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Fun at the Mall, chapter 3

By Mark FuzzWolf



At the Haden View Mall heads were turning.

Everyone stared at the two furs who were boldly walking past the food court now. Even though Yiff R Us didn’t put logos on their bags anymore, everyone knew where the discreet, black bags were from. And anyone looking at the little fox gleefully looking in the bag and his large, lupine companion could tell what those two had in mind for tonight. Especially given the way they were dressed.

Trevor, the short red-furred fox was dressed in such a way that would have most males clustered at his feet just begging for a chance to yiff with him. On the bottom, he wore a very short and tight pair of black leather shorts, the kind with lacings on the sides so in addition to showing off the shape of his perfect rear, he also enticed with the view of his furry thighs. The shorts also accented the size and shape of the bulge at the front. Males and females who saw him wanted him badly, but despite his newfound boldness he was still unaware of the effect he had on others. On the top he wore a tight, white tee with "Got Yiff?" in bold letters on the front. The white of the shirt was accentuated by his small leather collar. He used to not be brave enough to dress this way in public, but since meeting Sinclair, his confidence had risen tremendously. Besides, when in the presence of a fur like Sinclair, he had nothing to be afraid of.

Compared to Trevor’s short and lithe body, Sinclair seemed huge. He was over six feet tall and quite well muscled thanks to many hours at the local gym where he pumped iron, among other things. Despite being very open about his gender preference, no one would dare start something with him. He was every bit the tough guy with a heart of gold. He had taken Trevor under his wing some months before and they had stuck together since. No one, not even them, was sure if they were a couple or not. Sinclair was happy to have Trevor as a friend and enjoyed the games they played together. Anything else he would have to see what developed in time.

"Stop that, you know you can’t play with any of that till later," Sinclair mock-slapped his friend’s paw.

Since they’d left the store, Trevor could not stop burrowing through the bag to examine his new toys. The bulge at the front of his shorts became even more obvious as he thought about the fun they’d have with their new purchases later.

Sinclair, of course, couldn’t help but notice the fox’s excitement.

"Um, Trev. You’re showing a bit there."

"Aww, is that such a bad thing," the little fox looked up at his friend and winked at him.

"Stop that, or I’ll have to take you in the bathroom and spank you."

"Oooh promises. Do you really mean that?"

Sinclair sighed, a little exasperated, before he stopped to think. He leaned close to Trevor.

"Well, there is this one…infamous bathroom in this mall…"

"Oh? Do tell." Trevor grinned mischievously.


Kevin sighed.

The big wolf tried to stretch a bit, but it wasn’t much good. After three hours, his arms ached from being chained up to this men’s room toilet. He had had plenty of time to reflect on what had gotten him into this situation. He was starting to think that fox was right, but how long did Wildfire really intend to leave him chained up like this?

His ears perked up as he heard the sound of the door slamming open.

He wondered what the next fur to take him would be like. He smiled a little around his ball gag and realized he most wondered what the next fur’s cock would be like.


Sinclair pushed open the restroom door roughly. He and Trevor were already deeply kissing as they stumbled inside. Luckily, no one was around to see them. Their matching bags from Yiff R Us hit the floor as they began to grope and caress each other. Sinclair picked Trevor up and sat him on the edge of the counter between the sinks. He kissed his vulpine partner as he undid the front of Trevor’s shorts. Once undone, Sinclair’s paw darted in to take hold of the fox’s already-hard foxhood. Trevor moaned into Sinclair’s muzzle as the wolf squeezed and stroked his cock.

With a hungry grin, Sinclair pulled the ample foxmeat out, letting Trevor’s balls hang outside his shorts where he could caress them. Sinclair’s muzzle went down instantly, sucking down the fox’s length. Normally, he’d take longer and drag out the fun, but they didn’t have the time. That was one of the disadvantages of the "quickie in the bathroom" scenario. Although judging by his raging hard erection, Trevor was enjoying this new quirk. As he sucked and licked the foxcock, he wondered if there was any kink that Trevor didn’t find interesting in some way.

"Ohhh man," Trevor moaned, gripping the back of Sinclair’s head as the big wolf sucked him off.

Trevor could feel himself getting close already as he drove his cock into his partner’s muzzle, then without warning, Sinclair stopped.

"Erf, what are you doing? I was really close."

"I thought I heard something…" Sinclair’s voice trailed off as he stepped away from the frustrated fox.

Trevor whimpered to himself as he watched the wolf cautiously approach the stall on the far side of the restroom. He squinted to see what the note on the door said from where he was, but couldn’t make it out. Sinclair was reading it though, and looking to his side at the same time. He let out a chuckle.

"Trev, you’ve got to come and see this."

Trevor groaned and got off the countertop, his cock still mostly-hard as he tried to stuff it back into his tight shorts.

"This better be good after you-Oh my!" Trevor’s face lit up at the sight.

Kevin had turned around when he heard voices again. He could see Trevor taking in the whole scene. He was cuffed to the toilet, legs spread in a lewd invitation, and his limp cock and empty balls dangled in plain view, and his tail was matted with dried cum.

He watched the fox for a moment then turned his attention back to his lupine companion.

"Shit," he thought to himself. He recognized Sinclair right away. He knew he was never going to live this down, why did it have to be such a small world after all.

Being a very observant canine, like all wolves, Sinclair had recognized Kevin immediately also. He hadn’t said anything yet, but he was thinking things over. Inside, he was grinning madly.

"Uh, what should we do now?"

"Oh, we need to do exactly what that note says to do. What do you say Trev? Fancy a little double teaming?"

Trevor shrugged, he was still a little new to all this. He didn’t quite understand those into the "lifestyle" like this, but he guessed it must be okay. He’d been told Master/slave scenes were always consensual so he decided to go along with it.

"Sure, what did you have in mind?"

"Well, I am definitely helping myself to what’s under that tail. And you need finished off, don’t ya foxy?"

Trevor blushed, the lump of his maleness still strained obviously at the lacings of his shorts.

"Hey! Let’s use the new gag I bought." Sinclair suggested, going back for the bags.

"Ooh," Trevor thought about that.

The wolf came back, opening the package as he did. It was a type of gag Trevor had not seen before. It was designed to hold the receiver’s muzzle open, keeping the teeth away for the perfect blowjob.

"Hmm, ‘Can even make a straight guy suck cock like a pro’. Sounds good to me."

Sinclair chuckled as he approached the trapped wolf. He had quickly removed the regular gag and applied the new one, being a practiced paw at such things.

"Only one more thing to do…"

"What’s that?" Trevor asked curiously as Sinclair started rummaging around inside the bag again.

He opened an inner bag, the one from the drug store they had stopped at.

"Only problem is, I don’t like sloppy seconds. Well, not that sloppy anyway. We’ve got to clean him up a bit."

"Hey, I thought you got that for your dad!"

Sinclair grinned as he opened the home enema kit. "I’ll buy him another one, besides his problems can wait just a bit."

Trevor rolled his eyes, anything for a yiff.

Sinclair gently lifted Kevin’s sticky tail and shoved the tip of the enema bulb home. Kevin jumped a little in his restraints at this odd new feeling, but he got to enjoying the feeling of the hours of cum flooding out of his tailhole. He felt clean inside again, just in time to be filled up by Sinclair. The big wolf wiped off the bound one’s rear and tailhole with some paper towels, and began to strip his tight jeans off.

Trevor’s eyes went wide, as they always did, as Sinclair got undressed. He licked his lips at the sight of Sinclair’s perfect butt as the wolf turned to lock the stall door. Sinclair’s impressive cock was already fully hard, the tip glistening with pre. He quickly approached Kevin and lifted his tail.

"Aren’t you going to use any lube?" Trevor asked.

"Nah, he doesn’t need any. He’s already been loosened up real good by the look of it, and he should still be slick from the water. Besides," Sinclair grinned "more friction for me if I don’t."

Sinclair didn’t waste any more time, knowing they had very little time before another fur arrived to take advantage of Kevin’s situation. He pressed his thick cockhead to Kevin’s once-tight hole for a moment to enjoy the feeling of the warm pucker against his tip, and then he slipped inside the wolf, burying himself to the hilt.

"Ahh, now that’s a nice ass," Sinclair chuckled as he started to slowly hump his fellow lupine.

Trevor shrugged and decided to join in. He undid the lacings at the front of his shorts again and tugged out his half-hard cock. He saw the bound wolf’s eyes grow wide at the sight and he blushed furiously. The few furs who had seen his foxhood had all had the same reaction so far, but Trevor was still very shy and didn’t think he was all that special. Sinclair had assured him many times though that his maleness was quite impressive for a fur his size.

The little fox walked slowly towards the squirming wolf while stroking himself to erection once again. Sinclair reached over with a smile to caress Trevor’s furry, white balls, making the little fox moan happily.

"Cum on in love, the wolf’s fine," he said with a grin.

The comment got a little giggle out of Trevor, and the fox became a little bolder. He nimbly stepped in front of Kevin, leaning against the wall, and gently taking the wolf’s muzzle in his paw. With a happy sigh, Trevor slipped his eight inches of fox meat into the trapped wolf’s muzzle.

The wolf seemed to gag for a moment, as Trevor was much larger than he’d expected. Soon he was able to lean his head back enough to allow the fox to sink his thick meat down into his throat. Kevin had never been taken before today, and now he was being filled from both ends by two very large cocks. He closed his eyes and concentrated on deeply breathing through his snout to avoid choking on the muzzleful of foxmeat. At his rear, Sinclair seemed to really be enjoying himself. He could feel the bigger wolf’s claws gripping his sides each time the muscled furry thighs slammed into his well-used and stretched rear. He found he was starting to enjoy himself despite being in this situation a bit unwillingly. He had to admit that the thought of a male more dominant than he really turned him on. Not to mention that after the initial pain subsided, being taken felt great. He couldn’t remember how many times he’d cum today, but he knew it was more than ever before. Kevin inwardly sighed, very happy, and went to sucking this pretty fox hard who was slowly muzzle-yiffing him.

"Ooooof, mrrrr," Trevor gasped.

"Hmm, you okay over there?"

"Oh yes, it’s just that," whimper "he’s really sucking me good."

Sinclair chuckled and gripped Kevin’s tail in one paw.

"That’s good Trev, means he’s enjoying this. Isn’t that right," Sinclair said as he gave Kevin’s tail a tug.

Kevin whimpered happily around his muzzleful of foxcock.

Trevor found the wolf’s skilled tongue and warm, sucking passage were driving him wild. He took hold of the wolf’s head and began to thrust himself into the lupine’s muzzle. He felt himself go deep, his juicy cockhead sinking deep into the wolf’s throat.

"That’s the spirit foxie," Sinclair smiled as he watched his friend enjoying himself at the other side of the wolf they shared.

Sinclair knew he was getting close now, his knot was fully engorged and pressing insistently against the wolf’s tailhole on each inward thrust. He grunted and tightly gripped the bound wolf’s tailbase. He yanked up suddenly while thrusting forward hard, grinding his knot against the tender pucker until it popped inside.

Kevin whimpered and quivered loudly, sucking harder on Trevor as he did. Sinclair’s knot was huge, bigger than any fur who’d taken him today. He felt like he must be split open, but as the pain subsided it felt so good and he wanted that thick knot to stay in him forever. He couldn’t express his joy in any other way other than sucking and licking the length of cock currently pumping down his throat as best he could. He could feel the fox’s full balls bumping against his chin as the fox thrust that thick, delicious shaft deep inside.

"Oh, I’m getting close," Trevor panted, feeling the tension building in his balls.

Sinclair grunted his agreement, continuing to thrust deeply despite his trapped knot.

The two furs humped into Kevin rapidly from either end. To Kevin, their cocks felt so huge and so deeply thrust inside him, he was sure they would touch each other at any moment. He could barely feel the cuffs around his paws anymore, as he felt more trapped by the two furs than anything else. He was exhausted from the effort, but kept sucking and licking the fox, and occasionally tightening his rump down on the thick invader in his tailhole. Both furs taking him moaned together, they members expanded even thicker for a second, and then he was filled up from both ends. He felt the now-familiar warm squirt deep into his bowels, and a similar feeling down his gullet as the fox injected his seed directly down his throat. Kevin moaned and contracted his throat, milking the little fox dry.

Trevor gasped and quivered a moment before leaning back against the wall and breathing heavily. He looked across the wolf to see Sinclair just finishing up. The well-muscled wolf panted and leaned heavily on Kevin’s body till he could regain his breath again.

"Whew, that was fun," Sinclair panted.

Trevor pulled his spent member out of Kevin’s muzzle and stood by his side. He looked down and saw that during his exertions, the wolf’s cock had gotten hard again.

"Oh, look. The poor wolfie got all hard again. I’ve just got to take care of this."

Kevin’s eyes went wide in fear. He hadn’t even felt that he was erect after been so possessed by the pleasure of these two furs filling him up. He couldn’t remember how many times he’d cum today, and he knew his cock was extremely sensitive now. The gag kept him from telling the fox that though.

"Good boy, Trev," Sinclair chuckled as Trevor got down on the floor and scooted under the captured wolf to play good Samaritan.

Sinclair gasped in sudden pleasure. As soon as Trevor’s tongue touched the rigid wolfhood, Kevin’s body had shook and tightened down on Sinclair’s trapped knot.

"Whoa, what are you doing to him foxie?"

Trevor would have answered if not for the muzzleful of dripping wolfcock he was eagerly sucking and licking. He loved how the wolf shook and quivered, making his cock jump inside his muzzle like. He must really be enjoying himself Trevor thought.

Meanwhile, Kevin’s eyes watered and he whimpered around his muzzle. The pleasure was too much, his cock so overly tender and sensitive that the muzzlejob he was receiving actually hurt. He only hoped he would cum very soon.

"Let me help him along," Sinclair said as he began to hump softly into Kevin again.

Kevin whimpered as he felt his balls begin to tighten close to his body again. He knew he was going to climax again very soon. The fox tortured his cockhead as the wolf prodded his prostate with his ample cock, and it was all too much for him. He tried to howl around the gag as he came again, spurting hard into the fox’s warm muzzle.


Trevor slurped up the wolf’s load happily, then cleaned off his dripping cock as it slid back into his sheath.

"Time to leave," Sinclair said as he carefully pulled his knot out of the full wolf, a new trail of cum leaking out of Kevin’s tailhole "before someone else shows up to play with him."

The two furs quickly dressed. Trevor packed up their little black yiff bag as Sinclair switched out the gags again, leaving the wolf exactly as he was when they arrived.

"Think he’ll be okay?" the fox asked as they turned to leave.

Sinclair grinned slyly, his paw trailing across the sign on the door, "Oh yeah, he’ll be fine. I recognize the handwriting. Wildfire won’t leave him there forever." Trevor looked up at his companion, a bit confused. "Whose Wildfire?" Sinclair grinned as they left, "Someone you’ll have to meet sometime."

Kevin sighed as he heard the restroom door swing shut.

He wondered what the next fur to take him would be like. He smiled a little around his ball gag and realized he most wondered what the next fur’s cock would be like.

To Be Continued…

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