Well, it’s been forever but I’m getting back in the groove. Here, Keith finds some things out about himself, and Kevin helps him along the way.

And now the annoying warning message:

This story deals with sex between males, in graphic detail. If you're not over 18, this is illegal for you to even look at, so stop right now. If homosexual content is not your cup of tea, you can leave the tea party. The characters and story are copyright Teiran’s player 2003, do not redistribute without permission. Otherwise, enjoy!




High School Days Chapter 4:

Finding Yourself


Keith stared into Todd’s sapphire blue eyes. The wolf couldn’t tear his gaze away from the fox. A single tear began to roll down the fox’s cheek, and Keith raised his paw to wipe it away. Keith pressed his paw against Todd’s cheek, the fox turning to nuzzle the pad of the wolf’s paw slowly, crossing his arms over his bare chest. Keith looked down at Todd’s body as he pulled the fox closer to him. Todd was wearing nothing but his fur, and his long tail was wrapped around his leg. Keith let out a slow sigh as Todd nuzzled his chest. Keith put his arms around Todd’s shoulders, and he could feel the fox shudder as he held him tightly. It was all so unbelievable. Todd’s fur was so soft to his touch, and it just felt right to have the fox’s head pressed against his chest. Keith’s chest tightened as Todd’s arms slipped around his waist, the wolf’s arms holding his friend just a little bit closer. Keith looked, really looked down at Todd, gazing over the fox’s body. The fox’s scent filled Keith’s nose, making him draw in a deep breath. The fox’s scent filled his senses making his heart race, and he could feel himself hardening in his sheath. The fox smelled like the ground after a hard rain, and when Todd looked up at him, Keith lost himself in the fox’s deep blue eyes. The wolf’s gaze trailed slowly across the fox’s face, following the trail of white fur down his neck and then onto his chest. Keith pressed his paw against Todd’s chest, feeling the muscles of his chest press back against his fingertips. The fox was so small compared to him. When Todd stepped back, Keith could see that the white fur went all the way down between his legs, his sheath easy to see in the white fur. The fox’s sheath held his balls up close to his body, his pink cock…


Keith yelped as he woke up, grabbing at his desk and looking around in a daze as somebody bounced a wad of paper off his nose, waking him from his dream. Keith flattened his ears, blushing deeply as a couple of the guys on the football team laughed at him. He shifted in his chair as he tried to adjust his erection so that it didn’t tent his jeans so much.

"Did I really just do that?" he thought as he tried to adjust himself without anyone noticing. Keith couldn’t believe he’d just gotten hard thinking about Todd naked. He’d even been panting. The wolf shook his head and licked his lips nervously. This couldn’t be happening, not really. Keith grabbed the bathroom pass and headed out through the classroom door. He needed to get a drink, walk, something to take his mind off of Todd. Anything that didn’t involve naked foxes.


Keith cupped his paws and splashed water from the bathroom sink onto his face. The wolf growled as he shook the water out of his fur.

"What am I going to do?" he thought. It just kept getting worse and worse. He’d never wondered what a guy looked like naked before, or checked out the other guys in the locker room after practice. But now Keith found himself checking out the guy standing next to him in the bathroom, trying to catch a glimpse of how big he was. It was just a glance, sure, but he’d never thought like this before. Keith rubbed his paws across his face as he tried to think. It didn’t make sense. Thinking about it, especially about Todd, just kept confusing him.

Keith turned his head as the bathroom door swung open, a few errant droplets of water dripping from his nose (Just for a bit of color, gotta make him look like he’s a bit strung out) . He was a little surprised to see Kevin walk in and head for one of the urinals. "Hey Kevin, how you doing?"

The dalmatian looked up and smiled a little. "Ummm I’m okay I guess."

The wolf looked back at the mirror, just standing at the sink as Kevin used the restroom. When the dalmatian was finished, he walked over to the sink and began washing his paws. Keith could tell Kevin was looking at him out of the corner of his eye, but the dalmatian didn’t say anything. Keith turned his head and looked at the slightly shorter dalmatian.

Kevin wasn’t really buff like some of the guys on the soccer or football teams were. He was slim, like a swimmer would be. His shoulders were narrow; his arms long and thin, just like his tail. His fur was bright white and very short, so short it hugged his body like skin. Kevin was wearing his normal outfit, a pair of jean shorts, a plain t-shirt, and his favorite cap turned backwards on his head. The only things that stood out on Kevin were his black spots.

Keith traced the dalmatian’s spots with his eyes, and the wolf tried to imagine what the dark black dots on Kevin’s chest looked like. He could just see them through the dalmatian’s white t-shirt. Keith watched as the dalmatian stretched his heels slightly, and Keith realized the dog was almost as tall as he was. He just seemed really short because he usually stood hunched over with his head down.

"Kevin always tries to make himself invisible." Keith thought. But Keith could see the dalmatian’s muscles shifting under his fur. He could see the dog’s definition, watching how his arm bulged as he moved his paws, and he wanted to run his fingers across them. He wanted to push the smaller dog against the wall…

Keith shook his head, cursing himself for looking at Kevin like that. The wolf splashed more water on his muzzle, wondering what was wrong with him. Why did he keep thinking about other guys like this?

"Could I be gay?" He thought; a little terrified of the answer. Keith watched Kevin as the dalmatian began to leave, wondering what his friend would think of him if he found out. For a moment, Keith even thought he saw Kevin looking at his ass, checking him out, but he shook the thought aside as his imagination. He needed to talk to someone about this, get these thoughts out of his head.

"Kevin, can I talk to you?" The dalmatian stopped; one paw on the bathroom door as he looked back at him.

Keith wondered if he saw a bit of fear in the dog’s blue eyes as he whispered, "Yeah? What is it?"

Keith stared at the dalmatian, wondering what to say. "When do you know you’re gay?"

The dalmatian took a nervous step backwards, and he began to shake slightly as he said, "WH-What? How do you know? Who told you I’m gay…"

Keith stared at Kevin in disbelief. "Kevin, what are you talking about?"

The dalmatian took a step back as Keith walked towards him, "You know what I mean." Kevin whispered, "Who told you Keith? Did Jay tell you? He promised he wasn’t going to tell anybody else… he…" Kevin trailed off when he backed into the wall, and Keith understood why the dalmatian was so scared.

"You’re gay?" Keith whispered, and the dalmatian nodded slightly.

"Who told you?" Kevin whispered.

"Nobody told me…" Keith said with a laugh. Kevin balled one paw into a fist and slammed it into the wall behind him. Keith watched as the dalmatian began to shake all over, his tail tucked firmly between his legs.

"I don’t care if you know I just want to know who told you…" Keith took a step back, giving Kevin some room. He could smell Kevin’s fear in the air, and it almost looked like the dog was going to cry.

"You did Kev…" Keith said with a chuckle as the wolf ran a paw through his own head fur. "I was just asking how somebody knows if they’re gay."

Kevin couldn’t look him in the eye. "That’s a pretty underhanded way to tell me you know I suck cock."

Keith felt a smile pull at the corners of his mouth, "You thought I was asking if you were gay?" The wolf laughed, laughed so hard he slapped his legs and bent over double, "I was asking cause I think I’m gay yeah duffus." Keith slugged Kevin in the shoulder, amazed by how stupid it all seemed. He’d been so terrified of being gay he’d never even stopped to think Kevin might be. "I wanted to talk to you about it, see what somebody else thought."

Kevin blinked in surprise, and Keith could see the fear leaving his eyes. "You… you didn’t know?"

Keith grinned, "Not until you told me."

Kevin groaned, burying his face in his paws, laughing. "Oh my god, I’m so stupid…" Keith laughed as Kevin began to blush all over, his white fur turning pink as the blood rushed to his face. "I was so scared, I afraid somebody had told the whole school…" Keith smiled as they both laughed, the tension leaving the room.

"So, are you serious?" Kevin said, leaning against the wall of one of the bathroom stalls, "Do you really think you’re gay?"

Kevin watched as the wolf’s ears turned backwards and he ducked his head in embarrassment. "Well if I’m not I’ve been having some really weird dreams about Todd."

Kevin nodded with a smile as Keith began pacing back and forth. Keith looked really nervous, and he was fingering the patches on his football jacket. "Yeah, Todd is really good looking. I wish I looked as good as he does."

Keith laughed a little, "Oh come on Kev you look pretty good." Kevin felt the blush return and an awkward silence filled the room as Keith stared at him.

Kevin felt his chest tighten and he ducked his head, looking away from the wolf while Keith mumbled, "So umm… how did you know?"

Kevin shifted his feet, shrugging. "How did I know I was gay?"

Keith rubbed the back of his neck again, taking a couple steps closer to the dalmatian. "Yeah, how did you find out?"

"I guess I always knew, somehow. But I knew for sure when…" Kevin trailed off as he met Keith’s eyes. The wolf was standing right in front of him and Kevin could smell the wolf above the bathroom’s overpowering scent. Kevin could tell Keith was afraid and aroused, and as the wolf licked his lips and shifted his shoulders Kevin felt a knot growing in his stomach. He knew where this was going to lead and part of him wanted it to happen.

"When did you know?" Keith whispered.

Kevin licked his lips nervously; it was now or never. "I knew when I started going down on other guys."

Keith stared at him, and for the first time Kevin noticed the wolf’s eyes were blue. "So…so you’ve sucked…gone down on another guy?"

"A couple actually…" Kevin said in a whisper.

Keith just stared at him for a long moment, and Kevin felt his heart race. "What was is it like?"

Kevin blinked in surprise. "What was is it like?" He repeated. No one had ever asked him that before.

"Yeah," Keith said licking his lips, "What was…is it like? When…when you suck on another guy’s cock?"

Kevin looked away from the wolf’s eyes. "It…feels good. There’s…there’s something about having another guys dick in your muzzle. It…" Kevin sighed, crossing his arms over his chest and laid his head back against the wall.

Keith stepped even closer, and Kevin felt himself begin to tremble. "What? Come on Kev I…" The wolf swallowed, "I wanna know what it’s like…"

Kevin looked up at Keith, his ears flattened so far down they disappeared. "It felt like I was wanted…" Kevin whispered, "The way they would moan and grunt; it was like I meant something. When they came…the taste…"

The dalmatian shivered and licked his lips, and Keith stared at him wide eyed. "You let guys cum in your muzzle?"

Kevin chuckled a little, "Sometimes you don’t get a choice…"

Keith stared into Kevin’s eyes. Maybe it was the look in the dog’s eyes, or the dalmatian’s scent, but something made him want to know all the things the dog had done, especially what it felt like to do them. "When did you start, well, sucking guys off?"

"About a year ago…look, can we not talk about this?"

Keith rubbed the back of his head, looking down at Kevin’s chest. The dalmatian’s chest rose and fell as he panted slightly, and for some reason Keith didn’t want to move away from him. "Why not? I like talking to you about this… I figured this would be really awkward talking to another guy like this. I thought I’d be scared, but I’m not."

The dalmatian shuffled his paws nervously and whispered, "I am…"

Keith smiled slightly, "Why?" The dalmatian swallowed nervously as Keith said as he put a paw on the wall behind him so the wolf could lean on it. The move put Keith’s strong arm right next to his own head. "Because every time a guy talks to me about this… he wants me to go down on him…" Keith’s eyes widened a bit, and the wolf licked his lips. "So you don’t want to, do anything?" The wolf whispered.

"Well I… I don’t know…" Kevin’s eyes met Keith’s and the wolf stared into the dalmatian’s bright blue eyes as the smaller dog’s lip began to tremble. Kevin wanted to reach his paws out and touch Keith’s stomach, undo his belt and fall to his knees. The dalmatian drew in a sharp breath as Keith leaned forward, slipped his paw behind Kevin’s head, and kissed him. Kevin yipped in surprise, but he didn’t pull away. He let Keith press against him, push him against the stall door and kiss him deeply.

Keith let himself go as he kissed Kevin. He put his paw on the dalmatian’s chest, slowly pressing his fingers up along the dalmatian’s chest, exploring Kevin through his shirt. The needy wolf kissed Kevin slowly, almost dominating him. He pressed his body against the shorter dog, his urgency driving him wild as his senses struggled to keep the warmth of his friend’s body close to him. Keith opened his muzzle, his tongue running across Kevin’s lips.

The dalmatian’s eyes closed as Keith’s tongue ran across his lips, and he knew what the wolf wanted him to do. Kevin hesitated, shivering as he opened his muzzle slowly, letting Keith’s tongue slip inside. Keith’s paw massaged the back of Kevin’s head, his tongue slowly exploring Kevin’s mouth as their kiss went on for a long, heart-pounding moment before Keith broke it.

Kevin was panting as Keith opened his eyes and ended the kiss. The wolf stayed pressed against the dalmatian, his paw still behind Kevin’s head. Kevin’s face was flush and he was trembling, but he was smiling too.

"Wow…" Kevin whispered, "No one’s ever kissed me like that…"

Keith grinned a little sheepishly. "Well I haven’t had a lot of practice."

Kevin blushed a little harder, his paws sliding into the wolf’s jacket, pressing against his chest through his white t-shirt. "I have… that was pretty good…" Kevin whispered as he licked his lips, his paw slowly massaging Keith’s chest.

"What else is good Kevin?" Keith whispered, and Kevin shivered a little, his eyes moving back and forth across Keith’s body.

"You sure you want to know?" Kevin muttered. The dalmatian looked down to Keith’s body, his paws slipping down and hooking into the wolf’s belt. Kevin could see how badly the wolf’s pants were tented, the head of his erection outlined in the denim. Keith definitely wanted this.

Keith stared at the dog’s chest before slowly rubbing his muzzle against the nape of Kevin’s neck.

The dalmatian gasped and shivered as the wolf’s long tongue slid across his neck fur and Keith whispered, "Yes Kevin… show me."

Kevin whimpered softly, nodding. "Okay… we… we should go in the stall…" Keith followed Kevin as the dalmatian took his paw and lead him into the handicapped stall. The dalmatian closed the door behind then and turned to face Keith. Keith smiled nervously as Kevin looked him in the eyes as the dalmatian’s paws undid his belt.

Keith began to pant as Kevin’s paw slowly rubbed across his crotch, making his erection ache in his pants. Keith looked down at Kevin as the dalmatian slowly knelt in front of him; his white paws reaching up to unbutton his pants and unzip his fly. Keith couldn’t believe it was happening, and he watched mutely as Kevin open his pants and pulled his boxers down. The wolf watched his cock bob in the air in front of Kevin’s nose.


Kevin licked his lips nervously, his paws trembling. The wolf’s cock was jet black, the skin of his shaft glistening in the light. He was about seven inches long, and pretty thick, especially around the base. The dalmatian leaned forward, breathing in the scent of Keith’s crotch. He could smell Keith’s arousal, a spicy lust filled scent that overpowered the room’s smell and made Kevin hard as a rock in his pants. Kevin let go of the wolf’s pants, his paws brushing against his balls.

Keith gasped softly as Kevin slowly wrapped one paw around his shaft, gripping him gently. Kevin began to stroke him smoothly, his paw squeezing a bit tighter each time it reached the tip, forcing a large drop of pre from Keith’s shaft. Kevin couldn’t resist the urge to lick up the pearlly white drop, and the wolf let out a low murr of pleasure. He’d never had anyone else touch him like this, and it felt really, really good.

Kevin looked up at Keith as he stroked the wolf’s cock, his fingers moving over the black shaft of flesh slowly. Kevin looked at Keith’s cock, turning it from side to side as he stroked it. The wolf was little bigger then most guys he’d seen, but he wasn’t huge. The crown of his cock flared out, and a small trail of pre leaked slowly from the slit and onto Kevin’s paw as he stroked moved up and down the wolf black shaft. Kevin steadied himself for what he was about to do.

Slowly, his opened his muzzle and leaned forward, wrapping his lips around the wolf’s fat cock head. Keith let out a moan as Kevin slipped his dick inside his mouth. The dalmatian closed his eyes as the wolf’s hips bucked, pushing the thick cock into the back of his muzzle, the fat head rubbing against the roof of his mouth. Kevin slipped his tongue over his bottom teeth and curled his lips around his top teeth, and began to bob up and down Keith’s dick, one paw wrapped around the base of his shaft.

Keith moaned, "Oh god Kevin… this is incredible..." his paws gripping the railing behind him as the dalmatian began to really suck him off. He’d never felt anything this good. It was a million times better then pawing off. Kevin’s muzzle was warm and wet, and his tongue moved across the underside of his cock. Keith couldn’t feel the dalmatian’s teeth at all; Kevin’s muzzle was just a warm wet ring moving up and down his dick with a powerful suction behind it. The wolf panted, thrusting gently into the dalmatian’s mouth, whimpering as the dalmatian took his shaft easily.

Keith looked down at Kevin, watching his cock disappear into Kevin’s muzzle. Kevin’s eyes were closed, his paw wrapped around the base of his shaft and Keith could feel him actively sucking on his cock. It made his body tingle and he felt hot, and Keith could feel the sweat beginning to cling to his fur even though he was panting hard. Wet slurping sounds accompanied each thrust of his cock into the dalmatian’s muzzle, and Keith could feel the pressure on his cock from Kevin’s throat. It was like a hot, wet vacuum was pulling at his dick, and he pushed himself forward into Kevin’s muzzle with a moan. Nothing had ever felt this good.

"Damn Kevin... your muzzle feels so good…" Keith whispered, reaching forward and cupping the back of Kevin’s head, pushing him down onto his cock. The dalmatian moaned softly and opened his eyes. The sight of Kevin staring up at him, his black cock slding in and out of his mouth sent shivers down Keith’s spine. Keith stared into Kevin’s eyes, just watching the dog as his muzzle bobbed up and down his dick.

Keith was surprised when Kevin’s free paw left his thigh and moved down to his own crotch and the dalmatian began to fumble with his own belt buckle. The dalmatian let out a whimpering moan as he got the zipper open, sending shivers down Keith’s cock, the dalmatian’s white paw rubbed his erection through his jeans.

Kevin pulled his own cock out into the air, a pink shaft that his paw began to stroke rapidly. Kevin moaned and whimpered, his muzzle moving even faster on the wolf’s cock as he began to jerk himself off. Keith couldn’t believe it; Kevin was so turned on by getting his muzzle fucked he was stroking himself off.

Keith grinned as a feeling of power and control rushing through him, his cock throbbing inside the warm muzzle of his friend. He’d never felt so dominate in his life. The wolf cupped the dog’s head in his paws and began really humping into Kevin’s muzzle, face fucking his friend, knowing that they were both loving it.

The two boys settled into a rhythm and were like that for a long time. Kevin’s muzzle moved up and down Keith’s shaft, coaxing the wolf closer and closer to the edge, while Keith pushed himself into Kevin’s muzzle, each thrust a little more desperate. Keith’s knot began to form slowly; and he woofed in pleasure as the paw at the base of his cock wrapped around it. Kevin obviously knew how to please a guy with a knot, because his paw squeezed the growing knob, pulling at it as the dalmatian sucked him off. It made Keith feel like he was tied to the dalmatian’s muzzle and the thought made his head spin. The thought of cumming into Kevin’s muzzle, having the dog swallow his load made Keith’s cock throb, and the wolf could feel how close he was getting. He whimpered, "Oh shit Kev… I think I’m gonna blow…"

Keith yipped and whimpered in pleasure as Kevin’s other paw reached up and squeezed his balls, rubbing behind the gently as his other paw squeezed down on his knot. Keith gasped, covering his mouth with his paw to muffle the howl he let loose as he came. Keith looked down, his cock throbbing with the most intense pleasure he’d ever felt as he shot his load right into Kevin’s muzzle. The dalmatian didn’t even blink as Keith came; he was too intent on sucking the wolf's dick.

Keith felt that rush of power again, and he thrust into Kevin’s muzzle hard, forcing the dog to take his cock down the back of his throat. Kevin wanted his cum, wanted him to shoot his load right down his throat. His muzzle couldn’t move as Keith held his nose flush with his crotch, but his tongue swirled around the wolf’s shaft as he captured every drop of Keith’s cum in his muzzle. Keith watched, dazed by the sheer pleasure of cumming like this, right into the muzzle of another male, as little drops of his cum began to escape Kevin’s muzzle and drip down his white cheeks.

Kevin pulled back slowly as Keith’s orgasm faded, his muzzle full of cum. Keith’s load had been pretty big, and the dalmatian was surprised that he hadn’t swallowed reflexively like he usually did. The salty, thick cum felt heavy on his tongue and Kevin slowly rolled the load across his tongue, tasting it as Keith rubbed the dog’s muzzle across his cock. The scent of the wolf’s arousal, the feeling of the wolf’s strong legs against his face and the taste and scent of his cum filling his nose made Kevin dizzy.

Keith tasted sweeter then the last guy Kevin had swallowed, and instead of pushing him away, Keith held him close, pressing his muzzle into his crotch. Kevin looked up at his friend, trails of cum running down his muzzle. Keith was panting hard, leaning back against the wall and holding onto the handicapped railing. Kevin stooped up slowly, his knees shaking. Kevin blushed furiously as Keith looked him in the eyes, a look of pure joy on his muzzle. "Whooo Kev… that felt great…" Kevin shivered as Keith slipped a hand onto his waist, pulling him forward. The wolf’s arm slipped around behind him, his paw firmly grabbing the dalmatian’s butt, the other paw clutching the back of his head, pulling him into another slow kiss. Kevin shivered; his muzzle full of cum and his own hard cock rubbing slowly against Keith’s now shrinking cock as they kissed.

Keith could feel that Kevin’s heart was beating almost as fast as his own was as they kissed. Keith pulled the shorter dog close, kissing him slowly. Kevin’s muzzle didn’t open at first, and Keith felt like the dalmatian was fighting with something, but then the dog swallowed slowly and opened his muzzle to the wolf’s tongue. Keith was shocked at the salty tang in the dalmatian’s muzzle, which he realized was the taste of his own cum.

Cum that Kevin had just been forced to swallowed. Keith shivered slightly from the pleasure of that thought, and he felt his cock harden again as it rubbed against Kevin’s. Keith broke the kiss, panting as he looked down at Kevin’s erection. The dalmatian’s pink cock was about an inch shorter then his own, maybe six inches, though it was just as thick. Keith looked Kevin in the eyes as the dalmatian blushed, his ears pressed firmly against his head. "Wow…" Keith whispered, just staring into the dog’s eyes.

Kevin ducked his head, "So... it was good right?" the dalmatian whispered, shivering as Keith’s paw suddenly wrapped around his cock.

The wolf grinned like a maniac. "Shit man that has was the best thing I’ve ever felt. Is it always that good?"

Kevin felt his face get even hotter, and he shook his head, "No… I’ve, actually I’ve had a lot of practice doing that."

Keith grinned, his paw rubbing the back of Kevin’s head. "Well you sure were paying attention. That felt amazing." A silence descended between them as Keith looked down at Kevin’s own hard cock. "So I guess I should return the favor…" the wolf whispered quietly.

Kevin licked his lips as Keith sunk to his knees slowly, the wolf’s paw stroking his pink cock slowly. "You… you don’t have TOO…" Kevin was cut off, a yelp springing from his throat as the wolf’s muzzle closed around his cock.

Keith hadn’t waited. He didn’t want think about what he was doing, he just wanted to do it. Keith moved his muzzle up and down Kevin’s cock, trying to imitate what the dalmatian had done to him, one paw wrapped around the base of his cock and his lips forming a ring around his shaft. Keith had seen the look in Kevin’s eyes, the need. When the scent of the dalmatian’s crotch had reached his nose, he had just acted.

And what scared him as he bobbed his muzzle up and down the dog’s dick was that he wanted too. He’d wanted to feel this. The shaft inside his muzzle was firm and warm, and it felt slick as his tongue slide across it. Kevin’s cock head rubbed the back of his throat, and Keith found himself moaning softly around it. It felt damn good to have the dalmatian’s cock moving through his muzzle. It felt totally different then being on the receiving end, it still felt good.

Keith closed his eyes, moaning softly again around Kevin’s dick. He felt in control of Kevin even more now. His paws reached around and pushed the dog’s pants all the way down to his ankles. Kevin stood there shaking, half naked as Keith sucked him off, the wolf’s paws slowly exploring the dog’s bare ass. Keith explored every inch of the dog’s body he could reach as he sucked on the cock in his muzzle, the thick shaft of flesh moving past his lips making Keith so hot he felt like he could cum again. Kevin didn’t move, he didn’t say anything; he just whimpered and moaned softly as Keith sucked him off. When the dalmatian grabbed the railing, his white paws twisting as he held the metal bar tightly, Keith could tell the dalmatian was getting close to cumming.

Keith felt good as he went down on the dalmatian, but a knot was formed in his stomach. What was he going to do when Kevin came? Pull off? Swallow his cum? Kevin had… The dalmatian had swallowed his cum without a second thought, like he had earned it. Keith felt his chest tighten, his tail dipped a little and he realized he had gotten hard again at the thought of swallowing the dog’s cum. It scared Keith how much the thought of another guy cumming in his mouth turned him on.

But not nearly as much as the sound of the bell ringing scared him. The loud sound made Kevin jump and yelped in shock, his cock pushing into Keith’s throat, gagging the wolf. Keith gasped as he pulled of the dalmatian’s dick, eyes wide in fear. Keith and Kevin stared at each other in sheer terror as the bell continued to ring in the halls outside, signaling the end of class. They both looked down at Kevin hard dick, wet with spit and precum and bobbing in the air. "Oh shit how long have we been in here?" Keith whispered as he fumbled with his pants, trying to close them over his erection as he watched the door to the restroom from his place on the floor.

"I don’t know," Kevin whispered, desperately trying to get his pants up past his own hardon. Keith stood up, bumping into Kevin as the dog got his pants up to his waist, and they stared at each other, scared out of their minds. What if somebody found them like this?

Sure the stall door was closed, but the bathroom smelled like horny wolf and dog instead of urine like it usually did. Keith fumbled with his belt and reached for the stall door. If he was caught with Kevin in a stall, then everybody would know what they’d been doing. But he could hide in the next one till he got himself presentable. As he unlocked the stall door, Kevin grabbed his paw.

The dalmatian whimpered in fear as he tried to close his pants with one paw over his erection, his big blue eyes staring into Keith’s.

"Please Keith…" the dalmatian whined softly as the sounds of people moving through the halls began to grow. "Don’t tell anybody what happened…"

Keith stared into Kevin’s eyes for a second, shocked at how desperate and scared Kevin looked. Keith grabbed the dalmatian’s head and kissed him fiercely for a second, but it felt like a year, "I promise," he gasped, slipping out of the stall and closing it behind him.

Keith slipped into the next stall as the first guy entered the bathroom from the hallway, and he found himself gasping for air. He could taste Kevin in every inch of his muzzle, the dalmatian’s tangy precum coating the inside of his mouth, the dalmatian’s scent clinging to the inside of his nose. He breathed deeply, composing himself as his erection went down.

He’d never been so scared or happy in his entire life. As the fear of being discovered drifted away, a warm contentment filled him, and he smiled, running his tongue across the top of his mouth to taste Kevin again. He’d found the answers he’d been looking for, even if he hadn’t expected to find them with Kevin on the floor of the school bathroom. The wolf grinned to himself as he zipped his pants up, flushed the toilet for appearances, and slipped out into the crowded hallway.

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