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Fun at the Mall, chapter 2

By Lars Hellberg

Ray tried his best to hide his amused grin, as he watched the small dog’s able hands at work. He had found the store, "Yiff R Us", by pure chance, and hadn’t been able to resist taking a peek. Then another. Only to find himself methodically looking through the store’s entire selection of toys, underwear and oddities, eagerly assisted by the clerk, who had introduced himself as Jimmy. Said Jimmy was now demonstrating, quite vividly, a contraption that looked like it badly needed a health hazard warning.

"...Once it’s strapped on, just wind up the clockwork engine, and let it do its work!" The machine made a loud, buzzing noise, sending visible shivers of imagined or remembered pleasure up and down Jimmy’s spine, making the dog’s tongue loll out. "I can guarantee that the engine won’t need rewinding before you do." Ray smiled a bit, "I’m sure. Have you got any..."


"Sorry to cut in on you guys, but can I borrow Jimmy for a sec? Thanks, I’ll give him back, as good as new."


The newcomer, a fox just like Ray, pulled the small clerk with him, and the two started talking. Ray took the opportunity to eye him over, marveling at the other fox’s perfect body. Like Ray, he was tall, but while Ray never worked out if he could avoid it, the other fox obviously did cause he was built like a brick. A wall of bricks.

After a while of ogling, Ray recognized him; he was the infamous Wildfire, the gay basher basher. He was a bit of a legend around town, though Ray had always assumed it was mostly just talk. Now, he could see otherwise. True to his word, Wildfire cut his conversation with Jimmy short, waving his thanks to Ray as Jimmy bounded his way back over, twice as chirpy as before. Waving back at Wildfire meekly, Ray jumped a bit when he felt Jimmy’s hand stroke the inside of his thigh as he said, "Whew! That’s some guy!"

"You could say that again," Ray agreed, removing Jimmy’s hand. "I’ve seen sexy, then I’ve seen him."

"He could have me for a penny, and still get change back," Jimmy giggled. "Anytime, anywhere."

"What was that all about?" Jimmy’s grin widened, "Oh, he just wondered what size of ball gag he bought half an hour ago. Apparently, he’s already worn it out." Winking, Jimmy returned to his stroking of Ray’s thigh. Ray sighed and rolled his eyes as he chased the dog’s hand away once more. Jimmy he picked up the toy again, rewinding its engine.

"Forget that thing," Ray said over the buzzing. "I won’t buy it anyway. There must be nicer ways to have your dick ripped off."

"Erf! Always trust me to get the boring ones," Jimmy muttered. "Well, what are you looking for, then?"

"I wasn’t really looking for anything, but now that you mention it, could you show me your dildo selection again?"

"Sure thing! What’ll it be, Fireworks-in-the-Sky? Full-Night’s Ecstasy?" All worked up, Jimmy laid up toy after toy on the counter, each one considerably larger than the one before, until at last Ray had to help him. Grinning, the dog licked his lips "Or... straight into Nuclear Assault, hmm?"

"This must be a joke, right?" Ray needed both hands to lift the massive rubber tool, or indeed, to even encircle it. "I could clobber a raging bull with this one!"

"I did, once, he slept for a week. It’s a really cool thing," Jimmy went on, oblivious to Ray’s sarcasm. "Comes with its own drum of body-friendly, allergy-tested lubrication."

"I just want something that tickles and teases," Ray said. "A little fun before the fun, so to speak. No, smaller than that. No, Jimmy, that’s a pencil."

"No sense of humor. How ‘bout this one? The only way this could hurt is if you jammed it up someone’s nostril."

"Looks good. How much is it?"

"No more than an inch in diameter." Jimmy shook his head. "Sad, really!"

Sighing, Ray grabbed the toy, then made his way to the cash register. A sturdy badger accepted his credit card, and gave him a flashy bag, displaying the shop’s logo and a slogan; ‘If it’s fun and legal, we’ve got it!’ Leaving the store, Ray felt happy with his purchase. If he could just get a moment alone with that cute skunk from the gym, this might lead to something good...


A cup of coffee later, as well as a couple of winks from the waitress regarding his shopping bag, Ray was ready to leave the mall. His bladder, however, wasn’t. Weighing the call of nature against the call of the couch and a good movie, Ray gave in to nature, and started looking for a public restroom. Signs pointed the way, so he followed them, only to collide with a lion leaving the room. His eyes strangely glazed, the cat didn’t apologize, in fact, didn’t even seem to hear it as Ray scolded him. Some people, he thought, snorting at the guy. The stalls all seemed empty, so he used the nearest one to relieve himself, sighing loudly as the built-up pressure left his body. To his surprise, the sigh was echoed by a moan. Curious now, Ray quickly finished, washing his hands as he heard another low groaning sound. The door to the last of the stalls stood open, and he could swear that the sound was coming from there. A closer inspection revealed an inscription on the inside of the door; "This Slave is here for Punishment. Yiff as much as desired, but do not release. I will be back to collect him later. Thank you, His Master." Curiosity leading, Ray following, he peered into the stall. What he saw was the backside of a naked wolf; a tall guy, who seemed to be chained to some pipes.

"Kevin? Kevin James?" This was met by another moan, as well as a nod. "Can’t you talk? Man, what’s happened to you?"

Slowly approaching the wolf, careful not to slip in any of the puddles that were all over the floor, Ray could see that Kevin was ball gagged. Nodding to himself, the fox added up the numbers, arriving at the correct answer.

"Tangled with Wildfire, did you? I always told you that cocky attitude would be the end of you, Kev." He removed the gag, and the wolf thankfully took a few lungfuls of air. "You know I liked that tough-talk, but didn’t I tell you not to play it on everybody."

The wolf’s confused look changed to one of recognition as he got a good look at Ray’s face. "That you, Ray?"

"Sure is. You know, the guy that left you here, he could probably have torn three guys like you to pieces, one hand tied to his back."

"Seemed friendly enough when he let me fuck him."

"Before you started down-talking him I bet." Ray nodded. "I’ve got it all pictured, now."

"Ray, I probably don’t want to know this, but... How did you recognize me right away?"

"Oh, come on!" Ray cooed. "Like I would forget such a lovely butt? You really haven’t changed a bit, have you?"

"Bastard ploughed me open! Then left me like this! Ray, there’s been three people in here since then, and they all..."

"Sure they did."

The wolf eyes lit up for a second, "Let me loose, Ray, come on! Old pal! We had a few good times, didn’t we?"

"Sure we did." Ray tugged a bit on the handcuffs. "Have you got a key to these?"

"He left it on the washbasin, ‘cause he knew I couldn’t beg for it while I was gagged. Can you find it?"

"Yeah, it’s still here."

"So c’mon! Get me out of here!"

"I don’t know, Kev." Ray held up the key, "I don’t wanna end up on Wildfire’s bad list. I could... Well, just look at what happened to you!"

"Don’t argue, Ray! Just do it!"

"Now, yelling gets you nowhere..."

"Fucking hell! Just..."

"Neither will profanity." With a swift motion, Ray gagged the wolf again, cutting him off in mid-curse. "Letting you go could turn out shitty for me, so you can hardly make me do it by treating me badly, Kev." The fox leaned forward again, lightly nipping Kevin’s ear. "In fact, you might have to treat me very nicely to make me even consider it again."

Kevin strained at his bonds, trashing his head about as he muttered curses beneath the gag. Ray watched him for a while, and then grabbed his muzzle, forcing the wolf into eye contact. Making a sad face, he shook his head.

"Now, Kev that just won’t do! You were clearly a naughty boy, to get yourself bound up like this. It wouldn’t be right for me to decide that you’ve already taken all your punishment, would it?" As he watched the fox’s eyes, Kevin’s heart sank. He had lost his chance to get out. "Not to mention the fact, Kev m’boy, that you are trapped in a very sexy position. The slippery floor tells me that you didn’t lie. Somebody’s been enjoying themselves." Ray reached over to touch the half-congealed stains under the wolf. "And so have you, I’d wager. Very sexy position..."

There was a glimmer of fear in the wolf’s eyes as Ray caught his gaze again. Smiling coyly, the fox reached out with a hand to run his claws down Kevin’s back. Grabbing the bushy gray tail, he pulled it out from beneath the lupine legs, sighing as he looked underneath it. Still not speaking, he used some toilet paper to clean the wolf up somewhat.

"You know I’d love to give you a good rimming, honey," he whispered, "but you’re such a mess!"

Thinking of his new toy, Ray rummaged through his bag for it, and then held it up so Kevin could see it. Grinning, the fox licked his lips, using his saliva to make the small dildo slippery. Fear mixed with anger in the wolf’s eyes, as he started mumbling his protests. Ray ignored this, and brought the toy to play at Kevin’s slightly battered tailhole, tickling the tight anal ring with the tip. A shudder went through the wolf, who almost collapsed in his bonds. Gently, Ray eased the dildo inside, soon finding the sensitive prostate. Protests changed into moans of pleasure, which grew in intensity, only to be replaced by a disappointed growl as the pleasure suddenly vanished. Putting the toy aside, Ray leaned up to whisper into the wolf’s ear, gently licking and nipping at it.

"Kev, I’m going to remove the gag. Now, I’m a nice guy, even though you’re mean to me, but remember this." Grabbing the wolf’s ball sac, Ray squeezed just hard enough to produce a whimper. "If you scream, or try to bite me, or if you’re even the slightest bit rude, I will turn very nasty on you. Got that?" Kevin swallowed hard and then nodded. "Excellent. I knew you were a good boy at heart."

Easing the rubber ball out of the wolf’s mouth, Ray allowed him a couple of seconds to relax his jaws, before he grabbed the gray-furred chin. Turning Kevin to face him, Ray kissed him soundly. Kevin tried to shy away, but when he was met by a dominant growl, he froze on the spot. Deciding not to stretch his luck any further, the wolf began returning the kiss, and soon their tongues were joined in a furious dance. Minutes ticked by, as Ray’s rough grip on Kevin’s sac turned into a soft fondling, and a hand sought its way up his chest, tweaking and caressing the nipples. The wolf’s kiss turned deeper, more erotic, as a need welled up in him, a desperate need for release. When Ray broke the kiss, Kevin grunted, wanting it to go on forever. But the fox had other ideas, and he was now glancing down the muscular lupine chest, a slight glaze covering his eyes as he slowly ran his tongue across his upper lip.

"My, Kevin, what do we have here? Such a nice, hard cock, and you’re just not able to play with it, are you?" The wolf whined as a fox-claw dragged slowly across the tip, making his erection twitch and jump. "You really need it, don’t you?"


"Don’t be shy, honey. Let me hear it."

"I really need to come, Ray. Please..."

"Tricky thing is, Kev, you can’t possibly mount me when you’re trapped like this. And since you were rude to me, I’m not even going to touch your prick. Which really leaves you with only one chance to get off..."


"Let me hear it, baby!"

"Ray... Please... Please take me."

"Oh, come on, Kev! You knew other words for it, just a couple of minutes ago."

"Ray, fuck me! Please, I’ll do anything! Just fuck me!"

"That’s the spirit, honey! Now, just so you don’t scream the entire mall down on us..."

"Ray, what... mmph!" Once more, Ray slipped the rubber ball inside Kevin’s mouth, effectively silencing him.

"Just chew on that, and think of happy days."

Ray quickly stepped out of his clothes, and then started rubbing his rigid erection against the wolf’s ball sac. Kevin moaned as loudly as he could, swaying his hips to try and make the fox’s maleness slip inside him. No matter the humiliation, no matter the pain would ensue; Kevin was at a stage of arousal where he would have begged for release like a starved cub would beg for food, if he hadn’t lost his capability to speak. Eventually, Ray decided that the teasing had gone on long enough.

"Are you ready?" he asked, kissing the wolf’s lips around the ball gag. Kevin waited for the kiss to end, then nodded eagerly. "All right!"

Yipping with eager delight, Ray aligned himself, slowly pushing at the wolf’s entrance. An attempt from Kevin to speed things up was rewarded with a sharp slap to his bottom. Ray kept up the slow pace, and it was several minutes before his tip was safely lodged inside the wolf’s anus. Surprising Kevin, Ray then grabbed him by the hips, entering him fully with one swift thrust. There was a slight pain, but it was nothing compared to the fullness the wolf now felt. The fox’s member rubbed against his prostate, causing his own throbbing wolfhood to jerk, and clear drops of pre leaked from his tip. Without looking, he could feel that his knot was fully swollen, and that he was ready to release his load. Ray, on the other hand, had another ideas. He started thrusting gently, making soft love to the wolf, in a way Kevin himself would never grant the guys he preyed on. The fox made sure to avoid bumping into the prostate gland again, and instead he prepared himself for his own impending orgasm. Biting down on the wolf’s neck, he increased his pace, all the while growling into the mouthful of fur. Then it hit him, a white flash behind his eyes as his body tensed, his claws digging deep into the wolf’s hips, and a few drops of lupine blood coating his tongue as he bit down. Kevin felt the hot fox-seed pulse into him, filling him up. The sharp pangs of pain from teeth and claws only heightened his pleasure, but he could feel for certain that he would be denied his release. Sobbing with frustration, tears running down his cheeks, he felt the fox’s orgasm abate, and he clenched his muscles, trying in vain to keep Ray inside him.

"Well, honey, this was fun," the fox whispered. "Don’t you agree?"

Kevin shook his head, biting down furiously on the rubber ball, wanting nothing more than to plead for what he knew he wouldn’t get. Ray kissed his nose as he zipped up his pants, preparing to leave, but the longing in Kevin’s eyes made him relent.

"Poor thing. I can’t leave you like this."

Easing his head around the wolf’s waist, Ray reached out to wrap his tongue around the straining wolf penis, taking it into his mouth. Suckling and licking, he brought Kevin to a quick orgasm, taking in as much of the hot lupine seed as he possibly could. When he felt satisfied that Kevin was momentarily drained, he stood up. He lifted the wolf’s chin from his chest as he once more removed the gag. Expecting another kiss, Kevin obediently opened his mouth, only to be stunned when Ray supplied him with a generous helping of his own semen, gagging him again before he had time to spit it out. But the fox held him in the kiss, leaving him with two choices, either to swallow it submissively and give in to the fox, or to be stubborn and keep it in his mouth to spit it out, but then feeling the taste of it. He chose the former, and Ray nodded, grinning broadly as he watched Kevin’s throat at work.

"Good boy. Hopefully, that’ll teach you to take as well as give." Winking, Ray slipped into his shirt, and cleaned off his toy in the washbasin. "I hope Wildfire will be happy with you, when he gets back."

Hearing this, Kevin strained his bonds again and growled, but only managed to cause himself more discomfort. He just couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Ray was abandoning him! After what they’d just done, the fox wouldn’t even let him loose! Kevin hung his head low, but he refused to cry again. He’d show them! Oh yes, they wouldn’t break him. Come what may, he would take it like a man! They would never break him!

Ray stood outside the stall for a couple of minutes, keeping as quiet as he possibly could. He knew that if Kevin started really crying, he wouldn’t have the heart to leave him. However, soon he heard snorts and growls instead of sniffles, and he knew the wolf had chosen to be stubborn. Oh well, his loss. Or maybe, his gain. Ray smiled at the thought. Being in Kevin’s situation was something that would occasionally occur in his own sexual fantasies, and he secretly suspected that the wolf was enjoying himself, all his macho demeanor aside. So Ray turned to leave, only to meet with Jimmy’s happy grin. The little clerk winked at him as he slipped fresh batteries into a "Full-Night’s Ecstasy", slapping Ray’s rump as he made his way down the stalls. Sated as he was, the fox couldn’t even find it in him to scold the dog, and instead he hurried out of the restroom before the inevitable howling would begin. A pang of sympathy for the wolf coursed through him, but he dismissed it.

"Heh. At least he didn’t bring a Nuclear Assault."

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