Where the fox twins make Nathan Very uncomfortable



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High School Days

Ch 12

The ‘Big’ Game



The crowd roared loudly as Kyle scored the first touchdown of the game.  Tony clapped along with everyone else as the tiger did a little dance and strutted past the other team and back to the scrimmage line, but the dog didn’t jump up and down like rest of the crowd did. 

Jeff and James did enough of that for him.  The fox twin leapt up and gave each other hugs, cheering along with everyone else on the visitor side of the stadium.   The home team crowd booed loudly as the foxes sat back down.  The twin foxes were sitting on either side of him and the terrier couldn’t believe how into the game they were getting.  They would reach across him to give each other a high fives whenever a player for Hadenview made a down, and they seemed to go especially wild whenever Nick or Kyle made a play.  The rest of the crowd loved Nick and Kyle too, and some of the girls in the stands were even holding signs with their names. 


  Tony smiled as everyone began to talk between plays as the teams milled around to find their new positions. For once he was actually enjoying himself.  He hadn’t been to a Friday night game since he came to Hadenview and it was kind of nice to be in a crowd like this again without being the center of attention.   Even though large storm clouds were building overhead, everyone in the stands was cheering their heads off.  Everyone was on his or her feet each time the team scored a down, a giant wave of support for their team. The stands even looked like a sea of blue, because everyone seemed to be decked out in the blue and white colors of Hadenville. 

Tony hadn’t been following the football team’s season too closely and now the terrier almost wished he had.  Evidently, this was the state semi-finals and if they won they be going back to the state championships for the fourth year in a row.  If they won there, they would make history.  Tony smiled as Brian turned around and slapped his knee, grinning like a maniac as the team opposing team turned over the ball under a pounding tackle from Tyler.


The mountain lion was sitting one row in front of him along with most of the wrestling team.  They had meet up at the stadium and Brian had been sure to save Tony some seats near the team.  Haden view had a tradition of letting the other team sit up front at all the games, so they were pretty close to the sidelines.  It even felt like the wrestling team was trying to make Tony feel like part of the team.  Everybody had brought hotdogs and nachos to share with the rest of the team, and they had pushed some into the dog’s paws despite his protests.  He was part of the team, they said, and it made Tony feel good to be so accepted.


Everyone once in a while, Tony noticed some of the guys were sneaking drinks from paper bags.  It sort of bothered him the guys were drinking so blatantly like that, but it didn’t really matter.  Everybody was laughing and just having a great time.

The terrier pressed himself against the back of the seat as Jeff leaned across him to say something to James. He just wished the twins would stop leaning across his lap to talk to each other.


Tony watched the team head off to the benches as the first quarter ended, and the terrier jumped as Jeff elbowed him in the ribs. “Hey big dog, we’re heading for the concession stand.” “You want anything else?” James finished.  Both foxes looked up at him with big green eyes and smiled.

“Ummm…” Tony muttered as he looked down at the massive drink they had bought him earlier.   “No, I should be fine.” 

“Cool,” James said with a bit of a yip, “See you in a few then.”   Tony blinked as Jeff grabbed the seat back in front of him, slipped his hind paws into the cracks beneath the seats and disappeared under bleachers.  Tony looked at James in confusion, who was also climbing under the bleachers, “Why did he…  What are you doing?” 

Jeff rolled his eyes so hard the little fox’s ears rolled backwards with them.  “Oh come on big dog, you don’t expect us to fight our way through that crowd do you?”  Jeff pointed at the crowd of furs that had poured into the stairways of the bleachers during the break.  Tony looked back up the bleachers, towards the concessions stands.   There was quite a crowd. 

“No I guess…” Tony looked back at where Jeff’s head had been, but the little fox was gone along with his brother.  “Not.” he muttered to himself, and went back to watching the field.




Nathan sighed and rested his chin on the cold metal seat back in front of him, his curled tail flicking back and forth idly underneath the bleachers.  The little husky’s eyes flicked back and forth as well, watching the rows of people sitting in front of him.  He kicked his paws through the darkness beneath the bleachers.  He wasn’t actually sitting on the bleacher seats.  The little dog was sitting on the floorboards where you were supposed to put your feet in order to keep a low profile.  The husky watched the football teams clash quietly, his tail hanging in the open space beneath the bleachers as the crowd leapt to its feet and cheered as Nick scored the final touch down before the first quarter break.


The husky shifted his rump on the hard metal bleachers, watching the game numbly. The seat was really cold, especially whenever a breeze blew through his shorts. Without any underwear, his cock hung free down his shorts, the tip threatening to peak out whenever he walked.  So he was sitting as low down in the bleachers as he could, hoping that with his legs beneath the bleachers nobody would see.  At least no one was around him anymore to see.  Nathan watched his parents, who were sitting several rows down from him for a few moments.  They were completely ignoring each other.


His dad was in the center of a group of cheering football dads, right down by the sideline.    The older husky was yelling at Nathan’s brothers as loudly as he could, screaming at them every time they made a mistake just like all the other football dads were.  Behind them, a circle of other football moms surrounded his mother.  They were all huddled together, gossiping, eating, knitting, and not even making a show of watching the game.  Nathan sighed.  At least neither of them had noticed he had snuck away to be alone.





“Why do we always have to do this?”  James muttered as he ducked under a support bar.  The little fox scampered through the trash under the bleachers, trying to catch up with his brother.  Jeff grinned and stopped, one foot raised up on a cross bar like it was a step.  “Oh come on, like you enjoy getting stepped on in the crowds up there. Besides, the view is better down here.”  Jeff pointed up above them at the bleachers.  James grinned a little and hurried up to look at where Jeff was pointing. 

Directly above their heads a line of jocks from the soccer team sat watching the game.  But to the foxes underneath them, the boys were just a row of firm, round butts pressed against tight blue jeans and wagging tails.  James grinned; licking his lips a little as he stared at the rump close enough form him to reach out and touch.  “Yeah, I got to admit, it is a nice view.”


The twins kept moving, threading their way through the support bars.  James fell behind again, panting a little as he tried to keep up.  It was hot and dark underneath the bleachers, and the scents were so varied and so strong they were overpowering.  Even with the slight breeze that always seemed to blow underneath the bleachers, it felt more like height of summer then a cool spring evening.  James could feel the storm brewing the air, which was so heavy with moisture it seemed to cling to his fur. 


Ahead of James, Jeff had stopped again and was waiting for his twin to catch up.  He was staring up at the bleachers, nearby where a pair of paws hung down from the bleachers above.  James panted a little as he climbed up over the support bar Jeff was standing next too. He hopped down, and banged into Jeff when his brother didn’t move out of his way. 


“Hey, why did you do that?”

“Hey, why didn’t you move?” they muttered together, rubbing their temples.  Jeff shook his head, “Sorry, I was just…” Jeff trailed off, looking back up at the owner of the paws dangling beside them.  James frowned, his ears twitching as he looked up. 

Above them a slim, fluffy canine was sitting down on the footrest with his hind paws dangling over the edge beside their heads.  His fluffy, slightly curled tail hung down behind him, completely limp except for a natural curl.  James guessed he was probably a husky or a malamute from the coloring of his fur.    His baggy shorts hung down past his knees, billowing in the slight breeze under the bleachers.  

James frowned, a little annoyed that his brother was just standing there. “Jeff, what are we looking… at…” James trailed off as well as his brain locked up.  The little fox licked his lips slightly and stared. 


The wind had shifted the dog’s shorts and now James could see what his brother was staring so intently at.  Hanging over the edge of the bleachers, curving down under it own weight was the longest cock James had ever seen.  The smooth mushroom head was pointed down at the twins almost beckoning to them. James licked his lips again, his pants tightening as he stared at it. 

“Whoa.”  James muttered after a minute of just standing there with his brother.

“Yeah.”  Jeff whispered, his tongue hanging out a little as he stared at the hanging cock. 

“Who is it?”  James whispered, trying to get a look at the boy’s face through the bleachers.  Jeff stretched his nose up and sniffed at the dog’s paw, his nose wrinkling at the scent.  “It kinda smells like Nathan from gymnastics.”  The little fox shook his head, rubbing his nose slightly.  “And he really needs to wash his paws more often.”  James giggled a little, and turned his muzzle skyward again to stare.
            The twins feel back into silence, just standing together right in front of Nathan’s hanging paws and staring up at the husky’s crotch. James pushed against his brother’s chest, trying to get a better view of Nathan’s giant member, but Jeff was in the best spot to see it and wouldn’t move. 


James tried again, giving his brother a soft whine in annoyance but Jeff slipped an arm around his brother and forced him to stand still.  James squirmed a bit in Jeff’s grip before submitting to his twin and standing in front of Jeff reluctantly.


James felt himself blush, the heat creeping up his face.  The twins were standing so close and Jeff’s arm was wrapped tight around him.  James could even feel just how excited Jeff was getting as his twin’s crotch pressed against his rump.  “Like what you see Jeff?”  James said with an evil grin, his tail flicking back and forth, brushing across his brother’s erection.  Jeff yipped in pleasure at the sudden sensation of being stroked by his brother’s tail.

Both boys blushed a hard and looked at each other.  They eyed each other for a moment and laughed.  James yipped and jumped when Jeff reached down and grabbed his crotch.  “Like what you see James?”

 James blushed deeply, the white fur on his cheeks turning pink.  “No Jeff, not here… what if somebody sees us?” 

Jeff laughed at his brother, his paw making the other fox squirm in his grip.  “You started it.  Besides, who’s going to see us down here?” Jeff leaned forwarded and nipped at his brother’s neck. “I bet you wish you could take that huge cock right up t there right here and now.” James blushed and nodded, whimpering a little as his twin pawed at his butt.

“You think its real?”  James whispered. 


Jeff grinned at his brother, patting his twin’s shoulder.  “Has to be… but I want to make sure all the same…”




Nathan sighed as the referee’s whistle signaled the end of another play.  Hadenview was up 14 points thanks to Nick and Kyle’s teamwork.  The teams were getting ready for a big play and everyone knew it.  It was the fourth down at the top of the second quarter, and Hadenview was on the 25-yard line.  The teams bent down, and the ball was snapped into Leon’s paws.  The teams clashed and the crowd went wild, cheering as loud as they could as Leon tossed the ball towards Kyle.  The crowd held its breath as the tiger leaped into the air, grabbed the ball, and landed…


Nathan watched the crowd around him burst into cheers as the tiger sailed into the end zone in one long jump.  The crowd leapt to its feet as the paw close around his cock head and squeezed.  The husky’s yelp was lost in the crowd’s roar, and his whole body jumped as the paw began stroking his unprotected cock. 

Nathan panicked and tried to stand up, his feet spinning in the air as he lost his balance and started to slide forward.  His brother’s loose shorts provided no traction on the metal bleachers.  Nathan yelped again as he began to slide between the seats and under the bleachers, his loose shorts riding up his legs and exposing his cock even more. 

The pup desperately grabbed at the seat back in front of him, and he barely got one arm over it to stop his fall.  Nathan clung to it for dear life; his hind paws pin wheeling to find something to support him before someone caught his paws and held him steady. 


Terror washed over Nathan as he realized he was now hanging by one arm over a big, black hole and a pair of smooth paws holding his hind paws were the only thing holding him up.  Nathan whimper and yipped in fear as a thin, wet ribbon of flesh pressed against the tip of his cock an slide up the length of his shaft and into his crotch fur.  The little husky’s brain figured out what happened real quickly.  Someone had just licked his cock. 


Nathan whimpered and closed his eyes, holding on tightly as the paws holding onto to his own hind paws guided them backwards to a metal support beam under the bleachers that he couldn’t see.   Nathan trembled as he tested the bar, and then stood up slowly.  He was pitched forward at an angle, holding onto the seat in front of him.  Nearly half his body was hidden in the shadows of the bleachers, and he couldn’t quite figure out a way to get back up onto the bleachers.  Nathan began to tremble as his mind began processing what had just happened. 


Someone had grabbed his dick.  He had nearly fallen under the bleachers, but someone was down there and had helped him.  Someone who was now nuzzling at his crotch, their cold nose pressing against his balls as they licked the husky’s nuts.  This fur mysterious even had their head up his shorts so he couldn’t see their face, and they were pawing at his cock right here in public.  The mysterious fur rubbed Nathan’s cock across their face, and their paws were rapidly stroking and squeezing the husky’s growing cock, and that made Nathan gasp in pleasure despite his fear.

Nathan began to tremble as he tried to think of what to do.  He was in shock.  No one had ever touched him like this before.  He played himself from time to time, when his brothers were all away from the house.  It felt really great when he did touch his own cock, but nobody had ever told him how much better it was to have someone else touch you.   Nathan whimpered again and this time he didn’t know if it was out of fear or pleasure. 


            Nathan looked around in panic.  The crowd in the stands around him hadn’t noticed his fall or what was happening beneath the benches.  No one was paying attention to him at all; they were to busy cheering and celebrating the touchdown the team had just scored.  Nathan couldn’t see the field anymore, nor could he see the face of his shadowy molester.  But he sure could feel the tongue sliding across his dick.

            The little husky could feel the warm breath of someone blowing against his cock and the soft paws sliding up and down his now firm cock.  The husky began to tremble as soft, wet lips began to run up and down his aching erection, making him even harder.  The thin, talented, tongue was curling around and around his shaft.  Lapping at every inch of his cock.  Nathan could almost hear voices over the roar of the crowd.


  A muffled “whoa… this thing is huge…” floated up from under the bleachers.


“Yeah… look at him, he’s fucking enormous,” someone else answered, and Nathan whined.  Oh god there’s two of them, he thought desperately, as another pair of paws pressed against his butt and began to slowly fondle his rump.


“Yeah, I bet you’d like him to fuck you…” the first voice whispered.


“I just want him to fucking cum for me…”


Nathan whimpered as whoever it was wrapped their mouth around his cock head.  It felt so good…  The warm, slick tongue spinning around his cock head sent shivers up his spine.  It was nothing like pawing off.  The warm wetness made his balls ache and his knees tremble and somehow being unable to even see the face of the person doing all this made it even more exciting. 


Nathan began to pant as his cock flexed in the hidden muzzle.  His body was relaxing slowly as the muzzle worked his shaft, taking more and more of his cock into the warm wet muzzle of his invisible molester and sending waves of pleasure up the pup’s body.  The little husky began to panic again as the wandering paws began to caress his butt, spreading his cheeks apart, and he was hit by the full realization of what was happening to him.


He was begin sucked off in the bleachers, in full view of a crowd of people. Anybody could notice him hanging there, half standing in the darkness under the bleachers.  His mom and dad were three rows below him.  If they turned around, they could probably look right thru the bleachers and see him getting head from a perfect stranger, while somebody else fondled his ass.  They would see how much he was enjoying it too.  He couldn’t run even if he got up on the bleachers.  There would simply be no way he could hide his massive erection in his brother’s gym shorts. 

All those thoughts were banished when the paws pulled down the back of his shorts, spread his cheeks apart, and a cold, wet nose was pressed between his cheeks and up under his tail.  Nathan’s back arched as a warm, wet tongue began sliding across his tail hole and the little husky moaned.  The action sent shivers up his spine and his cock flexed in sheer ecstasy at the new sensation.  It was too much for him to handle.   The husky began to yelp and scramble for purchase, trying to pull himself back up onto the floorboard he had been sitting on, desperate now to get away from the wandering paws and tongues. 


            Nathan whimpered as the paws grabbed hold of his feet, two paws to each foot, and they held him in place.  Nathan whined and struggled as the warm, wet assault continued, his hind paws held firmly in place by the mysterious furs.  Nathan looked down, and whined, “Please, please stop. Let me go…”  

One of the paws moved, brushing Nathan’s shorts off the head buried in his crotch.  The red fur of a fox came into view, and big green eyes stared up at him.  “Why Nathan?  You love it… I can taste how much you love it in fact…” The fox licked the pre from his lips and Nathan blinked as Jeff Johnson took his whole cock down in his throat again without even gagging.


Nathan tried to say something, to argue, to struggle against the foxes holding him down.  However the only thing he could think of was how fucking hot the sight of his dick disappearing into Jeff’s muzzle was.  The tongue assaulting his tail hole returned, and Nathan whimpered as it danced around his tightly clenched ring.  Nathan’s legs began shaking as the tongue began to press up into his butt, wiggling slowly into his tail hole as Jeff deep throated his cock with ease.  The husky whined softly as the fox continued to suck him off, and he began to thrust gently into the fox’s mouth.


Nathan shivered, looking back behind him.  He could see a hint of red moving behind him, so it was probably Jeff’s twin brother James who was licking his ass.  The husky trembled as a gust of cold air washed over him, leaving the only warm spots on his body the muzzles of two foxes who were nose deep in his butt and crotch.  He felt so exposed.  It felt so good. Anybody could see what was going on, but he couldn’t stop it.  He didn’t want to stop it.




James grinned as he pressed his nose into Nathan’s butt, his tongue softly licking across the husky’s tight tail hole.  The dog was totally clean like he had just showered and he smelled great.  His butt was firm even for a fellow gymnast and each cheek fit into his paw easily.  The fox smiled as he kneaded the firm ass.  The husky’s curved tail was drooped over his face, hiding James away in a world filled only with the scent of male and the sight of a firm butt.  James murred deeply as he spread Nathan’s cheeks so he could push his tongue a little deeper into the husky.  That made the trapped dog yelp and thrust his hips forward. James grinned as the dog plunged his cock right into his twin’s mouth. 

James giggled slightly as his brother gagged on the husky’s dick, and Jeff playfully punched him in the stomach. James punched back, and the brothers laughed, Jeff’s muffled by the cock in his throat.  James murred softly as Jeff began to pet his chest, lifting up his shirt as they teased and tortured the husky from both ends.  James began to whimper softly as his brother’s paws played with his body, Jeff’s paws lewdly rubbing James’s crotch. 

James had never been so scared about sex in his whole life, but it was so exciting doing something dangerous like this.  They could be caught at any moment, and that fact just made James grin and press his face between Nathan’s butt cheeks and his tongue into the husky’s tail.


Jeff mean while was concentrating on only one thing.  Getting the balls banging against his chin to pump their load through this massive cock and down his throat.  The fox murred and growled, bobbing up and down Nathan’s long cock as best he could.  It was hard work.  The husky’s cock was now incredibly firm, and it seemed to be getting harder by the second.  It was now so long it hung down the back of his throat when he took it all, and Jeff loved every second of it. 



Nathan whimpered loudly, biting on his fist to keep from howling in pleasure.  The twins’ assault was getting to be too much.  He could feel their tongues, their paws, rubbing and caressing and teasing every inch of him they could reach.  All while Jeff’s muzzle moved up and down his cock, deep throating him to an extreme degree.  Nathan leaned against the seat in front of him, panting as he watched Jeff work his cock.  The fox had one paw wrapped around the base of the dog’s cock, squeezing where his knot was forming while his muzzle slide up and down the long schlong like he was sucking on a straw. 

Nathan panted as Jeff got into a rhythm, four or five short strokes up and down with his mouth, each one taking the first half of his cock as the fox’s tongue swirled across the underside, and then one long stroke that buried the fox’s nose into his crotch fur.  Jeff held that one for a long time, sucking hard, his throat swallowing around the tip of Nathan’s cock in a way that made the husky’s legs shake and his knees want to buckle. 


It went on forever and slowly Nathan’s cock got harder and harder, forcing Jeff to try harder to take it all.  James’s tongue never stopped slurping and exploring his butt, and Nathan felt his chest tighten as his knot began to grow in Jeff’s paw.  The fox seemed to know just what to do with a knot.  Jeff curled his paw around the growing knob, squeezing down on the swelling section of his cock and pulling forward, imitating the way it would feel to be tied with somebody.  Nathan whimpered as one of James’s paws slide between his legs gently cupped his balls, rolling them back and forth for a moment before pulling them down and sending him over the edge. 


Nathan trembled as his balls drew up and his cock began to throb, and it felt like his body was on fire.   His knees gave out and he hung from the seat in front of him as he came right down Jeff’s throat, his howl covered by another roar from the forgotten crowd.




Jeff gagged at first, as the cock in his muzzle seemed to expand suddenly and began spewing warm, salty cum down his throat. The fox pulled back and gasped for air, his paw quickly stroking the husky’s long dick as Nathan continued to cum across his face.  Jeff grinned and pressed his face against the fat head of Nathan’s cock, letting the warm cum flow over his face as he swallowed the husky’s initiate load.  Jeff wrapped his lips around the pulsing member again when he heard James whimper, and he had to keep his brother from pulling the thick cock out of his mouth.  The other fox whined as he watched Jeff swallow the husky’s cum again and again, and when he was sure his brother wasn’t going to share he began to lick the warm cum from Jeff’s face.  Jeff grinned, closing his eyes as his brothers tongue lapped the cum out of his fur and the thick cock in his muzzle pumped the rest of Nathan’s load down his throat.   The little fox almost came in his pants from the feeling of it.


When Nathan stopped cumming Jeff pulling his face away from the husky’s crotch, panting hard.  Jeff grinned up at Nathan like an idiot.  He had just sucked off the biggest dick ever, his belly was full of warm dog spunk, and his twin’s warm tongue was bathing him gently as James continued to lick the dog’s seed off his face. 


Jeff grabbed his brother around the waist and pulled him close when James stopped licking his face.  He held his brother close with a smirk, the dog’s warm cum still clinging to his face, “You missed a spot.”  Jeff whispered, and James whimpered softly in the darkness as Jeff kissed him softly on the lips. 

James moaned at the taste of cum on his brother’s lips and he began to lick Jeff clean again.  Jeff murred, licking his twin’s face in return until his twin had every drop of Nathan’s semen off his face.  Both boys panted, whipping their mouths on each other’s sleeves before looking up just in time to see Nathan scrambled back up onto the bleachers and take off running.


James whined softly as the dog ran away, and Jeff brushed his paw across his twin’s face, grinning happily at his brother.  James flashed him a smile, and Jeff gave him another soft kiss.  “Come on,” Jeff whispered as he hugged his brother, “We better go find him and make sure he doesn’t tell somebody.”  James nodded and the twin foxes dashed after the husky, red streaks weaving through the support beams of the bleachers. 




Nathan gasped for air as he pulled himself up onto the bleachers.  The husky trembled as the old metal pressed against the thin fur on his butt.  He grabbed his brother’s shorts and desperately tried to pull them up, but his still hard cock popped out the end of one leg.  Nathan gasped as his over sensitive cock hit the bleacher seat.  He grabbing hold of the base of his cock and forced it down as he stood up on the footrest.  He looked around in a panic, but nobody had seen his cock spring up.  Nathan looked down and whimpered as he dash out of the stand, hoping no one noticed the thick bulge running down his leg. 


Nathan pushed passed the few people still on the stairs and raced as fast as he could to the restroom.  Maybe if he just kept holding his cock down as best he could and ran, most people would think he just had to go to the bathroom.  But running in shorts five sizes to big with a 12-inch erection isn’t easy.  Nathan had to keep one paw on his crotch to keep his cock down, and the other on his shorts to keep them from slipping off, and the husky nearly fell twice as he scrambled up the stairs. 


Nathan panted in relief as he reached the restroom, his shaft aching and still hard as a rock, his knot only just starting to go down.  The husky slipped inside the restroom and looked around.  Nathan let out a sigh of pure relief when he saw the restroom was deserted.  He peeked out of the restroom, and scanned the crowd in the area.  No foxes were following him.


He trotted towards the stalls, but just as he got to the first stall the door opened and a big horse stepped out, his hooves nearly crushing the little husky’s paws.  Nathan yelped and turned around, quickly stepping up to one of the urinals and shaking in terror as he pretended to pee.  Nathan watched the horse in the mirror on the wall, hoping the horse would just leave so he could get into a stall and hide.  The horse washed his hands and left without even glancing at him and Nathan sighed, almost collapsing in relief. 


The little husky pressed a paw to his forehead, and he closed his eyes as his cock began to shrink, the massive shaft still wet from Jeff’s mouth and covered in his own cum.  Nathan sniffed and wiped a tear from his eyes as his heart continued to beat a million miles a minute.  He had never been so afraid in his entire life.  Nothing his brothers had ever done to him had been as horrible as standing there exposed to God and everybody as Jeff and James touched him. 


Nothing had ever felt as good either. 


Nathan whimpered softly, tears beginning to run down his cheeks.  The way Jeff and James had touched him had felt so good at the time.  It had burned with pleasure, but now he just felt hurt and used.  They had just done it because they wanted too.  He wanted to scream as loud as he could and lash out, but he knew it was pointless.  He was too small, to weak to do anything.  He hadn’t been able to stop his brothers from stealing his underwear, and he wouldn’t have been able to stop Jeff or James from doing what they had done either.  Nathan looked up and sighed, staring at himself and the empty bathroom reflected in the mirror. 


Nathan felt the hair on the back of his neck begin to stand up.  Something was wrong.  It felt like he was being watched somehow. The husky turned around and licked his lips, the fear left over from his encounter with the twins being replaced by a new fear of someone else finding him here.  All the stalls doors were open, and nobody had come in after the horse had left.  Nobody could be in here with him.  Nathan licked his lips and turned back towards the stall to flush just to keep up appearances.  Then he saw the eyes glinting in the darkness. 




Nathan yelped as a huge mountain lion leapt out of the stall directly behind him and grabbed him.  The husky struggled as big paws grabbed hold of his shorts and the cat lifted him up into the air into a painful wedgie.  Nathan felt the familiar pain and heard something snap as he yelped and kicked his paws, trying to get away. “Help me! Help please!”  Nathan yelled as loud as he could, but the big cat only laughed.


“Got yeah Nate! I got you good!”  Brian laughed, setting the husky down and slapping his back playfully. Nathan yelped in pain and scrambled away from the big mountain lion, nearly falling over under the force of Brian’s playful slap.  The husky whimpered as the big cat laughed, pressing himself against the wall at the back of the restroom and just cowering there. 

Brian was just laughed at him, his whispers flared out and his tail lashing back and forth as Nathan pressed himself against the wall.  The big brown cat was almost doubled over he was laughing so hard. “Damn, look at you Nate! You never saw it coming at all! You about pissed yourself when I grabbed you!”


Nathan blinked, stuttering, “That… that wasn’t funny Brian!”  The dog stuttered in fear, clutching his chest as his heart threatened to pound its way out of his chest. 

“Oh no Nate, that was fucking hilarious!  Look at you dude.  You’re practically hanging out, I totally caught you by…” Brian’s voice trailed off and he straightened up with a slight grin on his face.

 “Well, well, well… now I know why Tyler is always busting on your ass Nate…” Nathan looked down slowly and whimpered when he saw what had happened.  The mountain lion walked up and pointed down at the dog’s pants, and Nathan just whimpered as he looked down.  The husky’s half hard cock hung free, his shorts pulled down in the scuffle.  “Tyler is jealous, isn’t he Nate?”


Nathan pulled his brothers shorts up around his waist to cover his cock, his face burning as Brian stood right in front of him.  “You know Nate, you really ought to wear underwear with a Johnson like that hanging between your legs…” Nathan folded his ears against his head as Brian took a step forward.  The dog tucked his tail so far between his legs the tip curled up and covered his crotch.

“Unless of course,” Brian whispered, “You want somebody to see you without underwear…”


“No I…” Nathan whimpered, his face burning as he looked up at Brian.  The big cat towered over him, his muzzle a grin full of teeth as the husky stuttered. “I didn’t want to Brian… my brothers they…”

Nathan hung his head in shame and just gave up.  “They though it would be funny to embarrass me so they stole my underwear.” Nathan couldn’t see Brian’s face, but the cat’s tail swished back and forth behind him.  “Please…” Nathan whimpered, his paws and tail effectively covering up his crotch, “Don’t tell anybody about me…” The little husky whispered. 


Brian snickered a little, “Lord, what is it with you big-dicked dogs being so fucked up about the size of your dong?”   The mountain lion’s paw batted at Nathan’s cheek, and the dog stumbled a little under the gentle blow.  “You have a foot of dick and you’re afraid of it like it was a snake that’s gonna bite you.” 


“Hey! Get away from him!” 


Nathan looked up and whimpered as Jeff came running into the restroom.  Jeff raced across the bathroom and slipped in front of Brian.  The little fox stood there and glared up at the big cat, while James hung back and watched near the door.  “Leave him alone Brian!” 

Brian laughed and glared down at the fox.  The much smaller fox bristled, his fur fluffing out so he looked bigger.  Nathan whimpered as the fox’s red fur pressed against his shirt.  Brian smirked at the little fox as he bristled and growled at him. 

“What is this, the midget bathroom?”  Brian muttered with a chuckle.  “Why should I leave him alone? He’s walking around flashing the biggest…” Brian flashed a grin, “Second biggest dick I’ve ever seen and he’s acting like it’s a curse.  I aught to waste the pup just for that.” 


Jeff growled again, the small sound echoing off the walls as the fox’s paw reached back and held Nathan protectively in place behind him.  “You’re not gonna hurt him.”

Brian laughed in Jeff’s face.  “Yeah right, like you could stop me.” 


“I will.”  Jeff said with quiet determination.

The mountain lion flashed Jeff a big, tooth filled grin and leaned down so they were eye to eye.  “How you gonna stop me fox?  What would stop me from popping you one along with your doggy runt?”

Jeff flashed the lion a grin.  “You won’t hit me.  You’ll even leave Nathan alone for good.  Otherwise James will run home and get his camera.” The lion’s eyes got big, and his nose flared out wide as the fox faced him down. 

“When you gets to school tomorrow,” the bolder twin said happily, “You’ll find print outs of every pictures we took last month when you spent the night at our house, plastered across the school.” 


Brian’s grin disappeared and he glared at the fox,  “You wouldn’t…” 

The fox smiled.  “I would.  But you won’t, not unless you want the whole school to know what we did that night.  Do you?” 

The mountain lion stood up straight again, and now his fur was bushed out and his tail was lashing back and forth in anger.  “You can’t blackmail me like this…” 

James chipped in from the door softly, “Sure we can…” which made the lion growl, which was a lot louder then the growl Jeff had made, and the sound reverberated through the room and made all the little furs flinch. 

“Course,” Jeff said happily, “We don’t really want to.” Jeff kept smiling as he took a cautious step towards Brian.  “We much preferred having you as our friend, don’t we James…” 


Brian stopped growling and his tail fell still, but his fur stayed fluffy out.  James took a few steps towards the mountain lion, more confident now that his brother seemed to be in control of the situation.  “We like when you sleep over, don’t we James? Maybe we can convince you to come back.” Jeff continued, his paws settling on his brother’s shoulder when his twin got close.  The two foxes stood between Brian and Nathan, and Jeff murred, “I’m sure James would be willing to help you… study for something.”  The fox said with a grin, and the mountain lion’s smile slowly returned. 


“Well, I may be willing to forgive you for blackmailing me then…  If I can come over say, next Wednesday?” 

Jeff grinned, crossing his arms over his chest.   “Only if you tell us one thing.” 

“What.”  Brian grunted.

“Whose got a bigger Johnson then Nathan here?” James said without any hesitation.

Nathan whimpered as everyone in the room looked at him. The husky flattened his ears back down and hunkered down slightly, trying to make himself disappear behind the small foxes twins. 

“Alright…” Brian muttered with a laugh, “but I want more then I got last time fox.” he said with a grin to James, who swallowed nervously and laid his ears back.  The much smaller fox tucked his tail between his legs as Brian grinned down at him, but Jeff laughed and smacked his brother on the ass. 

“Sounds good.  But the same goes for us.” Jeff grinned, one paw reaching out to toy with the belt buckle of Brian’s pants.  “Deal?”  The fox said with a big grin. 


Brian swished his tail and batted Jeff’s paw away with a grin.  “Deal.  It’s Tony Harris, the guy you’re sitting with.  Don’t tell him I told you. Wimp made me promise just like this one.”  Brian jerked his head towards Nathan and brushed a paw across James’s face, “See you Wednesday boys.”  Brian sauntered out of the restroom and all three smaller furs breathed a sigh of relief and their ears lifted up once the door closed behind Brian.


Silence hung in the boy’s restroom for a moment, until James hit his brother on the shoulder.  “Hey!  Why did you offer me up as the trade?”  Jeff laughed and smacked his brother on the ass again, “Oh right, like you’ll be complaining on Wednesday when he’s got your legs in the air.  You’ve been complaining for weeks about having nobody top you.” 

James frowned, his ears turning backwards in annoyance as he turned away from his twin, “Yeah, but you could have asked…”

Jeff laughed at his twin’s theatrics.   “Fine, next time I pimp you out I ask first.”  Jeff said with a grin, his tail swishing back and forth, “Deal?”  The braver fox held out his arms to his brother.

“Deal.”  James answered and leaped into his brother’s embrace, nuzzling the underside of his twin’s neck.  Jeff hugged his brother close, and they shared a moment of kinship together.


Nathan stared at them, in amazement.  They were just so, simple about it.  The dog whimpered softly when both fox twins turned their heads and smiled at him.


“Well?” Jeff grinned over his brother’s head, “You gonna pull your pants up or are you inviting us back in them?”

Nathan looked down and whimpered as he pulled up his brother’s shorts.   They promptly feel back down again.  The husky desperately tried to keep them up, but their elasticity seemed to be gone and they just fell back down around his knees exposing his massive cock again. 

“Oh god…” Nathan whimpered, “Brian must have broken the cord when he picked me up…” Nathan tried to use the drawstring to tighten the shorts, but the string just pulled right out of the shorts and hung limply in his paw. 

Nathan whimpered as Jeff padded up to him, “What am I gonna do!”  The husky wrung his paws in desperation as he fumbled with the cord, trying to get it back into the shorts.  “My brother’s gonna kill me and everybody is gonna see!”

Jeff chuckled softly and lifted the husky’s shorts up into place.  “Well, first off you should have worn some underwear.”  Nathan whined and pushed the fox away.  “These are underwear!  They’re my brother’s damn boxers!  They hid my clothes and made me wear these!” 

Nathan tried desperately to fix his makeshift shorts again and he began to sob when they simply fell back down.  The husky felt everything just welling up inside his chest and it al came tumbling out as he lost control and tears began to stream down his face.   Jeff stepped up and embraced him and the husky didn’t even fight back.  He just bawled into the fur of the fox’s shoulder.

“Hey, hey come on, we got you into this…” Jeff whispered, brushing a paw across Nathan’s face.  “We’ll get you out okay?  Come on…” 

Nathan stumbled slightly as Jeff shepherded him into the handicap stall.  Once James was inside with them Jeff closed the door and undid his the buckle of his belt. Nathan stammered.  “What… what are you doing?” as Jeff pulled his belt off. 


“Take this, it’ll keep your shorts up. Come here James.” James stepped closer to his brother, who undid the belt and fly of his brother’s pants with ease. 

“Wait…” James muttered as his brother reached around an unbuttoned the tail button on his jeans.  “What are you doing?” James and Nathan muttered together as James’s pants came undone. 

“Come on James, Nate needs underwear to get home…” Jeff muttered as kneeled down and pulled his brothers pants down with him, exposing the white cotton briefs he was wearing.  

“Hey!”  James yelped, stepping back from his kneeling twin. “What did I jut say about pimping me out?”  Jeff just grinned up at his brother, and Nathan watched as the twins stared at each other for a moment. 


Jeff’s tail began to swish back and forth as he crouched next to his brother, and James’s tail slipped between his legs slowly as Jeff smiled up at him.   “James…” Jeff whispered slowly, his tail flicking back and forth, “You know I’ll pay you back if you do it.”  Jeff reached out and grabbed his brother’s cock through the cotton of his underwear, making James and Nathan both gasp for different reasons. 

The fox tensed up all over as Jeff’s fingers began to rub his hidden cock.  “After all, when have I ever passed up the opportunity to suck a cock that was hanging in front of my nose, hmmm Nate?” 

Nathan gasped and tensed up just like James as Jeff reached up the leg of his older brother’s boxers and grabbed his cock.  Nathan and James whimpered as Jeff pawed at them both. 

Nathan watched in fascination as the standing fox’s cock came bobbing into view.  It was much smaller then his was but it was hard as a rock.  And it was in view only for a moment before Jeff wrapped his muzzle around it.  James hissed a little and tried to push his brother off, whispering fiercely, “Jeff stop, Dad said…”

Jeff’s muzzle left his twin’s cock for just a moment.  “Don’t care, sucking cock.” The fox muttered before slipping his muzzle back around his twin’s fox cock.  Both foxes let out a satisfied groan.


Nathan whined as Jeff’s paw teased his sensitive shaft, watching in fascination as the kneeling fox gave his twin brother a blowjob.


Nathan held perfectly still as James kicked off his pants, letting Jeff pull his underwear off the rest of the way.  Nathan didn’t know whether to be horrified or turned on by the sight of one fox twin’s cock disappearing into the other’s muzzle, but when Jeff handed James’s underwear to him the husky scrambled to put them on. 

Jeff didn’t stop bobbing his muzzle up and down James’s small cock as Nathan slipped into the fox’s briefs, tucking his half hard cock into them.  They bulged but fit surprisingly well considering he was so much bigger then the fox.

Nathan panted nervously as he got dressed, watching as Jeff gave his brother head.  The fox’s tongue swirled out of his muzzle from time to time and lapped against the other fox’s balls, which made James gasp in pleasure each time.  Nathan pulled his big brother’s boxers shorts back on and cinched Jeff’s belt around them, making sure they didn’t slip at all. 

For once he felt like he was in real clothing.  Nathan took a step towards the door, and Jeff didn’t stop sucking James’s cock to say anything.  James didn’t say anything either.  He had his eyes closed and his head was pressed against the metal wall of the bathroom stall, his paws caressing Jeff’s head as his brother went down on him. 


Nathan unlocked the door, yelping in fright when Jeff’s paw grabbed hold of his tail.  “You know Nate…” Jeff stood up behind him and looked the husky in the eye.  Nathan whimpered as the fox brushed against his back, holding his tail up in the air gently.   Nathan could feel the fox’s hardon press against his butt through their clothes.  “I’m gonna want my brother’s underwear back.” Jeff whispered in his ear, and James only moaned in agreement as Jeff’s paw stroked his crotch with ease.

Nathan swallowed nervously as the fox’s green eye traced the lines of his face.  “But maybe,” Jeff whispered again, “Maybe you’d like to come over some time and see how much fun we can have without them, huh Nate?  I’d like to see if my brother can take what you’ve got in his underwear right now…” 

Nathan swallowed nervously, his heart beating fast again as Jeff’s paw reached around and squeezed his package gently.  Everything he knew, everything his parents had taught him was screaming at him to say no, but he blurted out, “Okay… but… but my name’s not Nate.  I hate being called Nate.”  The husky licked his lips nervously, looking Jeff in the eyes as the fox turned his head to the side in puzzlement. 

“That’s what my brothers call me, because it’s short for Nathan… and I’m so…” Nathan trailed off as Jeff smiled softly.

 “Well, there’s nothing short about you Nathan…” Jeff muttered just before he kissed the husky softly, and Nathan gasped, trembling at the feeling of his first kiss.  “See you later handsome.”  Jeff chuckled softly as James squirmed against the wall, whimpering under the ministrations of his twin’s paw. 

Nathan nodded weakly and slipped out of the stall.  He stood in the restroom nervously for a moment, but the husky ran when James cried out in pleasure and came across his brother’s paw.