In which the twins proceed to make Tony very uncomfortable. 

The annoying warning message:

This story deals with sex between males, in graphic detail. If you're not over 18, this is illegal for you to even look at, so stop right now.  If homosexual content is not your cup of tea, you can leave the tea party.  The characters and story are copyright Teiran 2002, do not redistribute without permission.  Otherwise, enjoy!



High School Days:

Three to Tango


After the game, Tony and the twins followed the wrestling team to an IHOP in Rockwall for some food.  The team was really raucous, shouting and laughing.  They whooped and hollered at a couple of guys from the Rockwall football who stopped by to eat, lording Hadenview’s victory over them.  They then demolished the food they ordered in short order and left a considerable mess on their way out. 

Tony was really embarrassed by it all, and the twins didn’t seem happy either, and the dog tipped the poor waitress more then he paid of his whole meal to try and make up for it. 

As they were leaving, Brian insisted that Tony and the twins follow him and the team to the after game party Leon was throwing at his house.  By the time they had gotten back to Hadenview however, the storm that had been threatening all night made good on its rumblings and began dumping torrents of water across all the residents of the small town of Hadenview. 




Tony smiled as Jeff drummed his fingers across the steering wheel, peering through the rain as he waited for the light to change. The traffic light had turned red just as Brian’s car had sped through the intersection and, and the mountain lion was now long gone.  There was no way they could follow Brian to Leon’s after game party now.

The Jack Russell terrier shifted uncomfortably, trying to straighten out his neck somehow.  He was sitting in the back of the Johnson brother’s two-door car, which was so small he had to sit in the middle and duck just to fit inside.  Even then, his broad shoulders were pressed against the roof and his head was in between the two foxes in the front seat.   Jeff was growling at the road,  “Man, why didn’t Brian give us directions to where they were going?  We’re never going to find them now.”  Jeff sighed in frustration.

“It's supposed to be at Leon’s house right?”  James whispered as his brother’s tail thumped against Tony’s leg in anger.  “Yeah, but I have no idea where Leon lives.” Jeff muttered.  “I think he lives down by the lake.” James said, “But where?” his brother finished, and both foxes sighed in exasperation.


 The twins peered down the street, trying to catch a glimpse of the car they were following, but all they could see was falling rain.  “There’s no way we’re going to find the party.”  Jeff said finally, “We may as well just head home.”  “That okay with you Tony?  You can come hang out at our place for a while.” James asked.

The twins looked back at him, and their tails swished back and forth.  Tony blushed at the sudden attention and the feeling of foxtails rubbing at his legs. 

The foxes had their tails threaded through the slots in the car seats designed for furs with long tails, so their bushy tails were pooled on the floorboards around his legs.  When they wagged, the bushy read tails brushed up and down his legs, and the warm fur rubbing up and down Tony’s thighs had made the dog uncomfortable the entire trip.  The twins waited expectantly for him to answer, their right green eyes staring back at him. 

“Umm yeah, that’d be great…” he muttered, and both foxes smiled at him, their slim muzzles splitting in two identical smiles as they both licked the ends of their noses in unison.  “Excellent.”  Jeff said, and proceeded to turn the car around once the light turned green.




The small car pulled up the curb outside the Johnson twins’ house, and all three boys stared out the windows at the twin's house.  Between Tony, Jeff, and James and the dark front porch was a torrent of falling water, as the clouds dumped a heavy summer rain down on the world.  All three boys stared at the cold rain with a bit of dread, nervously shifting back and froth.  All three sort of wrung their hands and watched the rain as it fell.  The worried, furtive motion seemed like a natural thing for the small foxes to do, but was a very silly sight for the much bigger dog with them.  Especially since he was hunched over the front seat because he was simply too big for the car.


"Wow." James said, pressing his paws and nose up to the passenger window, "Its really coming down out there."  The boys sat there for a moment, listening to the heavy rain.  "I hate wet fur."  Jeff muttered quietly, and Tony and James nodded in agreement.  Nothing felt worse then wet, cold fur that clung to your skin.


They all sat there for a moment, as none of them wanted to be the first one out of the car into weather that bad.  "You think it'll stop soon?" Tony asked hopefully, his ears perking up for a moment.  The world outside the little car brightened as lighting flashed, and then thunder rolled across the dimly lit street, rattling the windows and setting off car alarms.  Three sets of ears drooped as the rain began to fall even harder. 


"Guess that's a,” James started, “No."  Jeff muttered. 


Jeff leaned over the back seat, forcing Tony to lean back painfully.  "Hey Big Dog, hand me the umbrella under your feet."  The fox pointed down at the floorboards, and Tony frowned a little when he saw the small black handle of the umbrella that had been pushed up under the passenger's seat.  He reached down, and ended up having to lean his shoulders all the way into the front seat of the small car just to get his paw down far enough to reach the umbrella.  The dog grunted and pulled the umbrella out, expecting to have to fight a full sized umbrella out from under the seat, and instead easily pulled a tiny black umbrella out. 


Tony blinked as he leaned back up, staring at the tiny thing.  His paw was almost bigger then the umbrella was.  "Sorry, it’s...” James muttered, the small fox squirming in his seat as all three boys stared at the small umbrella, "Kind of small." Jeff finished for his brother.  Tony glanced at both the small foxes and then to the umbrella, as the twins suppressed giggles at how funny the terrier's face looked. 


Tony's head was tilted to the side in a look of pure canine confusion. He stared at the tiny umbrella, and with his bent over ears and red eye patch; his startled expression was just priceless.  Tony swallowed and sighed.  For either of the foxes alone the umbrella would have worked just fine, but there was no way he could use it to cover more then his head.   "Come on," the dog said, licking his lips as thunder rolled again.  "If we go together and get inside fast we might not get too wet."


Tony opened the back door a crack, pushing the umbrella up out of the car so he could open it before stepping out of the car and getting completely drenched.  Jeff slide across the front seat, and both foxes scrambled out the front passenger door as Tony got out of the car. 


The umbrella proved as ineffective for Tony as he thought it would.  The dog's shoulders were so wide they stuck out passed the umbrella, and he was soaked in seconds.  When the front door opened however, Tony held the small umbrella over the small foxes as they scrambled out.  Then as one group, they race for the front door, Jeff in front with the keys and Tony in back with the tiny umbrella. 


Tony held the umbrella over the twins as best he could as they ran, but it was too small and made of such flimsy metal that it was bending in his paw.  He leaned forward, over the running twins, trying to shield them from the rain as they splashed across the lawn, but as he misjudged his steps and the dog’s big paw caught the back of James’s paw.  The little fox yelped and fell forward, his front paws stretching out to catch himself as he fell towards a huge puddle. 

Tony yipped and grabbed the back of James’s shirt as he ran, almost stumbling over the fox again as he hauled the tiny fox up into the air and carried him with ease, running hard behind James’s twin.   By the time they got to the door, Tony was using his own body as well as the flimsy umbrella to keep the rain off the two foxes, still carrying James easily under his arm as Jeff opened the door.


Jeff slid his key in the door and opened it, and James was gasping as Tony set him down on the doorstep.  Tony panted, his muzzle turning up into an embarrassed smile as the little fox smiled up at him.  “Thanks…” James whispered softly, his eyes twinkling as he stared up at the big dog that had rescued him.  Tony felt the heat on his face as he blushed, and he knew his white fur was probably pink now.  He motioned for James to step inside the house. 

"Close the door, I'm gonna shake."  The big dog muttered, cold water dripping off his ears and into his eyes.  James nodded and shut the door almost all the way, turning on the porch light to give Tony some light.  Tony closed his eyes and gave his body a hard shake.

The dog felt his skin prickle as the cold water that filled his short fur was flung out, his ears flapping back and forth, hitting him in the face as he shook his body.  He loved doing this.  It felt so great, just shaking his whole body back and forth to get dry.   When he had most of the water out of his fur, he pushed the door open and staggered inside.  Tony panted slightly as the warm house washed over him, and he closed the door blinking away water and panting with a grin.  Between the run and the shake, he was awake and felt strangely good.


Tony grinned and laughed a bit when he saw Jeff and James standing in front of him, standing side by side in the same pose.  Their fur was pressed down in a couple of places, where big drops of rain had caught them in their run, and their paws were wet, but for the most part their fur was still fluffy and dry, and they both had their tails wrapped around their left leg.  While Jeff’s muzzle was tilted up and James’s was tilted down, they had matching smiles on their muzzles as they grinned at Tony.  Tony smiled back at them as they all sort of giggled, before the sound of steadily dripping water made them all look down at the big dog's feet. 


Tony’s ears drooped a little more then they usually did as he looked down at the small patch of linoleum that served at the doorstep.  Around each of his big paws, puddles of water were slowly expanding outwards as the water ran out of his clothing and down onto the floor.  While the shake had gotten most of the water out of his fur, his clothes were still soaked completely.


"Great...” Tony muttered, his arms dropping to the side, making a wet slapping sound as they his paws hit pant legs. 

James put his paw on the dog’s wet shirt and frowned as the water in the shirt soaked into his paw fur.  “Oh no…  You’re soaked.” James muttered, his ears lying down flat. 

“And after he saved you from that puddle James,” Jeff muttered.  “Come on, you better get in the bathroom and out of those clothes.  You can borrow some clothes from our dad while we throw these in the dryer.”   Tony blushed furiously as Jeff dashed off towards the bedrooms of the house, and the dog looked at James as the short fox looked up at him. 

The little fox was just sort of shyly smiling up at him, and that made Tony just feel horrible.  James must not have realized that Tony had actually tripped the fox with his big, clumsy paws.  The little fox just smiled up at him, his paws clasped together in front of him, and Tony slunk away from the small fox’s grin and followed after Jeff, ducking into the tiled bathroom as quick as he could. 


Tony didn’t have to duck to get through the door, thankfully, but the small bathroom Jeff and James shared was really quite cramped for him.  Jeff stuck his head in for a moment.  “I’ll be right back with something you can wear, okay Big Dog?  Just drop your clothes in our hamper there, alright?”  Tony nodded, his ears flat against his head, his short stub of a tail pressing down as the fox slipped back out of the room.  Tony locked the door and began to strip out of the wet clothes with great trepidation. 


The big Jack Russell terrier felt a lump grow in his throat as he looked around the small bathroom that Jeff and James shared.  He had been to their house once before, back when he had been partnered with them on a science project last year.  They had been his friends since then, but he hadn’t been back to their house.  Tony fiddled with the band of his wet underwear, which had turned almost see through now that they were wet.  They showed off the dog’s massive prick, which was straining the fabric lewdly.  Tony shook his head in disbelief.  A year ago when he met the, he would have never imagined he would end up standing naked and wet in their bathroom.  The thought made him more then a little nervous. 


The big dog stripped off his wet briefs and stepped into the shower and turned on the fur dryers, sighing in relief as the warm air washed over his short fur.  He shook himself a little more, getting more water out of his fur as the dryers made his feel fluffed and warm.  He heard the door rattle and then there was a click as the door opened in to the bathroom and James stuck his head in.  “Hey Tony?  All I could find was a…” the little fox jumped as Tony yelped and hid behind the bathroom door, which had thankfully concealed the shower area when opened.  The little fox’s fur settled down and he swallowed nervously, looking away from the big dog as they both blushed in embarrassment. 

“Sorry.  I was only to find a pair of big sweat pants that will fit you. All of dad’s shirts are smalls, and I don’t think they’ll fit you.” 


Tony nodded, his heart racing as he stuck his head out from behind the door.  “Thanks…” he whispered shakily.  The terrier licked the end of his nose, his heart pounding as he tried to use the door to cover himself up and failed miserably because he was just to big to get completely behind it.  James ducked out of the room and shut the door behind him.

Tony reached out of the shower and checked the lock.  He sighed when he clicked the button in to lock it and the knob turned easily under his paw.  The door was not going to lock.


He sighed, finished drying his fur and lifted up the sweat pants James had left on the floor.  They were big, sure, but only for a normal sized fox.  To Tony, they looked very small indeed.  The dog looked down at his soaked clothing, lying there in the hamper.  His underwear was never going to dry, and if he used the shower fur dryers they would come back wondering what was taking so long.  He pulled on the gray sweat pants, nervously tucking his massive shlong into them.  He checked himself in the mirror, and while his bog body stretched the pants to their limit and his crotch was bulged out, the pants didn’t show anything off.  He sighed, running a paw through his short chest fur.  This would have to do.  Tony opened the door and walked out into the hall and back to the twin’s living room.


Tony looked around the main room and immediately realized that all the furniture was different from the last time he had been here. 

“Hey, you guys changed the living room around…” Tony said, pointing down at the couch and swirling his finger around in a circle.  The center of the room was now sunken into the floor, and a brand new couch that dominated the room.  It was one really big couch, deigned to hold probably eight people, and it stretched across the room in a wide semicircle, facing the new big screen television.

Jeff looked at him a bit confused and barked, “Hey that’s right! You haven’t seen the new furniture have you?  You’ve got to check out this couch Dad got, it’s the best.”  Tony smiled and sat down in what was basically the middle of the big black couch, where the curve of the couch almost became a corner.  His huge frame sunk deeply into the cushions, and the terrier stretched his legs out reflexively as he sunk into the soft couch.  “Wow, this is really nice...” Tony muttered, his big body sinking back into the soft cushions, which seemed to form to the curves of his body.  The fabric was even soft on his back fur, and the couch was so big it seemed sized for him instead of the much smaller foxes.


Jeff leaped over the back of the couch and landed next Tony in a crouch, which made Tony jump with a yip.  “Its great isn’t it?” the fox barked happily, “Dad got it so he would have a nice place to nap on the weekend and do stuff.”  Tony smiled and leaned away from the small fox; who was crouching so close to him that they were almost touching noses.


Tony nodded, “Well, it’s certainly…” James sat down on the other side of him, grinning up at him like an idiot as his legs dangled over the edge without touching the floor. “Soft enough to sleep on…” the dog mumbled half-heartedly.

Jeff chuckled as Tony’s words trailed off.  “Yeah, we’re looking forward to catching lots of naps on it.  Among other stuff.”   The fox winked at his brother, and James put one paw up to his muzzle and giggled behind his paw. “Yeah no kidding.” The twin said with a grin, his eyes sparkling. 

Tony blushed and put his hands in his lap without saying anything.  The twin’s tone left little to the imagination about what they would like to do on the couch. 


“So how you been Tony?” Jeff said, changing the subject as he sat down cross-legged, facing the dog and the back of the couch. “It’s been a while since we’ve gotten to talk with you.”  Tony smiled a bit and leaned back against the couch so he wasn’t almost nose-to-nose with Jeff or James, who took up the exact pose his twin was in on the other side of the dog.  They were both facing the back of the couch now, and looked up at him expectantly.


“Ummm… I guess I’ve been okay,” Tony muttered, “I mean I haven’t really done anything all year but go to school.” 

Jeff smiled and his tail flicked back and forth.  “Awww, come on Big Dog, you had to do something interesting since we saw you last.  It’s been, what,”

James took over the sentence, “two months since we got you to go to a movie with us?” “You get a girlfriend or something?”  Jeff finished with a big grin.

Tony shook his head and blushed a little; trying to find some direction to look that didn’t have a fox smiling up at him.  “No, no I just stayed home and worked out…” He looked away from Jeff as the fox grinned up at him in an unsettling way, and almost bumped noses with James. 

“Awww come on Tony, you can tell us.” James said, patting the dog’s knee, “You have to be doing something fun in your last year in high school.” 


Tony licked his lips nervously, leaning even further back into the couch, as he got more and more nervous.  He clenched one paw into a ball, his claws digging into his palm as he tried to calm himself down.  The way the twins were looking at him reminded him of the way Brian had stared at him after school that day, and he could already feel his erection forcing its way down the left leg of the sweat pants he was wearing.  The fox twins just leaned in even farther as Tony stammered, “No… no really… I just stayed home and worked out after school… Nothing special…” 


Jeff laughed and Tony’s whole body jumped as the fox put both paws on his right pectoral. Jeff’s paws gripping Tony’s muscle through his short fur,  “Well it’s paid off Big Dog, that’s for sure.  You’re really getting strong.”

The terrier yipped in fright as James paws joined his brothers and pressed against his left pectoral, and both fox’s leaned in and grinned at him, their noses right next to his cheeks, their eyes staring into his own as James whispered, “But we’ve been heard you’ve been doing more interesting stuff after school besides working out with Brian…”


Tony’s mind locked up as Jeff’s muzzle split into a huge grin as his brother spoke. They knew what he had done with Brian. 

Jeff’s paw left Tony’s chest and Tony’s body jerked and he gasped as the fox gripped the dog’s now hard cock through the leg of the sweat pants.  “Yeah, and from the look of things, we heard right.”  Jeff said happily, his tail wagging back and forth.


Tony yelped in utter fright and stood up, sending Jeff tumbling off the couch and across the floor with a frightened yip as James clung to his arm desperately.  The terrier began to run as Jeff yelped, “Tony, wait!”  Tony felt his right arm drag as James hung onto his arm, trying to keep him from running, but the little fox was far to weak to stop the much larger terrier.  Tony simply dragged James along for the ride as he rushed around the couch and headed for the front door. 


The terrier grabbed hold of the door handle and tried to open it, but as Tony jerked the door open Jeff climbed over the couch and leapt onto his bare back, the small fox’s arms encircling Tony’s thick neck.  All three boys yelped as Jeff’s body thumped against Tony’s back as he hung from the dog’s neck, his legs dangling in the air.  The force of Jeff’s pitiful tackle was enough to unbalanced Tony as he opened the door, and the terrier banged the door into the end of his own nose with a hard smack.


Stunned, the big terrier took a shaky step backward, blinking in confusion as the sounds and smells of the rain outside flooded the room and Jeff’s weight pulled backwards on his neck. Tony’s big body teetered, and he stumbled backwards and fell on his ass.

Jeff and James froze.  James held Tony’s paw and Jeff held onto the terrier’s thick neck as Tony’s eyes crossed and uncrossed.  Tony numbly rubbed his nose where the door had hit with on paw, “Ouch…” he whispered softly before the dog’s arms fell to his sides.  The only other sound was the rain falling outside and the fox twins panting.

James squeezed Tony’s paw, kneeling beside the bigger dog with a look of shock.  The fox’s slim paw reached up and caressed the dog’s muzzle gently. “You okay Tony?”  He whispered softly.  Tony numbly looked down at the fox’s paw, the black fur pressed against his soft white chest fur, and then back at Jeff who was still wrapped around his neck, though his feet were on the ground now that he’d fallen.  “J…Jeff…” The big dog whispered meekly, “James, please tell me that didn’t just happen… please tell me you guys didn’t just touch…”

Both foxes blushed suddenly and ducked their heads, their ears lying down on their heads as the white fur on their faces turned pink.  They sheepishly let go of Tony and knelt on the floor next to him, one on either side of the big dog.  Tony was amused by how much of the white fur on their faces and chests turned a bright pink color. 


“Ummm, yeah we did,” Jeff whispered.  “I guess we came on too strong?”  James said with a sheepish grin.  The twin’s tails twitched back and forth for a moment in an embarrassed wag, and the rain filled the silence when their tails feel still.

Tony rubbed his nose again and chuckled, “Just a little.  Ummm…” The terrier’s cheeks turned a bright red, as he blushed furiously, his short white fur making it easy to see. 

“I guess Brian told you guys what happened.”  Tony tried to smile, but he felt like bursting into tears.  It felt like his chest was being crushed by Jeff’s soft paw.  The twins smiled and nodded a bit.  “Ummm yeah, we sort of… dragged it out of him.” James whispered.  James grinned sheepishly and his tail flicked back and forth.  “But we’re really glad he told us… I mean, we never thought a guy like you would be well…”

James looked at his brother sheepishly and Jeff finished for his brother, “Gay.”


Tony blushed fiercely and tried to stand, scrambling to get away from the foxes.  “No, no I’m not… I’m not gay...” The terrier slipped on the wet spots he had left on the floor and fell back on his ass, his chest heaving as he landed heavily against the couch.  “I’m not… I’m not,” Tony’s eyes flicked between the two foxes faces, and then down at sweat pants he was wearing.  His massive erection had not gone down at all, and the excitement had caused it to stretch the thin gray fabric so badly that the dog’s pants looked like someone had set up a circus tent in them.  Tony sniffed the air, and his eyes began to water.  The scent his own arousal hung heavy in the air, mixing with the smell of rain and foxes and filling his nose.  

There was no way they would believe that he hadn’t enjoyed their touch, plus Tony knew if he denied it he would only be lying.   Worse, they both knew about his endowment as well.  Trembling, Tony pulled his legs up to his chest, trying to hide his erection in vain.  The massive dog put his muzzle between his knees and closed his eyes, wishing the whole world would just go away. 


Jeff and James stared at Tony in amazement as the much larger dog curled up and began to cry softly, his huge frame trebling as he sobbed softly.  They both reached out and ran a paw across his head, moving right up next to him.  “Oh Tony…  come on now... being gay’s nothing to be ashamed of.” Jeff whispered softly, his muzzle rubbing against the dog’s forehead as Tony’s large body began to shake harder. 

James cradled the terrier’s head as best he could, “Come on Big Dog, there’s no reason to cry.” He rubbed Tony’s back, his soft paws rubbing across Tony’s arm.  The dog looked up at James, and Tony saw nothing but concern in the small fox’s big green eyes.  He reached one massive are around the small fox and hugged James close to him.  The little fox yipped a bit as the strong dog squeezed him, and then James settled into the big dog’s firm embrace. James’s muzzle pressed against Tony’s chin, as Jeff licked the dog gently on the forehead.  “We just wanted to, you know, play with you a bit.” Jeff whimpered, his nose rubbing gently against Tony’s ear.


Tony sniffed and opened his eyes, staring at Jeff in horror.  Jeff moved in closer and gave him a hug around the neck. “We never though you would react like this. We would never have done this if…” The fox’s words were drowned out as Tony’s other arm encircled Jeff, and he hugged both twins close to his chest.  Tony shuddered as one fox nuzzled each side of his neck and he hugged them both desperately, trying to kill the fear in his heart.  “I’m so sorry guys,” Tony blubbered, “I didn’t … it’s just… I just don’t,” the dog stopped, tears running down his cheeks as words failed him.

Jeff put his paw to Tony’s lips.  “No, no its alright Big Dog, come on, lets get you back on the couch and under a blanket okay? You’re all wet again.”  Tony nodded, standing shakily as the sound of rain covered the silence as they got up and moved to the couch. 

Jeff guided the big terrier to the couch James closed the door and grabbed a really big blanket.  Jeff pushed Tony back into the corner of the couch, letting the dog sink backwards into the softest part of the couch. 


Tony was practically lying down on the couch now.  He watched as Jeff climb up next to him and James joined them, climbing up on the other side of Tony as the small fox spread out the blue blanket he’d gotten.  Tony trembled and nervously panted for breathe as the foxes pressed close to him under the blanket, their paws on his bare chest again as they looked at him worriedly.  “You okay Tony?”  Jeff whispered, his fingers scratching the dog’s short fur gently. 

“No…” Tony said softly as he felt James’s paws slip around his own big paw. 

The fox whispered, “Well what’s wrong?  I know we came on to strong but we’re sorry.” James said, nuzzling against Tony’s shoulder gently.


James looked at Jeff and then stared back into the terrier’s eyes.  “Why did you freak out like that?  You were obviously enjoying our attention.” Jeff said quietly.  

Tony closed his eyes, “No, no you don’t understand it’s not that…  Well it is but.” The terrier’s word tumbled to a stop and he hung his head, unwilling to look the much smaller fox in the eyes.  Tony’s whole face turned bright pink, and it spread quickly down his chest.  Jeff’s eyes widened as a thought occurred to him.   

“Wait, is this about you’re…” Jeff’s paw moved under the blanket towards Tony’s crotch and the dog yelped and grabbed Jeff’s paw before he could touch his still very hard cock. 

“No, no please don’t…” Tony whined, “Don’t touch me.”

Jeff blinked in surprise as the terrier squeezed his arm in his much bigger paw.  “Tony, what’s wrong?   I’ve never seen anyone freak out like this.   So you’re a big guy.  Why don’t you want us to touch your,” the fox trailed off, staring at Tony as the terrier began to shake in complete terror.  Sweat drops had begun to form in the dog’s short fur. 


“No, you don’t understand,” Tony, whispered, “I’m a freak.”  He hissed, obviously disgusted with his own body.  “Please you guys, you have to promise me you won’t tell anybody about this.  Not like Brian did.  This is why I had to leave my old school, everybody found out I was hung and then no one would leave me alone about it.  Please, my dad will kill me if he finds out anyone here knows.”


 James wrinkled his nose and tilted his head to the side in total confusion.  “Your dad?  What’s he got to do with your?”

“Oh!”  Jeff’s face lit up with his brother’s as they both realized why Tony was so scared.  “Oh lord, is this why your dad is suck a jerk to you?  Cause you’ve got a big dick?”  Jeff said with a slight sneer. Tony flinched slightly as Jeff said the word.  “Jeez Tony, I knew he was a asshole but this… This is just wrong!”  Jeff sort of flailed one paw at the dog; completely shocked that Tony’s dad was that crazy.


James gripped Tony’s big white furred paw in both of his small black paws and kissed the top of Tony’s paw gently.  “Tony, listen to me.  We just wanted to have a good time with you okay?  We don’t want to get you in trouble.”

Jeff nodded and pushed his muzzle against Tony’s, nuzzling the dog softly.  “Yeah buddy, we just happy to find out you were like us.  We just wanted to have good time with our friend.” 

“Like you?” Tony stuttered softly, “So, so you two are gay.”


Both foxes grinned and their tails swished back and forth under the blanket.  “Geez Tony, you are really slow at this.” James muttered and Jeff finished, “We’re the ones who came onto you, remember?” 

Tony blushed, ducking his head.  “Sorry, I just…” Jeff and James just smiled at him, and Tony’s words trailed off into silence and blushed fiercely, trying to avoid their eyes. 

Jeff and James giggled a little as the dog ducked his head and looked away from them.  “Wow… you blush all over Big Dog.”  Jeff said softly, his finger’s dancing up Tony’s bare, muscled chest.  The dog’s whole body was turning a light pink as the terrier blushed hard through his white fur, his ears swiveling backwards and pressing flat against his head as he looked away from the foxes.

The three boys just sat there for a while under the warm blanket, wrapped in the soft cushions of the couch.  Each of the foxes held one of Tony’s big paws in their own as they lay against the much bigger dog’s side.  They didn’t move or touch him; they just lay there against him, their heads resting on Tony’s chest as they watched him.  Eventually, Tony felt the tightness in his chest receded and his throat began to work again.  He mumbled, “Were… what were you guys going to do if I hadn’t freaked out?” 


Jeff smiled slyly and said.  “Well we were going to see if what Brian said was true.  Course, we can tell he wasn’t lying.”  Tony blushed again as Jeff’s paw softly pressed against his leg next to the head of his cock. 

James whispered in his ear. “And we were going to see if maybe you’d let use do what Brian did too.  You know, have you spend the night or something and play with us some…”


Tony looked into James’s bright green eyes and blinked softly at how eager and happy the little fox looked.  Slowly, Jeff caressed the side of his face, and Tony looked at the other fox and found the same eager hopefulness in Jeff’s eyes that lay in his twin’s. 


Jeff leaned forward and lay across against Tony’s broad chest.  The little fox’s muzzle crept close to Tony’s and Tony watched as Jeff closed his eyes and pressed his lips against the much bigger dog.  Tony trembled lightly as the fox’s small lips pressed softly against his own, the fox’s slim muzzle so much smaller then his own that Jeff’s lips barely covered the terrier’s own.  Tony’s whole body trembled as he kissed Jeff slowly, but the kiss felt so good it seemed to melt the icy feeling that was growing in his chest.  Tony closed his eyes and breathed through his nose, kissing Jeff back slowly until Jeff pulled back.  Tony opened his eyes as James’s paws cupped the other side of his muzzle slowly, turning Tony’s head so he looked to his right at James as the fox leaned forward to kiss him, and this time Tony met the fox half way.


Tony opened his eyes again as James broke the second kiss.  Instead of trembling and shaking, Tony was now still.  His breathing was slow and steady as his massive frame lay in the cushions of the couch and the soft fur of the two foxes pressed close to him.  “You feel better Tony?”  Jeff whispered as his muzzle rubbed softly against Tony’s, the fox’s paws softly massaging the bulging muscles of the dog’s chest. 

“Yeah…” the terrier whispered softly, his paws reaching out softly to touch each of the fox twins, one big paw in the center of each white furred chest. 

A little shiver ran down Tony’s spine as both foxes pressed themselves against his paws in unison and began to murr loudly, their muzzles rubbing against his face and neck as they pressed against him. 


“Tony,” Jeff whispered, “If you want to go home you can, but Jeff and I would really love for you to stay here tonight.” 


Tony’s chest tightened up again, and he stared at Jeff.  “You... you don’t mean…”


Both foxes chuckled and licked the sides of Tony’s muzzle.  “Big Dog,” James whispered, “When are you going to figure out there’s are reasons besides your dick that make people hit on you all this time?” 

Jeff’s fingers began to traces across Tony’s stomach, running across his perfect abdominal muscles and then tracing the bottom of the terrier’s massive pectorals. Tony’s short white fur only helped to define the strong lines of his muscles, and those muscles tensed as the fox’s finger traced them.  James’s paws joined his brothers, and Tony whimpered softly as they explored his well-built chest. 


The blanket was soon discarded, and the foxes pulled off their shirts and unbuckled their pants.  James was even panting a little in anticipation. Tony shivered a little as the warmth from the blanket vanished, and he lay against the black couch bare-chested shivering slightly.  But Jeff and James pressed close to his chest again, their warm fur brushing across Tony’s chest as Jeff leaned in close kiss him again. 

Tony closed his eyes as he kissed Jeff slowly, his arm encircling the small fox in a strong hug.  His heart began beating fast as he felt James’s paws hooking into the waistband of the sweat pants.  Tony’s protests were muffled by Jeff’s kiss as James began to pull his pants down.  The terrier had to lift his hips up for the fox to finish pulling his pants down around his knees. 

“Oh lord Jeff…” James whispered as Tony’s cock bobbed up into the air, “I think Brian was being a little conservative when he said Tony was fucking huge…” Jeff broke the kiss and panted a little, his eyes lingering on Tony’s face before he turned his attention to the dog’s crotch.  “Oh my god…” the little fox whispered as he saw what his brother had uncovered.


Tony’s face turned a deep shade of pink as he looked down at himself.  Over the curves and hills of his muscled chest, Tony could see his massive cock was standing up tall and fully hard.  The massive shaft, now removed from the confines of the sweat pants, thrust straight up into the air between the twin foxes without anyone touching it.  Both foxes stared at it, open mouthed and wide eyed for a long moment.  “Wow…” They whispered together, and reached out to touch Tony’s cock together. 


Tony whimpered as four warm paws touched him and began to move across the flesh of his shaft.   His body shook with pleasure and he whined loudly, his paws digging into the bushy fur of the fox’s as they began to stroke his cock.    “That feel good huh Tony?”  James said with a smile, his paw cupping the head of the dog’s cock.


“God this is amazing… you’re so fucking huge.” Jeff whispered, and the little fox leaned forward and rubbed his face against the dog’s shaft, eliciting a yip of pleasure from Tony. 

James grinned and licking his lips as his brother murred loudly, rubbing the pulsing dick across his face. Moving the head of Tony’s huge cock towards his muzzle, James began to lick the dog’s cock head slowly, his tongue sliding across the slit, lapping up the large drop of pre that was collecting there.


Tony’s gasp shook both the foxes, and they both adjusted themselves as the big dog’s legs moved underneath them.  Tony panted as they settled back down, and he found himself held somewhat in place.  Each fox was now straddling one of his legs, Jeff on the left, James on the right, and it felt like the weight of his own chest muscles was holding him in place as the foxes pawed at the massive dog cock between them. 

“I think he’s enjoying that bro.” Jeff said with a grin, his paw slowly cupping Tony’s massive balls.

James smiled as his tongue slide across the underside of Tony’s cock, “If you’ll let us, we’ll do this all night Big Dog.” Tony stared at the twins, a dazed look on his face and a stupid grin on his muzzle as both foxes continued stroking and nuzzling his huge cock. 


Tony whimpered softly as the twins touched him, totally confused and yet happy.  His cock didn’t disgust them; they were in awe of it.  Just like Brian had been. Tony reached out his paws and rubbed each fox on the chest, and they both pushed against his paws. 

Each fox was murring loudly as they slowly bathed his cock with their tongues.  Their paws roamed up and down his shaft.  They began taking turns holding the head of his cock head in their muzzles, eyes closed as the massive head made their cheeks bulge.  They didn’t seem to care when Tony’s hips would jump, and the massive cock would gag them with its sheer size.  They just sucked softly on the tip of the dog’s huge shaft, each twin pressing the dog’s shaft to his brother’s chest during their turn, letting their twin rub and press against the massive cock. 

The slim black paws of the fox twins petted up and down his cock, stroking Tony slowly, tracing the veins in his shaft and playing with his balls.  All of it made the terrier’s body twitch and shake with pleasure, little whimpers escaping him as his massive cock sent so many pleasure signals to his brain at once he couldn’t move.  He could just whine and moan as the fox twins worshiped his huge cock.


As Tony’s pleasure built, he realized that the twins were both getting completely out of their clothes.  He was laying naked on the couch, flat on his back at a slight incline with a completely naked fox straddling each one of his legs.  They sat as close to his cock as they could, their relatively tiny erections rubbing against his balls and the base of his shaft as they worshiped his massive cock.  Tony closed his eyes and just whimpered, drowning in the sensations of being sucked off, pawed at, and having two hard fox cocks rub against the side of his own massive dick.


Tony trembled, moaning openly and loudly.  The warmth of their muzzles and the constant stroking of their paws was driving his insane.  Tony tried not to move, tried not to interfere, but his hips jerked and bucked reflexively.  The weight of the fox twins and the awkward position he was in held him down somewhat.  He pawed at James almost desperately as the small fox sucked him off, but Jeff’s paws caught hold of Tony’s.  The fox guided one of Tony’s big paws down his brother’s chest, dragging Tony’s finger through his fur to James’s cock.  Jeff pressed the warm paw pad of Tony’s massive paw against the fox’s dripping erection and Tony closed his fingers around the fox.

James’s back arched, and he moaned loudly as Tony gripped him.  James opened his muzzle wide, and Tony’s cock almost popped out of the fox’s muzzle, but Jeff’s paw cupped the back of James’s head, and he pushed his brother farther down Tony’s cock. 


Tony whimpered and watched as the little fox gagged on his cock, his brother’s paw firmly holding him down, choking him with the massive dog cock in his mouth.  Then, a look of sheer bliss spread over James’s face, and he leaned into his brother, letting Jeff’s arm encircle him as James gagged on Tony’s massive dick. 


Jeff looked up at Tony, grinning like a manic as James’s throat spasmed around the top half of Tony’s cock.  “Oh yeah Tony, that’s it Big Dog.” The fox grinned like a maniac as his brother’s body shook.  “Make my brother happy for me with your big cock…” Jeff muttered, holding his twin close and watching his brother gag and shake.  Jeff stared into James’s eyes, and Jeff let him come up for a little air, dragged in desperately through his nose, Tony’s cock never coming out of James’s mouth before Jeff actually forced his brother down farther onto Tony’s massive cock.  James’s body thrashed, and he moaned in ecstasy as his brother pushed him two third’s of the way down the dog’s prick and held him there.

Tony was shocked by the display.  Jeff was holding James close, embracing his twin tenderly, even as he forced his brother to choke on Tony’s massive cock.  James, instead of fighting or pushing his brother away, was submitting to his brother completely and moaning in pleasure.  The little fox’s cock dripped wildly, his muzzle and throat opening wide around Tony’s shaft as Jeff forced him down farther on the dog and guided Tony’s paw up and down James’s cock.  Tony gasped as the fox’s throat pulled at his cock, and he was sure James would have to pull back at any moment for air, but Jeff held him in place.  James had to be very good at holding his breathe, because Jeff kept him there for several full minutes. 

James gasped for air when Jeff let him up, but the fox only got one lung full before Jeff threw him down onto Tony’s chest, using the dog like he was a bed, and kissed his brother deeply.  James’s ears pressed flat against his head as his brother’s muzzle meshed with his, and Jeff’s ears remained perked up high as they shared a tender moment together, their body’s pressing down onto Tony’s chest as they shared each other.

Tony stared at them, his paws gently caressing their shoulders, holding them in place as they kissed each other deeply.  He didn’t want to move too much, this moment seemed to only be for them. 


When the kiss was over, James was left panting for air, spread across Tony’s muscled chest as Jeff sat back up and wrapped his paws around Tony’s big cock.  .  The small fox leaned up close to Tony’s face and whispered, “Touch him any way you want to, Big Dog.  I’m sure he’ll love it.” Jeff flashed Tony a big grin before he took the dog’s cock into his own mouth.

Tony looked down at James, and his lips met James’s as the small fox rolled on his side and kissed him gently.  Tony wrapped his arm around James and then reached out and began to softly stroke one paw up and down each of the fox’s much smaller shafts. 

Tony watched as Jeff arched his back and whimpered in pleasure exactly like his twin had, thrusting his cock into Tony’s left paw and pressed his muzzle, opening his mouth wide and taking the dog’s cock deep into his muzzle. James began to hump into his paw as kissed Tony slowly, and both foxes began to move slowly across his body, their hips grinding, sliding up and down Tony’s frame they humped into the big dog’s paw.  Tony kissed James slowly, watching as Jeff continued to suckle and lick his huge cock head, and he felt every inch of both twin’s tongues as they all ground slowly against each other.


After a while, the twins switched places.  James went back to worshiping Tony’s cock once he recovered and Jeff laid himself across the dog’s chest and began to kiss Tony tenderly, reaching down occasionally to force his brother a little farther down on the dog, which made both Tony and James moan in delight.  They stayed like that for a long while, before James prodded Jeff gently on the butt with one paw and they switched back again.  Tony whimpered as the twins began to trade back and forth, teasing and touching him as much as they could.   Eventually, a big clock struck the hour, and Tony began to listen to the minutes slowly tick by as for over an hour the twins shared him between each other. 

And that was what they were doing, Tony realized after the third time they swapped places.  The twins were simply sharing his body between them.  Each one took his turn kissing him or sucking him off.  Each fox got what he wanted from Tony’s body, making the dog spasm and shaking pleasure along the way, and they showed each other such deep affection as they made love to Tony together, as a pair.  As brothers, twins only could.


One brother would take the fat head of his cock into his slim fox muzzle, suckling and nursing as the other licked the inside of Tony’s muzzle.  They seemed to love rubbing their faces across the thick shaft of Tony’s cock before going down on the massive tip, forcing the dog’s fat cock head as deep into their muzzles as they could.  Over time they started taking more and more, and soon James was almost able to take three quarters of the dog’s massive dick down his throat.  They pawed at his balls and panted, just worshiping Tony’s cock.

Meanwhile, the other twin would lay one side of the dog’s chest, nestled under the much bigger dog’s arm.  Tony slipped his big arm around the dog and wrapped his paw around the fox’s dick, and they would lie there kissing each other slowly as the other fox twin sucked Tony off.  The foxes would even turn Tony’s muzzle towards them so that Tony and the fox could watch as the twin sucking him off worked on the terrier massive cock, the slim fox muzzle bobbing up and down the massive dog cock slowly.  It was a slow, gentle kiss, filled with loving licks at Tony’s cheeks and teasing paws rubbing across his chest.  Finger’s teased the dog’s nipples, and paws caressed and cupped his big muscles, making Tony flex and tremble under the ministrations of both twins.  It felt simply divine. 

What surprised Tony most, what he found the most sensual and hot moment of the whole pattern was what the twins did when they twins switched places. When the fox sucking on his cock would get tired, they would paw at their brother’s ass.  The twin kissing Tony would pull back gently and stare at him, say something sweet or sappy, or in Jeff’s case, something pretty raunchy that made Tony blush. 

Then both twins would both sit up, and their muzzles would meet in the middle somewhere over Tony’s chest.  The twins would stare at each other for a moment, Jeff’s ears held up high, the end of his mouth turned up in a big smile, while James’s ears were laid back flat and he smiled shyly at his twin.  Then, they would kiss each other with such passion Tony was sure they would hurt each other in the process. 

Jeff’s arms would wrap around his brother’s shoulders, and James would submit to his twin completely in that moment as they hugged each other, trapping Tony’s massive cock between their bodies as they each kissed their brother as deep as they could.  Their thin tongues twisted together and their paws roamed each other’s body, their chests rubbing up and down the sides of Tony’s massive shaft as they shared a moment with just each other.


Meanwhile, each of Tony’s massive paws remained wrapped around a fox cock.  He held a hard, dripping dick in each paw as he bucked his hips into a warm muzzle or between the twins as they kissed.  Tony’ tongue hung out of his muzzle and his hips bucked uncontrollably, barely held down by the weight of both twins.  Every touch made Tony’s body twitch, and the terrier was trapped beneath them in a heaven he had never imagined could exist.  Jeff leaned forward and began to kiss the panting dog slowly as James wrapped his muzzle around the tip of his cock again. 


Tony’s paws squeezed their cocks as he felt a tension building up inside him and inside his balls.  He was going to cum soon now.  It had building for so long, and he had been holding it back as best he could, but it was too much.  He whined, trying to hold himself back as James’s slim muzzle slid across the head of his cock.  The twins seemed so happy, sharing him like this.  He didn’t want it to stop, he just wanted to see them happy, but he could almost feel his climax rising up his shaft as Jeff’s lips pressed to his own and the small fox paws began to massage his chest, pinching his nipples as James’s muzzle began to pump his cock hard. 

They were all shaking now, the twin’s cocks dripping into Tony’s paws as Jeff whispered in Tony’s ear, “You ready to cum for us Big Dog?  Huh?”  Jeff was panting hard, breathless as he stared into Tony’s face with a big smile.  The fox reached down and put one paw on the back of James’s head, who gasped and forced himself a good ways down Tony’s cock without his brother really pushing him down.  James moaned pitifully, squirming in pleasure as his throat began to milk Tony’s cock.  Jeff loudly said, “Cum in my brother Tony…” to make sure that James heard him, “He wants it so bad. Feed him your seed Big Dog.” 


Tony whined and strained against the weight of the foxes, his hips bucking wildly, forcing his cock deep into James’s throat.  He wanted them to stop, wanted them to keep going, wanted to feel their paws on him forever.  Tony moaned so loudly they all shook, his cock pistoning through James’s paws and into his muzzle and down his throat as Jeff kissed him deeply, driving his tongue into Tony’s muzzle as he teased his nipples, making the pressure inside the much bigger dog explode.  Tony let out a loud bark and his whole body flexed, every muscle in his frame tensing, lifting the foxes up as he forced his cock all the way down James’s throat, the fox’s nose bumping into Tony’s crotch as the dog’s empty his balls right down James’s throat.


 James had no choice but to swallow the first wave, because Tony’s cock was so far down his throat that the dog shot the first wave right down his vulpine throat and into James’s stomach.  James quickly pulled back as the second blast shot out the tip of Tony’s cock, flooding his muzzle.  White cum spilled out the sides of the small fox’s muzzle, and the third blast splashed across his face as he pulled off the massive cock and gasped for air. 

Jeff quickly broke off the kiss he and Tony were sharing and grabbed the terrier’s throbbing cock base, pointing it up at his own face.  Tony gasped as he continued to cum, the fox’s quick jerking motion on his cock making the next shot coat the dog’s white furred chest with a thick blast of cum just before Jeff wrapped his muzzle around the dog’s fat cock head.  Tony moaned as the sensitive tip of his cock was suddenly licked at hungrily and he was soon flooding the fox’s muzzle with warm cum. 

Tony howled despite himself as he blew his load hard.  The fox twins stroked the dog’s cock, a pillar of flesh that was soon coated in hot cum, and Tony’s orgasm practically bathed them both in the dog’s seed.  Tony howled in ecstasy, his paws squeezing down on Jeff and James’s erections as they took turns swallowing his seed, his massive dick spasming and covering them both with his cum that dripped off them and formed big pools on the muscles of his own chest.  Tony felt the fox’s knots swelling his paws and he squeezed them both hard as they came together. 

Both boys whimpered and thrust into Tony’s paws stroked their cocks spastically.  Tony shook with pleasure, and the twins lost their hold on the dog’s dick.  Tony’s cock flipped up and shot his own cum across his chest and face again as Jeff and James arched their backs and yiffed loudly.  Jeff was hugging his brother tightly as the twins climaxed together.  Tony hugged both foxes to his chest as his own climax died, pinning his massive erection underneath them.  The twin held each other tightly as Tony wrapped them both up in strong arms, and the twins’ seed was lost in the mess of dog cum covering all three boys.


When he could think straight again, Tony found himself gasped for air and squeezing Jeff and James tightly to his chest as he shivered in the after glow of his climax.  It had better so much then when Brian had sucked him off… a hundred times better.  It had lasted so long and they had been so tender to him.  He felt James’s arms weakly embrace his neck as Jeff kissed him again.  Tony didn’t know what to think.  They had shared themselves so lovingly with him and each other.  The very act of breathing made the twins both rise and fall as they lay atop him, a pile of softly panting boys cemented together with slowly cooling cum.

  Tony closed his eyes and trembled all over as tears welled up in his eyes. All he could feel was Jeff and James’s weight and warmth, as the bodies lay on top of his chest.  He could feel their shafts shrinking, still pressed against his cock, which was trapped between the boys and his own chest.  They basked in the afterglow of their shared climaxes.  Jeff kissed him slowly, and then James did the same, and they both looked into his eyes and whispered, “I love you Big Dog…” in perfect harmony.


Tony’s eyes watered and he shook from the emotions he felt, the pleasure, the fear as they both smiled at him, with no judgment or disgust in their eyes.  He hugged them both against his chest, never wanting to let go as he began to cry for joy.  Jeff rested his head on top of Tony’s, and James snuggled up close too.  James’s muzzle pushed up under Tony’s chin and against the terrier’s neck.  The dog felt safe, surrounded on all sides by the soft warmth of the fox twins.  For the first time in his life, in this moment, Tony fell complete.  He felt whole. 

Deep down inside the hole that had always been there, the longing for something, somehow it seemed filled holding the twin foxes against him like that.  They loved him, his two best friends loved him and he’d made them happy.  Tony cried softly for a while as the fox twins licked his face clean, their tongues dancing slowly over his chest, stomach and crotch as they licked him clean of all the sticky ropes of cum. 


Tony watched numbly as the twins then began to clean each other, their paws and tongues caressing each other in a moment of slow, brotherly love for each other.  In the end, most of the copious amounts of dog cum had vanished from their fur, collected by the twin’s hungry tongues.  Then both Jeff and James pulled the blanket back up and surround all three of them in its warmth.  Tony was still panting as they lay on top of him; one in the crook of each of his arms, their head’s pillowed on his chest with their eyes closed and their bellies full of his cum. 


Tony let his head fall back and his eyes closed as Jeff shifted a little and nuzzled against his neck, the small fox’s muzzle nestled under his chin as James pressed his head against the terrier’s flat, wash board stomach. As he drifted into sleep, all Tony could feel was their twin heartbeats.


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