This is a bit of an interesting chapter... it is extremely kinky, playing to the domination and hypnotism crowd. 



Fun at the Mall Chapter 13 - Snake Charmer by Josh



“So, how did you get your name?”


It wasn’t that the date was going poorly.


“Is Char short for something, or were you burned as a child or something?”


It wasn’t like he was here for the personality of his date.


“The last Char I heard of was a dragon, could breathe fire and everything.”


Well, the personal ad he posted did say: “Male snake seeking single male any species to be willing victim and have personality destroyed and rebuilt from the ground up.”


“Um, are you okay?  You haven’t said a word in a long time.”


He just didn’t expect the response would be someone who needed his personality erased so badly.  This wasn’t going to be an act of sadism like he had hoped.  This would be an act of mercy.  Rocky’s voice was not particularly bad; just he had a way of speaking that cut to the bone.


Char let out a long sigh, and heavily lifted his head up from where he was cradling it with his hands.  His headache seemed to lesson the moment his date stopped talking.  He tried to smile weakly, looking at the rather large golden Labrador retriever sitting across from him.  The light yellow fur was hidden in most places by a dark flannel shirt, and the table they were both sitting at.  Rocky looked honestly concerned, his pale green eyes pleading for some response.   For just a moment, Char felt a little sorry for his date.


“I mean, I know I’m the only one talking, and I really don’t want to chase you off by it, but I get this way when I’m nervous.  I hope you understand. 

My last date walked out on me, and he had the same look you do right now. 

Char, talk to me, please.”


Just a moment.  That was all the yapping chatter of this lost pup he could take.  The terrace they were sitting and eating in at the mall was deserted. Not because the mall was empty, but because the high pitched yipping that kept coming out of his date’s mouth.


With deliberate precision, his dark indigo coils loosened from the chair he was resting on, and his well toned upper torso lifted up as he untangled himself.  The simple brown cloak that was draped over his shoulders lifted also, and from underneath the cloak’s hood he could see Rocky was also getting to his feet.


Char turned to go, just wanting to forget this dog, but Rocky grasped his arm, like a child not wanting his mother to leave.


“Char, stay.  I’ll be good.”


Char twisted quickly, his dark coils wrapping around Rocky’s legs.  The arm that had been held, pulled out of Rocky’s grasp, and moved to grip the dog’s shoulder.  Pulling back his hood with his free hand Char finally spoke, his words hissing and revealing what was making him so upset, “The name is Charybdis.”


Trying to keep his voice down so that he wasn’t shouting, Charybdis continued, “Charybdis, it’s a whirlpool.  NOT Char.  Water; NOT fire.”  His words forceful, the snake started to sway slightly, holding Rocky steady with his one hand.  “It’s from Greek mythology. It drew everything in.”  Char finally smiled, his headache was going away.  Even if this would be an act of mercy, he was thinking of ways to make it hurt.  “Water, ships, thoughts.”


Rocky was taken aback by the sudden turn of events.  His mind reeled from the close contact, the first he had in a long time.  Although he didn’t know what was happening, it felt really good. His pants had started to feel a little tight at the strange sensation.  He mumbled, a little dazed, “thoughts?”


Charybdis smiled, continuing to sway gently, “Look at my eyes, let them swallow your thoughts, your feelings, all of it.”


Rocky nodded slightly, starting to sway along with his snake captor.  His voice was soft and pleading, “Everything?”


Charybdis nodded, “yes my pet.  Everything.”  It was odd, Rocky’s voice didn’t grate nearly as much when he was like this.  “Now, I’m going to let you go, and you’re going to sit down, and we’re going to have a lovely talk, understand?”


Rocky nodded, still too dazed to comprehend what was going on.  When Char uncoiled, he obediently sat back down, a silly grin on his face, still swaying slightly to the snake’s charms.


Charybdis sat back down, his dark coils winding around the legs of his chair.  Smiling, he continued to lock eyes with the stunned Labrador, swaying gently, and causing the dog to sway like a charmed puppet.  “Much better puppy.  Did my eyes swallow everything?”


Rocky nodded, than paused, “All but one thought.”


Charybdis sighed, there was always something, wasn't there?  This one didn’t want to be hurt, that one wanted to be let go.  Well, better to find out now, before working his new pet over.  “And what is that?”


“Isn’t Charybdis a female name?”


Charybdis paused, and for once, that annoying and stupid question was a welcome alternative.  He almost laughed.  “Well, my pet,” Charybdis explained, “You are right, Charybdis in the myth was female.  My family wanted a daughter.  Something about being good luck and mystically powerful.  When I was hatched, they gave me a female name, for luck and power.”


Rocky nodded, absorbing this knowledge.  His shoulders slumped a little, and in a flat tone he simply reported, “That was the last thought.  Everything is yours.”


Charybdis smiled, “Very good my pet.”  Slowly he uncoiled and let his tail tip uncoil from his own chair and make its way under the table.  “Now, why did you respond to my ad?”


Rocky smiled, “He didn’t want to come.  Thought you were joking.”  While Rocky was explaining Charybdis’ tail tip had finished its journey, and was now slowly brushing Rocky’s sheath through his jeans.  “But, I forced him to come.  I made him respond.”


This just seemed to get better.  It seems that he wasn’t the only one who wanted to rework Rocky’s personality.  Charybdis was sure that Rocky’s subconscious wanted this as much as he did.  He interrupted at that point, “Undo your jeans.  If someone walks past though, cover up.”  Luckily, anyone who would be close enough to pay attention had long since moved away.


Rocky nodded and obediently unzipped his pants.  He then continued his explanation, “I don’t like him.  I want you to make him go away forever.”  As Rocky’s pants came undone, his rather full shaft hardening, slipping out of its sheath, and free from its constraints, both physical and mental.  Rocky smiled, “can you really do that?”


Charybdis smiled, his tail wrapping around the hard shaft presented to it and squeezing.  “Yes, and I can see it excites you.”  This would be perhaps too easy, if the subconscious hated Rocky that much.  “When was the last time someone else touched you here?” Charybdis asked, giving an extra squeeze to show where he meant.


Rocky shuddered slightly at the firm touch, “It’s been almost ten years...”


Charybdis nodded.  Yes, this one would do.   Of course, his willingness did nag at Charybdis a little though, but at least the puppy would be able to surrender completely.


However, Charybdis needed to pick up a few toys for Rocky’s first training session.  The snake knew just what to do with him in the meantime, “Rocky, when I let go of you, you will zip up.  You will awaken, thinking that you upset me and I stormed off.  You will feel terrible, like the little loser you are.”  Rocky’s shaft throbbed for a moment, letting Charybdis know the suggestion was enjoyed on some level.  “And you’ll feel so bad; you’ll sulk around the mall until about five-thirty.  You will then decide to wait at the south entrance.  When you see me at the south entrance, you will walk up to me, and will obey any commands I give.  Understand?”


Rocky nodded.


Charybdis reluctantly uncoiled from Rocky’s cock, and immediately went to leave.  As he was slithering away, the slight sound of sobbing coming from his date made the whole evening worthwhile.


Charybdis slowly made his way to Yiff R’ Us.  He was about halfway there, when he realized that he was hard and sticking out of his cloak a little.  Blushing, Charybdis ducked into the nearest bathroom to take care of things.


Slithering into the bathroom, Charybdis hoped he’d be able to find a convenient victim for some quick relief.  Best not to meet his first slave with a raging hardon.  Except for the last stall, the bathroom appeared deserted.  That stall was propped open with the words "This Slave is here for Punishment. Yiff as much as desired, but do not release. I will be back to collect him later. Thank you, His Master," written on the wall.


Charybdis looked into the stall; a very large fox was handcuffed to the toilet with a ball gad in his mouth.  His legs were held apart with a spreader bar, and he looked very ragged, like half the mall had been with him.  He must have been exhausted, as he barely reacted to the large dark snake coiling behind him.


The fox moaned slightly, as the snake behind him cupped a hand under his chin, and forced him to look at the ceiling.  A harsh hissing voice asked, “So, why are you here?”


The fox mumbled, trying to shout something through the ball gag, and eliciting a small chuckle of satisfaction from Charybdis.  The snake leaned in, his thin snakelike member starting to press against the fox’s well used hole.  "Okay, my fox slave, I'll take that out, but you better answer my questions, or I'll do more then crush you."  And with that his scaled hands worked to remove the ball gag, and allow the fox to reply.


The fox snarled as the gag was removed, taking Charybdis a little by surprise.  He pushed back against the snake to struggle, but only succeeded in pushing himself onto the snakes waiting member.  His grows were kept low, but were full of rage, "I am a WOLF, NOT a fox, and NOT a sl-"


Charybdis hissed, and squeezed the fox with his coils.  "I don't care what you are, slave.  I never cared what you mammals looked like."  He leaned forward, pushing farther into the fox and now able to look him in the eyes.  "How dare you presume, slave."


The fox started to protest choking words out through the constriction, "how dare you-" but seemed to have trouble finishing the sentence, or thought.  "call me..."  His eyes started to widen, and he knew he was angry at something, but that feeling was fading.  "a..."  He seemed to relax, and as he trailed off, his well used hole relaxed as well, allowing the snake all the way in.


The snake prompted, "Slave?"


And the fox agreed weakly, "Yes, a slave."


Charybdis loosened his coils, it’s not like his prey was going to resist at this point.  But, there was still that question, “So, what did you do to earn this?”


The fox tried to hold back, he shook his head ‘no’ not wanting to answer.  Charybdis insisted, “answer, slave.”


The answer came flatly, without tone or inflection as the fox accepted defeat, “I said that he was a good little faggot, and that foxes make the best cock warmers.  He said I needed to understand what a faggot was.”


Charybdis started to push inside the warm fox, the tailhole unresisting and relaxed, almost welcoming.  “You do make a good cockwarmer, slave.  So, this is your first day as a slave?”


The foxes nodded with dull eyes, not even moaning as he was penetrated.  “First day.”


Charybdis continues to push harder into the fox, “So, do I understand?  You insulted him, and he decided to enslave you?”


The fox finally started to moan, “I’m here to learn humility.”


As he started to near climax, Charybdis felt anger.  Here was a perfectly good slave, and his Master wasn’t sure he wanted to keep this one.  Or perhaps it was all a ploy to make him more malleable.   Well, he could help with that.  “Slave, I want you to listen closely.  I need you to obey these instructions, understand?”


The fox panted, “yes, sir.”


Charybdis continued, “Every insult you said to your Master, I want you to think about how it applies to you.  How great a cockwarmer you are.  How big a faggot.  Any thing else?”


“I am a good cockwarmer,” the fox repeated.  As the fox continued Charybdis felt his shaft flare, responding to the submissiveness of this new slave.  “I am a cock slut.  I’m the faggot with a cock up my ass.  I have the sweetest ass.  I am a good cockwarmer.”


The fox continued to repeat and started to trail off, and Charybdis felt his climax overcome him.  He gripped the fox tightly as he came into his ass, holding the fox and shuddering against the warmer animal.


Slowly, the snake pulled out of the fox.  “Now you continue to repeat that to yourself until you accept it.”


It was just the interlude Charybdis had wanted.  As he left the bathroom, the faint chanting was music to his ears.  He already was coming up with ways to spend the evening with Rocky.  He’d have to look that fox up again later.  Maybe he should have asked the name of the Master who cuffed him to the stall.  But, tonight was more important.  Charybdis slithered into Yiff R Us running through the list of what he’d need with his new slave.