After every party, after ever ball, after every one-night stand there is a morning after.   How will the boys of Hadenview deal with their regrets, reasons to rejoice, and the ramifications of their various escapades?



And now the annoying warning message:

This story deals with sex between males, in graphic detail. If you're not over 18, this is illegal for you to even look at, so stop right now.  If homosexual content is not your cup of tea, you can leave the tea party.  The characters and story are copyright Teiran 2002, do not redistribute without permission.  Otherwise, enjoy!




High School Days Chapter 18

The Morning After



Nathan woke with a yelp as his older brother Josh pulled the covers off his bed.  The little husky scrambled away from the bedside but Josh grabbed one of his paws hauled him back to the edge. 


“Where do you think you’re going pup?”  Josh sneered, and Nathan hunkered down as his older brother loomed over him.  Behind Josh, several of his other brother’s lingered around his room and absentmindedly played with and broke his things.

“N, no where.”  Nathan stuttered, as the bigger husky grinned at him. 

“I didn’t get the chance to thank you for ruining my boxers, bro.”  Josh said, cuffing the smaller husky on the side of the head.  “I should have known you would have popped a boner and busted out of them.”

One of Nathan’s other brother’s broke out into a grin.  “Course, it was nice of you to bring him back a pair of tightie-whities to replace them.” 

Nathan gaped when he saw his brother holding the pair of underwear James had loaned him.  “No, those aren’t for…” Nathan tried to get up and grab the briefs away from his brother, but Josh grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and shoved him down on his bed. 


“Where’d you get the underwear bro?”  Nathan just whined in response, trying to twist out of Josh’s grip as he reached for the underwear.  Nathan’s short paws desperately clawed at the air as Josh held him down and his other brother held the white briefs well out of reach.  “Oh well.”  Josh said with a shrug, “Doesn’t matter, cause I’m keeping them.  You’ll have to ask Mom to replace them along with the rest of your underwear.” 

            “What?”  Nathan whined, “What did you do to them now?”  He looked around at his older brother’s helplessly as the bigger huskies snickered at him.


Josh barked a laugh as his brother’s began to leave the room, pocketing James’s briefs.  “We were going to give them all back this morning, but since you busted my boxers with that meat of yours we figured we should let them out a little for you.”


Nathan whined, his ears drooping when he was the small pile of his own briefs at the foot of his bed, a huge hole cut into the crotch of each one.




Leon groaned loudly as he opened his eyes.  The room spun slowly above him, and his head felt like it was splitting open.  The lion’s whole body was sore and someone was using his chest as a pillow, curled up in the crook of his arm.  Leon yawned, his muzzle opening wide as he stretched his back.  He could feel the difference in the bed he was stretched out on.  The mattress was hard, the sheets were coarse, and the room stunk of sex.  He wasn’t in his own soft comfortable bed with silk sheets.  Nor was he in his own room, which smelled only of his masculinity.  That meant he’d fucked somebody in one of his spare rooms and fallen asleep afterwards.  The big lion growled a bit, brushing the weight on his chest off with one paw as he stood up and stretched. 


Blake woke with a gasp as someone shoved him out the bed hard.  The rabbit clutched at the bed sheets in fear and only barely keeping himself from falling face first to the floor.  Instead he ended up sitting on the floor in a tangled heap of sheets beside the bed.  Blake blinked in the morning light, trembling all over as the sudden shock of being woken up so rudely wore off.  He shook his head, and the nervousness that clutched his heart went away.   As the rabbit stood, the fear returned and he wrapped the sheets from the bed around his body.  


Across the room was Leon.  The big cat was brushing the tangles out of his mane with his fingers, admiring himself and his big teeth in the mirror.  The lion’s naked body was quite a sight.  The lion’s bare, firm ass covered gorgeously under his tail, and the muscles in his back rippled as he moved his paw.  The rabbit ducked down slowly, trying to hide behind the bed.  He knew it wouldn’t be good to have the lion see him here.  The lion may have been drunk enough to fuck him last night, but he was sober now and Blake had a nasty feeling the lion would not like to be reminded where he put his dick last night.  Blake flattened his ears against his head and hunkered down low, content to wait until the lion left, but as he watched the lion preen, he caught Leon’s eyes in the mirror.  Blake swallowed nervously as the lion blinked once, twice, and then turned around with a sneer. 


“What in the hell are you doing in my house, faggot?”  Leon took a step towards him, his paws balled into fists.  Blake scrambled backwards and held his paws out defensively, “Wait Leon, I can, I can explain…” The rabbit stuttered as he backed away. Blake’s makeshift toga did not hold, and the bed sheets slipped off the rabbit.  “We, well, you were drunk, and we had sex but it doesn’t mean…”

Blake trailed off, because the lion obviously wasn’t listening.  Leon had frozen in place, his eyes locked on the rabbit’s naked white fur, his face a mask of confusion and anger.  Blake watched as the gears in Leon’s mind visibly turned, the lion’s nostril’s flaring with every breath as the previous night of sex worked its way through the lion’s brain.


Blake swallowed nervously.  He’d dealt with guys like this the morning after before.  It usually ended with him getting a black eye and dumped outside.  Blake kept his paws out, hoping to calm the lion down and keep him at arms length.  “Look, this doesn’t mean anything, I won’t tell…” Leon sneered, and grabbed the rabbit’s out stretched paw with a loud growl.

Blake yelped as Leon roughly pulled him close, the lion’s flat nose pressing against the rabbit’s smaller pink nose.  “I did not have sex with you.  If I ever hear a word about this at school, even a whisper, I’ll kill you. I’ll gut you with my claws and no one will care at all. Understand me, faggot?”  The lion’s dark brown eyes bore into Blake’s, and his nostrils flared in anger. Blake struggled a little as he felt the lion’s claws dig into his arms.  Leon was deadly serious. 

“You won’t…” Blake whimpered, struggling a little as the big cat held his wrists tightly.  “No one will ever know.”


Leon shoved the rabbit backwards, and Blake collapsed onto the nightstand beside the bed, knocking a potted plant to the floor where it shattered into a dirty heap.  “Good.” Leon muttered.  “Good…” He said quieter, grabbing his pants and stalking out of the room.  The door slammed behind the lion and Blake could hear the lion bellowing for a servant as his foot falls faded into the distance.  


When he was gone and the rabbit was sure he wasn’t coming back, Blake’s muzzle split into a wide grin.  He reached over to the broken plant and pulled the hand held camcorder that he had hidden there the night before.  He frowned when he saw the crack running across the lens, but he opened the side viewer.  Blake hit rewind and an evil grin spread across the rabbit’s slim muzzle when he hit play.  On the little preview screen, Leon’s naked, golden brown body shimmered screen as the lion bellowed in pleasure and emptied a heavy load into Blake’s upturned ass.  Blake froze the picture, zoomed in on Leon’s face, which was twisted in a roar of ecstasy as he plowed into the obviously male rabbit.  There was no doubt Leon’s identity or what he had stuck his dick into.


“No one will ever know…” the rabbit muttered to himself.  “Yeah, right.” The rabbit said with a smirk and collected the rest of his camcorders and microphones.




Kevin woke up slowly.  His body ached all over, especially his butt.  The dog whined softly, covering his face with his paws as he remembered why his butt hurt.  The dog’s chest heaved, and he sobbed into his pillow quietly.  There were no tears this time, because he had none left.  The dalmatian had cried them all before he fell asleep.   Kevin pushed himself up on his hands and knees, and shook himself awake

The dog sat back on his knees and looked around his room blankly.  The sun outside his window was bright and birds were singing loudly.  It was well into morning now, probably closer to noon and he still stunk of sex.  His fur was matted, especially on his ass, and he smelled like a whore.  The scent of horses and big cats clung to him as the dalmatian got up, gathered up his sheets and clothes, and put them in the hamper in his closet before going to shower the smell off of him.   He would wash his clothes after a shower. 


While Kevin was in the shower, his mom came in to get his hamper.  She sniffed it when she opened the lid, and the scent of sex from three, maybe four males hit the older dalmatian’s nose.  She glared at the clothes, took a piece and went to tell her husband.




Birds.  Loud birds.


That was the sound that prompted Rob to wake up.  The horse shifted uncomfortably, stretching his legs out uneasily.  What ever he had fallen asleep on was hard and cold, but something light, warm and soft covered the upper half of his chest.  One of his legs was propped up on something equally warm but not as soft, and he could not really move it. 


The horse opened his eyes.  Rob grinned as he stared into the face of the vixen that was sleeping on his chest.  He could tell it was a vixen because her supple breasts were pressed against his chest, and her hair was a riot of purple and no guy would ever dye his hair.  She lifted her head, blinked blearily and sat up with a yawn.  It was Sarah, and Rob recognized her despite the hang over haze that clouded his vision.  She yawned happily as she stretched her arms above her head, which made the horse smile happily.  He reached and cupped her bosom with both hands.  She smiled at him and pushed his paws away as she stood up. 


“Thanks honey, but not this morning.” She said.  The vixen flashed him a slight smile and stood up, gathering up his jeans.  “Play with your boyfriend, I’m sure he’ll enjoy it just as much.”  She motioned with her muzzle as she pulled on her pants.

Rob snorted and flicked his ears back.  “I don’t have a boy friend, I’d never touch a guy.”  The horse stumbled as he stood up, one leg caught by something.  He looked down at his trapped hoof, and realized that Brian was curled around his leg like a giant, naked house cat.  He was sleeping happily with his head on the horse’s calf muscle.  When Rob shook his leg, the big mountain lion only tightened his grip on the horse’s leg instead of waking up. 


“He is not my boyfriend.”  The horse insisted, extracting his leg forcibly from the big cat’s paws.  Brian just rolled over and fell back asleep as Rob followed after the vixen as she picked up her discarded clothes.

“Come on, he’s not awake, let’s take a shower together…” Rob tried to sound cool about it, but the come on ended up sounding really lame even to him.  Sarah certainly wasn’t taking the bait. 


“Look sugar, you were fun last night.  I love a man who can share me with another guy.”  She flicked her head back and forth, and her color-streaked hair untangled itself and fell down around her shoulder.  “But you’re just not kind of guy I’m looking for the morning after, alright?”  Sarah looked back at him with a grin as she tossed his coat over one shoulder.  For a moment, posed there with one hand on the doorframe and her breast barely showing under her arm, she looked like a model in a glamour magazine.


“Come on, you can’t just leave me here like this.”  Rob motioned with his hands down towards his crotch, where the horse’s erection had sprung painfully to life.  


“Then play with Tyler.  He barely got it up for me last night, I’m sure he would like to get a little fun out of the weekend.”  Rob glanced around the room, and realized that Tyler was indeed sprawled across the bed.  The big bear was snoring quietly, and had not even stirred a bit in his slumber.


Rob looked back at Sarah and found that she was gone.  The horse looked around the room; panting a little as he began to remember all the different people he’d had sex with the night before.  Kevin, Blake, Sarah, Brian…  more guys then girls.  The horse flared his nostrils staring for a moment at Tyler’s naked body, and then down at Brian ass.  Then he heard someone shouting down the hallway.  It sounded vaguely familiar, like Leon shouting orders on the football field.  After only a moment’s consideration the horse raced out of the room and out of Leon’s house completely. 




Chris lifted his eyelids slowly as the phone rang.  It had been ringing for a long time now, and no one in his house was picking up.  Groggily, the leopard remembered that there was no one else here.  His dad was off somewhere on business again, and wouldn’t be back until next week.  After the seventh ring he heard the answering machine click on, and the cheerful recording he had made a very long time ago played for the fourth time.  A few seconds of silence followed the beep but eventually he heard Kevin’s voice say, “Hello?  Chris, you there?” 


The leopard cringed, burying himself under the covers of his bed as the dalmatian talked into his machine.  Course that did not really help much, because the leopard’s body stilled smelled of the sweaty sex he had with the dalmatian.  No smell lingered quite like dog sweat did.  Kevin’s voice trailed off after a few minutes, and the leopard extracted himself from the covers.  The dog had been calling for nearly an hour, and Chris didn’t have the courage to pick up the phone.  He just couldn’t face the dalmatian yet. It was just too soon.  This was too big a deal.


They’d had sex for fucks sake.  He had never been with another guy, why couldn’t Kevin give him some time to think about that?  Chris rubbed his face, wiping the sleep out of his eyes.  It was bad enough that Chris had been up all night thinking about what happened, dwelling on the fact that he had fucked another guy.  Having Kevin’s voice echoing through his house was not helping at all.  The dog sounded so pitiful, and Chris wanted to comfort him but he just couldn’t bring himself to pick up the phone.  “God, I sure picked a great first guy to fuck huh?”  Chris muttered to himself.  “Nothing like popping your best friend’s cherry to ruin your life.”  The leopard broodingly stared across the room, as part of him reminded him how good it had felt to mount the dog.   He just needed some time to think.


Chris growled angrily when the phone began to ring again.  He got up and yanked the cord out of the wall. He stalked through the house, ripping every phone cord out of the wall, erased the answering machine messages and went to take a shower.  He would explain things to the dalmatian at school on Monday. 





Kyle began to stir in his sleep, waking up very slowly.  He was lying on his back, and the tiger felt extraordinarily comfortable and warm.  He purred contently, drifting in a warm haze for a long while.  The tiger eventually opened his eyes, but hissed and shut them tight when the bright morning light nearly blinded him.  He felt the haze of warm contentment return once his eyes were closed, and after a minute a dull ache started in his head.  Spots flashed before his eyes, and Kyle groaned softly, amazed at how loud his own purr sounded.  His tongue felt raw and dry, and even with his eyes closed tightly the light seemed too bright.  ‘I must have one hell of a hang over’ he thought. The tiger just lay still until the pain cleared, stretching and arching his back slowly.  Kyle felt something warm and heavy holding his lower body down as he stretched, and the tiger heard someone else groan.


            Nick lifted his head and blinked in confusion as his pillow moved.  The wolf quickly closed his eyes because the light made his headache worse.  He tried to hold onto the warm, fuzzy pillow but it kept moving.  The wolf shifted his arms, trying to get a better hold on his soft pillow, but something was in the way of his arms.  Nick groaned softly as he realized his head was on someone’s stomach, not a pillow, and it was someone’s legs in the way of his arms. He was laid across someone’s lower half and they had their legs wrapped around his chest.  It was someone who was warm and had soft fur, and smelled wonderful to t wolf’s sleepy mind. 


Nick tried to keep his eyes closed as much as he could because the light hurt.  A pair of warm paws patted Nick’s head, as if someone were trying to figure out what he was.  The wolf pushed himself up onto all fours, straddling the person underneath him and squinting to see just whom he’d been sleeping on.  Black and orange stripes blurred his vision and he heard Kyle mutter, “Nick?  What are you doing man?” 


They both blinked at each other blearily as the wolf sat back on his knees and shook his head a bit.  Nick stared at Kyle for a moment, working his mouth a little.  “Ooww. I’m wishing I hadn’t moved.  What happen…?” The wolf stopped talking when he got a good look at Kyle’s body.  The tiger was totally naked and his bright orange, black, and white fur was almost hard to look at in the bright sunlight.  The fur across his belly was matted in places, and the scent of male seed and sweat filled the air. 

Nick breathed in the scent and smiled as the scent of rough, sweaty sex aroused him.  Nick looked down at his own body naked.  The fur on his chest and groin was matted with cum.   Nick’s gaze shifted to Kyle’s crotch, and the wolf’s mind locked up as he stared at the tiger’s thick, pink cock.  Memories of the night before came rushing back, and Nick whined softly in arousal as he remembered the taste of the tiger’s dick.  The wolf’s sheath thickened and the head the wolf’s black peeked out as he remembered the wonderful it felt to have Kyle’s body underneath him, especially the tight warmth of Kyle’s tail hole around his cock. 


Nick looked Kyle in the eyes, and the tiger was staring at him blankly as if he did not remember what had happened.  They just stared at each other for a minute like that.  Nick panted softly as he knelt between the tiger’s legs, wondering if he should push the tiger down again until Kyle rubbed his forehead and pulled his legs up and away from Nick. 

“Man,” the tiger muttered, “We must’ve drunk way too much at Leon’s party last night.  My head is pounding.”  The tiger stopped talking, and for a moment, his nostrils flared.  “I’m going to take a shower man…” the tiger said quickly and rolled off the bed, padding naked towards the restroom.  Nick watched Kyle move, his eyes following the tiger’s rump as he walked away.  He could see the fur between his butt cheeks was matted, and the wolf felt his cock thicken in his sheath at just the sight of his friend’s tail swishing back and forth over his firm rump.

Nick got off his bed and looked it over.  The sheets were twisted and torn in some places, and cum stained the rumpled fabric.  The tangy smell of male sweat hung the air and just breathing it in made Nick’s cock harder.  The wolf shook his head as he picked up his jock strap and pulled it on, tucking his growing erection back.  His paws passed over his rump, and for a moment he remembered how Kyle’s butt had felt when he had held it in his paws.  The tiger’s ass had felt so good with his dick buried hilt deep in it…

The wolf’s spine tingled and his tail wagged as he continued to run his paws across his own ass, squeezing the cheeks as the shower in his bathroom turned on.  He wanted to feel Kyle’s paws on his butt, just like this, right before the tiger plunged his cock inside him.

 Nick let his paws fall away from his rump and rubbed his arms, driving away the chill that had settled into his fur as he stood there. Well, he had certainly gone all the way with Kyle and it had felt awesome.  What was he going to do now?




Nick pressed the cold metal can against his forehead and sighed in relief.  It was just a soda can, but the cold metal felt so damn good pressed against his throbbing forehead.  The wolf munched on a spoonful of cereal, eating slowly as his head throbbed.  The hangover wasn’t too bad; he’d had worse in the past. 


He knew where his limits were, and he’d only crossed them a little the night before.  A few glasses of water and some vitamins, and the wolf knew he would be feeling better soon. The lights were all dimmed in his small kitchen and the drapes were pulled shut, so his headache was nothing really.  The wolf’s headache was not what made his palms sweat and his ears droop.  It was the thought of what to say to Kyle when the tiger got out of the shower that was making the wolf sweat in his fur. 


The bar stool creaked under the wolf as he sat at the bar in his kitchen, listening to the sound of running water from the shower as he tried to think of something to say.  The big wolf shifted his gaze from his breakfast to the door of the restroom.  Kyle was had been in the shower for a long time now.  Certainly a lot longer than the tiger normally took whenever he slept over.


Nick stared back down at the breakfast that was laid out in front of him.  Eggs, bacon, pancakes, hash browns, sausage, and cereal covered the small counter that he used as a bar.  It had been laid out by one of his family’s kitchen staff before he had even woken up.  They had set two places on the counter in the wolf’s personal kitchen, which meant that they knew Kyle was there.  Nick chuckled a little as he thought about what the stuffy old ladies who worked for his family would think if they saw him now.  They would probably freak out if they saw Nick was eating breakfast while wearing only his jock strap and smelling of tiger cum as he waited for Kyle to finish his shower.  Right now though, Nick didn’t really care what his parents or the staff thought.  He cared about what Kyle was thinking right now.


The water shut off and the fur dryers started, and Nick still had no idea what to say.  If it had been one of the cheerleaders in his shower it would have been no problem.  He’d done it with several of the girls he’d gone out with and everything had been cool the next morning.  This was different.  He’d never really been in love with the girls he’d taken to bed, but Nick was his best friend.  He was the wolf’s teammate, not some cheerleader he could ignore.  They’d had sex, and he had loved every minute of it.  Just thinking about last night made Nick aroused, but it also made Nick very nervous. 


What if Kyle didn’t even remember what had happened?  The tiger had been drinking a lot at the party.  Worse, what if he did remember and was pissed?  What if he never wanted to see Nick again?  Kyle had said no at first and tried to push him away, but the wolf had insisted.  He had been pretty forceful about it and Kyle had been really drunk…    An icy fear gripped Nick’s chest.  What if he’d raped his best friend?  The wolf growled a little and pushed that thought out of his mind.  All Nick knew for sure was they had to talk.


The fur dryers shut off and Nick looked up at Kyle when the tiger came out of the bathroom a few minutes later.  Kyle was wearing his blue jeans again and his fur was ruffled and out of place.  The tiger sat down across from Nick and picked up a fork.  “Hey,” the wolf said softly as the tiger began to eat. 

 “Hey,” the tiger mumbled back.  Kyle’s whiskers drooped slightly, and his ears were turned back flat against his head.  Nick couldn’t remember the last time he’d seen the tiger look so embarrassed.  They sat together eating quietly for a while before Kyle mumbled, “You gotten any more calls from those recruiters from Yale?”  The tiger said, and his words dripped with forced cheerfulness. 

Nick shook his head.  “Nope, but those guys from Duke have been calling me a for the last couple days.”  The wolf waved his fork at the tiger in between bites, “We’re still going to Danforth, right?  My parents have got our dorm room all lined up.”

The tiger nodded nervously, and he looked away from the wolf.  “Yah, yah that’s the plan.”  The tiger coughed softly and looked away from Nick nervously, “Hey Nick, about last night…” Kyle muttered, his tail swishing back and forth a little in nervous anticipation, “Do you remember what we did after the party?” 

The wolf looked up at his friend, and Kyle quickly looked away from Nick’s eyes.  There was nothing to do now but just tell him.  Nick opened the coke can he was holding with a hiss and took a sip before saying,  “We had sex.”  Nick took a drink of his coke, waving the can a little, “It’s all a little blurry, but I pretty much remember everything.” 

The tiger’s eyes closed and he visibly squirmed, his ears disappearing into his head fur.  “Damn it…  I was hoping that had been some sort of dream.”


Nick sighed softly, setting down his soda.  “Look Kyle, I’m sorry dude. I realize you said no.  I forced you…” 

“No.”   Kyle’s voice dropped down low and he shook his head, “You didn’t force me.” Kyle rubbed his face with one paw, the tiger’s normal, friendly demeanor returning for just a brief moment.  “We had a ton to drink, but I knew what I was saying yes too.  God, I can’t believe I was so stupid.” 


 Nick stared at the tiger, blinking in surprise at how completely ashamed Kyle sounded. The tiger’s paw covered his face and his shoulders where hunched.  “Stupid? You think what we did was stupid?”  Nick realized after Kyle cringed his words had sounded far angrier then he was. The wolf fumbled for something to say as his friend looked away from him; “I mean you sure seemed to, you know, enjoy doing it.  Right?” the wolf finished lamely.


The tiger squirmed even more in his chair, his tail lashing back and forth as his face turned slightly red under his white cheek fur.  “Yeah I guess, but… Look, you were the one on top.  You took me, almost used me.”  The tiger couldn’t even look the wolf in the eyes. “I just feel like,” Kyle shook his head and let his voice trail off as he looked away from the wolf.  After a long moment, the tiger twitched his whiskers and said, “I feel like nothing compared to you now.” The tiger’s shoulders sagged, and his ears remained pressed flat against his head and he hunkered down so low he was practically hiding behind the counter.


Nick was shocked.  He had never seen his friend look so embarrassed before. He didn’t know what to say.  Nick took a bite of his food and muttered, “I said you could fuck me,” cursing himself for how lame that sounded. Why couldn’t he think of some way to make the tiger smile?

 Kyle looked away, his tail flipping angrily back and forth. “Yeah right.”  The tiger snorted, “You were just saying that.  You’d never let me do that.”  

 “What makes you think I wouldn’t?”  Nick said with a slight growl.  Kyle laughed a little, trying brush the subject off.  “Come on man, can we forget this?  It just happened. We were drunk.  It was a one time thing.”  The tiger’s eyes seemed to plead with his friend,  “It’s not like this makes us gay right?”


Nick stared at Kyle for a moment, tilted his head to the side and said flatly, “I am.”


Kyle almost spilled his drink in surprise at Nick’s calm declaration.  “What?” Kyle whispered; the tiger’s ears perked up high in surprise.  “Do, do you really mean that?  You’re gay?” 

The wolf nodded, feeling strangely confident about his answer.  “Yeah…  Yeah I am.  I loved it, dude.   Sucking you off like that was awesome and fucking you felt so damn good.” The wolf hung his head slightly,  “I thought you enjoyed it too.” 

The tiger shifted in his seat and looked away.  “I guess I did. It’s just... I don’t know man. Being gay…”

Nick waved a paw at the tiger and nodded.  “I know, I know, but its like I said last night.  After I pawed Kevin off, I started thinking about it.  A lot.  Last night, when I was inside you, it just felt so right.  I’m gay dude, I know it.”  Nick smiled to himself.  Just thinking about how it felt to be inside the tiger made Nick sure he was gay. 


Kyle looked away and blushed, obviously very embarrassed.  “Can we stop talking about this?  Please?  I don’t want to think about that…” 


“No,” Nick shook his head. “I don’t think I can ignore this Kyle.  I’m not going to turn into some flaming queen though, okay?  I’m still me.  If you don’t want to do anything else, that’s cool, we can just be friends like we always have.  But…” the tiger looked up at him and the wolf sorta smiled, “I think I know who I really am for once.  It feels good.”


Kyle smiled a little bit as the wolf grabbed his paw and squeezed it in their football handshake.  “Okay, cool.” Kyle muttered as they slapped each other’s paws and then banged their fists together.  They went back to eating together, and for a moment, it was like nothing had happened at all.   


Kyle enjoyed the well-prepared meal, watching Nick out of the corner of his eyes.  The wolf was staring at him again, as if he were deciding something.  Eventually the wolf spoke.  “Just, so you know,” the wolf, said calmly between bites, “I still owe you a turn on top if you ever want to collect.”


The tiger shook his head and smiled a little in disbelief.  The wolf looked so happy in a strange way.  He seemed to be at peace with what he’d just said.  He looked really embarrassed and nervous, but he was happy. “You mean that?”  Kyle asked in a quiet voice.  Nick nodded and took another drink of his soda, not looking Kyle in the eyes. 

Kyle gripped the counter to steady himself a little as he decided to really press the issue. “You mean if I come around this counter right now and bend you over it, you’ll let me shove my cock in your ass right now and let me fuck you?”  Kyle grinned, sure that the wolf would back down.

The inside of Nick’s ears reddened a little, the only sign on the black wolf that he was blushing under his fur as he smiled at the tiger.  Nick ducked his head in a nod as he said, “You let me do it.” 

“Yeah, but I was drunk.” the tiger said, brushing the comment away.

Nick chuckled, grinning happily as he leveled a challenging stare at the tiger.  “So?  Look, if there’s any guy I would let fuck me it’s you.  You got what it takes stripes?” 


Kyle stood up, paws still gripping the counter tightly.  “You really mean that?”  He said, sounding bolder as he walked around the counter to stand next to the almost naked wolf.  “I can fuck you, right here, right now?”  Nick turned his head to look at Kyle, the ends of their muzzles barely an inch apart because Kyle was standing right next to him, his chest almost touching his shoulder.

Nick looked up into the tiger’s determined eyes, the corner’s of the wolf’s muzzle turned up in a smirk.  “If you kiss me first,” the wolf said with a wag of his tail.


 Kyle’s paws gripped the wolf’s head and he kissed Nick deeply.  Nick opened his muzzle, letting the tiger’s tongue in as he slid his arms around the tiger’s waist.  He kissed Kyle back hard; knocking the plate he’d been eating off of out of the way as their strong bodies pressed together.  Their tongues fought inside the wolf’s muzzle as they kissed passionately.   The wolf growled softly as the tiger’s broad tongue invaded his mouth, and the tiger’s chest rumbled as he purred. 


Nick felt a tingle run down his back as Kyle’s paws moved down his neck and across the wolf’s broad back.  The wolf even moaned a little into the kiss as the tiger’s strong paws grabbed his butt.  The tiger’s massive paws cupped his ass, the tips of Kyle’s claws digging gently into his fur and just touching his skin.  The sharp pinpricks elicited a loud whimper from the wolf and a growl from the tiger.  Nick reached down and pawed at the tiger’s crotch slowly, making the tiger tense at the fondling.  Nick’s tail began to wag back and forth as they continued to kiss.  The wolf’s paws slowly rubbed at his friend’s growing erection through the denim of his jeans, and Nick’s knees felt weak when he thought about what the tiger was about to do with that big cock.


Nick felt Kyle’s paw reach under his wagging tail, and the wolf was grinning as he turned around and leaned over the counter.  He looked back at Kyle and lifted his tail up, shoving his rump out so Kyle could see the muscular curve of his ass.  “Now, you gonna fuck me with that big dick, or just stand there and kiss me?”  


Kyle laughed and squeezed the smirking wolf’s rump, his fingers sliding between the wolf’s cheeks.  “You’re damn right I’m gonna fuck you…” The tiger purred, and the wolf chuckled as Kyle got out of his jeans as fast as he could, letting them fall down around his ankles.  Kyle’s long red dick bounced in the air, hard as a rock as he stepped up behind his best friend.


The tiger’s big paws caressed the sides of Nick’s rump.   Nick let out a soft whine as the tiger’s thick cock slid between the cheeks of Nick’s ass.  The tiger licked his lips as he stared down at his friend’s muscular butt.  The white bands of Nick’s jockstrap stood out against the wolf’s black fur, and the tiger’s orange paws slide through the dark black fur as he rubbed the taught muscles underneath.   With Nick’s tail raised and held to the side, he could see the wolf’s tail hole in the black fur, a tight pucker of pink flesh right between the curves of his rump.  Kyle slowly rubbed it with a finger, his other paw wrapped around his own cock.


“I can’t believe you’re gonna let me do this,” Kyle whispered softly as he watched a shiver run up Nick’s spine, the muscles in the wolf’s back rippling and flexing as the wolf’s tail hole flexed at the touch of the tiger’s finger.  The tiger couldn’t deny how much the sight of the wolf’s body made his cock throb.  Nick was incredibly hot bent over like this, his masculine body heaving as he panted.

“Neither can I, man…” Nick whispered softly, eyes closed in pleasure as Kyle fingered him slowly.  Kyle’s fingers rubbed the wolf’s puckered ass, and Nick growled at the feeling and flexed his tail hole, squeezing down on the invading finger.  Kyle let out a soft purr as Nick’s butt tensed under his paws.  Kyle’s paws grabbed the wolf’s butt, spreading the wolf’s cheeks apart as he slid his hard cock between them. The wolf shivered as the thick head of the tiger’s dick pressed against his tail hole. 

“Just do it Kyle. Fuck me…” the wolf groaned, “Just fuck me please…”


Kyle growled softly, amazed at how much he wanted to be inside Nick.  His paws squeezed the wolf’s rump and his finger’s hooked the elastic bands of the wolf’s jockstrap as he spread Nick’s cheeks open wide again, holding them apart with his fingers so he could watch as he took the wolf with his cock.


The thick pink head began to push against the tight ring of flesh.  Kyle felt Nick’s cherry resist, and Nick’s back muscles flexed as the head of his cock began to spread the wolf’s ring open. “Ahhaha shit…” Nick growled.  The wolf closed his eyes tightly, his paws gripping the counter top tightly as Kyle let his thick red cock sink into the wolf’s tail hole an inch at a time.  Nick moaned loudly as he leaned over the counter, bowing his head.  The wolf’s back tensed, his fur fluffing slightly as his body shook, his muscles flexing. 

Nick moaned louder as first one inch, then two, then five and then eight inches of hard cock disappeared into his ass.  With a groan of pleasure from both the tiger and the wolf, Kyle finally shoved all ten and a half inches of his dick deep in Nick’s butt.  Kyle stopped there, panting a little. 

Kyle pulled back on the wolf’s hips and ground his cock deep into the wolf.  Nick let out a loud whimper as the tiger using his jock strap as a pair of handles. 

Kyle held himself there for a long while.  The wolf was moaning gently, his back trembling as he adjusted to the tiger’s girth.  Kyle was amazed by how male, how strong Nick looked at that moment.  Almost every muscle in the wolf’s body was tensed, and like he was flexing for a competition.  Kyle could feel the wolf’s tail hole shuddering, trying to get used to the massive invader that had pushed deep inside.  Kyle growled as he pushed himself inside the hot passage, which squeezed his cock hard as he whispered, “Oh damn Nick, you’re tighter than any pussy I’ve ever had…”

The wolf growled softly, and Kyle watched as the wolf tensed the muscles along his back, whimpering as he felt the wolf’s hot passage squeeze down on his cock.  “And you’re fucking huge, man…” Nick whimpered, gasping for air.  “So big…” Kyle growled softly as Nick’s tail hole flexed around his shaft and he pulled a few inches of his cock out and thrust them back in. 

Nick moaned and hung his head, pushing his hips back against the tiger’s legs.  Nick gasped as his rump pressed firmly against the tiger’s crotch and the tiger’s thick cock bottomed out inside him.  It was a strange, full feeling that made his knees weak as the tiger’s cock pressed a spot deep inside him.  “Oh fuck, do that again…” Nick panted as he firmly planted his paws on the edge of the counter as the tiger began to really fuck him. 


Kyle gripped Nick’s hips tightly as he began to pound the wolf’s ass.  He kept about half his cock inside Nick at all times because the wolf’s hot, tight passage felt too good to pull all the way out.  The tiger stood up straight, his back tingling as he took the bent over wolf.  Nick’s legs were spread wide as Kyle humped into his ass.  Kyle watched his friend take his dick with a sense of pride.  Nick’s back muscles rippled as each thrust made him shake in pleasure and he was moaning like he was a bitch in heat.  Yet Nick’s tail hole squeezed down on him, and he pushed back just as hard as Kyle shoved forward, meeting the tiger half way with a loud, masculine growl. 

Kyle grinned, pounding his cock into the black wolf.  If he kept his thrusts even, the wolf pushed back against his cock in time with his thrusts, making the strokes deep and fast.  If the tiger thrust harder, the wolf let Kyle push him against the counter and bugger his tail hole as hard as he could.  The wolf was growling and woofing in pleasure as the tiger fucked him hard, his words encouraging the tiger to fuck him.  They switched between those two paces for a long while, just fucking as hard as they could.


Kyle panted, his paws sweating as he gripped Nick’s hips, pumping his dick into the wolf. The tight pleasure and heat of the wolf’s spasming tail hole was pushing him closer and closer to orgasm, but Kyle didn’t want this to end, he wanted to fuck Nick for a long damn time.  The tiger leaned forward and laid his muzzle against the wolf’s neck, the angle forcing his thrusts to be short fast ones, a style of fucking he knew he could keep up for a long time. 

“Damn man…” Kyle whispered into Nick’s ear, “This is the best fuck I’ve ever had…” Kyle looked down at his friend’s face when the wolf didn’t answer. 


Nick’s head was bowed and his mouth hung open.  The wolf was panting loudly, his eyes closed as he rocked his body backwards against the dick inside him.  He was in another world; one filled only with the dick in his ass and the pleasure it gave him. Nick felt Kyle slip one arm underneath him, and the wolf murred in delight as the tiger’s paw rubbed across his chest.  Nick whimpered as fingers brushed across his nipples and Kyle thrust particularly hard.

It was so incredible.  Nick was lost in the feeling of Kyle’s hard dick slamming into him, the rock hard shaft forcing his body open around it.  It felt like there was a fire inside him, burning so hot it made his knees weak. Kyle’s thrusts sent waves of pleasure and pain through Nick’s body and the wolf felt like he was being turned inside out. Nick hung his head and panted, looking back at himself as he rode the waves of pleasure as the tiger’s hard cock continued thrusting into him without a moment’s pause.


Nick almost laughed when he saw his own dick had escaped his jock strap during the rough mounting and was swinging between his legs like a baseball bat.  It bounced back and forth with the force of Kyle’s thrusts, slapping against his stomach.  Nick was hard as a rock, so hard his cock ached for release and precum dripped across the top of the barstool he had been sitting on.  He could see the tiger’s legs moving as Kyle fucked him almost mercilessly, pillars of muscle pressed against his own legs.  It made the wolf feel so good having those strong legs pressed against the back of his thighs as the tiger’s dick slammed into him. 


The ecstasy of being fucked was unmatched.  Nothing had ever felt so good.  Nick was sure nothing could top being fucked like this until Kyle’s paw slide down his chest and closed around the head his throbbing cock.  The tiger’s big paw stroked the length of his shaft and Nick nearly came right there, his whole body tensing and his knees shaking as the pleasure intensified a hundred times over.  He mentally squeezed down on the tiger’s cock, his whole body shaking as the tiger’s soft paw caressed his dick and he growled loudly, “Ooh yeah Kyle, that’s it. Fuck me buddy, fuck me hard…” the wolf managed to pant, feeling more like a man then ever before.


The wolf looked back at the tiger and said, “Oh shit man…  That feels incredible…”

Kyle shook his head in surprise, not believing the wolf was getting off on this.   “You’re fucking hard, man…” Kyle said, his paw sliding down the wolf’s shaft.  Nick shivered all over and gasped in pleasure, thrusting his ass back onto Kyle’s dick harder. 

“Yeah… and so were you when I was fucking you. Ahhaha shit…” The wolf’s back shuddered and Kyle gripped his hips tighter as he fucked the wolf.  Nick’s voice was a strained whimper, “I stroked you off before I blew my load in you, and you better do the same…”

Kyle grinned and nipped lightly at his friend’s neck, eliciting a moan from Nick “Stroke you off?” 

“Yeah…” Nick panted, “Then cum inside me…. Oh god come on Kyle, fuck me. Fuck me hard like you were before… don’t hold back.  Just do it and cum in me.”


Kyle growled and pushed Nick against the counter, slamming his cock deep inside the wolf to the hilt.  The tiger’s paws gripped the wolf’s chest as he forced Nick to straddle the counter.  Kyle took Nick’s neck in his jaws, gripping him in a firm mating bite as if claiming the wolf as his own.


The tiger grunted, thrusting deep into Nick as the wolf bellowed in pleasure.  Kyle didn’t really believe it was happening.  Of all the insane things in the world that could happen, he could not believe this was happening.  Kyle tensed his legs, pushing hard into the wolf’s tight ass as Nick pushed back into his thrusts.  He was fucking his best friend, and Nick was totally into it.  The wolf’s dick was hard as a rock and hanging out of his jock strap, and he was actually stroking Nick off!  The wolf’s cock was leaking pre all over his paw and when the tiger squeezed the hard flesh Nick howled a little and his back tensed, and then the wolf’s tail hole squeezed down hard on the tiger’s cock.  That made Kyle growl and thrust hard, which Nick seemed to love all the more.


Kyle shifted his hips, his cock pulling almost out and then slamming back into the wolf’s ass with one hard thrust.  “Oh shit! Yes, aw fuck man, that’s it!” the wolf whimpered in delight, “Ah fuck ahaha!”  Nick moaned, his fist slamming onto the counter as his body shook with the force of Kyle’s thrusts.  The tiger started to fuck him really hard, pounding his cock through the wolf’s tail hole with an almost feral pleasure.  Their hips slammed together as Kyle’s paw stroked Nick’s cock in time with his thrusts.  A minute passed as Nick bellowed and demanded more, the wolf’s body shaking and dripping in sweat.  It was an acidic, masculine smell that invaded Kyle’s nose.  The tiger purred, pressing up against the wolf, pushing in deep, and after a minute of hard, furious fucking Nick finally climaxed. 


The wolf took a deep breath and leaned back against Kyle’s chest.  Kyle felt Nick’s paws grab hold of his own, and Nick forced Kyle to hug him tightly.  The wolf’s paws clenched and released, spasming in time with his tail hole as the wolf’s whole body tensed up.  It was a slow, steady build up as Kyle worked his hips, thrusting deep into the wolf until Nick leaned his head back and howled as loud as he could.  Nick’s face was contorted in pleasure, his eyes closed tight as he looked up at the ceiling, his mouth barely open and his ears pressed back flat on his head as he howled.  The wolf’s body shook violently in Kyle’s arms, his whole body seeming to flex at once as his howl shook the room.  Kyle felt the wolf’s cock throb in his paw, and Nick came like a fire hose.


Thick ropes of white cum shot out of the wolf’s black dick and all across the counter as Kyle’s paw stroked his friend’s dick fast.  Kyle purred in pleasure as the wolf’s tight, hot passage squeezed down hard on his shaft as if it were milking him.  Kyle gripped the wolf tightly, holding the back of Nick’s neck in his jaws.  He pulled his cock out of the tightly clenched hole before slamming his cock deep into the wolf’s ass with a purr of sheer ecstasy.  He’d never felt anything like what the wolf’s orgasm was doing to his cock, and after three delicious thrusts into that spasming, clenching ass it sent him over the edge.  He roared into the wolf’s neck fur, his claws gripping the wolf’s chest as he buried himself entirely inside Nick’s hot tail hole and came deep inside the wolf.  Nick’s body spasmed in Kyle’s grip, but Kyle held Nick as tightly as he possibly could, grinding his cock deep into Nick’s ass as he flooded the wolf with his cum.


Nick was in heaven as the tiger came.  It was the final, glorious thrusts of the greatest orgasm of the wolf’s life.  It was the build up of every thrust of the tiger’s cock; every teasing bite at his neck, every caress of Kyle’s paws, all exploding at once.  It was everything, focused right down onto the cock plowing through his ass and the paw stroking his dick.  Nick's howl lasted a long time and felt as natural as his orgasm did, an expression of the ecstasy that had built up inside him by the cock plowing through his ass that had to be released. 


Then Nick felt the tiger press close against him, hunching over his back and he knew, he knew Kyle was cumming inside him.  He could almost feel it, as the tiger’s dick emptied a heavy load of spunk into his guts.  Nick smiled, pressing back against the male who was inside him.  This was heaven.


When Kyle was truly able to think again, he found himself holding Nick tightly to his chest, his arms wrapped around the wolf’s body as he sagged against Nick’s back.  The wolf had reached back and was caressing Kyle’s thigh softly, his paws rubbing the tiger’s muscles slowly.  Kyle panted, trying to stand upright but all he could do was lean against the wolf’s back.  Nick’s chest heaved as he gasped for air but he stayed upright. 

Kyle realized the wolf’s rump was still pressed flush with his crotch, and his half hard cock was still buried to the hilt inside the wolf’s tight passage.  Kyle released his grip on Nick’s chest and tried to pull out, but Nick’s paws gripped the tiger’s hip firmly, preventing him from pulling away.  Nick reached back with the other paw and Kyle shivered as the wolf grabbed his ass firmly and pulled him forward.  Nick held him in place, forcing the tiger to stay inside him.

“No… keep it in me.” The wolf said, his voice deep and calm even though he was panting.   Kyle felt the wolf’s passage squeeze down on his sensitive cock, which made the tiger shiver with delight.  Kyle pressed up against the wolf again and he held still for a while longer, his muzzle rubbing against the back of Nick’s neck as they both basked in a warm afterglow.


Nick’s whole body ached as though he’d just spent hours working out.  He could feel Kyle’s cock shrinking inside him and he wanted to make it hard again.  He wanted that shaft of flesh to push inside him one more time and pound his ass, especially when Kyle’s paw stroked Nick’s oversensitive cock head.  Slowly the tiger’s cock shrunk and slipped out on its own with a wet sound, and Nick’s tail felt empty.  He let his tail fall down, and he shuddered slightly at the sensation of his aching tail hole closing back to normal.  His ass felt stretched out and hurt in a deeply pleasurable way, and he could feel the wetness of the tiger’s seed between his butt cheeks.

 Nick slowly turned around in the tiger’s arms and collapsed back against the counter as he sat down.  Nick tucked his tail between his legs and sat on it.  He grinned a little as his butt squished, the tiger’s cum leaking across the underside of his tail.  His own shrinking cock pressed against the tiger’s belly, leaving a sticky trail of cum across Kyle’s stomach fur. 

“Oh god Kyle…” Nick managed to gasp as he slipped his arms around the tiger’s neck, “Why didn’t you tell me that’s what being fucked felt like.” The wolf rubbed his face against Kyle’s broad chest, breathing in the tiger’s scent as his paws traced Kyle’s back.  “I would have made you do that last night…”


Kyle leaned forward into his friend’s embrace, still in shock.  His mind kept saying, ‘I just fucked Nick.  It was great. I’ve never felt so good before… Oh god I just fucked Nick…’ He felt the wolf’s muzzle rub across his chest muscles, then up against his neck.  The wolf’s chest against his, firm flesh pressed together through soft fur.  He’d felt it before.  He’d brushed against the wolf’s strong muscles a hundred times, but it had never felt sensual, so exciting. 


It was a surprising turn on.  The way the wolf’s muscled chest rubbed against his own as he held onto the wolf made Kyle smile.  A wolf he had just power fucked.  Kyle sighed as Nick’s arms slipped around his waist and the wolf pulled him close.  Nick arched his back so that his body was pressed against the tiger’s and Kyle kissed Nick on the top of his head.  The wolf’s eyes were half closed, and he just seemed to be relaxing in the afterglow of getting fucked.  Kyle held his best friend for a long time. 

It was strange holding Nick like that.  It felt more like the wolf was holding him, keeping him there.  It felt good to Kyle that Nick seemed so casual and tender about cuddling him.   Kyle watched Nick as the wolf held him, a growing sense of worry and dread eating at the tiger’s thoughts.


“What does this mean Nick?”  Kyle whispered softly, his paw brushing nervously across the wolf’s back.  


“Hmmmm?” Nick’s eyes opened a little and he looked up at the tiger casually.  Kyle’s paws began to rub Nick’s chest nervously. 


“What does this mean man?” Kyle whispered, “Are we gay?”  


The wolf chuckled and smiled, opening his eyes and staring into Kyle’s.  “Well I’m pretty damn sure I’m gay.” The wolf’s smile became a slight smirk.  “Why, you thinking of playing for my team now?”


The tiger’s brow furrowed, and he tightened his grip on his best friend.  “No, I just… What does this mean for us?”


 “What’d you mean Kyle?”  Nick asked, one paw sliding down the tiger’s neck to rub the tiger’s white chest fur slowly. 

Kyle’s whiskers stretched out and they brushed against Nick’s muzzle, the his lips just an inch apart from Nick’s as he whispered, “Are we, like boyfriends now?  The only chicks I ever fucked were my girlfriends.”


Nick chuckled and Kyle felt terribly foolish all of sudden as the wolf kissed him gently on the lips.  “Sure.  If you want this makes us boyfriends.” 


Nick laughed a little as Kyle’s face fell.  The tiger obviously did not like that idea. Nick rubbed his muzzle against the tiger’s,  “I don’t know dude.  I haven’t thought that far ahead.  I didn’t really expect you to take me up on the offer right now, but I’m glad you did.” The wolf turned his head to the side and smiled.  “I guess we could just be friends with benefits, you know?” the wolf closed his eyes again and laid his head on Kyle’s fluffy white chest fur, nuzzling his strong chest gently.  Kyle sighed as the wolf just hugged him.  “We’ve always been teammates and friends, why change that now?” the wolf pressed his head against the tiger’s neck, enjoying the strong arms surrounding his shoulders as he comforted his friend.  “This doesn’t change anything Kyle.” 


Kyle frowned; his ears lay back against his head as he slowly rubbed his muzzle against the wolf’s forehead.  If they were just screwing around, then that might be okay.  That didn’t make him gay, right?  He was just fooling around a bit.  There was nothing wrong with that right?  Of course there could be problems with that too.  “I don’t know man.” Kyle said, “What kind of girl is going to let you play around on the side with guys?”  


Nick chuckled, rubbing his face against the tiger’s strong chest and laughed again.  “I doubt there will ever be another girl.  This has been way too good to go back to just fucking a pussy.”  The wolf’s grin broadened and he leaned up to kiss the tiger gently on the lips.  “Besides, they haven’t got the equipment to do what you just did.”  Nick left it at that when the tiger did not immediately kiss him back.

The tiger looked away and chuckled, shaking his head.  His muzzle spilt into a big grin as Nick nuzzled against his chin, “Damn man, I never thought I’d end up fucking you.” 

“I never thought being fucked would feel so damn good.  I would have jumped your bones years ago.”


            Kyle laughed kind of nervously, and he hugged the wolf gently.  “Hey,” Nick said happily as he stood up, which bring the hug onto more equal terms.  Now it was more like a friendly hug between teammates then the tender caress of lovers.  “ Lets go to the mall or something, huh? We can catch a movie and then grab lunch.” 

The wolf rubbed at Kyle’s shoulder, and the tiger grinned, “Sure, sounds cool.  But we should stop by my place.  My mom wants me to take one of the new kids there so he can buy some new clothes and stuff.  You should probably take a shower first.”


They both laughed as Kyle wiped some cum off his paw onto Nick’s chest. 



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