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High School Days Chapter 2:

Young Love, Part 2: Broken Hearts



Mrs. Hayes looked behind her as the garage door opened. She smiled as her son Todd and his kangaroo friend David came into the kitchen. The young fox laughed and squirmed, dropping his school bag as David began to tickle his sides. Rebecca smiled and watched her son laugh as his said, "Hey mom! I’m home!" Mrs. Hayes smiled. "Hello Todd. Hello David. How was your day at school?" Todd sighed. "Horrible Mom, we got hit with a huge load of homework, and its game night." Todd’s Mom nodded and smiled, "Hello David." Mrs. Hayes smiled as the kangaroo took a step behind her son and ducked his head a bit, only mumbling, "Hello Mrs. Hayes."

Mrs. Hayes smiled and turned back to her cooking. David had been very nervous around her since Todd’s birthday two weeks ago. Despite what Todd had told him about their feelings, the poor boy had remained practically terrified of both her and her husband. Mrs. Hayes said, "Would you two like me to make burgers for you before the game?" The kangaroo smiled a bit and raised his head when she smiled at him, and her son grinned. "Sure Mom, that’ll be perfect, but David has extra practice for the soccer game tonight so we don’t have much time." Todd picked up his bag and said, "Come on David, we’ve got to finish that Physics work before dinner if you want me to be at the game tonight." Mrs. Hayes smiled as the two boys bounced off together to study.


David let out a loud sigh of relief once they were inside Todd’s room. Todd smiled a bit at him. "What? What’s wrong?" The fox’s ears flicked back a bit and he looked worried for a moment, "You still worried about my parents?" David nodded and ducked his head a bit. "Yeah, I am. Its stupid I know, you said they’re cool with it, but…. my parents…." Todd sighed hard, "Yeah… your parents…" They both looked down at the floor for a while and Todd rubbed his forearms nervously. David hadn’t said anything, but Todd had noticed he’d been a little more distant then usual ever since they’d, they’d played with each other. Todd looked at him nervously out of the corners of his eyes.

The day after his birthday, the day they’d woken up together had been wonderful. They’d gone to the mall, saw a movie, ate together and were just like they always were, except even happier together. But eventually David had gone home. And when he came back he was nervous and fidgety, and too scared to do anything more then hold the fox’s hand for a few minutes at a time. They’d kissed just once since that night, but Todd’s father had come in the room and David had been too scared to do anything else since.

Todd wanted to do more, he’d gotten online and tried to find answers to his questions, and found a lot of things he wanted to try. But David’s parents, especially his father, had scared the kangaroo. While they didn’t know exactly what happened, they knew David had done something they wouldn’t approve of, and had been especially suspicious. "Are you going to tell them what we did?" The fox asked quietly. David shook his head, bouncing slightly on the balls of his feet, something Todd knew the kangaroo only did when he was worried and very nervous. "No, I’m not. Come on," David said without looking up, "let’s finish our homework." They sat down together at Todd’s desk and started to work.


After a while, they were laughing again, leaned over their books together. They forgot about their parents, both the good and bad, and were just together. David smiled at Todd, who giggled and ducked his head. David smiled wider, watching the fox laugh. He was so handsome and he looks so happy all the time, thought the kangaroo. David just stared at him, marveling at how lucky he was that Todd had walked into his life. The fox smiled at him, turning his head to the side a bit in puzzlement at the kangaroo’s stare. David leaned forward and Todd grinned as they kissed softly. They both closed their eyes and just stayed there, their lips pressed together softly. The kiss ended reluctantly, and they stared into each other’s eyes for a moment before they both blushed and turned away.

David moved his chair closer to Todd’s, slipping an arm around the fox’s waist, who moved closer so their sides touched. David smiled as Todd put his paw on his leg gently. They both blushed together as they looked into each other’s eyes. They looked at their schoolbooks again, nervously holding each other, each wanting to do so much more but not knowing where to start. Todd eventually stuttered, "Umm, David? Do you think, after the game tonight, that maybe, maybe you could spend the night again?" Todd smiled as the kangaroo put his paw over his and said softly. "Yeah, yeah I would." Todd smiled and blushed, "Good, cause I, I wanted to see if you wanted to… to try some things with me…"

David blushed and nodded, looking away as he said, "Yeah, um, about that, I’ve been looking around the net and… and I saw some things…" The fox smiled and laced his fingers with David’s. "So have I." Todd looked up at David, who smiled back at him. They both leaned in to kiss again when Todd’s mother called out, "Boys! Dinner’s ready!" Both boys jumped in surprise, but instead of pulling away the huddled together and tightened their grip on each other. They blushed deeply, standing up quickly, each finding themselves very close to the other, their chest fur barely touching. David nervously bounced and Todd ducked his head and blushed before David leaned down and kissed the fox quickly, holding his muzzle still for a long moment before they both went down for dinner.


After dinner the boys stood the driveway, the keys to his parent’s car in Todd’s paw. David smiled at him a bit nervously and said, "Well, I better go tell my parents I’m going to be spending the night with you." Todd nodded and said nothing, trying to smile a little as David turned and hopped towards his house. The kangaroo rung his hands a bit as he hopped, calming himself. After all, his parents didn’t really know what was going on between him and Todd. How could they?

David closed his eyes and breathed deeply, his hand on the knob to his back door. "Mom? Dad? I’m home!" He called out as he opened the door, looking around for his parents. His mother poked her head out of the kitchen, "David? Where have you been? You said you would only be at Todd’s house a little while. You’re father just got home and he’s looking for you…" David felt his stomach tighten as his mother’s words trailed off. She had a worried look in her eyes, and David knew what that meant. His father was mad. David looked up at he heard the sound of heavy footfalls coming from upstairs and a door bang open. No, he was really mad.

David set his books down and said, "I’ve been at Todd’s, doing homework." His father’s voice bellowed down the stairs, "When you’ve got a game you’re supposed to be at tonight? What are you thinking boy, fooling around with that fox?" David bounded on the heels of his feet as his father stomped down the stairs. "He’s my physics partner Dad, we had some work to do." His father’s muzzle broke out into a smile. "Oh really? Well, how are you going to eat dinner and make it to the game on time? You know what our deal about soccer is David, if you don’t play in every game this season you’re switching to football. And you can’t go to a game without eating first" David swallowed hard as his father glared down at him, clenching a newspaper in his hand.

Daniel Weathers was nearly a foot taller then his son, even though his son was quite tall for his age. David always felt like he was shrinking when his father would fix him with that angry, uncompromising glare. "Todd’s going to drive me to the game tonight and I already ate at his house. He also invited me over to spent the night…" David’s father tightened his grip on the newspaper. "What have I told you about going to other peoples house’s without telling us first?" Mrs. Weathers said softly, "Umm, honey, David did call me from the school to tell me where he was." Mr. Weather’s shot his wife a glare and said, "Well then, I guess it’s alright. But you had better win the game tonight, or no sleepover, understand?" David swallowed hard and nodded, turning and bounding out of his house as fast as he could. "And be home Early in the morning!" His father yelled after him as he raced out of the house.


Todd and David hollered and shouted at the top of their lungs as they pulled back into the driveway. They were on top of the world. The game had been tied at the end of overtime, and had to be decided with a shoot out. David had been the last person to shoot, and he’d scored the winning goal. The crowd had gone wild, and rushed the field. Todd had raced to his friend and everyone had been so excited, no had notice that when Todd leapt into the kangaroo’s arms, they kissed as David spun him around. It had been a perfect evening. The bounced and laughed as they made their way inside, laughing loudly. As they scampered upstairs, Todd’s father stuck his head out at them and shushed them. "Go to sleep you two, its late." Todd and David giggled and blushed as the older fox smiled at them. "I take it you won tonight David?" The kangaroo bounced up and down, a huge grin on his face. "I even shot the scoring goal!" Mr. Hayes smiled. "Well good for you David, I’m proud of you. Now try and keep things down Todd, you’re mother and I are trying to sleep." David beamed as the door closed and Todd hustled him into his room. The kangaroo grabbed the fox’s paws, bouncing in excitement, "Did you hear that Todd? He’s Proud of me! My father’s never proud of me!" Todd laughed and threw his arms around the Kangaroo’s neck. "Oh, you were so wonderful! I can’t believe you made that shot!" "I know! It was so awesome!" The kangaroo picked the fox up and spun him around again. They laughed together, the fox’s feet high in the air.

When he set him down, David stared into the fox’s smiling face. Todd looked up at him with such joy on his face, grinning ear to ear as they stood pressed against each other. Slowly, both boys leaned into the other, turning their heads to the side and kissing slowly. They closed their eyes, paws holding the other boy’s side as they softly kissed. Eventually, their lips parted, and they opened their eyes again.

Todd blushed and looked away from David’s bright blue eyes. He licked his lips nervously, holding onto the kangaroo’s arms as they stood together. David tried to speak, and he could see the fox was trying to as well. When he couldn’t find the words, David just kissed Todd again. Todd murred softly and shivered, pushing up against the kangaroo’s chest. Todd slipped his arms around David’s neck and felt meeped softly as David lifted him into the air again. Todd felt the soft sheets of his bed underneath him as David set him down gently.

Todd looked up into David’s eyes as the kangaroo smiled nervously, his paws moving across the fox’s chest. "T, Todd, do you… do you want…" David felt himself blush; he was to embarrassed to go on. But when he looked into the fox’s eyes, they were full of hope that he would. David stroked the fox’s cheek slowly with his paw, staring into his eyes, and everything seemed to fall into place. "Todd, I want to make love to you."

Todd blushed deeply, the white fur on his face turning red. "Really?" he whispered softly. David nodded, "I… I want to be your lover. I looked it all up online… I want to mate with you…" The fox blushed even harder, his eyes avoiding David’s. "Are you sure David? I’ve, we’ve never done anything like this before…" David kissed the fox softly, "Neither have I, and I want our first time to be with each other…" Todd squirmed as David’s paw rubbed his chest softly, moving down and under his shirt slowly.

David’s paw rubbed through the fur on his chest, making Todd tremble. The fox was scared; he’d seen the websites and what two males could do with each other. All the fox’s in the pictures were underneath big wolves, pushed down and used by bigger males, made to moan for the males on top of them, inside them. But it looked so exciting, like they enjoyed being used… Todd looked into David’s eyes, the bright green orbs staring a him lovingly. David could never hurt him. Todd leaned up and kissed David slowly. The fox pulled David’s soccer jersey out of his shorts and slide his paws underneath it, rubbing the short brown fur on his chest. "David, there could never be someone else…" Todd’s ears flattened a little and he blushed, letting his paws slip down into the kangaroo’s waistband. "Ummm… so how do we…what are we…"

David smiled as Todd blushed and fell silent. The kangaroo kissed him softly and slowly, "Well, do you have any lotion or something?" Todd nodded, pointing to his dresser. "Bottom draw, under my socks…" David retrieved the lotion and kneeled on the ground in front of his best friend. "Now what do we do?" Todd whispered softly, looking into David’s eyes. "I’ll show you. Pull your shirt off." David whispered, smiling as he watched the fox pull of his shirt. David watched the creamy white fur on the fox’s chest appear as he pulled of shirt, and he couldn’t help but reach out and run his fingers through Todd’s chest fur before he pulled his own shirt off. The kangaroo’s paws undid the buttons on Todd’s shorts, and the fox lifted himself up a little as David’s finger hooked into the waist band of his shorts and underwear and pulled them down slowly down, revealing more white fur and the fox’s hard, red cock.. David stared down at Todd’s hard on as he pulled his own pants off, making them both naked. The kangaroo’s penis bounced in the air, hard as a rock as his knelt in front of Todd and gripped the fox’s cock softly in both paws. Todd gasped and arched his back as David’s soft paw pads began to rub his shaft.

David kissed the head of Todd’s cock softly, breathing in his scent. He let his tongue lap across the warm shaft, took the red length in his muzzle and nursed on it softly, reminding himself how good the fox tasted. Todd gasped softly as the kangaroo’s tongue moved slowly across his cock, and David felt much calmer about what he wanted to do now that he was doing it. "Oh god that feels good David…" the fox whispered quietly, staring down at his friend as he sucked softly on his cock. The kangaroo smiled up at him, pulling off Todd to whisper. "Its gonna feel even better before I’m done." David leaned up and kissed the fox softly, "Turn over Todd…" he whispered a little hoarsely.

Todd nodded silently and turned around, laying down on the bed. He spread his legs open wide and shifted his tail to the side. Todd could feel the bed shift as David climbed up behind him, kneeling between his legs. David’s paw rubbed the red fur on his rump slowly, gently parting the fox’s cheeks, exposing his tail hole. David was crouched behind him, his legs coiled under him as if he were ready to leap. Todd felt so frightened, so exposed with his rump in the air and his tail lifted out of the way. Todd looked back at David, trembling slightly as the kangaroo’s paws rubbed his rear.

But Todd felt himself relax when David leaned over him, covering his body with his own. David stared down at him, eyes wandering over his body, a look of wonder on his face. Todd felt the kangaroo’s hard cock rubbed slowly against his rump, and he swallowed nervously as David picked up the lotion and squeezed a large portion onto his paw, spreading it across his pink cock as he positioned his shaft so the head rested against Todd’s exposed tail hole. The kangaroo leaned down and kissed Todd’s neck softly. "You’re beautiful Todd, and I want you to know I love you. I won’t do this unless you want me too."

Todd felt tears welling up in his eyes as he looked back at David. He could feel the kangaroo’s shaft pressing slowly into his tail hole, and he felt so exposed and vulnerable, and yet totally safe. One look into David’s eyes told him the kangaroo loved him and would never hurt him. Todd twisted his body and hugged the kangaroo, whispering, "I love you David. I love you with all my heart. Be my mate David, please…" the fox’s last words were whispered into the kangaroo’s neck and David was blinking tears from his eyes when he pushed forward and took the fox as his mate.

David shifted his weight forward, slowly pressing the head of his cock into Todd’s body. David felt Todd tremble as his shaft slowly sunk inside the fox, the thick head slipping past a tight ring of muscles that squeezed down on his shaft. The lotion made the entrance easy, but he could tell Todd was in pain and stopped just as he got his head inside. The fox’s body was stiff in his arms, his paws gripping the covers tightly. David forced himself to hold still, even though the tight warmth around his cock made him want to push the rest of the way into the fox. Todd’s muzzle pressed against his neck, and David trembled with his best friend as the fox sobbed just once very softly. David felt Todd nuzzle his neck gently and whisper, "You can… you can move again…" David moaned gently as he resumed pushing the rest of his dick into the fox slowly, trembling in pleasure as his whole shaft was engulfed in the tight warmth of the fox’s tail hole. He trembled when his crotch came flush with the fox’s upturned rump, and he moaned, "Tooodd…" softly as the fox’s body trembled and his passage seemed to ripple around the hard cock inside it. David pushed as far into Todd as he could, laying down atop him, forcing the fox’s legs open wider as he tried to get as deep inside him as he could.

Todd moaned as David lay atop him, his weight pushing down heavily on his back as the kangaroo pressed himself even deeper into Todd’s body. All he could feel was the kangaroo’s strong body pressing him down, pressing the thick shaft of hot flesh into his body. It spread him open so wide it hurt slightly, and it felt like he was being filled to the brim. Todd trembled as the kangaroo’s cock rubbed and pressed parts of his body he hadn’t even known existed and made his whole body tingle in pleasure. Then David lifted himself up a little, using his strong legs to lift his weight up off the bed and pull his cock almost out of the fox’s body. Todd gasped in pleasure and pain as the kangaroo’s hips descended, his shaft thrusting smoothly into his tail hole.

Todd began to moan and scream, "Oh gods David, oh fuck DAVID!" as the kangaroo began to practically bounce on him, pistoning his shaft in and out of the fox’s tail hole. Todd moaned in confusion and pleasure. It felt like his body was on fire, like the kangaroo’s cock was tearing him apart and yet making him whole somehow. The pleasure from each thrust made him moan and thrash underneath David’s body, the kangaroo’s arms holding him down as he began to truly mount him. Todd moaned and struggled, unable to speak from the pleasure as David fucked him, bouncing up and down and making the bed shake with his thrusts. The fox began to push up, force the cock into him faster, harder. It was so wonderful, made him feel so complete… All he could do was moan David’s name over and over again.

David struggled to keep himself under control as Todd’s paws gripped the fur on his arms and the fox’s hips thrust his rump up to meet his strokes. He couldn’t believe what he was feeling. It felt like the fox’s tail hole was trying to swallow his cock, milking his flesh each time he tried to pull out. The thrusts in were the best, the delicious feeling as his shaft sunk into the fox’s hot flesh. He closed his eyes and moaned with Todd, holding the fox’s body in his arms as he bounced on the bed, fucking the fox passionately, wantonly. The bed squeaked and shook as he pushed himself up and down. Nothing had ever felt like this. He could feel the fox’s body tremble, his moans begging him to fucking him harder, faster. David tried, pushing himself in as hard as he could, thrusting as fast as he was able. He felt himself begin to peak, sweat dripping from his body as he looked down at Todd’s body.

Todd was shaking all over, his paws gripping David’s shoulder tightly, his body twisting in pleasure as his tail hole spasmed around the kangaroo’s dick. The fox’s cock was hard as a rock, dripping pre all over the bed as David fucked him. David gripped the bright red shaft tightly in his paw, squeezing Todd’s cock as he fucked him. He wanted to see Todd cum all over himself as he mounted him, made love to him. He wanted Todd to be happy, to be his forever. He never wanted to stop…

Todd cried out louder then ever as David’s paw gripped his cock, and a few quick strokes sent the fox yiffing over the edge. Todd’s whole body tensed up, his back arching as his cock throbbed in David’s paw and long ropes of white cum shaft from the tip. David watched the first in awe as the fox yiffed loudly, his whole body tensing up as he shot his load across the bed, his tail hole tightening down on the kangaroo’s shaft so tightly it felt like a vise. David gasped and shook all over, forcing his cock as deep into Todd as he could make it go. The fox’s paws gripped the sheets like he was dying, and he trashed and spasmed underneath his lover. David closed his eyes as the pleasure, the sheer happiness of being inside the fox washed over him and he came. He felt his shaft throb inside the fox’s insides, a spasming warmth that seemed to milk the seed from him as he exploded into the fox’s ass.

David trembled as he pumped his cum into Todd, staring into the fox’s bright green eyes. He felt his heart flow into the fox’s eyes, as if he were pouring his soul into mating with him. David could feel Todd trembling underneath him, gasping and panting for breath and sobbing. David hugged him so fiercely he was afraid he would hurt the fox, but he couldn’t let go. The fox was his soul mate, his partner forever, he could never let him go. David knew he’d never love anyone else again.

Todd couldn’t keep from crying as David stared into his eyes, the tears of pure joy flowing too freely to be stopped. He could feel the kangaroo’s shaft filling him, his body pressing down onto him, making him tremble and shake in pleasure. He clutched at David’s body in every way he could, holding him tightly as the waves of pleasure washed over him and broke, filling him with a warm glow of pleasure and a hot, wet feeling inside his ass. He knew David had cum inside him. He looked into the kangaroo’s eyes and knew he would spend his life here, held safe beneath the larger boy’s body forever.

They whispered, "I love you…" together, panting in the after glow of their first real mating. David held himself inside Todd as long as he could before his shaft shrunk and he slipped out. David rolled to the side, and Todd turned to face him. They looked into each others eyes before Todd wrapping his arms around David’s shoulders and burying his muzzle into his neck. Todd was shaking as he whispered, "Stay with me David, never leave me…" David kissed Todd gently, whispering, "Never Todd, I’ll never leave you…" Both boys just lay together and began to fall asleep, Todd’s head pillowed on the kanagroo’s arm, and David’s head resting gently on Todd’s. they didn’t care that the lights were still on and anyone who came in would see them naked, wrapped in each other’s arms. They were simply together, happy, and that was all that mattered to them.


Daniel Weathers stood in front of the window in the hallway, fuming silently as he stared out into the rainy night. He was trembling with rage from head to toe, his long thick tail lashing back and forth. His tail had already destroyed a small plant when Maria Weathers crept up behind him. "Daniel? Honey what’s wrong?" The tall kangaroo spun on his wife, fists clenched in tight balls, "Damn you, I told you we shouldn’t let David near that fagget little fox." Maria gasped and ducked away, "What are you talking about?" she gasped as her husband’s fist turned into an accusing finger. "You convinced me to let him make his own friends, you said he could make the right decisions. Well you were wrong." Daniel pointed at the window towards the Hayes’s house, through the pouring rain towards the one window with the lights still on. Through the rain, Maria could just make out the figure of a pair of boys holding each other. Maria gasped and her brows furrowed when she saw her son with Todd. Her husband leaned down towards her, a mad gleam in his eyes, "Now get your things and get in the car Maria. We are leaving tonight."


The pounding echoed through the house, and Mr. Hayes almost ran down the stairs wrapped in long robe. The older fox made his way to the door, shouting, "I’m coming, I’m coming!" Todd’s father looked out the peephole and saw his neighbor, standing in the rain and looking mad as hell.

David and Todd crept down the stairs and stared at the door. They had woken up to the sound of shouting and pounding, and slipped on their shorts. David was trembling so hard Todd had to hold him. The little fox looked into his lover’s eyes as David whispered, "Its my father, I know it…"

Todd watched his father open the door and say, "Mr. Weathers, what in the world is it? It’s the middle of the night…" The kangaroo stepped in the house, and he looked so angry the rain should be steaming off his fur. "Where is my son?" He almost growled. Mr. Hayes blinked in surprise. "Upstairs asleep. He called to tell you he was staying didn’t…" Mr. Hayes gasped as Mr. Weather’s shoved him out of the way and advanced on his son, who he’d spotted on the stairs. David was almost crying as he backed away from his father, "Dad, please, nothing happened, please don’t… Dad!" Todd tried to stand in the way, but Mr. Weathers shoved him aside and grabbed his son’s paw, yanking him down the stairs. "Damn you boy, don’t you even lie to me… I SAW you."

Todd watched in horror as David’s father dragged him towards the door. David screamed and kicked him as hard as he could, but his Daniel Weathers backhanded his son so hard it knocked David almost senseless. Todd came down the stairs and saw his father block the door, saying, "Mr. Weather’s stop this right…" before the enraged kangaroo knocked him down and dragged his son’s limp body into the rain.

Todd grabbed David’s other paw as Mr. Weather’s dragged him across the lawn, yelling, "Let him go! Let him go!" above the pounding rain. Todd slipped in the mud, dragged along behind David as the kangaroo slide across the lawn, almost unconscious. Todd struggled against Mr. Weather’s pull as the older kangaroo ripped the car door open. Todd felt David’s hand tighten on his own just before his father pulled him away and practically threw him inside the car. "You can’t take him away from me! David! David, No!" The impact of being thrown into the car brought David back to his senses, and he lunged for the open car door. "Todd!" He streamed as his father cuffed the fox across the head. David gasped as his father shoved him back inside and slammed the door. David howled in pain as the door slammed on the tip of his tail, and he tried to open the door to get his tail out, to escape, but it wouldn’t open. "Todd! Tooooodd!" He streamed, pressing himself against the glass

Todd’s pressed his face against the window, paws over David’s as he screamed David’s name. He heard the driver’s door slam as Mr. Weather’s got inside, and Todd looked into David’s eyes in desperation. Todd watched tears run down David’s face as he mouthed, "I love you Todd…" just before the car gunned its engine and raced away into the night.

Michael Hayes stumbled through the rain towards his son, rubbing the side of his head. Todd stood half naked in the rain, trembling from head to toe. "Todd, Todd honey, what happened?" Michael hugged his son as the small watched the Weather’s battered Dodge turn the corner at the end of the street and dissapear. Todd collapsed in his arms and began to sob, "He… He’s gone… David’s gone… he made love to me and now he’s gone…" Michael’s eyes widened in shock as his son whispered into his ear, and he leaned down and picked his son up. Todd just collapsed into his arms, and he cradled him as he carried him back inside the house. Rebecca stood in the door, watching her husband carry their crying son back to the house.

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