This is easily the best porno story I’ve read in a Long time.  I mean, its absolutely a killer story.  I can’t believe I got a story of this calibre out of my quick yiffy for the fun of it story.

And now the annoying warning message:

This story deals with sex between males, in graphic detail. If you're not over 18, this is illegal for you to even look at, so stop right now.  If homosexual content is not your cup of tea, you can leave the tea party.  The characters and story are copyright their respective owners, 2003, do not redistribute without permission.  Otherwise, enjoy!



Fun at the Mall Chapter 7 By WolfeByte


Fun at the Mall – Bending to Authority

(M/M and M/M/M/M, Wolf/Rat/Hyena/Tiger, oral, anal, mild D/s(?) and by now it’s only semi-NC)


Notes:  It’s long (<6500 words) and contains more inner dialogue than any porn story has a right to contain.  When I read Teiran’s first story and its associated premise, my immediate thought was, “But what about the authorities?  They’d do something…”  And as night follows day, the story followed.


The characters of Kevin, Wildfire and Jimmy are originally Teiran’s, but they get around, the naughty pups... Ray is copy write Lars Hellburg.  All other characters are straight (or not) from my head, and may appear in future creative endeavours by me.


Story is Copyright © 2002 – 2003 WolfeByte (G. Jensen).


Warning: Story contains graphic sexual description, as indicated by the little line of letters and words (starting with M/M…) under the title above.  If it’s something you shouldn’t read, for legal, moral or personal reasons, than please refrain from doing so. 




"They steal from my store 'cause I'm a rat!  Been in this country for 25 years, an' still no respect, yanno?" 


Officer Raal Mihari nodded sympathetically, and tried to look respectfully attentive.  His own thin, slightly fuzzed tail betrayed his restlessness, but the old rat seemed not to notice. 


"I want him thrown in prison, the punk!  Damn cat's think they can steal from us with impunity!  They should never..." Raal stopped his tail, and tried to get a word in edgewise to wrap this up.  His partner made no effort to hide his disinterest in the old rat's ranting.  Raal was the one who mattered to the old guy anyway, as his looks easily betrayed his rat heritage, despite his mother being a wolf. "...Just cause were rats, eh!?" He nodded in the right spot again.  As a fellow member of an 'oppressed species', it was his job to maintain good relations, however tiring it became. 


"I'm gonna go yap at Jimmy for awhile, okay?"  His partner mumbled to him, and Raal nodded again, not taking his eyes off his notepad where he pretended to be taking down the shopkeeper's statement.  "You can find me when you're done here."  Raal's partner, a rather large hyena, offered a wry, apologetic grin, and quickly made his exit.  The young cat who was caught shoplifting just continued to stand there looking forlorn.  He's kinda cute, thought Raal.


"Are you writing this down?"  Demanded the old rat.


"All the pertinent points."  Replied Raal, suppressing a grin.


"Good, we rats gotta stick close, yanno?  Nowadays, they..." And he was off again.  Raal sighed. 




The other half of the unofficial "oppressed species" unit, Officer Kursal "Kur" Markus shook his head slightly as he walked into ‘Yiff R Us’ and several patrons who saw him coming into the store slipped out without purchasing anything.  How come folks always act guilty around a Peace Officer, regardless of whether they've done anything wrong?  They would hang around and come back once they were certain he wasn't there to 'bust' anyone for anything.  Nothing in the store was illegal by itself anyway.  Some of it could certainly be used in a less then legal way though, he was sure.  Kur had probably even done so himself.  Maybe he was just naturally intimidating.  He smiled to the bored looking badger behind the register, and went to find the owner Jimmy.


He found the slim dog up on a stepladder, his back (and rump) to Kur and the rest of the store, restocking liquid latex.  Kur whistled appreciatively.  "Hey cutie, what's swinging?"  He grinned. 


Jimmy grinned back over his shoulder, winked and wagged his tail.  "Heya Kur!  Scaring away the customers again?" 


"Yeah, but I can make it up to you..." Kur grinned wider.


The dog giggled and wiggled his ass instead of just his tail, "Oh, really?  Wanna take me in the rear and interrogate me about my indecent behavior, Officer?" 


"It'll have to be a quickie, so ah... a rear entry might not be best.  I know we both like it slow, deep and hard..." Kur smiled but wasn't entirely joking at this point.  He could use a release right now, after thinking a bit too hard about Jimmy's ass.  He was hard up, and Raal and him didn't go off duty for a few hours more.  Hadn't even had 'lunch' yet. 


“Well, deep and hard, is true.” Jimmy grinned thoughtfully and hopped down from the ladder, and turning to face Kur, "Are you serious?  Aren't you on duty?"  His ears perked up and his gaze strayed to the crotch of Kur’s uniform trousers. 


"Well, yeah... But Raal's finishing up with a shoplifter at ‘Nose for News’ down the mall, so, um..."




Jimmy glanced around the store, relatively empty for now.  "Follow me, Sir."  He said and then grinned widely, leading Kur past another aisle to grab the largest studded harness get-up they had.  "The 'change rooms' are back here!"  He led the big fur into the back area of the store, curtained off from the front, and used for a stockroom, workroom, and office space. 


His cock was already feeling painfully confined in his tight jeans, hard from anticipation.  He'd been with Kur and Raal a couple of times, but the idea of getting it on with Kur, in uniform, on duty and in the back of Yiff R Us was particularly sweet to him just now, even if not as intensely kinky as he liked.  Today had been a day of sublime denial and temptation, and this would add to that nicely.


Kur was a really big boy, in several regards, but though he was obviously partly a hyena of some sort by appearance he certainly didn't fulfill that much-maligned species reputation for aggression and brutality.  He was as gentle of a lover as any Jimmy had had, and more so than many. Unless he was asked nicely, there'd be no pain to be had from him that wasn’t strictly necessary for a willing partner to accommodate his girth.  The big guy was happily led to stand, back to the desk, as Jimmy looked up at him once more, before turning his attention to the now-prominent bulge in his uniform. 


Significantly taller than Jimmy (and most furs, he thought), Jimmy wouldn’t even have to kneel to be of service to Kur.  The dog reached over and deftly opened the belt and unzipped Kur’s trousers.  Popping the single button on the fly of Kur’s boxers, Jimmy released the Hyena’s strained member into his eager paws.  Not especially long, but certainly thick, Kur’s cock filled Jimmy’s paws.  His mouth watered.  “We’ll try to make this quick, right Officer?” 


“Count on it.” Kur said, seemingly already excited beyond normal.  They both grinned easily at each other, and then Jimmy bent to his task. 




Raal shook his head ruefully, as he led the ‘young punk’ away from the Nose for News, “Yanno, I think I probably should take your ass down to the station, and throw you in a holding cell ‘til your mom gets around to finding you.” 


The cat suddenly looked a lot less bored, and a whole lot more sorry, “No, man, c’mon!  I’ve gotta-”


“Unfortunately,” Raal cut him off mid-whine, “I really don’t really want to waste another minute on this ‘case’, let alone another hour.” 


The cat looked dumbstruck, and probably was, “Um, really?” 


Out of site now, and with no patrons in the immediate vicinity, Raal gripped the cat by the head fur, and pulled him back into his own body, bringing his arm up around the punk’s neck.  “Yes, really...”  He hisses into the cats ear.  “Instead of taking your ass to the station, I think I’ll just take your ass!”  Raal thrust his pelvis against his captive’s cute looking rear, and had to tighten his arm to choke off the cat’s squeal.


“No, man, please, god, just no!  I’ll be good, I-” The cat rasped out.  He looked scared, now.  Not bored at all. 


“Heh, just kidding there Kitten.”  Raal clicked the key in the cuffs, and pushed the cat away from him gently.  “Remember you owe me one, though, eh?  Next time, I’ll collect.”


The cat stumbled to a stop, and looked back at Raal while rubbing his wrists.  Raal stared back, and licked his lips, giving his whip-like rat-tail a twitch.  He grinned.  “You reconsidering the offer?”


The cat ran. 


Raal chuckled and called up Kur on the radio.




Kur had just finished burying his bone completely in Jimmy’s muzzle and throat, and the eager little dog was busily breathing in the accumulated scents in the big hyena’s pubic fur.  Saliva dripped from his nut sac as canine’s ever-talented tongue attempted to lick them some more.  His radio crackled.


‘Kur, you got Jimmy?”


“Shit...”  Kur whimpered as the dog’s warm orifice gripped his length.  Jimmy never even paused in his efforts.




The big fur removed a hand from where it was gripping the little dog’s ear, and keyed his mic, “Fuck, yeah!”


He sounded strained, and Raal could hear it too.  There was a pause as Raal waited to see if there’d be more said.  “I take it your, umm… busy?  I’ll go take a leak, before I come get you.  Over.” 


Kur grinned down at the dog and returned his hand to its former hold, pulling him even further onto his cock and getting a better grip.  “Sorry little bud, but can we speed this up somewhat?” 


Jimmy just closed his eyes and whined, his hands going around to Kur’s furry ass. The Hyena waited a moment to savor the feel of his cock fully enveloped in warm wetness, then pulled a few inches out of the dog’s mouth, before thrusting back in.  His wet balls smacked Jimmy in the chin, and his engorged cock head banged into the little dog’s throat.  Jimmy let out a little yip and whimpered as Kur repeated the motion.  The big fur had no doubts that the little dog loved the ‘abuse’, but the growing wet spot on the front of Jimmy’s short shorts reassured him just the same.


“Ahh… fuck, yeah…” Kur murmured as he closed his eyes and began to earnestly fuck Jimmy’s muzzle, his balls slapping against the dog’s chin with every thrust. 


Jimmy did his part, with his tongue and just the right amount of suction on Kur’s pumping cock adding to the big Hyena’s pleasure.  Kur could also feel the dog’s paws working under his tail, probing at his ass crack.  The dog’s questing digit found his tail-hole just as his radio sprang to life again.


“Kur, we have an issue here.”


Kur ignored the call, focused completely on the feelings mounting in his groin.  He pumped with even greater intensity, his balls now to tight to move though they dripped with leaking fluids from Jimmy’s muzzle.


“Kur? Come back, over.”


Jimmy’s finger suddenly slipped inside of him, and wriggled there.  “Jesus, Fuck!”


Kur pulled Jimmy onto himself completely one last time, both hands firmly locked on the dogs head.  His cock head swelled in the dogs throat as his shaft pulsed and spurted it’s first shot of  hot hyena spunk down Jimmy’s gullet.  “Oh, yeah, buddy…” Kur whispered, eyes still closed, “Drink me…”


Jimmy growled in pleasure as Kur’s cock spasmed between his lips, against his tongue, the big hyena’s load slipping easily down his throat.  As the bigger furs orgasm weakened his grip, the dog moved back gently to receive the last couple spurts over his tongue. 

Finally Kur’s orgasm ebbed out, and he felt the world return to him.  He let go of Jimmy’s head, and gave the little fur an apologetic look as the dog pulled off Kur’s barely shrinking cock, gasping his first uninhibited breath. 


Jimmy just worked his jaw a couple times, and smiled at the hyena as Kur leaned back against the desk once more.  The little dog jumped back in, cleaning the big fur’s groin of lingering fluids and packing Kur’s member back away as he rested. 


“Um, Kur?”


Jimmy sat back, apparently oblivious to his own need straining against his shorts, and grinned as Kur keyed on the mic once more.


“Ah, yeah…  Yeah, Raal, I’m here.  Ummm… what’s up?”


“Finished, eh?  You might wanna come see this. Possible assault, er, ‘assaults’, more or less in progress, I guess.” Jimmy’s eyes lit up, and his grin widened as Raal continued, “Um, I’m in the men’s room down by the Billiards’ place.  You know the one.”




“Yeah, I know it.”  Kur replied back, studying Jimmy carefully.  “And I think I might have some information forthcoming about the ‘assault’ as well.  I’ll see you there.  Over.”  He grinned at Jimmy, and the dog suddenly looked all innocent.


“Alright, Jimmy, out with it.  What did Raal find?”




Raal had known immediately that something was up in the men’s room as soon as he saw the number of guys gathered in the area, all trying to look nonchalant.  When he casually asked one of them what was up, the guy started with, “There’s some dude chained to a toilet and…” before realizing he was talking to a cop.  Raal just grinned as the guy stopped talking and looked very scared, before he bolted down the hall. 


That was enough for Raal to figure out what must be happening and a glance through the door had confirmed his suspicions.  He called Kur back, and then waited for the big half-hyena to show up.  Together the two of them went into the men’s room.


There was a brief flurry of panic, before the room was emptied with a few calls of “Cops!”  Or rather, almost emptied.  Following the whimpers and muffled curses to the last stall in the room, the pair found the resident mall rent-a-cop, a tiger named Benton, struggling with his zipper which he’d apparently tried to close too fast, catching the bottom of his sheath in it.  He stopped squirming and just looked up at the two officers with fear and pain in his eyes, his cat-tail twitching nervously. 


Benton “Benny” Phibbs was the head of mall security and a bit of a prick himself.  He was the main reason this particular little infamous sex spot never got shut down, as it was rumoured he liked to take advantage of the action here himself.  Or at least it used to be a rumour…


Behind Benny, a wolf looked back over his shoulder and wagged his tail hopefully, his arms were cuffed to the toilet’s plumbing, and a spreader bar left his plumbing open to view - Or use and abuse.  Apparently more than a few folks decided on the latter, since the used and abused wolf had hope in his eyes as he gazed up at the two cops. 


The open door to the stall had an open invitation to all scrawled across it, and Benny must have decided that the invitation was for him as well.  It didn’t take either of the Peace Officers more than an instant to figure out what was about to transpire if they hadn’t shown up.


“Uh, h-hey guys… “   The tiger rent-a-cop stammered,  “Ummm, I was just going to call you guys, but couldn’t resist having my shot at him first.  He’s such an ass, but he’s got a nice one too…” Kevin growled at this comment. 


“Well, look it here…” Kur reached over and gave the tiger’s fly and quick, firm yank down and his trapped skin was freed, as he let out a yelp.  “No problem, Benny.  Do up your fly, and step out here, please.” 


Raal just gave him a look, but didn’t comment.  The big tiger zipped up gingerly, and stepped out of the stall.  Kur continued, as he went to remove the bound wolf’s gag, “Well, just have to ask the witness here what was going on, and what he might want done about it.  You wanna go fetch him a blanket or something from your office?”




Kevin decided to go for the “beaten-but-not-broken-survivor” approach.  The rat seemed intent on taking down his statement, word for word, and the hyena seemed to be buying it, though Kevin got the feeling that he was periodically trying hard to not smile at the wolf’s plight. 


“So, then Mr. Phibbs here came in, after the ‘twink lion’ got finished raping you…  And what did he do?”  The rat never once looked away from his notepad, to look at Kevin as he sat huddled in his blanket, on the floor just outside of the stall where his humiliation took place.  He cradled a Styrofoam cup of coffee in one hand, and a donut in the other.  Trust cops to bring coffee and donuts to a hungry rape victim, Kevin thought.


Kevin glared at the tiger who avoided his eyes and tried to look contrite.  “Well, at first I thought he was going to let me go, or get help.  I thought it was his job to prevent stuff like this from happening in the first place, but he just laughed at me.  Looked at me… with my, my…” Kevin paused, trying to think of a better way to say ‘ass in the air like some tail-raising cock-slut’, but words failed him, so he went back to the pertinent point, “…And he laughed at me!”  The anger and hurt in Kevin’s voice didn’t have to be feigned. 


The hyena, Kur, made a face and moved his hands to his muzzle, coughing and clearing his throat.  Kevin looked over at him suspiciously, and he just offered and weak smile and a mumbled apology. 


“And then what, Mr. James?” 


“Well, then he started to undo his pants, and I started to struggle against the cuffs…”  Kevin rubbed his sore wrists to emphasize.


“Liar!  You lifted your tail for me, you liar!”  Benny looked choked and sputtered angrily, glaring at Kevin. 


The wolf stared back, and calmly continued, “The fucking faggot was gonna rape me too.  I don’t think he was even gonna call you guys when he was done.  He’s just as much of a queer butt-pirate rapist as all the others!”  Kevin was proud of that one.  He thought it very creative.


“Why, you lying sonofab -!”


Kur cut him off, with a growl, “Alright, Phibbs, that’s enough!”


“Okay, Kevin, I understand…  You’re upset, and such language is just your way of coping.”  Raal sounded sincere as he said this.  “Can we go back to the beginning for just a moment?”


Kevin nodded.


“So, all this started when ‘Wildfire’, a…” Raal began to read from his notebook. “… ‘Deceptively tough little fox’ jumped you as you were taking a ‘piss’?”


Kevin looked at the rat, who was now looking back at him intently, “Yeah, I was just minding my own business, like I said, and he just jumped on me.  I put up a fight, but this fox, he’s like a - a kick boxer or something.  Ray, who I told you about who-“ Kevin’s voice broke slightly, “- raped me later, told me this Wildfire character could take out three guys like me!  I didn’t stand a chance against him!”


“So Wildfire easily overcame you, hand-cuffed you and gagged you… Then raped you?  That must’ve been quite painful, as he’s a pretty big guy… for a fox.” 


“Yeah he was, for faggot fox bully…” Kevin trailed off, thinking.  “Hey, you guys know this fag or what?”  He looked up, noticing that both the officers were looking intently at him now, and that the big hyena, Kur, wasn’t hiding his grin anymore.


“Yeah, you could say that we ‘know’ Wildfire, Kevin...” Raal was grinning too, now, and his whip-like rat-tail twitched about behind him.  “Must’ve loosened you up pretty good too, for all the rest that came after.”


Kevin still wasn’t entirely clear where this was going, nor why both Peace Officers were looking at him like he was the criminal.  “So does the guy have a record or something?  Does the little faggot fox just rape anyone he feels like, or what?”


“Did you call him that, by the way?”  Asked Raal, tail lashing angrily.




“ ‘Faggot fox’?  Did you call him ‘faggot fox’ in that tone that suggests both foxes and ‘faggots’ are here to serve big, bad ‘straight’ wolves like yourself?”


Kevin pushed himself to his feet as the two cops seemed to have gotten closer without his noticing.  “Uh, I might have.  So fucking what?”  He tried to sound his usual tough-guy self.


Kur got real close into the wolf’s face, “So I think our buddy Wildfire might’ve been trying to show you the other side of the fence…  You know… expand your horizons and shit. “


“H-he raped me, man!  T-t-that faggot raped me and you should be out there arresting him!”  Kevin felt his last chance at rescue crumbling, and he was starting to feel really scared.  Everybody has heard stories of how badly cops could fuck you up if they wanted, and who would tell?  He looked over at the tiger, but Benny was giving him a distinctly predatory smile as well.


“I think Wildfire was just tying to teach this asshole a lesson, actually,” Said the rat. 


“Fuck!” Kevin yelled as he made for the door.




Kur was on top of Kevin before he got a foot from where he started, bringing the mangy homophobe wolf down hard onto the floor, with his arm locked firmly behind his back.  The big fur was pissed, and wasn’t going to go gentle.  The canine let out a ‘woouf!’ as the wind was knocked out of him, and his face splatted against the cement with an audible sound.  Spittle and a bit of blood flew from the wolves muzzle and he whimpered breathlessly.


“Whoa, careful there, Kur…  You don’t want him accusing you of police brutality.”  Benny grinned from where he’d backed against the door when Kur tackled Kevin to the ground. 


Kur growled, and reached his free paw up to rub the wolf between the ears, in mock affection, “No worries, Ben, I get the feeling Kev here likes it a bit rough…  Isn’t that right, Kev?”


“Fuck you, shit-eater!”  


Kur pulled Kevin’s head up my the fur and banged it back down into the concrete, “Now, now, pup!  Racist slurs aren’t polite, either!” 


“Blow me, Faggot!”  The wolf squirmed under the hyena, who dwarfed him for size, but he couldn’t even budge Kur’s weight with his arm painfully trapped between them, and still in the big hyena’s grip.


“That’s original… how many times you say that while cruising, Kev?” Kur grabbed the wolf’s ears and head fur in his huge paw, and pulled Kevin’s head up once more, to talk directly into his ear, “Now listen carefully, Kev, there’s two options at this point…  You ready to hear them?”  He continued before the wolf could even start to reply, “We three guys can use you to our content, with your grudging cooperation, and then lock you back up to wait and reflect, until our mutual friend Wildfire returns for you.  Or, we can beat you into a whimpering pile of fluff until you wet yourself, then fuck you anyway, and leave your stinkin’ remains on the floor for the EMR guys to collect.  Which is it?” Kur rubbed his growing bulge up against the wolf’s rear, his own tail wagging about in excitement – this faux dominance thing was actually turning him on.


“You can’t do that!  You’ll -.”


“Sure, we’ll have to call in and report a vicious homicide, probably done by some insecure straight guy whose cock you tried to suck, or who found you shackled up with your ass in the air like some tail-raising cock-slut…  But they’ll believe us, given who we are.”  He grinned widely, though the wolf couldn’t see him.  Kur knew he’d not have the heart to do it, but he figured he was convincing enough for a guy like Kevin.  “So, you ready to cooperate, let us have our fun?”


The wolf gritted his teeth and said nothing. 


“Well?!” Kur gave him a shake. 


Kevin closed his eyes and growled something quietly.


“I didn’t hear that, Kev, maybe you should say it so we can all hear?”  Another shake, this one bringing a wince from the wolf.


“Okay, I said!”  Kevin seemed to go limp under Kur’s body, and the big Hyena felt Kevin’s ears pull back submissively in his hand.  “Alright! I’ll… cooperate.”


Kur lifted himself off the wolf’s back, allowing him to roll over and sit up, rubbing his arm. 


“Guess he does like it rough, after all.”  Benny snickered at the inch of pink cock showing from the wolf’s sheath.  Kevin growled. 



Kevin growled around a mouthful of rat cock as the big tiger wannabe-cop thrust roughly into his ass.  The fuck-head got to rape me anyway, thought Kevin, bitterly.  Any displeasure was quickly erased by the rat-cop’s nimble tongue probing down the side into his sheath, as Raal’s long whiskers tickled in a surprisingly pleasant way against his still too-sensitive cock.  He was on his back, with the rat’s cock in his muzzle and the tiger up his ass, the rat having stretched his wiry body along Kevin’s own in order to have access to the wolf’s crotch.  He wasn’t sure where the ‘yena had gone, but was sure he was getting his jollies as well...


“I’m not sure which he’s getting off on more, my cock up his ass or sucking on Raal’s.” He heard the tiger laugh. 


“Benny?  Shut the hell up, and keep licking.” Replied the hyena’s voice.


Kevin tried to smile around the slick length of the rat’s notably sized cock.  Actually, Kevin had met a lot of less-than-giant guys today that packed quite the cock around in their pants. Made him question his own assumptions about smaller furs, and that surprised him more than the fact that he was actually thinking about all the cocks he’d seen today. He tried to focus on just sucking the one he had now, liking the feel of Raal pumping it slowly in and out of his muzzle, in spite himself.  


Kevin didn’t think he was going to enjoy the experience of being with three more-or-less cops, but his cock had betrayed him again, standing rigidly at attention while he was taken from both ends.  Again. He had lost track of how many times he’d been used today, but thought he had only been double-teamed a few times at most.  This was his first triple-team and he found himself enjoying the fact.  He pushed up against Raal’s down word motion, the rat’s cock sliding into his throat, his wet nose pushing up the rat’s scrotum.  He felt Raal squirm and moan in pleasure, his own scrotum being massaged by the rat in turn. 


Admittedly this was way more fun not being tied to the toilet, though his hands were still cuffed loosly together – “Just a reminder,” the Hyena had said.  He moaned as the rat licked up the side of his shaft, though it really didn’t seem the over-sensitized anymore.  Get the licking and tickling, combined with the pummelling of his ass by Benny’s long tiger-cock did the trick – he thought he might actually be producing pre-cum, something he hadn’t done much of since his fifth (or was it sixth) orgasm of the day…


“Fuck, I gotta get me some of that!” He heard the hyena exclaim.



Kur had first presented his cock to Benny, who was ramming into the wolf like he wanted to hurt him rather than just fuck him, but the tiger had turned out to be a mediocre cocksucker at best.  That, coupled with the fact that the ‘yena really did enjoy watching almost as much as actually doing and kept trying to lean over and see what his partner was doing to the wolf underneath him anyway, led him to just turn around and present his ass to the big cat. 


Benny’s rough tiger-tongue soon proved to be far better used rimming than chafing sensitive hyena cock. Kur found himself leaning forwards, tail raised and cock rigid, hands on his knees, looking between his legs to watch Raal.  His partner licked and sucked the wolf’s balls, nibbled and probed the wolves sheath; his tongue reaching places on Kevin’s cock that probably hadn’t been touched even on a day like today had been, for the over-sexed wolf. 


Kur moaned as the tigers tongue probed at his tail-hole.  He watched the wolf’s cock swell to full size, his knot swelling just slightly, as Raal teased him to full arousal once again.  He saw it start to throb and tremble slightly, pre-cum dribbling from the tip, just as Benny’s tongue slipped into him causing his own fluids to start to seep.  He watched, making quiet sounds of pleasure as Benny worked his tongue up his ass, as the wolf’s slick juices started to pool around his sheath, prompting Raal to lick up the side of the straining pink shaft. 


“Fuck, I gotta get me some of that!” He heard himself say.



Kevin felt the delightful sensations from around his cock and balls suddenly cease, and then Raal was sliding his cock out of Kevin’s muzzle and kneeling to one side.  The wolf looked up at Kur standing over him, and grinning down at him.  Even the tiger’s poor-excuse-for-fucking had ceased as Benny took the opportunity to grab a mouthful of cold coffee, though his cock remained firmly implanted in Kev’s ass. 


“Ready for a good fuck, Kev?” The Hyena asked him, kneeling down and straddling the wolf’s torso. 


“Umm… but, uh-.” Kevin was confused for a moment, and then caught on as the hyena reached behind his own ass to grip Kev’s slick cock. “Geezus, you want me to fuck you!?”


The Hyena slid down Kevin’s body, bringing the wolf’s cock up against his tail-hole. “What, you still think all the big strong males in the world have to do all the fucking, and never actually take it up the ass, Kev?  You really should have clued in by now…”

Kevin certainly couldn’t deny the hyena’s size or strength, but he couldn’t really grasp the idea that he wanted to be fucked.  “Sure, ‘yena, if that’s what you wa-aa-aaahhh!”  The wolf ‘s words turned to a gasp as Kur slipped Kev’s cock-tip under his tail and started to slide himself all the way down the nine-inch pole…  Not like Kev would ever have said no anyway – Kur was hot, and Kevin wasn’t going to turn down the chance the chance to be on the ‘top’ side of things again.


Kevin sighed in contentment as Kur’s tight hole came to rest, with a little grunt from the ‘yena, just above the wolf’s balls, his cock wrapped snugly in the hyena’s ass. “Feels great in there, eh, Kev?”  Kur wiggled his ass around the Wolf’s cock, bringing another moan of pleasure from the both of them. 


It seemed to him to have been a lot longer than it actually was since he had last been fucking rather than fucked, and he could almost forget that his hands were cuffed and he had the tiger’s meat still up his own tail-hole.  Then Benny lifted Kevin’s legs back up, wrapped his arms around the Hyena and started thrusting once more into the Wolf’s abused ass.  Kevin groaned in pain and pleasure as Benny’s assault started back up, and each of his thrusts pushed Kevin’s cock deeper into the ‘yena, and Kur started riding up and down Kevin’s shaft with the motion.


“Hey, his ass actually seems tighter with you sitting on his cock, Kur…  Maybe this’ll be a worthwhile fuck after all!” Benny grunted with exertion, forcing his cock in and out of Kevin’s ass.  Kevin was just thankful that the new position seemed to force the tiger to take it a bit easier on his tail-hole, and the feeling was actually becoming quite pleasurable once again.  The wolf closed his eyes, his mind taken away on the feelings - bodies moving against his, the ass clamped hotly around his cock – and when he opened them again, he was staring up between Raal’s spread thighs, his nose inches from the rat’s dangling sac. 


Kevin lifted his head up a bit to lap and nuzzle the rat’s balls, his tongue occasionally meeting Kur’s, who was busy applying the same treatment to Raal’s cock…



Raal was in heaven with two mouths working him at the same time – Kur was always the best at giving him head, and he loved having his balls licked, fondled, or squeezed gently during sex, and the wolf’s talented muzzle was managing to do each of those things as the feeling struck Kevin.  The rat never even noted that the canine was really getting into this scene; he just enjoyed the pleasure of feeling Kev’s wet, gentle tongue caress his balls, and the wolf’s warm mouth sucking at the pliant skin of his sac.


The rat reached down to scratch Kur’s ears and the big hyena’s muzzle suckled on his cock, and his tongue rubbed against his most sensitive spots as it lapped up the pre dribbling from the tip.  Raal looked into his partners eyes, caressing his face in his hands has he pumped his hips, fucking the hyena’s mouth and driving towards his climax.  As his balls drew away from Kevin’s tongue, he was thrilled to feel the wolf’s tongue lap repeatedly along the path from his scrotum to his anus.  Raal trembled, and the hyena pulled back to focus his tongue on the underside of the rat’s cock, just behind the head.  Kevin’s limber tongue found the rat’s tail-hole and probed wetly at it, and suddenly Raal’s cock was twitching between his partner’s lips, filling his mouth with rat-cum…




Kur held Raal steady, allowing his semen to flow over his tongue, filling the hyena’s muzzle and only swallowing what was necessary, moaning between gulps as Kevin’s big cock continued to pound his prostate.  When the tension left the rat’s body, the big fur withdrew his mouth gently from his partners cock, and letting the rat try to hold his own weight.  Raal smiled down at him and scratched between his ears before moving away, to sit down heavily beside Kevin’s head.


Kevin was lying back again, his tongue lolling from his mouth, letting the motion from Benny’s still persistent thrusting do the work for awhile.  Kur’s cock vibrated before him, excessively rampant but untouched by him, the wolf’s big cock filling him being enough to keep him on edge.  He savoured the taste of Raal’s spunk in his mouth, before swallowing most of it, and then leaning forward and meshing his muzzle with Kevin’s open mouth.  The canine struggled against the kiss, the effort of his resistance clutching his ass around the Tiger’s cock, and sending his own thrusting hard into Kur’s bowels.  Kur kissed him deeply, allowing the remaining spunk to coat the canines tongue as well, and holding it until after the wolf quite struggling.  They were still mouth locked, Kevin deciding he’d go along with this as well - obviously his cock was in favour, since his knot was swelling against Kur’s hole, - when Benny started, making rapid, erratic thrusts painfully into the poor wolf.


“Ah, god!” Began a string of expletives from the tiger, as he buried his cock in the wolf’s ass, and clutched against Kur’s back, his own climax finally washing over him, his tiger-cum released into Kevin’s ass. 


Kur finally released the kiss, and him and Kevin panted for air.  Benny pulled out and slumped back onto his back behind Kur and Kevin.  Kur grinned at Kevin and started riding the exhausted fur’s erection again, feeling the wolf’s knot grind against his entrance.  Kevin just seemed prepared to let it happen.


“Don’t give up yet, stud…” Kur waved his cock in the wolf’s view, “See if you can reach this with that talented tongue of yours.”  Kevin groaned and tried…



Kevin was in a blur of exhausted pleasure…  It had been a long day, and might get longer yet.  He couldn’t believe the position he was in, fucking the hyena, who seemed insanely tight, at the same time he strained his neck and back muscles trying to coax more of that same hyena’s cock into his muzzle – he had achieved a wonderful rhythm of thrust-and-suck that worked both his cock and the hyena’s into their respective orifices.  Kur seemed like he was trying desperately to slam his ass back onto Kevin’s knot, to lock them, but at the same time trying to drive his cock down Kevin’s throat. 


Kevin so wanted to tie with the big fur, but feared if he did, he wouldn’t be able to get the hyena off in his mouth – Meaning the hyena might want to fuck him, which while also tempting was a painful prospect.  Too many of his visitors had been excessively rough with his ass, and his tail-hole burned with irritation.  The cock in his muzzle might just feel great, even with the pain…


He couldn’t believe he was having these thoughts when he suddenly felt a mouth wrap around his nuts, and realized the rat had joined the party again.  Seconds later, Kur pushed himself down hard on the wolf’s cock, the knot squeezing past the hyena’s sphincter to pop into his tight ass.  Kevin felt the knot slip in, and jerked it back, which caused Kur to reflexively squeeze his anal muscles tightly against the pain.  Kur’s cock sprang from his mouth, as pleasure coursed through the wolf’s body and he threw his head back into a howl…



“Jackpot!” said Kur, feeling the canine’s big knot spasm within his ass – the feeling was exquisite, and his cock was ready to send him over as well.  He leaned forward and pulled Kevin’s head back up, wiggling and flexing himself around the wolf’s cock.  “C’mon, big-boy…  I’m so close…”


Kevin opened his mouth slightly, maybe to reply but Kur pulled it over his cock, “Suck, wolf, and then drink…  You can sleep latter!”  The canine wrapped his muzzle around the top few inches of the Hyena’s cock, his tongue snaking out to lap at the length and coax the cum out.


“Fuck yeah,” whispered Kur, “Make me cum, wolf… get me off in your mouth!”


Raal moved around and gripped the back of the wolf’s head with one hand, and pushed him minutely further onto the hyena’s straining cock.  Kevin licked and worked his tongue in every way he could, trying to get Kur off, and Kur loved it. 


“Ah, yeah, Kev, you doing great…  Lick right there, and suck!”  Kur felt the muzzle tighten around a surprising amount of his cock, and the tongue flick over it madly, “Fuck me, Kev, c’mon…” 


Kur suddenly felt the cock in his ass lurch deeper, and then relax, only to repeat the motion again as Kevin fucked him as best he could.  The thrusting movement of the canine’s huge knot and the efforts of Kevin’s tongue finally started the hyena over. 


“Oh, fuck, yeah, there ya go, wolf..! Enjoy!”  Kur suddenly erupted in Kevin’s mouth, his hands grabbing the wolf’s head and pulling him even farther onto his cock, his seed spilling down the wolf’s throat and dripping from the sides of his muzzle – His ass clenching almost painfully on the wolf’s trapped cock.  The wolf moaned and made little happy sounds, and swallowed eagerly, still trying to hump into the hyena’s ass.


And finally… it was over.



“Well, hopefully you’re learning what Wildfire wanted, there, Kev.”  Kur patted the gagged wolf, who looked really quite sad and tired sitting beside the toilet in his stall, arms handcuffed less tightly than before, with slightly longer cuffs.  “I don’t think he’ll leave you here much longer…  You should get some rest, since nobody will come in for a while after we leave.  Cops give people the jitters for some reason.”  The big hyena grinned and Raal shrugged.  “Who knows why?” 


Kevin watched them leave and sighed.  Well, he thought, I wonder who’ll be next… And then he rested his head on his aching arms, and dozed. 



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