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A chapter in the Fun at the Mall series 
By SwampRat 
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This is the first  half of the 2-parter..

And now the annoying warning message:

This story deals with sex between males, in graphic detail. If you're not over 18, this is illegal for you to even look at, so stop right now.  If homosexual content is not your cup of tea, you can leave the tea party.  The characters and story are copyright their respective owners, 2003, do not redistribute without permission.  Otherwise, enjoy!


Fun at the Mall Ch7
Part 1 - Uros' Story
By SwampRat 

Of all the places to go.. A Mall. Especially with a Buck like Kellen who cooed and giggled over everything and had to try on every dress, shirt, and ear-ring on the Entire store.. It wasn't so much Uros minded his shipmate enthusiasm but Some decorum would be nice.. And No he Wasn't going to try the make-up kits that Kellen kept pressing into his hands.

"Let's face it Love - it's the Only thing that will fit you in the Entire place..."

The horse-morph snorted and put the latest 'craze' aside.. He looked similar to his clone brothers - Subtle differences in hair and mane color were enough for him.. It was enough for his creators... Now if they had only not been so generous in the 'package' department - Ah well. He stood and carefully stretched.. At just over 11 feet tall he had to be careful of ceilings, doors and the like.

"I am going to the bathroom - Try not to strangle yourself with the scarves.."

A giggle was the only reply the deer gave. Uros ducked under the doorway and walked out into the hallway to Really Stretch.. Passerby on the second floor were startled to see a big hand move by them - until they looked down. Uros shook and walked down the mall looking for a restroom, ignoring the stares people gave him.. 

He should have gotten a bigger Jumpsuit when they left the ship - but this was what they had available and he Wasn't going out nude.. Ship etiquette wasn't Ground etiquette. So he shifted and tried his best to be comfortable in a jump suit three sizes too small. Of course the fabric stretched, so tight it showed off his entire Very-well muscled body - From the strong oak-tree of a chest to the fairly flat stomach to the - By The Gods! Are Those Real?

He was too polite to grab his crotch in public and re-arrange things so every vein in his furless scrotum stood out in the stretched fabric, As well as his sheath, the head Just showing as it did whenever he wore clothing.. He wasn't sure if it was a 'Design feature' they built into his genetics or just the feel of the cloth rubbing him Intimately... He tried not to notice whenever imperfections in the tiled floor gave way with a *Crack* under a hoof the size of a large flowerpot. Nor did he turn his head when someone gasped or hit a post or just plain Stared at his crotch, drooling as their tongue flopped around their feet..

At last - A bathroom! He ducked inside - Literally - bent over a little as the ceiling was too low. He looked at the urinals.. and Snorted. Then went into one of the stalls, noting they all had rather large glory holes drilled in the walls. He put a finger through one, and shook his head again, undoing the flap that held his genitals - barely - in place. With a deep sigh of relief he let his fat balls hang out of his jumpsuit and rubbed them gently as his huge cock slide from his sheath.. He thought he heard something like a strangled squawk but shrugged it off.. Then he stood back and unreeled his cock, laying the head in the toilet and letting go with a soft grunt..

That was echoed faintly from the stall beside him... Kevin had heard Something massive coming into the bathroom and whimpered in fear for the First time - Not that he hadn't been afraid, but he had also been enjoying his little escapade.. But there Were limits... The wolf looked to the side through the bog glory hole in the wall and then squeaked when he saw the Monster go into the next stall, for once very glad of the gag he had in his muzzle. First the body shifted.. Then a flap came down and a pair of balls bigger than he had Ever Seen before flopped out.. He craned his head, trying to get a better look when a Gigantic cock slipped from the thick sheath and literally slid into the toilet.

His tail was alternately trying to hide his abused hole and wag as he watched and Heard the flood of urine splash into the bowl.. So much it had to be flushed Twice! He glanced down, watching the shadows play over the huge hooves, doggy-cock slapping the toilet as he thought of caressing these monsters, having them caress Him... Then he froze, barely breathing as the 'Log' of male meat was shook, the shaft as thick as his arm. He bit into the gag, wishing to see the head - Just Once. And got his wish as the fat mushroom-shaped tip appeared in the 'Gloryhole', dripping just a little.. There was No Way it was going to Fit under his tail! It wouldn't even Fit in the Hole in the Wall - and It had been cut out to acomidate knots in canine cocks..

If he worked his jaws enough he Might get a fourth of the monster down his throat - Never mind gagging on it. And he would probably be blasted off it and drowned in Semen when the horse came.. Oh Gods - The wolf bit Deep into the gag as his own nuts swelled, screaming at him for abusing them so badly.. But his eyes never left the hole as he watched the cock slide through the Huge hand, be shaken, then whimpering as it slowly slid back in somehow.. Just the head peeking out the tip of the sheath..

Kevin almost bit Through the gag as the Thick hairless sack was caressed inches from his body by the big pair of hands he'd ever seen.. The horse was close enough to Smell but not to touch.. Oh Gods - This was Worse than being screwed.. He was going to get That Fox. Kevin wanted to sleep with those huge balls against his muzzle, wake to lap and kiss the sweat from them and choke on the huge shaft of flesh..  

'Damn I bet he works outlike mad to get a body like that..' 

His balls screamed again as pre-cum ran from his straining erection at the thought of the Stud naked in the Shower.. Caressing that Huge body.. That fat cock.. He Did cum then, eyes never moving from the swollen balls that slid around the strong fingers.. Then Whimpered as if he had been kicked when the flap was pulled back into place, Somehow making them even More sexy as it enhanced the package..

He whimpered again when the male turned, showing off a Gorgeous male-ass, tail cascading over the twin globes of round, hard flesh. A breeze wafted from the front as the door opened and the smell of the stallion hit him, making him cum again, jerking on the cuffs, the spreader bar... He panted through his nose, half-hoping the male Would Hear. He was beyond caring if it would fit or not..  Just to Have it against his ass would be the experience of a lifetime. But the stallion just clopped over to the sink, and the disappointed wolf heard water running as the horse washed his hands.

Damn! Kevin twisted in his bonds, wishing with all his might for just one more sniff, one more good look at the Huge male he was in Lust with.. To feel that huge shaft, swollen and hard pressed against his body.. Then the door opened and he almost cried as it closed.. Was this torture never going to End?

Uros finished and ran his hand over his nuts, grunting as they Finally relaxed.. If it wasn't for that Damn Buck, he would Still be aboard Ship, naked as he preferred to be.. But Someone had to watch his shipmate - He was prone to pick-up Anything male and willing - Sometimes foregoing the Willing. Uros ran his hand over his cock, stroking it gently. He really hated this Air - he could smell the sex almost hanging in the air. It clogged up his sinuses so he couldn't smell. Which was a Blessing when Kellen tried on Everything at the Perfume Counter at the same time.. The floor was sticky too and he lifted a hoof up, hoping it was something that could wash off.

Ah well, Time to see what the silly male had bought. And of course make sure he hadn't gotten himself in trouble.. One last pat, then back up went the flap and he went to wash his hands.. Speaking of Trouble, the Buck pranced in with some new things and for Once nobody on tow. Uros finished, patted the cute butt, then told the Buck he would wait outside - Where there was Room to stand up fully.

* * * *

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