FUNMALL9.TXT - M/? - Anal/Oral/Caressing, Bondage/NC - Wolf/Plant - February 19, 2003

By SwampRat
(cl) 2003 - Gay Furry Association

One more story of the Mall for you Plant fans..

The being that swished down the mall walkway was used to stares.. Not that it 'saw' the eyes, but it had other ways
of noticing. Noting the Scents of fear, curiosity, and sometimes lust.. It stopped when an small shy being appeared
in front of it.

"Little one/Seedling/Cub." The female giggled and rubbed a leaf. Amber eyes going wide as a branch touched her
ears, putting a flower behind one of them.

"Mommy! Mommy!" The wolf-child ran back to her pack, beaming and proud of her aggressiveness.. And the reward. They
all growled and rubbed her head, agreeing..

3 'mouths' smiled, then with a shake of it's branches, the being continued down the walkway. It was following a
trail of scent and time fragments. Kellen was a tree in body, but still a sprout in many ways. And the captain
worried.. He didn't show it but it was easy to pick-up on the wind.

So 'Bends-in-the-Wind' continued until it was overpowered with scents and waves of lust.. It tested the air and the
timelines, unsure what was going on.. Matings? Some ritual he had not seen before? Orgies were common enough but
there was rarely the dear/excitement smell that seemed to underlay all others.

This needed further investigation. It entered the room, and almost Pollinated! So much free-floating urea. So much
fertilizer. This was heaven to a Plant. It dipped tendrils in the various places where the odor was strongest,
disappointed by how little there seemed to be. It rustled down the path, finding the same scents but nothing to put
tendrils in.. Until the final stall.

There it found a most unusual being.. Canine in species, it seemed to be bound by straps and metal.. How strange.
The being made a sound of fear as tendrils and branches caressed it, seeking out first wounds. The anal opening was
raw, as was the maleness, but otherwise no - this one was in health.

"Hello/Greetings/Salutations.. Are you Injured/Hurt/Unwell?"

* * * *

Kevin closed his eyes.. He didn't know how long he'd been in the bathroom now. He'd hadn't lost count of how many
guys had visited him though. The mall would probably be closing soon and the Last thing the wolf wanted was to be
found by the Janitorial staff... The came a noise like he had never heard before. Ok so maybe he had. Branches
rustling against the walls.. But there were no trees or even Bushes close by...

Then the stall door opened and a nightmare slid in. 3 pods swayed on thick stalks from a bushy 'body', that had many
branches dotted with flowers and leaves.. He couldn't see below that but shuddered when a branch came into view,
touching his leg.. Then it talked!

Every muscle froze, every sense heightened.. As one of the pods came closer to him, he whimpered and pissed
himself.. He couldn't help it. The whole day came crashing down on.. Fast as a snake a pod was latched onto his
dick.. Not a single drop of his urine touched the floor. He arched a little, feeling something hard bite his knot,
not allowing him to get soft as tendrils tickled his length..

Then he Yeowlped, biting the rubber ball as they slid Inside his urethra, gathering everything liquid and leaving a
somehow soothing gel as it slipped up all the way inside him. More tendrils slip over his body to caress his
nipples, which had pretty gone untouched until now.. They sprang at the slightest touch and the wolf Moaned deeply
and loudly.. This was too much! A horny plant?

He started and kicked as something touched his tail-hole. 'No.. It Couldn't...' More soothing gel slid around the
ring, cooling raw nerves and rasped skin. Then the tendril went deeper, rootlets finding materials to ingest, more
signs of wear to be gelled over. Deeper it went, finding the prostate bump and caressing it.. The wolf moaned and
tried to hunch, to move as he was literally cleaned out.

All he could do is move a little and whine.. Oh Gods his Nipples, His Ass, His Cock! Not having to breathe and
having Many arms to caress the poor male soon had him the consistency of jello - Shuddering when touched, wobbling

Kevin didn't believe it! He was actually getting turned on by all this caressing.. Flowers had ahold of his nipples
and were 'sucking' on them. The root was deep in his intestines, cleaning him out and at the same time caressing him
in such an erotic way it was impossible to describe.. Hundreds of tiny fingers caressing, scratching, rubbing his

And his dick.. Both inside and out the tendrils caressed him.. It was Heaven. it was Hell.. Then a pod clamped shut
on his abused balls and he let go of everything... The ball-gag was bitten in half like a rubber band. Cum came out
of him as fast as his nuts could make it and send it up the tubes. His balls were squashed, squeezed, toyed with,
combed and worked over so expertly every time he swore he couldn't make another drop, still more sticky sap was
coaxed out.

That didn't include his ears being rubbed, his back getting a massage, his ass being squeezed.. He had a megagasm
that blew out his pleasure centers, made him levitate for a few moments and damn near pass-out. He would have but
tiny branches in his nose, scrubbed the co2 from his breath and fed him almost pure o2 back.. He sighed riding a
cloud of bliss, nuzzling whatever got close enough to touch..

He sighed a 'Thank You..' barely able to speak.

* * * *

'Bends-in-the-Wind' slowly let the mammal return to a 'normal' state. It removed it's tendrils from it's anal
passage, from the maleness that was Very empty.. From the bumps that gave off so much pleasure when caressed and
played with. From the sense organs, no longer needing to add to the atmosphere. It also cleaned the floor under the
mammal, holding the limbs up until it was sure nothing remained of an organic nature. It let the male slip down into
a semi-comfortable position while a root dipped into a nearby bowl to siphon it dry of water.

It heard and felt the mammal's thanks. "You are most welcome.. Thank you for the Food/Meal/Sustenance.. Your mammal
seed is most... Tasty. Shall have to Recommend/Encourage/Advise more of the Nation-Of-Green to come visit."

One last caress of the male and the plant left the stall, then the room, seeing the future to be most interesting
for this one as it continued following it's trail back to the Ship that carried the part ambassador, part scientist
to places it had only imagined existed.

The end of Chapter 9

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