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High School Days Chapter13:

Like Lovers Do



Todd was on the edge of his seat.  He’d never sat on the sidelines of a football game before, but Keith had gotten the coaches to let him.  Everybody on the sidelines was quiet.  The team was on the ten yard line, but they had one down left.  The other team, Rockwell, was up by 3 points and there were only 2 minutes left on the clock, but Hadenview could still win if they made this one play.  The Rockwell team got into position, their bright orange jerseys offsetting the deep blue of Hadenview’s football team.


Todd looked down the line of guys in their football pads, counting how far down Nick and Kyle were from each other.  He’d figured out the teams most basic plays early on in the game.  If the two giants were close together, it meant the team was going to rush the ball, and that either Nick or Kyle would be covering the other.  But this time, they were spaced to far apart, with one on each of the scrimmage line. 

That meant Leon was going to pass to one of them.  The crowd held its breath as everyone crouched down, orange vs. blue shirts, both teams tails bushed out in anticipation for one final play.  Then the otter center snapped the ball the ball back to Leon, and the two teams clashed. 


The crowd went wild.  Everyone was on their feet.  Everyone was yelling.  The teams pushed against each other, and the crowd gasped as Nick was tagged teamed by three guys.  Todd jumped out of the way as the Rockwell players ran Nick straight into the sidelines.  The big wolf’s knees crashed into the bench, and he flipped over the bench, landing on his back with a crash. 

The Rockwell team didn’t care at all about the penalty that would cause.  They had to take Kyle and Nick out of the play if they were going to win.  The defenders started to close in on Leon, but the lion snapped a pass to Kyle.  For a moment, it looked like everything was going to work.  Kyle was in the end zone, and he was open.   

Then, one of the team’s defenders, a bear, leapt in front of him.  The bear’s paws connected with the ball, smacking the ball out of Kyle’s reach.  The tiger dived for the ball, twisting in mid air, but he fell short. 


The crowd on Todd’s side of the stadium groaned, while the home team side cheered as loud as it could.  The offensive line cursed, their tails tucked between their legs as they made their way back to the bench.  Keith gave Todd a nervous smile as he slipped on his helmet and joined the defensive line on the field.  


 Todd sighed, watching as Kyle came over to see if Nick had gotten hurt.  The big tiger shook his friend, and when the wolf didn’t get up, the tiger growled and pushed his way through the crowd that had formed around where Nick had fallen, making his way back to the field.  Coach Townson rushed past, intent on reaching Nick, as the tiger pushed one of the smaller defensive linemen back towards the bench and took his place on the scrimmage line.  A couple of the Rockwell coaches were yelling, but the officials didn’t care. Nick and Kyle had played for both defense and offence all game.  Todd looked down the sideline to where Coach Riley had been standing all night, to find he wasn’t there anymore.  The teams head coach was walking down the tunnel towards the locker room.  He wasn’t even going to watch the last play. 


Todd sighed, watching as the two teams squared off.  Somehow, the old bear’s action made sense.  There was no way they were going to win now.  The other team only had to run the clock down, and the game would be over.  The defensive line crouched down as the other team got ready, and they hiked the ball as the last minute of the game began to count down.  Most the crowd had given up and was already on the way out of the stadium.


That meant Todd was one of the few people who saw it happen.  The other team was trying to pass the ball, just to get the ball away from their end zone, when Kyle charged their quarter back.  He slammed though the Rockwell defenders and Todd flinched when the tiger slammed into the opposing team’s quarterback, knocking him back at least five feet.  The fox had never seen someone get body checked like that before. 


Then he saw the ball.  Kyle’s rush had knocked the football free of the quarterback’s paws, and it was sailing through the air.  Both teams seemed to freeze as the whole stadium felt silent for a moment, as everyone gasped and turned back to watch as both teams rushed the still airborne ball. One of the blue clad Hadenview players was closest.  Todd yelled as he watched Keith snatch the ball from the air, the crowd exploded as the defenders because the offense and Keith raced for the end zone. 




Keith couldn’t believe it.  He had the ball.  He was almost there.  He’d never grabbed a turnover.  He’d never been this close to scoring in his life.  He glanced backwards as a one of the Rockwell’s players closed in on him, a big orange clad mountain bearing down on him.  But one of his teammates appeared, knocking the guy away and Keith felt his heart leap as he crossed over the goal line.  He spiked the ball with a scream, and suddenly the whole team surrounded him.  He was lifted into the air, and carried off to the locker room, the whole Hadenview team howling in triumph. 




Keith practically ran out of the locker room once he was finished changing.  Outside, the cool night air hit him, and he howled in joy. He was wearing his football jacket and jeans again, but he’d forgotten his shirt in the excitement.  The cold air on his chest felt wonderful.   He’d never felt so good in his life.  In the locker room, Coach Riley had shaken his paw and say, “Good work son. There’s hope for you yet.” 


The rest of the team started to pour out of the visiting locker room, and they all slapped Keith on the shoulders.  Leon even grabbed his paw and shook as hard as he could.  “Way to go dude!”  The lion said, flashing Keith a grin, “You’ve so got to come back to my place, I’m throwing a party, and I think I just found my guest of honor!”  The team laughed and hollered, heading for the bus. 


Kyle and Nick came by, the big wolf’s arm over his friend’s shoulder.  “Dude,” the tiger said, his paw grabbing Keith’s and shaking it. “That was a damn good play man.  Maybe we should have you on the offensive team.”   Keith grinned as the tiger’s grip crushed his hand, “I wouldn’t have had the ball without you…”  Kyle flashed him a smile, which seemed much friendlier then Leon’s had, “Hey man, you made the play.  I was just getting those guys back for busting up Nick.”  They all chuckled as the tiger slapped nick’s chest and then the two taller furs headed for the bus, Nick only half limping with Kyle’s help. 


Coach Townson followed the last of the team out of the locker room.   The older wolf smiled as he reached his paw out to Keith.  “Good work Keith, you showed a lot of spirit tonight.”  Keith beamed.  Each congratulation was better then the last.  “Thanks.”  He said numbly, grinning ear to ear.  He’d never felt so alive.  “How are you getting home?”  Coach Townson asked, and Keith glanced around for Todd, wondering where the fox could be.  “I’ve got a friend picking me up but…”


“Keith!”  Todd yelled, and Keith turned around as the shorter fox leapt up and threw his arms around the wolf’s neck.  Coach Townson just smiled and headed for the bus as Todd shouted, “That was incredible!”  Keith grinned and picked the fox up, spinning him around in the air.  “I know!  I just saw the ball and went with it!  I can’t believe I made it!”  Todd laughed, grinning as the wolf set him down. 


“That was amazing Keith!”  The fox said with a grin, pointing at the wolf’s chest, which was bare beneath his jacket.  “What happened to your shirt?”  Keith grinned back, shaking all over and grinning like an idiot, “I don’t know!” the wolf said with a laugh.  He stared into Todd’s eyes, and the fox smiled back. Todd was proud of him. 


That thought filled Keith’s head and he grinned, “Come on,” Keith said, grabbing the fox’s paw and heading for the parking lot. “Where’s my truck?  We’ve got tons to do!”  Todd laughed, racing after the bigger wolf.  




Todd smiled as Keith turned his truck out of the parking lot and onto the highway back towards Hadenview. The wolf was practically bouncing in his seat he was so happy.   

“What would you like to do now Todd?”  Keith grinned, turning to watch Todd as he drove.  The fox smiled, stretching in the seat beside him.  “Oh Keith, I don’t know.  What about dinner or something?”   Keith flashed another smile. “That would be cool, I know the perfect place.”  Todd smiled.  He couldn’t remember ever seeing the wolf smile so much. 

The fox smiled, curling his tail across his lap as he said, “Where are we going?” 

Keith flashed him a grin, “Just wait till you see it. I'm sure you’ll love it.”  The wolf said, watching the side of the road for a turn. 


The wolf grinned as he spotted the turn off he wanted, “Hold on, we’re here.” He said with a grin as he turned the wheel and his truck bounced off the highway and onto a side road, heading up a hill.

“Where are we going?”  Todd asked as the empty road went from paved being to gravel in moments.  The fox put his paws up on the dash to steady himself as the wolf’s truck bounced a little and crested the hill.  Keith and pulled into a clearing on the top of the hill and stopped the truck. 

“Whoa…”  Todd whispered; unbuckling his seat belt and sitting up on his knees to get a better look as the truck filled with the light of the full moon and the horizon spread out before them.


Keith smiled as his surprise had the desired effect.  Outside the windshield, the entire city of Hadenview was spread out like a blanket of stars in the sky.  Everything looked so far away, and Todd was awe stuck by the sight, “It’s beautiful….” he whispered. 

Keith grinned as he unbuckled his seat belt and slid closer to the fox.  “Not as beautiful as you…”   Keith stared into Todd’s eyes as the fox turned to look at him. 


“What?”  Todd whispered, his big green eyes shining. 

“It’s not as beautiful as you are.”  Keith whispered again, his paw reaching up to caress the fox’s face, casting a shadow across Todd’s slim muzzle.  “Nothing is…” 

Keith leaned in and kissed Todd on the lips.


Todd blinked in surprise as the wolf’s lips meet his own.  For a moment Todd let the wolf’s paw caress the back of his head as their lips pressed together.  Then the fox’s ears turning backwards and his face began to burn with embarrassment.  Todd put his paws on the wolf’s chest and pushed him away.

“Wha… What are you doing?”  Todd whispered, and the fox felt his chest tighten as Keith pulled one leg up onto the seat and turned his whole body to face him. 

“Something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.”   Todd shivered as Keith leaned forward and the wolf put his arms around Todd, pulling him into a hug.  Todd’s legs slid across the smooth seat as Keith turned his body so they were face to face.  Todd trembled as Keith’s paw cupped the small of his back.  Todd’s paws pushed against Keith’s biceps, pushing the wolf back a little as he blinked in surprise.  “Keith, what are you saying? Are you…” 


“I’m in love with you Todd.” 

Todd couldn’t wrap his mind around the words.  He had heard Keith say them, watched the wolf’s mouth move, but Keith couldn’t possibly mean it. 


“It took me a while to realize it…”  Keith whispered, staring into Todd’s eyes, “but I love you.  I want to take care of you Todd…”  Todd trembled as the wolf’s paw caressed his cheek again, “I want to be there for you so you’re not alone.  You’ve trusted me with so much…”  Keith leaned forward, and this time Todd knew what was going to happen.  “Trust me just once more…”  Keith whispered, his lips brushing against the fox’s

Todd moaned into the kiss despite himself as the wolf’s lips pressed against his again.  ‘I don’t want this,’ Todd thought desperately.  ‘This is wrong; I shouldn’t feel this way…  I shouldn’t want him to love me.’ Todd felt his insides twist as Keith continued to kiss him, ‘I shouldn’t love him back…’

Todd felt the wolf’s tongue gently brush against his lips, and he whimpered softly, trembling as the wolf hugged him.  Keith’s chest pressed against his own, and Todd could feel the wolf’s desire through the kiss. ‘But I do love him…’  Todd thought.  The fox closed his eyes, opened his muzzle slowly, and let Keith deepen their kiss. 


Todd breathed through his nose gently as Keith kissed him slowly.  The wolf’s paw left his head, and Todd trembled as Keith slipped one arm out of his jacket.  The wolf slide that arm around Todd again, and then slid the other arm of his blue football jacket, so he never really stopped hugging the fox or broke the kiss.  Todd’s shirt felt suddenly very thin as the wolf’s gray chest fur pressed against his shirt, their chests pressed together as Keith’s tongue explored his muzzle slowly. 


When the wolf finally broke the kiss he was panting, his breath billowing in the cold air.  “Todd…”  Keith whispered as he slid his other leg up onto the seat, “I want to make you happy tonight, like having you here tonight has made me happy…”  Keith’s paw brushed the fox’s face again, and this time Todd pressed his face into the caress. 


“I want to make love to you…” Keith whispered, his dark blue eyes staring into Todd’s.  Todd opened his muzzle, trying to think of words, “Keith… I… I don’t…” 


“I know it’s not your first time,” the wolf whispered, “I know you’ve been hurt before, but I promise…”  Keith leaned forward, his body pressing against the fox’s, leaning him backward. “This time it’ll be different, this time nothing will go wrong…” 


Todd trembled as Keith leaned him backwards. The wolf slid his football jacket behind Todd so that he was comfortable resting against the passenger door.  Keith’s knees were between his legs, forcing Todd to open his legs as he lay back, and Todd's heart raced as the wolf leaned over him.  The fox felt exposed like this, his legs spread out as he lay across the bench seat of Keith’s truck with his head propped up by the wolf’s coat.


Todd whimpered softly as Keith’s paws began caressing his chest slowly, wandering down the front of his shirt.  Keith’s paws pulled up on his shirt, pulling the fox’s shirt out of his pants.  Todd’s belly arched up a little as the wolf’s paws rubbed his stomach and Keith leaned in to kiss Todd’s neck.  The wolf’s his fingers slid up through Todd’s fur as Keith lifted the fox’s shirt up.    Todd leaned forward as Keith pulled his shirt off his head in a rush, his paws returning to his waist, hovering there above his belt. 


Keith stopped, and Todd swallowed nervously as the wolf stared into his eyes, panting. “Todd, if I do anything that’s too much…” Keith whispered hoarsely, his tongue licking across his lips as his eyes wandered across the fox under him, “You only have to say stop… Okay?” Todd stared into Keith’s eyes as the wolf cupped his muzzle in both paws and kissed him fiercely.  Todd trembled as the wolf’s weight pushed down on him for the first time, their bodies pressing together.  Keith’s lips brushed against his ear as he whispered, “But I need to make love to you so badly…”


Todd began to shake as the wolf kissed his lips again, then his chin, and then the nape of his neck. The wolf was half crouching over, half laying on him. He could feel Keith’s paws on his hips, pulling him forward a little.  The wolf’s knees pressed against the inside of his thighs, spreading his legs open wide as the wolf’s lips moved downward, following the path his paws had taken.  Todd whined in the back of his throat, his tail curling up between their bodies to cover himself. 

Todd felt open, exposed as the wolf’s tongue danced across his chest, teasing a nipple, then his belly button, and then the wolf’s paws began to fumble with his belt.  Todd leaned his head back and whined as one of Keith’s paws snaked underneath him, lifting his hips up as the wolf fumbled with the button above his tail. 

Todd was shaking in fear as the wolf’s fingers pulled at his belt and the wolf’s muzzle rubbed against his chest.  Todd felt the bulge of the wolf’s cock in his pants, rubbing against his own crotch as the wolf fumbled to undo his pants, and it was just too much.


“Stop!”  Todd whined, his paws pushing Keith away as he sat up. 


Keith pulled back instantly, backing away so the he didn’t even touch the fox. Todd sobbed a little as the cold air rushed in where wolf’s warm body had been moments before.  “Stop…”  Todd whispered again, tears streaming down his face, and Keith gently put his arms around his shoulder, just holding him. 


‘It’s too much,’ Todd thought, ‘I can’t do this, He’s not David… I don’t love him…’  Todd screwed his eyes shut, tears starting to flow as the wolf whispered, “Stop?” 


Todd opened his eyes and looked into his friend’s face.  The wolf’s blue eyes were beginning to water, and he looked like his world was collapsing around him.  Todd knew that look. He’d worn it the day David had disappeared.


‘He may not be David,’ a tiny voice inside the fox whispered, ‘but Keith loves you just the same…’  Todd swallowed nervously, and he made his choice. 


 “You’re not doing it right…” the fox whispered, his paws unbuckling his belt in a practiced motion and undoing the button above his tail.  Keith’s face lit up, and he pulled the fox into a slow kiss.  Todd let himself go as Keith leaned him back again.  This time, he wasn’t going to stop the wolf, whatever he did.


Keith murred in delight as he lay the fox down across the seat a second time.    He slid back a foot or so, pulling off the fox’s shoes and socks.  Keith hooked his paws into the fox’s pants and underwear, pulling them down slowly, exposing the fox’s cock and balls.  Todd lifted his legs a little, sliding then out of his clothes with Keith’s help, the fox’s bushy tail covering his crotch instantly.  Keith grinned, smiling down at the fox who lay naked before him as he undid his belt. 


Todd’s fur shone in the moonlight. The creamy white fur on his chest was glowing, and the deep red surrounding it looked like it was on fire.  His black socks drank in the light, and his tail was curled up over his sheath, barely hiding it from Keith.  Keith panted as his slid out of his own pants, his already hard cock bobbing in the air as he crouched between the fox’s legs and leaned down to his crotch. 


Todd looked up at him, a hint of fear still in his eyes as Keith kiss the tip of his tail softly, the wolf’s paw brushing it away slowly.  Keith stared at the fox’s sheath and balls for a moment, marveling at the white furred orbs and the pink head of Todd’s cock as it peeked from his sheath.  Keith leaned down and pressed his face against the fox’s balls, breathing in their scent, his heart jumping to the fox’s yip. 


Keith curled his tongue out, lapping at the head of Todd’s cock slowly, coaxing the fox out of his sheath an inch at a time.  The fox’s stomach rose and fell as he panted, and Keith murred in delight as he wrapped a paw around the base of the fox’s growing shaft and began to stroke him gently.  Todd’s hips bucked a little, and he pushed his cock up through the wolf’s paw and into waiting Keith’s muzzle.  Keith slid his paw down the fox’s shaft, his fingers forming a ring around the base as the wolf wrapped his lips around Todd’s cock head.  Keith started to go up and down the fox’s shaft, sucking hard on his new lovers cock.


Keith slid his other paw under the fox’s rump and squeezed, eliciting a yip of pleasure from Todd.  The fox whimpered, “Oh god Keith…”  Todd reached his paws down and began to rub the wolf’s ears.  “Aaaaoooh don’t stop oooh it feels so good…”


Keith closed his eyes and breathed in the fox’s scent, revealing in the moment.  Todd’s cock was in his muzzle, the fox’s paws were rubbing between his ears and in a moment he would mount the fox. He would be inside the male he loved. Everything was wonderful.  


Keith realized dimly as his muzzle slid up and down the fox’s dick that he didn’t have any lube with him.  He hadn’t planned to mount the fox tonight, but he couldn’t stop now could he?  Now was perfect.  Keith grinned as he buried his nose in Todd’s crotch fur, the wet slurping sound of the fox’s shaft sliding between his lips giving him a wicked idea.  Keith pulled back, letting the fox’s cock slid form his lips.  Todd’s hard cock bounced against his stomach as Keith slid his paws under the fox’s butt, squeezing Todd’s rump in both paws.  The wolf ran his tongue across the fox’s balls, cupping them each in turn, tonguing them slowly as his paws rubbed the fox’s butt slowly.  Todd whimpered as Keith hooked his paws under the fox’s knees and lifted them up, holding the fox’s thin legs in the air.


Keith looked down at Todd as he help the fox’s legs apart, exposing the fox’s tail hole.  The soft pink ring clenched as Keith leaned down put his elbows on the seat and propped the fox’s legs in the air so he was eye level with Todd’s butt.  Keith slowly rubbed his muzzle between the fox’s cheeks, and Todd’s legs spasmed in the wolf’s paws as Keith’s tongue flicked across the fox’s tight pucker.   Todd gasped, the fox’s paws pressing against the seat and dashboard as Keith began to lick the fox’s tail hole, rubbing his tongue slowly around the ring of the flesh.  Keith closed his eyes and kissed the fox’s tail hole, breathing in the fox’s clean scent.  He hadn’t expected it to be so clean, but Todd’s tail didn’t smell at all.


The wolf began to lick the fox slowly, lapping at his hole, making the fox’s entrance slick and wet.  Keith could feel Todd’s legs shake in his paws, spasming as the fox moaned and whimpered in delight.  The sound of the fox’s moans turned him on even more, and Keith pushed his tongue into the fox, pressing open the clenched ring with his tongue.   Todd whimpered as Keith slid his tongue through thru the fox’s insides, exploring him slowly.  Keith rimmed the fox, even though he didn’t know the word for what he was doing, until Todd’s tail hole was slick and wet.


            Todd whimpered; his fingers digging into the seat as Keith’s tongue pushed in and out of him.  Todd had never felt this before.  The wolf’s tongue was wet and warm, and the thin ribbon of flesh moved inside him, making him shake in pleasure. It made his legs shake and the fox’s tail hole ached to be filled as the wolf’s tongue gave him a shadow of what it felt like to be mounted.  “Ohh god Keith… mount me… aaaahah,” the fox gasped as the wolf’s tongue pushed in even deeper, “No more… I need you inside me…” Todd reached down between his legs, his paw rubbing the wolf’s head as Keith continued to lap at his tail hole.  “Please…”  Todd whimpered.


Keith grinned as he pulled away from Todd’s tail hole,  and sat up, lifting the fox’s legs into the air again as he got between them.  Keith panted as he licked his paw, smearing some his spit across his cock until it was slick like Todd’s tail hole. He leaned forward, staring down at the fox beneath him as he his hard cock rubbing between Todd’s now spread cheeks.  The fox’s legs shook as he held them up, and Keith leaned in and kissed Todd slowly. 

Todd trembled, whimpering, his arms sliding around the wolf’s neck.  “Please…”  Todd whispered softly, “Go slow…  I haven’t done this in a long time…” 

Keith nodded, kissing the fox’s forehead, “Anything…” he panted as he began to push down into the fox, “I love you Todd…” 


Todd’s body spasmed under Keith as he pushed forward, spreading the fox open slowly.  Keith stared into the fox’s face as his cock sunk into the warmth of Todd’s body, the fox’s slim muzzle opening in a silent gasp, his green eyes open widening.  Keith released the fox’s legs and wrapped his arms around Todd’s shoulders, holding the fox tightly as he pushed his hips down and forward, burying himself to the hilt inside the fox.  The fox’s body trembled, Keith could tell it hurt.  Keith held still inside the fox, whispering, “Tell me when…”


Todd whimpered loudly as Keith’s head pushed inside, biting his lip as the wolf’ weight held him down.  Todd squeezed Keith’s neck as the wolf’s dick stretched him open so wide.  Todd closed his eyes and pressed his face into the wolf’s chest fur, whimpering as the wolf began to move inside his body, his shaft pushing in slowly but unrelentingly.  It hurt, Todd knew it would, but it felt so good too.  Keith was slow; he waited and held him tight once he was inside, letting him adjust.  The wolf’s tongue bathed Todd’s ears and his arms held the smaller fox tightly.  After a while, the wolf’s warmth, the strength in his grip and the comforting weight of Keith’s body and the wonderful full feeling of being taken was all Todd could feel.  The fox kissed Keith’s neck and whispered, “Okay…” into Keith’s ear.


Keith pulled up with his hips and then thrust down again, burying himself inside Todd a second time.  The wolf shivered, the pleasure of pushing into the fox’s tight passage making him groan and do it again.  The wolf began to thrust slowly, mating the fox with long, deep strokes.  Keith grinned as the fox’s legs wrapped around his waist and Todd whimpered again, this time in pleasure.  Keith licked the fox’s cheeks, trying to touch as much of the fox as he could.  His paws traced the fox’s sides as his hips rose and fell, making the fox shake as he drove his cock into him. 

Keith could feel Todd’s cock pressing against his chest, trapped between them as he mounted the fox.  He shifted his hips, holding the fox’s legs up with his body, curling of the fox so he could kiss him slowly and push his cock in deep, making Todd moan in delight.  Keith grinned as he began filling the fox over and over, making slow love to him. 


Todd felt his tailhole being spread open again and again, and he just lay there, gasping.  He couldn’t think of anything, he couldn’t do anything, it all made him feel too good inside.  Keith’s cock pushed inside him and everything was okay.  Todd hugged the wolf’s neck, panting as Keith began to thrust faster, the wolf’s body tensing and relaxing as he fucked the fox. The wolf’s weight pushed down on his chest, and Keith’s strong thighs held his legs open.  Keith’s lips pressed against his own, and the wolf kissed him fiercely as they mated.   Todd stared up at Keith’s face, watching the wolf smile wider and with more joy then ever before as they made love in his truck, bathed in the soft light of the moon.

Todd trembled as the wolf nibbled gently on his ear.  The wolf wasn’t just thrusting his hips either.  Keith’s lips ran across his neck, the wolf’s fingers dragged through the white fur on his chest and, and he nibbled gently on Todd’s ears. He whispered how tight and warm Todd was and how much he loved him. He did every affection act he could, all the while pumping his cock in and out of Todd.  Todd pressed his muzzle against the wolf’s neck, watching Keith’s butt rise and fall as he fucked him hard.  He felt like he was floating, surrounded by the wolf’s warm fur and rich scent and filled with pleasure.  He felt safe.


Keith grinned, panting hard as he pushed into his lover.  He looked down at Todd; the sight of fox’s up turned rump being filled by his cock the most arousing thing he’d ever seen.  Todd was even so hard he was leaking pre onto his belly fur.  Keith grinned, taking hold of the fox’s cock and Todd’s body tensed and he arched his back when the wolf’s paw touched his hard cock. Keith stroked Todd’s shaft in time with his thrusts, smearing the fox’s precum across his flesh and eliciting soft yips of pleasure from the smaller fox.  Todd’s paw reached up and his fingers clutched the fur on Keith’s chest, making the wolf murr in dominance.  The fox’s eyes were closed and his ears were pressed against his head as Keith teased the head of Todd’s cock while he pumped his own cock in the fox’s butt.


Todd gasped, digging his blunt claws into the wolf’s fur when he felt Keith’s knot push inside him for the first time.  It was just a wider part of his cock at first, pushing in and out with the rest of his shaft, but it stretched him open wider then the rest of his shaft with each thrust. Todd arched his back and moaned, his hips spasming as Keith fucked him and pawed at his cock.  Soon, the wolf’s knot was popping in and out, growing larger with each passing moment.  It made Todd’s head spin when the wolf pushed it in, and made his whole body ache for its return when he pulled it out again.  Soon it was too big to just push in, and Keith’s thrusts became almost frantic as he tried to tie with the fox. 


Todd whimpered as the wolf’s thrusts shook the truck.  “Oh god tie me Keith... just tie me… don’t tease me anymore…”  Todd whimpered into he wolf’s chest, and Keith growled in lust, pushing Todd flat on his back and thrusting in hard.  Todd closed his eyes and gasped in pain as the wolf’s knot stretched him open again, Keith’s hips straining forward until the wolf’s knot popping inside his tailhole. Todd gasped in relief, shaking as his tailhole closed around the slimmer base of the wolf’s cock, his passage aching in pleasure as the wolf’s knot stretched it open wider then it had ever been before. 


Todd looked up into Keith’s eyes, and watched as the wolf began to thrust the last half inch of his cock into him hard.  Todd felt his body shaking as the wolf’s enlarged cock pounded his insides, sending waves of pleasure through the fox’s body.  The wolf’s paws gripped his shoulders and he thrust as hard as he could, Keith’s whole body beginning to tense up.  Todd hugged the wolf’s neck, holding him tight as Keith’s gasps turned into moans, and then became a loud howl.

The wolf’s hips pushed down hard, and he hugged Todd fiercely, his ears turned backwards as he howled to the moon.  Todd watched in wonderment as the wolf’s breath steamed into the air and his body tensed all over, shaking.  The wolf’s whole body became stiff, and Todd could feel Keith’s seed flow down the pulsing cock inside his tail hole and out into his body.  Todd held on tight to Keith as the wolf fucked him for a full minute like that, howling loudly as he came.


Keith gasped in shock as his head began to clear, the pleasure of cumming receding slowly.  He couldn’t believe how good it had felt, to tie the fox he loved so much and cum inside him.  To know the fox could feel his seed inside his tail.  He’d never felt so wonderful in his life.  Nothing could be this wonderful. 

Keith panted, staring down at his new mate, the fox’s legs still splayed in the air and wrapped around his waist.  Todd whimpered softly in desire, the fox's paw stroking his own dripping cock.  Keith grinned and took the fox in both paws, stroking him.  They both gasped together as the fox’s hips bucked, pulling on the wolf cock still firmly locked inside the fox’s butt.  Todd’s back arched and he moaned in pleasure as Keith pawed him off.  The wolf was intent on seeing the fox cum like this, Keith wanted to see Todd climax while he was still inside him.

A few quick strokes and the fox’s balls pulled up close to his shaft, which seemed to pulse in Keith’s paw.  The first drop of cum leaked out, but the next shot out across Todd’s chest, landing in a big glob on the fox’s white fur.  Keith grinned and thrust his hips forward, pounding the fox with his cock as he came.  Todd yipped even louder and continued coating his own chest and the wolf’s paw with his cum. 


Todd whimpered and moaned, shaking as Keith pawed and humped the fox's cum out of him.  He cold feel the wolf’s warm seed in his butt, trapped there by the thick knot of flesh tying them together.  Todd whimpered; his whole body shaking as the wolf’s paw squeezed the base of his cock, all while the wolf’s own thick cock plowed inside him.  The wolf’s lips brushed against his ear as he whispered, “I love you Todd…  I love you with all my heart…” Todd moaned, hugging the wolf as he finished cumming, the wolf’s paw continuing to tease his oversensitive cock.

“Oh Keith…” was all the fox could muster as the wolf’s arms slid underneath him, scooping him up into a tight hug.  ”I love you too…” the fox whispered into the wolf’s ear.


Keith held him tightly, but Todd wasn’t sure for how long.  The fox was too tired, too drained by the wolf’s mating to know what was happening.  All he knew was he was safe and loved.  All he could feel was the wolf’s body pressed against and inside his own.  Slowly, Keith lifted up off him, panting softly in his ear.  His paws caressed Todd’s face, and the fox smiled weakly.  The wolf grinned ear to ear, “I love you Todd…” he whispered again, kissing the fox slowly.  Todd moaned gently into the kiss, hugging the wolf’s neck again. 


The wolf licked the fox’s neck, caressing his body slowly until his paw found a wet spot in fox’s fur.  Keith looked down at his paw, a small bead of foxcum resting in his palm.  The wolf licked his paw clean, his tongue exploring the taste of Todd’s cum slowly.  He’d never tasted some else’s cum before.  He’d gotten a taste of himself when he kissed Kevin, but Todd tasted even better.

Keith smiled and leaned down over Todd again, his paws taking hold of the fox’s, squeezing them as he and began to bath the fox’s body slowly with his tongue. Keith slowly licked all the sticky bits of Todd’s cum out of the fox’s fur, making Todd moan and whimper in pleasure.  Todd squeezed Keith’s paws, shaking in delicious agony as the wolf’s movement made the Keith’s trapped knot pull and shift inside him as the wolf’s tongue caressed Todd tenderly. 


When he was done cleaning the fox’s fur, he looked down at his own chest, which was just as covered in cum.  It must have smeared into his fur when he’d hugged the fox they came.  Keith reached his paw up to wipe the cum out of his fur, but Todd stopped him.  The smaller fox leaned up and began to lick Keith’s chest in return, cleaning his own cum out of the wolf’s fur. 

When every drop of cum was gone from their bodies, Keith slid his arm underneath Todd, hugged him tightly and sat up.  The fox moaning softly as the wolf’s knot pulled at his insides again.  Keith leaned against the seat and kissed Todd slowly, the fox’s body straddling his lap as they sat silently together.  They stay there for a long time, the fox’s body cradled in the wolf’s lap, listening as their heart beats mixed, their chests pressed against each other, staring into each other’s eyes.


Eventually Keith’s knot went down and he slipped out, but the fox stayed cuddled against Keith, the wolf holding him tenderly in his lap, kissing and licking the fox’s face and neck.   Everything got really quite Todd could feel the wolf’s body heat keeping him warm, their bodies meshed together in the cold night. 


Eventually, Todd slid off Keith’s lap and reached for his pants, pulling them on hesitantly.  The wolf kissed his cheek and slide back to the driver’s side of the cab to do the same.  Both boys blushed in the moonlight when Keith grabbed the fox’s butt and slowly fondled him through his pants. 

Keith got behind the wheel again and pulled his jacket back on, patting the seat beside him and smiling at Todd.  Todd slid across the seat and leaned against the wolf as he started the car. Todd’s felt Keith’s arm wrap around his shoulder, the wolf’s paw pressed against his chest as he turned the car back towards the road, darkness filling the cab as the truck turned away from the moon.  Todd closed his eyes and laid his head against the wolf’s chest, nuzzling the warm fur and listening to Keith’s heart beat.  He was happy…




Keith walked Todd to his front door, as it began to rain, making the warm ground steam silently as Keith held the fox’s hand tightly.  “Goodnight Todd…” he whispered as the fox unlocked his front door. 


Todd looked back at the wolf as they stood on his porch, the wolf’s form surrounded by falling rain.  Todd stared up into the wolf’s eyes as Keith’s paw caressed the white fur on his cheek.  “I love you Todd…” Keith whispered, and Todd licked the wolf’s paw softly, his ears swiveling backwards in embarrassment. 

“You’ve made me so happy tonight…”  Keith whispered, leaning down and kissing the fox.  Todd began to shiver as the temperature dropped, and Keith slipped his jacket off and draped it around the fox’s shoulders.  Todd stared at the blue football jacket in shock as it hung around his shoulders.  “Keith… what are you…” 


“Guys on the team give their jacket to their girlfriend, to tell everybody who they’re dating.”  The wolf said with a grin, “You’re the only one I’ve ever cared this much about, and I want you to have mine.”  Todd felt his eyes water as he slipped his arms inside the oversized jacket, surrounded by the wolf’s scent and warmth.  Todd stared up at the wolf as Keith held him close.  “Thank you…” was all the smaller fox could say. 

Keith stared into his eyes, caressing Todd’s cheek softly, wiping the tear running down his cheek away.  “You better go inside, it’s after midnight.”  Keith said with a smile, pulling the fox against him, “I’ll see you tomorrow lover…”


Keith kissed the fox again, breathing in the scent of Todd’s fur and falling rain before stepping back, out into the rain, his gaze lingering on Todd as the fox slipped inside his house.  Keith watched the fox’s door for a long moment, the wind ruffling the fur on his bare chest, carrying the scent of flowers and rain to his nose as the water began soak into his fur.  Keith grinned to himself and spun around happily in the falling rain as he went to his truck, the full moon shining through the clouds, lighting the street.  He had never been so happy in his life.   




Todd climbed the stairs, shaking all over.   He listened as he slipped though his quiet house and opened the door to his bedroom as Keith closed the door to his truck outside, the loud noise echoing in the darkness over the falling rain.   Todd took a few steps into his room and stopped, looking down at the picture frame that lay in the middle of his bed. 


Todd picked the picture of David off his bed and stood there holding the picture frame against his chest, listening as the rain beat down on his roof, waiting for the sound of Keith’s truck rumbling away before he let everything out.  The fox buried his face in his paws, his bushy tail curled so tightly between his legs it covered his crotch.  Todd collapsed onto his bed, the wolf’s jacket still wrapped around him as he began to cry in despair, his tears falling like the heavy rain outside, his cheek pressed against the cold glass of David’s picture.




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