A big game means a big party.  Always has and probably always will.  This is what happens when rich parents don’t care what happens at their lake side mansions.


And now the annoying warning message:

This story deals with sex between males, in graphic detail. If you're not over 18, this is illegal for you to even look at, so stop right now.  If homosexual content is not your cup of tea, you can leave the tea party.  The characters and story are copyright Teiran’s player 2002, do not redistribute without permission.  Otherwise, enjoy!




High School Days:

A Party to Remember



Kevin stopped his car in front of the house David pointed to.  The dalmatian looked back as the kangaroo got out of the back on the passenger’s side. 

Kevin nervously griped the steering wheel as Chris rolled down the passenger side window. 

“You sure you can’t come with us to Leon’s party dude?” the leopard asked with an easy smile.  

Kevin felt like he should at least pretend that he wanted the kangaroo to tag along.  It had been nice to hang out with him, but it also brought back memories.  Right now all Kevin really wanted to do was just be alone with Chris.  He needed some time with his best friend, to just calm down a little, to talk about nothing and pretend that all the things that were happening didn’t exist. 

But Chris wanted to go to the party.  So Kevin smiled and muttered, “Yeah, I… we didn’t really get to chat with you much.”  David shook his head a little, and then the porch light of his house turned on. 

Kevin knew the female tiger that stepped out into the harsh light, and it wasn’t a surprise that Mrs. Perez was David’s foster mom.  Every foster kid in town stayed at her place.  The tigress was in her robe and hair curlers, and it looked like she was holding a rolling pin in one hand. 

David shook his head, bouncing slightly on the balls of his feet.  “No, I’ll catch hell if I do. Maybe next time okay?”  Chris nodded and slapped the side of the car.  “Alright dude, see you later.”  Kevin put the car in gear and rolled away from the curb, and into the night. 



They drove in silence for a while until Chris said, “Hey, you remembered to bring your soccer uniform right?”

Kevin looked at Chris, and for a moment he watched the way the light from each passing streetlight washed across the leopard’s fur as they drove.   Eventually he whispered, “Yeah, its in the back.  Why do I need it anyways?  We’re just going to Leon’s party.” 

Chris laughed and slapped the dog on the shoulder lightly, “Yeah stupid, that why you need it.  How else do you expect to get inside?  Come on, pull over at that Arby’s, we’ll change there.”

Kevin frowned, and he glanced at Chris again, “Why do I need my uniform on to get in?”  He muttered as he pulled the car into the parking lot.  Chris laughed as he got out of the car and leaned against it. 

Kevin looked across the roof of his small car at Chris when he got out.

“Geez Kevin, I thought you paid more attention at school.  Everybody knows the rules to Leon’s party, you have to be an athlete to get in.  You have to have a uniform on, or the jocks he gets to play bouncer for the night won’t let you in.”  Chris flashed Kevin a big grin as he grabbed his gym bag from the back seat and headed into the fast food joint.  “Course, I hear you can get in by flashing your breasts too, but I don’t think that’ll work for you.” 

Kevin’s ears drooped and his face burned a little as he followed Chris inside. 


Chris and Kevin ducked down the short hallway leading to the restrooms before any of the counter jockeys noticed them.  Kevin stood back as Chris opened the door to reveal a normal looking, one-person bathroom.   Kevin sighed and waited for Chris to go in and change, but instead the leopard cursed under his breath and immediately tried the girls’ room door as well.  When it was locked the cat hissed at it in annoyance,  “Crap, come on.”  Chris muttered as he grabbed Kevin’s paw and tried to pull him inside the small men’s bathroom with him.

“Hey, I’ll just wait…” Kevin muttered, but Chris cut him off.

  “We can’t wait around taking turns.  They’ll make us buy something if they see us.  You wanna blow 10 bucks on burgers when there’ll be food at the party?  Now come on…” Kevin whined a bit as Chris pulled him inside that bathroom and closed the door behind them. 


The small bathroom was one of those large handicapped restrooms, but with two people it seemed cramped beyond belief.  Chris tossed his bag on the sink and unzipped it.  The leopard pulled his shirt over his head, and felt like they were back in the school’s locker room.  This was always the worst and best part about being friends with Chris.  Kevin could be so close to the leopard as he undressed the Chris wouldn’t even notice.  Chris would just face the wall and pulled off his pants. 


Kevin just kind of stood there, closer to Chris’s nearly naked body then ever before, his chest tight and his lungs struggling to breathe as the bigger cat stretched, his back muscles rippling as he unknowingly showed off everything he had to offer.  Kevin just stared at the cat’s ass, wishing he could touch it.  Then Chris turned around, and Kevin was forced to look away from his crotch quickly. 


“Come on Kev, we don’t have all night man…” Chris muttered, and gave the dog a swat on the arm as he grabbed his uniform.  Kevin caught a whiff of the cat’s scent, and it made him whimper, his face red through his fur as he changed.   He made sure to face the wall the whole time to make sure Chris would miss the hard on he was sporting.




Kevin got out of Chris’s car and followed the leopard up to Leon’s house with trepidation.  Leon’s house was one of the huge, almost mansion houses that lined the lake front.  The party had spilled out onto the lawn, and people were laughing and having a good time out in the cool air and full moonlight.  A big bear and shorter, wider badger were hanging by the front door clad in blue Hadenview football jackets.  They were tossing a football back and forth between them, while watching the front door.  Chris slapped the bear high five on his way thru the front door.   Kevin just looked down and tried to walk past, his tail tucked between his legs, but the badger stepped in his way. 


Kevin felt his ears droop as they loomed over him.   “Where you going?”  The bear muttered, doing his best impersonation of a bouncer.  Kevin whimpered as the two big males glared down at him.  Having two big males stand so close to him made his heart rise up into his throat. 

“Um, the party…” Kevin muttered, shifting his feet and the two big guys laughed.  “Look little man, this is a party for athletes, not wanna be’s.” The badger said with a chuckle, holding Kevin back with one paw.  Kevin looked down at the badger’s paw, which was pressed against his chest right on the number of his soccer jersey.  Kevin tried not to whimper in defeat, trembling slightly as the two jocks laughed at him.   


Then Chris pushed the badger out of the way and grabbed Kevin’s shoulder.  “Hey, stop falling behind I want you to meet somebody…” The leopard said with a grin, and pulled the dalmatian into the party. 


Kevin felt a smile creep across his face as Chris squeezed his shoulder and they pushed past the glares of the bouncers.  Kevin fell into step close beside Chris, half listening to the leopard as he spoke.  He stood closer to the leopard then normal, to the point that Chris’s body was a most brushing against his in the crowd.  He could smell the leopard’s scent even though the house was a riot of smells, like a thousand people were standing in one place.  But standing here beside Chris, he could pick out just the leopard’s scent, and the scent of his best friend made him blush just like it had in the restroom. 


Kevin looked around at all the people, and felt very alone.  He didn’t want to be here, but he didn’t want to ask Chris to take him home either.  Kevin wanted to spend time with Chris.  After Keith rejected him like that for Todd, he didn’t want to be alone. 

He’d clung to the leopard’s side all night, even though half the time it seemed like Chris didn’t even know he was there.  Even now Chris was pushing his way thru the crowd, leaving him behind as he chased after somebody.  Kevin tucked his tail, shoved his paws in his pockets and followed after the leopard.  He realized it was stupid, but he didn’t want to be alone tonight.  At least Chris hadn’t abandoned him like everyone else yet.


“There he is!”

Kevin yelped as a big arm encircled his neck from behind.  Kevin struggled, but with his paws in his pockets he couldn’t resist Brian’s grip as the mountain lion picked him up and hauled him away.  Kevin squirmed in the big cat’s arms, looking over his shoulder as Chris disappeared into the crowded party and Brian dragged him into a circle of jocks from the wrestling team. 


“Where do you think you’re going huh?” 

The mountain lion said with a grin as he ran his knuckles across Kevin’s head, making the dog whimper.  Kevin closed his eyes and weathered the storm of noggies that followed, as the entire wrestling team followed the mountain lion’s example.  Kevin struggled and pulled one paw out of his pockets, and promptly had a beer pushed into it by a tall horse.  Kevin tried to backup and slip out of the circle of laughing jocks, but Brian held him place with one friendly arm.


“Come on Kev, you’re hanging with the big boys tonight!”  Brian said with a grin.  Kevin felt his tail press against his legs, and he whined softly at the thought.  He didn’t want to be here alone, but he didn’t want it to be like this.




Kevin played along and sipped at the remains of his fifth beer.  It hadn’t taken long for the dalmatian to figure out that was the key to staying sober.  If he kept a beer in his paw and sipped every so often, they didn’t give him another full beer and make him chug it.  If he laughed at the bad jokes and didn’t say anything when they pushed somebody around, the wrestlers didn’t push him around for being a wimp.  He had to just play along, even if he wanted to just leave.


Of course, the wrestlers weren’t the only ones pushing people around tonight.  Leon was Hadenview High’s quarterback, so a most of the guests were in jerseys or letter jackets bearing the school’s emblem and blue colors.  The people in normal clothes were there because somebody on a team invited them, or snuck in, and it looked like the only reason they were allowed to stay was so the real jocks had some to strut for and push around. 


Kevin sighed and looked around the room half-heartedly for Chris again.  Kevin hadn’t been able to find the leopard all night.  He didn’t know if Chris was even here any more.  There was so much drinking going on the cat could have gotten so smashed he left without Kevin.  So Kevin just stayed by the wrestlers and tried to be invisible. 

Not that the wrestlers had really given him much choice.   By now they were too drunk to realize he wasn’t on their team, but not too drunk to notice if he tried to slip away.  Each time he did, they found him and dragged him back so they could tell him about the football game, since he had “missed all the action”.

So Kevin smiled and nodded, pretending to listen as they lead him around Leon’s massive house without much direction. 


Kevin was really amazed at how out of control the party seemed.  Leon’s parents obviously weren’t here.   Booze was flowing like water and no one was old enough to drink.  Some of the football team had gotten into smashing contests with each other, trashing whole rooms.  Half the people there were in the process of getting undressed, and the other half was already there.  Kevin had spent the last thirty minutes trying not to notice that one of the bunny cheerleaders was missing her top and was making out with a rhino wrestler who was defiantly not her boyfriend.  Everyone was being far too friendly and way too drunk for Kevin’s tastes.


Brian was being unusually friendly too.  Besides pushing beers into Kevin’s paw, the mountain lion introduced him to all his friends on the wrestling team.  He made jokes and showed Kevin around with a guy from the football team that was hanging with them, Rob ‘Hoss’ Bowman.  Rob was a palomino horse with a bright smile Kevin couldn’t help but stare at.  He had been on the wrestling team before he joined the football team. Or at least that’s what they all kept telling him.  Kevin didn’t know much about Rob.


Rob was a junior like Kevin was, and Kevin had known the horse most of his life in a casual sort of way.  They had been in the same classes together over the years, but Kevin knew little more then that.  Kevin had never even talked to Rob before Brian introduced them tonight, but the horse was treating him like his best friend in the world.  Kevin didn’t really care.  The horse was just one of the guys helping Brian drag him around the party and acting like he was Kevin’s best friend.  It did help that when the horse smiled he looked really cute too.


The funny thing was Kevin was really enjoying the fact that Brian and the guys were paying so much attention to him.  Sure Brian was drunk, they all were.  But the mountain lion was being his friend for once.  They all were, in a weird way.  It was very strange.  The big cat had been really distant since finding out Kevin would go down on him, only talking to him when he wanted something ‘taken care of’ in the locker room.  He’d taken great pains to avoid Kevin at school otherwise. 


Now Brian was gone again, off looking for food or something, and Kevin was left standing with Rob and several of the other wrestlers who were listening to the horse boasting about his accomplishments during the game.

The dalmatian smiled faintly as he watched Rob, who was a rather good looking for a palomino horse, tell the story of how he tackled the opponent’s quarter back during the game at the last second, just before making the turnover touch down to win the game.  It was the third time he had told the story.


The dalmatian only barely listened as the horse talked, whinnying and slamming his knee for emphasis.  The other furs standing with Kevin in a semi circle around Rob shook they’re heads and just laughed, enjoying the show the drunken horse was putting on.  They all knew full well that Keith had made the final touchdown, not Rob.  Kevin mean while just smiled and nodded along in agreement, totally oblivious.


He wasn’t really talking to the dalmatian at the moment though.  Rob was much more concerned with the filly on his arm, who was giggling loudly, and running her paws across his chest as he told his story.  She was obviously about to fall over, because she was so into Rob’s story she was sharing his beer and letting Rob paw at her rump.


The other people listening to Rob’s story were just as drunk.  One of them slide up behind him and whispered in a sultry voice,  “So, you think he really did all this stuff, or do you think he’s smoking crack?”  Kevin turned to face the girl who’d spoken, and came face to face with a well-endowed vixen with streaks of blue and green in her head fur.  Kevin’s mind blanked out as she smiled up at him, while crossing her arms under her chest, which had the added effect of doubling her cleavage. 

“Umm… “  The dalmatian muttered as the vixen grinned at him.  “Well I wasn’t at the game…” Kevin had no idea what to think.  He had never seen someone dye they’re fur into patterns before.

“Come on, you got to know he’s lying.”  She whispered, flipping her hair in an almost vacant way, “He’s been switching defenses and offences stories…” she flicked her tail back and forth, waving her hips, “he’s played ALL the positions…” Kevin couldn’t tell, but the way the vixen licked her lips when she said the word ‘positions’ seemed weird. 

Kevin just stared at her, not sure what to say.  She grinned at him, “I’m Leigh, who are you handsome?  I don’t think we’ve met before.” 


Kevin stuttered as he held out a paw.  “I’m, I’m Kevin. Nice to met you.”   Kevin shook the vixen’s paw weakly, taking a step back from her.  The way she was grinning really unsettled him. 


 “Really Kevin? It’s just ‘nice’ to meet me?  Well I guess we’ll have to fix that won’t we?”  Kevin nearly jumped when she ran a paw across his chest, fingering his t- shirt through his open letter jacket.  “So what, position do you play for the soccer team?”  


“I’m the goalie…” Kevin muttered, not sure what he should do.

The vixen’s eyes lit up and she took a step closer to him, nearly pressing her bosom against his chest.  “So you know how to catch big, round things…” 

Kevin blinked as she stretched her arms above her lithe body, literally brushing her breasts against his chest.   The dalmatian stepped back as she brought her arms down, narrowly avoiding the ring her arms made.  “I, I don’t know…”  

The vixen’s eyes narrowed, and she glared at Kevin for a moment.  She shifted her hips, crossed her arms, flipped her tail and puffed out her chest in a huff.  She stared him in the eyes and the dog just looked her in the eyes and took a step back in confusion. 


With a sigh Leigh shook her head.   “Oh lord, why are all the cute one’s gay?”


Kevin gaped at her as the vixen turned away; her tail lashing back and forth-in annoyance.  “Wait, I’m not…” Kevin’s words trailed off into a sigh, and the dalmatian blushed, totally confused about what had just happened. 


Had she been hitting on him?  Kevin flattened his ears and looked around the party, watching the room full of half drunk young adult talking, kissing and breaking things.   The dalmatian felt so incredibly out of place, it was like he was lost in a storm.


  The Kevin spotted a ray of sunshine.  Chris had just come into the room on the other side.  The dalmatian waved enthusiastically, and the leopard grinned and waved back at him when he spotted Kevin.  The dalmatian started to move towards Chris when Rob slapped his shoulder hard and spun him back around.


“Awww man… that Blows!”  Kevin followed Rob’s finger as the large horse pointed at the retreating back of the filly who had just been hanging all over him.  She was now hanging on the arm of a rather buff bear with the name Tyler written across the back of his jacket.  On the other arm of the bear was the vixen with the blue-black streaks in her hair; who flashed Kevin a knowing grin. 


“Look at that man!  He stole her right out from under me!” Rob muttered with a snort. 

 Kevin watched the girls walked away with Tyler towards the back of the house, and then turned away when his eyes were drawn to the bear’s short tail.  They were probably going to have sex in one of the spare bedrooms.  Kevin swallowed nervously.  That was probably exactly what Leigh had wanted to do with him too. 


Kevin sighed as Rob continued to complain loudly about how much he wanted to get laid.  “Damn it,” the horse muttered, stomping his hooves in irritation, “that’s the third girl tonight to get my balls itching and then disappear.  Why’d you let your girl go?  She’s the one who grabbed Tyler’s arm.”

“I… she wasn’t interested…” Kevin muttered and flattened his ears.  “Why are you making such a big deal about it?” the dalmatian muttered angrily, “You’ll get laid tonight eventually.”


 Rob laughed and slapped Kevin on the back, “Yeah, course I will, you know me.  Bet you’d get your rocks off tonight if you got the chance, same as me.  But, the earlier I get laid the better the chances of getting a second helping you know?”  The horse arched an eyebrow and nudged Kevin in the ribs, stopping his hoof, “Am I right or what dog?  Huh?” 


Rob laughed as the dalmatian blushed.  Kevin doubted Rob would enjoy how he usually got off. “Yeah I guess so…” The dalmatian muttered and finished his drink, turning around to toss it into a nearby trashcan that was overflowing.


When Kevin turned back around, Rob was staring at him as if he were pondering something.  The horse’s long face did not lend itself to the thinking look, but it split into a sudden grin as the horse said,  “Come on man, I know a way to get laid for sure…” Kevin sputtered as Rob grabbed his arm and pulled him across the crowded room. 


When they got to the other side, Kevin followed the horse down a hallway to a room.  The palomino opened the door a crack and ducked his head into the room.  “Come on, it’s empty…” Kevin followed Rob into the room and blinked in the darkness as Rob closed the door behind him.


Kevin looked around the room as his eyes adjusted to the darkness.  The room looked like a spare bedroom and Kevin felt the fur on the back of his neck stand up.  The room was frighteningly familiar.  A pair of glass patio doors that looked out onto the pool, and a big bed filled most the room.  Kevin remembered when he’d been in a room like this before.

Kevin remembered now.  The last time he’d been in a room like this had been Jason’s pool house.  He had ended up sucking off his friend as the coyote sat on the bed, and now Jason wouldn’t even look him in the eyes.  Kevin jumped, and his ears twitched backwards as the sound of a zipper opening echoed in the quite room.  “Rob, what’s going on man, this…” 


The horse laughed drunkenly, and Kevin turned around when he heard a zipper open.  Kevin’s tail dipped between his legs as Rob pulled his dick from his pants.   “Oh come on man, you said you’d take the chance to get off if you got it.  And from what Brian tells me you really get off on sucking another guy’s dick.” The horse said with a shake of his cock.


Kevin stared in numb shock at Rob.  The horse was just standing there with his dick hanging out of pants, grinning like an idiot while he stroked himself to get hard.  “So what’s stopping yeah Kev?  I know I’m big but I’m sure yeah can take me.”  Kevin shivered in the darkness and licked his lips, staring at horse’s hand as it ran up and down the long pink cock. 


Slowly, the dalmatian got to his knees in front of Rob and wrapped a paw around the horse’s bulging head.  The horse sighed and bucked his hips a little, pushing his hard cock against Kevin’s face for a moment.  Kevin stared at Rob’s dick, almost numb.  A hundred reasons not to do this with the horse rushed through his head, but his paw was moving on its own.  Kevin got the horse fully hard, slowly stroking Rob’s cock head as the shaft stiffened under his touch. 

The dalmatian felt his face grow hot as Rob whinnied softly under the attentions of his paw and whispered, “Ah yeah that feels good.  Come on buddy, suck my cock…”


Kevin opened his muzzle, panting little.  He knew it was stupid, he knew he was being an idiot, he wanted to stop himself, but he just couldn’t.  Rob wanted him to do this.  He wanted to do this.  He leaned forward, guiding the tip of Rob’s cock into his muzzle.  Kevin felt himself relax as his lips closed around the warm shaft, and he moaned softly as the horse pushed forward and made Kevin take the horse’s dick to the hilt.


He heard the horse groan and whinny a little, and Kevin felt the hard shaft of flesh inside his muzzle jump as Rob bucked his hips.  Kevin closed his eyes and shivered, his own pants growing tight as Rob’s cock forced its way down his throat.   This was what turned him on.  Kevin loved the feeling of a dick moving in his muzzle and pushing against the back of his throat. It didn’t matter why he was doing it, it didn’t matter who the dick was attached too.  It was having that hard, warm shaft of flesh in his mouth that made him weak in the knees.  

Kevin opened his eyes and looked up, to watch Rob’s body shiver as he humped forward.  The horse’s stomach tensed up, the slight beer belly giving way to the previously hidden muscles as the dalmatian’s warm muzzle began to suck softly on his cock. 


Kevin closed his eyes again as he started to bob his muzzle up and down Rob’s cock.  He couldn’t believe he was doing this, going down on yet another guy.  But he wanted it, he wanted to hear Rob gasp and urge him on.  He wanted the horse’s hand’s on the back of his head, he wanted to hear Rob tell him to suck his cock good and moan about how good it felt. He wanted the hard shaft of flesh in his muzzle, wanted to feel the flared head of the horse’s cock rubbing the back of his throat. 


Kevin explored the cock in his muzzle with his tongue slowly as his paws reached up and held onto the horse’s jeans.  Kevin savored the taste; hating himself for enjoying it so much.  The dalmatian’s face grew hot with embarrassment as his own cock ached in his pants.  Kevin was so ashamed at how much he enjoyed stuffing his face with another guy’s cock he tucked his tail so far between his legs it pressed against the front of his jeans. 


He found himself comparing Rob’s cock to the other’s guy’s he’s sucked off had, and decided the horse’s cock was better then most.  The head of Rob’s cock flared quite a bit, and Kevin moaned softly as it rubbed the back of his throat, pushing against the roof of his muzzle in a way that sent shivers down his spine and threatened to gag him. 

The horses dick was longer then most he’d taken, probably eight inches long, but he was slim and it easy to wrap his tongue around Rob’s shaft.  It was certainly not as thick or long as Nick had been. 


When the dog pushed down and took him all the way to the root, Kevin could feel the horse’s long cock head hang down his throat and it made him tremble all over as his throat tried to close around the long tube of flesh and he gagged slightly.   Whenever he twisted his tongue around the horse’s cock, Rob would whinny and snort in delight, stomping his hooves whenever Kevin did something particularly good.  Soon Kevin had to adjust his movements, pulling down the horses underwear so he could play with Rob’s balls as he fell into rhythm with Rob as the horse started thrusting into his muzzle faster and faster.


Kevin looked up at Rob, who was grinning ear to ear as he looked down at him.  The horse had pulled up his shirt, and sweat was glistening in his short course fur.  Rob’s hand rubbed the back of Kevin’s head as the horse fucked his muzzle.  “You really do like this don’t yet spots?  Man, if I’d known you’d be this good, I’d have dragged you in here way earlier…”

Kevin felt his face flush again, and he pressed his ears against his head as Rob continued.  “You’re a way better bitch then any I’ve had in a long time.  You must really like cock Kev…” Kevin looked away from Rob’s grin and back at the horse’s cock as it moved in and out of his muzzle. 

The dalmatian could tell the horse was getting close.  Rob’s balls were pulled up close to the base of his shaft, and he was breathing in shallow gasps.  Soon Rob would be cumming all over him.  Kevin wanted to cry because of how badly he wanted the horse to do just that.  He just opened his throat and let the horse take him for his pleasure, Rob’s shallow thrusts pushing the long horse cock deep into his thin muzzle.  Kevin reached down and began to stroke his own erection through his pants, wanting to cum while the horse was still inside his mouth.


But Kevin didn’t get the chance to think about his own cock for very long. Without a word of warning, Rob grabbed the dog’s head in both hands and shoved his cock deep into Kevin’s muzzle.  Kevin gagged as the first salty wave of cum pulsed out of the horse’s long dick and down his throat.  The dalmatian grabbed at the horse’s pants and struggled against Rob’s grip, trying to pull back as the horse’s cock head begin to swell into a bell.  Rob’s big hands held his head down, pressing the dalmatian against the horse’s strong legs and forcing Kevin to take the big horse’s cock down the back of his throat.  The huge head swelled and filled Kevin’s mouth completely, forcing him to swallow the tangy cum.  Kevin squeezed the horse’s butt, making Rob whinny in pleasure and swish his tail.  Kevin gave up fighting, and just closed his eyes and let Rob take him.


Once he stopped fighting, Kevin let himself relax, and enjoy the moment.  He could feel Rob’s hard shaft throb as the stallion pumped his cum into Kevin’s mouth, the flared head of the horse’s cock rubbing the back of Kevin’s mouth and forcing Rob’s cum down his throat.  For a long moment, the horse’s crotch and the long dick down his throat became Kevin’s world.


The dog could feel nothing but cock overfilling his muzzle, pulsing and throbbing.  His mouth was full of gushing, warm cum that was forced down his throat.  All he could see was the horse’s stomach, abs clenched tight and visible thru the thin layer of fat on the horse’s stomach.  Kevin closed his eyes and whined loudly as the horse came. The musky, sweaty scent of male horse filled Kevin’s nose as Rob ground the dog’s face into the short fur of his crotch, all the while pumping the dalmatian full of horse cum.


 Then just as abruptly as it started, Rob finished.  The horse let go and pulled his cock out of Kevin’s throat.  The horse stepped back, leaving the dog gagging as the swollen head pulled out and flooded his muzzle with one last wave of cum.  


Kevin gasped for breath and opened his eyes, the room rushing back to him.  Rob stood over him, practically exploding with male pride. He had the biggest grin on his face and he stood a little taller even though his cum covered cock was growing limp. 

“DAaaMN Dog!”  Rob shouted, pushing Kevin a little, “That was awesome!  I’ve never had a muzzle job like that before!” The horse slapped his knee and whinnied loudly, his chest puffed out with pride.  “You must love cock to suck it that well man, it was like nothing else mattered to you!” 


Kevin dropped his eyes to the ground and pressed his ears against his head.  “Thanks…” he whispered softly.


“No way man, thank you!” Rob practically danced in place, his hooves clopping dully on the carpet as the horse strutted about.  “Damn man, I’ve got to have you do that again the next time some bitch tickles my balls and leaves me hanging.”  Rob stuffed his flaccid penis back into his pants.  “I swear man, that’s the best I’ve ever had.”  The palomino gave Kevin’s muzzle a playful pat, and he grinned down at the dalmatian like an idiot. Kevin tucked his tail between his legs as Rob leaned against the wall and let out a long sigh.  “Oh yeah man, the best…”


For several long seconds silence hung in the musky air.  Rob seemed like he was in a daze, and Kevin was too embarrassed to say anything, especially with Rob’s cum smeared across his muzzle. His face felt like it was burning he was blushing so hard, and he knew the reason.  Eventually Rob got uncomfortable enough to break the silence.  “So, like how many guys have you done this with?” 


“Well,” Kevin whispered softly, “You make eight I guess…” 


“Damn man, eight?  I would never let a guy put his dick near my mouth, much less eight…”


Kevin winced as if the horse had hit him, and even drunk as he was Rob realized he’d said something wrong. “Course,” Rob muttered weakly, “I guess it’s cool if you’re like that and all. Gay and stuff, yeah know.” The silence was deafening, and rob rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment. “Umm anyway, I’m thirsty so I’m gonna get another drink…”


Kevin nodded blankly and whispered; “Sure, I’ll see you later…” but the equine was already gone.  Kevin nodded a little to himself and stood up, “Or maybe not…” he muttered, forcing himself not to cry.   He felt so empty inside, so foolish for giving yet another muzzle job to a guy who didn’t care about him at all.


Kevin’s tongue slowly licked the salty cum from his lips and he wiped a trail of it from his cheek with a paw.  He stared at the glistening strand of cum on his paw for a long while, his chest heaving and his eyes watering.  He could still taste Rob’s seed, and his belly felt heavy with it. The horse had blow quite a load down his throat, more then most guys did.  Slowly Kevin licked his paw clean for one last taste of horse cum, shivering all over, as he stood in the darkened room alone.




Rob grabbed a beer and threw his head back, his mane shaking and his chest heaving as he chugged the entire can in one go.  He gasped for air as he finished, panting hard.  He’d run straight to the kitchen, ignoring everybody who said ‘hi’ to him and almost running somebody over in the process.  The horse closed his eyes and let the sudden rush of alcohol loosen his muscles, relieving the tension that had built up in his body.

Rob tried to shake the image of his cock slipping into Kevin’s muzzle from his mind, but he just couldn’t.  He hadn’t been kidding when he’d said Kevin had given him the best blowjob he had ever had.  No girl had ever been close to having the skill or shown the enthusiasm the dalmatian had lavished on his dick. He had never cum that hard, that completely.  It had felt better then most times the horse had cum while fucking a girl.  It really bothered him that he desperately wanted that feeling again.


“Hey dude, what the hell?”  Rob opened his eyes and laughed as the school quarterback, Leon Thompson, punched his shoulder.  “You ran by without even saying hey!” 

“Awww dude, sorry man I just needed a beer bad!”  Rob said, slapping the lion back. 

“Hey, that’s cool dude, that’s cool.”  Rob grinned as the lion tossed him another beer, and he slammed it back as fast as he’d done the first.

 “Wow dude!” the lion said, applauding a bit, “What’s the occasion?  You don’t usually chug em like that.” 

The horse grinned like an idiot and wiped the beer from his long face, “Oh dude, you wouldn’t believe it.  I just had the best muzzle job ever man, I mean it this was way better then anything Lizzy ever gave and you know how good she is huh?” 

Rob nudged Leon in the ribs and the lion laughed with a roar. “Your kidding right dude?  That girl has the best damn tongue in school.  What the hell are you doing out here instead of banging the chick?  You aren’t loosing your touch dude, or could you just not get it up again?” Leon slugged Rob’ shoulder and Rob grinned and slugged him back. 


“No way Dude! You know I can do three girls in a row if I wanted to.” The horse reached down and groped his own crotch as if to prove he could.  “Doesn’t matter anyway man, it wasn’t a girl who gave me the muzzle job.”  


Leon’s eyes widened and he lowered his voice.  “No shit dude?  You found some pussy tail raiser willing to suck you off here?”  

Rob laughed loudly and leaned in closer to the lion, “Oh, way better then that man.  You know Kevin, the soccer goalie?  He must really like catching balls dude, cause told me he’s gone down on like eight guys! He practically worshipped my cock dude!  I’m telling yeah, I’ve never had somebody suck me off like he just did. It was like he was fucking enjoying it.  It was fucking incredible man.”  The horse laughed, grinning, “He’s in your spare room, the blue one you know? If you hurry you can probably get him to suck you off too.”  Rob’s raised his eyebrows and nudged Leon in the ribs.


 “Dude,” The lion said reproachfully, “Like I need to go to some cock loving fag to get my rocks off tonight.” 

Rob laughed and shrugged, grabbing another beer. “Ain’t that the truth dude, but you’ve got to feel it to believe it man.  If I could get a girl to be that good I might just go out with her steady man.  See yeah round.”  Rob sauntered off, whinnying and swishing his tail back and forth as he swaggered through the crowd.


Leon chewed the horse’s words over as he drank the rest of his beer.  Best blow job ever huh?  The big lion chuckled and rubbed a paw thru his chest fur as he felt his cock swell in his sheathe.  He had already fucked one girl tonight; why not add a tail raiser’s muzzle to his list of conquests?  It was his party after all, if somebody was giving out blowjobs, he should get one.  He set off towards the room Kevin was in, his tail swishing a bit as he purred in delight at his own body.




A tingle ran down Kevin’s spine, and the dalmatian gave a full body shiver.  His ears perked a little bit, and his whole body shook for a moment as if he were shaking himself dry.  The dog whimpered a little as the shake broke him out of the daze he’d been in for the last few minutes.  The dalmatian rubbed his arms, hugging himself to fight off the chill that had settled into his fur.  He looked around the dark room and shivered slightly.  It was cold, and strangely lonely.  Kevin licked his lips, and groaned heavily when he found the taste horse cum still lingered on them. 


The dalmatian stood up, his knees aching as he shook his head again in disbelief at what he had just done.  Why did he keep doing this?  Rob had just left him there with barely a thank you, just like the others had.  Sure, the horse claimed he would talk to him again, but the only reason would be to get another blowjob.  It seemed every male he sucked off wanted nothing to do with him afterwards, except to get they’re rocks off in his mouth again.  He didn’t expect Rob to be any different


Kevin blinked, and rubbed his eyes as the door opened and light flooded the room.  Someone stepped inside and pushed the door closed behind them, leaving it open just an inch or so.  Kevin’s eyes readjusted to the sudden light, and he swallowed in surprise when he saw it was Leon Thompson standing in the doorway.  “Hey Kevin, nice of you to come to my party.”  The lion said with a purr, his tail swishing quietly behind him.

The dalmatian tucked his tail between his legs and took a step back as the lion got close to him.  He knew the lion would be able to smell the scent of male sex in the room.  The lion smiled, a broad grin that unsettled Kevin.  Leon was a big guy; he towered over the dalmatian almost a foot.  The lion’s bare paws made no sound as he crossed the room.  He was only wearing his football jacket and a pair of jeans, and his mane shone in the low moonlight from outside, as he stood right in front of Kevin.   “So Rob tells me you’ve been having fun tonight Kev…” Leon said with a purr.  The lion raised a paw to his face and sucked on the tip of a finger. 

Kevin’s heart sank, and his mouth fell open a little.  “What did he tell you?” 


Leon kept grinning, “Just that you gave him the most incredible muzzle job ever a few minutes ago.  I was thinking that you should do the same for me…”

Kevin gaped at the lion in shock.  “You want me to give you a blow job?” 

Leon used both paws to pull his football jacket back, exposing the tawny gold fur of his chest and the strong pectoral muscles underneath. Leon grinned.  “Yeah, why not?  If you’re half as good as Rob claims you are it’ll be worth it.”

 Kevin gave a little whimper as his gaze drop to the lion’s bare chest.   The dalmatian wanted to reach out and touch the lion’s strong chest, run his fingers thru the soft fur and feel his fingers across Leon’s ab muscles.  “Besides, I’ve never had a guy go down on me before.  It might be fun.  So what’d yeah say?” 

Kevin let out a yip again as Leon took another step forward and bumped against him, the lion’s chest pressing against the dalmatian’s.  The dog tried to step back away from the big cat, but the lion reached up a paw up and cupped it behind the dog’s head. 

Leon pressed the huge pad of his other paw against Kevin’s chest.  Kevin’s ears pressed flat against his head, and his tail slunk between his legs as the lion’s fingers sunk into the short fur on his chest.  Kevin whimpered as Leon forced him to look down at his body.  Kevin began to shake slightly as he stared down at the lion’s muscled chest, as the sharp tips of the cat’s retracted claws barely scraping his skin.


Leon was a male in a class all his own. None of his friends compared to Leon.   Maybe five guys in town were as big as he was. The lion was like Nick, incredibly strong and powerful, four hundred pounds of pure male.  Kevin felt himself shiver, remembering what sucking the big wolf off had been like.   Kevin licked his lips as he thought about how wonderful it had been to have Nick in his muzzle.  Maybe Leon would be the same… maybe he should do it. After all, Leon was the kind of guy Kevin dreamed about at night, and right now he wanted to touch the lion so bad it hurt.  Besides, the lion just wanted him for his muzzle, he didn’t want to hang out or talk.  He didn’t want Kevin to be his friend.  He just wanted Kevin to suck him off.  Nothing bad could happen… right?


The dalmatian slowly started to raise his paws up to Leon’s chest as the lion massaged the back of his neck.  He looked up nervously at the lion’s eyes, waiting for approval.  Leon smirked at him and nodded, letting Kevin slowly trace the lines of the lion’s muscles with his fingertips.  Kevin trembled as his paws rubbed the lion’s chest, eliciting a rumbling purr from the big cat.  Kevin slowly squeezed the lion’s pecs with both paws, the strength of his muscles making the dog weak in the knees.


“Well Kev, come on.  It’s not like the night lasts forever…” Leon’s voice purred as his paw moved away from Kevin’s chest.  The lion grinned as he opened his fly and began rubbing the budge in his jock strap.  Kevin licked his lips, tasting the lingering seed on them for a second time.  He wanted another male in his mouth tonight.


Kevin’s paws clung to Leon’s chest fur as he slowly dropped to his knees again, guided down by the paw on the back of his neck.  The dalmatian’s black nose pressed against the white fabric of Leon’s jock strap, and he breathed in the cat’s acidic, sweaty scent as his paws pulled Leon’s pants down around the lion’s knees. 

Leon’s crotch smelled like sweat and the scent of a wolf bitch in heat.  It was a fresh scent, so Kevin knew this wasn’t the first time Leon had gotten his rocks off tonight.   Leon pulled the dog’s head forward, and the lion’s hard cock pressed against Kevin’s face through the thin fabric of Leon’s jock strap.  The dalmatian licked slowly across the bulging fabric as Leon’s paw began to rub the back of his head.  Kevin pulled the cat’s jock down under the lion’s heavy balls and let Leon’s cock flop out in front of his muzzle.


Kevin wrapped both paws around the lion’s penis, staring at it in wonder.  It was always like this, the first time he got to touch a new dick.  He couldn’t do anything but stare at it, trying memorize every detail of the other male’s cock before he started sucking on it.  Slowly his paws pulled at Leon’s flesh, stroking the lion’s dick until it was fully hard.  It wouldn’t be like sucking Rob off.  Leon’s penis wasn’t as long as Rob’s had been, and the shaft taper towards the head, before it flared out in a wide mushroom.  But Kevin’s view of the cat’s abdominal muscles was much better, and the lion’s scent clung to his fur in a way that made Kevin breath in deeply. 


Kevin whimpered a little as the lion forced his head forward a little more, and the dalmatian opened his muzzle.  When his lips wrapped around the lion’s thick cock head, a small moan of delight escaped them both. 


Leon let out a growl of pleasure and dominance as Kevin’s muzzle enveloped his cock completely, and the lion cupped Kevin’s head in his big paws.  The big cat purred and he mumbled, “Ah yeah, that’s a good bitch…” Kevin just closed his eyes, ignoring the cat’s words as he ran his paws across Leon’s stomach, and started to suck Leon off.




Chris pushed his way through the crowd, grinning and waving to his friends.  Eventually he made his way to the kitchen, looking for something to drink.  Rummaging in the fridge was a horse on the football team named Rob.  The leopard grinned and tapped him on the back.  “Hey buddy, grab me a coke will yeah?”  The horse glanced back at Chris and grinned, stamping his hooves  “Hey dude!  Long time no see?  Here yeah go!”  The horse tossed Chris a can of soda and leaned against the fridge.  “How you been man?” 

Chris wrinkled his nose as the alcohol on the horse’s breath hit him, but he ignored it and opened the can.  “Oh you know, it’s been good.  Some party huh?  Leon’s really out done himself.” 


Rob laughed and nodded, his long horsetail swishing.  “Yeah he has, invited some interesting people this time.”  Chris grinned and nodded, “No kidding, I’ve never seen so many people here before.”  Rob grinned and chugged most of the beer he was holding. “And dude!”  The horse slugged Chris’s shoulder, “Last night’s soccer game!  That was amazing man, you guys creamed Rowlett!” 


Chris grinned and slugged Rob back in the chest.  “Yeah we did.”  Rob grinned at him, nudging his ribs.  “And that goalie of yours, he sure is good with his paws if you know what I mean...” Rob chuckled and sipped his beer. 

Chris stared at him a bit confused.  “Yeah, Kevin’s pretty good.  Hey, he was standing next to you earlier wasn’t he?  Know where he went?” 

Rob’s grin widened slowly and he nodded, “Oh yeah, I know.  He’s talking to Leon.” 

Chris swiveled his ears backwards and shot Rob a disbelieving look.  “Leon?  I know Kev doesn’t know Leon.” 

Rob’s tail swished and he grinned like a maniac.  “Oh, I bet he’s gotten to know Leon pretty well by now.  They’re ‘chatting’ down the hall there, third door on the right…” Rob’s voice trailed off and his eyes followed the tails of a pair of tigers as they walked by. 

Chris watched Rob’s eyes, and he though he saw the horse’s eyes flicker between the two rumps, but he dismissed it.  After all, why would Rob be looking at a guy’s ass? 

“Well I wanted to ask him some stuff, so I guess I’ll go find him…” Rob smiled and muttered “Alright, I gotta go talk to some people too…”


Chris shook his head as Rob followed the two tigers and headed off to find Kevin.  The horse was sure acting weird, even for being drunk.  And what would Kevin be doing talking to Leon anyway?  Kevin didn’t like Leon, and by now the lion was usually holed up in one of the guest rooms banging a cheerleader, not talking with his guests. Chris sighed and hoped Kevin hadn’t left, Leon could be pushy at times. The leopard reached the door, and found it was already open a crack.  Chris peeked his head inside, and froze in his tracks when he saw what was going on inside.




Rob stood on the sidelines of a crowd of furs in one of the larger rooms of Leon’s house.  A cat in a servant’s outfit pushed past him, and he grabbed a can of beer out of the cooler he was hauling.  Rob chuckled and shook his head.  He still couldn’t believe Leon’s parents paid the servants to cater his parties. A small army of working students and full time maids prepared food and drinks before the party, and spent two days cleaning up afterwards. Rob chuckled as a girl stroked the cat’s chest provocatively as she got a drink.  Course, there were advantages to working for Leon’s family.  Drunken cheerleaders don’t always make it to a room with a football player after all.  Rob turned his attention back to the crowd, slipping closer to the center of the action.


 A crowd of furs was gathered in a circle, playing truth or dare.  They took dares and questions from the crowd in turns, and now only four people were left.  The horse’s tail swished back and forth and he laughed with everyone else as a short deer swallowed a goldfish in a beer.  He choked and spewed the beer everywhere, but he succeeded in keeping the fish down.  The guy looked like he was going to be sick, but he was trying to be a tough guy, a real jock, and he really didn’t want to lose to his opponents.  After all, if he could beat Kyle and Nick at something, then he would be the one everybody talked about it next week at school.


The two football players were standing next to each other, grinning and clapping with everybody else. The crowd formed a small bubble around the wolf and tiger because, well frankly they were just so much bigger then everyone else.  They were a head taller and twice as wide as the deer that was looking quite green now, and they practically towered over the forth player left, a vixen with blue streaks in her hair named Leigh.

Rob slipped up behind Leigh, who was rather openly staring at Kyle and Nick as she bounced up and down, the earrings in her large ears jingling.  Rob joined her in staring at the way the muscles on Nick and Kyle strained every inch of their clothes, but they were laughing and grinning as wide as everyone else.  They were also the most sober of the contestants left.  More then a couple of the dares had been drinking contests, and because they were so big they were a lot more coherent then anyone else. 


Rob turned and looked at Nick along with everyone else because it was his turn to go.  The big wolf looked at Leigh expectantly and said, “Well, I’ll go with Dare this time. So what’s it gonna be this time little girl?”  The wolf’s grin was easy, his hands on his hips. Nick held his tail high, his ears perked up, ready for a challenge.  Rob stared into the wolf’s big blue eyes.  The horse felt his cock stir in his shorts as he looked that wolf, and he licked his lips. Suddenly, he was looking at Nick in a totally different light.  He saw the wolf as a sex object, a huge muscular male he wanted to fuck.  He remembered how sweet Kevin’s muzzle had felt and he wondered what Nick’s muzzle would feel like around his cock. Better yet, how good would it feel to fuck a guy like Nick. To bend the wolf over and use him like a female.

Rob whispered, “Damn man, he’s sexy… wish I could kiss him…”   Rob’s grin widened and his eyes flicked to Kyle. The tiger was standing with his arms crossed and a smug look on his face.  “Nah, hell with that, I wanna see him kiss Kyle…”


Leigh bounced in front of Rob and blocked his view for second, bringing him back to the present.  “Oh man Nick, I’ve got a mean one for yeah.  Since Kyle got off so easy with his question, I think you should wipe that smug look off his face…” The vixen grinned and flipped her long hair.  “With a real kiss.”


For just a moment, the crowd stood perfectly still and completely silent.  The wolf blinked in surprise, his eyes flicking from Leigh to Kyle.  The tiger was gapping in amazement like he hadn’t quite heard what Leigh had said.  The dare hung out there for a long second, and everyone breathed out with a sigh and laugh, quite sure that Leigh had knocked Nick out of the game.


Nick felt his chest tighten with fear.  He couldn’t believe she’d dared him to kiss Kyle.  He was so embarrassed his tail flicked downward a bit and his ears pressed against his head.  He could hear the laughing start at the back of the crowd as it came back to life, and his face burned with embarrassment as everyone laughed at him.  He didn’t take this kind of torment, he didn’t let other people make a fool out of him, but kiss Kyle? The wolf grimaced and threw up his hands. “Ah hell…” 


The whole crowd gasped as Nick grabbed the sides of Kyle’s muzzle and forced the startled tiger into a deep kiss.  The crowd stared in shock as Kyle struggled a bit before he relented, letting the wolf bend him over backward and drive his tongue into his muzzle.  Silence hung for a long moment, and then the whole crowd exploded in a huge cheer.  The girls whopped and clapped, and the guys joined them after a few seconds of shock, hooting and hollering as Nick gave Kyle a long, hard, and passionate kiss.  The two males bodies were pressed together, their chest touching as Nick held Kyle still with both paws.  Then the wolf pulled back and let go, taking a step back and grimacing.  The tiger and wolf spat, making a great show of wiping their muzzles, but Rob saw the way their eyes lingered on each other.  Especially Nick’s.


Leigh glanced back and whispered to Rob, “Thanks for the idea that was hot.”  The horse chuckled and stopped his hoof, “Damn right.” He whispered back with a grin as the crowd declared Nick the winner.




Chris stared in utter shock at the sight of Kevin on his knees as the dalmatian bobbed his muzzle up and down Leon’s hard cock.  The lion was purring and growling in pleasure; thrusting his cock into the dalmation’s muzzle so hard he was practically fucking Kevin’s face.  Chris backpedaled, trying to get away before one of them saw him; but the leopard just ran into the doorframe.  He just stood there and watched in horror and fascination.


Chris forced himself to breath as he watched Leon’s cock disappear into Kevin’s muzzle over and over.  Neither male had noticed him; both were far to intent on the lion’s cock to see him half hidden behind the door.


Chris watched in disbelief as his best friend sucked another guy’s cock.  Kevin was actually sucking Leon off willingly.  He obviously wasn’t being forced into it. The dalmation’s muzzle moved in time with Leon’s thrusts, his lips forming a ring around the lion’s dick.  Wet slurping sounds and a deep rumbling purr filled the room, and the scent of musk was heavy in the air.  It felt like the air was clinging to Chris’s nose, and Chris could smell the tangy scent of Kevin’s arousal.  Leon was growling encouragements to Kevin as he pawed at the dalmatian’s head, but the dog hardly seemed to need them. 

Kevin was worshipping Leon’s phallus. He was taking the lion’s whole dick into his muzzle.  His tongue was hard at work, flicking out past his muzzle and curling around Leon’s cock as Kevin’s paws fondled the lion’s heavy balls, cupping and squeezing them as he sucked the lion’s cock almost desperately.


Chris’s tail began to twitch uncontrollably, and he actually felt himself getting hard at the sight of his friend sucking cock.  He couldn’t control himself.  Watching Kevin’s muzzle bob up and down Leon’s dick, the wet sounds of his muzzle… It all made the base of Chris’s spine tingle and his tail twitch.  He wanted to be the one humping the dalmation’s muzzle. He wanted to be the one cupping his head and whispering him encouragements. Chris rubbed a paw slowly across his crotch; stroking at his aching erection as he watched, entranced by the way Kevin worshipped another male’s cock. 


And from the way Leon was growling and moaning, Kevin was as good as he looked. Leon’s thrusts were getting faster and his growls louder, and the lion’s tail lashed back and froth.  Leon grabbed Kevin’s head suddenly and rammed his thick cock down the dalmation’s throat as far as he could. 

Kevin gagged and sputtered, and Chris winced as his friend choked on the lion’s cock. But Kevin closed his eyes and the dog kept sucking as Leon roared and shot his load into Kevin’s mouth.

Cum leaked out the sides of Kevin’s muzzle as he desperately swallowed as much cock and cum as he could.  Chris whined; his paw squeezing his cock through his shorts as Leon pushed Kevin off his dick just as suddenly as he had forced him down. Leon grabbed his dick in both paws, and began stroking himself.  The lion roared in sheer domination as he milked the last half of his load across Kevin’s face.  White ropes of cum splattered the dog’s face and chest as Leon roared in pleasure, and Kevin gasped for air as the lion shot cum all over his face. 


And then it was over.  Leon stood there stroking his shrinking cock, groaning loudly in pleasure as Kevin continued to pant for air.  Leon rubbed his dick across Kevin’s face, smearing cum across the dog’s muzzle.  “Jesus man, Rob wasn’t fucking kidding… that’s the best fucking muzzle job I’ve ever had!   You are one damn good cock slut.”  Kevin whimpered as Leon roughly tussled his head fur, laughing.  “God man, I can’t believe how much you loved that so much. You probably creamed your pants getting your muzzle fucked by a guy like me.” 


Chris wanted to slug the lion as he towered over Kevin.  He wanted to push the lion away from his friend and make him pay for humiliating Kevin for his own pleasure.  The leopard’s shoulders shook in anger, lust, and fear, and he tried to figure out what he should do.


The two boys hadn’t seen him yet. They were too engaged with each other to notice anything that was happening beyond Leon’s crotch. But they would if he stayed where he was.  Chris’s stood there a few moments longer as Leon zipped himself up and Kevin tried to wipe the lion's cum off his muzzle.  His emotions battled inside him.  He wanted to rush to the dog’s rescue, to help his friend. When he saw Kevin’s face, saw how embarrassed the dog was, how much he had enjoyed it, the fear won out. Chris slipped silently from the room and closed the door behind him.  Once he was in the hallway, Chris pressed himself flat against the wall and tried to control himself.


Inside Leon was still panting and fondling his himself as he grinned down at Kevin.  “I’m gonna have to get you to suck me off again sometime Kev, you’re better then any bitch I've had before.”  Kevin looked away from the huge lion’s eyes and just traced his beautiful body with his eyes.  Kevin knew all to well that the better looking the guy, the bigger his ego, and the more he liked to lord it over you once you’d finished the muzzle job. Leon’s voice purred and rubbed a paw roughly across Kevin’s face, smearing his cum into the fur on Kevin’s muzzle, effectively marking him with his seed.  “And don’t worry, I’ll tell somebody else you’re in here. Wouldn’t want a cock slut like you to go without.  I like people to enjoy my parties, and seeing as how much you like sucking dick I think everyone should know.”  Leon laughed as he strode from the room, and Kevin tried not to cry as the door closed behind him. 




Chris opened his eyes as Leon emerged.  The big lion zipped himself up with a grin when he saw the leopard.  “Well, well, well.  Looks like there’s a line already…” Leon laughed and slapped the leopard on the shoulder. “What’s up man?”  Chris leveled a glare at the lion that could have melted stone.  Chris felt his paws clench into fists and his whole body tensed at the sight of the lion’s cocky grin.  Leon looked puzzled for a second when Chris let out a low growl, and then he glared back and twitched his tail.  “What the hell’s wrong with you Chris?  I just do your boyfriend or something?  Well he’s all yours now…”  Leon pushed his way past Chris, who glared at his back, resisting the urge to tackle and beat the hell out of him.


 Chris stared at the closed door.  Behind it, his best friend was cleaning the lion’s cum off his face.  Kevin didn’t even know he was out here.  If he wanted, he could just leave right now, and never talk about it.  But part of him didn’t want to leave.  Part of him wanted to go inside, and experience what he had seen first hand.  So many questions swirled thru his head.  What did it feel like?   Did Kevin really enjoy it?  What was it like, having a guy sucking you off like the dalmatian had just done?  If he left, he might never know the answers… Chris shivered and looked down at his crotch, where his soccer shorts were tented out by his hard on so badly you could see his cock head thru the fabric.  Just stood there, his emotions fighting with each other, wondering if he should go inside.




Rob was cruising the party now; checking out everyone he passed by.  The horse laughed a high-pitched whinny, his thoughts hazy from all the beer he’d drunk.  He was really checking out everybody now wasn’t he? After Kevin’s incredible muzzle job and watching Nick kiss Kyle, he couldn’t keep his eyes off the guys around him. 

He was sizing each guy up who went by, wondering how good their muzzles might be.  Each time a couple went by him arm in arm and, he stared at their rumps, comparing the two.  The girls had hips that looked so good he wanted to grab them and hump them as hard as he could.  But now, he wanted to grab the ass of every guy he passed and do the same just as bad.  The horse’s thoughts ran everywhere, spinning off in a thousand places.  He was so drunk it wasn’t even bothering him that he wanted a guy’s ass to hump as much as he wanted a girl to pound.


The horse pushed his way through a crowded hallway, intentionally brushing up against everybody who passed him.  His paws touched the thighs of every girl and guy he passed.  The girls gasped and slapped his paw away, but the guys didn’t even take notice. They let his paws slip across their thigh and even grab their rump.  Most were so drunk they couldn’t tell what was going on.  A few jumped and looked at him funny, but one guy, a big mountain lion in a wresting jersey grinned back at him. 


It took Rob a couple of second’s to realize it was Brian he was staring at.   They stood across the room, watching each other for a long moment as the cat ran his paw down his chest and gave his crotch a squeeze.  Rob flipped his mane and licked his nose with his long tongue.  The big horse even went so far as to swish his hips a bit.  The big horse laughed as Brian’ eyes got all big right before somebody someone distracted the cat’s attention. 


Rob just walked away with a grin on his face, bumping into a rabbit in his drunken stupor.  Rob was just going to push past the rabbit out of his way, until he felt a paw firmly grip his crotch.  Rob jumped a little and then neighed happily as the rabbit’s paw rubbed his balls openly.  The horse blinked in surprise as he looked down at the tiny rabbit that was groping him. 


It was Blake.  The white rabbit was wearing a tight black t-shirt and an even tighter pair of black, spandex shorts.  Blake’s clothes showed off ever inch of his slim body, from the tip of his pink nose to his white cottontail.  The rabbit was wearing his pride necklace, and he had one of the band fundraiser lollipops in his grinning muzzle.  Rob licked his lips as the rabbit reached up and pulled the lollipop out of his mouth slowly.  The rabbit’ pink tongue slid slowly across the round head of the sucker, at the same time as the rabbit’s finger ran around the head of his cock.  Rob blinked again and just stared at the rabbit, whinnying in surprise at how rock hard his dick felt in the rabbit’s paw.


“Hey Rob,” Blake said with a grin.  The bunny ran his tongue slowly across his lips “Didn’t see you there…  I was busy, looking somewhere else.” The rabbit’s eyes flicked down to his paw.  Rob whinnied a bit as Blake’s paw continued to rub his crotch, squeezing the horse’s growing cock through the fabric of his shorts.


“It’s okay…” Rob said; his chest heaving, as he looked around the crowded room, amazed no one had seen the rabbit groping him.  The rabbit grinned up at him as he slowly licked the lollipop, his paw continuing to work the horses growing cock. 


“I’d offer you one,” The rabbit said as he twirled the lollipop across his tongue, his tongue lewdly curling around it, “But I can feel you’ve already got a lollipop of your own down here.”  The rabbit grinned as his paw squeezed the head of Rob’s dick.  “Maybe you’d like to trade huh?” The rabbit said with a grin as he held the sucker up to the horse’s lips.


Rob grinned taking the sucker into his mouth with a snort as the rabbit grabbed his paw and lead him away from the crowd. The beer he’d drunk making his head spin.  He wasn’t sure what was happening, just that his cock was hard, and that the rabbit’s butt looked really good.




Kevin sat alone in the darkness, his face burning as he blushed all over.  He had known Leon wasn’t the nicest guy.  He knew the lion just wanted to get his rocks off, but he hadn’t expected him to mock him like that.   “He didn’t have to talk like that… I’m not some fucking whore…” the dalmatian whispered.  “Never mind that I enjoyed it…”


Kevin wiped the tears running down his cheek away, and only succeeding in smearing Leon’s cum into his fur.  He pulled off his cum covered shirt, using it to clean his face off as he stood up.  He padded over to the sink.  Kevin whimpered a little as he tried to wash the seed off of his face.  He scrubbed at his fur, trying to get the scent of horse and lion off of his fur.  Kevin dried his eyes and shook the water out of his fur.   The door opened and Kevin shielded his eyes as light flooded the room for a second.  The dalmatian blinked and put his arm down, staring into the darkness as his eyes readjusted.


Kevin’s throat closed up and his chest tighten when he saw Chris was leaning against the door.  The leopard just stood there, his green eyes staring at Kevin.  They shone in the low light, and for a long moment the big cat just stared at him.   Eventually Chris whispered, “Hey.” 


Kevin swallowed hard and barely managed a weak “hey” back.  The dalmatian let his ears lay down slowly, his tail hanging limping between his legs.  Chris would be able to smell the scent of two other males cum in the air.  Kevin had not gotten all of the lion’s cum out of his face fur yet and the thought made him sick to his stomach.  His best friend was about to find out everything about him, and it made the dalmatian tremble in the darkness.


“So how long you have been giving blow jobs Kev?”  Chris asked softly.  The cat didn’t move a muscle except for his tail, which lashed back and forth almost violently.  Kevin’s eyes widened and he started to tremble.  “You saw?”  Chris just gave a curt nod, which silenced Kevin’s whimper.

“Hhow long you have been sucking cock Kevin?” Chris demanded.


Kevin’s eyes flicked to the ground and he whimpered softly, “Come on Chris, don’t…” 


“No Kevin, tell me.  We’ve always told each other everything.  You fret for days when I don’t tell you something.”  The leopard’s tone had a sheer finality to it that made Kevin shiver.  “Now tell me when you started sucking cock.” 

The dalmatian rubbed his paws across his arms, and ended up crossing his arms over his bare chest.  “About a year ago, at that away game against Roosevelt High…  The other team’s forward lingered in the showers with me…”


Chris nodded and took a step away from the door.  “You mean David, the guy who joined the team this week.” Kevin’s eyes didn’t leave the floor as he nodded, but he could tell Chris was walking up to him.  The big cat’s shadow slunk up Kevin’s body, as Chris stood between Kevin and the sliding glass doors.  The leopard stood right next to him, his lithe, powerful body gleaming in the soft light.  Chris grabbed the dog’s shoulder as he growled, “How many guys?”

Kevin tried to pull away from his friend, but Chris grabbed hold of the dog’s wrist.  “How many Kevin?”  The cat’s eyes were inches from his own, and Kevin couldn’t even look at Chris.  The cat stood there, unblinking, waiting for answer.


Kevin’s voice was streaked with tears as he whimpered, “Nine…” but when the silence swallowed the word up, Kevin whispered softly, “Only seven before tonight…” Kevin trembled as Chris grabbed his shoulder with his other paw, forcing the dalmatian to stand right in front of him.  Chris looked his right in the eyes and whispered, “I guess I’m going to have to settle for being number ten then…” and then Chris pressed the dalmatian’s paw to his crotch.


Kevin practically leapt out of his fur as he tried to pull away from Chris, but the leopard held the Kevin’s paw firmly against his crotch.  Kevin whimpered and stopped struggling as Chris stepped up closer to him.  The leopard bumped his chest against the dog, and Kevin looked up into Chris’s eyes.  The cat just stared at him intently. Kevin could feel the leopard’s chest muscles as they pressed against the dalmatian.  Chris moved the paw holding his wrist, gently rubbing Kevin’s paw across his hidden dick.  Kevin swallowed nervously.  He could feel the cat’s dick through his thin soccer shorts. 


The leopard’s thick schlong was warm to the touch and growing by the moment.  Kevin let out a small sigh as he cupped it gently in the pad of his paw.  This was something he had wanted to do for longer then he could remember.  Kevin hung his head as he nervously began to paw at Chris’s shaft with his paws, tracing it with his fingers.  His eyes traced neckline of Chris’s shirt.  He could just see the top of the cat’s chest muscles.  Kevin could feel Chris’s whisker’s stretching out, brushing against his face, and for a moment the cat’s lips were right next to his. 

Kevin was shaking in fear.  Chris was so close to him.  Chris was touching him.  He was touching Chris.  He was about to kiss his best friend. Kevin felt like everything was spiraling away from him as his daydreams came true. 

“Chris?”  Kevin whispered in fear amazement, watching in horror and fascination as Chris gave him a small smile.  “Well Kev,” the leopard whispered, his lips brushing against the dalmatian’s cheek as he nuzzled the dog’s face, the leopard’s lips brushing against Kevin’s ear as he whispered.  “How about you go down on your best friend?”


 Kevin stepped back when Chris let go of his paw, and the dog gasped as Chris pulled down his soccer shorts and underwear. The dalmatian’s eyes fixed on the huge dick that bobbed in the air, the moonlight bathing it in a soft glow.  It just hung there.  The thickest, most beautiful dick he had ever seen.  Waiting for him.  He wrapped his paw around it slowly, and Kevin whimpered along with Chris when his fingers tip didn’t touch.  The leopard’s shaft was so wide that Kevin could barely hold on to it.  Kevin began to pant as he rubbed his paws over the leopard’s shaft, measuring it with his paws slowly.  Chris was shorter then Nick had been, but he was certainly thicker.   It was a massive shlong, and Chris let out a low rumble of pleasure each time Kevin touched it.


Kevin stepped closer to Chris, holding the leopard’s big dick up as he looked up at the taller cat.  Chris didn’t say a word as Kevin stroked his dick. He just stood there, the thick shaft getting rock hard in the dalmatian’s soft paws, jutting out straight from his body and brushing against the dalmatian’s crotch.  Slowly, the leopard reached up and began brush his paws across the dog’s face, and Kevin whimpered softly and leaned into the caress.  Chris leaned forward and slowly rubbed his muzzle against Kevin’s, and the dog could smell Chris’s scent as it rubbed off on him, marking him.   Kevin breathed in slowly, and committed to memory the scent of Chris’s arousal.  Chris rubbed Kevin’s shoulders as the dog slowly sunk to his knees for a third time.


Once Kevin was on his knees, he held Chris’s dick in both paws and stared at it in awe.  He couldn’t believe Chris was so thick.  Even if Chris hadn’t been his best friend, Kevin would have glad gone down on him just to touch this cock.  Kevin leaned forward and wrapped his lips around the end of the cat’s huge cock, amazed at the feeling of such a fat cock head being in his mouth.

Chris began to purr loudly, his paws rubbing Kevin’s neck as the dog began to suck gently.  Kevin felt his heart flutter as his tongue lapped at the cat’s shaft. He savored Chris’s taste slowly, letting it drive the taste of Leon and Rob from his muzzle. Kevin gagged a little when he tried to take more of Chris’s shaft, but he forced himself to go all the way down on the leopard’s massive prick in one go.  Kevin buried his nose into Chris’s crotch fur, and the cat’s balls rubbed against his chin and every scent in the world was washed away, leaving behind only the scent of his best friend’s crotch. 

Chris hissed in pleasure, and dug his claws into Kevin’s shoulders.  Kevin moaned as the cat’s dick and scent overpowered every other male he had ever been with, filling his nose his muzzle and his mind completely.  The dalmatian closed his eyes and clutched at Chris’s body desperately.  Kevin felt his throat spasm around the head of Chris’s dick, but he forced himself to stay where he was; choking balls deep on the cat’s massive dick.

  The dalmatian slowly rubbed the cat’s muscular rump, as he held himself there, trying to keep the cat in his mouth as completely as he possibly could.   Kevin spent a long, airless moment choking on Chris’s cock, drowning himself in the body of the male he had wanted for so long.  Then, when he could take no more he began to bob his muzzle up and down Chris’s huge cock, sucking on his friend’s dick lovingly.

Kevin felt his mind drift back from his body a bit when he began to muzzle Chris off.  It was so perfect. It was everything he had dreamed about.  He used every trick he knew on the leopard, worshiping the cat’s cock. He made Chris hiss, growl, and purr in pleasure.  He made sure not to go too fast, not to push Chris over the edge too quickly. He wanted this to last, because he knew this might be the only time he got to do this. 

After this, Chris probably wouldn’t be his friend anymore.  Kevin could tell.  Chris wanted this, he was horny and this felt good, but he was scared too.  His paws nervously clutched at his shoulders, and he didn’t say anything at all, only hissed and moaned in pleasure.  He would be just like the others had been, the guys who were too scared to admit they liked.  They were the ones who never talked to him again afterwards.


 Kevin pushed those thoughts away, and focused on Chris’s prick.  For now, all his daydreams and fantasies were true.  The cat he had had a crush on since they were 10 was his, and Kevin’s muzzle was the source of all his pleasure.

Kevin opened his eyes and looked up at Chris as the cat arched his back in ecstasy, moaning softly as he rubbed the dalmation’s head and shoulders.  He didn’t push Kevin down onto his cock like some guys did; he just held his head gently, staring down into the dalmation’s eyes as he gently thrust into his warm muzzle.


It seemed to go on forever.  Chris was clearly holding himself back, even though he was breathing hard and bucking his cock gently up into Kevin’s mouth.  Kevin began to suck harder, work his tongue more across the underside of the leopard’s cock as he slowly rubbed the cat’s rump.  Eventually Chris started panting louder, his hips bucking a little faster.   Kevin closed his eyes and just enjoyed the sensation of being at Chris’s mercy, of having the cat breed his muzzle. 

Soon his best friend would cum, his seed flooding into Kevin’s mouth, and Kevin would be the reason.  He might lose Chris because of this, lose the best friend he’d ever had, but Kevin wanted this so much it didn’t matter.  He wanted just this one moment with Chris and then it would all be worth it…

Suddenly the leopard’s paws shifted and he pushed Kevin away instead of holding him close.  “Wait, stop.  Not yet…” Chris whispered and Kevin felt his heart break as Chris’s cock slid out of his muzzle.


Kevin panted and looked up at Chris as he wiped a bit of pre from his chin, “Why’d you stop me?” Chris stared down into his eyes, and then flicked his gaze behind Kevin to the bed.  For a moment, he seemed to be fighting with something before he reached down and pulled Kevin up to his feet. 

The dalmatian trembled in the leopard’s grip.  Chris’s paws held onto his shoulders as Chris leaned forward and kissed him deeply.  Kevin moaned and closed his eyes, pushing himself against the larger cat as Chris’s paws roamed his chest and back hungrily.  The leopard held him tightly, his tongue pushing into Kevin’s muzzle as the dalmatian’s paws cupped the cat’s chest, tracing his muscles.  Chris broke the kiss, the best kiss Kevin had ever had.


“On the bed Kev…” Chris whispered, still panting from the kiss. Kevin stared blankly at Chris, before moving numbly to the bed and climbing on it.  Kevin sat on his knees, tail between his legs as he looked back at Chris.  The leopard shed his shorts and pulled off his shirt and slowly knelt behind Kevin on the bed, the leopard’s hard wet cock pointing right at the dalmatian’s butt.  Slowly Chris’s paws caressed Kevin’s ass, and the cat pulled his soccer shorts down around his knees, exposing Kevin’s white furred rump. 


Kevin whimpered softly as the leopard’s paws began to rub his butt.  Chris spread his cheeks slowly, his fingers digging into the dalmatian’s rump as he exposed the dog’s tail hole for a moment.   Then the cat’s palms pressed against Kevin’s butt, his paws open wide as he rubbed Kevin’s rump  up and down, moving his paws in slowly circles, spreading the dalmatian’s cheeks gently.  Kevin gasped in fear and desire as Chris pressed the tip of his cock between Kevin’s ass cheeks, keeping them spread open with the width of his cock head as his paws continued to rub and fondle his butt, the dalmatian’s slim tail the only thing keeping Chris’s cock from rubbing directly against Kevin’s tail hole. 

Chris leaned forward, wrapping his arms around the smaller dog as Kevin whimpered, trembling. The leopard whispered, “Raise your tail Kev…” and Kevin shivered all over, the feeling of Chris’s arms embracing him, pulling him back against his bare chest, the huge tip of his cock pressing against his tail which rubbed against his tail hole.  All of it was like nothing he’d ever felt. 

“Please,” Kevin whimpered, “I’ve never…” 


“Neither have I… least, not with another guy…” Chris whispered, his cock still pressing wantonly against the dalmatian’s tail.


“Okay... Just, go slow…” Kevin whispered, and moved his slim tail to the side.


Kevin whined in pain as the thick head of Chris’s dick pushed against his virgin cherry.  Chris began to stretch him open, pushing slowly inside him.  The leopard gasped in pleasure, his claws digging lightly into Kevin’s chest as he slowly pushed the massive head of his cock past the dalmation’s tight ring and then deep inside his hot tail hole.

  Kevin whined in pain as the cat’s thick cock split him open and a strange pleasure filled the dog even as the pain washed over him.  He felt Chris’s arms crush him back against the cat’s powerful chest as the leopard buried nine long inches of hard dick deep into the dalmation’s bowels.  Kevin let out a low body-shaking moan as Chris hilted himself completely inside his guts and Kevin’s butt was pressed flush with the cat’s crotch. The boys stayed there for a long moment, their bodies trembling against each other as Chris held Kevin tightly, his huge cock splitting the smaller dog open as Kevin submitted to Chris completely. 


Slowly, Chris moved his muzzle across Kevin’s neck and pressed his cheek against the dalmatian’s face.  Kevin whimpered softly as the cat licked his face, hugging him tightly as he slowly shifted his hips back and began to pull his cock out.  Kevin let out a tortured moan of pleasure as the leopard began to pump his cock inside him, pulling out and pushing in slowly.  Kevin gasped and he withered in the leopard’s strong arms, his body overloading from the sensations of being mounted for the first time. 


Kevin closed his eyes and whimpered loudly; his thoughts lost in the sensation of having Chris slowly fuck his ass.   Nothing had ever hurt so badly as that first agonizing thrust.  But now, the heat the leopard’s cock made as Chris slowly fucked him was driving away the remaining pain, and Kevin could feel how stretched out he was.  It was an incredible feeling of being taken completely mixed with sheer ecstasy.

The strong arms around him, the heat of Chris’s breathe on his neck, the feeling of sharp claws dragging slowly across his chest and the heavy weight on his back… It made Kevin feel like he was part of Chris as the rolling thrusts of the cat’s hips forward, ramming his cock deep inside him, which sent waves of pleasure through out the dalmatian’s body.  Kevin moaned Chris’s name and pawed back at him, his paws gripping the cat’s hips, the muscles flexing as they plunged the huge cock in and out of his body. 

Chris growled and leaned Kevin forward, pushing him down onto the bed, his chest and face pressed into the sheets while his rump was thrust up in the air. 

Chris hissed in pleasure as the change in position allowed him to thrust deeper than ever into Kevin’s no longer virgin ass.


Kevin rode the incredible sensations of being mounted, and he watched everything in his minds eye.  It was everything he had imagined it would be.  Kevin was a white, slim dalmatian being butt fucked by a strong, powerful leopard.  He was the one who moaned and cried out, and Chris was the one in control, his pink cock sliding in and out of Kevin’s butt with unbridled passion. 

It was incredible to have Chris fuck him.  Kevin could see Chris’s face twist in pleasure as he mounted the dog, their hips pounding together as they moved in rhythm with each other, both moaning in mutual pleasure from the cock plowing inside Kevin’s ass.


Kevin shuddered and gasped as the level of pleasure jumped up suddenly.  Chris had reached a paw down under him and wrapped it firmly around the base the dog’s hard cock.  Kevin whined and moaned, pushing down into the leopard’s paw and up against the cock grinding into him.  Kevin moaned as Chris pressed him down harder, grinding him into the bed.  Chris started fucking him hard, and Kevin was just moaning as he rode Chris’s hard cock.  Kevin wanted nothing more then to feel Chris push deep inside him, to feel that huge cock stretch him open once more.  Kevin panted for air as Chris’s cock pounded into him, opening him up so wide it felt like he was being split in half.  Chris gripped the back of Kevin neck in his mouth as the big cat pressed his body down onto the smaller dog, their bodies grinding together.


 Kevin couldn’t feel anything but the leopard’s touch.  His strong arms, thrusting cock and the muzzle nuzzling against the back of his neck… All of it overloaded the dog’s senses.  This was what he’d been searching for.  The closeness, the feeling of being one with someone else, so completely connected it was impossible to tell where he ended and Chris began. 

Kevin closed his eyes, his whole body trembling.  He was a part of the leopard; he was being mated hard and fast, even as Chris’s paws lovingly caressed his chest and stroked his cock.  Kevin felt all the pleasure begin to collect in his balls, the pleasure of Chris’s cock in his tail hole fanning the fire in his balls as his climax rushed over him. 

The dalmatian’s whole body tensed and trembled as he howled, his tail hole tightening down on Chris’s cock as he came into the leopard’s paw.  Kevin’s cum shot across the bed as Chris bit down on the back of his neck, his thrusts quickening. Kevin cried in ecstasy as Chris’s cock plowed through his shuddering tail hole as Chris tightened his grip on the dalmation's chest and Kevin felt Chris slam his huge cock deep into him as a hot, wet warmth filled his tail hole. 

Kevin closed his eyes as the warmth spread inside him, and he knew Chris’s cum was flooding his ass, filling his insides.  He pushed back against the huge cock spreading him open, pushed back against the leopard’s strong chest and held his breath as Chris came silently inside him. 


Their bodies’ trembled against each other, and Kevin sobbed softly as Chris ground his long cock as deep inside him as he could get.  Both boys just lay there for a long time trembling together, wrapped in a warm afterglow.  Chris’s cock slowly shrunk inside Kevin as they both lay there panting hard. Chris laid on Kevin’s back, the leopard’s arms tightening around his best friend’s chest. They stayed like that for a long time, Chris’s arms just holding Kevin close.


Eventually Chris’s grip relaxed and he just lay across Kevin’s back, panting hard into the dog’s neck.   The dalmatian half turned over under Chris, twisting his upper body so he could look into Chris’s eyes, even though the dog’s body was trapped under Chris’s legs.  Chris stared back at him for a long moment, their muzzles hovering an inch apart. 


Slowly, Chris moved closer and they kissed softly.  The kiss was gentle and tender, a slow tender kiss.  When the boys’ lips parted, Chris blushed and looked away, rolling himself off the dog and onto his side beside Kevin. Kevin turned over too, letting Chris clutch the dog to his chest as the leopard’s cock slipped out of the dog.




Rob groaned as for the second time in one night, a guy sucked his cock.  Blake’s muzzle was shorter then Kevin’s had been, so the bunny had to work much harder to get all of the horse’s cock into his mouth, but he was doing it.  Rob grinned, flicking his long tail back and forth as his hands caressed the rabbit’s face, his hips bucking his cock down the rabbit’s throat. 

The small white rabbit moaned as Rob fucked his face. Blake was kneeling on the bed in front of Rob in one of Leon’s spare rooms, completely naked, his white fur easy to see in the soft light.  Blake’s bubble butt was raised up in the air, his small tail bobbing up and down just like his muzzle was doing the horses cock.  Rob closed his eyes, naked from the waist down, a huge grin on his face as the rabbit’s paws tickled his balls, pulling on them as his muzzle sucked and slurped on his cock. 


Rob chuckled drunkenly, his mind wandering in a haze.  He loved faggots.  Why had he ever wanted to pound them with his fists?  Doing it with his cock was a whole lot more fun.  The next guy he caught staring at him in the locker room was gonna get more then an eyeful.  Rob jumped a little as a paw rested on his shoulder.

“Hey now rabbit, what do you think you’re doing?”  Rob gasped and opened his eyes as somebody wrapped their arms around him from behind, a big muscled chest with short, smooth fur pressing against his back.  Rob leaned back and looked into Brian’s grinning face, the cat’s whiskers brushing against the horse’s long muzzle as he rubbed his muzzle against the back of Rob’s neck, their short fur rubbing together. 

“This filly was mine, and you pulled him away for yourself…” The mountain lion finished, his paws squeezing the muscles in the horse’s arms before they cupped his chest muscles.  Blake’s cheeks turned red, and he tried to pull back to speak, but Rob grabbed the back of his head and shoved his cock all the way down his throat, loving the way the rabbit’s throat spasmed as he gagged.

“Hey man, I’m no bodies ‘filly’.  If you want a piece of me, you’ll get the same big piece of horse this slut rabbit is getting…” Rob muttered with a grin, pushing the big cat away from him with one paw.  Brian laughed, staggering backwards, the mountain lion’s claws gripping the horse’s shirt and tearing it off him, leaving Rob bare-chested. 

Rob laughed, looking down at the remains of torn shirt.  The horse flashed Brian a big grin, running one paw down his chest to entice the cat as he boasted,  “And if you wanna put that pretty muzzle around my cock go right ahead…”

 Brian chuckled; walking around the bed Rob and Blake were kneeling on, showing off his naked body.  The mountain lion was hard too, his cock bouncing as the cat’s big paws grabbed hold of the rabbit’s ass and squeezed.  Rob whinnied softly as the cat’s claws dug into the rabbit’s white butt, making Blake whimper around his shaft. 


“Hey man,” Brian said with a smirk, “I don’t suck cock like this faggot does.”  Brian grinned as Blake pressed his ass back against his paws.  Brian grinned at the horse as he pressed his cock under the rabbit’s cotton tail, using the ball of fluff as a handle as he pushed himself inside the rabbit’s ass, eliciting a moan of wanton desire from Blake.  “I fuck tail-raisers Rob; I’m not one of em.”  The big cat grinned and Rob had to smile too as they began to fuck the bunny from both ends.  “Cool dude, I just fuck tail-raisers too.  What’s say we show this one what it means to be a fuck bunny, huh?” 


Brian laughed, and Rob whinnied as they both began to pound Blake mercilessly, making the rabbit moan and whimper in pleasure, the rabbit’s hard cock bouncing against his stomach as they fucked him from both ends. 


Soon Rob was moaning and the his long tail was flicking back and forth as the horse’s cum pouring into the rabbit’s ass.  Brian roared with him, pumping his cum into the rabbit too, and the rabbit let the seed dribble out of his muzzle for effect.  Once they had cum the first time they switched ends and fucked him again.  Both boys groaned and fucked and grunted as best they could until they came a second time, thrusting into the rabbit between them who was shaking in his own private heaven. 


Blake gasped as Brian pulled out of him, and he leaned up and pressed back against Rob’s chest, making the horse whinny as the rabbit’s tail hole clenched down tightly on him.  The rabbit was jerking off furiously, and he shot his own load across the bed as the horse fucked him.  Brian jump back off the bed to avoid getting cum on his legs and Blake laughed.  Rob groaned, his paws holding the rabbit’s shoulders as the bunny’s slim hips pressed back against his crotch, his tail hole spasming and milking his cock. 

Rob gasped, pulling out of Blake and sliding off the bed once he came, leaving the bunny on the bed by himself.  The two big guys stood there, watching as the rabbit gasping for air.  Blake grinned, cum leaking down his muzzle as he lay rolled over on to his back, his legs spread open wide so both Brian and Rob could see his cum covered butt and his limp, spent cock. 

“Wow boys that felt great…  One of you care to give me another ride?”  Blake said with a mischievous grin, his paw slowly rubbing down between his legs, his fingers running around his cum smeared tail hole slowly.  Brian and Rob both laughed, and the mountain lion slapped Rob’s shoulder, making the horse stagger a little.  “Come on man, let’s go grab some more beer.  If we stay in here that rabbit will never want us to stop fucking him.”  Rob neighed and grinned, flipping his sweat soaked mane.  “Yeah man, I really need a drink.  But don’t worry bunny, we’ll send somebody else in here to fuck you good.”


“Well, if you two aren’t going to fuck him again, I will.”  Brian and Rob started a little as Leon walked in between them as stood at the end of the bed.  The lion had probably been standing in the doorway for a while, watching them fuck Blake.  “After all, I didn’t invite the little faggot; I might as well take it out of his ass…” Brian and Rob grinned as the lion stripped off his shirt, his extremely muscled chest rippling in the soft light.  Blake whimpered and squirmed, but he kept his legs open as the lion pulled his pants down.  Brian and Rob slapped the lion’s shoulder; one of Brian’s paws giving the lion’s ass a quick squeeze as he left.  


Blake grinned as Leon climbed onto the bed and grabbed his legs by the ankles, lifting the rabbit’s feet up so he could grind his cock down into the rabbit’s ass.  Blake whimpered and struggled a little just for show as the lion rammed into him roughly, wasting no time with foreplay or starting slow.  Leon’s cock spread him open, filling the bunny with the comforting feeling of being fucked again.

Blake grinned, turning his head to the side and moaning, staring at a particular point in the room as Leon began to really fuck him roughly.  The lion’s cock plowed into him as he threw his full strength behind the thrusts, making the rabbit’s body bounce.  Blake smiled for his hidden camera, wrapped his legs around the lion’s waist and moaned again in the most pitiful voice he could muster.


He couldn’t have written a better porno scene if he’d been using a script and porn stars.  The rabbit pressed his paws up against the chest of his newest start, grinning at the muscular lion roared softly and fucked him hard, unaware the room was filled with hidden cameras, capturing his display of sheer masculine power from every angle.  The rabbit had even set up microphones to catch his roars and moans of pleasure.  Blake whimpered and moaned for the lion, encouraging him to fuck harder and faster.  Leon obliged, pounding the shit out of the rabbit’s ass.  Blake just grinned and took it with glee until the lion came hard, pulling out and coating the rabbit’s face and chest with an awesome money shot.


Blake grinned to himself as the lion flipped him over and started to go again, riding him hard.  He always knew Leon really knew how to put on a show.




Kevin was still panting as he lay beside Chris and his legs still were not working right.  But that was fine with Kevin, he didn’t want to ever move again.  Chris was holding him from behind, curling slightly around the smaller dog as a deep purr rumbling from his chest.  Kevin turned his head so he could see Chris’s face.  The leopard’s eyes were closed and his chest was heaving, his fur glistening with sweat.  Kevin whimpered softly as he tucked his tail between his legs, trying to close his legs more then they already were, his tail hole aching it felt so open after the cat mounted him.


Kevin stared at Chris, watching his friend in what appeared to be sleep.  The cat looked so peaceful Kevin didn’t want to move at all.  He smiled, so incredibly happy that the cat was holding him like this.  It had never been like this before.  He had never felt so good, so wanted and loved.  Kevin grinned like an idiot, staring into the face of the male who had mated him, made love to him.  Chris was his best friend.  Everything would work out perfectly.  Kevin moved his muzzle forward slightly; his nose gently brushing against the cat’s cheek as he kissed Chris lightly on the cheek.

Chris opened his eyes wide, the green orbs staring up at Kevin in surprise with a hint of fear.  The big cat sat up and rolled off the bed in one smooth motion, his paws hitting the floor with soft thumps.  Kevin felt his stomach clench, and he was suddenly cold in the bed that had a moment ago felt so warm.


The leopard’s paws made no sound on the floor, but Kevin could hear the rustle of cloth as Chris picked up his clothes.  Kevin felt his tail hole beginning to leak; Chris’s cum seeping from his now loose tail hole as he rolled over onto his back and watched Chris pull his shorts back on hurriedly.  Kevin watched Chris pick up his shirt and pull it over his head, the leopard’s tongue visible as he panted.  The dalmatian sat up, his paws trembling as Chris looked over at his nervously, the leopard’s tail twitching back and forth as his eyes stared at dalmatian in fright.  Chris leaned over slowly and picked up Kevin’s jersey and handed it back to him.


Kevin held his soccer jersey in his trembling paws.  The dalmatian looked up into Chris’s green eyes, begging him for answers.  Chris just stood there, shivering all over and breathing hard.  He crossed his arms over his chest as if he were thinking or hugging himself, a worried look on leopard’s face as he stared at Kevin. 

Kevin traced the lines of Chris’s body with his eyes, trying to read his friend’s emotions just by how he was standing.  As he did Kevin’s mind latched onto one awful thought. 

Every guy he went down on reacted in one of two ways after the first time, fear or pride.   When he went down on guy who got scared afterwards, they ended up rejecting him.  Keith had reacted with fear, while Brian and David had been proud.  Nick had been sort of proud of what they’d done, and even the wolf hadn’t spoken to him since. But since he’d gone so far with Chris, his very best friend in the whole world, the one person he prayed would understand. But Chris was afraid, which meant the cat would hate him. 


“Chris?” Kevin whispered desperately as he stood up. The leopard’s body seemed to unfreeze, and he took a few steps backward.  Chris blinked as if he didn’t really know where he was, “Yeah Kevin?” 

Kevin trembled, twisting his jersey in his paws as he stood there with his shorts around one ankle. “Are… Are you okay?”  Silence hung in the room, and Kevin licked his lips.  “Are we going to do this again? I…  I really want to…” Kevin stared into the tall leopard’s eyes.  He took a small step closer to the cat.   Chris took a step back, and the cat’s eyes met Kevin’s only for a second before they looked away.  The cat’s voice trembled as he whispered, “I… I… I don’t know Kevin I… I…” The leopard couldn’t even look him in the eye as he backed away, bumping into the wall.


Kevin’s heart broke and tears began to flow unchecked down his muzzle.  It had been so good.  It had felt so wonderful. He’d been complete, lying underneath Chris like that, being mated by his best friend.  Tears streamed down Kevin’s muzzle, and his paws trembled.   He’d felt so connected to the big cat, so complete in his arms. He loved Chris, he always had, and now Chris was going to abandon him like all the others had. 

He’d never given a better muzzle job, never put so much effort into pleasing someone, and his tail still ached with the passion the leopard had poured into mounting him.  The dalmatian fought to keep himself from sobbing as he pulled on his shorts and shirt.  Tears ran down Kevin’s cheeks as he stumbled to the door. 


The leopard leaned against the wall beside the door, his arms still crossed over his chest as if he were hugging himself.  Chris was trembling all over as Kevin stood right beside him.  The cat refused to meet the dog’s pleading eyes, and Kevin felt his heart sink as tears ran down his face.  Kevin stared into his eyes for a long moment, sobbing, “Please Chris, was it… did it at least feel good?  Tell me I at least made you feel good…”

Chris trembled as the dalmatian pressed his paws against his chest, sobbing into his shoulder.  He wanted to wrap his arms around the dalmatian, but he just couldn’t.  Chris just looked right into Kevin’s eyes, tears running down the dalmatian’s cheeks. 


“Yes Kevin.” The jaguar whispered, his own eyes brimming, “Yes damn it, I’ve never felt that good before in my life…”


Kevin closed his eyes and sniffed gently, nodding slowly.  The dalmatian slipped out of the room without a word, and Chris reached for him.   The leopard’s paws found solid wood of the door against the as Kevin closed it behind him, and the dalmatian was gone. 


Kevin broke into a dead run once he was outside the room, and didn’t stop.  He ran as fast as he could, tears streaming down his face and he didn’t stop until he reached his car.  He drove home sniffling and fighting his tears, and the dalmatian collapsed into onto his bed and began to sob, falling asleep lost and alone.





Chris gripped the door handle tightly, wanting to wrench the door open and chase after his best friend.  He didn’t know how long he had been standing there, staring at the seam in the doorframe that Kevin had disappeared through, the metal handle trembling in his paw.  He couldn’t force himself to follow, to go out there into the crowded party.  He’d tried, he’d tried so hard, but he just couldn’t go out there, smelling of male musk and covered in cum.  He thought about all the people who would see him, covered in sweat and sex, running after another guy, and he just couldn’t force his paw to turn the handle.


Chris felt tears begin to run down his face again, and he sobbed just once.  Why hadn’t he gone after Kevin when the dog had first left?  He would at least have had a chance to find the dog before someone saw them.  Then he could have explained things, made him understand.

 Chris kept seeing the dog’s haunted; almost empty eyes staring at him.  He’d mounted Kevin, taken the dog’s virginity.  Why couldn’t he say something afterwards?  He’d just frozen up, shocked by what had happened and how good it had felt to be inside Kevin like that.


He lost his own virginity too in a way; he’d never been with another guy before.  Chris put his head in his paws, breathing in the scent of the dog’s cum that covered his paws.  He’d practically used Kevin and it had felt so wonderful.

The leopard trembled all over and ran a paw down his chest, his fingers running across his own muscles, just like Kevin’s paw had, as he remembered how good it had felt to clutch Kevin to his chest afterwards, his cock still buried inside the dog’s body.


They’d shared so much and now it had driven them apart, all because he’d been too scared afterward to comfort his own best friend. 


Kevin had kept such a huge secret for so long.  It felt like Chris had never known him, not really, and now Chris wondered if he shared that secret as well.  What had he done? The leopard locked the door shut, and curled up into a ball on the bed, his nose close to where Kevin had cum across the sheets so he could smell the dog’s scent.  Chris closed his eyes and cried a little before slipping away from the party and walking home.


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