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High School Days Chapter 8:

Study Sessions



Kevin started packing his books as the last bell of the day rang. The dalmatian slide out of his desk and stood up, picking his backpack up off the floor. As he did, somebody pushed past him and knocked him over in their rush to get out of class. Kevin fell with a yelp and his bag hit the floor. The zipper busted open and his books scattered across the floor. The dalmatian groaned as a couple people laughed and others stepped on his things in their rush to leave. Kevin muttered as a couple of guys in footballs jackets, especially the one who had pushed him from behind, snickered at him as he began to pick up his books. A deep voice said, "Here you go Kevin," and a big black paw grabbed his own and hauled him to his feet. Kevin blinked in utter shock as his backpack was held in front of his face by a big, black furred fist almost the size of his head. The wolf the paw belonged to was smiling down at him as the dalmatian stuttered, "Th… Thanks Nick…"

Kevin reached out and took his backpack from the huge wolf who just smiled and walked passed him the front of the room to talk to the teacher, his sheer size parting the crowd around him. Nick was just standing there with his side facing Kevin, wearing a pair of tight jeans and a loose mesh shirt with his football number on the back, both dark black like his fur. Kevin found himself staring at the wolf, his eyes tracing the wolf’s back muscles as they rippled under his jet-black fur.

Nick had the body of a god. His bulging muscles were easy to see, they were so developed that under the black mesh tank top he was wearing, and his leg muscles strained the fabric of his shorts as he walked. While the wolf talked to the teacher, Kevin’s eyes traced the muscles of the wolf’s chest and then down to his beautiful abs. Nick was a tower of pure muscle, his body the v-shape of someone who works out every day. Every part of his body was perfectly defined and highlighted by his sleek black fur. Kevin licked his lips and looked away, his face red because his eyes had wandered to the smooth curve of wolf’s package again.

Kevin shook his head and finished gathering his stuff, watching the wolf out of the corner of his eye. Nick was just standing up at the front of the class talking to the teacher about something, but in the time Kevin had been watching him four girls had come up and slipped pieces of paper into his pockets or whispered something in his ear. Kevin shook his head again and sighed. But what was more amazing was that the wolf had actually talked to him. Sure, Kevin was on the varsity soccer team and he even played goalie, but Nick was the star of the football team. He and Kyle Thomas, a tiger with a body just as hot and just as strong, were the best rushers and receivers in the school’s history and the most popular guys in school. They formed the best team anyone had ever seen, on and off the football field. If you saw one the other was sure to be close by, and a crowd of people always surrounded them in the halls. Kevin couldn’t believe he’d actually helped him stand up instead of pushing him down again.

The dalmatian flexed his paw as he walked towards the door, remembering how completely Nick’s hand had enclosed his own. He was so lost in the thought of the wolf’s strong grip he wasn’t watching where he was going and yelped in surprise as he ran nose first into Nick’s chest. The wolf’s body was like a black wall of fur and muscle blocking his path. "Hey, you got a minute?" The big wolf said, his chest filling Kevin’s vision. The dalmatian stuttered as he said, "Y-yeah, what do you want?" Kevin took a step backwards, suddenly suspicious. A guy like Nick didn’t talk to a guy like him unless they wanted something.

The big wolf chuckled and flicked his long tail back and forth lazily, "Geez, you’re jumpy today Kevin." The dalmatian’s mind numbly registered that the wolf actually knew what his name was. "Yeah, guess I’m just out of it today. What, what did you want?" The wolf grinned and held up his history book, which looked small in his giant black paw. "I was wondering if you could help me out. This class is killing me, and with the state playoffs coming up I need to make sure I pass. I was hoping you could tutor me some. You always do well." Kevin blinked for several seconds in total shock. He knew for a fact that the teacher, one of the many assistant football coaches, gave the answers to all the big tests to any football jock that wanted them. The only reason the teacher graded fairly for Kevin was he played soccer, and if you didn’t play any sports then you were really screwed. The dalmatian mutter bitterly, "Are, are you sure? Coach Weston never fails any of the football players…"

Nick’s green eyes narrowed and Kevin shivered as a hundred muscles across the wolf’s chest and stomach flexed, his hackles rose slightly, as he cracked the knuckles on his huge paws. "I know. But I didn’t get this far by cheating, and I not gonna start now."

Kevin blinked in surprise again as the wolf’s hackles flattened back out and his previously cheerful mood returned. "So I need someone who knows their stuff who can help me out. I can pay yeah if you want some extra cash. Deal?" Kevin found himself nodding numbly, his eyes tracing the muscles of the wolf’s chest as he reached out a paw. "Yeah… yeah sure…" Kevin said, and nearly had his arm jerked off by Nick’s handshake. "Great, say, six o’clock tonight? Here’s my address and number. It shouldn’t be too hard to find." Kevin took the piece of paper numbly, staring at it in his paw and then at the wolf’s retreating back. Nick’s tail flicked back and forth over his incredible ass, and Kevin felt weak in the knees. "What have I gotten myself into?" He thought numbly.


Kevin had never seen Nick’s house before, and when he turned his car into the Heights he knew why. The Heights were the richest neighborhood in town, and the wolf’s house was a mansion. The dalmatian had to drive past a gate, then a huge fountain just to park. The butler who came to the door told him that Nick lived out in the pool house, and he could just walk around back and find him. Kevin padded his way around the huge house, shaking his head when he got to the guesthouse and rang the doorbell. Kevin lived in a tiny, three room apartment with his family. Nick lived by himself in what was practically a house.

Nick opened the door and smiled, "Hey Kev, what’s up? Have any trouble finding the place?" Kevin fumbled his words as he stared at the wolf, "Um, nah, nah I found it easy…" Kevin almost dropped the books he’d brought with him as he followed Nick into his house.

The wolf was wearing only a pair of tight jean shorts and sandals, and Kevin’s brain just couldn’t seem to handle the sight of the big black wolf half naked. Nick’s back muscles rippled as he walked, his tail swished back and forth, held it up high so Kevin could see every inch of the wolf’s incredible ass, the torn edges of his shorts mixing with his black fur. Nick was talking, but Kevin could barely hear him because he was staring too hard at the wolf’s firm rump.

Kevin felt the heat of a blush creep up his neck, his tail almost tucked between his legs. Nick was totally out of his league. Heck, the wolf would probably deck him if he knew what Kevin was thinking right now. Kevin looked around the wolf’s place, trying to keep his eyes off the wolf. The main room was filled with a large couch, a TV, and a big exercise machine. A wide counter separated the wolf’s main room from a tiny kitchen and a door lead off to what looked like his room. Kevin set his books down on the counter. "Umm, so how do you want to do this?" Kevin muttered nervously.

Nick just shrugged, "I just need you to go over everything and quiz me on stuff. I’ve read the stupid book, but I keep forgetting things." Kevin nodded a little, licking his lips, pushing the thoughts about Nick’s body out of his mind. "Well, let’s get started. You just need the last couple chapters explained, right?"

"That’s a good a place as any to start." Nick said as he grabbed hold of a fifty pound hand weight with each paw. Kevin suppressed a whimper as the wolf lifted it into the air, his arm muscles suddenly leaping into definition. "You mine if I work out while you talk?" Kevin swallowed nervously as the wolf lifted the other weight he was holding, and his whole chest bulging. "No... Go right ahead." Kevin whispered…


Kevin’s tail twitched back and forth as he checked Nick’s homework, which was spread across the wolf’s countertop. Most the answers were right, and those that were wrong were really close. Nick had really improved over the past two weeks. Kevin hadn’t expected him to make such progress, but the wolf was actually paying attention to him. Kevin jumped a little as the heavy clang of weights crashing together filled the room. Well, at least he was listening. The dalmatian looked up from the wolf’s paper, watching Nick stretch out his legs after working them out.

Every time Kevin had come over to help him study, the wolf worked out while they did. The lights were usually off, the big sliding glass door filling the room with sunlight, high lighting Nick’s body. Today, Nick was dressed in just a pair of blue gym shorts, the shiny, clingy kind that showed off way more of the wolf’s butt then Kevin wanted and the color made his black fur seem even darker. The wolf popped a few of his fingers as he stared at his weight set, and his tail swished back and forth, held up high, showing off how tight his shorts were across the back.

Kevin had never seen somebody so focus before. He could talk about anything, and the wolf just kept lifting weights and taking it all in. Nor had Kevin ever seen somebody lift so much weight. Nick could bench press 300 pounds easily, and Kevin had to fight to keep from just staring at the wolf. Each time he came over to tutor the wolf, it just got harder and harder to concentrate on teaching Nick and not think about what it would be like to give him head. Kevin shook his head and went back to grading.

It wouldn’t be so bad if Nick was just a dumb jock who looked pretty. The wolf was actually kind of nice too. He’d offered to hang out with Kevin, chatted him up at school. He was just, nice to him. Kevin chewed on his lower lip nervously, his tail swishing back and forth. He didn’t like how things were going. He was getting a serious crush on Nick, and he’d had crushed like this before. They all ended up bad too, especially if he went down on the guy.

"So, how’d I do?" Nick said as he let the weights settle back onto the rack and walked to the counter as Kevin tallied up the score. "You’re doing pretty well, 86 is a lot better then you were making last week…" the dalmatian trailed off as the wolf leaned over him. Kevin felt his tail curl between his legs, and his ears pressed flat against his head. Nick wasn’t just leaning over his shoulders too look at his grade; he was leaning right over the top of him, one paw planted on the counter on either side of the body.

Kevin looked up, fighting the urge to whimper and as Nick stared at the paper, chewing his lip. Nick had never gotten this close to him before… Kevin could smell him now. The wolf’s scent was everywhere in his house, but now… now it was raw and sweaty and Kevin could feel nick’s fur, brushing against the back of his shirt. Kevin wasn’t sure if he wanted to run or if he wanted to lean back against the muscled chest he knew was right behind him…

"Why’s this wrong?" Nick muttered, pointing at a particular problem. "Kevin looked back down at the paper, and stared blankly at it for a long moment. He couldn’t remember why it was wrong… all he could think about was Nick’s body so close to him and the steady tightness growing in his pants.

"Uhhh…." Kevin muttered as the reason finally came to him, "Cause McKinley was the 24th president, not the 26th." The wolf groaned and rubbed his forehead, stepping back a little. "Great and I was so sure of that one too…" Kevin swiveled the barstool around to face Nick. The dalmatian put his hands in his lap, hoping he could cover up the bulge. He did not want Nick to see him getting excited like this.

"Well.., what do you think we should do next man?" Nick said, as he ran a towel through the fur on his forehead. "I’ve got no…"

Kevin felt like his head was ringing. All he could here was a buzz as Nick talked. The wolf was just to close to him. The scent of the wolf’s sweat, the sight of his muscled chest, his inky black fur seeming to swirl right in front of him, close enough to reach out and touch… Kevin licked his lips as his eyes drifted down Nick’s form. The wolf’s gym shorts were so tight; Kevin could just make out the shape of his dick, the head pressed against the thin material. Nick couldn’t possibly be wearing underwear…

The dalmatian yelped as the wolf slapped his on the shoulder. "Hey man, you alright?" Nick said with a grin, "You zoned out there on me…" Kevin gasped in relief. Nick hadn’t hit him; he’d just given him a friendly slap on the shoulder. "Yeah… yeah I’m okay…" Kevin muttered. Nick’s brow furrowed, and for once Kevin though it was in concern not in anger. "You sure Kev? You’ve been really out of it the last week…"

Kevin swallowed nervously. He couldn’t do it anymore.

The dalmatian pushed off the barstool and took a step closer to the taller wolf. He was standing really close to Nick now, way to close for most people’s comfort. His knees felt weak and his paw pads were sweaty, but he had to tell him. He had to try.

Nick gave him a confused look as Kevin stared up at him, and the dalmatian looked right into the wolf’s deep brown eyes. "Look Nick… I need to ask you something, and I don’t want you to get mad… I just… want yeah to think about it…" A grin spread across the wolf’s muzzle as he wiped his paws clean of chalk. "Sure man, you’ve been helping me out a lot tutoring me like this, so I owe you. Anything you want."

Kevin licked his lips nervously, "You mean that? Anything?" No guy ever really meant ‘Anything’ when I came to what Kevin wanted. "Yeah, you want something," Nick said, slapping the dalmatian shoulder again playfully, "Just name it man…"

"I wanna suck you off." Kevin blurted out.

Nick blinked. The wolf’s ears swiveled forward, like he wasn’t sure he’d heard the words right. Kevin felt his courage begin to falter, and the words just tumbled out. "Look, I’m sorry Nick, I know its crazy but I can’t stand it anymore… I’ve been watching you for two weeks now… You’re the hottest guy I’ve ever seen… please don’t get mad I just wanted to touch your c…, just once… I’m sorry man…" Kevin’s voice trailed off as the wolf’s eyes narrowed a little and he studied the dalmatian’s face. "Are you serious man? You wanna give me head, in return for tutoring me?" Kevin closed his eyes and nodded once. Silence hung in the room.

"Sure, what the hell…" Kevin opened his eyes as the wolf looked down at him, a rather confused look on his face. "Really?" Kevin whispered softly. Nick nodded a little, his eyes never leaving Kevin’s. "I don’t know why man, but yeah, you can blow me…" Nick set the towel he was holding down and just stood there, watching Kevin.

Kevin swallowed nervously, his eyes turning downward towards the wolf’s thinly covered crotch. It could be a trick; he could just be testing me he thought numbly as he reached his paws out towards Nick’s stomach. Kevin’s fingertips pressed against the wolf’s six-pack, the soft fur giving way too a spongy resistance as Nick’s muscles pushed back against Kevin’s fingertips. Kevin rubbed his paws slowly across the wolf’s stomach, and Nick didn’t move at all. Kevin’s fingers slide lower, hooking into the waist band of the shorts, and Nick stomach muscles went from being soft and spongy to feeling rock hard as the wolf tensed up.

Kevin looked up; waiting for the wolf's angry shout, but nothing came. Nick just watched him, his eyes unreadable. Kevin pulled the gym shorts back, kneeling down slowly in front of the huge wolf. Kevin started panting a little as he pulled the shorts down slowly, revealing Nick’s cock.

The wolf’s cock was a dull pink, he had no sheath, and his crotch fur was the same jet black color as the rest of him. The thick head hung over a massive set of balls, bigger then any Kevin had seen before. Nick was bigger then any guy he’d seen before, and the wolf’s scent was almost over powering now. The dalmatian thought he saw a twitch in the shaft as he pulled Nick’s shorts all the way down, letting them fall to the ground. Kevin just stared at it, his paws resting on the wolf’s thighs, his nose almost touching the round, mushroom head. "Well man? You gonna do it?" Nick said quietly.

Kevin exhaled slowly, and pressed his muzzle against the wolf’s crotch. He closed his eyes, rubbing his face against the thick fur, his tongue darting out to lick across the top of Nick’s cock. His paw reached in to fondle the wolf’s heavy balls. He breathed in deeply, his head spinning from the smell. Kevin’s fingers played across Nick’s full sack, feeling each ball in turn as Kevin’s other paw wrapped around the base of Nick’s now growing cock. He gave the wolf’s shaft a few strokes and licks before pulling back a little and looking up at Nick’s face. The wolf grinned down at him, a confused look still on his face, like he wasn’t sure this was really happening. Kevin grinned up at him and wrapped his muzzle around the wolf’s dick.

Nick’s muzzle made an O sound, and his eyes closed as Kevin buried his nose into wolf’s crotch fur again. Kevin moaned a little too, as the wolf’s cock hardened suddenly in his muzzle, starting to really grow. He could feel the shaft swelling in his mouth, getting thicker and longer, the wolf’s cock head rubbing against the top of his mouth as his dick curved up slightly. Kevin pulled his upper lip over his teeth, and slid his tongue out a little to cover his bottom one’s, and began to really suck the wolf’s cock.

Kevin moved up and down, one paw curled around the base of Nick’s cock, while the other played with his balls. Nick groaned a little louder, his paw cupping the back of Kevin’s head, guiding him as Kevin bobbed his head up and down the wolf still thickening cock. Kevin pulled off Nick with a gasp as the wolf’s length made him gag a little. Kevin stared at the massive cock, stroking the now slick flesh. Nick had the longest cock Kevin had ever seen, and he was thick too. The dalmatian grinned as Nick’s paw gently pulled him forward, the wolf’s tail wagging back and forth now.

"That’s it Kev…" Nick whispered as the dalmatian’s muzzle wrapped around him again. Nick stared down at Kevin, the dalmatian’s white muzzle sliding up and down his cock, taking him easily. Nick closed his eyes and groaned, his hips bucking forward a little into the incredible warm suction, but he didn’t thrust, he just let the dalmatian’s muzzle work his cock. "Oh man… yeah that’s it Kev… suck me…"

Nick had gotten head before, a few of his former girlfriends had been more then willing, but none of them had been like this. Kevin had no teeth, his tongue twisted this way and that around his shaft, he squeezed the base of his cock just right and he kept up the suction the whole time. Nick moaned, panting from the pleasure as Kevin’s tongue slide across his head, the thin ribbon of flesh rubbing all across the underside of his cock.

"Oooh shit man… I’ve never felt a muzzle this good…" Nick couldn’t help but buck his hips a little, pushing all the way into Kevin’s muzzle, just to see if he could take it all. The dalmatian gagged a little and closed his eyes, his paws clinging to the wolf’s legs, but he took Nick’s whole cock. "Or one so talented…"

Kevin forced himself to be calm as the wolf pushed all the way in, the wolf’s thick cock head hanging down the back of his throat. When Nick pulled back, Kevin moaned in ecstasy. The wolf was unbelievable. His cock throbbed in Kevin’s mouth, just the way he loved. The thick head rubbing across the roof of his muzzle, and the wolf’s paws gently rubbed his head, encouraging him, not forcing him. He wasn’t just fucking his muzzle; he was meeting the dalmatian’s movements with his own. It was incredible. The strength of the wolf’s legs against his muzzle, his huge balls hanging in his paw, his stomach muscles tensing as he gently bucked his hips. The way Nick spoke to him… encouraged him, told him good it was… It all made Kevin whimper in delight. It made him feel warm inside.

Kevin fumbled with his belt with one paw, the other wrapped tight around the base of Nick’s cock. He unbuttoned his pants as he bobbed his muzzle up and down, listening to the wolf’s soft moan and grunts of pleasure as he jerked his underwear down below his balls. The wolf’s moans were getting louder with each passing moment. Soon, Nick would be cumming, and Kevin wanted to be pawing off when it happened. Kevin whimpered around the dick in his muzzle as he closed free paw around his own cock. He jerked himself off as Nick moan’s got louder and louder, and the gentle bucking of his hips speed up into full thrusts into his muzzle. Kevin closed his eyes, formed a ring around the wolf’s cock with his muzzle and just moaned in pleasure as Nick fucked his face.

Nick’s howl filled the room, and he pushed in deep as his dick began to pulse, his whole body tensing up as he began to cum. The dalmatian pressed his ears against his head as he felt the warm wolfcum flood his muzzle, the wolf’s girth forcing him to swallow quickly. Nick’s paws held him close, his nose buried in the wolf’s crotch fur as nick unloaded into his muzzle. Kevin swallowed one, two, three times before nick pulled back, his cock coming out of Kevin’s mouth with a wet pop. Kevin stared at the mushroom head for a moment before Nick’s body jerked again and he continued to shoot his load across Kevin’s face.

Nick watched in sheer awe as Kevin took the blast of cum right in the face without blinking. Nick groaned as the dalmatian’s paw started to jerk him off again, milking his cum across his own face. Nick pushed forward, rubbing his cock against Kevin’s muzzle as he painted him with his cum. By the time he was done cumming, Kevin’s face was covered in sticky globs of his cum, trails of wet cum ran down his shirt and a few drops were hanging out of his open muzzle as the dalmatian panted. Kevin was still panting and shaking all over as he began to lick Nick's cum off his face. The dalmatian’s long pink tongue lapped up ever drop it could find.

Nick groaned, dragging in a deep breathe. He’d never felt so drained before. He’d never felt so damn good before. The wolf looked down, and realized Kevin was rubbing his muzzle against his cock, his eyes closed and his paw furiously stroking his own pink cock. Nick blinked in surprise, a little amazed the dog was getting off like this.

The big wolf watched him, shivering as Kevin’s tongue licked his cock clean of every drop of cum. Kevin whimpered softly as he furiously jerked himself off, and suddenly, Nick felt like he was supposed to be doing something the little dog. Nick stepped around behind Kevin and knelt down next him, his big arms reaching around the dalmatian and hugging him tight.

Kevin yelped in surprise when Nick’s arms encircled him and pulled him backwards. Kevin felt his thin tail tuck even tighter between his legs as the wolf ground him back wards against his chest. Kevin whimpered, the wolf’s broad, muscled chest pressing against his entries back as the wolf reached down with one hand and grabbed his inner thigh, his paw rubbing against the underside of his balls as Nick pull him back against his crotch. Kevin gasped as Nick nibbled on his ear, his other paw rubbing against his chest, "That was the best damn blow job I’ve ever had Kev…" Kevin whimpered and closed his eyes as Nicks paw slide down his chest. He could feel the wolf’s still hard cock rubbing against his back, his strong arms held him completely still except for his hips, and then, then the wolf’s paw closed around his erection.

Kevin yelped in pleasure, pumping his hips up into Nick’s huge paw. His black paw was wrapped around his entire dick, and he couldn’t stop humping it. The dalmatian whimpered and moan, bucking in the wolf’s iron grip for what seemed like an eternity before he barked in pleasure, his cum shooting up across his own chest, staining his shirt along side Nick’s remaining cum.

Kevin trembled all over as nick milked the last few drops of cum out of his balls. Kevin looked back at the wolf, who was grinning like mad at him. "Damn man, you must have been holding it in…" Kevin nodded a little, panting as nick released him. The dalmatian turned to the side, collapsing against the counter next to him. Nick stared at him, and Kevin looked down at himself. His pants were in a jumble around his knees, his shirt was soaked in his own cum and the wolf’s; and his cock was still hard as rock and covered in white cum. Nick reached out and wiped the jizz on his paw on Kevin’s shirt, grinning. "Little more won’t hurt right?" Kevin grinned, laughing a little as the wolf stood up to wash his paw properly. Kevin watched the wolf, his tail wagging back and forth, held up as high as it would go, his incredible ass just there. Some guys got really self-conscious after they got their rock s off, but Nick didn’t seem to care at all his was naked.

Kevin stood up, his knees shaking as he pulled up his pants. Nick turned back around, his half hard cock bobbing in the air. They stared at it other in silence. "That… was incredible…" Nick muttered. "Yeah…" Kevin whispered. The dalmatian watched the wolf closely as he leaned against the counter across from him. Kevin began to worry as he buttoned his pants the wolf was reconsidering things, now that he’d gotten the blowjob. Now that the excitement was over, Nick would probably never want to talk to him again. That’s how most the jocks reacted…

Kevin bit his lip nervously. "I… I should probably go…" "Well, if yeah gotta go, you wanna borrow a shirt Kev?" Nick said evenly. Kevin felt his face grow hot as he looked down at his shirt. It was clinging to his chest there was so much cum on it. "You don’t have to do that…" Kevin muttered. "No way man…" Nick grinned as he crossed the room, cock and balls swinging, and grabbed Kevin one of his tank tops. "You just gave me the best blow job of my life. Take it man." Kevin felt his ear press against his head and he looked down at the black, mesh tank top Nick had thrown him. It was the shirt he’d been wearing when all of this had started. "Thanks…" Kevin whispered as he pulled his shirt off, slipped the tank top on and grabbed his bag, heading for the door as quick as he could.

Nick’s paw grabbed his shoulder as he opened the door. Kevin looked back at the wolf, who smiled nervously as he held the door open. "So, I’ll see yeah Thursday then?" Kevin blinked in surprise. "Hmm… yeah… sure I’ll give you the shirt back at school by then…" Nick shifted a bit nervously, "No man, I mean, I’ll see you at our study session on Thursday."

Kevin swallowed and his ears lifted a little. "You… you still want me to tutor you?" Nick nodded, "And… we should hang out sometimes; yeah know, away from books and stuff." Kevin smiled, and nodded, "Yeah, we’ll do that." Nick grinned, his white teeth showing as he slapped Kevin’s shoulder, "Cool, I’ll, I’ll see you then."

Kevin walked to his car, the black mesh hanging across his white fur, smiling all the way.

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