Well, a really great friend of mine, Nicky Lion, has written an incredible chapter for my series.  Unfortunately, I have been sinfully forgetful about posting it.  He’s had it done for a long time, and I’m sorry I didn’t post this sooner Nicky.  You can feel free to punish me the next time you see me. ;)


Anyway, this is Nick’s first published story, least that I know of, but I really hope he writes more, its really, really good, and I’m not just saying that either.  I hope you all enjoy. 


And for those looking to write more chapters for this series, you can feel free to use or ignore the little surprise Nick has in store for our wolf friend.  I’m going to use it in the final chapter, but we’re not concerned about a strict timeline for these stories, though most of the chapters have followed the ones before them.


And now the annoying warning message:

This story deals with sex between males, in graphic detail. If you're not over 18, this is illegal for you to even look at, so stop right now.  If homosexual content is not your cup of tea, you can leave the tea party.  All characters in this story are copyright their respective creator’s and are used with permission, 2003, do not redistribute without permission.  Otherwise, enjoy!




Fun at the Mall Ch 8 By Nicky Lion



            “Remind me again why we’re coming here?” The small, lithe, lion to whom the voice belonged turned towards his mate, a larger yet equally lithe black cat named Darrius, and cocked his head quizzically, “Are we just mall wandering, or did you have a particular store in mind?”

            “I was thinking we might wander about for a little while, but yes, I did have a couple of shops that we might look into. Besides,” he remarked as the two passed through the glass doors, entering into the Haden View Mall, passing a rather large wolf and a small fox wearing tight leather pants passed them on the way in (and secretly trying very hard not to stare), “I hear this mall has one shop we’ve been needing to go to, after all, these past few weeks have been bad for our lube supply.  Specially last weekend.”  He winked at his mate, “besides Nicky, I’ve been saving up a little for something special for you and me.”

            At the mention of last weekend’s activities, the lion’s ears slumped down in embarrassment and his eyes darted about a little, trying to subtly detect if anyone around them had heard that last part.  The couple strolled about the mall a little while, chatting, peeking about in store windows.  Occasionally, the two cats would stroll past a shop that piqued their interest.  Then the two would wander in, go about a bit picking and choosing at something; finding something, they would take turns showing it to each other, trying to decide whether or not they could afford the latest trinket, be it video games, CDs, or the latest computer technology.  By the end of this shopping spree, Darrius had managed to get himself a couple of shades of red hair dye for the clubs and the most recent horror video game on the market while his mate had picked up a couple new CDs from his favorite artists at the music store.

            As their spree ended, the two headed to the food court to sate their now growling stomachs.  Grabbing food, the two plopped down in one of the comfy booths the mall provided, groaning in exhaustion and satisfaction.

            “So hon,” the lion asked between bites of mall pizza, “have we got any other stops to make here before we go home?”

            “Just two, sexy,” the cat replied.  When the lion gave him a look that said “well then, where?” He just smiled and grinned, “You’ll see.”  Finishing their lunches, Darrius turned to his lover, taking his hand and starting to walk away from the food court, “Remember when I said I’d gotten a couple of jobs outside of my usual work?”

            “Yeah, I thought you said you needed that cash for bills, though.”

            “Well I got a bit more cash than I expected, and well, I kinda figured, what with all the bill problems we’ve been having, and how you’ve been there for me, I thought you deserved a special treat.”  At this he looked away from his lion for the first time since they’d started walking, turning towards the store they now faced, a clothing store entitled ‘Leather Edge,’ “Besides, I’ve always wanted to see you in leather.” Before his love could react, Darrius grabbed his arm and pulled him into the store.

            The next ten minutes happened in a blur for the young lion.  He was pulled into Leather Edge, past a number of sales clerks all dressed in leather, all the way into the back, where with a whirl, Darrius half-spun, half gently tossed him into a dressing room, closing the door behind him, and said “now be a good lion, and stay there for a sec.  I’ll be right back.”  Not knowing what else to do, Nicky sat down on the bench wondering what was to come next.  A minute or two later, several articles of clothing were hefted over the top of the door, and Darrius’ voice sounded again, “put these on, love, and come outside.”

            What stepped out of the dressing room a moment later could not have looked more different than the lion normally dressed.  Instead of his form fitting short-sleeved shirt and loose hanging denim jeans, the lion now wore a tight pair of leather pants that left nothing to the imagination, topped by a mesh shirt that showed off the lion’s lean, slender-yet-built build.  On top of the mesh he now wore a black leather duster, which came down to his knees, only to reveal the solid black shoes that shown in the light of the store.  Darrius stepped back to admire his handiwork, “My my my, that does look as good on you as I thought it would, but there’s only one thing missing.”  With that he turned to a rack of leather collars, his hand wavered up and down the rack, as if seeking the mated color to his lion’s new look, and upon finding it, Darrius unfastened it, and handed it to his mate.  “Here, try this on.”

            The lion looked at him sheepishly, “I don’t know…this is all real nice and all…I guess I could try it on.”  With that, he put on the collar, and his mate stared at him in awe, as if that one little piece had suddenly transformed what he was wearing.

            “I knew that’d look good on you.  I didn’t know it’d look that good.  God, I could just eat you up right here and now,” he said murring and holding his lover close, tracing a hand down his chest lightly, “but,” he added with a wink, “I don’t think that the shopkeepers here would want to clean up after that.  Now you go over there towards the door whilst I pay for this.”

            “I thought you said this was a special treat for us.  Why then do I feel like the one treated?”

            “Your treat was the clothes, my treat’s going to be something a little more fun oriented, like taking you out to the clubs tonight for some dancing.  I want to see all those other people look at you and drool, and get to be the one who comes up to you and whisks you away to take home with me at night.” By this point, Nicky was now a furious shade of red, and it was obvious that he was trying real hard to keep his composure.  “Now go on, shoo, go strut your stuff around the store, Nicky.  It takes a little getting used to, being in leather like that.  I’ll take care of the business end.”

            As Nicky wandered about, emotions and new feelings were swirling through his head.  He was fighting to keep tears of joy from forming on his eyes and at the same time enjoying the new feeling of the clothing that now covered him.  The leather of the pants was soft and flexible to the touch, highlighting every movement and change in the wearer’s body.  The mesh was also nice as it was loose enough not to rub against his fur, but tight enough to stick to his body.  He approached one of the mirrors in the store, and let out a small gasp when he saw himself.  “Wow,” he thought, blushing a little, “the pants certainly outline everything there is to see down there.” 

Darrius walked up behind him, his arm around the lion as they looked at the image in the mirror, “God-damn do you look sexy, lion. Now,” he said with a grin, “we ready to hit the last store of the day?”  Nicky nodded, his tail swishing slightly nervously.

The two made their way out of the store and across the mall proper, to the small corner of the mall that held Yiff’r’Us, and made their way inside.  Darrius pulled Nicky over to the shop’s selection of cuffs & bondage gear, “So, lion, do you think we need anything from this area?  We could try one of those ring gags you’ve been thinking about getting.  Y’know, to stop the little problem with pointy teeth we have.”

“Nah, you don’t wanna try those, they don’t blunt teeth at all.” A voice behind them popped up, causing them to turn to look at the slim, swishy looking dog wearing a solid black t-shirt with the words “Got Yiff?” who had spoken, “You might try gummy worms over the tips over your teeth when you try something like that.  Besides,” he said, winking at the two of them, “ball gags are so much more fun.” 

The lion and the cat looked at each other, grinned, then grabbed a small ball gag, and moved on to look at the dildos & lubes on display, where they picked up a large bottle of lube (labeled with a Yiff’r’US sticker “Jimmy likes it!”) and a couple of packs of condoms.  Having fulfilled their shopping urges for the day, the pair swept out of the store and down out towards the door of the mall.  On their way out, the lion sighted a bathroom, and smiling mischievously, pulled Darrius suddenly into it as they passed it, giggling slightly as the cat yelped as he was pulled in. 

Having drawn his lover into the restroom fully, Nicky pulled him in close and the two’s muzzles closed in a deep kiss, their bags dropping, temporarily forgotten as passion overtook the two.  Darrius pushed him against the wall of one of the stalls as he felt his loins growing, but jumped a bit as he heard moaning coming from the far stall causing him to break the kiss.

“Did you hear that, love?  Sounds like someone in the far stall.”  The two stopped what they were doing, and slowly, curiously, moved to peer inside the far stall.  There, cuffed to the toilet, lay a large gray wolf, his legs spread by what appeared to be a collapsible spreader bar, and his moans muffled by a large ball gag.  Nicky’s eyes went wide, and Darrius looked around a bit, checking to see if anyone might be watching them, and saw a note scrawled on the back of the stall door.

This Slave is here for Punishment.  Yiff as much as desired, but do not release. I will be back to collect him later. Thank you, His Master,” he read aloud, “Well well well, it appears we have a very naughty puppy here, kitty.  What do you think we should do about him, hmmm?”

His mate looked at him, and a devilish grin crossed his features, “He looks like he’s had enough action for one day, maybe we should just give him a show.” As he said this, his hand slid across the wolf’s tender looking member, eliciting a muffled howl of  pleasure and exhaustion, then looked down at the wolf, “Or would someone not like that?”

The wolf nodded consentingly, and Nicky looked back at Darrius, who nodded, and then proceeded to kneel in front of the black kitty, undoing his pants, freeing Darrius’ aching cock, and slowly began to suckle on it.  Nicky could feel his mate’s need throbbing as he ran his tongue up and down the length of his cock, and slowly began to build up speed, eliciting a long contented purr.  He could sense his mate’s climax as imminent, when Darrius’ paws appeared on his shoulders, and pulled him off and up.  Darrius pulled him close and they kissed, completely ignoring the wolf now whimpering as he tried to close out the act of passion happening in front of him, but his sex-clouded mind could not.  Without warning Darrius broke the kiss and swung his mate around wrapping his arms around Nicky at the waist as his hands undid the tight leather pants, now bulging out of control.  With several deft movements, Darrius freed Nicky’s cock from it’s leather prison and began to stroke it with one hand, as the other moved back to undo his own pants.

Sliding Nicky’s pants down Darrius reached down into his bag and pulled out a bottle of lube that they had bought, popped it open, and smeared a little of it on his cock, all the while purring and rubbing himself on the lion.  Having readied himself, he slowly pushed his cock slowly into his mate, eliciting moans of mixed pleasure and pain from him.  Gradually, the two felines began to rock back and forth, pushing into and out of each other, each trying to find the other’s rhythm.  Then, in one instant, Darrius and Nicky both found it, and began to moan more intensely as they rocked two and fro in unison now, lost in the passion of two souls moving as one.  As their lust increased, Darrius began to nibble at the neck of his lover, knowing how he loved the sensations it gave him, and guided one of Nicky’s hands to the wolf’s member as he did so.

Sensing his mate’s idea, the lion began slowly teasing the wolf’s erection with a series of caresses and strokes.  As Nicky felt his orgasm rise within him, he increased the pace of these strokes, causing the wolf to writhe uncontrollably, almost shaking with desire.  Darrius too sensed his mate’s impending orgasm, and felt his own very close as well, so he leaned in close to his mate and whispered very gently in his ear something that the wolf could not hear.  Suddenly Nicky’s hand on the wolf’s cock speed up and the lion began to shake with desire, moaning in a pleasure that the wolf could only begin to imagine as the lion’s cock began to spurt gobs of cum farther than he’d ever seen anyone do so far.  Not much later Darrius growled ferally and bit down, cumming hard into the lion as the lion simultaneously gasped in pleasure and began to cum all over the wolf.  As the two climaxed, the wolf watched, stunned and aroused at the attention he had received and the show they had put on for him.   His climax stood so close, he could almost feel it around him, surrounding his body with an intense urge to be touched.  Kevin whimpered as the lion gingerly caressed his cock, bringing him terribly close to the climax he now desired, but leaving him just at the precipice.  All this arousal was too much for the poor wolf to bear, and the world closed up around him as he fainted, exhausted from his daylong ordeal. 

“Awww.  It seems we were too much for the poor wolfy,” Darrius mused from his vantage point behind Nicky, “well, lion, why don’t we leave him a little surprise for when he wakes up?”

Nicky turned his head to look at the cat, “What are you planning, you naughty kitty?”  All he got was a knowing look, and a nod that seemed to say, “you’ll see.”

Darrius proceeded to slowly edge his way out of the lion, and once out, reached down into the bag to pull out several packets out of the Yiff R Us bag.  Tearing them open, he pulled out two towelets, handed one to Nicky and proceeded to use the other to clean himself off, depositing it in the trash as he pulled up his pants.  He then reached into the bag again and pulled out the can of fur spray he’d bought earlier. 

“We’re gonna give this wolf a paint-job, since he can’t seem to take a simple hand-job,” He smirked, and began spraying.


Kevin awoke, groaning slightly as he opened his eyes.  It took him a moment to realize where he was, and it was then that he heard the bathroom door open again.  A large wolf entered, and as Kevin listened, made his way to the back stall of the bathroom.

“Hmm, a slave needs punishing, huh? Guess I should oblige his master then.”

The stall door swung open to reveal a large wolf, his pants slightly ajar and the hint of lust surrounding his figure.  “Ah, a fox!  I’ve always heard they were sluts for this sorta thing.”  Kevin looked about, bewildered as to how the wolf could mistake him for a fox, when he saw his reflection in a shiny part of the pipe he was bound to. A rather distorted image of a red fox stared back at him from the pipe, and he whimpered as he felt the wolf larger then average cock push against his tail hole.  As the wolf began thrusting into him he whimpered again, half in pleasure, half in fear, not sure whether to be mad or glad that the kitties had done this to him.


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