FUNMALL.TXT - M/M, NC/Voyeurism/Oral/Rimming - December 14, 2002

A chapter in the Fun at the Mall series 
By SwampRat 
(cl) 2002 - Gay Furry Association

This is the second half of the 2-parter..

And now the annoying warning message:

This story deals with sex between males, in graphic detail. If you're not over 18, this is illegal for you to even look at, so stop right now.  If homosexual content is not your cup of tea, you can leave the tea party.  The characters and story are copyright their respective owners, 2003, do not redistribute without permission.  Otherwise, enjoy!


Fun at the Mall Ch7
Part II - Kellen's Story
By SwampRat 

Kellen nodded and put his packages against a wall, finding the same stall that Uros had used and letting his own flap down.. He didn't mind clothes - As long as they were sexy and showed off his Body. He Mmmmed as he ran his hands over his firm balls, white fur moving through his fingers.. He really didn't need to pee, so much as.. Gods the floor was sticky. And That Smell... What was going On around here? He looked through the hole in the wall. Right into the eyes of a Wolf. A Bound wolf. A Sticky Bound Wolf... He moved to the other stall and opened the door, looking the poor fur over. he saw the sign on the door and shook his head, antlers chiming with all the little trinkets - That male was So Sexy and talked him into taking a pair of Everything he had in the case... The kiss was worth every Credit too..

He was about to call Uros back in to see about Helping him when the Wolf made a soft sound that tugged at his heart.. He knelt to caress the body, checking it for wounds - He was a Communications Officer, but everyone on board Ship had medical training.. And he found the problem...

"Oh My.. You poor thing.."

Kevin almost growled as he saw the twink come into the stall.. Now There was a Faggot.. Then his ears drooped as he thought about his Own harsh words.. And the Mess he had gotten himself into with them. The whimper of shame came out before he could stifle it.. Making the deer start. And Suddenly the door was coming open and the Buck was in back of him! Oh No.. Bad enough to be screwed by canines and felines.. But a damn Prey animal? Ok - so it had been Centuries since His kind had been Predators but Still... Then hands were on him working over his body in such a way as to make him moan.

So Tender.. So Caring... He again felt tears of shame come to his eyes. Then he arched as those firm fingers found his cock.. Breath warmed his nuts, antlers pricked his butt as the buck moved to nuzzle his swollen sack. Don't DO that! the wolf thought despratly as his balls were wrapped with a warm ribbon and Yanked into an even Warmer Muzzle... His eyes bugged out and he howled as the male sucked gently on his swollen nuts, slid them around inside their taut sack with a strong supple tongue.. And those Fingers! Dancing across his shaft, caressing his knot, teasing the head.. All too soon the saliva-soaked ball-sac slipped from the warm confines.

"You need cleaning up sexy.. Be glad My 'Brother' isn't here - He would love to hump ya.. I am tempted but you really Are a Mess and I don't think you could take 20 inches comfortably. Besides, I am a Bottom.."

With that ringing in the wolf's ears, Kellen knelt down and lifted the matted tail up, gently kissing the abused hole.. Kevin's strangled scream was muffled by the gag - What was left of it. Between the soft, lustful kisses and the slow, gentle tonguing, he was going to Explode! And it got worse - As the buck got all the male-sap from the outside he started pushing his tongue against.. Then Into the puckered ring, causing the wolf to shake and moan.. No cock Ever felt like the ribbon of muscle that snaked into him.. Stroking, soothing, exciting the male as it caressed his walls, teased his prostate bump, slid in and out of him so erotically he exploded, seeing stars and moaning when fingers caressed his dick.. Especially when that muzzle kissed his back-passage so lewdly, so passionately...

Then those soft lips and wriggling tongue were on his cock! He screeched again, banging his head on the wall, trying to beg, to do Something to stop the leech from pulling his nuts out his piss-slit.. Please. Don't. Stop. The tongue flicked along his shaft, wriggled into his piss-slit, french-kissing the little 'mouth'.. It squeezed his knot, the lips soon following to engulf his cock in a throat the tugged greedily on his flesh.. The poor wolf gave all he had and Then some to the randy Buck, Gripping the toilet like a drowning male grips a life-preserver as expert fingers coaxed just a little more semen from his nuts to be greedily gulped down the strong throat..

Even after he was limp as a wet noodle, just laying on the warm mouth it was caressed, sheath being kissed and nibbled on.. He would never cum again. He would Never get a hard-on again.

"Did you fall in, or are you busy doing Other things that can be done on Ship?"

The Buck giggled around the limp dick, giving it one last kiss before getting up to pat the sexy, much cleaner butt. Leaned over to whisper a Ship name, A docking number, and a promise to do More than just suck him dry should he ever appear on the ramp... That talented tongue teased Kevin's ear fur, and despite all that had happened he felt himself stirring again.. Then the Demon in deer skin was gone, leaving Kevin wrung out and just hanging onto the toilet, wondering what was going to happen Next...

The End - At least for now

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