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High School Days Chapter 7:

Soccer Practice




Kevin padded his way into the locker room.  The dalmatian changed into his soccer clothes nervously, trying to keep his gaze off any of his teammates, especially when they had their pants off.  The dalmatian only smiled when his best friend Chris Peterson came up to him and slugged his shoulder. 

“Hey Kev, how you doing?” the leopard said with a big grin, and Kevin smiled back at him.  “Pretty good, I passed my Physic’s test.”  The slightly taller cat grinned, and Kevin stared at his friend’s bright green eyes as they lit up as he smiled wide, his white, sharp teeth flashing in the light.  “Oh man, that’s cool Kev.  I got a B, and I’m pretty sure I would have bombed it weren’t for your help.” 

The dalmatian smiled sheepishly and tried not to stare at Chris’s crotch when the cat pulled his shorts off, his white briefs bulging with the outline of his package just before his soccer shorts covered them back up.


Kevin looked away from his friend and concentrated on getting all of his stuff into his locker as Chris kept talking, “I hear we’re getting a transfer student on the team today, so Coach is gonna have us do shooting practice.  Hope you’re ready to block some shots.”  The leopard playfully slapped Kevin’s back. 

Kevin smiled and said, “Course I’m gonna block the shots, what else is the goalie for?”  Chris laughed, “Yeah, well you could just stand there and look pretty.” Kevin blushed hard as the leopard kept talking, “It a good thing Coach finally moved you up to the Varsity team, you’re a lot better goalie then Ryan was.” 

The dalmatian ducked his head as his friend slugged his shoulder again, totally unaware of why his friend was blushing.  “I’ll see you on the field Kev.” 

Chris jogged off towards the field and Kevin shook his head to clear his thoughts.  Why did he let Chris’s friendly jabs get to him like that?  The leopard had always kidded around with him like that, ever since they were little. Once he would have snapped off a clever come back.  But since last year…


Kevin finished changing and pulled on his extra thick knee pads he used when the coach wanted to have the team shoot goals against him during practice.  He was the team’s goalie after all; he didn’t want to screw up his knees in just a practice session.  The dalmatian turned to leave, closing his locker and pushing his way through the crowded locker room.  As he pushed open the door someone shouted, “Wow!!”


Kevin blinked and stared at the kangaroo he’d almost knocked over with the door in his rush to leave the locker room.  The dalmatian was frozen in his tracks, and he swallowed nervously as he stared at the kangaroo’s face.  The slightly taller brown kangaroo bounced on the balls of his feet,  “Watch out man…” the kangaroo said as he pushed past Kevin, who just stared at his retreating back, dumbfounded.  Kevin looked down at the kangaroo’s tail, and sure enough, there was a sharp bend right near the tip, like it had been broken.  Kevin’s couldn’t believe it.





 It had been two years since he’d seen that kangaroo…


It had been an away game at some private school, Roosevelt Academy.  He’d been playing for the junior team then, because he was only a sophomore.  Kevin could barely remember anything about the game itself except for the rain.  The clouds had gathered just as they got onto the field, and the heavens opened up once the whistle blew.  The field had quickly turned into a mud pit, and the game dragged on forever because the Academy officials refused to cancel the game, even though their field was being ruined.


Coach Townson was trying to keep the team’s spirit up, but the ball was too slick, the ground to soft to run, and too muddy for anyone to set up a good shot.  The other team seemed to be everywhere, they were used to playing in the rain, and Kevin blocked so many shots he thought his legs were going to give out from under him.  By the second half he was glad it was raining because it was washing the mud from his fur. 


Kevin was caked in mud from head to toe.  Most the other players only had mud up to their knees, but he was the goalie. Every time he had to dive to stop the ball he went face first into the muck. By the third quarter, his white fur was chocolate brown instead. The game was horrible, mainly because the center for the other team was so damned good. 

Roosevelt Academy’s center had been a kangaroo.  He was faster and more maneuverable then Kevin’s teammates and his short fur kept him from being weighed down by the rain as badly as some of the players.  He kept the ball on Kevin’s side of the field almost the whole game, and only the dalmatian’s willingness to dive headfirst into the mud to stop the ball had kept him from racking up the goals left and right.  In the end, the score was 6 to 5 in their favor, and Kevin had been so glad to get off the muddy field and into the locker rooms he would have leapt for joy if he’d had the energy.




Kevin watched Chris’s feet move the ball back and forth as the leopard rushed at him. He was moving way to fast for the defenders, and Kevin could tell he was going to make a shot.  The leopard’s feet brought the ball forward, this way and that, and he turned his feet to shoot to the far right.   But Kevin saw the leopard’s tail flick to the right side of his body, where it would only help him balance if he shot left.  The dalmatian leapt, and watched as Chris he turned his foot at just the right time to let him spin to the left and kick the ball hard, right into Kevin’s waiting paws.


The leopard cursed and shook his head as Kevin stood back up, ball in paw.  “Nice try buddy, but you’re just not smooth enough.”  Kevin tossed the ball out to his defenders as Coach Riley blew his whistle and yelled a lot at the team. “What tipped you off?”  Chris yelled as he turned and ran after the ball.  “Your tail!” Kevin yelled, “Gives you away every time man!”  A couple of the guys laughed, and Kevin went back to watching the ball as his team passed it back and forth across the field.


Kevin tried to pay attention to what was happening in the practice game, but his eyes kept going to the new guy, the kangaroo from the locker room.  He was playing forward on the opposing side, and he’d already scored two goals against him.  Kevin kept watching him move, palms sweating as he wondered if it was the same kangaroo.  He watched him play, hard and fast, the same way Roosevelt Academy’s center had played last year.


He wanted to ask somebody his name but he didn’t know if it was a good idea to seem interested in him.  After all, he didn’t have a clue how the guy felt about what happened.   It had been a long time ago and maybe…  Kevin barely snapped out of his thoughts as the kangaroo sent the ball flying towards him, and he barely grabbed it before it flew past.  Kevin shook his head, clearing the memories away as the coach yelled, “Alright everybody, good game!  Let’s head for the locker room.”  Kevin frowned, his paws suddenly shaking.  He just hoped things didn’t turn out like the last time. 




Kevin remembered the way his uniform had peeled off his body.  He’d staggered into the locker room and just stripped down to his jockstrap, dumping his uniform in a pile as his teammates slapped his muddy shoulders. They were wet and covered in mud, but nothing like he was. The mud clung to him like a second skin, and he grinned wearily as his teammates jostled and congratulated him. 


Kevin collapsed onto one of the benches.  He sat there in only his jock strap and mud as Coach Townson came up to him, wet as the rest of the team was and smiling as wide as he could.  “You did good Kevin,” the wolf said proudly, patting the dalmatian’s shoulder, “That was the hardest game we’ve ever played, but you did it. You kept your head and stayed in there.” Kevin smiled wearily and just nodded; he was too tired to speak.

“Are you going to be alright Kev?”  The older wolf said with a worried tone in his voice. Kevin nodded, panting a little, “Yeah, I’m okay. Just need a long shower.”  Coach Townson smiled and nodded.  “We’ll hold the bus for you.”  Kevin shook his head and said, “Nah… I had to drive myself…”  The wolf’s eyes narrowed a bit in concern, “You going to be able to drive home like this?  You’re really beat.”  Kevin smiled weakly and nodded, “I’ll be alright Coach, I just need to shower is all…”  The wolf nodded and smiled, “Okay, then I’ll make sure the other team’s coach will let you stay in here as long as you want.  Call my cell phone if you need anything okay?”


Kevin nodded and laid himself out across the bench. He felt so exhausted he could barely move. His fur was soaked with mud and water, and he felt a hundred times heavier then normal.  The team swarmed around him for what felt like forever, wet, slick bodies pressing against each other. He tried hard not to stare at them but he just couldn’t.  He didn’t have the energy to resist the temptation of watching the guys around him pull their shorts down and then strip out of their wet jock straps and briefs, all right in front of his face.


He could see through their wet briefs, and some even pulled their jock straps off, letting him see their half hard cock dangling over their balls as they changed.  They slapped his chest and congratulated him as they headed for the showers. Kevin tried to close his eyes, but he couldn’t tear his gaze away from the crowd of half naked, wet bodies moving around above him.  He felt his cock begin to stir in his jockstrap, stretching the wet fabric slowly, and his face flushed red under the mud.  He rolled off the bench and staggered to the shower room, hoping to find a free shower stall to hide in until his growing erection went away.


            Kevin remembered how deeply he’d blushed when he staggered into the steam filled room.  There were no walls, no shower stalls, just a room with showerheads around it.  His teammates were all naked, soap and paws running over their bodies as they showered the mud and sweat of the game off them.  Kevin blushed deeper then ever when he felt himself growing even harder at the sight of his whole team naked, and he just knew somebody would notice.   He slunk to the back of the room and took one of the free showerheads in the corner, hoping no one noticed his now raging hard on, barely concealed by his jockstrap.  He turned on the water as hard as it could go and stepped under it, closed his eyes and faced the corner, just letting the water flow over him.


            The feeling of warm, clean water washing over his face almost made him forget about the naked bodies surrounding him.  He could feel the dirt being slowly massaged out of his fur, the water pounding against the skin underneath.  He let the water run over his chest and he turned around, almost moaning as the water cascaded down his neck and back.  He opened his eyes and stood there in a haze, watching the other guys shower as he let the water beat the mud from his fur. 


Kevin blinked his eyes and shook his head, looking around the now empty shower room.  He didn’t know how long he stood there, watching every other guy on his team shower and leave.  He looked down at himself and realized most the mud was now gone from his fur.  He grabbed a bottle of fur shampoo someone had left and lathered up his body, pulling off his jock strap now that he was alone.  His cock was still rock hard; it had been hard since the moment he’d gotten in the showers.  His fingers rubbed the shampoo through his head fur and he closed his eyes, groaning as he leaned against the wall and let the water wash the soap from his fur.  He could feel his muscles throbbing under the water, and he kept imaging all his teammates naked as they moved around him.  He felt his cock throb, and he let his paw softly stroke his aching shaft, eliciting a soft whimper.


“Wow, sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt...”  Kevin yelped and turned away from the voice, blushing hard.  He looked over his shoulder and saw the kangaroo from the other team walk in the shower room.  He was naked, his brown, wet fur glistening as he padded across the room and turned on the shower head right next to him. “Aww come on man, don’t stop on my account…”  The kangaroo said with a grin.  Kevin felt his slim tail tuck between his legs, covering the bare cleft in his rump as the kangaroo got close to him.   Kevin tried trying to keep his eyes off the kangaroo’s crotch, but he couldn’t keep from staring at the swaying member when he realized the kangaroo was slowly getting hard.


 “Wh… what are you doing in here?” Kevin stammered, “Don’t you have a shower in your locker rooms?”  Kevin turned so his erection was hidden from the kangaroo, who laughed as he began to soap up his fur, “Well yeah, but I’m a special case. My name’s David, what’s yours?”  “Umm, it’s Kevin.” The dalmatian looked the kangaroo over from the corners of his eyes as they both showered.


He was an inch or two taller then the kangaroo was, probably a year older too.  His fur was light brown all over his body and very short, making it easy to see the lines of his body.  His ripped body had an easy feeling about it, like he was totally relaxed showering with a stranger.  His long ears swiveled as he moved, his tail moving slightly from side to side as his hips swayed slightly, coming dangerously close to brushing against Kevin’s leg.  Kevin noticed the tip of his tail was bent about an inch from the end, like it had been broken at some point. 


“So why are you still here?  Your team’s bus left half an hour ago.”  Kevin grinned weakly, “Well, I brought my own car, and I really wanted to get the mud outta my fur you know…” the kangaroo laughed softly, the sound amusing and light.  “No kidding, I saw some of the dives you made to stop the ball.  You look a lot better without all the mud.  So you can shower as long as you like huh?”  Kevin blushed as David rather blatantly stared at his body, his eyes lingering over his rump.  Kevin tried to keep his crotch pointed away from the kangaroo, the dalmatian’s hard cock refusing to go down. 


Kevin closed his eyes and tried to will himself to go down, but it didn’t work.  Kevin heard the kangaroo step out from under the shower water and he yelped in surprise as strong arms slipped around his body and a paw firmly grasped his cock.  “You finished washing this yet?”  Kevin whimpered as the David’s lips pressed against his ear and his paw stroked his aching member. 


“Wh… What are you doing?”  Kevin whimpered, and the kangaroo grinned.  “Something my teachers would be very pissed about.  They make me shower by myself so I can’t spy on the other guys.  They’re trying to turn me straight.”  Kevin moaned as one of the kangaroo’s paws cupped his balls and the other stroked his dick.  David pressed against his back, and Kevin could feel the kangaroo’s hard member press against his rump, and he tried to pull away.  “No… stop… please…”


David let go, and Kevin scrambled to get away from him.  He pressed his back against the wall, panting as David put his paws on his hips, smirking.  “Oh come on, you’re hard as rock and you’ve been staring at me since I got in here.  What’s stopping us from having a little fun?”  Kevin shook his head and whispered, “But, what if somebody comes in…” 

David crossed his arms, a look of annoyance crossing his face. “No one comes in while I’m showering. They don’t want to ‘tempt me’ back to my wicked ways.”  The kangaroo took a step closer to him, “But they’re not gonna change who I am, no matter how much my Dad might want them too.  Now are you gonna let me suck you off or not?” 

Kevin panted, shivering slightly as David spread his arm out and put his paws on the wall on either side of his chest and leaned in close to him.  “Come on, you’ll like it I’m sure.”  The kangaroo’s eyes got a haunted look in them and he whispered right in Kevin’s ear, “I know this is crazy… but it’s been a year since I’ve been able to do something like this…” 

Kevin trembled all over as the kangaroo’s paws slid inward, coming to rest on his sides.  “You don’t even know me…”

“No, I don’t.”  David whispered, “And you’re sure as hell not the guy I’m in love with. But I still want to do this.  They’re not going to change who I am, and I don’t care how many guys I have to fool around with to prove it.”  Kevin stared at him, shivering at the closeness of the other boy’s body. David’s deep blue eyes stared right into his.  The dalmatian nodded slowly, closing his eyes as David grinned and dropped to his knees. 


Kevin felt the kangaroo’s paws grip his hips and he whimpered when he felt David’s muzzle rub against his cock.  The kangaroo’s paw slowly gripped his shaft and stroked it, and Kevin looked down at him.  David was staring at his cock, as if deciding if he wanted to really do this.  Then the kangaroo’s muzzle opened and wrapped around the head of Kevin’s dick, and the dalmatian groaned despite himself.  David’s muzzle was warm, and his tongue began slide around Kevin’s shaft as he took more of the dalmatian’s cock into his mouth.  Kevin leaned his head back against the wall and groaned as David started to give him his first real muzzle job. 


Kevin would always remember what that first time felt like, the way David’s tongue wrapped around his shaft inside his muzzle, his muzzle bobbing up and down the length of his shaft.  His paw gripped the base of his cock firmly, the other paw slowly rubbing his balls, teasing them as the warm suction of his muzzle moved up and down his shaft.  David was moaning as the kangaroo sucked.  Kevin looked down at him, breathing hard, watching David give him head.  The kangaroo had his eyes closed, and Kevin couldn’t believe how much the sight of his cock disappearing between his lips turned him on.  Kevin felt his balls begin to tighten and he bucked his hips, shoving his dick forward into David’s muzzle.  David only opened his mouth wider and let him hump his muzzle. 

Kevin’s paws gripped the tile wall and groaned in ecstasy, and he bucked his hips until he couldn’t stand it any longer.  Kevin exploded into David’s muzzle with a strangled gasp.  David’s lips worked his shaft as he came, and the kangaroo swallowed his load before standing up, wiping his muzzle with the back of his hand.


Kevin gasped for air in shock and pleasure, not believe what had just happened.  “You… I’m sorry I just…I just came… I…” the dalmatian stammered, but David just grinned.  “Hey you tasted pretty good, don’t worry.”  The kangaroo looked really sad somehow, “As I said, it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to do that.”  Kevin nodded weakly as David pressed against him again, the younger boy’s weight pressing him against the tile wall.  David almost kissed him, but stopped at the last second and kissed his cheek instead.

“Now we better get out of here before someone comes looking for me.”  Kevin nodded weakly and followed the kangaroo out of the showers.




Kevin shook himself out of the memory of his first time as he stood under the shower in his own school’s locker room.  His school had shower stalls, with an inner and outer room with curtains between each section. Kevin sighed, letting the water run over his for a moment longer before turning it off and reaching out to grab his towel.

Kevin yelped when his paw hit against someone’s bare chest muscles instead of his towel, and he pulled his paw back quickly.  Kevin took two steps back when Brian Newman pushed the curtain back with one big paw and stepped inside the tiny shower with him.  “Hey Kev how you doing?”  The naked mountain lion whispered softly.

“Brian!”  Kevin hissed, as the cat closed the curtain behind him.  “Brian, what are you doing? You can’t come in here!” “Sure I can, you’re not complaining about the view.”  Brian grinned and looked down at his crotch, and Kevin gulped nervously as he looked down too. 


Brian’s paw was stroking his already hard cock, seven inches of dick sliding through his fingers as a bit drop of pre collected at the tip.  “I saw you come in here and figured you’d love giving me a little after pratice muzzle job…”  Kevin swallowed nervously looking up at the open ceiling, “Brian, what is somebody hears, or walks in? Everybody’s still changing…” Kevin looked around the shower stall, imagining all the guys who could be listening to them as they whispered. 

He could hear and smell, the other guys showering around him. Brian’s paw rubbed the back of Kevin’s neck as he leaned in close to and whispered in the dalmatian’s ear, “Come on man… you know you want to…”  Kevin whimpered quietly as Brian’s paw pushed down gently on the back of his neck, guiding him down to his knees.   


Kevin stared at the big cat’s body as Brian rubbed his dick across the dalmatian’s muzzle slowly.  Brian was a bodybuilder, a wrestler almost as wide as he was tall.  Sweat dripped from his fur, running down into the grooves of his ripped chest and six pack abs, which Brian flexed for the dalmatian. The big cat’s cock pressed against his lips, demanding entrance as Brian’s scent making Kevin’s head spin.

He could say no if he wanted to, he could stop the big cat from rubbing his cock against his muzzle, but he didn’t want to.  Brian hung out with him because he knew that Kevin would go down on him if he asked, and besides, Brian had a pretty nice cock.

Kevin opened his mouth, taking Brian’s fat cock head into his muzzle.  He slipped his tongue over his lower teeth and curled his lips into a ring around Brian’s shaft, forming a wet hot passage around the mountain lion’s dick.  Brian moaned softly and thrust his cock into Kevin’s muzzle as the dog began to suck him off.  Kevin put his paws on Brian’s hips, his fingers tracing the cat’s muscular ass as he bobbed his head up and down his shaft as Brian fucked his muzzle, the two boy’s falling into their routine.


 The mountain lion’s cock pushed into Kevin’s muzzle almost roughly as the cat humped Kevin’s face.  Brian loved to thrust his cock into Kevin’s muzzle, to fuck it.  The first time Kevin had gone down on him six months ago; the mountain lion had almost choked him by shoving his cock down his throat.  But after going down on him once every two weeks or so, Kevin was used to it.  They had a rhythm now, and Kevin could take the cat’s cock to the root easily.

Kevin let guys do what they wanted when he sucked them off, just enjoying the feeling of a guys cock in his muzzle. Sometimes he’d have to work hard, doing everything and using every trick he’d learned by sucking cock for the last two years.  Other guys used his muzzle like it was a pussy.


Kevin worked his tongue across the bottom of Brian’s shaft, moaning as his thick head rubbed against the back of his throat.  He couldn’t get over this feeling, having a guys cock in his muzzle.  The soft, hot flesh wrapped around a hard, pulsing shaft that pushed into his muzzle and filled his senses. The smell, the taste, it all made his head spin.  He felt ashamed and embarrassed afterward, but while he was doing it, Kevin couldn’t think of anything better in the world then sucking a guy’s cock.


Kevin gagged as Brian shoved his cock as deep into his throat as he could, cum pulsing down the dalmatian’s throat.  Kevin closed his eyes as the cat’s salty, sticky cum filled his mouth, Brian’s paw forcing him down all the way, Kevin’s nose pressed into the sweat soaked fur of his crotch. 

“Ooooh damn man…” Brian groaned softly, rubbing the back of Kevin’s head as the dalmatian pulled off.  “Your muzzle always feels so damn good man.”  Kevin sighed, watching the cat’s cock shrink slowly, “You can’t keep doing this to me Brian, not here at school…” he whispered as he got to his feet.  Brian chuckled, punching the dog’s chest playfully, the force of which pushed Kevin against the wall. 

“Yeah right man, you love it and you know it.”  Kevin wiped a trail of cum from his muzzle as Brian glanced outside the shower stall and slipped out. The thing was, he did love it.  And every time Brian got a blow job from him, the chances he’d get caught giving the cat head got bigger.  Once, it had been in the restroom of the local mall, then, the back row of a movie theature.   Kevin shook his head, sighing loudly as he pulled the curtain aside and got dressed, remembering the very first time a guy had cum in his muzzle.





Kevin gagged as David came, the kangaroo’s seed spilling down his throat.  The dalmatian pulled his head off David’s cock with a gasp and the rest of the kangaroo’s load shot across his face.   Kevin blinked in surprise as the last rope of cum hit his face, his tongue licking the tangy seed from his cheek as he marveled at the taste.  “Wow…”  Kevin whispered softly, rubbing his sore jaw.  David chuckled softly, sitting on the bench in front of him.  “Yeah I know its weird isn’t it, having another guy in your muzzle.”  Kevin nodded numbly. 


The muzzle job had been awkward and had taken forever because Kevin didn’t know what to do.  David had to teach Kevin how to keep his teeth off his cock, how to use his tongue, how to open his throat right.  It had taken forever for the kangaroo to cum, but he didn’t seem to care at all.  It was like he enjoyed showing Kevin what to do almost as much as he enjoyed the blowjob.


 Kevin stood up nervously, wiping cum from his muzzle.  He starred into David’s eyes as the kangaroo stood up and kissed him for real.  Kevin closed his eyes and moaned softly as the kangaroo’s tongue rubbed the top of his mouth, as if he were eager to taste his own seed.  The feeling of those lips pressed against his and that tongue dancing with his own made Kevin weak in the knees.  Kevin opened his eyes as David broke the kiss, his dark brown eyes back staring at him.  Eyes he’d remember the rest of his life.




Eyes that were now looking back at Kevin, nearly two years later.  “Hi David.”  Kevin mumbled softly as he stood in the hallway outside the locker rooms.  The kangaroo smiled softly. He’d been waiting in the hall for the dalmatian, waiting to see if it was really him on the soccer field.

“Hey Kevin.  I was wondering if you’d remember me.”  The dalmatian looked away, taking a step back from him as some of the football team passed by.  “Yeah well… It’d been hard to forget what happened…”  David just smiled as Kevin trailed off.  They stood across the hall from each other, people walking between them. 


“You still do that?” the dalmatian offered weakly   David shook his head a little, “Not anymore, not since I left Roosevelt. But I’m still… Well, do you still do it?”  Kevin licked his lips, the taste of Brian’s cum still lingering on his lips.  “Some…” 

David nodded slightly, a smile on his face, “Well I’ll see you around Kevin, maybe at lunch tomorrow?  It’d be nice to have a friend, seeing as I’m new and all…  If you want to hang around me that is.” 

Kevin nodded numbly, “No, no that’d be great.  We should hang out…”  David nodded and Kevin watched the kangaroo walk away, almost smacking himself for watching the kangaroo’s ass when he turned a corner.  Kevin groaned when he was out of sight, “Oh gods, why me?”  The dalmatian ran a paw through his hair and made his way home.


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