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    This story deals with sex between males, in graphic detail. If you're not over 18, this is illegal for you to even look at, so stop right now.  If homosexual content is not your cup of tea, you can leave the tea party.  The characters and story are copyright Teiran 2001, do not redistribute without permission. 


    Before we begin, I want to say that this story does involve characters under the age of 18.  As both characters are the same age and exploring their sexuality and each other as many teenage boys growing up do.  I’m by no means advocating sex with minors.  This is a story about growing up, about what it does to you and to those around you.  Yes, that means there’s a good deal of plot both before and after any action.  This is just the first chapter, even though its already really long, and I’ll write more soon.  Please tell me what you think.  The story may be affected by your suggestions or comments. Otherwise, enjoy!




High School Days Ch 1:

Young Love Part 1: Innocence



With a bounce in his step, Todd stopped at the top of the stairs. The fox kit grinned wide; looking down the long staircase like it was a slide. He could see the whole living room from the stairs, and he loved to run down them as fast as he could. With a grin, he raced down the stairs, shouting, "Morning Mom! What’s for breakfast?" as he bounced his way into the kitchen. Rebecca Hayes smiled down at her son as the young fox ran across the kitchen, his toe claws skittering on the floor. "Eggs and bacon dear, how much would you like?" The little fox grinned, his bushy tail waving back and forth. "Lots! Is there any orange juice?" Todd’s head was already in the fridge by the time his father Michael Hayes said, "Its on the table son." Todd bounded to the table and peered across it, his chin just about the table’s high surface. His father smiled at him and handed him a glass full of orange juice. The little fox grinned and reached up for it, taking it in both paws and drinking some before climbing into his chair.

Todd watched his mother set a plate of eggs in front of his father, who leaned up and kissed her cheek. "Oh my dear, three eggs? You spoil me so." His mother chuckled and patted his shoulder as she looked at him. "Todd, did you get you room cleaned last night? Tomorrow is the first day of school, and your room has to be clean by tonight for you to get that raise in your allowance." The little fox grinned up at his mother. "Yep! Put away all my toys and games. I even found my Pogo stick again!"

Todd’s father smiled wide as he ate his breakfast. "And where did you find it son?" The little fox blushed a bit, smiling as his mother set a plate of eggs in front of him. "Umm, it was in the closet, where you said it would be." Todd’s father smiled at him and said, "Well, I’m very glad you found it. It’ll be nice to see you bouncing around here again." Todd smiled wide, his tail waving back and forth again as he dug into his breakfast.

Michael Hayes smiled as his son’s mood brightened. The young fox was entering the fourth grade tomorrow, and he grew bigger with every passing day. His tail was too big for the rest of his body, always waving back and forth like a bright red flag with a tip of black at the end. His youthful, bright red fuzz was slowly turning into a deeper, richer red coat of fur, the white on his chest still as bright as ever but it no longer dominated his coloring. The tips of his ears were turning black bit by bit, and the black fur on his arms was slowly creeping upward from his paws. He was a kit on the verge of growing up, and it had happened all to fast.

With a bang and a gasp of breath, Todd’s older brother Rowan came rushing through the kitchen on his way out the back door. Todd grinned as his mother deftly caught his arm. "Good morning Rowan, breakfast?" The teenage fox, decked out in black jeans and a black leather coat flashed his mother a smile. "Sorry Mom, wish I could. I’m going to meet Deanna for breakfast." Todd’s father looked at his oldest son with a sly smile. "Meeting your girlfriend for breakfast? Very suspicions son. She’s not crawling out your window right now is she?" Michael chuckled as Rowan blushed and nearly tripped over himself. Todd started to eat his toast and didn’t know why his father thought it was funny. "Dad!" Rowan whined as his mother handed him the cell phone. "Go, and don’t be home late for dinner. I’m making a turkey for you kids before you have to go back to school tomorrow. I want your senior year to start out right." Rowan smiled, backing out the door, "But Mom, Deanna and I were going to a movie and…"

Todd looked up at his father as he cleared his throat, licking a bit of jam from his muzzle. "Son, why don’t you bring Deanna home for dinner? It’d be nice to see her again, and I promise I won’t embarrass you while she’s here." Todd giggled as his brother rolled his eyes. "Oh sure Dad, I’ve heard that before." His father smiled. "No, really son, I’ll be nice and I won’t tell any stories at all. You have nothing to worry about." Rowan seemed a bit relieved as Dad went back to reading the paper. "At least until she leaves." Todd laughed as his bother rolled his eyes. "Dad! Mom, make him stop." Todd bit into his toast again as his mother smiled and kissed his brother’s cheek. "Oh, let your father have his fun, I’ll keep him in line while Deanna’s over. Now get going, you don’t want to keep your date waiting." Rowan smiled as wide as he could as he rushed out the door, closing it about the time his mother sat down with her own plate of food.

Todd watched his father smile at his mom. "Well dear," he said. "How good is she at climbing?" Todd furrowed his brow, not sure what his father was saying, but his mother laughed. "Oh, not too good. But they hid some clever hand holds in the ivy under Rowan’s window a while back, so she did alright." His father chuckled, and Todd missed what he said as he finished his toast. He licked the jam from his fingers, trying to get the sticky grape taste out of his fur. His ears eventually caught his mother saying, "Well, do you think she’s any good for him?" His father smiled. "I think they’ll be very happy together." His mother smiled and kept talking but Todd jumped down from his chair, finished with his breakfast and ran off to find something to play with.


With his Pogo stick in hand, Todd scampered outside. The morning sun was bright and the wind not too strong. The little fox grinned and bounced down the front sidewalk of his home. His mother called out. "Don’t go beyond the end of the street Todd, you know the rules." Todd’s ears perked up as he bounced up, his fur fluffing out as he came down, his Pogo stick sending him back into the air. "Okay mom!’ He shouted before landing again, laughing as he bounced his way down the street. Todd didn’t see his mother smile at him from the doorway.

Mrs. Hayes smiled to herself as he son bounced down the street, falling once into the grass with a laugh as one of the neighbor’s children came running up to him. The little fox wore a white t-shirt that wouldn’t stay that way long and shorts he was already starting to outgrow. Rebecca smiled as the children began to play and watched a large moving van come down the street with interest. The moving van stop next door and she smiled. It appeared they finally had new neighbors.


Todd scampered back towards his house, laughing as the other kids waved goodbye. The sun was high in the sky and their mother’s had called the other kids in for lunch. He wiped his paws on his shirt, which now covered in grass stains. The little fox paused when he saw the huge moving van down the street. He let his pogo stick drop in the grass of his front lawn and he moved a bit closer, his ears perked with interest and his nose testing the air as his tail waved back and forth. Todd crept closer and watched the movers for a while. Then he noticed a kangaroo about his age was sitting under a tree in the yard next door. He was just sitting there watching the movers. Todd walked up to him and stood next to him awkwardly. The kangaroo looked when Todd got close.

"Hey," the little fox said. The kangaroo blinked for a moment. "Hey. Who are you?" He was wearing gray sweats and looked rather unhappy. "I’m Todd, I live next door. You just move in?" The kangaroo nodded a bit. "Yeah. I’m David." Todd smiled a bit. "Hi David. You wanna come play at my house for a while?" The kangaroo stood up with a smile. "Sure, all my toys are still in boxes. Let me tell my mom." The kangaroo bounced away towards his parents. Todd smiled and followed the kangaroo across his yard.


Rebecca Hayes smiled and waved to her new neighbors as she crossed the front lawn, carrying an armload of containers. A tall kangaroo looked up and watched her walk toward him, a shorter female kangaroo walking out of the house. "Hello, I’m Rebecca Hayes, your new neighbor." She smiled sweetly and reached out her paw to shake the father’s hand paw. "Daniel Weathers, nice to meet you." Rebecca smiled as the female kangaroo padded up behind her husband quietly in a simple blue skirt. "Hello, I’m Rebecca." Mrs. Hayes said with a smile and shook her hand. "Hello Rebecca, I’m Maria. I guess you must have meet our son by now." Rebecca smiled and nodded. "Yes, David and Todd are at my house playing video games together. But that’s not why I came over. Here, I brought you something for lunch."

Maria smiled and cracked open the largest tupperware bowl. "Oh how kind of you, a mixed salad and a pan of brownies. You really didn’t have to do this Rebecca." Rebecca smiled again, "Oh, it was no trouble. Besides, I remember how hard things were for us when we moved into the neighborhood a few years ago." Maria smiled softly, and Mr. Weathers said, "Well if you two don’t mind I’m going back to unpacking," sounding a bit annoyed as he went back to work. Maria smiled a bit, seeming a bit embarrassed by her husband’s departure. "Well, thank you Rebecca, it’s really very kind of you to make us lunch. I’m so sorry David has imposed on you…" Rebecca shook her head with a smile, "Oh no, Todd was the one who invited him over." The kangaroo brightened up a little. "He did? Well, maybe David will make some friends here then." Rebecca smiled. "Oh, I’m sure he’ll get along fine with all the kids on the block."

"Are there a lot of children his age on this street?" Maria asked as her husband passed by silently, carrying some boxes. Rebecca nodded. "Yes there are, though its lunch time right now so everyone is inside. All the street’s mothers take turns watching them during the day as they play in someone’s yard. Makes for a nice chance to read." Maria smiled softly. "Oh, that sounds wonderful. Umm, who all should I talk to? You’re the first neighbor we’ve meet." Rebecca smiled softly. "Next Wednesday I’m hosting a game night. Canasta, Gin rummy, that sort of thing. Kids play in one room, and we watch them in turns. You should come; I’ll introduce you to everyone. Once a week we all get together and play cards or a board game." Maria smiled, "That would be wonderful Rebecca. Um, how old is your son?" Rebecca smiled again. "Todd’s eight now. Turns nine in two months." Maria smiled. "Oh, so he is the same age as David. Well, at least he’ll know someone at school then."

The kangaroo turned her head as her husband shouted her name from the house. "Oh, I’m sorry Rebecca, you understand…" The vixen smiled warmly. "Go on, I’ve kept you long enough. Enjoy the brownies, and I’ll see you at six next Wednesday." Maria smiled again, rushing off when her husband called again. Rebecca smiled and went back into her house.

David looked over at Todd, who was staring out the window of his room. The little fox looked confused. "What is it?" David asked. "My Mom was talking to your Mom and Dad." David smiled a bit. "Oh. Your mom is nice. So’s your Dad." Todd sighed and changed the video game cartridge. "I guess so." "They’re nicer then my Mum and Dad." The kangaroo whispered. Todd furrowed his brow and tried to think of something to say, but the game started and soon he and David were laughing again.



Time passed, as it is want to do.

Rebecca Hayes smiled as she set the birthday cake in front of Todd, his friends all awed by the size of it. It read, "Happy 14th Birthday Todd" in big red letters and had a small fox in the corner of the cake made out of frosting. She smiled as her son blew out the candles, his friends all cheering. Rebecca watched her son as he cut the cake for his friends to eat. He was growing up faster and faster now. The huge oak table in their kitchen, that once dwarfed him was at his waist now. She smiled as Todd handed David a piece of cake. The little kangaroo Todd had once invited in to play was growing up too. He was taller then Todd now, and they had been best friends from the very day they meet. Rebecca was glad her son had such a good friend.

Todd’s mother smiled as she sat in the kitchen, listening to Todd’s friend’s cheer as each present was opened, talking with the other mothers who had come. Mrs. Hayes smiled at Maria a little. David’s mom was always quite at times like this. She rarely spoke at any of the get togethers the street’s mothers were always planning, but she always baked cookies for the school bake sales and babysat when someone need her too. She just tended to be very quite around other people. Rebecca smiled and thought about all that had happened since she had met the quite kangaroo the day they moved in.

Rowan had graduated from high school, taken two years of college and moved out to become a policeman. He had married Deanna and they now had a beautiful baby boy all their own. Todd had grown tall and strong despite staying thin, his tail still too large for the rest of him. Rebecca smiled and caught her husband’s eyes as he walked through the kitchen. The two smiled at each other as they sipped some of the punch. Rebecca couldn’t help but feel happy. The past four years had been very good to her family, and she hoped this year would be a good one as well.


Todd grinned as he grabbed a pair of sodas from the fridge. Then he picked up two bags of chips from the kitchen table. He picked up the videotape his parents had rented him and smiled as he made his way into the family room, waving the tape in the air. "Got the munchies, got the drinks, and got the tape!"

On the couch, David smiled at him took a soda and a bag of chips. "Well man, congratulations. You’re fourteen now." The kangaroo smiled at his friend. He was the only one from the party to stay over for the night, and they were going to watch a movie together. Todd smiled and said, "Yeah I know. We’re in gonna be in high school in a month, and then it’s not too much longer and we’ll be able to drive." David laughed and poked Todd in the side. "Yeah, right, like my Dad would ever let me drive."

Todd laughed and grinned. "He promised to get you a car if you got your black belt." David reached out with his foot and nudged the fox as he stood. "Hey, not you too. You know I don’t like being forced into my judo and karate classes."

Todd smiled, swishing flicking his bushy tail back and forth as he stood up, playfully hitting David across the face with the tip. His tail had always been too big for his body, growing longer and bushier with each passing year and it always bothered him. He had to comb and care for it constantly to make sure it looked good. Todd smiled and rubbed his forearm as he put the tape into the player. The rest of his body however, was perfect. He had black tipped ears and black fur socks on each paw, and a bit of black on the tip of his tail like he’d dipped it into paint. He thought he looked just like every other fox there was; but everyone said his fur was softer and better looking somehow. Like it had kept the sleek softness of youth. Todd was proud of his sleek body had turned out.

David on the other hand, he observed, was growing muscles. The kangaroo took judo classes and worked out, mostly because his father insistence that he do so. But his real passion was soccer. He had played in little league soccer tournaments for the past three years and he was looking forward to joining the high school soccer team, putting real effort into practicing and working out. So David’s once slim body was filling out with muscles now, his shoulders growing broad and his chest slowly gaining definition. His short brown fur made his progress easy to see, especially because he didn’t wear a shirt most of the time. David usually just wore a pair of shorts and sandals. Todd smiled and sat down again, marveling at how long he and David had known each other. Five years seems like such a long time he thought as the movie began to play.


David and Todd sat on the couch, wrapped up in blankets, the only light coming from the television. They laughed together as they watched the movie, smiling. Todd watched his friend, whose easy smile made him happy for some reason. "Oh gross, they’re kissing again!" The kangaroo made face and laughed. Todd smiled and looked at the screen, where the main characters were sucking face like nobodies business. "What’s wrong with kissing? They’re in love." David smiled a bit. "Yeah, but they’ve been making out practically the whole movie. And why would he want to kiss her anyway?"

Todd chuckled and smiled, poking his friend in the side. "I thought we were past the girls have kooties stuff." David smiled at his friend, looking at the movie. "Yeah, but I still wouldn’t want to kiss one." Todd gave him a sly smile. "Well if you’re not going to kiss girls then who are you going to kiss?" David grinned like he had a secret and blushed a bit, pulling his legs up under him. "Oh, I don’t know…" Todd laughed and poked his friend in the side. "Oh no you don’t, you’re not getting out of this one."

David shook his head and blushed a bit more, "No, no I couldn’t tell you." Todd laughed; driving his fingers into the kangaroo’s side and making him squirm. Todd climbed onto the couch, crouching beside his friend and pressing his advantage as the kangaroo began to laugh, the fox’s tickling forcing his friend against the back of the couch. "Come on David, you can tell me." Todd smiled as he stopped his tickling. Todd gave his friend his sweetest smile, his paws on David’s chest.

David felt himself trip over his own words and start to sweat. He squirmed a bit and tried to smile. "Umm, well Todd, I guess…" The kangaroo looked away from Todd’s big green eyes and he could feel his face burn. Todd smiled and moved so David had to look him in the eyes. "Come on David, tell me. Who would you want to make out with?" David blushed even brighten, the kangaroo’s ears swiveling backwards as he whispered. "You."

Todd blinked in surprise, not moving. He crouched on the couch, one paw on David’s chest as he blinked in confusion. "Me?" He whispered and David squirmed in embarrassment as the fox stared at him. "Yeah, you."

Todd blinked in surprise some more, not looking away from David’s face. "But, why?" The fox’s face was twisted with confusion but the question was innocent. David ducked his head and sat up a bit, making Todd move back away from him a bit.

"Be, because I really like you…" Todd blushed a bit and took his paw off David’s chest, rubbing the black fur on his forearms. David looked down and rubbed his own paws together warily. He knew he shouldn’t have told Todd how he felt about him. The fox wouldn’t understand and then he wouldn’t want to be his friend anymore…

"Do you want to?" Todd whispered. David looked up at his friend in surprise. The fox had a worried look in his eyes and his tail was twitching back and forth as he crouched nervously beside him. "T, Todd?" The fox blushed and looked down at his paws again, "I mean, you said you wanted to, and, and I can’t think of anyone else I would want to kiss, and I… I…" the fox trailed off and blushed deeply, the white fur on his cheeks turning pink. David blushed with him and leaned forward a bit. Todd leaned forward and closed his eyes, his breathing fast as David moved closer.

For a brief moment, their lips touched and David closed his eyes. He could feel Todd tremble softly, and he reached out a paw and touched the fox’s chest. He felt Todd’s paw touch his forearm and the fox pressed closer to him and David slipped his arms around the fox’s chest. David shivered as Todd’s hands slipped up his chest to his muzzle and caressed his cheeks. David felt Todd’s muzzle turned to the side a bit and he opened his mouth. David shivered and petted a paw down Todd’s back as they shared each other’s breath for a moment before their lips parted.

David smiled and stared at the fox in his arms as Todd’s eyes fluttered open and he looked into David’s eyes. Todd’s paws slipped down a bit and he held onto David’s neck as the kangaroo held him. The fox smiled a bit before they both blushed deeply, holding each other.

David stuttered softly, "That, that was…" Todd pushed forward with his legs and pulled David’s muzzle down with his paws, silencing him with another kiss, harder this time and with more passion. David closed his eyes and trembled as the fox pressed against his chest and hung from his neck, their muzzles open slightly and the tips of their tongues just touching.

"Wonderful." David gasped softly when the fox finally pulled back a bit. David petted Todd’s cheek softly and whispered "Just wonderful." Todd smiled up into the kangaroo’s eyes. David smiled back as Todd’s right paw slide down softly explored his chest, tracing the lines of his growing muscles under his fur. They sat, the blankets pooled around their waists as they kneeled on the couch holding each other, unsure what to do next as their paws softly explored the other’s body.

Todd was blushing, his mind and heart racing as the kangaroo’s fingers softly slide through his thick fur. He was terrified and excited all at once, so much so he almost couldn’t move. Todd trembled as his fingers traced the kangaroo’s chest, and he tried to memorize each line of muscle and dip of the kangaroo’s chest. It all felt like a dream that was about to end just as suddenly as it had begun and he wanted to remember how this felt, being pressed against the kangaroo’s strong chest.

David smiled happily as he blushed, his fingers softly moving through the fur on the fox’s back. He’d wanted to do this every time he’d spent the night at Todd’s house. He just felt so good being around the fox, especially now that his arms were around the fox’s slim waist. He smiled as the fox’s fingers explore his chest, his smooth paw pad finding his right nipple. David shivered as Todd’s paw rubbed his nipple gently, and his short soft fur felt like it was standing on end. Todd giggled as the kangaroo’s nipple hardened under his fingers, and they both blushed again.

David trembled as he wrapped his arms around the fox and hugged him tightly, kissing him deeply. Todd shivered and smiled, his eyes closed as the kangaroo kissed him again. They lay there in each other’s arms for a long time, softly exploring each other’s bodies with their paws. David shivered as the fox’s fingers explored him, tracing the lines of his muscles again and his fingers did the same to the fox, who blushed deeply when David scritched the back of his neck and made him murr in pleasure. They tickled and teased each other, the movie forgotten so for long that the television turned itself off.

They smiled in the soft moonlight as they held each other close, their noses touching gently, their fingers gently moving across each other. Todd smiled mischievously and David gasped and squirmed when the fox’s mischievous fingers tickled his sides and Todd pushed him onto his back, tickling him. They both laughed and giggled, squirming against each other. When Todd finally stopped, David blushed deeply when he realized the fox was now lying on top of him, the fox’s legs between his own and his hip was pressed into his crotch against his cock, which had been hard since the moment they had first kissed. Todd smiled at him, his head turned to the side in confusion as his friend turned brighter red then ever and hid his muzzle in his paws.

Todd’s eyes widened when he felt the kangaroo’s stiff member pressing into his thigh. He blushed deeply and scrambled off the kangaroo quickly, knelling between David’s legs. He looked down and saw the outline of David’s cock straining against his cotton shorts. David blushed deeply and fumbled for a blanket to cover himself up until his realized Todd’s tail was curled around him, covering his own crotch. David smiled a bit as he petted the fox’s tail away from his crotch. The tent in Todd’s shorts was huge, and the fox’s cock head was outlined perfectly as it strained against the fabric. They sat there for a moment staring at each other, unsure what they should do. Eventually, Todd whispered softly, "C, can I touch you David?"

The kangaroo swallowed hard and nodded, his eyes as wide as saucers. The fox reached out his paw and gently pressed it against David’s crotch. David gasped softly and his whole body stiffened as Todd’s paw pushed on the underside of his shaft. The fox looked up at him a bit, his paw softly rubbing the kangaroo’s shaft through his shorts and David closed his eyes and squirmed in pleasure. Todd’s slim fingers slowly hooked the band of his shorts and pulled them down, revealing the kangaroo’s long pink cock. Todd nervously touched the side of his shaft with his paw, and David closed his eyes tight. The kangaroo couldn’t believe it was happening even as Todd’s paw softly rubbed his cock. No one had ever touched him there, and it felt so good he couldn’t believe it. Todd’s paw pad was so smooth and soft, and having him wrap his paw around his shaft made David whimper in delight. The fox looked up at him a bit worriedly when the kangaroo whimpered, and David flashed him a big smile. "It feels really good Todd. Can, can I…" The kangaroo’s paw reach out tentatively and softly wrapped around the head of the fox’s cock as it strained against his shorts. Todd gasped and stiffened as David’s paw softly gripped his cock, his own paw squeezing the kangaroo’s shaft for a moment.

Todd nodded with a slight pant and he fumbled with his shorts, standing up to pulling them off. David kicked his shorts off and sat up, licking his lips nervously. Todd stood in front of him in the moonlight, his tail nervously swaying back and forth as he stroked the fur on his arms. His body was sleek and his fur shone softly, a rich red and white mix of fur that all seemed to flow down to his crotch where his pink cock jutted from the slightly thicker fur around his sheath just inches away from David’s nose. The fox looked so beautiful David didn’t know what to do, but he could feel his heart pound and his own cock throb at the thought of touching the fox.

Slowly, he reached a hand out and placed his paw on the fox’s stomach, softly running his fingers through his fur as he moved his hand down and gentle caressed his hanging balls. Todd let out a small gasp as David’s finger played with the white orbs, watching the way the soft, downy white fur of his balls moved against the short brown fur of his paws. Looking into the fox’s eyes, David leaned forward a bit and softly put his muzzle against the fox’s cock. Todd jumped a bit as the kangaroo’s cheek rubbed against his shaft and he began to pant harder. David sighed as he buried his muzzle into the fox’s crotch fur and breathed in, his heart racing at the smell of the fox’s arousal.

Gently, David opened his mouth and licked the side of Todd’s cock. David marvel at the salty taste of his flesh. David’s tongue lapped out again, making the fox whimper softly. David’s body tingled at the feeling of Todd’s cock under his tongue, the way it moved when the fox gasped and almost pulsed at the touch of his tongue. David gently kissed the tip of Todd’s cock, his paw holding the base of his shaft gently. David took a deep breath and closed his eyes. One paw gripped the fox’s rump as he opened his muzzle and pulled Todd forward a bit and took the tip of his cock into his muzzle.

Todd gasped in pleasure, surprised by the warm wetness surrounding the tip of his cock. His paws gripped David’s shoulder’s for balance, his fingers digging into the short brown fur. "D, David," he whispered softly, "What are you doing?" David didn’t say anything; he just opened his eyes and looked up at Todd. Todd looked down at his friend’s eyes, filled with fear and hope and almost begging him to let him continue. Todd’s paw softly stroked the kangaroo’s cheek and he nodded, taking a tiny step forward.

David smiled as best he could, looking back down at the soft fur in front of him. He moved his paw from Todd’s rump and gently fondled his balls, which had drawn up closer to his body. His cock also seemed bigger somehow, thicker in his mouth then he though it would be. David moved his tongue across the head of the fox’s cock, making him moan softly. David opened his muzzle wider, taking as much of the fox’s cock into his muzzle as he could. He was quite pleased to find that he could take Todd’s entire cock into his muzzle and still move his tongue without gagging, and he set to work exploring every inch, crevasse, and vein of the fox’s shaft.

Todd moaned and his hips gently bucketed as David’s tongue worked its way around his cock, tracing the underside of his shaft in detail. Every breath David took made his head spin with the scent of Todd’s body, and every time he moved his tongue the fox’s shaft would throb and his fingers would tighten their grip on his shoulders. The kangaroo opened his muzzle a little wider and let the fox push his cock in and out his mouth.

David would remember what it felt like to have Todd’s cock in his mouth for the rest of his life. The salty sweet taste of the fox’s flesh, the feel of smooth warm flesh against his tongue, the veined outer flesh surrounding a hard inner core that pulsed with every beat of the fox’s heart, and ever pulse of his heart made the fox’s cock harder and a bit thicker, until the entire length was fully hard and thick enough to trap David’s tongue in his mouth.

When David could no longer use his tongue with any luck, he began to suck softly on the fleshy member. Todd immediately gasped and his fingers dug into David’s shoulders. He shuddered and gasped in pleasure as David began to bob his muzzle up and down the fox’s cock, one paw wrapped around the base and stroking him in time with the motions of his muzzle.

David tried to smile as Todd panted and whimpered, his legs shaking as David increased his pace, the base of the fox’s cock swelling slightly. Todd began to whimper softly, saying, "Oh god David, oh god oh god," his words were broken by his gasps for breath and his moans of pleasure. "David, David this feels so good, oh god it… it feels… feels so good, it feels like I’m on fire, like I’m gonna explode…" Todd’s strangled yip cut off his words, and his hips shuddered and he pushed his cock into David’s muzzle. David gagged as the fox’s shaft pushed into his muzzle and a sudden flood of salty sweet liquid from the fox’s cock filled him mouth. Todd’s cock shot another blast of the stuff into his muzzle and he pulled back in surprise, catching the next shot in the face.

David looked up at his friend as he shook in pleasure, his face twisted into a mask of pure ecstasy as David’s paw kept stroking the fox’s cock, milking the streams of white liquid from his shaft and across his chest. The streams landed on David’s his face and chest and stuck to his fur, some dribbling from his open muzzle. David blinked in surprise as Todd’s shaking slowed and he opened his eyes, blinking in confusion and panting in pleasure.

Todd had felt his body build up to a climax of pleasure, his very fur seeming to tingle as the kangaroo’s muzzle worked on his cock. He’d never felt anything like what happened next before. He tired to yip, but somehow it sounded more like "yiff" just as he felt his pleasures peak. His cock had throbbed hard, spraying something into David’s muzzle and then across the kangaroo’s chest, wave after a wave of pleasure wracking his body as he did so.

Nothing had ever felt so wonderful as those moments had and now he felt drained. He panted hard, kneeling down onto the floor he felt so tired. He looked up into David’s startled face, at the gleaming streams of, cum? Was that his seed that he’d just shot across David’s face? The kangaroo was now gentle rolling his seed around on his tongue as if trying to decide what to think of the taste. Todd felt worried somehow, and he’d wished he’d asked his father more questions when they had talked about this stuff as he watched David softly swallow his seed and rub his chin with the back of his paw, looking at it in wonderment.

"T, Todd? Are you okay?" he asked. Todd grinned wide and nodded. "Oh gods yes David, that, that was wonderful… I’ve never felt anything like that before…" A smile played across the kangaroo’s face, and he swallowed gently again. "Good, I thought, I don’t know what I thought. You just spasmed and…" He waved his paws bewilderedly at his chest, which gleamed a bit in places. Todd blushed, suddenly embarrassed that he’d covered his friend in cum. "Umm, its called an orgasm I think… I, I’ve never had one before now…" David blushed a bit with him. "Neither have I. And this stuff?" David asked softly before licking his paw. Todd stumbled over his words and he blushed as he tried to wipe some of his seed of the kangaroo’s chest. "Umm, its cum." He whispered, "It’s my seed…" David smiled a bit in understanding. "Oh…"

They both blushed in silence as David softly wiped as much of Todd’s cum out of his fur as he could. Todd watched him, transfixed by the way the kangaroo moved. He was nervous still, but much less so then before. He seemed happy somehow. He had the biggest grin on his face Todd had ever seem and he licked his paw pads gently whenever he came across a bigger drop of cum. Todd licked his lips as well and his tail twitched back and forth like mad. The kangaroo was also still hard; his legs spread a bit as he sat on the couch. A small bead of cum leaked from the tip of his shaft. Todd gently reached forward and touched the crown of his cock, making David jump and shiver in pleasure as Todd wiped the drop of pre away from his cock and brought it to his mouth. Todd gently tasted it, letting the taste wash through his mouth. It was salty but sweet, and it had a tang to it he couldn’t describe. But it tasted very good.

David watched Todd silently as he leaned forward, his paw gently stroking the side of the kangaroo’s cock. David shivered as Todd’s soft paw pad slide down his shaft, and Todd licked his lips again as he brought his muzzle close to the kangaroo’s flesh. Slowly, he stuck his tongue out and gave the kangaroo’s cock a soft lick. David gasped in pleasure, and Todd licked his lips. David’s cock tasted kind of like his seed and he could smell the kangaroo’s scent strongly now. It flooded his nose and made his head spin and he softly kissed the tip of the kangaroo’s cock. David groaned softly and leaned his head back, his eyes closed tight. Todd rubbed his paw down the kangaroo’s cock, softly cupping the kangaroo’s balls, which were huge. "Wow David…" Todd whispered, "These are way bigger then mine…" David blushed and shivered again, his left leg bouncing up and down as the fox’s fingers softly teased the fur on his balls.

Todd licked his lips and smiled. He couldn’t believe how good it felt to make David shiver like that in pleasure. The fox shifted his weight onto his knees and gripped David’s cock with his paw, angling it so he could easily slip it into his warm muzzle. David’s gasp was a soft, "O" and his whole body flexed softly, even his toes stretched as Todd’s muzzle wrapped around his cock. Todd smiled gently, flicking his tongue across the cock head in his muzzle and began to suck.

David clutched at the couch and squirmed in place as Todd worked on his cock with his virgin muzzle. He hadn’t expected the fox to do this to him, he hadn’t even known what he was doing when he had done it, but the fox must have been paying attention to what he’d done because David felt like his heart was going to burst. Every muscle in his body tingled as the fox’s warm muzzle moved up and down his cock Every time the fox’s tongue moved; it made him gasp because he felt every little part of the fox’s tongue rub against his flesh. The fox couldn’t take all of his cock into his slim muzzle, but the length he could take made David tremble in ecstasy.

Soon David felt his hips trying to buck and he tried to work his legs, but he forced himself to stay still as Todd’s warm muzzle suckled on his cock, driving him up even higher. David felt his whole body begin to tingle and he panted, sweat forming in his fur as Todd sucked on his cock. He gasped Todd’s name and he tried to warn him he could fell his own orgasm coming quicker and quicker, but all he could do was whine the fox’s name as his hips bucked once in desperation, his finger digging into the couch as he almost screamed Todd’s name. David’s world shrunk to the few inches of his flesh inside Todd’s muzzle and the warm, exploring finger fondling his balls. He felt his nuts tighten, his hips push forward and his cock pulse, the pleasure unreal as he felt the first wave of cum shoot out his cock and into the fox’s warm wet muzzle.

Todd was more prepared then David had been, and the fox swallowed the first wave instantly, the second flooding his muzzle just as fast. The third blast filled his muzzle and the forth sent cum dripping down his cheeks. But Todd kept his muzzle firmly wrapped around David’s throbbing cock, swallowing what he could and keeping his muzzle full of the kangaroo’s sticky wet cum. Todd smiled as the kangaroo moaned low, a final trickle of cum flowing out of his hard cock as his whole body slowly relaxed. Todd squeezed the base of his cock and milked the last drops into his muzzle before pulling off the kangaroo’s wet cock.

David was panting hard, his fur shining with sweat and cum as Todd climbed up into his lap slowly. David’s arms wearily wrapped around him and pulled him close, and the fox kissed him deeply. David smiled, as he tasted his seed in the fox mouth, watching him swallow the last drops of his cum. Todd grinned like a maniac as he licked his lips, and David laughed softly, hugging him fiercely. Todd hugged him right back, clinging to the kangaroo’s neck.

Todd closed his eyes and smiled, laying his muzzle against on David’s neck. His legs were gently spread around the kangaroo’s, their chests pressed against each other as they held each other close. Todd’s tail waved back and forth like a flag, and David’s muzzle rested against his neck as he panted, catching his breath slowly as they basked in the after glow of their first orgasms. Slowly, they lay down together across the couch, staring into each other’s eyes until they fell asleep wrapped in each other arms...


    Todd's father sighed as he padded down the stairs in the pre dawn darkness. He yawned, silently cursing his job for making him catch a flight this early in the morning, especially on a weekend. He didn’t like business trips at all, and avoided them as much as possible but he’d been unable to this time. He padded into the living room silently in search of his shoes.

Todd opened his eyes softly, blinking away the fuzzy thoughts of sleep. He smiled as he looked into David’s sleeping face. The kangaroo’s breathing was even and deep, his chest rising and falling softly as he slept. Todd’s smile grew as he let his fingers softly run across the kangaroo’s shoulders and David shifted in his sleep, moving closer and laying his head on Todd’s chest, one leg softly moving atop Todd’s. Todd shivered and closed his eyes with smile as he felt the kangaroo’s weight shift onto his chest.

Todd felt his face grow hot as he realized that some of his fur was stuck to David’s. Todd closed his eyes and basked in the feelings that ran through him as David lay atop him. He had never felt so good in so many ways before. He softly hugged the kangaroo to his chest, David’s short brown fur softly rubbing against his own.

When he opened his eyes again, he saw his father walk to the middle of the room silently and reach down to pick up his shoes. Todd stiffened and he held his breath, praying his father didn’t see him in the darkness, as he lay naked with David on the couch. It was dark, but he could see that his father saw them as he stood up.

Todd’s heart quickened and he tried not to quiver in fear as his father slowly walked towards them. He felt his chest tighten and his pulse quicken as his ears laid flat against his head and he tried not to tremble as his father put one hand on the back of the couch and leaned over them. With a smile, Todd’s father kissed his cheek softly and whispered, "I love you son." Todd relaxed, his ears rising up from his head and he smiled up at his Dad, who smiled back and patted his cheek softly. His father picked up the forgotten blanket and wrapped the boys up in its warmth before making his way back upstairs.


Michael Hayes padded back into his room, turning on the light in the adjoining bathroom after closing the door so he didn’t wake his wife. He smiled softly to himself. He knew that Todd and David were close, but this was a bit of a surprise. But then love always did have a way of surprising you, didn’t it?

He turned off the light and slipped back into his bedroom, sitting on the foot of the bed as he pulled on his shoes. He smiled softly as Rebecca stretched; her hind paws gently pushing into his back. "Oooh, good morning again love. Did you forget something?" Michael chuckled and smiled back at his wife as she sat up. "No, more like I found something." Rebecca yawned softly and Michael smiled at how pretty she looked in the gentle light. "What do you mean hon?" She asked with a smile. Michael smiled and kisses her softly. "Before you go down stairs, give Todd and David the chance to put some clothes on first." Rebecca blinked a bit and turned her head to the side. "Why?"

Michael smiled and kissed his wife again. "Come, let me show you." Rebecca followed him into the hall in her night robe, confused when he stopped at the top of the stairs and pointed down into the living room.

Rebecca smiled when she saw them, wrapped in the blanket together. David’s head rested on Todd’s chest, and her son held the kangaroo close with both arms. They looked so happy together, just wrapped in the other’s embrace. She put her paws to her muzzle and smiled at her husband, whose grin gleamed in the darkness. "They look so happy together." Rebecca whispered. Michael nodded and hugged his wife around her waist and kissed her cheek. "They do, don’t they?" They stood there for a moment, watching their son sleep with his love before slipping back into their room. Michael finished his last minute packing, kissed Rebecca goodbye and slipped out the back door with out waking the boys.


David yawned and stretched his arms and legs as he woke up. He blinked in surprise for only a moment as his arms came down around a warm furry body underneath him. David smiled as Todd stirred under him; the fox’s thin muzzle opening wide as he yawned and snuggled into David’s open arms. The kangaroo smiled and watched the fox bury his muzzle into the short brown fur on his chest. David felt his heart leap in his chest and he hugged the fox softly, grinning even wider as the fox’s eyes opened softly and he smiled up at him. "Hey David." Todd whispered softly, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. David smiled and softly smoothed the fox’s tiny whiskers down as he petted the side of his muzzle. "Hey Todd. Did you sleep well?" Todd’s eyes sparked and he nodded, pulling David’s muzzle to his own.

They kissed softly for a while, just holding each other. Their paws explored each other for a moment, and they both blushed when they discovered that the other’s cock was as hard as can be. They smiled sheepishly letting their bare erections rub through the other boy’s fur and against each other as they looked into each others eyes as their flesh rubbed together, their faces growing redder and redder as they lay next to each other.

Eventually, they were both blushing so hard they couldn’t look at each other and David and slide himself off the couch and crouched on the floor, searching for his clothes. Todd looked at him for a moment before the kangaroo whispered, "Umm, I have to use the bathroom, I’ll be right back." Todd smiled softly, still blushing deeply as he sat up. The kangaroo stood up, his shorts in hand.

Before he could move, Todd reached out and cupped the kangaroo’s firm ass, and giving him a slight pinch. David jumped into the air with a gasped, and Todd giggled as the kangaroo’s landed halfway across the room. David blushed even more as he raced off to the restroom under the stairs to relieve himself. Todd smiled and pulled his own shorts on, standing up.

"Good morning Todd." Todd’s tail bushed out completely at the sound of his mother’s voice and he nearly jumped out of his fur. He forced himself to smile as he looked over his shoulder at his mother; silently thankful he had already put on his shorts. His mother was just coming down the stairs and she had just missed David’s disappearance into the restroom under the stairs. Todd felt the blush creep back up his face as he said. "Morning Mom. Um, did you sleep well?" His mother smiled at him sweetly as she came down the stairs and turned into the kitchen. "Yes dear. What would you and David like for breakfast?" Todd swallowed hard, moving nervously after her. "Umm," Todd petted the tip of his long tail nervously, "Anything will be okay I guess." Todd watched his mother lift the lid on the waffle maker, smiling happily as she moved about the kitchen with her back to him.

Todd swallowed again nervously. He and his brother were his Mom’s life. His Dad had been alright with it last night, but how would she take what he did with David last night? He looked down at himself, suddenly very embarrassed by the small spots where his fur clung together.

He swallowed again and asked, "Umm… Mom, did you see Dad before he left this morning?" His mother’s back was turned so he couldn’t see her reaction. "Why hon? Did you need to talk to him about something?" Todd nervously petted the black fur on his arms, not looking up at her. "Yeah, k, kinda." Todd thought he caught just a hint of a smile on his mother’s muzzle when she turned to him, but he couldn’t tell. She was very calm, almost detached as she said, "Does it have to do with what you and David did last night?"

Todd felt himself freeze up at his mother’s words. She smiled at him warmly as she turned around and he nodded stiffly, his eyes watering. Todd shook a bit as his mother crossed the kitchen to him and pulled him into a hug.

"Todd, I want you to listen to me very closely, okay?" Todd nodded as his mother held him, not sure what to do as she petted his head fur. "Honey, your father and I have always wanted you to be happy, no matter what. If David makes you happy, then he’ll be part of our family just like your sister in law Deanna is okay?"

Todd smiled a bit, hugging his mom. He felt a few tears run down his cheeks and he nodded. "Okay Mom. Th, thank you."

Todd’s mother kissed his cheek softly. "Just, be careful love. I doubt David’s parents will be as understanding as we are, and there are a lot of hate filled people in the world. I don’t want you two getting hurt." Todd nodded again as his mother pulled back a bit. "Now you go get David for breakfast. I’ll have it ready in a few minutes." Todd nodded and walked out of the kitchen and back into the family room, still a little stunned.

David stood behind the stairs, nervously rubbing his paws together. Todd slipped out of sight of his mother and stood in the tiny hallway with the kangaroo. David looked at him nervously; bouncing up and down slightly in place he was so nervous. "What did she say? Does she know what we did?" He whispered desperately, the look of fear in his eyes making it quite clear he hadn't been able to hear what his mother had said. Todd nodded and smiled weakly, still shaken by his parents’ blanket acceptance and approval.

He took the kangaroo’s paw and said, "She knows. And, and she’s happy for us." David’s smiled wide and hugged Todd so hard he picked the smaller fox up and spun him around when he bounced. They laughed together and kissed each other, happy.


The end… for now…


Okay everyone; I hope you enjoyed this story.  This is only chapter one however.  In chapter two, well, you’ll just have to wait and see.  Please,  if you see any glaring errors, especially in chronology, please tell me. I had to change the ages around several times as I rethought the story, extended it, rewritten parts, and I’m not sure I got them all right. Thanks everyone for reading, I hope you’re all sticky and enjoyed yourselves.

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