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This chapter represents a turning point in the story.   One weekend will change everyone’s lives, starting with a football game on Friday night.  This chapter gives a snap shot of what each character is doing just before the big game.   Enjoy.



High School Days Chapter 10

The Pre Game Show



David lay in bed, staring at the ceiling.  He held the portable phone against his ear, waiting.  It felt like he had been on hold forever. Everyone he called put him on hold. 


“Sir?” a woman’s voice said quietly. “Sir, are you there?”


David bolted upright, “I’m still here!” He was sudden;y completely awake.

The woman on the other end of the phone coughed softly, “I’m afraid that the Principle says I can’t release that information to you.  We don’t give out information on former students”

David sighed in despair, “Look; I just want to know how to get hold of Todd! A phone number, an address, what school he transferred to, anything.” 

The woman’s voice sounded genuinely apologetic.  “I’m sorry sir, I can’t do that.” 

“Please!”  David begged, throwing his hands up in the air, “Can’t you, call him for me or something?  Just tell him I’m looking for him?” 

“No sir, we don’t do that sort of…” 

“But this is important!” 


David closed his eyes as the phone disconnected and silence filled the room again.  Another dead end.  After nearly a week of searching and he was no closer to finding Todd then when he had been stuck in the Academy.  No one would tell him where Todd’s family had moved too. He had spent all his money making long distance calls, trying everyone he could remember, ever school hey had gone to and every friend they had ever known.  No one would help him.   David tossed the phone across the room, his heart aching as he rolled over and got out of bed.  Nothing was going right at all. 




The crowd pushed against Tony as he moved through the school hallways towards the cafeteria.  He was dressed in baggy pants and a blue t-shirt, which was so small on him it was stretched tight across his chest.  As a feline girl brushed past him, she ran her hand across his chest muscles, tracing them through his shirt as she passed by.

Tony blushed and turned his head so he couldn’t see the wink she gave him. He hated his shirts, but he had to wear them because he couldn’t find larger t-shirts in stores, and his Dad refused to special order his clothes. Tony hurried through the crowd faster and emerged into the cafeteria.


The terrier’s eyes scanned the large room, his height allowing him to spot an empty table in the back corner with ease.  He set his bag down and pulled out his lunch, sitting with his back to the room.  He sighed and rubbed his forehead with a paw, taking a bite out of his sandwich.  The day had been a quiet one, but he hadn’t run across Brian in the halls yet.  The terrier’s short tail twitched and he tried to ignore the hollow feeling in his chest.  He didn’t want to see Brian again, and at the same time he wanted to just as badly…


“Tony!”  The terrier jumped as twin, happy voices called his name. From either side appeared the forms of two red foxes, James and Jeff Johnson. 

The foxes sat down at the dog’s table, facing Tony as he smiled.  “Hey guys. How’s it going?”

The two foxes flashed identical grins and said, “Great!” in perfect unison, and then James said, “How’s your day been big dog?” 

Tony smiled a bit and said, “Okay I guess.  Nothing bad has happened yet.”


Jeff smiled just like his brother and said, “Cool!  Are you going to the football game tonight?”  Both foxes flicked their long red tails back and forth in perfect harmony. Tony shook his head and chuckled. He was sure the twins practiced doing stuff together just to make sure they got it right.


 “Umm yeah I am.  Brian kind of, talked me into going with him…” Both fox’s grinned, leaning forward across the table at him, their tails held high as they stared up into the terrier’s eyes. 

James said, “Yeah, so Brian told us.  Do you need a ride there and back?”

Tony looked away from the twin’s eyes, which were sparkling blue and smiling up at him as he muttered.  “Umm… yeah I guess so.  It’s an away game isn’t it?” 

Jeff nodded. “Yes it is.  Shall we meet after school, or do you need to go home first?”  Tony shook his head.  “No, I’ll meet you two after Calculus.”  James smiled and slide off his chair, grinning.  “Okays big dog, see you later…” Jeff grinned and did the same, his fluffy tail wagging back and forth. 

Jeff looked back and grinned.  “Yeah, see you later Tony...” Tony watched them walk away, wondering what they were up too.




The locker room was louder then usual. Everyone was excited.  It was Friday, and the football team was just one game away from going to the state finals.  The football team was yelling and boasting, trying to get ready for the game they had to play in four hours.  Everyone was talking, everyone was pushing and everyone was pumped.  People were planning where they were going to eat before they had to be on the bus, what party they were going to afterward and boosting how many touchdowns they were going to score.


  Nick tossed the last of his stuff into his locker, smiling to himself as he stretched. It felt good to get his pads off and just stand there in his fur. Practice had been particularly grueling, but Nick was looking forward to the game. The wolf patted Kyle on the back as he passed behind the tiger, grabbed his towel and headed for the showers. 


Nick grinned to himself as he walked, watching how people reacted to him passing by.  He’d never really noticed just how many guys stared at him when he was naked.   Most of them were the little guys on the other teams like gymnastics or baseball, but a few of his fellow jocks gave him more then just a passing glance.  The wolf chuckled to himself a little, wondering how many of the guys secretly wanted to do what Kevin had.


Nick grunted as Tyler shoved him out of the way and barreled out of a row of lockers.  The bear charged into the row of lockers on the other side of the center hallway with a growl, which was followed by a metallic clang and a loud yelp. Everybody around Nick dropped what they were doing and began to crowd around the rows of lockers to see what was happening.  Nick just looked over their heads to see what Tyler was doing.


“I gotcha now yeah you little faggot!”  Tyler growled, a hint of triumph in his voice as he lifted a much smaller rabbit up into the air.  The lapin struggled in the bears grip as Tyler slammed him bodily into the lockers again.  The bunny let out a loud whimper, his feet spinning in the air as the bear growled, “You think you can keep looking at us huh faggot?  I warned your kind…”


Nick felt his hackles rise as the bear slammed the smaller rabbit into the lockers again, eliciting another yelp of pain.  ‘This isn’t right…’ Nick thought as the rabbit tried to kick Tyler in the stomach, but the bear only grunted and shook the rabbit harder. 


Nick glanced around for Coach Townson, but the older wolf was in his office, talking with an otter on the football team.  He couldn’t hear, or see what Tyler was doing.  Nick felt the crowd gathering behind him, watching as Tyler threatened the rabbit.  Nobody was doing anything to help him.  The wolf squared his shoulders, his fur bushing out all over his body.  

This wasn’t supposed to happen.  He had to do something.  Nick pushed his way through the ring of guys and grabbed Tyler’s shoulder, pulling him away from the rabbit. “Tyler, what the hell are you doing?”


The bear glared at him, his eyes meeting Nick’s with a murderous glare as he shoved the wolf’s paws off him. 

“What the hell does it look like?  I’m putting this faggot in his place.” The bear puffed out his chest with a growl, “Shit man, you should be the one doing it.”  Tyler pushed Nick back a step with both paws, “He was fucking looking at you!”  Nick blinked and glanced down at the rabbit; who was picking himself up off the floor and gasping for air.

Nick recognized the rabbit now.  It was Blake from the gymnastics team.  Everybody knew Blake was gay; he flirted with every guy in school.  Nick frowned, his paws flexing as he glared at the rabbit, the fingers in his paws popping ominously as he balled them into fists.  The rabbit froze in place, and for a second Nick could see a spark of terror in Blake’s eyes.  Nick’s temper flared again.  It was the same terror that had been in Kevin’s.


Nick rounded on Tyler, growling.  “So?  I don’t care if some faggot looks at me, if I did I’d fucking wear pants!  I care about my best linebacker getting thrown off the team before our big game because he’s being a dumb ass!” Nick shoved Tyler back, taking the bear by surprise, pushing him into the lockers.

 “Tonight’s our last playoff game you idiot!  Coach said you were off the team if he caught you fighting.” the wolf growled, pushing Tyler into the locker when the bear tried to get out of his grip. “We’re going to State for the fourth year in a row, and you’re worried about who some limp-wristed queer is looking at?”  Nick snorted in disgust and stepped back from the startled bear. “You are not gonna screw this up for the rest of us, do you hear me?”  The wolf turned away from them both, fuming.


            The crowd gasped and scattered, suddenly faced with a big, angry, and very naked wolf heading their way.  The smaller furs vanished, and Nick found himself facing Kyle.  The tiger had just been standing there at the mouth of the lockers, watching him threaten Tyler. 

Nick met Kyle’s green eyes, and for once in his life he couldn’t read his best friend’s emotions on his face.  Kyle was just staring at him, the black stripes of his fur framing his eyes and his whiskers motionless.  Nick looked away from his friend first, heading for the showers.




Keith pushed open the locker room door, grinning broadly as he checked his watch.  Coach Riley had spent over half an hour yelling at the team after practice, because they hadn’t ‘given 110 percent’ in practice and “the big away game is tonight damn it”.  Not like he had to yell.  Everyone was so pumped up and worried about this game they were going crazy.   The other guys said Nick and Tyler had even gotten into it in the locker room.


Of course, it didn’t matter to Keith at all.  Tonight, Todd was gonna come watch him play and then after the game, Keith was going to surprise the fox and ask him out.  The wolf smiled as he imagined taking the fox on romantic dinner at the best Italian restaurant in town.  It was going to be a great evening.


            Keith walked out of the school, smiling when he spotted his friends all standing at the usual spot.  The main entrance to Hadenview high had a flight of stairs leading up to it with a low wall beside them, and every day after school his friends that had sports or band practice afterwards waited for each at the same spot in front of the wall.  Chris and Kevin were standing there talking, while Alan sat on the wall, playing his guitar idly.  Keith padded up to the guys, smiling. 


The rat looked up and waved, grinning.  “Hey Keith, how you doing?”  The wolf grinned and slapped the rat’s outstretched paw.  Alan hadn’t smiled at him like that in a long time.  “I’m doing great man! The days over and I’m totally pumped.” 

Keith grinned as Chris gave him another high five, “Coolness man.  How are you doing in Physics man?  That test today was brutal.”  

Keith chuckled, “Yeah man, it was.  I think I might pass cause of Kev’s tutoring though.”  The wolf laughed as a he grabbed the dalmatian’s shoulder and gave him a good shake and the dalmatian laughed.  Keith wagged his tail.  He hadn’t been this happy in forever


Alan dropped off the wall, slipping in front of the leopard as Chris asked Kevin a question about Physics.  “This is gonna be so cool tonight.  You ready?”

Alan’s brown eyes shown a little as he smiled, his round ears perked up and his tail swished back and forth.  Keith smiled, “Yeah, I think the games gonna go great, we’ve got a real…”  Keith trailed off as the rat’s ear drooped and his tail went still.  

“You’ve got a game tonight?”  Alan whispered, “That’s what you’re happy about?”

 Keith nodded a big grin, “Yeah, it’s the semi-finals for state.  I think there’s a good chance we’ll win.” 

Alan shook his head and almost hissed, “Keith, we’re going downtown tonight to the coffee shop Mystic Brew. For the open mic night remember?  It’s been forever since we’ve hung out…”  

Keith felt his stomach tie slowly into knots as he looked into the rat’s eyes.  “Oh man, was that tonight?  I’ve got a game tonight…”  

The rat’s whiskers twitched, and his ears drooped a little more, “Yes its tonight, and they only do it once a month. Can’t you miss one game? I wanted you to help me find somebody to join my band and you said you would…”

Keith felt his shoulders droop under his football jacket, and the wolf’s ears turned backwards, “Alan, tonight’s a game night…”


Alan’s ears pressed flat against his head.  “Fine, I get it.” Alan muttered, his whiskers fanning out as his tail lashed back and forth in anger. “Fine, go have fun playing football…”  The rat grabbed his guitar and raced off down the hill. 

 “Wait, Alan!” Keith shouted as the rat ran off, but Alan didn’t turn back. 


“Whoa…”  Chris muttered as the rat push past him and broke up his conversation with Kevin, “What’d you say Keith?”  The wolf blinked at the leopard, still a little shocked. 

“I said I couldn’t hang out tonight cause of the game…”  Chris winced a little, “Oh man, he was really looking forward to hanging out with you tonight, you couldn’t get out of the game?”  Keith shook his head, “I didn’t even know he wanted me too…” 

The leopard frowned a bit, “But he has been talking about tonight for nearly two weeks, why didn’t you tell him you couldn’t go sooner?” 

Keith blinked, his bushy tail creeping between his legs.  “He has?”  Chris shrugged, “Yeah man, he even convinced me and Kevin to get a few guys to go.”  Keith rubbed the back of his head, “Oh great…”


Silence hung over the three for a moment before Chris coughed, “Well, I better go catch him.  I’ll see you at Leon’s party after the game okay?” 

Keith muttered “Sure…” as Chris left, and he leaned against the wall.  “Damn it, it totally forgot Alan wanted me to hang out tonight…” he muttered.  Kevin shrugged his shoulders a little, shifting uncomfortably.  The dalmatian wrung his paws a bit as he said, “Well, maybe you can make it up to him later…  He won’t be too mad if he finds somebody to join his band…” Keith sighed, “Yeah I guess… I could hang out with him tomorrow…” 


Keith stared at the pavement, cursing himself silently until Kevin coughed quietly.  He wolf looked up and Kevin muttered, “Um, so, speaking of hanging out, do you… you know, wanna do something sometime?”  Kevin licked his lips nervously, “Just the two of us?” 

Keith blinked.  “What do you mean Kevin?”  The dalmatian shuffled his feet, looking away from Keith’s eyes, “I don’t know, we just, well we’ve got more in common then I thought and maybe… I thought maybe you’d wanna go out sometime…” the dalmatian’s voice got real quite, and he wouldn’t look Keith in the eyes, “You know, on a date…”


Keith felt his insides twist even more.  Was everyone going crazy today?  How was he supposed to tell Kevin he was going to ask Todd that exact question tonight?  “Oh Kev…  I…” Keith sighed, burying his face in his paws, “Look Kevin, what we did was great…  I wouldn’t trade it for the world but…”  Keith swallowed hard, feeling like such a total jerk, “You’re just not who I’m interested in…” 


“Oh…” Kevin muttered, “So, there’s somebody else?” Keith looked up at the dalmatian, who looked like he was about to cry.  Kevin’s voice just sounded so empty. 

“Yeah…”  Keith muttered, “Todd…” Kevin closed his eyes and looked away. The dog just stood there for a moment, before nodding once and looking back. “So, he’s… he’s like us then?”  Keith nodded just once. 

“Good luck…”  Kevin whispered, as he pushed past the wolf, his eyes still brimming with tears.  Keith groaned, rubbing his face with both paws.  Tonight was not going well.




“Come ON Nathan, get down here already!” 


Nathan winched as one of his bigger brothers shouted at him from down stairs.  The little husky whimpered, searching through his drawers for his pants.  The towel around his waist began to slip a little, his tail curling up from the break in the back and he had to hold the towel up with one paw as he searched.  All of his pants, his shorts, even his underwear were gone.  They had all been his dresser when he went to take his shower, and now they were all gone. He’d checked the hamper for a pair, but his dirty clothes were gone too.  “Where are they?”  He muttered desperately. 


            “Alright, what’s take you so long runt?”  Nathan jumped and yipped, turning around to cover his butt, his tail tucking between his legs.  “Dave, come on!  Knock…” the husky whimpered; trying to make sure his bigger brother couldn’t see anything.  “Please…”  The bigger husky laughed and walked into Nathan’s room, grinning, two of Nathan’s other brother’s following him. 

            As his older brothers towered over him, Nathan was reminded just how much bigger his brothers were then he was.  He was the runt of the his family, the smallest of six boys.  The top of Nathan’s head came up to shoulder level with his brothers.  The five of them always made fun of him, pushing the smaller pup around whenever they could. 

Each other them had a football jersey on, because they all played football.  Their father insisted on it.  He’d even forced Nathan to be in sports, though he never approved of gymnastics team, the only sport at Hadenview Nathan was big enough to play for.

Dave leaned down and grinned at Nathan, “What’s wrong Nate, aren’t you ready to go to the game?”  The bigger husky said with a grin, using the nickname Nathan hated. 


“Don’t you have any pants? Or did you break them all, sneaking peeks at guys in the locker room?”  Nathan’s ears flattened against his head, and he whimpered, averting his eyes from his brother’s.  The bigger huskies laughed at him.  They all knew why the little dog was hiding behind his towel.  They knew that while Nathan was so much shorter and smaller then he was the runt of the litter outweighed them all in one department.  It was something they tortured him about even worse then his height.

“Come on Nate, put on my shorts and get in the car, we’re not gonna be late to the game because of you.”  The bigger husky poked him in the chest, shoving a pair of cotton boxers into his paws, and Nathan had a horrible thought.  “Where did you put my cloths?”  His brothers grinned and laughed, leaving the poor husky to put on their bigger shorts. 

Nathan whimpered once he was alone, dropping the towel.  Nathan looked down at himself, staring at his swinging member.  It nearly fell down to his knees he was so big.  He stepped into the shorts, pulling them up and grabbing a shirt.  He couldn’t go to the game like this; his cock was almost hanging out of the shorts, and without underwear, if he got even a little excited…


“NATHAN!”  The husky’s father yelled at him.  “Get down here NOW! You’re going to make your brother’s late!”  Nathan whimpered, rushing down the stairs and trying to ignore the breeze he felt between his legs.




Keith rang Todd’s doorbell, and smiled at Mrs. Hayes when she opened the door.  “Hey Mrs. H, is Todd ready?”  The wolf smiled brightly, his tail swishing back and forth.  “We need to get going, the game’s gonna start soon and I need to get back to school.” 


Mrs. Hayes smiled at Keith.  “He’s upstairs in his room Keith, he should be ready to go.”  Keith nodded as he slipped by and bounded up the stairs, his tail wagging all the way.  Mrs. Hayes folded her paws together and smiled, watching Keith as the wolf knocked on Todd door and slipped inside.  The boy had certainly grown up in the last year. 




When Todd didn’t answer the knock, Keith stuck his head in the door.  “Hey Todd, how you doing, you ready to…”  Todd was curled up in a fetal position on his bed, wearing only a pair of white briefs.  Keith licked his lips, his chest tightening at the sight of the fox’s nearly naked form.  Keith smiled, tip toeing closer to the fox.  The wolf reached out and gently shook the fox’s shoulder, “Hey Todd, you alright?” 

The fox slim stirred, muttering softly.  Keith stared at Todd, his eyes tracing the fox’s form as Todd’s lips moved.  Keith tried to make out what he was saying.  “David…” the fox whispered, turning over on his back as his eyes fluttered open.  “Keith…” The fox muttered, blinking his eyes.  “What time is it?” 


“It’s nearly five, it’s time to go.”  Keith smiled as his paw rested on Todd’s chest.  Todd stretched, pushing up against the wolf’s paw.  Keith pulled his paw back as Todd sat up slowly, rubbing his eyes.  “Whoa, I didn’t realize I so tired.”  The fox blushed suddenly, his ears laying back as he got up and grabbed his pants, “I need to get ready…” 

Keith chuckled and nodded.  “Yeah, we need to go if I’m gonna catch the team bus…”  Keith watched the fox’s long tail swish back and forth over his butt as he stepped into his jeans. “Sorry I’m running late,” Todd muttered as he pulled his pants up.  “Its okay…”  Keith whispered, suppressing a whimper as the fox pulled his pants up over his rump.


Keith licked his lips as the fox searched for his shirt.  He wanted to reach out and touch the fox and run his fingers through the bright red fur on his back. Keith looked away from Todd, trying not to stare at him to closely.


The wolf’s gaze fell on the pictures Todd had on his wall.  One of the larger ones was of Todd and a kangaroo Keith didn’t recognize.  In fact, Keith thought, there were a lot of pictures of Todd and the kangaroo on the fox’s wall. 

“Hey Todd, who is this?” The wolf pointed at one of the pictures and Todd froze, his ears laying flat against his head.  “Umm, that’s an old friend of mine, from before I moved. I…  I’m sure you don’t know him.”  Todd’s voice got real quite and he pulled his shirt over his chest as he blushed, “Come on let’s go…” the fox said suddenly, pulling on the wolf’s jacket. 


“Nah, tell me who he is…”  Keith said as he stood up, letting the fox pull him only a few paces, “You seem really happy…”  Keith muttered as he picked up the picture frame on Todd’s bedside, which held a picture of the kangaroo.  He was in a room that had all of Todd’s furniture, but it was painted a different color and the window was bigger.  The kangaroo was sitting on Todd’s bed, just smiling


Todd grabbed the picture out of Keith’s paws and sat down on his bed without saying anything.  The fox just stared at the picture, his ears flat against his head and his tail draped across his lap.   Keith flattened his ears in embarrassment, kicking himself mentally as the fox just shut down.  Everything he said today was the wrong thing.  “Do… do you want me to go Todd?”  Keith whispered, “Because if something’s wrong I can take off and ride back on the bus…” 


The fox was quiet for a long moment, and Keith shifted his jacket so it was more open because it felt hot.  “I’m sorry Keith; it’s just been a bad day.  It’s not your fault.”  Keith snorted, “Oh yeah sure, it’s not my fault,” the wolf muttered in anger, “Everything’s my fault today.”  Todd didn’t respond, he just curled his long tail around him. 


Keith ran his paw through his head fur and growled, really angry about everything that had happened, “What did I do Todd?  Everybody’s been mad at me today.  Alan, my coaches, Kevin, you.  I’m trying as hard as I can, I just… I don’t know what I’m doing wrong…”  Keith sighed, leaning back against the fox’s dresser.  “Will you just tell me what I’m doing wrong? Nobody else will.”  Keith searched Todd’s face for some sign of what was wrong when the fox looked up at him.  “Its really not you Keith, I promise.” The fox whispered.  “Fine,” Keith muttered, “then will you tell me what it is?”


Todd’s paws touched the floor again and he pushed him self up off the bed.  The fox took a few steps towards the wolf and stopped, “Okay, but you gotta promise me you won’t tell everybody else, okay?”  Keith nodded, and Todd grabbed a different picture off his nightstand and handed it to him.

The wolf held the picture, as Todd whispered, “See this picture? That’s David, my best friend in the world.”  Keith ran a paw over the picture, which showed what looked like a soccer game.  The team was cheering, like they’d just won the world cup, and Todd was being lifted in the air and spun around by the kangaroo.  The wolf realized he was holding his breath.  He’d never seen anyone happier then Todd and David looked in the picture. “But, why you’re upset?  You look… happy here.” 

Todd’s voice was hollow, empty as he whispered, “I was.  I was happier then than I’ve ever been because I was in love and David loved me back.” 


Keith looked down at Todd and the fox’s eyes were fixed on floor.  “What?”  Keith whispered softly.  Todd shook his head and closed his eyes, trying not to cry. 

“It was two year ago today.  I’d forgotten what day it was, I actually forgot what happened.  It was just for a little while, but I forgot…”  The fox stopped trying to speak as tears ran down his muzzle. 

Keith set the picture down on the fox’s bed and put a paw on Todd’s shoulder.  “Todd, what happened, are you saying, were you two…”  The wolf tried to pull Todd closer to him, but the fox held back. Todd’s paws gripped the edges of his football jacket, like he was afraid of it.  Keith slipped out of the jacket slowly, and realized he was trembling as Todd leaned in close to him.  “Are you okay?”  Keith whispered in the fox’s ear.  Todd nodded slowly and Keith felt a shiver run down his spine, “Are you sure?  What happened?  Why are you so sad?


Todd shook his head slowly.  “No, I’m alright, I just… I forgot is all…”  Keith slipped his other arm around the fox, and Todd laid his head on the wolf’s chest.  “What did you forget?”  Keith whispered; scared as hell that Todd this upset.  Todd tried to speak, but Keith could feel the fox’s sobs even if he didn’t make any noise. “David made love to me Keith.  He made love to me and then… then he was gone.  The fox’s green eyes stared into Keith’s, and the wolf felt lost in them as the fox whispered, “His father… His father took David away because he loved me…”


Keith reached up and put his paw on the fox’s cheek, slowly caressing the fox’s slim muzzle.  Todd pressed his face into Keith’s paw, tears running down his face.  “I’m here for you Todd…” the wolf whispered, “I’m never gonna leave you…”  Todd shook softly in his arms, hugging him back. 

“Thank you…” the fox laughed a little, “but you’d better leave, you’ve got a game to get to…”  Keith smiled, “No, we’ve got a game to go to.  Come on, I’m not letting you stay in here all night.”  Keith took the fox’s paw in his own and squeezed.  “Okay?” 

Todd nodded softly, wiping the tears out of his eyes as he smiled softly, “Okay.”


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