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Fun at the Mall Ch6
By CyberOpticDragon

Brice looked around the corner of the hallway, carefully making sure no one was around... He quickly crept down the hallway, trying to remain discrete. But he heard his mate behind him say "Brice... Where are you going?" Brice turned around and smiled, giving the wolf a large toothy grin. "I'm just...exploring, this new mall." They both knew the white tiger was lying...  Nikolai shrugged and smiled back. "Sure you are...We both know what's at the end of the hallway. If you want to go look in the store, go ahead. I'm not gonna stop you. But keep in mind that you shouldn’t buy anything." Brice smiled wide and nodded, turned down the hallway, practically bouncing. "Another couple hours here wouldn't hurt I guess." Nikolai muttered and shook his head. He eyed a number of attractive looking furs, none of which seemed to notice him. He didn't mind not being the center of attention, he went into the food court ordered something simple and sat and scantly ate at it, knowing it'd be awhile before they'd get to head home.

Brice's eyes gleamed as he entered the adult toy store, "Yiff R Us, Interesting name." As soon as he walked into the decent sized shop a young swishy looking dog morph approached him smiling. "I'm Jimmy, if you need any help finding, or testing, any of our merchandise I'd be to… help." Brice looked at him and nodded. He'd been in a couple adult stores, nothing major. He liked all the toys, too bad Nikolai wasn't into that little fetish of his. Looking over his shoulder the little dog was on his heels, trying to see what Brice was looking at. Brice smirked...and trained his eyes on some rather kinky things, whips, some of the larger dildos...and a few other odds and ends.

A couple of times, Brice's watcher caught his eyes, and Jimmy was always grinning or smiling brightly. "Have I seen you before?" The little canine said from behind him. Brice turned and looked down at him. "I doubt it; I'm only in town for a weekend. Thought I'd come by this mall since it looked like the most interesting thing to do. Besides, I don't think you see many white bengal tigers up here. Although this is a nice area, definitely could have fun here if I wasn't tied down.”

Jimmy frowned a bit, but he smiled quickly after. "Well if you and your mate decide to have some fun…" The little dog flexed his small padded hands, which reaching out towards Brice, who quickly stepped backward. "It's a sweet offer, but he’s not like that." Jimmy just shrugged and then smiled, "Well I'm here if you want me to… show you anything." He turned and greeted the next customer. Brice chuckled to himself. What a weird little shop

He's kinda sweet, too bad he's so damn tiny...and I'm hooked to Nik. Brice browsed around a bit, looking at some of the newer videos on the shelves, then back to the toys again. Nothing I couldn't find at home... well a couple things I couldn't. Brice smiled to Jimmy as he left the shop. First a trip to relieve some of the pressure from all those video covers and then off to find Nik. Looking around, he didn't see any bathrooms; he approached a rather buff fox who was walking around with a slight grin on his face. "Excuse me. I'm kind of lost; can you tell me where the bathrooms are?" The fox looked him over and smiled. "Yeah, go down that hall way, should be just 30 or so feet that way." Brice thanked the fox who gave a quick look down of his hind side before continuing on to wherever he'd originally planned to go.

Brice walked into the lavatory, the smell of sex was very strong. Whoa... Must be a local yiffing place. Brice smiled to himself. At least I might get to see a show. Looking at the end of the stalls he saw one open, he walked down to it and saw a Grey Wolf bent over on the toilet seat, legs spread open by a weird device on his ankles. "What the hell?" He looked back at the door and it read: "This Slave is here for Punishment. Yiff as much as desired, but do not release. I will be back to collect him later. Thank you, His Master."

"What kind of punishment is this? No one deserves this." He said under his breath. He walked over to the wolf, who obligingly shifted his tail aside and exposed his tail hole. He looked at the poor wolf. "No. I don't want to yiff you. What did you do?" The wolf made a muffled reply, and Brice noticed the ball gag in the wolf's mouth. He reached over and pulled it free.

"Some faggot fox thought he could teach me a lesson. As soon as you let me go I'm gonna go kick his ass." Brice looked at him and shook his head. He grabbed the wolf by the back of the head and put the ball gag back in place. "Maybe you deserve it. You don't seem to have any respect for him. I think this is a good punishment. Furs like you piss me off, thinking your big and bad just because you don't let someone fuck you. I hope you stay here for a long time." The Wolf growled and shook his handcuffs against the rail, practically rubbing his rump against Brice’s leg. "I won't yiff you. I think your starting to enjoy it though, the way you quickly presented yourself to me. Maybe my mate will find you more enjoyable. I'm more of a bottom anyway." He chuckled, thinking If I can talk Nik into it, maybe he'll do it, and let me watch. It'd be better then watching some strangers going at it. Brice went to look for Nikolai.

Nik had just left the food court, the food wasn't settling very well. He walked around trying to get his mind off of it. He saw a couple of furs looking him over, male and female. He just smiled and nodded at them. He was rounding another corner when Brice popped out of the bathroom down the hallway, his eyes lighting up when he saw Nik. "Nik, I want to ask a favor. After being in the Adult shop...I kinda got... aroused. I went to relieve the pressure, when I found the most interesting thing." Nik tilted his head to the side, and smiled, slightly aroused, and excited for Brice.

Brice smiled and took his hand leading him into the bathroom, and then to the last stall where the wolf was handcuffed and gagged. Brice turned away with a slight tint of red to his cheek despite his white fur. "I wanted to know if you'd...mate him, and let me watch. It'd be better then any video." Brice smiled brightly, "Besides I've never gotten to watch 2 other people." Nik thought for a moment. "Are you sure Brice...Wait dumb question. You wouldn't have asked me if you weren't ok with it." Nik nodded, and Brice hugged him happily. The wolf now looking over his shoulder listening into the conversation raised his tail again with an inward grin.

Nik wrapped his arms around Brice, embracing him in a kiss, their muzzles interlocking. "Go on Nik, Don't bother reading the note. Whoever wrote it obviously knew what they were doing, He's quite rude, and arrogant." Nik smiled, as he stepped toward the wolf unfastening his jeans. His member slightly hard and just peaking out of his sheath, Brice stepped in beside his mate and closed the door, reaching out and rubbing Nik's chest through his white t-shirt, trailing down to his crotch and gently rubbing Nik's sheath. Nik leaned his head back, letting Brice get him to his full lenth, before he would begin work on the bound wolf; who peered over his shoulder watching them, his own member leaving the sheath and hardening, a drip of pre on the tip.

Brice worked his mate’s sheath, coaxing more and more of his lover’s length out till the full 8 inches were standing at attention. Reaching for the lube, he rubbed it up and down Nik's shaft, paying special attention to the head. Before letting it go and rubbing some on his fingers before pressing them it into the Wolf. "We're not the first apparently, he's a bit stretched." Brice said with a laugh. Nik returned the smile and stepped closer to the wolf, taking his lovers hands away from the wolfs tail hole. Nikolai leading Brice’s paw back to his pants, unfastening them with expert ease.  Nikolai wrapped his hand around Brice’s already hard member and smiled as he felt the tip of his own cock press against the wolf. A slow thrust and he was inside with and audible moan. "You're right... but it still feels so nice." He worked his hands up and down Brice's 7 erect inches as he pumped in and out of the wolf, who was now murring and pushing back with his hips.

Nik looked down at the wolf he was mounting.  He loved being a top. He and Brice mounted each other, but Nik was on top more then on bottom. Not because he made Brice be a bottom, Brice just never really liked topping much. But he liked it a lot. Nik liked being a bottom every now and again too, but he loved watching himself enter and exit a guy from this angle. His knot was quickly forming, as was Brice's.  He lowered his hand to massage the base of the tiger’s shaft where the knot was forming. Brice gasped and watched Nik's shaft working in and out. Brice saw the Wolf was looking at him, whimpering, and was a bit confused till he saw his neglected shaft dripping pre onto the ground. He situated himself beside the wolf so he could still see Nik pumping in and out and was close enough to reach down to grasp the wolf’s cock, stroking it in time with Nik's thrusts. Nik was huffing now, his knot full filled out and pressing against the other wolf’s tail hole.

He looked at Nik and nodded, letting him know that he could tie himself to the wolf if he wanted. Smiling Nik pushed the knot in, causing the wolf to whimper in pleasure, and to cum immediately, a slow trickle down Brice's hand was all the wolf had left apparently. Brice let go of the wolf’s member and licked his hand clean. "Poor wolf is almost about empty Nik. He's been yiffed a lot apparently. Better give him something to replace it with." Nik let go of Brice's member and put his hands on the wolf’s hips, pounding into him with short thrusts, until with a loud moan he came in the wolf. He watched Brice cum too, smiling as his mate’s seed left his own member and landed on the wolf’s back. Nik closed his eyes enjoying the afterglow. When suddenly lips met his, he opened his eyes and saw Brice's face pressed against his own. He returned the kiss and fondled his mates now drained member till he retreated back into it's sheath.

"Nik, I think we should do this more often. As long as we are both present it's not cheating." Nik laughed and scritched down Brice's back. "Yeah I know, I'm very proud of you Brice. You came to me and asked me first." He hugged his mate kissing him again. "We can do this anytime you want." Brice smiled and looked down at the wolf. "Did you enjoy yourself?" The wolf's eyes were slightly glazed, and he just nodded. "I think he'll be yiffed out before whoever left him here comes back." Nik chuckled. "Maybe, but I'm sure whoever left him here will be back soon. Besides you said so yourself. He wasn't very polite." Brice nodded, "Are you ready to go." Nik tugged at his knot, which was still slighty stuck. "I could, but I might hurt the wolf.  I don't want to hurt him, let's just sit and wait a while."

10 minutes or so passed until Nik decided he would pull himself out, getting another moan from the wolf. Brice leaned down licking his wet member clean of his seed, and possible seed from countless others. Pulling up their pants and re-fastening them they patted the wolf on the backside before heading back towards the bathroom entrance. A sweet twink looking ape entered before they left the room. They looked at him, then at the back stall and grinned at the ape before exiting the bathroom. They headed back to the food court to get something for Brice to eat before heading back out to go visit some friends they'd come up to see for the weekend.

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