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High School Days Chapter 9:



Tony kept his breathing steady as he pushed up on the bar above him, pushing the barbell and its weights into the air once, twice, three times. Tony’s mind fell into a steady rhythm of counting the reps as he pumped the iron. The muscles in his arms flexed, relaxed, flexed, and relaxed, his breathing steady as his chest muscles rippled each time he lifted the weights into the air. Tony let his mind go blank, his body effortlessly falling into the rhythm of pumping iron. He always felt relaxed doing this; it was the one time he didn’t have to worry about anything. He’d really missed being able to work out in a full weight room that was always empty. But now that summer was over, the high school’s weight room was again open to him after school.

Eventually, Tony’s eyes caught movement to the side of the bench he was stretched out on as someone came up next to him. With a slight grunt, Tony pushed the bar all the way up and set it back on the bench supports. Panting slightly, Tony sat up and ran a paw across his forehead, brushing the sweat out of his short fur.

"Hey Tony, how’s it going?" Tony looked up into the mirrors that dominated one wall of the workout room. Standing behind him was his friend Brian Newman, a big tan mountain lion. Tony looked at his own reflection, that of a six and a half foot Jack Russell Terrier who was built more like a dump truck then a terrier.

He flexed his arms a bit, stretching. The muscle on his chest rippled under his short white fur, and his leg muscles stretched the sweatpants he was wearing. "Hey Brian. I’m not too bad, I’m just finishing up my workout."

The lion chuckled a bit, his eyes moving over the big terrier’s body. "Yeah, I can see…" Tony felt the lion’s gaze roam over his body, and he felt his chest tighten a little as the lion’s eyes moved south. He quickly leaned over to grab his towel and stood up, moving so that Brian could only see his back, even with the mirrors, as he started to dry the sweat out of his fur.

Brian started talking again as the dog stood up, "So, how many sets have you done anyway? I counted at least five since I came in the room." Tony nervously licked his lips, his face out of view of the mountain lion as he thought, "He’s been here that long?" He tried hard to keep his stub of a tail still as he got even more nervous. "Um, I think I was on my seventeenth rep." Brian chuckled and Tony was sure he was grinning. The dog began to remove the 300 pounds of weight from the barbells, making sure to keep his back towards the mountain lion. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, but his chest wasn’t what he wanted to hide from Brian, it was the bulge in his pants that he silently prayed didn’t get any bigger, especially since he was only wearing sweat pants.

Tony licked his lips against and flashed his friend a big smile. "So umm, what bring you by the weight room this late after school? Usually I’m the only one here." Brian smiled, his teeth flashing in an evil grin. "Yeah well, I come with ulterior motives." Tony tried not to tense up completely as he said, "Oh?" and grinned nervously.

Brian laughed. "Man, you’re still jumpy as heck dog. I don’t understand how you make it through life." Tony smiled again, setting the final weight back onto the racks. "Yeah well summer at military camp didn’t help anything." Brian chuckled, "Yeah well, chill out alright? The wrestling coach just sent me to try and talk you into joining the team. We’ve got a meet coming up and could really use the help." Tony frowned and shook his head. Brian was always trying to get him to join the wrestling team with him. He’d even tried to make Coach Townson, the assistant head coach, force him to join.

"No, I’ve told Coach I’m not joining the team." Tony muttered.

Brian nodded, crossing his arms over his chest. "I know I know, but coach still wants me to bug you about it till you give in."

The big dog sighed, scratching the top of his head. "Will anything get him to leave me along? I don’t want to do another year of this game, were you both double team me and try and get me to join up. I already hate high school enough as it is."

Brian chuckled and smiled. "Well, maybe if we spared a little bit and I told him that despite all those muscles, you’ve got terrible balance he might give in. He’s always saying…"

"Don’t worry about strength, with good balance you can pin anyone!" Brian and Tony both chuckled as they mimicked the wrestling coach’s voice. "Alright, alright I’ll do it. But only with you okay? No body else around. I don’t wanna look like a complete fool." Brian grinned and said, "Oh come-on, you’re not gonna be all that bad. Those muscles have to do something for you partner." The lion playfully hit the terrier’s shoulder and headed for the doors of the locker room. "Lets say you meet me here, about an hour after school tomorrow?" Tony nodded, a pit of worry opening up in the big dog’s stomach as he picked up his towel again. "Yeah, sure thing." Brian grinned and said, "Alright, see you then!" and waved as he left the weight room.

Tony sighed and put his face in his hands. "What have I gotten myself into now?" he muttered.


The next day, Tony waited nervously outside the weight room for Brian to come by. He’d dressed in a tight t-shirt he was pretty sure Brian wouldn’t be able to use against him in their sparing, but he’d worn his almost signature, oversized jeans. He wasn’t about to wear anything form fitting down there, especially not considering what he was going to be doing today. It was bad enough just being around Brian when he was lifting weights, Tony didn’t even want to think about how wrestling him would affect him.

Brian finally showed up at the weight room. He was dressed in his spandex wrestlers uniform. "Hey big dog, you ready?" Tony tried to make his smile convincing. "Yeah, yeah sure. Where do you want to do this?"

Brian grinned a bit at the resigned tone in the dog’s voice. "Boy, you sound so enthused Tony. The wrestling room seems like the place. Now come on, let’s get you in a suit." Brian turned and started off towards the wrestling room as Tony balked. "Wwait a minute, you didn’t say anything about a wrestling suit!"

Brian gave the terrier a puzzled look as he started to follow him. "You’re kidding right? If we want it to be fair at all you need to be in wrestling suit too. Besides, what’s your the problem with wearing the suit?"

Tony tried to come up with a good excuse, besides the real reason he didn’t want to get into a skintight spandex suit like his friend was in, but his brain failed him. "Uh, Umm, well, no reason I guess…" Brian nodded a bit as he pushed the door to the wrestling room open.

The wrestling room had several mats laid out on the floor, and lots of benches along the walls. The coach’s office was off to one side, and a hallway lead off to what Tony knew were the locker rooms. Tony sniffed the air bit, his nervousness rising as he smelled the sweat in the air.

"Here you go." Brian said, handing the dog a blue wrestling uniform, "It’s the largest uniform we’ve got, I figured you’d probably need it. You can get changed in the locker room, it’s through there." The mountain lion pointed to the hallway and Tony nodded numbly, staring at the seemingly tiny spandex uniform as he walked into the locker room.


Once he was out of sight of his friend, Tony stopped trying to control his fear. His paws almost shook as he sat down on a bench. He couldn’t believe this was happening. For two years now, he’d kept his secret from his new school, two years of showering after everyone else was gone, two years of worry and constant dread that the other kids would find out about his secret, like the kids at his last school had. Tony closed his eyes as he pulled of his shirt. Before he’d moved the attention his, condition, had garnished him had nearly driven him out of his mind. Girls years older then he was had chased after him, guys tried to pick fights with him to prove they were better then he was, and some of the guys hit on him even harder then the girls did, and now it was all going to start again. And worse yet Brian was going to be the first one to see it.

Tony closed his eyes and gritted his teeth as he undid the button of his jeans and pulled his pants and boxers off carefully. He glared down at his crotch as his semi-hard cock bounced free of his pants, over half a foot of thick dog-meat jutting out into the air. Anyone else seeing the dog’s cock would have had to pick their jaw up off the floor. Even though he was only half hard, the dog’s dick was easily eight inches long and as thick as a beer can. Tony’s balls were even huge, the two round orbs proportional to his massive cock and about the size of his palm.

Tony stood up and his cock bounced up and down in the air, jutting out from his body like sword. Tony ran his paw through his head fur, nervously watching the entrance to the locker rooms. If Brian walked in now, he’d have no way to hide the size of his half-erect cock. Brian hurriedly pulled on the wrestling outfit, dismayed to discover how badly his huge cock tented the clingy fabric out.

Tony balled his paws into fists, digging his fingernails into the pads of his paws and he bit his lip. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the pain for a few moments, a tactic that had served him well over the years for getting rid of an erection. Tony sighed in relief when he looked down at his crotch again, the bulge of his cock large, but not horribly noticeable now that his cock soft. Tony shivered nervously; more then a little ashamed he’d gotten that excited about the prospect of wrestling with Brian.

The mountain lion was handsome and in really great shape, and nice to everybody, but Tony was sure he didn’t share the crush he had on the lion. Tony sighed and padded out of the locker room, trying to keep his mind off everything that was about to go wrong.


"Hey, I see it fits you." Brian grinned as he stepped up onto one of the wrestling mats, taking up a position across from Tony. "Now, I want you to try and pin me as best you can. I know you don’t know any moves or anything, but you can learn that kind of stuff. This is more to find out what you’ve already got."

Tony grinned weakly and stepped up onto the mat. "Okay, when do we start?" Brian grinned as set himself into a crouch, his paws out in front of him defensively. "When ever you’re ready." Tony nodded, watched how the mountain lion was standing, bent his knees a little and rushed him. Tony tried to grab hold of the mountain lion’s outstretched paws, but Brian moved in closer to him, grabbing hold of his wrists and throwing his shoulder into the dog’s chest. Tony gasped as the lion knocked the air of him, and he growled, trying to force his arms down as the lion pushed up. They struggled for a second, and Tony began to win, forcing the lion’s arms down, his paws grabbing hold of Brain’s shoulders when…

Tony groaned, not quite sure what happened as Brian got up off his chest. One second he was upright and winning, the next, the world was spinning and he was flat on his back with the mountain lion’s chest pressed down against his own, pinning him to the mat. "What did you do?" Tony muttered a he stood up. Brian grinned, "I tripped you man. You were overbalanced trying to force me down with brute strength. I let you win a bit and then dropped you." Tony shook his head and sighed as he stood up. "I told you I was no good at this kinda stuff…"

Brian grinned. "Nonsense, most guys would never have thought to use my hold on your wrists against me. They’d have struggled to get out of it, pulled back and fallen even faster."

The lion took a few steps back and grinned as he crouched down like he was about to pounce, one paw on the mat as his tail flicked back and forth behind him. "Now come on. I’m gonna come at you this time."

Tony took a step back, nervously licking his lips. He didn’t like the grin on Brian’s face one bit. "O... Okay…" Tony whispered, trying to figure out what would be the best position to take up.

Brian didn’t give him the chance to decide. The mountain lion exploded out of his crouch with a roar and slammed into the dog’s chest, his arms wrapping around his abdomen. Tony growled, grabbing hold of the lion’s shoulders, trying to pry him loose as Brian pushed him backwards. Brian kept track of his legs this time, planting them firmly so the lion couldn’t trip him. He strained against his friends grip, his muscles bulging as he pushed himself against the lion’s body, trying to force him backwards. For several minutes, they were locked there, grappled together, each with a tight hold on the other, their muscles pitted against each other.

Tony felt heat creeping across his face as he struggled against Brian’s body. Slowly, Tony used his size and strength to push Brian backwards a step. Brian grinned and twisted into the step, using his grip on Tony’s waist to try and turn the dog over on his side. But Tony stepped into the shove, trying to use it as momentum to do the same to Brian, when the lion’s leg shot out and hooked behind Tony’s ankle, pulling the dog's leg out from under him.

Suddenly denied the leverage he needed to keep Brian in check, Tony let out a yelp as the lion slammed him face first to the mat. The dog groaned at the stinging sensation he felt all over his back as the lion pounced on his back and pinned him, slapping the mat three times.

"Gotcha again." The lion chuckled as he stood up, panting slightly, but man dog, you sure put up more of a fight this time." Tony grunted as he stood up, shaking his head back and forth as he turned to face the lion. That last pin had really hurt. "You should really join the team, we could really… HOLY SHIT!"

Brian couldn’t believe his eyes. Tony was hard as a rock, the dogs cock so huge it had pulled down and popped out of the front of his uniform through sheer size alone.

The head of the dog’s cock was easily as big as his fist, and the thick crown flared out even wider. It was a bright red color at the tip, which slowly turned to pink towards the base of the dog’s huge shaft. The dog’s cock was bigger then his arm, the shaft of his cock had to be at least a foot long and was ticker the Brian thought was possible.

Brian’s jaw quivered and he just stared at the monster dick, watching unbelieving as a bead of pre leaked out of the huge tip. His knees quivered and he nearly dropped to the mat and wrapped his lips around the head of that huge cock right then and there.

Tony’s strangled scream brought Brian out of his daze. The dog grabbed the end of his cock in one paw and pulled his huge shaft up against his body, the tip touching the center of his chest, trying to hide his massive erection as he turned and fled into the locker room as fast as he could. Brian shouted, "Tony, wait!" But it was too late and the dog was gone.


Tony’s face burned with shame as he hugged his cock to his chest and ran into the locker rooms, heading for one of the restroom stalls. He slammed the door closed behind him, letting go of his cock to lock the door. He pressed his back against the metal of the door and looked down at himself, tears filling his eyes.

His huge cock throbbed from the blood flowing through it, and it ached as it strained against the fabric of the wresting uniform. He was fully hard, all 15 inches of huge cock jutted straight out from his crotch, his huge shaft almost aching with arousal. Tony gasped and wheezed. Brian had seen it, had stared straight at his cock. The look on his face, total shock and revulsion…

Brian covered his eyes with his paws and sobbed, tears streaming down his face. His life was just over. Brian would tell everybody, and his dad would found out he’d showed someone at school his cock again, and then he’d be done for. Brian sank down to the floor, his back pressed against the stall door and just cried.

Tony could see Brian’s feet as he ran into the locker room after him. "Tony! Wait man!" They moved around as the mountain lion checked the showers, and then moved towards the stalls. The mountain lion had spotted him. Tony closed his eyes and whined. He had anywhere to go now; the only exits were past the mountain lion.

The lion’s paw steps stopped outside the stall. "Tony?" The lion asked softly, "Tony, are you alright?" Tony opened his eyes and looked at the massive pillar of flesh between his legs. With his knees pulled up like this, he could almost hide his whole cock, if he covered the tip with his paws, but the stimulation was only making his hardon stronger.

Tony shivered and bit his lip; trying to ignore the little waves of pleasure his cock was sending him. When you have 15 inches of hard cock, and you can feel every inch of it being pressed against as you try and hide it, it only makes the pleasure you feel a hundred times greater. "Tony, come on I can see you in there, answer me…" Tony shut his eyes and whined, "Go away Brian… Please... just go away…" Tony could hear the lion’s growl. "I’m not just going away… the look on your face… hell the size of your…"

"SHUT UP!" Tony’s fist dented the door where he hit it. "Don’t say it! Don’t talk about it…" All the anger in the dog’s voice drained away and he whimpered, "Please Brian… please don’t tell anyone…" The lion tried to push the door open. "Come on Tony, open up… you gotta talk to me…" Tony closed his eyes and didn’t answer him.

Brian glared at the door, and then down at the dog’s rear, which he could see under the door, right below the dent the dog had made when he punched it. He had to know if what he’d seen was for real. Tony’s cock just couldn’t be that big… and if it was that huge, he also had to have it. The big cat took a step back and wondered how he was going to get inside the damned stall the dog was in. With him leaning against the door there was no way he could force it open, Tony could brace himself to easily… The big cat looked up and grinned.

Tony wiped his tears away as he listened to Brian’s paws pad away from the stall. Everything was ruined, but at least the lion had left him alone. But now things were only going to get worse. Tony stretched his legs out a bit, uncurling from his ball like position and staring at his own cock. Thick enough that he couldn’t wrap his own oversized paws around it; the dog softly stroked the side of his shaft, watching the flesh harden again under his paw. Why was he cursed like this? His dad hadn’t been cursed like this; this monster was a "gift" from his grandfather.

A soft thump drew his attention to the other side of the stall. Tony gasped and drew his legs up when he saw Brian, who had just come over the wall and landed carefully on the back of the toilet, hopping down to the little space of floor in front of him. "Oh Jesus… it really is that big…" The cat whispered, slowly kneeling down between Brian’s legs. "Brian… please I… Aahhah!"

Tony gasped and shivered as the lion wrapped both of his paws around the huge head of his cock. "My god… I can’t believe you’re actually this big…" Tony’s paw grabbed the lion’s wrists and tried to pull them away from his cock, but the lion squeezed and stroked the sides of his shaft, making the dog moan and shiver. "Please, come on Tony you’ve so got to let me touch you... I promise, let me and I won’t tell anybody about this, I swear…" Tony whimpered and stared into the lion’s eyes.

Brian was staring down at his dick, his paws slowly massaging the flesh in his paws. Tony whimpered again and struggled for a moment more, but it was futile. With the cat’s fingers running across his shaft he couldn’t force his paws away and so he let go of the lion’s wrists. Brian just grinned like a maniac as his paws slowly moved down the dog’s huge shaft, his paws forming a ring that he slide slowly down the whole length of Tony’s shaft, all the way to the root. "Gods man, you’re thicker then a beer can … How long are you?" Tony shifted in place uncomfortably, the feeling of Brian’s warm hands wrapped around the base of his shaft and the cat’s breath washing over the tip making him shake in pleasure. "Fif… fifteen inches…" Brian grinned, just staring at the huge shaft of flesh in his paws, softly stroking up and down it. "Gods… I’ve seen dildos this big but I never imagined a guy could really be this big…" the lion’s tongue flicked across his lips, and he began to pant slightly, sitting on his knees and stroking Tony’s shaft slowly, "Can I suck it Tony? Please?" Tony whined softly, "Brian…" "Please Tony, come on, I swear you’ll enjoy it, I’ve done it before… please I’ve just got to see what you taste like…"

Tony watched the lion’s eyes as he softly rubbed his paws up and down the sides of his cock. It felt really good having someone else’s paws rub his cock like that, and it felt especially good because Brian seemed to want him so badly.

"Okay…" Tony whispered and Brian grinned. He leaned forward a bit and rubbed his cheek against the dog’s thick cock head, his paws stroking the side of his shaft. "Oh man… you smell great…" Brian whispered; his rough tongue licking across the dripping head of Tony’s cock. Tony yelped and squirmed, the sensation of the cat’s rough tongue on the tip of his cock incredible. Brian chuckled and leaned farther forward, wrapping his short muzzle around the tip of the dog’s cock.

Tony whined loudly as the fat head of his cock sunk into the lion’s warm, wet muzzle. He’d never had anybody do this before. The most he’d ever felt of another person’s touch, much less a guy he liked, was when somebody rubbed against him in the hall. Now, Brian’s paws were stroking the sides of his cock and his muzzle was hungrily sucking on the end of his cock. It was too much for the dog to stand.

Tony whined and bucked his hips a little, and Brian choked a bit in surprise as the dog’s cock moved in his muzzle. "Oh, you like that huh? Well let’s see how much you like this…" Brian leaned forward and wrapped one paw around as much of the root of Tony’s cock as best he could, angling the dog’s cock and his muzzle so that the tip pushed down the back of his throat as the lion’s other paw moved down to tease his huge balls. Tony whimpered and gasped in pleasure as another inch or so of his shaft sunk into the lion’s broad muzzle. By now, Brian had about a third of Tony’s cock in his muzzle, and it was driving the dog crazy. Tony could feel the warm, wet ring of the lion’s lips and the warmth of his muzzle, and he just had to buck his hips into it. The lion’s paw kept him from bucking too hard or fast, but Brian let him thrust an inch or two of cock into the lion’s warm wet muzzle. The mountain lion’s eyes closed and he began to purr as the dog’s massive cock slow fucked his muzzle.

Tony gasped and pawed at the walls as the cat’s purr sent vibrations down his shaft. He couldn’t believe how good it felt to have the mountain lion’s muzzle sucking on his cock, his paws slowly rubbing up and down his shaft. Tony whimpered and gasped as Brian’s tongue moved across the under side of his cock.

His hips bucked and jerked as Brian’s purr grew louder, and Tony could tell the lion was grinning like an idiot as he nursed the dog’s massive dick. Tony panted and whined loudly, the sensations getting to be too great. The lion’s paws and muzzle were just touching too much of his cock, it was driving him wide. Brian seemed to sense this and shifted his position, his paws wrapped around Tony’s shaft tightly, forming a ring as he pulled back his muzzle a bit, holding just the fat head of Tony’s cock in his mouth.

Then, he pushed the ring his paws made down the dog’s long cock and pulled it back up, stroking Tony’s hard meat as best he could. Brian started to move his paws faster; his strokes long but fast as he jerked the dog off, his muzzle suckling at the tip of Tony’s cock.

Tony panted and moaned, his whole body shaking as Brian’s strokes got faster. He pushed his hips up against the lion’s paws and whined, closing his eyes as he felt the itch in his balls grow stronger, his cock throbbing in the lion’s paws. He tried to warn Brian, but all he could do was howl as the first shot of cum blasted out of his cock.

Brian gagged on the first mouthful of warm seed, swallowing the dog’s seed reflexively as another blast of hot cum flooded his muzzle, most of it spraying out of the corners of his mouth. Brian pulled his head back and tried to point the dog’s pulsing cock away from him, but he caught the next blast right in the face. Brian gasped and blinked in amazement as the huge shaft of flesh in his paws throbbed, Tony’s body shaking as he came hard, coating the lion’s chest with the rest of his load.

Tony’s howl died down and Brian panted hard, still holding the dog’s throbbing cock. He rubbed the tip of it against his cheeks, amazed at volume of cum the dog had produced. His muzzle was full of the dog’s white seed, and his face and chest fur was plastered to his skin, and he could tell that at some point while he was sucking the dog’s massive dick, he’d cum in his own wrestling uniform. "WOW" was all the lion could say as he licked his lips.

Tony opened his eyes, panting. He’d never cum so hard in his entire life. He’d pawed off before, but it had never been like this. He shivered and gasped for air, trying to stand but feeling completely drained.

Then he saw what Brian looked like. His normally tan colored fur was white from cum, matted and stuck to his body, his wrestler uniform coated in a thick layer of dog cum, and his erection was clearly visible through the stretchy material, surround by a dark wet spot. "WOW" the lion whispered, looking down at himself in amazement.

Tony closed his eyes and whined. He couldn’t believe he’d cum all over Brian."That was fucking incredible…" Tony opened his eyes and watched the cat begin to lick the cum from his paws and arms as best he could, swallowing as much as he could get out of his fur.

Tony stuttered as Brian licked himself clean, "Brian, oh god I’m sorry Brian, I…"

The lion grinned like a maniac. "Sorry? You’re sorry? I feel like I outta pay you for that! That was fucking incredible man! Why didn’t you tell me you were so fucking huge! I would have done this months ago!"

Tony blinked in confusion. "What?" Brian grinned and leaned forward, careful not to get cum all over the dog as he grabbed his muzzle in both paws and kissed him hard.

Tony moaned into the kiss, his first real kiss, tasting the salty-sweet taste of his cum. "Don’t you ever tell me you’re sorry we did this Tony, this has been the fucking best muzzle job of my life, and I didn’t even get you to suck me off!" Tony blushed and wiped the trail of cum the mountain lion’s paw had left on his cheek. "You really enjoyed this?" "Hell yeah dog." Brian just sat on the floor in a puddle of cum, grinning like an idiot.

Tony smiled sheepishly, still not sure what he should do. "Well, will you at least not tell anybody else I let you, let you suck me off?" Brian grinned as he stood up, offering his paw to his friend. "Now listen," the lion said, pulling the dog up, "I promise I won’t tell anybody about this, but only cause I want to keep this all for myself…" Tony whimpered as the lion’s paw stroked his still hard cock. "Alright? And calm down man, hell, most people would kill to have a cock like yours, or at least go down on one."

Tony gave a halfhearted chuckled and tried not to blush, "Um yeah, well, that’s the problem, you know? At my last school, everybody found out and wouldn’t leave me along about it… and then my Dad…" The terrier’s voice trailed off and Brian blinked in confusion "Oooh… Dang, I get it now…" The mountain lion nodded a bit, "You don’t want that kind of attention. I get it. ell, nobody’s gonna find out from me Tony, okay?"

Tony smiled somewhat, trying to push his softening cock back into the wrestling uniform as Brian opened the stall door. "Now, look Tony, I better get in the showers before this stuff dries in my fur, but you got to promise me you’re not gonna be all weird cause of this next time I see you okay?"

Tony ducked his head a bit as the mountain lion pushed past him, their chests brushing against each other for a moment, a little cum smearing onto Tony’s. "O… okay Brian… Just, don’t tell anybody…" The lion nodded as he headed for the shower "Sure man. Look, why don’t you come hang out with me after the football game tomorrow night, huh?" Tony nodded numbly, "Sure…" Brian left the stall and headed for the showers, pulling his wrestling uniform off as he did. Tony watched him go, staring at the curve of the mountain lion’s bare rump until he was out of sight.

The terrier slumped against the stall door and closed his eyes as soon as the mountain lion was out of sight. He couldn’t believe he’d that had happened. Tony’s paws shook while he pulled off the wrestling uniform and got back into his real clothes, even though he still had cum on his chest and he smelled of sex

Tony nervously stood there holding his bag as he listened to the shower water running. Part of him wanted to stay and talk to Brian once he was out, but his shyness took over and he hurried out of the locker rooms.


Tony was panting hard when he finally reached his house. He stood on the doorstep, catching his breath. He only lived about four blocks from the high school, so he walked home everyday after his daily workout as a way to cool down. But today, he’d run the whole way home. Tony unlocked the door and quietly slipped into his house. Tony peered into the kitchen and living room; silently hoping his father wasn’t home. He smelled of sweat and sex, and he really didn’t want his dad seeing or worse, smelling him like this. Tony rubbed his paws against his face and went upstairs to take a shower.


Tony rubbed a big blue towel through his chest fur as he got out of the shower, steaming hanging in the bathroom and fogging the mirror. He kicked his clothes off to one side, water dripping from his short fur as he toweled himself off. Tony looked into the mirror as he dried most of the water out of his fur. His chest gleamed in the low light as the water ran through the grooves made by his muscles, which he flexed slowly.

Tony licked his lips as stared at himself, his cock slowly thickening. He didn’t ever think about himself like this or look in the mirror without his clothes on. It always made him hard, and he hated that… But this time he let his paw slide down the length of his shaft, remembering how Brian’s paw…

Tony yelped as the door opened, quickly covering his half hard cock with his towel as his dad barged into the restroom. "DAD! Come on, knock next time!" Tony shivered, but not from the cold wind coming from the door. Tony’s father ducked as he stepped in the doorway, staring down at his son. At nearly seven feet tall, Tony’s father towered over him, and everyone else. A huge husky, he was as well built as his son who he glared down at accusingly. "What? Not like you’re doing anything in here…" The taller dog’s eyes narrowed as his son’s cheeks turned red, and he glanced down at his son’s towel, which was tented out. "Are you?"

"No! Its just, come on Dad. I just need a little privacy is all…" Tony’s voice dropped off as he stepped backward into the depression where the fur dryers were, which provided him with at least a little cover from his Father’s glare. "Alright," his father muttered, "But I want you to be home from school on time tomorrow. I heard you come in late today."

Tony’s eyes widened and he trembled a bit, and if his tail were longer he’d have tucked it between his legs. If his dad had been home, he might have caught Brian’s scent when he came in. His eyes flicked to the pile of his clothes on the ground, which he hadn’t washed yet and probably still smelled of Brian and his own cum. He just hoped his dad chalked it up to him working out after school…

Tony whispered to break the silence, "Oh…Okay… But tomorrow’s a game night and I wanted to go…" but he stopped and ducked his head when his dad laughed out loud. "You? Go to a football game? You hate football. Wait…" His eyes narrowed again, "You’re not going to be playing are you? Cause if you are somebody will find out about…" Tony shook his head, "No! No, I just wanted to go with some friends is all… Jeff and James asked me to drive them…"

The big husky nodded, his eyes still narrowed. "Okay, but if you go anywhere with anybody, or want to stay at somebody’s house, you better call me first. And you better not let anybody know about…" Tony’s ears turned red and he ducked his head. "Come on Dad, I know… It’s not like I want anybody to find out…" Tony’s dad nodded and stepped out of the bathroom. "Alright, I’m going to head go bed. I’ve got an early morning tomorrow so don’t make to much noise."

"Alright, goodnight Dad." Tony muttered as his dad closed the door.

Tony turned on the fur dryers, powerful vents that would dry his fur in just minutes if he toweled off first. The terrier closed his eyes and leaned against the wall, letting the warm air blow over his short fur. How dumb could he get, trying to paw off without even locking the door? If his dad had come in a minute later and found him pawing off…

Tony blushed even harder as he thought about Brian. He couldn’t believe he’d let the mountain lion give him a muzzle job. What was he going to do when he saw him tomorrow after the football game? He and his other football and wrestling buddies always went out on the town after a game. Could he really stand going out to clubs with them? He didn’t like the idea of doing that anyway and with Brian there…

Tony turned off the dryers when his fur was dry and gathered up his clothes. He crept to the laundry room and put them in the washer before heading for his room. The house was deathly quiet as he slipped into his room and sat down on his bed. Tony picked up the small picture he kept by his bedside. He sighed as he looked at the picture of his parents, frozen together in a happy smile.

On the right stood his mother, a short, slim Jack Russell Terrier with bright blue eyes. Tony smiled as he remembered her. He’d gotten his fur, tail, and facial features from her, but his size came from his dad, who towered over his mom in the picture.

Well, most of his size anyway. The terrier’s cheek’s burned as looked down at himself and wished again that he had a normal cock. His dad was always on his case about stuff, and it was all cause of his size, which was a ‘blessing’ from his grandfather.

Tony’s paw trailed across the picture as he whispered, "Something Grandpa never let Dad live down…" His dad had a normal sized package, but his grandfather and all his uncles were as well endowed as he was, and they had tortured his father because of it.

Tony whispered softly to himself, his finger tracing his father’s picture, "You we’re that bad when Mom was still alive… You were happy then because she loved you. But after she died…" Tony closed his eyes, a tear sliding down his cheek.

And then the problems at school had started and when his Dad found out it was because everybody knew about his size he’d just gone nuts and moved them half way across the country… Tony had lost his childhood friends, and his father watched his every move.

Tony put the picture down, lying down on his back as he closed his eyes. The terrier lay there for a long time, tears running down his cheeks before sleep claimed him.


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