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High School Days Chapter 6:

The Morning Routine


Keith groaned as he woke up, shaking his head slowly. The wolf pushed himself up onto his hands an knees, stretching like he did every morning. He pushed down on the bed, arched his back and yawned, jaws opening wide. He shook his tail out, fluffing the fur slightly as he sat up on his knees, paws rubbing his chest sleepily. Keith shook his head and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. It felt like he hadn’t slept all night long. It felt…

Keith laughed softly when he looked down at himself and discovered part of him was already wide awake. Keith wrapped his paws around his hard on, murring softly. The touch of warm paw pads against the black flesh of his cock felt so good, and he began to stroke himself. Keith murred in pleasure as his paws fell into his pawing routine. He wrapped one paw around the base of his dick, squeezing where his knot would form and stroked his shaft base to tip with the other. That combination always felt the best.

The feeling of his fingers sliding across his shaft brought the memory of Kevin’s slim paws to the wolf’s mind. Keith sighed, closing his eyes as he remembered what it felt like to have Kevin’s paws on him and the dog’s warm muzzle wrapped around his cock. The thought of Kevin’s muzzle made Keith arch his back and quicken his paw strokes. Nothing the wolf had done to himself had felt as good as Kevin’s muzzle.

Keith licked his lips and panted lightly, his paw fwaping up and down his cock as his fantasy lover turned from Kevin to Todd. Keith half closed his eyes, and imagined what it would look like, if the fox were on his knees sucking him off. The thought of his black cock slipping into the fox’s slim made Keith’s knot swell.

He just couldn’t stop thinking about the fox. What he’d done with Kevin had only made things worse then ever. He dreamed about him in class, at home, everywhere. Ever time he saw Todd at school he had to hide the erection he got. Keith wanted to know everything about the fox. What he looked like naked, what his cock looked like, how it felt to truly hold him, how Todd’s muzzle felt around his cock. What it would be like to mount him.

His hips bucked at the thought, the paw at the base of his shaft pulling at his forming knot. Keith whined, gasping as he imagined bending the fox over and breeding him. That was what he really wanted to do. He wanted to push the fox down, push his shaft under the fox’s big fluffy tail and fuck him. He wanted to pound his dick into the fox’s butt, make him squeal and moan in pleasure. He wanted to make love to him hard and fast, wrap his arms around the fox and feel Todd’s body spasm and jerk in pleasure under his own.

Keith leaned over his bed, wrapped an arm around his pillow and pretended that it was Todd’s body he was holding. This was the position he imagined he and Todd would mate in. The fox underneath him on his back, Todd’s slim legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him down as Keith fucked him. The wolf wanted to hold Todd tightly in his arms, pound his cock into the fox and make him feel nothing but pleasure.

Simple exploration in the shower had taught Keith how good it felt just to have a finger inside his tail when he jerked off. Keith pushed his muzzle into his pillow because it would muffle the howl he knew was coming. He wanted Todd to scream his name in pleasure as he rammed his knot deep inside the fox and tied with him. Keith’s cock spasmed at the thought of tying with Todd and he came hard.

His howl was muffled, but it was still loud enough to make his ears ring. Keith closed his eyes tightly and shook in pleasure as his cock shot cum all across his bed. His paw squeezed down on his knot, just like Todd’s tail would do. Keith moaned softly, stretching, arching his back again as he rolled onto his side, careful not to land in his own cum. He rubbed his eyes with his clean paw, panting hard. The wolf lay there, trying to catch his breath, and he could feel the heat of his mating rising from his chest, disappearing just like his imaginary lover. He hadn’t cum that hard since Kevin had sucked him off.

Keith raised his right paw and stared at the white cum clinging to it, before slowly licking it clean. Jerking off had been a part of his morning routine since he was a cub. At one time he used to jerk off fantasying about girls he had a crush on, but months ago the vixens of his dreams had been replaced by Todd. He didn’t know why, but the fox was always there.

Then Kevin had sucked him off, and his thoughts had really turned to guys. Each time it had gotten more intense, more sensual, and now Todd was he could think about when he jerked off. Keith closed his eyes, still panting hard as he clutched his pillow to his chest. He wanted to hold Todd like that, hold him close after he came inside the smaller fox. He needed it.

Keith shivered, curling around his pillow as his cock throbbed, the scent and taste of his own cum keeping him hard. Keith wanted Todd so bad he felt empty without him. He had to tell the fox how he felt; there was no way around it. He needed to take the chance and see if Todd felt the same way about him, and the sooner he did the better.


David shivered all over as he held Todd close to him. The kangaroo’s paw cupped the back of the fox’s head, cradling Todd's head against his arm. David loved holding the fox like this. He stared down Todd’s beautiful face; the fox’s deep blue eyes stare up at him. It was wonderful to hold him like this.

The door to David’s room opened and the burst of light made David leap out of bed, standing instantly at attention before he even woke up. "Sir!" David shouted automatically and the boy opening the door yelped in surprise. For a moment, stunned silence filled the tiny room. David blinked and looked down at himself, realizing he was naked and hard and an otter he didn’t recognize was staring at him in. David grabbed for the sheets and the otter retreated into the hallway. "Sorry!" a muffled voice yelled from the hallway. "I forgot someone was in this room now." David shielded his eyes from the light of the hallway as the door cracked open and the otter’s nose appeared again.

"Ummm... look I didn’t see anything but, can you look in the closet and see if I left anything in there when I switched rooms? I can’t find my school bag." David groaned, grabbed his blanket and wrapped it around his waist. He rummaged through tiny closet; found the backpack and handed it out the door. He fumbled with the door’s lock, sighing in despair when he realized it had already been locked.

David blinked as his eyes adjusted to the darkness of his room. The room was so small David could put his hands out and touch the walls. It was barely long enough to hold his bed and have the door open, and it had little beside the closet, bed and a dresser. The tan kangaroo sighed; leaning against the door to make sure it stayed closed.

David rubbed his eyes, preventing the tears that had started to form from falling. Why did keep doing this to himself? Every night it was the same. He went to sleep, and Todd was all that waited for him. No matter what he did, his dreams turned to the fox he’d lost. He wanted to stop it, to dream of anything but Todd, because when he woke the pain was fresh.

The worst part, David thought idly, was that there were so many ways to dream about someone you’ve lost. Tonight dream had been filled with twisting bodies and mating, the incredible rush of being together, part of each other and the warm after glow of mating. David could still feel the now hollow joy of holding Todd to his chest, the fox’s head nestled under his chin.

David pushed himself away from the door and began to rummage though his things as he got ready for his second day at Hadenville High. Most of his stuff was still packed in the duffle bag Roosevelt Academy had given him when he’d left. His paws brushed across his pillow as he made his bed, and his paws trembled.

He couldn’t get to sleep without a pillow to fill the fox’s place. It was stupid, and he knew it, but he need a pillow to hold at night. Otherwise, his dreams turned to nightmares of his father and he would wake up screaming in a cold sweat. On the cold nights at the Academy, other boys had filled Todd’s place in bed, but none of them filled the hole in David’s heart.

David realized dimly that things couldn’t go on like this much longer. It felt like he was lost, especially now that he had escaped Roosevelt and was in foster care. Every night he woke more alone and crying, or sweating and shaking in terror of his father. He had to find Todd somehow. If he had Todd to hold, everything would be better.

David pulled on his boxers, grabbed his fur shampoo, towel and headed for the bathroom. Maybe a shower would clear his head.


Todd moaned gently and pressed against the warmth of David’s neck. He hugged the kangaroo’s waist with his legs, shivering as David kissed his forehead, his weight pressing comfortingly down on him. They had just made love again. The kangaroo had taken him so many times tonight he had lost count. Todd murred contently as the kangaroo held him close, the strength in David’s arms surrounding him, and Todd knew this was where he wanted to stay forever. He could be happy here, just lying beside David, his muzzle pressed against the nape of his lover’s neck.

The fox woke with a snort as his alarm went off, his head buried in his pillow. The fox slapped the alarm and stared down at the pillow he had been cuddling. Tears welled up in his eyes when he realized the comforting warmth that had surrounded him all night wasn’t David’s arms, just a dream. The fox fought the tears back as he sat up. It was always the same dream. It didn’t happen every night, but David’s touch, scent, his love haunted him. Todd shook his head, sniffling as he headed for the shower.

Todd jumped as his mom’s paw gripped his shoulder and stopped him. "Todd honey?" She said softly, "Did you have a bad dream again?" Todd sighed, wiping the tears away from his eyes. "No mom I just... I stubbed my toe is all…" The little fox looked away from his mother’s brown eyes. Todd couldn’t look his mother in the eyes as he lied to her, "I’m okay."

Her paw squeezed his shoulder reassuringly and Todd knew that she could the tears on his cheeks. She knew what they meant. His parents knew what his dreams were about, that his dreams about David were so real they hurt. But His mother didn’t, wouldn’t say anything. She knew that if she mentioned David, then Todd would never be able to work up the courage to face school. He’d missed too many days that way before to miss more.

Todd looked down the hall at his father, who stood in the doorway to his parent’s room. The older fox finished tying his tie, his eyes filled with quite sadness as he said, "Well Todd, if you need anything for your toe… your mother and I are here for you." Todd nodded softly. His parents loved him, and that was the only strength he had left. His mother patted his head gently, "You’d better hurry; it’s almost 7:30. Keith will be by to pick you up soon." Todd nodded and slipped inside the bathroom to shower.



In the hallway of his new foster home David passed the otter from before, who blushed deeply and avoided looking at him. David sighed in frustration. Nothing was going right. At this rate, none of the people in his new home would be his friend, and David really needed a friend right now. His worst fears about Todd had come to pass. Todd’s family had moved, and the new owners of Todd’s house weren’t willing to tell him where they had gone. They said it was unnatural, two males in love, and they weren’t going to help him live in sin. It was going to take time to find the fox again, and he wanted someone to talk to while he searched.

At least he had been lucky enough to get into foster care instead of an orphanage. He didn’t think he could stand living in the structured life of an orphanage after the Academy. Then again, the Perze household was pretty crowded.

Mrs. Perze, a tigeress, was a single mom with five kids who was taking care of four foster kids and making a living for herself running a daycare center out of her house. It was a big house, but it felt more crowded then the Academy’s barracks had been. David reached the boy’s bathroom door, mildly surprised to find there wasn’t a line, and opened the door. When he stepped in he ran nose first into a wall of orange and black striped muscle. The kangaroo stumbled backwards, staring at the huge male in front of him.

It was Kyle, the oldest Perze tiger. David had never seen a guy like Kyle before. The tiger’s head brushed the ceiling, his huge frame filled the tiny bathroom with sheer muscle and the most incredible ass he’d ever seen was right in front of David’s face. Muscles rippled across his back as the tiger half turned and he growled, "Hey, somebody’s in here man!" David swallowed when he saw the tiger had one paw wrapped around his hard cock, which was bigger then any David had seen before. David pulled the door closed behind him and whimpered as he slumped against the wall. Kyle had obviously been pawing off, and he had just gotten a front row view. "Don’t any of the doors in this house lock?" He whispered in despair.

"No." Mrs. Perze glared down at David, and the kangaroo’s ears drooped in embarrassment. She had curlers in her hair and was wearing a bright blue robe. The sound of the shower starting filtered into the hallway, and Mrs. Perze glared at the flimsy wooden door. "Is Kyle in there?" She asked impatiently. David nodded, sliding away from her as she pounded on the door.

"Kyle? Stop hogging the bathroom, you’re gonna be late. And take David to school with you, I don’t have time to stop at the high school this morning before the children start arriving." The bathroom door opened, and Kyle leaned out into the hall, steam rushing past his head. David silently thanked the gods the tiger’s lower half was hidden from view. He was having enough trouble hiding his erection with his towel.

"Mom, you’ve got to be kidding me." Kyle growled, "I don’t have a freaking car! Nick’s not gonna drive a stranger to school just cause it’s convenient for you." David watched them glare at each other for a moment and whispered, "I can always take the bus…" Mrs. Perze leveled a glare at him that could have striped paint from the walls. "NO. The buses here are horrible; I will not have one of my kids riding them." Her gaze rounded on her son. "Take him to school." Kyle rolled his eyes and glared at David as his mother walked away.

"Sorry…" David whispered as the tiger slammed the bathroom door. The kangaroo sagged against the wall, closing his eyes. Nothing ever worked right.


Keith turned the wheel of his truck, his fingers sliding over the broken leather as he pulled up to a stop in front of Todd’s house. The fox stood on the curb, his backpack slung over his shoulder. The wolf forced a smile as Todd opened the door. Keith shifting uncomfortably in his football jacket as Todd climbed into his truck, "How are you this morning Todd?" the wolf asked.

Todd kicked his sandals off with a shrug as Keith drove off. "Alright I guess," the fox tucked his knees under his chin, his toes sticking over the end of the seat. "I didn’t sleep too well."

Keith looked at his friend out of the corner of his eye. The fox had his arms wrapped around his legs, and his tail was curled tightly around him.

They drove in silence for a long while, Keith’s eyes flicking between the road and his friend while Todd just stared out the front window as the truck rattled along. "So, you wanna talk about it?" Keith asked eventually. Todd blinked, shifting in the seat beside him like he was waking from a dream. "Ummm…" The fox’s tongue slide across his upper lip, and Keith wanted to whimper. Todd looked up at him, his bright blue eyes wide as can be. "No… not really I… I don’t remember it very well…"

Todd watched the roadside slide away as Keith began to drive across the bridge into Hadenville. Part of him wanted to tell Keith what was wrong, but what if the wolf didn’t like him anymore?

"Oh…" Keith muttered softly. His fingers gripped the steering wheel, and his tail curled around his leg as he continued to drive, squirming as he tried to decide if he should tell Todd how he felt.


David shifted his weight from foot to foot, his tail sweeping back and forth as he stood on the curb. Kyle stood a few feet away, fuming silently as he leaned against his family’s car. Kyle was wearing a pair of blue jeans an a big blue jacket with the a big green patch in the shape of an H on the sleeve. The words "Hadenville Varsity Football team" were embroidered on the patch and his name stretched across the back over the school symbol. It was obviously the school letter jacket.

The tiger’s tail lashed back and forth, and he tossed a football up into the air every few seconds and caught it. David was sure the tiger’s claws would pop the ball any second. The kangaroo found himself practically bouncing in place he was so uncomfortable.

"Look Kyle, I’m sorry about this, I didn’t want you to take me to school if it’s any consolation." Kyle didn’t say anything; he just tossed his football up in the air and caught it. "I didn’t mean to tick yeah off…." David muttered as Kyle tossed the ball up again, "I had no idea the bathroom door didn’t lock, I didn’t mean to catch yeah jerking off…" The tiger’s tail bushed out and he dropped the football. The big tiger blinked and for a second, David though he’d really done it.

Kyle stared at him for a second before bursting out laughing, his huge frame shaking as he leaned down to grab his football. Kyle wiped tears out of his eyes as he said, "Oh man, you think I’m mad at you for that? No way, I’m pissed that my mom is forcing me to ask Nick to take you to school, not because you walked in on me. Heck man, my mom’s the one who messed up all the locks. Trust me," the tiger pointed a finger at him, "It’s David right?" The tiger said with a grin, pointing the football at him, "My mom’s the one I’m mad at, I don’t even know you."

David chuckled, relieved as the huge tiger slapped him on the shoulder. For a moment there he had been sure the tower of orange and white muscle was gonna cream him. "Yeah, I know, I haven’t seen you around the house at all. I’ve been here three days and this morning was the first time I saw you." Kyle grinned, pearly white and very sharp teeth flashing in the morning sun. "Heh, and first time I give yeah an eyeful too. Sorry about that man, I just needed to blow of some steam yeah know?"

David chuckled, his face heating up as he leaned against the car beside Kyle. "Yeah well I shoulda knocked first." Kyle grinned, tossing the football to David, who caught it easily. "Don’t worry man that pretty much happens with everybody new. Mom never tells the new guys the important stuff, like that the doors don’t lock or that you better do the chore she assigns you or you’ll get stuck babysitting."

Kyle jogged a few feet away and David smiled, tossing the ball back to the tiger. "Yeah well, is there anything else I should know about? I mean, there are a lot of people living in your house."

Kyle snorted, his tail flicking back and forth. "No shit man, you’re like the twelfth kid this year to get stuck here." Kyle rolled the ball from one paw to the other, "Lets see, you can sneak in and out the windows easy, and though she makes a big deal about knowing where you are all the time, my mom can’t keep track of everybody at once." Kyle’s arm reached back and he snapped the ball to David in a practiced motion.

David gasped as the toss knocked the air out of his lungs, but he caught it all the same. Kyle’s aim had been perfect. "Damn man, that’s a wicked toss." David tossed the football back, leading the tiger out a bit.

Kyle caught the ball easily, "Yeah well you pick up a few tricks playing football for tens years. That’s how I meet Nick; we both play for the team." David nodded and caught the ball. "You and nick good friends?" "Oh yeah, he’s my best bud, he’s a pretty cool wolf." David’s ear perked up as a car rumbled around the bend at the end of the street and zoomed towards them. "There’s Nick now man, grab your stuff."

David grabbed his bag from the curb as the cherry red convertible screeched to a stop in front of Kyle. Driving the car was a dark black wolf whose massive frame filled the front seat. "Hey man what’s up?" Nick called out, slapping Kyle’s huge paw with his own. David wanted to whistle as the two jocks grinned and arm wrestled each other over the driver’s door, the muscles in their arms bulging.

"Whoa…." David muttered, just staring at the two jocks. Kyle was a hunk of a guy, it was that simple. Tall, muscular, and handsome, he was perfect. If David hadn’t have been so freaked out by the mornings events he would have come on to him, just on the off chance he might be a tailraiser. With a guy like Kyle, you had to try.

And now, his best friend Nick turned out to be just as hot. Nick’s fur was inky black, so dark it shone and showed off all his muscles. He was wearing a football letter jacket like Kyle, and he was wearing a slick pair of mirrored sunglasses. He looked like a jock from a fifties movie, complete with the muscle car to match his powerful body.

It was one of those old time, two door mustang convertibles, and it was in the best shape David has ever seen one. Nick’s parents must have shelled out a pretty penny to get it for him.

Nick’s gaze wandered to David, "Hey Kyle, who’s the new guy?" The wolf asked with a huge grin, "Your mom get yeah another brother?" David grinned as Kyle grumbled, rubbing the back of his head. "Yeah, he’s staying with us. Name’s David, and…" Nick grinned, pulling of his sunglasses and leaning out of the car to shake David’s paw, "And your mom wants you to give him a ride. Nice to meet yeah David."

Kyle’s shoulders slumped in relief that he didn’t to have to explain things to Nick.

David smiled sheepishly as he shook Nick’s huge paw. "I’m sorry about this…" he muttered, but the wolf just waved him off, "Hey don’t worry David, you’re not the guy Mrs. Perze has pushed on me for a ride and yeah probably won’t be the last. It’s totally cool. Hop in guys." Kyle sat in the passenger seat, and David easily hopped over the side of the car into the rumble seat.

David licked his lips as the car speed off down the street. His seat was higher up then the front seat so he was basically looking over nick and Kyle’s shoulders, and he could see right down between them easily. Their jackets were open and their tank tops fluttered in the wind, making it easy for him to catch a glimpse of their muscles chests. They filled the front seat so much that their muscled legs were touching and David could even see the bulge in their tight jeans.

David squirmed in the seat, trying not to stare too hard at them. It was going to be a long ride to school….


"Todd, can I talk with you about something?" Keith said finally. Todd straightened up, his feet sliding off the seat as he uncurled his body, "Sure" Todd said quietly, stretching the kinks out of his back.

Keith stared as the fox put his arms up over his head and pressed his paws against the ceiling of the truck, stretching. Keith suppressed a whimper as Todd’s shirt rode up to reveal the soft white fur on his flat stomach, and the wolf nearly jumped out of his fur when Todd’s long fluffy tail swept across the seat, coming to rest right against his leg. Keith had to force himself to watch the road as the tip of Todd’s long bushy tail flicked against his knee.

The fox settled back into the seat, much more awake then he was. The wolf felt his pants begin to tighten and his ears flattened against his head. Todd was staring at him now, expecting him to say something. "What’s eating yeah wolf?" Todd said, turning his head to the side. "You’ve been acting funny all week. Is something wrong?"

Keith felt the silence hang in the air. He couldn’t tell Todd how he felt, not like this. He wanted to tell him someplace special, after dinner and a movie, something romantic. But he had to say something. Maybe if he just found out how the fox felt about tailraisers…

"Well up you remember at lunch on Monday, when Kevin got upset and stalked off?" Todd nodded, "Yeah, after Jay bothered him. I never did get a straight answer out of him why that made him mad." Keith chuckled softly, "Um well... that’s probably because the answer isn’t ‘straight’." Todd furrowed his brow, "huh? What do you… mean…?" Todd stopped talking, and only the sound of the truck rattling filled the air.

"Are you saying, Kevin is…?"

"Gay." Keith finished. "And yeah, that’s what I’m saying." The wolf looked at Todd cautiously, "That… that doesn’t bother you does it?"

Todd blinked his blue eyes and laughed softly, "No of course not. How could it?"

Keith shifted uncomfortably, "Well, it bothers a lot of guys… especially on the football team…"

Todd nodded, "Yeah but… it couldn’t bother me."

"Why not?" Keith said, hope filling his chest suddenly, "Are… are you…"

Todd nodded softly, crossing his arms over his chest as they pulled up to a red light. "Yeah…" the fox whispered softly, his tail curling around him, "I’m gay too Keith."

The fox looked up at him, his ears flattening against his head, "This… this isn’t going to change anything is it Keith?"

For a moment Keith was struck by how small and alone Todd looked. The wolf leaned over and put his arm around Todd, pulling him across the seat and against his chest. "No, no of course not…" Keith whispered in his friend’s ear.

Todd’s arms unfolded, sliding up and around Keith’s neck as the fox hugged him back. Keith nuzzled the fox’s neck softly, breathing in his scent. It was deep and rich, just like he imagined it would be… He held Todd for a long moment in silence, thinking this was the first time he had ever hugged another guy.

Then the car behind him honked, and Keith was force to untangle himself to grab the wheel and drive. But Todd stayed next to him, leaning against his side instead of moving back across the seat. They didn’t say anything. Todd didn’t even look up at him, he just leaned against his side.

Keith just smiled to himself as Todd laid his head against his chest and closed his eyes again. All the tension melted away. Having the fox next to him made everything different. He hadn’t felt so relaxed in a long time. The wolf slid his arm around the fox’s shoulders, where it stayed until they pulled into the school parking lot a short while later.

When they got out of the truck, Todd looked at him, a little confused. "Hey, weren’t we supposed to pick up Alan this morning?" Keith thought about it numbly, and felt all the uneasiness come rushing back. "Shit!" the wolf cursed.



Alan cursed under his breathe as he climbed onto the bus. He hated riding the bus. It was smelly, it was crowded, and it was full of jocks. His long tail lashed back and forth as he pushed his way down the isle towards an empty seat, until somebody with hooves stepped on the end. Alan yelped and held his tail up, holding the bruised tip as he sat down near the back. He couldn’t believe Keith hadn’t picked him up.

Alan rubbed his forehead, trying to block out the other kids. He shouldn’t be this angry about being left to ride the bus, but it hurt. He and Keith had been friends since they were pups. They’d hung out together, played video games, done everything. The wolf was his best friend, and the only person Alan was sure cared about him.

Well, he used to be sure. They were starting to grow apart slowly.

The rat could understand Keith wanting to hang out with new friends they’d made since getting into high school. The guys were pretty cool. Kevin was a lot of help studying, Todd was always willing to listen to you, and while Chris was a jock, he was a pretty fun guy when he wanted to be. They had made a lot of new friends, but somehow Keith had always been special. Alan was even cool with the fact that Keith didn’t like his heavy metal music or the garage band he was putting together. They didn’t have to do everything together after all. They just had to be friends.

He even could deal with Keith being on the football team. Alan’s ears flicked back as a spit wad bounced off his head, launched by a crowd of the blue jacketed jocks in the last seats of the bus. Scratch that, he hated the football team. And since the wolf had joined it, hi afternoons were gone, his weekends were filled with games and practice, and he had no time to hang out at all.

Worse, because he was ‘on the team’, he had to be one of the Jocks. He had to act like them, had to hang around the worst ones, like Leon or Tyler. Keith had to laugh when they shoved kids in the halls or dumped the smaller freshmen into trashcans and toilets. The football team owned Hadenview high school, and with his best friend on the team, Alan was even more of a target.

The only good part left of his friendship with Keith was the ride to school. The wolf picked him up and they talked, just talked the whole way there. It was the only time he had alone with his best friend anymore. It felt special somehow.

Then, Keith had started giving Todd a ride in the mornings. Now Alan usually found him stuck sitting between them on the ride to school. It bothered him, he felt uncomfortable sitting so close to the wolf. He didn’t know why though… Or the fox was between them, which was somehow even worse because Keith paid so much attention to him. The rat grumbled as another spit wad bounced off his ear. Worse part was he wasn’t sure why it bothered him much, Todd was cool.

A third spit wad smacked into the back of his neck and stuck, causing the idiots behind him to howl in laughter and slap each others shoulders like it was the best thing they’d ever done in their lives. Alan’s claws dug tiny grooves into the cover of his Physics book as he pulled the wad of wet paper form his fur. The wolf was gonna pay for this.

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