the air. Wildfire grinned as he put his arms around the wolf and forced him to stand up. The wolf whimpered as Wildfire pulled him upright, the new position forcing his tail hole to tighten down even harder on the fox’s hard cock. The fox’s paws stroked the wolf’s chest from behind, and Wildfire laid his paw on the ball gag. "Now I’m gonna pull this outta your muzzle wolf, but if you scream, I pull this…" The fox gave a little tug on his firmly tied knot, "Out as well, and then you’ll really have a reason to scream. Got it?" The wolf’s eyes widened in and he nodded weakly. Wildfire pulled the ball gag out of the wolf mouth.

The wolf worked his jaw painfully and whispered, "fucking fox… I’m gonna kill you for this…" Wildfire grinned and put his arm around the wolf’s neck and his other around his waist and gave him a good squeeze. The wolf gasped and would have doubled over in pain if he’d been able to move. "I’d like to see you try it wolf. I’d beat you so senseless you’d be begging me to fuck you. Now what’s your name wolf?" The wolf gasped for air as the fox released his grip slightly, "Kevin. Kevin James." "Well Kevin, I don’t see what you’re so upset about. You came in this stall all by yourself." The wolf glared back at him, "Yeah, to fuck you!" Wildfire grinned and ran his fingers across the wolf’s still slightly hard cock. "And turnabout’s fair play wolf." Kevin growled and tried to snap at Wildfire, but the wolf stopped the moment Wildfire’s paw cupped his balls, his short claws touching the base of his cock. "Do play nice wolfie. After all, we’re gonna be here a few minutes." Wildfire moved his hips back and pulled on his trapped cock. Kevin moaned and his tail hole tightened down around the fox’s cock and Wildfire chuckled. Kevin glared at him, "What are you laughing at faggot?" "You wolf. You still don’t get it do you? You try and act all tough, like you’re a real man cause you don’t let guys fuck you, when you enjoyed it just as much as any cock slut would." Kevin growled and jerked on the handcuffs, "I’m not a cock slut! Now let me out of here so I can kick your fucking ass you faggot fox!" The wolf clamored back and forth for a minute, and Wildfire glared at him.

"That’s it wolf, I guess you haven’t learned you’re lesson quite yet." Wildfire grinned a he checked all the restraints holding the wolf in place. He tightened up the straps on the spreader bar a bit, and grinned. "Well now wolfie, since it seems you haven’t learned any humility yet, I guess I’m just gonna have to leave you here till you do." Kevin’s next words never left his muzzle. He just howled in pain and pleasure as Wildfire grabbed his waist in both paws and slowly pulled his knot out of the wolf’s ass. The wolf’s ring stretched open wide, and his body shook as the fox’s knot popped out of him wetly, cum flooding out his ass and down his leg. Kevin panted as Wildfire took a step back, his hard cock bobbing up and down a bit, covered in white cum that he could feel sliding down his leg. "How does that sound wolf? Say I leave you here a few hours, bound an gagged in the hottest anonymous sex spot in town, tail hole open for all to see, and come back when you’ve had some time to think and half the town has fucked you, hmmm?" Kevin’s eyes go big as Wildfire’s paw came up holding the gag "How does that sound?"

Kevin tried to turn and bite the fox as he stepped forward, but Wildfire’s other paw grabbed the back of his neck and his fingers dug into the pressure point of the wolf’s neck, making him gasp, muzzle open, as he went ridged with pain. Wildfire shoved the gag into his muzzle and pulled the band back around his head, making sure it was in just the right spot not to hurt the wolf’s teeth any and so that the band wouldn’t slip off. When he released the wolf's neck, Kevin slumped forward and whimpered, mouthing the ball gag desperately. Kevin growled softly when it didn’t budge at all, but the growl died when he heard the sound of a marker being uncapped. He looked back at the fox behind him, who was writing something on the stall door, which he propped open with a trash can. Kevin’s stomach turned into knots as he read what he’d written. "I hope you enjoy your afternoon wolf, cause believe me, I know a lot of the guys  will enjoy you being here." Kevin swallowed nervously as the fox shoved the wolf’s pant’s and shoes into the bag he had, pulled his own pants back up and set the bottle of lube on the toilet paper dispenser and gave him a big kiss on the lips. Kevin growled and rattled his binding, but the handcuffs and straps held.

Wildfire chuckled as he turned his back on the wolf, swishing his hips and flicking his tail back and forth, an evil grin on his face as he left the restroom, the wolfs growls and muffled howls following him out.


Galen padded his way into the restroom of the Haden View mall. The raccoon knew what kind of reputation the restroom had, and he always used it cause a couple times, he’d been able to see a couple of guys yiffing in the stalls. He’d never been brave enough to do anything, but he still liked to watch for just a little while. Galen watched as a particularly buff tiger came out of the last stall, tucking his still dripping cock back into his pants and grinning down at the smaller raccoon. Galen swallowed as the tiger passed him. The last stall door was propped open with the words, "This Slave is here for Punishment. Yiff as much as desired, but do not release. I will be back to collect him later. Thank you, His Master." Galen walked to the back of the restroom and peered in the stall.

In the stall was a dark gray wolf on his knees, handcuffed to the toilet with his legs spread open by a spreader bar. Trails of sticky cum ran down his legs, and he was panting for air, a big blue ball gag stuffed into his muzzle. The wolf’s eyes met Galen’s, and the raccoon just stood there for a long moment wondering hat he should do. But as the haze of pleasure left the wolf’s eyes, he smiled despite the gag and the wolf hauled himself back up across the toilet seat and lifted his tail, waiting. Galen licked his lips and undid his belt buckle and took a few steps towards the wolf that was grinning at him.

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