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Fun at the Mall Ch10 – Real Emotion by Daniel Field



            The Haden View Mall was still crowded with assorted animals continuing to shop, even though it was late in the day. The many animals that shopped were all intent on spending their cash, and enjoying themselves. Some though were anticipating a concert that was being held that afternoon.

            There were two shoppers that had more on their minds than just simply shopping and the concert. Their thoughts were on each other. The two of them were dragons, and they looked completely different from one another. One was shorter, with a reddish orange skin and dressed … some considered it strange. His name was Drake. He was dressed in a pair of black leather pants, but they were loose, as he hated wearing hem tight. He also wore a white shirt with the word ‘Fire-Fliers’ embroidered on the back. Drake also wore a black studded collar, with matching cuffs at his wrist and on his bare ankles.

            The others’ name was Flare. He was the taller one, and he was orange. Flare wore a plain white sleeveless muscle shirt and dark blue jeans, also barefoot. The two of them were leaving a jewelry store, with Drake looking embarrassed and Flare fingering a necklet around his neck.

            “I can’t believe you got me this” Flare said as he stared at the new gift. It was a simple silver chain with an upside down jeweled flame. “I must’ve cost a fortune.” Drake shrugged his shoulders. “Well, you did get me those new shirts, I had to get you something. Now stop praising me or I’ll go red.” Flare had to hold back a laugh at Drakes irony. “Well, thanks again” Flare said as he placed an arm on Drakes shoulder and drew him closer in a sort of side hug. Flare grinned as he felt Drakes tail begin to curl around his own. “So what time does the concert start?”

            Drake pulled out his pocket watch and checked it. Drake never wore wristwatches, mostly because his wrists were already occupied. “It starts at 5:00, and it’s only 4:30, so we’ve got some time before we have to start. The mall closes after the concert, which should be about 10. ” Drake was the lead guitarist in an all-dragon band called ‘Fire-Fliers’. They mostly played rock and pop music, but they didn’t have too many songs that they wrote themselves. “So, what do you want to do before then?” Flare asked as they continued to walk around, looking at the other shops. “I want to go ‘Time-Space’ and play ‘House of the Dead’” Drake answered. Flare looked at him and had to smile. “You and your games. I think we could go there. We’d only be spending three hours there.”

            Flare quickly stepped back as Drake aimed a swing at him. “Look who’s talking. Your record was six.” “Oh yeah” Flare said as they turned down a corner near the entrance. “What’s down here?” Drake asked. “Dunno. Lets see.” “Well, look what’s here” Flare said with a smirk as they approached a rather out-of-the-way store. “’Yiffs R Us’. Looks like an adult store. Wanna have a look?” Drake thought for a moment, and answered. “I dunno. I’m not really into this stuff.” “Hey, neither am I, but we can still look.” “O.k.” Drake said as they entered.

            The huge store still had a few customers inside, with almost everything imaginable inside, with isles for almost every subject of sex available. Flare noticed that most of the customers were male, but there were a couple of kinky looking females as well. Flare whistled. “Wow. I’ve never seen so much smut in one place. Is this really what adult stores are like?” Drake looked at his partner in surprise. “What? Don’t tell me you’ve never been in a place like this before?” Flare shook his head. “Nuh. Never have. I wonder what stuff you’d find in this sort of place?” The two of them started to look around. “Don’t look now, but there’s a dog checking you out” Flare whispered out of the corner of his mouth. Drake looked around to see a dog with a shirt that read ‘Yiffs R Us’ on it looking their way. “Yeah, well sorry. I’m taken” Drake whispered back. “Yeah, by me” Flare whispered back, just as he felt a sudden urge scream through him. “Oh shit, I gotta go. I’ll meet you at the arcade” Flare said as he hurried out. “Ok” Drake called after him as the large dragon ran out. Drake turned his attention back to the store and continued to walk around.

            There wasn’t much that interested Drake. He didn’t even glance at the collection of assorted dildos and gags. He did however stop at the video collection. Drake picked a video and stared at it for a while. The cover had two large canines in full force, one of them looked he was getting his brains fucked out. Drake grunted in disgust at the cover and placed it back. He looked over at all of the videos on display and his only thought was ‘How degrading.’

            Drake and Flare were together on that level, but they weren’t as others thought. Flare had been like an older brother to Drake all of his life, until they both realized that their friendship together meant more than just being friends. One night, Flare had taken Drake in a way that the young dragon had never been taken before. Unfortunately, their lovemaking had hurt a lot, mostly because Flare was bigger than Drake could take. Afterwards, they both came to an agreement that sex wasn’t exactly the best way to express their love, even though at times they had the urge to do it. So they found other ways to express how much each other meant to them. Both of them were happy with each other, but both had to make compromises. Drake had agreed to have when they both wanted to, but only if Flare would take him gently.

            Even though they were both in love, they weren’t one hundred percent gay. They didn’t even like to use that word. Drake and Flare shared a healthy relationship, as long as they talked with their problems, and kept to each other. Sex wasn’t a problem; they just didn’t do it very often, and never just for pleasure like most gays did. Drake had actually worried about the views on gays for a while, until Flare had told him that the word ‘gay’ meant a lot of things, and that he and Drake were just one of the many things that gay meant. “We’re different from most other gays, but that does not mean that we are better than others, or lower than them” Flare had told him. “As long as everyone is happy with who they are, that’s all that matters.”

            Drake continued to walk around and noticed a collection labeled ‘Slave Wear’. It consisted of the particular items like leashes and leather whips. The only items that interested him were the studded and spiked cuffs that were on display. Drake picked up a set and was just checking the price when he looked up to see the dog from earlier next to him. “Got someone in mind that you want to try those on?” the dog asked. Not wishing to be rude, Drake answered him “Actually, I was thinking of wearing these myself.”
            “Ah, so you like the slave part?” the dog asked him as he eyed the dragon over. “No… I just like wearing them.” Drake answered. “So, we have a gay that doesn’t like the slave section. Interesting. By the way, the names Jimmy, and I can help you with anything you might want.” Drake found himself completely shocked. “I am not that sort of gay,” he said angrily as he walked up to the front counter to buy his cuffs. “Hey sorry, I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to offend you. How bout I make it up to you?” Drake gave the sales clerk the cuffs and pulled his wallet out of his pants. “How?” Drake asked as he handed over the cash. “Well, I could show you the best way to use some of these items. I have personally tried everything in this store, and I would be more than happy to … assist you.”

            Drake stared at the dog for a moment, before grabbing his bags and saying before he left “Sorry, but I’m not like that.” Jimmy watched the dragon leave, before saying to himself “Would have been nice to try him out.”


            Flare felt desperate. He had no idea where the toilets were and he felt like he was going to bust. It felt like agony. Looking desperately around, Flare noticed a large fox wearing a black leather jacket standing nearby. “Hey, excuse me, but where are the toilets?” The fox turned and looked the dragon over once before turning and pointing down another direction. “They’re down that way. Good place to go if you need a release,” he added with a strange smile. “Uh, thanks” Flare said as he hurried in the direction the fox had pointed. “Have fun” the fox said to himself.

            Flare sighed with relief as he finally found the door marked ‘Males.’ Flare forced the door open and entered the toilets. He hurried to one of the stalls and quickly pulled down his jeans as he sighed with relief again. For some reason, it always felt good to release. Release. That was what the fox had said. What made this toilet different from any others? Flare looked around and noticed that the walls had holes drilled in them. Glory Holes, they were known as. Flare shook his head in disbelief. Was this what the fox meant? “No way I’d use them. Drake would leave me if he found out I let myself to someone else” Flare thought to himself as he finished up and flushed the toilet.

            Drake was about to leave when he heard a groan and a clink of metal. “Anyone there?” Flare called out. In response, he heard a furious clang of metal and more groaning. Flare walked up to the source of the noise and pushed the stall door open. A very strange sight greeted his eyes. Some sort of animal was lying on the floor with his ass in the air and with his tail up, waiting for something. At first glance, it looked like a fox, but on second glance Flare realized that it was a wolf that had been sprayed red. “What the hell are you doing here?” Flare asked in disbelief. The wolf whimpered a little, and Flare saw that the wolf had a very worn out ball gag in his mouth. Flare opened his mouth to say something, when he noticed something written on the wall.

            “This Slave is here for Punishment. Yiff as much as desired, but do not release. I will be back to collect him later. Thank you, His Master.”  Flare raised his eyebrows in disbelief. (So you know, dragons have no hair on their bodies anywhere.) A slave? “What did you do?” Flare asked as he knelt down beside the fox and gently removed the ball gag from his mouth. “Not please him?” The wolf breathed heavily and looked at Flare with a dark look. “No, the bloody faggot jumped me and tied me up like this. Please, could you let me go?” Flare looked the wolf over. The wolf definitely looked worn out, not to mention used and abused. The wolf had a fair bit of dried cum in his fur, and dribbling out of his ass.

            “Sure, I can let you go. What’s your name?” “It’s Kevin.” Flare said as reached over to grab the handcuffs that had locked Kevins’ arms under the toilet. “Good, and when I do, I’m going to kill that fucking gay faggot.” Flare paused for a moment at Kevins’ remark. “What did you say?” Flare asked. Kevin looked back over his shoulder at the dragon and said, “What does it matter? Just let me go so I can kill him!” Flare retracted his arm. “You have something against gays?” Kevin looked at Flare as though it was obvious. “Listen, I’ve been tied up in here by a bloody faggot, and I’ve been raped countless times by foxes, lions, tigers and even the fucking mall cops. Not to mention some fucked-up piece of shit. Now, is that a reason to let me go?” Flare just shook his head in disbelief. “Typical. Another gay-basher” he said as he stood up to go.

            “Fine. Just leave. You gay fucks are all the bloody same.” Flare stopped just outside the door and felt as though he had just been hit. “W…What did you say?” Flare asked quietly. “I said you gay fucks are all the same. You come in here, you fuck me, and then you leave. You’re all sick perverts.” Flare felt tears begin to well up in his eyes. ‘That’s just what our parents said when they found out’ he thought as he wiped his eyes.

Flare turned around with a dark expression on his face. “So you think me and my love are sick perverts?” Kevin let out a mad laugh. “Are you kidding? I’ve been fucked all friggin’ day by you perverts. I came in here to fuck something, and a faggot tied me up. I know what you are. You’re all the same. You all think with your dicks.” Flare knelt down behind the wolf and suddenly grabbed Kevins' balls in his hand. Kevin let out a loud cry as a shock of pain soared through his body. Flare grabbed Kevins muzzle with his other hand and closed it. Kevin suddenly felt scared. “You think we’re all the same?” Flare whispered in Kevins ear. “You think that all we want to do is have sex all the time? I’m going to teach you a lesson, about the difference between Love and Lust. And you’re going to experience it.”

Flare released the wolfs' balls and grabbed the ball gag, replacing it in Kevins mouth. Kevin groaned as he felt the familiar chewed piece of rubber back in his mouth. “Don’t worry” Flare said. “I’m not going to fuck you. I aint like that. Now, you better listen and listen well. Nod if you understand.” Kevin nodded his head furiously and Flare grinned. “Good. Now listen up.

“Drake and me have been friends ever since we were kids. He’s 18, and I’m 23. He liked to think of me as an older brother. Last year we discovered that there was more to our relationship than what we thought. We decided to prove it to each other by losing our virginity to each other. Yeah, that’s right” Flare said as Kevin looked doubtful. “We were both virgins. Anyway, Drake wanted to go first, so I began to enter him.” At that point, Kevin suddenly felt something press against his rear, something pointy and big. Looking over his shoulder, Kevin saw Flares tail pressing against his exposed rear. Kevins' eyes grew wide as he realized that the dragon was planning to fuck him with his tail. And the dragons’ tail happened to be bigger than any of the dicks that he had taken that day.

“I felt that he was holding it in from me, as though he was just grinning and bearing it for me. I found that cute, but I still went slowly.” Kevin let out a groan of pain as he felt the dragons tail pop into his rear. The tail stretched his already stretched out tail-hole past its limits, and it was still entering. Kevin felt tears well up in his eyes, and he then realized Flares point. He was making Kevin experience what Drake had. “Drake held it good. I had no idea how much it was hurting him to have me inside him” Flare said as more of his tail went into Kevins tail hole. “It was almost over when he yelled out something. What was it? Have a guess?” Flare said as he removed the ball gag. Kevin didn’t want to. Instead he screamed out “STOP! IT HURTS! IT HURTS! STOP IT!” Kevin cried out as tears streamed down his cheeks. He had felt this sort of pain before. But somehow, it was strangely pleasurable. He also realized that his dick was erect once more and there was a pool of pre forming once more on the floor.

Suddenly, he realized that the huge tail inside him had stopped. He felt the pain begin to slightly subside. “W…what?” Kevin said as he panted heavily. “You got it in one” Flare said with a satisfied tone in his voice. “Drake was crying from the pain. I had no idea because he wouldn’t tell me until he couldn’t bear it.” Flare sighed as he remembered holding onto him, their bare skin pressing against each other, feeling Drakes heartbeat on his chest and Drakes tears on his neck. “And I stopped. I held off until he stopped crying and was ready to go on.” Flare said as he began to pull his tail out. “If I wasn’t really in love with him, I would’ve kept going, not caring about him, just ‘thinking with my dick.’”

Kevin groaned as the last of the tail left his stretched ass. ‘I better not be bleeding’ he thought to himself. “Drake wanted to keep going, to lose himself to me. But I didn’t, because I had hurt him too much” Flare said a little softer now. “I felt a need to keep going, but I didn’t. Drake can handle me now, but it took a while for him to get used to it. To us, sex is a way to prove how much we love each other. We don’t have sex just for the pleasure of it. I felt like I hadn’t proved it that night. But Drake told me that I had, because I had cared enough to stop doing it for myself and to stop hurting him.”

“So what now?” Kevin asked angrily. He took a gulp of air as he waited. “There is a difference between love and lust. We have nothing against other gays, but our views are different. If we did it for lust, we’d be having sex every chance we had, doing it with anyone, and displaying ourselves for it. But we do for love, and only to each other. Our parents didn’t see it that way” Flare added as he shifted his weight. “We are the rarer type of gays, only doing it for love, not lust, or a mixture of both. But then again, those are our views. “Sorry there” Kevin said with a nasty tone. “But I don’t care. To me, you’re all the same.”

“I honestly think you haven’t learnt your lesson” Flare said as he put the ball gag back in Kevins mouth. “Everyone has different views, and we don’t try to change them. We accept that there are other types of gays. We’re just another type. But, honestly, you might be in a league of your own. Your views about being gay must’ve changed a lot. I think your master converted you.” Kevin snarled through the gag and tried to say something, but his words were muffled. Flare could’ve guessed what he said. He guessed that it must have been “Fuck No!!” Flare laughed as he looked down. “Two things there mate. One, I wasn’t the one waiting for something to go in my ass when I arrived. And two, I didn’t even get hard during that.” Kevin glanced over at the dragon as it left, and saw that Flare had been right. The dragons’ jeans hadn’t changed shape.

“He didn’t feel anything from it” Kevin wondered as he heard the door shut again. “He didn’t want it.” For once, Kevin began to understand something. There were different types of gay, and they were all different, with different views, and different ways of behaving. Flare had been true to his word. He was gay, but he hadn’t been looking for something to fuck. Kevin sighed through his gag and hung his head as low as his position enabled him. He had learned a lesson about being gay, but he was sure it wasn’t the one that the fox had wanted him to learn; For Kevin still felt the urge to get out and kill that fox.


Flare finally caught up with Drake behind the concert stage that had been set up in the middle of the mall. “Oh man, did I miss anything besides you?” Flare asked as he found Drake tuning his guitar. “Nah, you didn’t. We were just getting ready. So, what took you so long?” Flare shrugged his shoulders. “Just met someone. Had a talk to him.” “What did you talk about?” Drake asked as he strung a cord. “Just a small talk about different views. Nothing much else.” Drake looked up as he said, “What were his views?”

 “Just different” Flare said as one of the drummers stuck his head around the corner. “The crowds ready, Kara and Lell are ready to start singing, we’re ready to play, and you’re talking. Get your ass up here.” “Sorry” Drake said as he got up. “Any requests that we can’t play?” “Since when have we never been able to play a request? Come on” the drummer said as he disappeared. Flare grabbed Drake as he passed and planted a quick kiss on the younger dragons lips. “Knock them dead” Flare said. “Always do” Drake said as he quickly climbed up on the stage.

“So, you like him do you?” Flare turned around to see the fox from earlier standing behind him. “In a different way than most people think” Flare said with a smile. The fox laughed a little at the comment. “So, you find the toilets alright?” “Probably in a different way than you do” Flare said as he walked to the front of the stage to join the crowd as they applauded to the band.


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