This neat story is by a good friend of mine who decided to lone me his two main characters.  Its quite fun, I think. :)


Deal and Sebastian owned by Dan Bordeianu and Lisa Allen


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Fun at the Mall Chapter 11 by Dan Bordeianu. 



“Grr, I can’t believe you made us stop AGAIN!” Sebastian said angrily as he and Deal walked through the automatic sliding doors and in to the mall.  “We’re still, like, a hundred miles away from the city, we have no clue where the stadium is, we still gotta do our make up, and you KNOW Gene Simmons waits for no one!” 

            “Oh, shush you!  This’ll be quick.  Besides, I needed to get out of the car and stretch for a bit.” Deal replied as he looked around at the stores in the mall.  Mostly the same stores they had at the mall at home, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing for Deal, he just had to check out the toy store and maybe a video store or two, and he’d be done.  “This’ll totally be worth it if I find that Doombot Variant I’ve been looking for!” 

            Sebastian sighed as he followed Deal a few feet behind.  Sebastian was a young coyote-German Shepard mix who stood about 6 feet tall with light brown fur and who wore his headfur messy, down past his nose, bleached blonde with a few inches of his dark roots showing.  He wore a black “Twisted Sister” t-shirt and baggy jeans with holes on both knees and a pair of black steel-toed boots.  Deal was about a head shorter then Sebastian with white/gray fur.  He wore a tight, dark blue t-shirt that showed off his slender arctic fox body and a pair of loose fitting khaki cargo pants.  

            “Excuse me,” Deal said approaching a young punk kangaroo sitting against the wall that looked like he frequented the mall, “is there a toy store in this mall?” 

            “Yeah man, keep heading straight then take a left and it’s right by the exit down there.  I think you’ll like it!” the ‘roo replied, giving Deal a wink as he pointed in the direction of the store. 

            “Thanks much!” Deal winked back and continued down the hall. 

            “You know, we’ve spent more time trying to find you action figures then we have driving!  And it was a pretty dirty trick, pretending you had to piss to get me to stop at that Wal-Mart, by the way!  This is Kiss’ third farewell tour!  If we don’t get there in time, we’re gonna have to wait, like, 4 months before they go on tour again!” Sebastian said as he sped up to catch Deal.

            “We’ve got plenty of time, quit worrying!  You’re just getting all worked up over nothing!  And I did have to piss, just not that bad!”

            “If we don’t make it…”

            “What, you’ll cry, ya big baby?” Deal poked Sebastian in tummy, taunting him. 

            “Maybe!  Now cut that out!” he couldn’t help giggling at Deal’s touch.  Sebastian had been waiting to see Kiss for years, but they had never come to town.  He had gotten his driver’s license earlier in the month, and, much to his surprise, his parents let him borrow their car to drive to the next big town over to see them, since it was the weekend and he wouldn’t be missing any school.  Deal’s parents were okay with it as long as Sebastian’s parents were okay with it, so their first road trip together had started earlier in the afternoon.  Of course, neither of their parents would have let them go if they had know that Deal and Sebastian were not just best friends, but also lovers, but they had done a fine job of hiding it from their parents for over a year now.

            As they walked down the hallways of the mall, Sebastian couldn’t help notice that there was something odd about this mall.  It seemed like everyone other mall he had been in, but something was just off.  “Hey Deal,” he started to ask, “have you noticed…oof!”  Deal had stopped dead in his tracks and Sebastian, who wasn’t paying attention, had ran right in to him from behind.  “What’s the hold up here kid?” Sebastian asked, playfully smacking Deal in the back of the head.

            “I found the toy store…” he said with a smile.

            “Cool, so hurry up so we can get going”

            “It’s not really a ‘toy’ store, it’s more of a ‘TOY’ store!” Deal pointed to the sign in front of the store. 

            “’Yiffs R Us,’ huh?  Well, what the fuck is a yiff?”

            “Exactly!  Come on!” Deal grabbed Sebastian’s by the hand and pulled him in to the store. 

            The boys were in awe when the entered the store.  Neither of them had ever even dreamed of being in store like this.  They were standing in the doorway, looking around at all the dildos of different colors and sizes, lubes, leatherwear, and a ton of stuff that they had no clue what it was used for, when a young dog approached them.  He was wearing name tag that said “Jimmy”, a “Yiffs R Us” t-shirt that showed off his pierced belly button and a pair of jeans that were so low, they barely covered his Speedo underwear, “Hey boys, how ya doin’?  First time here, I take it?” 

            Deal shut his mouth and cleared his throat, “Y-yeah!  We’re kinnda just passing through town.”

            “Cool, cool!  I think you’ll find whatever you’re looking for!  But first, something we need to get out of the way, how old are you guys?”

            Deal hesitated, “Um, twenty…two?”

            The dog laughed and rolled his eyes, “No no no, not the two of you combined!  But don’t worry about it,” he said as he walked past the boys to greet another customer that had just walked in the store.  He placed his hand on Sebastian’s shoulder, giving it a squeeze, “Things are pretty relaxed here and I won’t tell anyone!” 

            The boys both let out of a sigh of relief.  Deal started to giggle, “Hey Bastian, check that out!  It’s huge!  Who on earth could fit that inside them?”  The boys browsed around the store, looking at all the gadgets and toys, trying the figure out what they were all used for.  After about 30 minutes had passed, Sebastian grabbed Deal, who was looking at all the different styles of handcuffs, by the tail.  “Come on kid,” he said pulling him towards the front of the store, “we gotta get going!”

            “Okay, okay, I’ll meet you outside, I’m going to pick up some lube, since we ran out last night!” He gave Sebastian a kiss on the cheek, which caused him to blush.

            “Well, be quick about it!” As Sebastian left, the dog, now working behind the register, blew him a kiss, which made him blush even more.  Sebastian shook his head, “This mall is messed up!” he thought to himself.  He was about to sit down against the wall when Deal came out of the store and gave Sebastian a hug. 

            “Hey now, maybe this isn’t the best place for this…”

            “Actually,” Deal gave Sebastian a small kiss on the lips, “I think this is a pretty good place for it!”  Deal motioned with his head for Sebastian to look to his left.  He looked and he saw two male furs walking towards them, holding hands.  “See?”

            “I knew there was something different about this mall!  But how’d you…?”

            “I asked the cutie dog in the store!  Now come on, I asked him about a regular toy store too!”  He let go of Sebastian and took a few steps then held out his hand, waiting for Sebastian to take it. 

            “I dunno Deal, it still seems kind of weird to me…”

            Deal looked like he was about to cry, “Please Bastian?  It’s just a little walk around the mall; no one will care.  And besides, even if it’s just for a little bit, it’ll be like we’re a normal couple…”

            “Okay, okay,” Sebastian took Deal’s hand and they started to walk towards the toy store.  Deal cheered up immediately and gave Sebastian a kiss on the cheek.  Sebastian rolled his eyes, “you little drama queen!”

            “Yeah, but that’s why you love me!” he sped up and pulled Sebastian along with him.  As they headed towards the store, Sebastian noticed quite a few furs starting at them.  They weren’t staring at them in a bad way, like the looks they would have gotten if they were walking hand in hand at their mall in their hometown.  It was more like the guys were checking them out, almost supporting them.   This calmed Sebastian down and he took a deep breath and actually enjoyed the rest of the walk with his boyfriend.


            When they got to the toy store, the decided it was best if they didn’t act like a couple inside, in case there were little kids around.  Deal went straight to the action figures, trying to find a short-packed Mer-Man or a variant Wolverine without a mask and Sebastian headed straight for the X-Box demo.  A few minutes passed, and right when Sebastian was getting bored, Deal came up and gave him a tug on his tail.  “Ready to go?”

            “Yeah.  We can finally get back on the road!” they walked out of the store and headed towards the entrance they came in. 

            “Um, actually, about that, you think maybe we can get some food first?  I’m getting really hungry!”

            “It’s always something with you, isn’t it!  Let’s just be quick about it, okay?  I don’t want to miss Buckcherry!”

            “The opening band?  But all you’ve talked about practically the whole trip was how much they sucked and how you hated them!”

            “True, but, you know,” Sebastian finished under his breath, “the lead singer is really cute…”

            Deal laughed.  “Must be something about this mall!  I don’t think I’ve ever heard you talk about a guy you think is cute!” 

            The two decided on Chinese food, found a table near the corner of the food court and ate quietly.  Deal paid more attention to watching Sebastian while he ate then he did his own food.  They finished eating without saying a word until Sebastian finally broke the silence, “Can we please get going now?”

            Deal smiled as he stood up, “Not yet,” he grabbed the “Yiffs R Us” bag in one hand and Sebastian’s paw in the other, “I gotta go to the bathroom!”  He pulled Sebastian out of his chair and led him down the hallway of the mall. 

            “Hey hey hey, there’s a bathroom right here.” Sebastian said as he tried to pull Deal to a stop. 

            “We have to go to the one on the other side of the mall!” Deal kept walking, pulling Sebastian along.

            “A bathroom’s a bathroom, come on!  We need to get going!” Sebastian protested.

            “But our friend at Yiffs said the on one the other side of the mall is better!”

            “You know, considering this mall in general, I don’t think I want to know what that means, but whatever, I give up…” Sebastian followed Deal reluctantly. 

            Deal pulled Sebastian through the bathroom door and took a look around.  It looked like a regular bathroom to him.  As soon as they were through the door, Deal had his arms around Sebastian and was pulling him in for a kiss.  Sebastian returned the kiss at first, but then pulled away in protest, “Come on, we can’t be doing this here!”

            Deal pushed the disinclined canine against the wall and kissed him again.  “We’ll be fine,” he said as he pulled away from boyfriend, “besides, you think anyone here’ll care?”

            Considering what else he had seen in the mall, what Deal was saying was starting to make sense to Sebastian.  “Okay then,” he said with a devious smile.  He spun Deal around and roughly pushed him against the wall. “I’ll fuck you right here if that’s what you want!” 

            Deal let Sebastian kiss him, passionately and deep, pushing him hard against the wall.  “Wow, you’ve, uh, never really…” Deal became distracted as Sebastian’s wandering paws made their way to his crotch, “ah, said anything like that to me before”

            “Yeah, well, maybe I’ve always wanted to but was just afraid to.”  Sebastian said as he began to kiss Deal on the neck.  He could feel Deal starting to get hard through his pants and gave him a squeeze through the fabric.  He stopped abruptly when he heard a door swinging opened behind him.  He turned and looked and saw a leopard walking out of the last stall. 

            The leopard looked at the boys and shook his head as he washed his hands, “Tsk, these kids, don’t they even know the rules anymore?” he said, half to himself, half to Deal and Sebastian. 

            “Um, rules?” Sebastian asked as he withdrew his paw from the front of Deal’s pants. 

            The leopard sighed as he walked passed the boys on his way out of the bathroom.  “Just take it to the back stall and I don’t think you’ll have any problems, okay?”  As he was walking out the door, he turned back, “Oh, and have fun!” 

            For the first time all day, Sebastian was the one grabbing and pulling Deal.  He kicked opened the door to the last stall and pulled Deal in.  Deal was expecting him to immediately pick up where he left off before they were interrupted, but instead he just stood, staring ahead of him.  “What’s the matter?” Deal asked as he peeked around his lover.    He was as shocked as Sebastian was at what he saw.  A wolf, his ass in the air and gagged, bound to the toilet.


Stuff stuff stuff, more stuff, then finally…!


            “This is gonna be awesome!” Deal said enthusiastically as he kicked off his shoes, slipped out of his pants, and pulled off his shirt.  He was left wearing nothing but his socks, which were almost the same pure white as his fur, but just a bit darker, dirty from a days worth of wear.  Sebastian simply unbuttoned his jeans and let them fall around his ankles.  Deal hopped on the bound wolf, sitting on his rear.  “Sorry bud!” he said, looking down at the wolf, but a teenaged fox using him as a bed was far from the worst thing that had happened to him that day.  Deal laid back on him and put his legs over Sebastian’s shoulders, “Besides, we’ve never done it in public before, this is gonna be hot!”

            “What are you talking about?” Sebastian said as he took Deal’s footpaw and moved it towards his face, giving it a kiss, “You lost your virginity behind the gym while you were ditching class!”

            Deal giggled, Sebastian’s tongue managed to ticked his sensitive paws even through his socks, “I only sucked him off, so it doesn’t count, and it wasn’t with you, so it, like, double doesn’t count!”

            “Well, what about that time at school when you were really horny and you wouldn’t shut up about it till I blew you in the bathroom?”  Sebastian nibbled at Deal’s toes while he rubbed his paw down his leg.  “And then there was that time in the closet at that creep neighbor kid’s Bar Mitzvah…”

            Sebastian let out a yelp of surprise as Deal used his legs to pull him close, but was cut off when Deal’s lips pressed against his own.  Deal wrapped his arms around Sebastian and scratched at his back while they kissed and they both rubbed their exposed sheaths against each other, both of them getting hard quickly.  Sebastian pulled away and looked down at his lover, thinking how lucky he was and how perfect Deal’s body looked.  His friendly and loving blue eyes, his firm chest, his hard, pink shaft resting on his flat tummy.  His erection and his eyes were the only color other then white on his body, so they stood out intensely.  Sebastian reached in to the bag by his feet and took out the lube he had bought and squeezed a large pool of it in to his pa and worked it over his shaft.  Once it was good and covered, he wiped his paw clean on the side of the wolf’s butt.  “Um, sorry about that, guy!” he said.  The wolf let out a soft sigh, glad to have a break from all the yiffing, but also a little jealous.  Jealous of the larger canine because the young fox was so sexy, the kind of guy he himself would go after, if given the chance, but also a tiny bit jealous of the fox himself for what he was about to get, since the larger canine was quite handsome himself.  Enough thinking about that, the wolf told himself, I just hope they take a nice, long time so I can enjoy this little break.

            Sebastian positioned the head of his cock against Deal’s tight tailhole and moved his paws to his hips.  Deal shivered, half in anticipation and half at Sebastian’s cold paws.  Deal places his paws on top of Sebastian’s and caressed them, letting him know he was ready.  Sebastian pulled on his hips and thrust himself all the way inside him; there would be time for romance and foreplay another day.  Right then, with the chance of getting caught, they had to hurry.  Besides, he had a concert to get to! 

            Deal whimpered in pan and shock, but also with a hint of pleasure.  Even though he and Sebastian had been together for several months, Sebastian had never been this rough with him, but Deal was pretty sure that he liked it.

            Sebastian stopped, his manhood fully inside of Deal.  “You okay?” He asked, showing his sensitive side a bit, contrasting with what he had planned for Deal, he just wanted to make sure Deal was comfortable first. 

            “Yeah…” Deal answered, “It’s just you’ve never done it quite like this before, but it feels good…keep going…”

            “Okay,” Sebastian pulled himself out, almost all the way, and then slammed back in to Deal, causing him to let out another whimper.  “You sure you’re okay?” he asked again. 

            “I said I was!  Now stop being such a girl and fuck me!” Deal ordered.

            “All right!” Sebastian said, shaking his head and smiling at Deal’s sudden dominance.  He pulled himself out again and slammed in to him, harder then before, and didn’t pause.  He was immediately pulling out and shoving himself back in to Deal’s tight little hole, again and again. 

            Deal was gasping with each thrust Sebastian made.  He was hurting bad, but on the other paw, he had never felt so full.  For the first time to Deal, it didn’t feel like he and Sebastian were making love.  Sebastian was fucking his brains out, using him for nothing more then a place to shoot his load.  And Deal loved it. 

            Sebastian was grunting each time he pounded in to Deal.  He had never been that far inside him before.  He was pulling on his hips, getting Deal as close as he possibly could.  Sebastian wrapped his still slick paw around Deal’s foxhood and start to stroke him with as much speed and vigor as he was fucking him with.  It was almost too much for Deal to handle and he nearly climaxed as soon as Sebastian touched his sensitive cock, but he managed to hold on.  Sebastian continued to pound at Deal while he moved up and down slightly as the wolf under him was breathing.  Sebastian leaned over Deal, not slowing down at all, and kissed him, sliding his tongue forcefully past his lips and deep in to his mouth.  The brief display of tenderness was enough to send Deal over the edge.  He moaned out loudly in to Sebastian’s mouth, not breaking the kiss.  His warm foxcum started to splatter on his tummy while he squeezed tightly at the wolf he was sitting on sides.  

            As soon as Sebastian felt Deal’s seed his paw and realized that he was getting off, his grip on Deal’s cock tightened and he began to stroke him much more slowly, trying to milk every last drop out of him.  As Deal was cumming, his hips rocked back and he involuntarily flexed the muscles in his ass, tightening the hold he had on Sebastian’s cock.  The sudden force pushing back on him and the increases of resistance was all that Sebastian needed.  He pulled out of the kiss and started to moan loudly; suddenly not even aware of the fact he was in a public restroom.  He gave Deal a few final, deep thrusts as he began to unload inside his lover.  Deal pushed back, not wanting to let a single drop of Sebastian’s seed escape.  Deal felt it dripping out of his hole, warm against his ass, falling on to the bound wolf’s back.  Sebastian buried himself in to Deal all the way one last time, holding it inside him.  Both boys were breathing heavily and Sebastian leaned down and kissed Deal again, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths.  Sebastian rubbed Deal’s chest and Deal reached behind Sebastian and gave his butt a squeeze.  They stayed tied together kissing for several minutes, until they heard someone come in to the bathroom.  They both froze, fear of getting caught setting in for the first time.  Neither boy breathed until they heard a toilet flush, a pair of paws being washed, and whoever was in the bathroom leave.  They both let out a sigh of relief when they heard the door slam shut.

            Sebastian kissed Deal on the nose and let his half-erect cock clip out, “Maybe we should get going?”

            Deal sat up, “Yeah, good idea,” he said, playing with the cum on his tummy with his index finger.  Sebastian grabbed a few sheets of toilet paper, lifted Deal’s legs and cleaned up his dripping tailhole, and then his chest, “thanks!”

            Sebastian kissed Deal one more time and then helped him off the wolf’s back.  “Now hurry up and get dressed,” he told Deal while he pulled up his pants, “Kiss is going on stage in less then two hours!” 

Deal got dressed and put his arms around Sebastian, holding him close, “Thanks, that was fun!”

“Yeah it was!” Sebastian hugged Deal back.

Deal let go of Sebastian and said, “Okay, lets get outta here!”

Sebastian opened the door to the stall for Deal, “After you!”

“My, my, such a gentleman today!” Deal said as he walked out.

Sebastian turned to the wolf.  “Good luck with the whole…being tied to the toilet and getting fucked by strangers all day thing and stuff…”

As soon as Sebastian and Deal were out of the bathroom, Deal jumped on Sebastian’s back, making him give him a piggyback ride.  Sebastian smiled as he carried Deal towards the exit of the mall.  “All right, now we can finally get to the Kiss concert, no more distractions!” Sebastian said, “If we speed the whole way there, we can probably get there in time as long as…”

“Bastian!” Deal interrupted

“Huh?  What is it now?” Sebastian asked.

“Well, all that time we spent in the bathroom, I kinnda didn’t realize that I have to go till just now!”  Sebastian signed and turned around, heading back to the bathroom.  “And Bastian, all that yiffing made me hungry again!  Before we leave, can we get something to eat?”

Sebastian took Deal’s paw and kissed it, “You know you can get me to do anything you want!” he told Deal as he continued to carry him towards the bathroom. 




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