Nick and Kyle stagger home from Leon’s party, and the two best friends have a long talk.  About, you know… Stuff. 


And now the annoying warning message:

This story deals with sex between males, in graphic detail. If you're not over 18, this is illegal for you to even look at, so stop right now.  If homosexual content is not your cup of tea, you can leave the tea party.  The characters and story are copyright Teiran’s player 2002, do not redistribute without permission.  Otherwise, enjoy!




High School Days:

Jock Talk



Nick opened the door to his bedroom and flicked on the lights with a yawn.  The big black wolf stretched his back, twisting this way and that and pulling at his wrists with each hand as he yawned.  The big wolf’s muzzle opened so wide you could count every one of his teeth.  Kyle followed him inside the back room of the pool house where Nick lived, and the tiger pressed his palms against the ceiling and stretched.  The big tiger’s muscles tensed all over his body as he stretched, “Damn man that was one hell of a party.” the tiger muttered.


Nick grinned as he flopped down into the big chair at his desk.  The wolf smiled as he watched his friend continue to stretch against the now groaning ceiling. “No kidding man.  I think Leon’s trying to make each one of his parties bigger then the last.  His graduation party will probably have the whole school there.” 


They both chuckled as Kyle stopped stretching and Nick opened the small refrigerator he kept by his desk and pulled out two root beer bottles.  The wolf tossed one to his friend and said, “Here, at least we can drink something without alcohol in it now.”  Kyle chuckled and nodded, opening the bottle cap with his hand.  “No kidding, I think Leon was even spiking the water this time.  I’ve never seen so many drunken furs in one place.” 


Both boys laughed and grinned.  A moment of silence passed and Nick stood back up.  “Well thanks for heading back here with me.  I didn’t want to drive home by myself and I wasn’t going to be standing if we stayed there much longer.” 

The tiger grinned at his friend and just took a drink of his root beer.  “Hey man, that’s what friends are for.” 

The wolf grinned and punched the tiger’s arm, as he passed by him, “No kidding man.” 

The tiger grinned and slugged Nick back.  “Right on!”


Nick laughed and playfully growled, pulling his arm back to hit his friend’s shoulder again.  The tiger growled back, put his fist up and grabbed Nick’s paw with a grin. Nick grabbed the tiger’s other paw and for a moment they arm wrestled, pitting their strength against each other and laughing.  The big wolf wrestled with his friend, their bodies straining together until Nick laughed and cried out, “Alright you win tiger, you win.”  Nick patted his friend’s shoulder, “I’ll be right back man.” The tiger nodded a bit as Nick headed for his bathroom. 


Kyle padded across the wolf’s bedroom and sat down on the edge of Nick’s bed rather large bed and looked around the wolf’s room.  The tiger chuckled and shook his head when he saw the new stereo system that now dominated the corner of the wolf’s room.  He doubted Nick even knew it was there.  The wolf’s parents had probably bought it for him recently and just replaced his old stereo without even telling his friend.  They did that kind of thing a lot. 


A new car, new clothes, anything their money could buy to make up for the fact that they were never around.  Kyle sighed and shook his head as he lay out across Nick’s bed.  “That what happens I guess when your dad’s a judge and your mom is one of the most successful surgeons in the country,” the tiger said with a sigh, annoyed at how comfortable Nick’s bed always felt compared to his own.  Sometimes he crashed with the wolf just so he could get a good night sleep.


The tiger stared up at the ceiling as he thought about his own mom.  While Nick’s parents were successful, big time rich, and distant, his own mother barely made ends meet and she watched him like a hawk; pinching pennies whenever she could. 

Considering she hadn’t been able to keep a husband longer then two years and had five kids to take care, plus whatever foster kids were in the house at the time, Kyle could hardly blame her.  But it always bothered him she interfered in his life so much.  The only reason he got to do anything like play football or hang out with Nick was that the wolf paid for everything. 

The tiger’s brow furrowed and he felt the familiar knots in his stomach that always cropped up when he thought about Nick and his family’s money.  He hated being unable to pay his own way, but he knew his life would only be more miserable if he didn’t have Nick as a friend.  The wolf’s parents had been buying his football gear since he was ten and he practically lived at the wolf’s house over the summer just to escape his own mother and brood of brothers and sisters.  Not that Nick’s parents were any better really.  If only they were all less extreme, things would be better. “Yeah, things would be better then…” the tiger muttered as he watched the fan above him spin slowly.


“What things would be better when?”  Nick asked as he padded his way back into the room. 

Kyle chuckled and smiled up at the big black wolf, “Oh, I was just wishing our parents weren’t such extremists.” 


“Not that again.”  The wolf smiled a little and stood next to his bed, looking down at the sprawled out tiger.  The subject of their parents was one that came up often.  They had often talked about how different their parents were.  Kyle smiled up at the ceiling as his friend stood by the bed.  They looked at each other for a moment, the silence of the night creeping in.

Kyle was confused when Nick’s ears swiveled back suddenly and the big wolf looked away in embarrassment.  The wolf coughed, “So what sparked this tired subject?” 

The tiger grinned and pointed across the room.  Nick looked at the corner where his stereo was and back at Kyle again without even noticing it was different.  “What?”  Nick muttered, a worried look on his face.

“You’ve got a new stereo.”  Nick looked over at the new stereo again and groaned, “Oh man not again!  They had better have taken my Ani Defrankco CD out…”

Nick growled in frustration when he found the CD case empty.  Why were his parents always doing this to him?  Didn’t they care about his privacy at all?  The big wolf felt his hackles rise in annoyance as Kyle laughed.


 “Oh right, like you can’t get another one.” The tiger said with a smirk.


The wolf snorted,  “You know that’s not the point.”  The wolf muttered, turning so that he was facing his friend again and relaxing his fur and ears.  The sight of the tiger’s body laid out across his bed once again made Nick’s heart beat faster, and he looked away from the striped male on his bed.

Kyle chuckled, “Yeah well, I still don’t see why you like her music man.  She’s all lesbian, angst filled, and depressing.” 

Nick chuckled as he sat down beside Kyle, looking away from his friend’s body. “Oh right and you’re mister bright and shiny Stripes.” 


Kyle laughed.  “Yeah that’s true…  Not that I’ve gotten the chance to drag you down into my black hole of despair recently.  What have you been doing all week anyway?  You’ve been avoiding me.” 

The wolf smiled a little to himself, “I’ve been studying man, I told you that. I need to pass history and I’m not gonna cheat to do it like everybody else does.” 

The tiger’s laugh told Nick he was not nearly as concerned about his grades.  “Oh don’t give me that bull; you always say you’re studying when you’ve got some new girl you’re chasing after.  So just fess up and tell me who she is.” 

Nick chuckled and grinned, nudging the tiger in the gut.  “Really dude, I’ve been studying my tail off.  I even roped Kevin Hutchings into tutoring me.” 

Kyle raised his eyebrows, pushing himself up on his elbows.  “The dalmatian that plays goalie for the soccer team?” 

“Yeah that’s him.” Nick said with a smile, thinking about Kevin for a second.  “He’s so smart he’s going to graduate a year early this year with us. Been taking summer courses and everything.  Least that’s what Coach Townson told me.” 


Kyle chuckled and smiled, closing his eyes and just resting back on the wolf’s bed in a quiet haze.  “That’s cool.  So what’s he like?  I’ve never really talked to him before.” 

Nick shrugged, and looked away from his friend.  The tiger’s shirt was creeping up no and his smooth white belly fur was showing.  Worse, the way he was laid out, with his legs sort of spread like that made Nick’s pants tight.  “He’s okay.  The quiet type you know?  He’s pretty cool for a gay guy.” 

The tiger snorted and forced a grin, and Kyle’s stomach tied itself into knots for some reason.  “Oh right wolf.  You think every guy who looks at you funny in the locker room is queer.” 


The wolf forced a laugh, nervously hunching his shoulders and rubbing his paws together.  He was glad he couldn’t see the tiger’s face.  “No for real dude, he’s gay.  Trust me.”  

Kyle chuckled and shook his head, looking over at his friend who was sitting very still on the edge of the bed.  “Oh and how can you be so sure?” 

Nick was real quite for a moment.  Kyle sat up slowly beside the wolf, watching his friend.  He’d never seen Nick so still or hunched over like that before. 

Eventually the wolf muttered, “Well, it was pretty obvious when he went down on me.”

Kyle felt his whole body tense up when the wolf said that, and his tail bushed out like a bottle brush he was so surprised.  The tiger stared at the wolf, dipping his head down level with the wolf’s muzzle.  “Did you just say Kevin went down on you?”


The wolf seemed to blush a little under his fur, his ears rotating backwards as he grinned and put one paw behind his head.  “Well yeah I guess I did.  He was damn good too.”  

The tiger shook his head and rubbed his muzzle, wondering if he was imagining the conversation.  “Wait, are you telling me another guy got down on his knees and sucked your dick?  And it was good?” The tiger laughed a little, “Seriously?”  


Nick smiled a little and shrugged, “Seriously dude.  I’ve never had a muzzle job that good before.  It felt like he had no teeth at all.  He was better then Leigh ever was.” 

Kyle laughed, shaking his head.  “Dude, now you’re joking.  That vixen could do things with her tongue were illegal.” 

The wolf chuckled and grinned at the tiger.    “Yeah well,” Nick said with a slight lick of his lips, “Kevin has her beat by a long shot.”  Nick said with a big grin. They had both dated Leigh three years ago, and since then her talented muzzle had been the yardstick they used to judge all the other girls who would go down on them since.


Kyle chuckled and smiled nervously, the uneasy, hollow feeling in his stomach growing stronger.  Nick sat beside him, his fingers twitching nervously, the same feelings creeping into the wolf’s own stomach as the tiger said, “Wow, that’s weird man.  So how did it happen?  Did he just ask you or something?” 

Nick forced himself to chuckle again, glancing at the tiger.  The tiger’s eyes darted away from his when they met and the wolf said, “Basically.  I was working out Wednesday while we were studying and he just tossed the books aside and dropped to his knees.”  

The tiger snickered and grinned.  Nick watched the tiger’s whiskers spreading out as he smiled and the wolf wanted to touch them.  “Oh don’t tell me you were working out it in just a jock strap weren’t you?” 

The wolf laughed, watching the tiger’s eyes dance as he stared at the wall and the way his whiskers moved.  For a moment, Nick was fixated on the tiger’s lips.  “Nah, I was in those tight blue shorts of mine.  It was kind of mean I know, but he’d been staring at me the whole week.  I figured I’d give him a show.” 


Kyle smiled as he looked into Nick’s eyes.  “You are such a show off, you know that?” 

Nick laughed and punched Kyle in the arm playfully.  “Oh and like you aren’t?  You’ve never put a shirt on after football practice just to keep the cheerleader’s talking.” 

The tiger laughed and punched the wolf back, “Oh right. Well you said it yourself, you put on a show for Kevin just so he’d go down on yeah.”

The wolf laughed, “Oh come on.  He wanted to watch me, and do a lot more.”  They both chuckled and were quite for long moment.


Kyle eventually turned on his side to face Nick.  “So he was really that good huh?” 

The wolf laughed nervously as the tiger got closer to him.  “Oh yeah, probably cause he enjoyed it so much.  I couldn’t believe how much it turned him on.”  Kyle grinned again, and Nick caught himself watching the way his friend’s lips moved again.

 “You’re kidding.  He got off sucking your cock?” 

The wolf rubbed a paw across his chest, feeling hot in his own fur.  “Oh yeah man, he was even stroking himself off at the end.” 

The tiger’s eyes widened, “You’re kidding? He had his dick out?” 


Nick nodded, “Yep, he was pawing himself off the whole time.  Even when I blew in his face.”  

Kyle laughed, slapping Nick’s knee, which made the wolf suppress a whimper, “Oh man, this insane! Did he shoot?” 

“Yeah after I…” Nick’s ears flattened against his head suddenly and the wolf instantly regretted he’d said anything.

Kyle chuckled and punched the wolf’s chest playfully.  “After what?  Come on man. You started telling the story, finish it.” 

Nick looked away and stared at the wall, whispering, “Well, after I shot my load and he swallowed most of it… I kind of helped him finish.” 


 Nick’s ear flattened when he heard his friend gasp, and he squirmed uncomfortably, trying to explain.    “It was just a few paw strokes you know, and I figured he’d gone down on me so…” Kyle’s eyes lingered over Nick’s face as the wolf spoke, and neither boy spoke for a long moment. 

“Seriously?”  Kyle whispered, “You touched his cock?”  Nick nodded and closed his eyes, suddenly really embarrassed.  Silence hung between the two boys, who were lying so close to each other they were almost touching.  “What’d it feel like?”  Kyle whispered quietly.


Nick shrugged, being careful not to even look at his friend.  “No different then when I paw myself off, but he seemed to really love it…” 

The tiger licked his lips and stared right at Nick, watching the wolf as he said, “Yeah well sure, it’s always better when somebody else does it…”  The tiger tried to be nonchalant about it, but the idea of nick jerking another guy off really bothered him.


Nick felt his body begin to tremble as he looked at Kyle, watched the tiger’s tongue run across his lips.  It was like before, at the party.  He wanted to touch Kyle, to kiss the tiger on the lips and taste his tongue.  He could feel his chest tightening up and his tail tried to dip between his legs even though he was sitting.  He could feel the heat on his face and he tightened his paws into fists.  He wasn’t going to give in this time either.  The big wolf leaned forward and grabbed Kyle’s head with one paw and gave him a deep kiss.


The kiss was longer this time.  Nick pressed his lips against Kyle’s and closed his eyes, amazed at how soft the tiger’s lips were.  He felt the cat’s whiskers brush against his muzzle as Kyle turned his head to the side a bit and kissed him back, the tiger paw cupping the side of the wolf’s muzzle.  They stayed there for a long while.


Eventually their lips parted and they stared at each other, still hold the other’s head wit their paws.  The tiger licked his lips again and muttered, “That’s twice tonight you’ve done that…”

Nick looked away and licked the tip of his own nose with his long tongue and whispered, “Yeah well… I just felt like it.”  Kyle nodded and looked away from Nick.  The wolf stared at his friend from the corners of his eyes for a long moment.  His eyes tried to trace the lines of the tiger’s body, the wavy stripes in his fur and the alcohol haze in his head making it hard.

 Nick knew Kyle was watching him as well.  Their eyes meet a few times as the clock slowly ticked away the night, but neither one moved.  The wolf licked his lips as he felt the heat in his face creeping back up as he began to blush in embarrassment, along with a rather frightening urge that filled his thoughts.  It made his paws twitch and he felt himself getting hard at the very thought.  He wanted to suck Kyle’s cock.


  He wanted to push Kyle down and suck him off. The tiger was right next to him, and Nick knew he could do it. He had seen the tiger naked a hundred times in the locker room, but now the wolf wanted to taste the tiger’s cock, to have it inside his muzzle.  He looked at his friend as they sat at the edge of his bed.  Nick had seen Kevin do it, watched as the dalmatian choked himself trying to get more of the wolf’s dick into his muzzle.  Nick had seen how much the dog loved it and he wanted to know what that felt like.  The wolf weighed the idea in his head for just a moment longer and acted.


Kyle felt his heart skip a beat as Nick stood up, turned around and practically pounced him.  The wolf was pushing him back onto the bed and kissing him hard.  Kyle closed his eyes as the wolf’s tongue slipped into his muzzle, his mind racing as he felt the wolf’s full weight press down onto his chest. Nick growled lustily and Kyle caught himself doing the same, his body pushing up against Nick’s as the wolf kissed him fiercely.  Kyle grabbed the wolf’s muzzle in both paws and forced their battling tongues into the wolf’s muzzle, his growl turning into a loud purr. 


He broke the kiss when Nick’s paws began to fumble with his belt.  “What are you doing man?”  The tiger whispered as he stared into the wolf’s eyes. 

The wolf grinned like maniac, “I’m gonna suck you off.” 

“But you’re…” Kyle’s words were cut off when Nick kissed him again, his paw unzipping the tiger’s pants. Kyle’s heart raced as Nick’s tongue twisted with his own and the wolf’s paws jerked down his pants.  Kyle couldn’t believe this was happening.  Nick’s paws lifted Kyle’s shirt and the wolf drug his fingers across his friend’s chest.  Kyle gasped as the wolf pulled his shirt off and then the wolf ripped off his own, panting with excitement.  Kyle shivered as Nick’s paws slid into the tiger’s underwear and pulled them down. Nick pulled Kyle’s pants off the tiger, all the while grinning like a fool. 


Nick looked down at his friend’s body.  He was a sea of muscles and stripes.  Kyle’s impressive cock pointed straight up, a pink shaft of flesh surrounded by white and orange, pointing right at the wolf’s muzzle. The wolf knelt down on the bed between the tiger’s legs.

The sight, the smell of Kyle’s naked body made the wolf’s arousal grow even stronger.    Nick marveled at Kyle’s dick as he wrapped a paw around the base.  He had seen Kyle’s cock before in the showers but he’d never seen him hard. The tiger was big, as big as he was, and so thick Nick could barely wrap one paw around his dick.  The tiger’s white balls hung down between his legs, swaying back and forth.  They were a lot bigger then Kevin’s had been. Nick rubbed a paw across the crotch of his shorts as he began to stroke Kyle’s cock in one paw and rubbed his own erection with the other. 


“Damn man, we’ve even got the same size dicks…” Nick muttered as he moved his paw up the tiger’s shaft, squeezing the hard flesh in his paw and making the tiger purr loudly.  The wolf leaned down and rubbed his muzzle across the tiger’s flesh, breathing in deeply and pressing his nose against Kyle’s balls.  Nick closed his eyes and let out a low moan as the scent filled his nose.  The tiger’s scent was something he was intimately familiar with but this was so much more. This was the scent of Kyle as a male, the scent of the tiger’s manhood. 

Nick could smell the tiger’s sweat and arousal, and his tongue snaked out and licked the heavy balls. He rolled them carefully across his tongue, weighing them.  Nick opened his eyes and stared at the thick rod of flesh rubbing against his face as he licked the tiger’s balls, the head of the tiger’s cock filling his vision.

 Nick knew he was drunk.  He’d been drunk enough times to know what the haze around his thoughts meant and how it made him act.  But he didn’t fucking care.  He was licking Kyle’s balls and rubbing the tiger’s dick across his face and he didn’t damn care if he was drunk or high or not.  Nick grabbed the base of Kyle’s dick in one paw and wrapped his muzzle around the tiger’s thick mushroom head with nothing but satisfaction.


Kyle moaned as he felt the familiar wetness of a muzzle engulf his dick.  His back arched and the tiger began to purr loudly as the wolf’s muzzle enveloped his shaft.  Kyle stared down at his friend as Nick started to suck him off, his muzzle bobbing up and down the length of his dick.  Nick’s eyes were closed and he seemed to be in another world. The wolf had one paw resting on Kyle’s leg and the other gripping the base of his cock as the wolf’s long muzzle moved up and down his shaft. Kyle purred as Nick’s tongue snaked around his shaft, moving up and down as the wolf bobbed his head, twisting the long ribbon of flesh this way and that around the tiger’s thick cock. 


Nick sucked on the shaft as best he could. He tried trying to form a ring around Kyle’s dick with his lips just like Kevin had done, but the tiger was thick and Nick couldn’t quite close his muzzle around it.  Nick chokingly sucked the tiger’s cock, fumbling all the way and loving every second of it.  Sometimes the wolf would go all the way down, bury his nose in the tiger’s crotch and just suck hard.  The wolf forced himself not to gag as he engulfed Kyle’s whole cock in his mouth like that, feeling it hang down the back of his throat.  Nick breathed in the scent of the tiger’s crotch and played with his balls, a moan rumbling through his chest as he sucked on the big cock in his mouth.  He tried to bob up and down real fast, to get the tiger to moan and thrust.  What ever he did, however he did it, Nick knew everything was supposed to be about the cock in his muzzle and he liked it that way.


Kyle found himself gripping the sheets of Nick’s bed in both hands as he began to pant in pleasure. No girl he’d been with had ever given head like this.  They had all done it, and some had been better at it, but they had sucked him off because he wanted them to.  Nick was doing it because he wanted to do. Nick’s free paw had wandered back to the tiger’s rump and was slowly massaging Kyle’s ass, which made the muzzle job feel even better.  Kyle watched the wolf’s muzzle move in awe as the pleasure in his balls began to mount.  The wolf’s mouth felt so damn good if he didn’t do something, he’d be cumming any second and he sure as hell didn’t want this to end. 


“Oh shit man,” Kyle gasped, trying to focus on anything but the feeling of Nick’s warm muzzle, “You sure you’ve never done this before?” 

Nick chuckled and pulled off the tiger’s dick, gasping for air as he stroked the tiger’s dick with one paw.  Kyle grabbed the pillows and leaned back against them as Nick said, “No way man, but I’ve had a lot of chicks go down on me…” Kyle gasped as the wolf’s muzzle resumed its attack. 

“Well you were sure paying attention…  AaaHAha!” the tiger moaned and withered in pleasure, unsure exactly what Nick had done to send an electric bolt of pleasure from the base of his tail right up his spine, “Oh shit man, damn do that again…” 


Nick chuckled and grinned.  He’d slipped his finger down between the tiger’s cheeks and rubbed at Kyle’s tail hole and the tiger must have loved it because he was spreading his legs and shifting his hips so the wolf could reach his tail hole easier.  The wolf pressed his palms against the tiger’s butt, squeezing as the fingertips of his thumbs rubbed against the tiger’s ring.  The wolf grinned around the big cock in his mouth as he started teasing the tiger’s ass. 

The wolf felt the tiger’s cock head rub against the back of this throat and he moaned softly.  It was wonderful.  He couldn’t believe sucking cock could feel this good.  Kyle’s shaft filled his mouth, and the tiger’s scent was the only thing he could smell.  He could feel the tiger’s heart beat, taste the pre cum leaking from his shaft.  The tiger thrust up into his muzzle and that made the wolf moan in pleasure.  The tiger was trying so hard to fuck his muzzle that Nick had to hold Kyle’s hips down to keep the tiger from choking him.  The purrs and moans were getting louder and louder, and Nick pressed his finger into the tiger tail hole slowly, spreading Kyle open gently as he deep throated the tiger’s entire cock.


Nick felt Kyle’s cock throb in his muzzle as the tiger let out a roar.  The hard shaft gave a big, throbbing pulse just before the first shot of salty cum flood into his mouth.  It was quickly followed by another and another wave of the tiger’s hot cum.  Kyle’s body twisted in pleasure and his claws tore the sheets as he spread his legs open wide and came hard into Nick’s muzzle. 

The wolf gagged on the salty sweet liquid as it filled his muzzle before he was able to swallow as much of it as he could.  Nick pressed his nose to the tiger’s crotch, taking Kyle’s cock deep inside his muzzle and he sucked as hard as he could.  Nick swallowed as much tiger cum as he possibly could, milking the tiger’s balls as some of the seed leaked from the sides of his mouth.  The wolf stayed like that, unable to breathe or feel anything but the shaft in his mouth pulsing and spilling cum down his throat.  Nick went on swallowing his friend’s cum until Kyle gave one last thrust upward and moaned loudly, falling back against the pillows with a sigh.


Nick gasped for air when he pulled off the tiger and leaned back up, resting back on his ankles as he knelt on his bed triumphantly.  The wolf stretched his back and groaned, a warm fuzzy feeling washing over him as his spine popped and his tongue gathered the cum from his lips.  It felt like he’d been bent over for Kyle’s crotch forever.

Below him, Kyle was laid back out across his bed with his legs spread open wide, the tiger’s hard dick still lying across his stomach.  The wolf rubbed his paw across his black chest fur, scratching his own chest as he licked the sides of his muzzle, tasting the last drops of the tiger’s cum. 

The taste was better then he expected, but it left him wanting more somehow.  His paw moved down his belly and rubbed his hard cock through his shorts, his paw rubbing against a wet spot where he pre had soaked through.  He had completely forgotten how hard he was once he had gotten into it. He had just sucked Kyle’s dick and loved it. 

Nick watched Kyle as he just lay there panting, the tiger’s muscled chest rising and falling as he stared blankly up at the ceiling. He was probably drifting off to sleep now that he’d cum.  Pillows propped up the tiger’s head and his legs were spread so wide Nick could see the tiger’s tail hole easily. 


Nick murred in pleasure as he stared at the tiger’s exposed ass.  He unzipped his fly and pulled off his shorts and jockstrap, grinning as he rubbing his cock with a paw.  He’d never been as horny as he was right now and he’d never seen anything as hot as Kyle looked right now.  With the tiger’s spread legs and his exposed tail hole, it was like he was practically begging to be fucked.  Nick suppressed a moan, his dick jerking up at the thought of fucking the tiger.  The wolf wanted to mount Kyle as badly as he had wanted the tiger’s dick.  He had too.


 Kyle groaned and opened his eyes as Nick lay down on top of him, the wolf’s knees in between his spread legs.  He felt the wolf’s fur and muscles rub across his body and he numbly realized they were both naked.  He felt Nick’s arms wrap around his shoulders and he put his arms around the wolf’s neck and sighed, floating in a warm afterglow as the wolf strong chest pressed against his own. 

Kyle had never cum so hard in his life.  The wolf hadn’t been very good, not at first, but Nick had wanted it so bad and he got good fast.  That big warm wolf tongue had just kept rubbing the head of his cock, driving Kyle higher and higher until he exploded.  Now he just wanted to fall asleep.

Kyle purred as Nick’s tongue lapped at his muzzle and their bodies rubbed slowly across each other.  He felt the wolf’s hard cock press against his own, and Kyle started to purr a little louder, hugging the wolf tightly and sighing again.  The wolf’s hips were slowly rocking back and forth as he fumbled for something on the dresser. 

The tiger opened his eyes when he heard a snapping sound.  He looked up as the wolf dropped the bottle of lube he had just closed onto the bed.  The tiger blinked in confusion as the wolf’s paw disappeared from sight.  “What are you doing?” Kyle’s whispered, but he faltered when the wolf’s hips shifted and Nick’s dick began to rub between the cheeks of his ass.  Kyle could feel the lubed head of Nick’s dick press against his tail hole, starting to spread him open.


The tiger’s fur bushed out suddenly, “Oh No!  No way are you fucking me man…” Kyle tried to shove Nick off him, a growl rumbling from his chest.  But even with his paws planted firmly on wolf’s chest he couldn’t budge the wolf.  Kyle flicked his tail between their bodies and tried to push the wolf’s cock away from his tail hole.  Nick caught his paws and pushed him down onto the bed, the wolf’s growl matching his own as Nick kissed him deeply.  Their bodies rubbed together and Kyle closed his eyes, his growl of anger turning into a purr at the feeling of the heavy and muscular wolf body pressing down on him.


“Come on dude,” Nick whispered into his ear as their bodies ground together, the broad head of the wolf’s dick rubbing against the tiger’s hole, “Don’t tell me you’ve never wondered what the girls we’ve done felt like when we were inside them.  Besides, I’ll let you fuck me…” Kyle felt the wolf’s cock rubbed against his tail hole again and he closed his eyes.

‘Part of you wants it.’ Kyle tried to force the thought out of his head, but his mind not working right because of the booze.  His cock was hard as a rock again and it felt good to have it rub against Nick’s abs, and it felt so good to hold Nick’s body between his legs.  Kyle felt the wolf’s tongue brush his cheek and his thoughts wandered away from what was about to happen.  He couldn’t remember why he was saying no.  He relaxed his grip on the wolf’s shoulder and whispered, “Fine, but I’m fucking you next,” his eyes half closed in sleep.


Nick chuckled and growled lustily, kissing the tiger deeply as he pushed the tiger down again.  He slipped his legs under the tiger’s and lifted them into the air missionary style like he used to fuck all the girls he was with. The wolf thrust his hips forward in a practiced motion, pushing himself into the tiger.  The head of his cock pressed against the Kyle’s tail hole, the tight ring of the tiger’s ass fighting to keep him out as he pushed forward and entered the tiger. 

The wolf let his head roll back and he moaned as he pushed himself into his friend.  The tight ring of flesh gripped his cock, and Nick’s back arched and he moaned as he slipped into the tiger’s warm, tight passage.  Kyle hissed in pain, his claws dragging across the wolf’s arms as he twisted in pain under the wolf. Nick stopped his thrust, panting hard. 

The wolf gulped the air desperately, holding himself halfway inside the tight warmth of the tiger’s ass as dots floated in his vision.  Nick leaned forward and kissed Kyle deeply, their chests puffing out to rub against each other as they both groaned.  They moaned together as Nick’s shaft slowly continued to slide into Kyle.  The wolf kissed Kyle deeply, holding the cat’s legs in the air as he lay down atop him and hilted himself in his best friend.


Kyle stared up at Nick’s face as the wolf’s crotched pressed flush with his ass.  The wolf was all the way inside him and it hurt like hell.  It felt like he was being fucking split open, which he was, but it also felt so damn good.  The full, stretched feeling the wolf’s cock sent running through Kyle’s body was unlike anything the tiger had felt before.  Kyle gasped, his tail lashing as a low moan rumbled out of his chest. 

Now the wolf was fucking him, thrusting his cock into Kyle’s body slowly, sending waves of pleasure deep inside the big cat.  Kyle shivered and arched his back, pushing his hips up to meet the wolf’s thrusts as he curled his legs around the wolf’s waist. Nick was holding his legs in the air and thrusting down into his ass, eyes closed as he humped the cat’s ass and made Kyle mewl in pleasure.

Kyle shivered all over and began to purr.  He gripped the bed tightly, his paws twisting in the covers again as the wolf began to really fuck him, the pleasure mounting with each thrust of the wolf’s cock.  Kyle didn’t know why he was letting this happen.  His legs were in the air and his best friend was fucking him and he didn’t care because it felt so damn good.  All he knew was that every time the wolf’s cock plunged inside him his whole body was on fire with pleasure.  Each thrust brought the sensation of being stretched open and filled and Kyle didn’t want it to stop.  Nick shifted his paws, pressing them into Kyle’s shoulders as he lay down on top of the tiger, the change of position allowing him to quicken his thrusts.  Kyle growled and pawed at the wolf’s chest, purring so loudly he almost couldn’t hear the wolf’s moans and grunts of pleasure as the wolf breed him. 


Nick gasped as Kyle’s claws dragged through the fur on his chest and he growled loudly, fucking the tiger harder.  He couldn’t believe how good having Kyle underneath him felt.  He lay down on top of the tiger and hunched his back, his hips working hard as he mounted the tiger’s ass as hard as he could.  Kyle’s tail was better then any girl he’d ever had.  The tiger’s tail hole was squeezing down on him as he pushed inside, hot and tight, and it only made the wolf fuck him harder. 


The wolf shook his head and grinned, staring down at Kyle’s face as the tiger purred.  He’d never heard the cat purr so loudly before.  The tiger’s eyes were closed and his throat was exposed as the wolf humped his friend hard, plowing his dick into the strong male as hard as he could.  Their bodies were pressed flat together, firm muscles rubbing across each other, flexing, pressing and straining against each other.  Nick pressed his chest against the tiger’s, trapping the tiger’s dick against his abs, sweaty hard muscles rubbing across each other as the wolf fucked Kyle. 


  Each thrust made the tiger’s purr grow, his claws dragging across Nick’s shoulders.  Nick shivered and wagged his tail.  The wolf leaned forward and took the tiger’s throat in his mouth, the tiger’s scent filling his mind as he held Kyle in a mating bite.

 Nick could feel himself getting close.  He could feel the tiger’s hard cock rubbing against his chest as he fucked the tiger.  Kyle reached a paw down between them and started to jerk himself off, one paw pressed against the wolf chest and the other stroking his thick cock. 


Nick looked down at his best friend as they fucked.  The tiger’s body rippled underneath him, and if he lifted himself up the wolf could see his ebony cock sinking into the tight pink hole surrounded by the soft white fur of the tiger’s ass.  The wolf’s thick black knot was growing quickly, each thrust grinding it against the tiger’s resisting tail hole.  Nick shivered as the tiger’s tail hole squeezed at his knot.  The sensation only made the wolf fuck harder. 

He could see Kyle’s paw wrapped around his thick cock as the tiger stroked himself in time with the wolf’s thrusts.  The tiger’s body tensed all over, his moans getting louder and longer as Nick’s thrusts got deeper and faster.  Nick held Kyle down and fucked him as hard as he could, his body shaking with the need to cum into the tight ass of the friend he was fucking.

The wolf felt alive as he fucked the tiger, he felt strong.  The wolf had never felt so much like as he did that moment as he pushed into the tiger.  Nick just wanted to keep fucking Kyle forever, but the tiger’s body had different ideas.  With a snarl the tiger’s back arched and Kyle came again. 

Nick stared at the sight of thick ropes of white cum was shooting across the tiger’s chest, as the tiger’s tail hole tightened down like a vise on the wolf’s cock.  Nick slammed his cock forward into that spasming tightness once, twice, and it sent the wolf over the edge.  Nick howled as he slammed his cock as far inside Kyle as he could get, his knot popping into the tiger and spreading Kyle open wider then ever.  Nick just came as hard as he could inside Kyle as they both roared.


The wolf’s body shook as he held himself inside Kyle.  He could feel the tiger’s passage spasm around his cock, squeezing down on his knot as his dick throbbed, pumping his seed into Kyle’s ass.  Nick watched the tiger’s face twist into a mask of pleasure as he came, cum spraying across his chest fur. Kyle’s eyes opened and the wolf gasped for air as he stared into the tiger’s eyes.  They stared at each other in shock, their bodies shaking as the wolf’s balls emptied themselves deep inside the tiger. 

Nick leaned down and kissed the tiger hard, his cock locked deep inside his body.  Nick held himself there a time long, his body curled over Kyle’s as they kissed.  The tiger’s paws slowly rubbed his chest and Kyle held his legs around the wolf’s waist as long as he could before his legs just gave out.  The tiger let his hind paws fall to the bed, and both boys moaned in pleasure as the tiger’s tail hole tightened around the wolf’s trapped knot.


Both boys were gasping for air as their bodies trembled in the after glow of their first mating.  Nick kissed Kyle softly as he lay on top of the tiger, the wolf’s tongue grooming the tiger’s face as they stared into each other’s eyes.  Nick lay down on top of Kyle for a long time, his cock hilted deep inside the tiger for over an hour before his knot wore off slowly and the wolf’s cock pulled out.  The wolf and tiger trembled against each other as the wolf’s cock pulled out slowly and Nick collapsed on top of the tiger as they both gasped for air.  Neither spoke or moved.


They just lay there together, spent, drunk, purring, and happy. 


Nick slid his arms under Kyle’s body, hugging the tiger’s lower body as he lay his head down on top of Kyle’s chest.  Kyle squeezed the wolf’s chest with his legs and let his head fall back against the pillow.  They fell asleep together, completely exhausted.


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