Tony wakes up after his first time, and spends the morning at Jeff and James’s house, where he finds out a lot more then he expected to.



And now the annoying warning message:

This story deals with sex between males, in graphic detail. If you're not over 18, this is illegal for you to even look at, so stop right now.  If homosexual content is not your cup of tea, you can leave the tea party.  The characters and story are copyright Teiran’s player 2005, do not redistribute without permission.  Otherwise, enjoy!




High School Days Chapter 19:

Father Knows Best



Tony lay fast asleep on the big couch at Jeff and James’s house.  In his dreams, the terrier was flying through a black night sky that was filled with fluffy red clouds.   He hung weightless in the warm air, a sense of deep satisfaction filling him.  He hugged the clouds to stay warm, wrapping his short, slim body up in their warmth.  Tony could tell he was different here.  He was short and his body was slim, not the bulky and tall frame he always felt uncomfortable in.  Floating in these warm red clouds he was a whip thin terrier just like he was supposed to be.  Tony smiled, loving every moment of this.  He was the right size for once. 


Slowly, one by one the clouds drifted away and they left him floating in the black night sky by himself.  The soft blackness gradually grew brighter and brighter, and his body felt heavier and heavier, as if he were growing in size.  His once thin arms were heavy and bulging with muscles he did not want.  He was too tall; his legs were too long and his body awkwardly big.  Slowly the dog opened his eyes as the morning light woke him from his strange dream.  Tony yawned slowly and rubbed a paw across his eyes, pausing to scratching vigorously at the itch behind his right ear.


The white furred dog stretched himself unsteadily; the patches of red fur on his white body rippled as he pushed his long arms out in front of him and arched his back.  Tony ducked his head down and yawned again, his nose pointing up into the air just like his stub of a tail did.  The terrier’s short tail wagged a little, sticking straight in the air as Tony thrust his butt out and stretched his spine.  Tony felt his spine pop loudly in a zipper like fashion and he sighed as his back relaxed. 


Tony licked his chops and tried to think.  Sunlight streamed into the unfamiliar room he lay in, but the Jack Russell terrier did not realize he was in not in his own bed.  Or any bed for that matter.  Tony blinked unsteadily, shaking his head a little when his thoughts did not grow any clearer.  His ears flapped back and forth before falling back into their normal position, perked up with the tips flipped down slightly.  Numbly, the fact that it was Saturday entered the dog's sleepy brain.  Saturday meant that he did not need to get up yet.  He could curl up and enjoy the warm sun on his short fur.  Tony closed his eyes and rolled onto his back, his left leg twitching a little as he got comfortable again.  He draped one arm over his face to prevent the sun from waking him again, and with that the massive terrier drifted back to sleep and dreamt of red clouds that smelled of foxes. 


Across the room, Jeff Johnson watched as the massive terrier went back to sleep.  The fox stood in the doorway to the kitchen of the Johnson household, his tail flicking back and forth.  The short, slim fox was about roughly half the size Tony, or about the size Tony dreamed about being.  The fox gave a very loud murr of lust as he watched the dog sprawl out across the big black couch in his living room.  Tony’s new position left the dog’s beautiful body far more exposed than before.  His muscles were outlined in the bright sun and the fox could see Tony’s cock better this way.

The dog’s short white fur made it possible to see every muscle in the dog’s well-built body.  The arm draped over Tony’s face bulged, the flexing muscles seeming to leap out of the dog’s arm.  Firm, bulging pectorals rose and fell with each breath the dog took.  Tony’s chest looked like it had been chiseled from stone, and a tight six-pack of abdominal muscles stretched down from the sharp ridge where the dog’s pectorals stopped.  Best of all, flopped across that washboard stomach was Tony’s massive pink cock. 

Even completely flaccid, the dog’s cock was thicker and longer than any other guy Jeff had seen hard.  Tony’s thick shaft was curved slightly to one side, as if looking at the smaller fox.  Jeff could see the thick vein on the underside of Tony’s shaft from across the room, and the fat head of the dog’s cock was resting well past his belly button, the slit at the tip tempting the fox to lick it. 

Jeff rubbed a paw at his throat, licking his lips as he stared at the massive cock.  It looked like the big dog was sleeping with a big hard on, but Jeff knew Tony was still completely soft.  Jeff of course, was completely hard. The fox’s cock was stretching out the cotton underwear he had put on when he and his brother had gotten up to make breakfast so badly that it pressed against the apron he wore.  The fox slowly moved his paw down the front of his chest. Jeff teased himself a little as he watched the sleeping dog, remembering the way Tony’s paw had felt last night.  The fox gave a little whimper, and for a moment Jeff thought he saw Tony’s cock twitch as the dog mumbled in his sleep. 

The fox whimpered louder as his suspicions were quickly confirmed.  The big terrier’s cock twitched again and began to lengthen, expanding as blood rushed to fill the massive dick.  Tony was getting a hard on, his thick schlong grew as thick as Jeff’s arm as it arched up over his belly.  Jeff’s red tail swished back and forth, the black tip of the fox’s tail flicking back and forth like a flag.  He rubbed his paw across his trapped erection as he watched Tony, his other paw holding a now forgotten spatula. 


“Damn James, just look at him.” Jeff said quietly to his brother, who was still busily making breakfast.  “Can you believe somebody that hot is just laying there on our couch?”  Jeff only barely held himself back from rushing across the room and putting that huge cock in his muzzle.

James glanced over his shoulder at his brother as he poured the eggs into the hot skittle.  “Oh god I know.  I’ve already burned one batch of eggs watching him sleep. Only fair I guess, since now he’s cost you a set of pancakes.”  James let out a giggle as Jeff yipped in fright and raced to the now smoking griddle.


James laughed even harder as his brother made a big show of being disgusted by the burned pancakes, his ears turning back and his tongue hanging out as he twisted his face into a grossed out expression.  Jeff did it just to make his brother laugh harder, and they were both giggling by the time Jeff dumped the burned flapjacks into the garbage.  Jeff grinned as the moment passed, and he took the opportunity to watch his twin brother as they cooked together.  James looked pretty damn sexy this morning too, just in a totally different way from Tony. 

Tony was a big, hulking male, a towering muscle bound dog that made Jeff’s knees weak and his tail fluff out and twitch to the side.  James was a swishy, feminine fox just like Jeff was.  He was wearing a big blue apron that came down to his knees, but underneath he was wearing only his white underwear, which only brought the fox’s rump into better view.  James’s foxtail swished back and forth over his butt, the firm rump curving under the white cotton.  Jeff smiled at his brother, admiring his butt.  Jeff did not often get a chance to see his brother’s rump, because the fox usually kept his tail down over it, but this morning James had his tail raised up high instead of tucked between his legs.  Jeff grinned, shaking his head a little.  James was so happy this morning he was almost showing off his tail hole. 


Jeff grinned at his brother as his twin hummed happily.  The firm, white covered fox butt swished back and forth, and Jeff found himself watching it with a hungry grin.  The fox glanced back at Tony’s sleeping form.  Jeff whined softly, his arousal getting to be too much.  A sexy god of a male was sleeping like a carved statue on his couch, and his twin brother was bouncing back and forth happily in nothing but his underwear.  He had no idea which one he wanted to pounce.  Jeff’s tongue hung out of his muzzle as he rubbed the head of his cock through his underwear.  He should probably let Tony sleep longer, but James…


James yelped in surprise when Jeff pounced him from behind, his brother’s arm coming around his neck from behind and pulling him back into a hug.  “Got you bro!”  Jeff whispered into James’s ear, and James laughed as his brother’s teeth nipped at his ear gently. 

“Yes you do.” James said with a smile, his ears flicking back as his brother pressed up close behind him.  James could feel his brother’s hard on poking at him from behind.  “What are you doing…” 

“With your underwear?”  Jeff finished with a grin, his paws pulling down his brother’s briefs.  “What do you think I’m doing James?” 

James let out a loud gasp and his tail shot between his legs as his brother took the back of his neck in his jaws.  The little fox’s mouth hung open and he whimpered loudly as his brother nipped at the scruff of his neck in a mating bite.   That was something that drove James just crazy, and he had a hard time staying upright as his brother’s teeth nipped at the loose skin, which gave Jeff just enough to hold onto with his blunt teeth. 


The little fox was hard in an instant as his twin nibbled slowly on the nape of his neck.  James pulled his paws up against his chest and Jeff took hold of them, basically pinning the little fox.  Jeff growled a bit, a weak, playful sound that didn’t frighten James at all, but it still sent shivers down James’s spine as Jeff’s paws slipped under his apron. 

“J… Jeff….” James stuttered out in a whine as his twin’s paw began to stroke at his cock under his apron.  James shuddered, closing his eyes as he felt his brother’s body press against his back, Jeff’s apron pushed to the side so that they were pressed fur to fur.   He could feel the head of his twin’s cock rubbing at the hidden valley beneath his tail, his underwear no longer protecting him.  James began to pant, a soft yiff escaping his mouth as his brother groped him lewdly. 

“What James?”  Jeff whispered in his twin’s ear, pulling at the big black triangle with his mouth. Jeff smiled as James murred loudly, his body pressing back against the twin and his tail moving to the side on instinct alone.  He knew how much his brother loved being nipped at like that.  He had been the first one to do it to his twin. 

James swallowed nervously, his voice trembling as Jeff began to paw at his shaft in earnest, jacking his twin off quickly.  “Dad said we shouldn’t YIP!” 

James’s words ended in a squeal of pleasure as Jeff stuck his fingers in his mouth; licked them to get the good and wet, and the shoved them right under his brother’s tail.  The fox squirmed and shivered, his knees bending a little and his butt pushing back against the paw invading him.  James made a pitiful, pleasured sound and Jeff smiled.  “I know what Dad said…” Jeff said with a grin as his brother almost collapsed into his embrace, “but you’d better watch the food bro or you’ll burn the eggs just like in Adam’s comic…” Jeff’s words trailed off, and he began to kiss and lick at his brother’s neck.  James trembled and tried desperately to finish cooking the eggs while his brother pawed and fingered him. 


The next minute was torture for James.  The little fox gnawed at the side of his tongue, the tip sticking out of his mouth as he desperately tried to focus on the task at hand as his brother tortured him in the most pleasurable way possible.  Jeff’s teeth nipped at his neck in a way that made James’s knees weak.  His brother’s soft smooth paw pad slide up and down his shaft, stroking him in time with the fingers pressing at all of the pleasure spots under James’s tail.  Meanwhile the eggs sizzled in the hot skillet, demanding that the little fox stir them.  For three brutal minutes James cooked breakfast as his twin brother played with him.  With a whine and a gasp, James triumphantly dumped the finished scrambled eggs onto a plate, holding it in his shaking paws as he got closer and closer to cumming.  James gasped as Jeff bit the back of his neck again, and the little fox began yiffing loudly, fighting to keep the plate of eggs from spilling as his brother brought him to loud climax.


When his cock was done throbbing and he was finished cumming, James sighed happily and began to pant loudly.  He smiled as his twin licked and nuzzled at his face as e began to calm down.  He shook his head a little, his ears flipping up from a laid back position.  James smiled, because he knew little bits of his brother’s drool were glistening on the tips of his black fox ears.  James turned around a little, leaning against the counter as his brother pulled his paw out from under his tail.  “Good job bro, you didn’t burn the eggs a bit.”  Jeff said smiling, and James giggled a little as his brother kissed him on the nose.  The submissive fox blushed, ducking his head and closing his eyes, still panting as he held the plate of eggs safely in both paws.  Despite Jeff’s bets efforts the eggs were perfect. 


“Course, they’re a bit runny now since you’ve got such good aim.”  Jeff said happily.

 James’s eyes snapped open and he stared down at his plate full of eggs in shock.  There on the beautiful plate of eggs he had worked so hard to make while his brother tortured him, was a heavy helping of fox cum.  “Ooooh JEFF!”  James yipped in annoyance, his fur fluffing out as he slapped his bushy tail across his brother’s laughing muzzle.  James harrumphed and turned his back on his brother, holding the plate of eggs defensively away from his twin.  “They’re ruined! Now what am I going to do with them?” 

“Hold them still?”  Jeff said with a smirk, grinning as he pointed down.  James sighed in exasperation as Jeff made a big show of stroking his own, still hard cock.  James huffed and raised his hackles, but Jeff snickered and laughed at his twin’s weak growl.  The twins stared at each other, James trying to be angry and Jeff just smiling at him.  After a few moments James felt the edges of his scowl turn into a smile.  “Fine, evil fox.”  Jeff gave a little squeal of delight as his brother brought the plate down under the tip of his cock, and Jeff went to work on his shaft with one paw.  James grinned and slipped one paw around Jeff’s waist, sliding under one of Jeff’s arms as his twin began to huff and yiff softly, his paw working furiously at his pink shaft.  After a minute, James saw his twin’s knot grow big and Jeff began to really whine and pant in frustration.  His twin was close, oh so close to cumming, but he was obviously holding back so he could enjoy it a little bit linger.


“What’s wrong bro?”  James said happily, rubbing his muzzle against his twin’s.  “You need a little help there?”  

Jeff whined, his eyes sparkling as he pretended to plead with his sibling.  “James…” Jeff whimpered, “don’t just stand there give me a paw.”  James blushed slightly as they’re green eyes meet.  Jeff licked the side of his muzzle in a quite, friendly kiss that made James smile.  The fox reached down with his free paw and squeezed his twin’s cock just behind the knot, holding his twin tenderly as he jerked off onto the plate of eggs James was holding. 

Jeff panted louder now, his paw working the shaft of his cock quickly as James squeezed his knot.  He peaked with a loud yiff that shook his body.  Jeff’s warm breath washed over James’s face, making James smile as Jeff shot his load across the plate of eggs, his thick seed mixing with James’s now runny cum and the scrambled eggs.  James set the eggs down on the counter, and then flicked his ears back as his brother grabbed the back of his head and kissed him again, this time with an open muzzle and a little tongue.  They stood that way for a minute kissing each other slowly, their slim fox muzzles locked together as they enjoyed the shared afterglow of pawing off in such a strange and kinky way. 

“Thanks bro…” Jeff said happily, grinning like an idiot just like his twin was. 


Both foxes froze suddenly, their fur standing on end as a creaking sound and laughter reach their ears.  In unison, all four of the twin’s ears swiveled toward the living room, listening carefully.  Those ears were followed by four emerald green eyes, all pointed in the direction of a muffled cough coming from the living room.


Tony’s howl of fright made the twins jump nearly out of their fur.




Coach Richard Townson laughed happily as he leapt out of his truck and bounded across the lawn like a kid.  He chased after the handsomely dressed red fox who was now officially his new boyfriend.  The wolf snapped his jaws in a playful bite at the black tip of the fox’s tail as they reached the porch.  Coach Townson growled theatrically and grabbed the fox’s rump in his paws, nipping playfully at the laughing fox and pushing the fox against the front door of his house.  They had just spent the most wonderful night together at Richard’s place, and the happy mood had not yet faded even a little.


The fox yelped and laughed happily as Coach Townson’s paws grabbed at him.  His name was Ryan Johnson and he was slightly older then the wolf was.  He was in his late thirties now, and Coach Townson had met him a few weeks ago at one of the team’s football games.  They had been going out since then, and it was turning out really well. 

The coach reflected on just how well it was going as he playfully pawed at the fox, making him laugh and squirm.  Dating was not something he did often.  He rarely went to the clubs, and he had never even considered finding someone at one of the team’s games.  The wolf was always busy coaching, and he did not want to lose his job over something so silly as making a pass on the wrong parent.  Yet when the handsome and smartly dressed fox had come on to him during half time, their relationship had just snowballed from there.  Last night had been their first real night together, and finding Ryan in his apartment last night had left the wolf feeling more alive than he had in ages. 

“Hey now Richard,” the fox pushed the wolf away and turned around with a grin to face the taller coach.  Richard was struck by how handsome the fox looked in his suit and tie.  “You’re the one who keeps saying we can’t be obvious in public.  You wanted to take this slow, remember?” the fox smirked, straightening his tie and affecting a proper air.

Coach Townson chuckled, the wolf’s muzzle splitting into a huge smirk. “Oh, but that was before last night Ryan,” the bigger wolf leaned down towards the fox, using his athletic body to push Ryan against the door as he sniffed at the fox’s neck with a lusty growl.  “Things have changed, since now I know you enjoy laying in my bed wearing nothing but a rose between your teeth.”  Mr. Johnson yelped, the middle-aged fox laughing like a kid as the wolf nipped at his neck playfully and grabbed his sides. 

“Oh then we’d better get inside…” the fox murred, his paw fumbling with the door as he pressed against the taller, athletic wolf.  The wolf smiled as the fox pressed his muzzle against the underside of his chin, the musky scent of the fox making Coach Townson wish they were in a dark room instead of a well lit street.

“So open the door foxy.” Coach Townson said playfully, pressing the fox flat against the door, where it would be hard for him to work the keys in the lock.  They were both laughing as Mr. Johnson’s paws fumbled with his keys.  Coach Townson ruffed and growled at him, his paws dragging across the fox’s chest and his nice silk shirt.  When the door finally popped opened, they nearly fell over as the fox’s front door swung open under their weight easily. 


Coach Townson tripped over the fox’s legs, laughing as he stumbled into the house and caught himself against the back of a nearby couch.  The big wolf grinned as he used the back of the couch to stand up straight, happier than he had been in a long time.  Then, the laughter died in his throat and it was as if he were suddenly in another world.  The wolf stood there slack jawed marveling at the sight before him.


Coach Townson found himself staring down at the sleeping form of Tony Harris. The terrier was naked as the day he was born, and it was the most arousing sight the wolf had ever seen.


The dog’s white fur shone in the bright sunlight that came streaming in through the windows.  His chest muscles rose and fell like mountains, and Coach Townson swallowed nervously as he stared down at the Greek god of a dog.  He had always known Tony was in good shape, the dog worked out every day after school.  Richard had never been quite sure how successful the dog had been, but the dog’s perfectly sculpted body was not a surprise.  What surprised Richard bad enough to stop his mind working was the dog’s dick. 


The sheer size of Tony’s cock, the width and length of the massive pole just boggled Coach Townson’s mind.  That big pink cock defied logic it was so huge.  Tony was bigger and longer than the wolf’s arm. He just stood there, staring at it.  His hand would never close around it, and it could choke him to death for sure.  The wolf’s tail ached just at the thought of taking the dog, and boy was he thinking about it.  The wolf felt the urge to touch it, to suck it, and then ride that huge cock as hard as he could, damn all the consequences.  He wanted to ride that monster just because it was there. 

The wolf let out a nervous whimper.  He could feel his tail slide between his legs and his ears turned a deep shade of red and folded backwards.  Tony was his student, he shouldn’t be thinking like that.  Hell, he shouldn’t even be looking at him.  The coach tried to look away, but all he could do was look down at the dog’s massive dick and watch as his own cock made a huge tent in his suit pants. 


Ryan shut the door and glanced at the wolf as he let out a soft whimper.  The fox frowned and said in a concerned voice, “Hon, you alright you?  You didn’t hurt your knee on the… couch…” the fox’s words trailed off into nothing as he came up beside the wolf and got a good look Tony’s sleeping form.  “Wow,” the fox muttered, the white fur on his face turning pink as his own pants tented out just like the wolf’s crotch was.  “That’s big.”  Mr. Johnson said weakly.

Coach Townson’s mouth was dry, and he barely managed a weak, “Yeah. Big.”


The two adults stood beside each other, shamefully aroused by the sight of Tony’s naked body as the dog yawned, shifted his arm and looked up at them. 


An awkward moment of silence passed as all three males stared at each other. 

“Coach… Townson?”  Tony whispered unsteadily, his eyes focusing on the wolf’s face.  The wolf nodded slightly and looked away.  Tony’s gaze shifted to Ryan, and the fox looked away.  “Mr. Johnson?”

“Hello Tony,” Ryan Johnson said, coughing in embarrassment, “What are you doing on my couch?”

The dog looked up at them both and tilted his head to the side like most canines down when they are confused.  “Huh?” he muttered quietly.  Tony’s face took on a look of intense contemplation, and then the terrier’s eyes got as big as dinner plates as the truth hit the dog like an oncoming train. 


Tony howled in fright so loudly that everyone in the house ducked and folded his ears back as the dog fell off the couch.  A moment of frantic scrambling followed as the dog backpedaled across the floor away from the two older males, his massive cock flopping to one side as he ran right into the wall. 

Coach Townson winced as the dog hit his head on the wall and stunned himself.  The terrier tipped to one side and fell down, curled up in a ball in the far corner of the room.  Tony’s naked body was shaking all over, and his face was hidden behind one arm.  Most of his upper body was turning a light pink as he began to blush so hard it bled through his short fur. 

Richard Townson and Ryan Johnson looked at each other, then at Tony, and then back to each other.  “You find your boys, I’ll handle him?”  Coach Townson asked quietly, and Ryan just nodded.

“Sounds good.”  The fox said evenly, before turning towards the kitchen. “BOYS!” he bellowed.  Ryan bushed out his tail and barred his teeth, the older fox’s embarrassment at being aroused by Tony turning into anger at his sons. 

Coach Townson winced again as the fox shouted for his sons and stomped his way into the kitchen.  The wolf smirked as a pair of fox yips echoed from that direction, and then he turned his attention back to Tony.  The wolf sighed slightly as he leaned against the back of the couch, wondering how he was supposed to handle this.  Tony was staring blankly into space, and his erection was not flagging.  Instead, the naked dog had clutched his massive wang to his chest and curled around it, as if trying to shield it so no one could see how big he was.  He was failing pretty badly.  The wolf reached down and picked up a blanket that was lying on the floor, sniffing the room gently as he padded his way across Ryan’s living room to Tony’s side. 

The strongest scent in the room was of foxes.  He could smell the day-to-day mixture of Ryan and his sons, but he could also smell the much stronger scent of sex coming from the blanket and couch.  The wolf knelt down beside Tony, who was gasping and panting so loudly he was practically hyperventilating.  Richard carefully wrapped the blanket around the Jack Russell terrier, covering him and making sure not to touch his fur.  Tony sniffed quietly, pulling the blanket closed with a softly sobbed, “Thank you.”


The wolf sat cross-legged on the ground beside Tony, not moving for a minute or so.  He could hear the muffled sounds of Ryan talking to his sons in the kitchen and the terrier’s nervous breathing. “You want to talk?”  Coach Townson said quietly, and Tony shook his head slightly. 

“No.” Tony hiccupped slightly, and the dog felt another blush creep up his face as the wolf smiled slightly at him.

“You sure about that?” the coach said quietly, “Because I would really like to talk right now.  Just sitting here is really awkward.”   Tony tried, but he couldn’t help smiling back just a little as the wolf grinned at him.  The movement made Tony’s head hurt and he winced slightly. 

The wolf’s eyes narrowed in concern and he reached out to turn Tony’s head to the side, “Your head okay?  It looked like you hit the wall pretty hard.”  Tony ducked a little as the wolf’s paw pushed his ear out the way and he checked his head for bumps.  Coach Townson was real casual about the gesture, as if he were checking one of his players after a brutal tackle instead of examining a naked guy he had just discovered, hard as a rock, in someone else’s living room. 

It made Tony feel better because the action seemed so innocent.  It had nothing to do with what had just happened, the coach was just concerned about him. 

“Yes,” Tony said, ducking his head away from the coach’s paws.  “I’m fine Coach.  Really, I banged my head worse last night.”  Tony smiled a little, shifting his legs so he was sitting cross-legged beside the coach now that his erection had gone down some.  The blanket wrapped around his waist better now, but it was still tented up pretty badly.  Coach Townson looked away from the dog to prevent himself from staring at the dog’s muscular chest.  Now was not the time to be caught staring at the Tony’s nipples. 

“Can I ask you something?” Tony said after a while. 

“Sure.”  Coach Townson asked. 

“What are you doing here?”  The terrier asked, and now it was Coach Townson’s turn to blush slightly. 

The wolf’s ears flicked back, and he smiled a little as he stared across the room towards the kitchen.  “Oh, same reason you are I suspect.”  Tony’s face flushed red under his short fur, and the wolf chuckled slightly.  “Of course, I prefer my foxes that are a little closer to my own age.  I don’t think I could handle more than one at a time like you Big Dog.” 


Tony whined and grinned a little, hiding his face in his paws as his coach used his nickname jokingly.  “Oh god coach don’t call me that…” Tony froze and his ears shot up when his brain finished processing the wolf’s statement.  He pulled his paws away from his face, and he stared at his coach.  “Wait, what did you say?”  The wolf’s smile did not waver, and he just stared at Tony calmly.

“Say what Tony?” Coach Townson said innocently.  The sparkle in the wolf’s eye told Tony he knew exactly what he was talking about.

“Did you really just say that?  Are you…” Tony’s tongue fumbled, unable to say the word ‘gay’ while sitting naked on the floor with another male.  He ducked his head in embarrassment.

“Yes Tony, I’m homosexual.  Nothing wrong with that.” 

Tony blushed slightly, his ears drooping a bit.  Coach Townson said it so innocently, as if there really was nothing wrong with it. “Really?” the terrier asked, and the wolf just nodded.

“Okay, but why are you here now?” Tony didn’t really think about the question, he just asked it.

“I had to bring Ryan home.  He spent the night at my place, and his sons had his car.”  The wolf smiled slightly as Tony looked at him in confusion. 


“You mean, Mr. Johnson?” Tony asked uncertainly, but then his eyes widened and the terrier’s head ducked as he looked away from the wolf.  The white furred dog blushed so hard he turned pink when he realized what ‘bringing him home’ probably meant.  He couldn’t believe the wolf was being so calm about all this, while saying things Tony never could.

“Now, my turn.”  Coach Townson said, propping one knee up so he could lean against it.  “Why are you here?  I saw you at the game last night.” 

Tony swallowed nervously and said.  ‘I… I came back here with Jeff and James afterwards.”

“I see.”  The wolf’s words spoke volumes about what he believed happened after that.  “They didn’t… force you to do anything did they Tony?”

 Tony shook his head slightly.  “No,” he whispered softly.  However forward the twins had been, they had not forced him into anything.  Pushed him, teased him yes, but not forced.

“Good.”  Coach Townson said simply.  A few moments passed in silence, and the wolf had to prompt Tony a little this time.  “Your turn again.” The wolf said happily, as if this were somehow a game.  If he could keep Tony talking, then the dog might really calm down.

“Oh….” Tony’s eyes crossed for a second as he tried to think of a question.  “Um, so you’re dating Mr. Johnson?”  Tony asked sheepishly, unable to look that wolf in the eyes. 

“Yes.” Richard said easily.  “Are you dating his sons?” the wolf asked back.

Tony shook his head nervously, “No, It’s not like that.  Well maybe I am, we just…” the wolf smiled as Tony blushed so deeply his hide turned a bright red, the patch of red fur over his eyes almost disappearing into the bright red of the rest of his face.  “It all just happened so fast.” 

The wolf chuckled softly and nodded.  “Yes, yes it can.  Now, are you going to be okay?” the wolf asked sternly, putting his paw comfortingly on the dog’s shoulder.

The Jack Russell terrier smiled slightly at his coach, nodding.  “Yeah.  Just, please don’t tell anyone at school what you saw, okay?” 

The wolf patted Tony’s knee gently.  “Tony, no one would ever believe me even if I did.” The chuckle in the wolf’s voice made Tony blush even more brightly.  “Now, where have your clothes gotten too?  You need to wear more than that blanket while I’m around.” 

“They’re in the dryer.  They got soaked by the storm last night.”  Tony said with a slight smile.

“Okay.  Let me get them for you, and then I’ll make sure everyone acts normal for you, okay?”  The wolf ducked his head to meet Tony’s eyes, and the terrier smiled a little bit, nodding slightly.  “Good.  And Tony?  Don’t let today change things at school for you.  I know you worry about how people see you, too much in fact.  I would never say anything about this at the school, and I don’t want you to stop working out after school because I’ll be there when you’re finished.  I know its one of the few times you feel safe.  I don’t want you to lose that because of me.” 

Tony tilted his head to the side.  “Is that why you’ve never told anyone at school about,” Tony took a big breath and forced the words out, “being gay?”

“Yes, yes it is.  It would scare some of the other students, even though they have nothing to worry about.  I would never touch one of my students, but some parents would pull their kids out of the school over it.”  The wolf frowned, and Tony could tell how much the idea of that bothered the wolf.  “I don’t want that to happen, so I’ve kept my private life just that.  Private.  I hope you’ll do the same.”

Tony wagged his stub of a tail at the concern in the wolf’s voice, and he nodded enthusiastically.  It felt strangely good to share this secret with the wolf.  Better yet, the wolf was actually worried about how he felt and not angry with him.  Tony felt relaxed now, and he was no longer blushing so badly.  All the nervousness was gone, and he knew it was because Coach Townson had made it that way.

The wolf stood up, and Tony blinked in surprise as the wolf walked away.  He had seen it happen, but he didn’t really want to believe he had seen the wolf adjust himself as he walked away.    The terrier blushed slightly.  Had Coach Townson really adjusted an erection so it didn’t show?  The thought that the coach might be interested in him made Tony blush even more, even though the wolf had just denied ever thinking about his students that way.  It brought renewed life to Tony’s flagging erection, and he had to force himself not to think about the coach that way so it would go down. 


Coach Townson padded into the kitchen, where he found Ryan leaning against the kitchen table.  The sleek red fox was glaring at his boys, who appeared to be finishing a large breakfast.  The twins looked like they had dressed hastily, and they slunk back and forth with their ears flattened down.  Their tails drooped low as they set the table, but Coach Townson could tell Jeff was really just pretending to be embarrassed while James seemed genuinely ashamed of himself. 


“Well?” the wolf said quietly as he leaned against the table next to the fox his own age, the wood creaking under his added weight.  


Ryan looked up at Richard and smiled a little. “I’m ashamed to say I found these two in here, naked as they day they were born, and making breakfast for the poor dog they seduced last night.  I thought they should finish making it for us all, since after that they are so grounded they won’t be able to put so much as a whisker outside except for school.  I hope you will keep them away from Tony for the next two weeks for me.” 


“Happily.”  The wolf rumbled, giving the twins an angry glare.  The twins both looked at the coach guiltily, and James even wrung his paws.   The little fox mouthed, “We’re sorry.” when his father wasn’t looking, but Coach Townson shook his head in disappointment at the fox and twitched his ears backwards in anger.  He stared at the twins angrily, making sure everything in his body language told the twins he did not approve of what they had done with Tony.  That made even Jeff duck his head in shame. 

Ryan smiled as Richard’s disapproval had the desired effect, and his son’s went back to work.  Guilt was a far better motivator for his boys than yelling or shouting had ever been.  Having their favorite teacher so obviously disappointed in them would hurt the boys a lot, but they needed it this time.  They had caused everyone a great deal of embarrassment and they needed to learn to be more careful about these things.  “Tony okay?”  Ryan asked quietly. 

Richard Townson nodded slightly.  “He should be once I get him his clothes.  Where’s your dryer?”

 The fox pointed down the hallway. “Third door on the right.  How do you want your pancakes?” 

“Fluffy,” the wolf smiled slightly and leaned in to nuzzle Ryan’s cheek gently, whispering where only Mr. Johnson could hear him, “Just like I like my fox tails.”

The older fox resisted the urge to yip as the wolf sneaked a pinch at his butt, but he did chuckle and swish his tail back and forth as he watched the wolf pad down the hallway.

Then he returned to glaring disapprovingly at his son’s.  They ducked their heads and shuffled back and forth to the table.  Eventually, the twin’s muzzles creped upward in a smile, and they both looked at their dad with evil grins.   Jeff said, “Well Dad…”

“Did you?”  James finished with a happy smile.  The twins swished their fluffy fox tails first left, then right in perfect sync with each other.  It was something their father had once caught them practicing. 


Their father rolled his eyes and blushed slightly,  “Yes you little scamps we did, and if you ask me any more questions about last night I will ground you both for a month instead of two weeks.”   The twins laughed and went back to work, leaving their father alone to blush quietly. 




Tony felt much better once Coach Townson brought him his clothes, and he hurriedly scrambled back into them.  His pants felt tighter somehow, like they had shrunk in the wash, but Tony brushed the idea away as just his nerves playing tricks on him.  The big terrier padded towards the kitchen uneasily, his steps as light he could make them as he crept around the corner.  In the kitchen, the table had been set for five and the twins were hurrying to get all the food on the table. 


They seemed to be trying hard to get everything perfect, as Mr. Johnson and Coach Townson sat down beside each other at the circular table.  “Ah, good morning Tony.” Mr. Johnson said happily.  “Sorry about…” the older fox’s ears splayed out backwards in momentary embarrassment and he coughed slightly before finishing, “waking you up.”


Tony felt his face grow hot as he blushed a little and mumbled, “It’s okay.” He mumbled as he tried to sit down at the table beside Coach Townson.  In a flash Jeff was sitting in that chair, hastily setting a plate of eggs down on the table as he did.  Tony turned and was about to sit next to Mr. Johnson, but just as fast James took that seat as well, setting a plate of pancakes down at the last empty seat right between the twins.  Tony’s ears drooped slightly when he saw both twins turn and look up at him with slightly mischievous grins that looked very big on their slim vulpine muzzles. 


Tony pulled the chair out and sat down, scooting his chair in close to the table like he normally did.  Tony almost gasped in surprise when he realized the Johnson’s kitchen table was much lower set than his own and his knees were pressed against the bottom of the table.  The terrier shifted uncomfortably, but he didn’t want to sit back from the table.  That would leave too much of his lower half exposed, and everyone at the table had already seen more than he wanted them to this morning. 


That thought passed when he got a look at the massive amounts of food spread across the table.  His plate had five big, fluffy pancakes on it and there was a big stack of them in the center of the table if he wanted more.  Beside the pancakes was a plate of scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, some sausages, bisects and gravy, and even a plate of ham slices, all spread out like a feast.   Mr. Johnson asked everyone to bow their heads for a moment of silent thanks, and then Tony dug into the first real breakfast he had had in a long time.  It was most defiantly not the soggy cereal the dog was used to in the morning. 

Everyone began to eat together, happily munching the food and talking about nothing important.  Jeff and James peppered their father with questions about his work as a lawyer.  Then they switched to Coach Townson for dirt on the other teachers, while coach Townson and Mr. Johnson asked the boys about school.  The weather, the football team, homework, only normal things were mentioned.  Mr. Johnson asked Tony a lot of questions about school and what he had been doing since the older fox had seen him last.  The terrier felt a little bit like the twin’s father was grilling him for information, but Mr. Johnson was being very good-natured about it.  Nothing about the morning’s incidents, or the previous nights activities was said at all.  It was a perfect breakfast, until Tony began to feel the paws. 


It started slow at first, as Mr. Johnson asked him a question about Tony’s weight lifting.  The smooth, warm paw pad touched the top of Tony’s right paw, just lightly resting there.  Tony tensed his leg, as if he had been shocked by the touch.  He glanced at Jeff out of the corner of his eye, but the little fox was just sitting there eating as if nothing was wrong.  Tony shifted his shoulders, but the paw didn’t move again and the terrier didn’t want to draw attention to it.  He just sat there, eating his pancakes and talking to Mr. Johnson when that slight, small paw began to rub slowly at the top of his foot, brushing against Tony’s short fur and the hide beneath, moving slowly upwards as the little toe claws gripped Tony’s ankle. 

Tony’s heart began to speed up, and he breathed deeply to try and calm himself as the paw rubbed against his leg.  He knew it was Jeff, and that the little fox had decided to play under the table because his father was now deep in conversation with Coach Townson.

Then, a fluffy tail that had to belong to James flicked towards Tony and rushed against the back of his chair, where the open lower section allowed that fluffy tail to rub against Tony’s rump.  Tony actually jumped at that, dropping his fork as the tail dragged across his side and down his leg, to tickle the top of his other foot paw.  James's tail was even able to curl up his pant leg slightly.  Coach Townson glanced at Tony and the dog gave the wolf a big happy grin, fumbling slightly with his fork as he muttered about being such a klutz.  Tony picked up his fork and took a big bite of his eggs like nothing was wrong.  The dog chewed happily as the wolf watched him for a moment, squirming in his seat as Jeff’s paw began to travel farther up his pant leg.  The slim paw rubbed slowly against the muscle of his calf as James’s tail swished up and brushed against the short stub of the terrier tail again. 


Tony wanted to stop the twins, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.  The illicit touch of their smooth paw pads, the unasked for caress of those fluffy tails, and the slight, playful grins the twins wore all aroused Tony so much his erection quickly grew so big it pressed against the denim of his jeans painfully.  Tony winced slightly as his dick tented the front of his jeans up so much that it pressed painfully against the underside of the table.  The terrier looked up from his plate at the twins, who both smiled at him happily.  Tony looked across the table at Mr. Johnson and Coach Townson, hoping to draw their attention and stop the twins, but the dog’s ear fell when he saw that they were now completely engrossed in a conversation they did not want to share with the boys. 

The older fox was even hiding his muzzle with a paw, the inside of his one visible ear turning red.  He even giggled quietly at something Coach Townson whispered in his the other ear.  They were not paying attention to him at all, and so they missed Tony’s startled jump as Jeff’s slim paw dipped below the tabletop and gripped his right thigh. 


Tony bit back a whine by taking a big bite of his eggs, and he was momentarily distracted from the roving paws by the strange taste of the eggs.  It was a funny, salty taste he could not place.  It distracted him enough that the terrier did not jump when James’s paw joined his brother’s, and both twins began to rub up and down his inner thighs, teasing and touching him with their tails and hind paws as well. 


The terrier sat there and took it.  He stared blankly into space, his cock throbbing inside his jeans so painfully it made spots dance in front of the dog’s eyes.  He didn’t know what to do, so all he did was eat his eggs as four wayward paws, two from each fox touched him in ways that made the dog’s spine tingle.  One footpad from each twin was rubbing against his feet and legs, and each fox had a paw in his lap as well.  Those paws caressed and stroked at his inner thighs, rubbing up and down the bulging shaft tenting out his pants.  Their long fox tails swished back and forth, the fluffy red flags batting against Tony’s rear end and rubbing against his own docked tail, which was pressed flat against his butt.  The terrier’s tail would be firmly tucked between his legs if it had been long enough.  To cover all this, Jeff and James carried on a conversation with each other about biology class.  They spoke loudly, so their father and coach Townson would not even notice Tony’s quiet whimpers and very apparent discomfort, engrossed in their own private discussion. 


The wandering paws slid up and down the terrier’s strong legs, the muscles tensing as fingers rubbed against the massive bulge in his crotch, slowly jerking him off through his jeans.  Tony tried to eat his food and ignore the paws, hoping that Jeff and James would stop before anyone noticed. 

The twin’s would have stopped before anything happened.  Tony’s legs were bouncing under the table and his eyes were crossed, and they could tell they had gone just about as far as they could go without arousing suspicion.  Tony was obviously near his peak and they didn’t want to push him over that edge, that wasn’t the point of the game.  They wouldn’t have let their Dad or Coach Townson find out what had been happening under the table and embarrass the dog a second time, but the twin foxes’ plans all went downhill when Tony took another bite of his eggs. 


This time, the terrier got a damn good taste of what made the eggs so salty and runny.  It was fox cum.  Tony’s eyes uncrossed and he almost gagged on the eggs, but there was no denying what was in his mouth.  Tony had a mouthful of the twin’s cum, still warm and runny, mixing with the eggs with a sharp, musky flavor.  Tony chewed slowly, and the eggs tasted just like Jeff and James’s lips had the night before when his own cum had covered the foxes’ tongues and muzzles.  The terrier could taste the vulpine seed pooled on his tongue, a spicy, musky flavor and scent that flooded his nose.  Tony held the bite of eggs and jizz in his mouth, unwilling to swallow a mouth full of fox seed.  He tried desperately to ignore the paws touching him by breathing slowly through his nose like he had before, but that did not help now because the scent of cum filled his nose and overwhelmed his senses with sex.  


 Then, at the worst possible moment to do so, when Tony was barely in control of his own body and his balls were pulled up tight because the dog was so turned on, Jeff’s paw slid into the waist band of Tony’s jeans for that one last tease before the game ended.  Tony whimpered as the little fox paw snaked its way down into the dog’s underwear, and Jeff actually squeezed the base of Tony’s throbbing shaft.  Tony even swallowed the mouthful of cum in surprise. 

Tony’s eyes crossed again and he began to tremble all over as Jeff’s fingers slid up his cock, his legs spasming as his body went over the edge and the twin’s seed slid down his throat.  Tony’s cock pulsed, and he groaned in pain as his dick throbbed hard as he began to cum.  His back arched and his dick flexed, trapped by denim and cotton underwear as the terrier barked in pain, and then practically howled in relief as a loud ripping sound ended all conversation at the table with a wet thump. 

The kitchen table bounced a little, lifting into the air about two inches before settling back to the floor.  The sudden movement spilled drinks and rattled everyone’s plate.  Everyone but Tony was silent as the terrier let out a long, low moan of relief, his cock finally free of his pants and pressed against the underside of the table, leaving behind a sticky wet spot of cum. 


Tony’s shoulders shook and his body trembled with relief, the pressure that the twin’s teasing had built up dissipated as his body achieved a very unwanted but powerful orgasm.  The dog panted, his cock no longer in pain and his body drained of energy as everyone at the table just sort of sat there stunned, staring at him.  Mr. Johnson and Coach Townson especially were shocked by his sudden, and rather lewd outburst.  They watched open mouthed, as the dog’s pained expression became one of dopey relief. Tony’s tongue even hung from the side of his muzzle just a little.  The terrier looked numbly at the stunned faces around him.  Then as one, all four of the other males in the room leaned over and peeked under the table. 


Tony began to pant slowly, his chest tightening as it heaved up and down as he tried to regain his breath.  He did not have to look to know what they saw down there; he could feel what had happened just fine.  The zipper on his pants had burst open, wide enough that six or seven inches of his cock had thrust right out the hole and was now pressed firmly against the underside of the table, smearing a sticky wet spot of dog cum against the wood because he had cum so hard his seed had been forced right through his underwear.  Worse, the guilty fox paw was still thrust into his pants. 

Jeff’s eyes widened in terror and he jerked his paw out of Tony’s pants, but the damage was good and done.  His father had clearly seen what had happened.  The three foxes and wolf all stared at the head of the dog’s dick, easy to see through the now wet cotton of his underwear.  Everyone leaned back up and the table stared awkwardly at each other, ears folded back as they all blushed deeply. 

“Oh dear Tony…” Mr. Johnson whispered, wiping the sweat out of the fur on his forehead. “It looks like my son had over fed you this morning.”   His eyebrows rose rather dramatically as he glared at his son.  The little fox looked like he wanted to slink under the table and crawl away from his father like a bug.


Tony looked at Coach Townson, panting slightly as his body recovered from the intensity of the orgasm, but the wolf immediately looked away from him.  The insides of the wolf’s ears turned red and he refused to meet Tony’s eyes he was so embarrassed.  The terrier could feel the rush of warmth across his face and chest, as he blushed so hard he turned a soft pink color.  Tony’s chest felt like it was in a vise and tears began forming in his eyes.  All Tony could think about, all he wanted was for the wolf to look at him and say it was going to be all right.  To make things better somehow, like he had before. 

Coach Townson opened his mouth to say something, closed it and then got up from the table.  Tony could see that the coach’s slacks were tented out badly.  The wolf patted Ryan’s shoulder slightly and went into the living room, his legs shaking and his tail tucked between them as he walked stiffly away.  All the wolf could think about was the image of Tony’s massive cock straining against his underwear, literally holding up a table as it dripped cum.  Tony watched him go, and just wanted to die in shame.


“Tony sweetie, why don’t you go and take a shower?”  Mr. Johnson said carefully as he handed the terrier a hand towel to cover up with that was really much too small to be any good.  “I can mend your pants for you while you do.”  Mr. Johnson said soothingly, and Tony slunk away from the table, holding the tiny towel over the wet, broken hole in his pants.   

When the big dog was out of earshot, Ryan Johnson leveled an evil glare at his twin sons, and Jeff and James literally shrunk back in their chairs.  They looked down at their plates in shame, unable to meet their father’s cold, angry eyes.  “I have never, ever been so disappointed in you two as I am today.  What happened before, that was an accident.  This… this is not.  I am going to go get my sewing kit and help that poor dog you have tortured today,” Their father said quietly, in a calm voice that barely contained his anger.  “Jeff, go to your room and do not come out.  James, clean up the table and then do the same.”


Four little black fox ears flicked so far back they disappeared into red fur, and they both mumbled, “Yes sir,” into their chest fur before Jeff slunk away to his room as quickly as possible and James hurriedly cleared the table.  Mr. Johnson got up from the table and went to the laundry room for his sewing supplies, his own pants badly tented as he silently cursed himself and his sons. 




Tony did not find the Johnson twin’s bathroom any larger than he had the first time he used it to change.  This time though the dog’s face was streaked with tears instead of rain, and he choked back sobs instead of a smile as he stripped out of his broken pants and the rest of his clothes. He threw his pants out the door and climbed into the small shower, the dark shower curtain shrouding him in shadows.  Tony turned the water on sniffling and hiccupping a little, his nose twitching as he held back his tears and waited for the water to warm up.  

The terrier put his arms against the wall and put his face underneath the showerhead, pulled the knob on the faucet and sent warm water crashing into his face.  Tony closed his eyes and let the spray of water beat against his forehead and face.  His jaw trembled slightly as the water relaxed him, and then he just let all his emotions out in a low howl of despair.  The terrier began to cry hard, his mind filled with angry, hurtful thoughts about himself.

How could he be so stupid?  Why had he let this happen?   He could have stopped the twins from touching him at any time.  He could have just pushed their paws away, told them to stop; anything would have been better than sitting there, paralyzed with fear until he lost control.  Tony cursed the twins and his own fear and then just sobbed, his shoulders shaking violently as the shower washed away his tears.  


He had ruined everything all over again.  Before, Coach Townson had somehow smoothed over the fact that he had been sleeping naked on the couch, and Tony had actually believed it had worked. For just a short time at the breakfast table, Tony had felt normal.  Everyone knew he was different, but they did not treat him that way.  They knew, but it did not matter.  Coach Townson had convinced them he was normal.  Now, Tony had proven the wolf wrong and there was no way anyone would respect him after this.


Tony slammed his fist into the wall and his shouted at the top of his lungs, all his shame turning to anger at his own actions.  How could he have done this?  He’d busted in his pants like a damn child, right in front of everyone.  Even now, his erection had not gone down all the way.  It slapped against his chest when he moved and rubbed against the tile wall, begging to be touched again.  Tony cursed himself, banging his fist into the wall until he was afraid the tiles would crack. 


Minutes passed and the dog’s erection began to fade, his cock sinking down a little under its own weight as the room filled with steam.  The shame of the day’s events did not diminish however, and the dog felt like he had been punched in the chest. 

Tony’s ears leapt up as a slight creaking sound filtered over the rush of water.  He stepped to the edge of the tub and peered around the shower curtain, glancing out into the restroom so that only his head would be visible.  The dog’s ears drooped when he saw the little fox head peeking around the bathroom door in the same way.  Tony ducked back a little bit and made sure the shower curtain hide his body.  “What do you want?”  Tony muttered angrily at the small fox, unsure exactly which twin it was.  The fox’s ears flicked backward and he looked down as he stepped into the bathroom and closed the door, wringing his hands a bit. 

“Just to talk.”  It took Tony a moment, but he could tell it was James.  The fox had his tail tucked between his legs, and Jeff just didn’t do that even when he was embarrassed.  James coughed a bit, making sure not to look directly at Tony.  “We wanted to say we’re sorry.  We, well things didn’t really go the way we wanted them to this morning,” James was obviously speaking for both of the twins, even though Jeff wasn’t there.


Tony hung his head and whimpered, “Tell me about it.”  The terrier’s voice was hollow, and the dog could not have hidden his shame even if he had wanted to.


James flattened his ears even farther back and took a step forward, so he was standing right in front of the dog even though Tony’s body was hidden by the dark shower curtain, “Oh god we’re so sorry Tony.  Breakfast wasn’t supposed to go that far, Jeff just wanted to tease you a little.  We thought Dad was going to be gone all day or we would have woke you ourselves.”  The fox ducked his head a bit, a shyness creeping into his smile.  “We were going to, well wake you up in a nice way.” 

Tony ducked his head, slinking his body further back into the safety of the shower.  “You were going to… play with me again weren’t you?  Like you did at breakfast?”

The fox looked down, his tail curling around one leg.  “Yeah…” the little fox rubbed his paws over his arms, “you seemed to at least enjoy that part of last night.”

Tony’s jaw trembled, and he was very glad he had the shower curtain to hide behind.  The fact that his cock jumped at the mere mention of what had happened last night was not a comforting one for the terrier.  “I guess… why did you guys even do this to me?”  The terrier put all the desperation he felt into that question, as he searched for some sense in the craziest day he had ever had.

“Because I like you…” James said softly. 

“I?”  Tony cocked his head to the side and looked right at the little fox.  “Not we?”

James and his brother were very average foxes, colored like every red fox Tony had ever seen.  So the undersides of their muzzles were a creamy white color, but when James blushed the fur under his throat turned a bright pink, and his ears swiveled out from his head, the black tips making his face look like a large arrow as his muzzle dipped down a bit.  “Well Jeff likes you too,” James mumbled, “but not as much as I do.” 


“Why?”  Tony said, a bit of anger creeping into his voice.  “Why did you do all this to me?  What makes you want me over someone else?” 

James blinked slightly, turning his head to the side a little.  “You’re, kidding right?”  He asked hesitantly, “Have you looked at yourself?” 

“Looked at myself? Yes I’ve looked at myself, I’m a freak!”  Tony glared at the fox, dropping the shower curtain and revealing his big, bulky body.  His short fur did not look much different when wet, but his hard cock flopped forward without the curtain’s support, jutting out towards the fox and almost hitting him in the stomach.   James’s mouth dropped just a bit, and he stared at Tony with a look of real desire.  “Look at me James.  I’m so tall I have to duck through doors.  I’m so heavy I break chairs, and I’m so hung I bust my own pants!”  Tony whined, his voice desperate.  “That’s not what a terrier is supposed to be!  Why would anybody want a giant, clumsy oaf like me?”


James didn’t respond at first, he just sort of blinked.  The fox stared at the massive cock thrust out towards him, a little flash of pink tongue moving across his lips.  Then he blinked a second time and looked up at Tony, as if coming out from under a spell.  “Because you’re beautiful…” James whispered, his voice soft and breathless.  The fox stared up at the dog with big, open green eyes.  The fox reached his paw out a little bit, and even though Tony pulled grabbed his cock with one paw and pulled it away from the fox, James wasn’t going to touch him there.  The little fox put his paw on the dog’s muscled forearm, and Tony was surprised how light the fox’s touch was even though he was gripping the dog’s arm with all his strength.  “Besides the obvious reason?  You’re strong Tony, and yet you’re sweet.  Not many guys are both.  You’ve got a handsome face, especially when you smile.”   The fox’s head tilted to the side a bit, and he reached farther up, standing on his tiptoes to touch his paw to the blushing dog’s face, “and you’re cute when you blush.  God, you are just spectacular Tony.”  The fox sighed wistfully, his paw falling away from the frightened dog’s face.  “I can’t believe you don’t see that.”

            Tony ducked his head and slunk backwards, pulling the shower curtain closed so he no longer had to hold his dick back.  James’s touch was exciting him almost as much as if the fox had grabbed his dick.  “I’m nothing James.”  The terrier muttered, “Nobody will ever want a freak like me.  Just leave me alone.”  The little fox looked up at the dog, and his eyes narrowed slightly. 

“No, you’re not a freak Tony.”  When the much bigger dog ducked his head and refused to look him in the eyes, James reached out again and forced Tony to look at him.  “Really.”  The fox whispered, and when Tony looked down at that hopeful, almost bright smile on the little fox’s face he couldn’t help but believe the fox.  James’s muzzle was pointed up at Tony’s down turned nose, the edges of that slim fox muzzle were curved into a smile, and his big, black tipped ears were cupped forward.  He looked up at Tony with admiration.   It made the terrier’s arms stop trembling, and his heart slowed.  James didn’t think he was a freak or a klutz or weird.  James thought he was handsome.   James kissed him on the nose, Tony smiled slightly and then they kissed for real, a soft, tender kiss on the lips. 


Tony closed his eyes, and as he kissed James he let his guard down for a moment.  He let the shower curtain go slack so it did not separate them.   The dog opened his muzzle slightly, and James turned his head so that the fox’s much smaller muzzle meshed just a bit with Tony’s big, square jawed muzzle.  The fox’s little tongue touched Tony’s just for a moment, and James stroked the back of his head tenderly.  The movement splashed shower water onto the fox, spraying his face and shirt, and James pulled back in surprise. 


James started to wipe the water off his face and shirt with a towel, and then moment passed.  Tony pulled the curtain back between them again, and James went to the door.  “Tony?” James said quietly, just before he left.  The dog poked his head out of the shower again, and the little fox smiled at him, his tail pinned to his leg as he blushed slightly.  “Thank you for staying the night.”  Tony blinked, and did not say anything before the fox slipped out of the room.


Tony leaned back against the shower wall, completely confused and yet calmer now.  He looked down at his own body, and just did not understand what the fox saw in him.  But James was telling the truth.  The look of complete admiration in James’s eyes, the desire he had for Tony was something that could not have been faked, and even if Tony did not understand, it did calm him.  Just like Coach Townson had.  He cleaned himself off without another word or tear.  The dog dried himself off and pulled on the sweat pants he had borrowed from Mr. Johnson the night before.  Hopefully, the older fox was done fixing his pants and he could just go home before anything else happened. 


Tony opened the bathroom door just in time to see Coach Townson turn the corner at the end of the hallway.  Tony’s heart leapt into his throat, and he padded after him cautiously, hoping to explain to him what had happened in the kitchen.  Tony got to the end of the hall just as the wolf slipped into the master bedroom, leaving the door open slightly behind him.  Tony followed again, peering through the crack in the door. 


Mr. Johnson was sitting at a desk against the far wall.  Tony’s pants lay out in front of him along with a momentarily forgotten sewing kit.  Tony blushed a bit, his ears drooping slightly when he realized he was spying on a private moment between the two adults.  Coach Townson had his paws on Mr. Johnson’s shoulders and they were kissing tenderly, the ends of their muzzles meshed just slightly as he and James had done just minutes before. 


"Hey there you,” Ryan Johnson said a flip of his tail when the kiss broke, sending his bushy red fox tail flicking back and forth against the legs of the wolf behind him. 

"Hey there fox."  Coach Townson said quietly and gestured with his muzzle towards the broken jeans.  "You going to be able to fix those long suffering, but very lucky pants?"  Tony's ears burned slightly at the wolf's comment.  The coach looked very uncomfortable, and he adjusted himself slightly as Ryan looked back at the sewing project his sons had created. 


"I should be."  The fox picked up the jeans and showed the wolf the crotch, where he had unstitched the seam holding the zipper in.  "This zipper just needs to be replaced.  I got very good at replacing them, since Jeff and James seem to wear theirs out rather quickly.”  The older fox turned back to the wolf, a slight grin creeping across his muzzle as the wolf’s nose twitched and he petted the crotch of Tony’s jeans just a little bit.  "But I don't think you came in here to talk about my sewing skills." 

Richard Townson sighed deeply and sat down on the corner of the bed closest to the fox's desk. A moment of silence passed between them as Ryan turned his chair to face the wolf.  “No, I didn’t.”  The wolf said finally, and Tony had never seen his coach look like that before.  He was really, really ashamed of himself as he looked up Ryan. 

The fox reached a black-socked paw out and brushed it through the wolf’s short head fur.  “You shouldn’t feel bad about what happened with Tony.  It wasn’t your fault this morning.”  

Tony blushed and so did the wolf; who flicked his ears forward and rolled his eyes.  “Oh I know that, I didn’t leave him on the couch last night, or tease him but I shouldn’t be…” the wolf struggled with the next word for a moment, “Attracted to him like this.”

“You’re a male Richard, you can’t help yourself.”  Ryan cut the wolf off, grinning slightly as he patted the coach’s knee.  “I know you make a big deal about protecting your students, but you could never have anticipated finding one of them spread out like a pinup on my couch like Tony was.”  Tony blushed very deeply now, his short tail pinned to his rump again as the wolf laughed slightly, his arousal easy to see because of how badly the wolf’s member tented his khaki pants.  “Its just nature Richard, really.”  Ryan said, patting the wolf’s leg comfortingly.

The wolf smiled slightly as the fox nuzzled at his cheek, and Richard rubbed his muzzle against the fox’s neck, enjoying Ryan’s strong scent.  “I know, but you don’t understand.  I’ve held my feelings back for a long time now.  At the school it’s easy, I just don’t think about it.  Some of my students aren’t kids anymore, they’re adults.”  The wolf chuckled slightly, his paw rubbing at Ryan’s leg gently.  “Heck, a few are more men then I ever was at that age.  I can tell which ones have had sex before because they don’t have any shame about it.  A few of them walk around like being naked is nothing at all.”  The wolf’s smile disappeared, and he frowned darkly.  “But others are like Tony, so scared of sex they never take their pants off even to change.  Tony would have failed gym because he refused to dress out and play the games.  If I didn’t let him into the weight program after school so he can work out alone…” the wolf sighed heavily, his lips pressing against the side of Ryan’s face.  The fox smiled at the kiss, and hugged the wolf as Richard said, “I want to help them, but I don’t want to hurt them either.  They’re my students, and no matter how adult they may be it just never feels right having those thoughts.”

Ryan sighed softly, his fingers running over the wolf’s head between his ears.  “I know it’s hard.  You want to protect them.”  The fox petted the wolf’s head fur and nuzzled him slightly, their cheeks rubbing together.  “I also understand that feeling of helplessness over unwanted attraction.  Wanting someone and hating yourself for it is no way to live Richard.  I was like that for a long time after my Sophie passed away.” 


The wolf’s ears perked upward slightly, and he looked Ryan in the eyes.  “You’ve, never mentioned your wife like that before.  Was it hard for you, to go back to being gay after her?”  The fox nodded slightly, and he sighed as he leaned into the wolf’s arms.  Tony smiled slightly, watching them comfort each other so gently.  The terrier could see it in the way they held each other.  They were in love. 

“It was.”  Ryan Johnson said quietly, “I spent a long time hating myself for being attracted to males, especially before she died.”  The fox grinned a little, his muzzle bumping against the wolf’s chin to keep him silent, “and yes, I was still a tail raising fox even though I had a mate.  She knew it too, even before we were married.  She told me once, ‘Its just part of your nature to be attracted to other males, and you can’t hate yourself for that.’” 

The fox’s paw caressed the wolf’s gray muzzle, black furred fingers running between his ears.  “You’re the same way Richard.”  Ryan said with a smile, and the fox rubbed his slim muzzle under the wolf’s chin.  “You said it yourself, some of your students are men not boys.  You’re a gay man, and those reactions are going to happen.  You just have to channel those feelings somewhere else.” 


“I know, but it not always easy.”  The wolf hugged his boyfriend tightly. “A locker room full of naked men is not a good place to be sometimes.”

Ryan pulled back a little bit, his paws resting on the wolf’s shoulders, “Well, at least you never walked in on your twin boys mating in the shower.

Tony’s ears shot up, and he leaned in close as the wolf laughed.  “Oh, you’re joking.  You must be.”  The wolf turned his head to the side and ducked it a bit, grinning at the fox sitting in his lap, “Really?” 

Ryan Johnson nodded slightly, the older fox’s legs sliding up so he was curled in the wolf’s lap.  “Really.  I caught Jeff mounting James in the shower about a year ago.  I think they had been doing it for a while though.”  The wolf laughed slightly, shaking his head, as the fox blushed a bit.  “I made them promise not to play with each other, but I think that may have backfired on me.  Tony is not the first boy they’ve had spend the night.”

The wolf was still chuckling, his paw rubbing his chin.  “Ah, so that is why the bathroom door doesn’t lock.”  The wolf muttered, tilting his head back as if he were thinking.  “I was wondering about that.”

“Yes, I had to break all the locks after that.”  The fox’s muzzle twisted into a concerned look, and he turned to look towards the door.  Tony ducked back; almost yipping in fright, but the older fox did not see him.  “I hope the boys have stayed in their room and not bothered Tony again while he’s in the shower.”


Tony blushed when he heard the soft, whining sound coming from the wolf inside the room. “Oh don’t remind me where he is.”  Richard muttered, licking his lips slightly.

“Why, wolf?”  Ryan said playfully, a big grin on his muzzle as he pushed on the wolf’s chest and leaned him back onto the bed.  “Does the thought of Tony, wet and naked excite you?”   The fox grinned, nipping at the wolf’s ear slightly.  “Do you need a fox to fix your pants too?” 

Richard Townson laughed and whined a little as the fox he was dating ground himself quite lewdly against his body, and Tony blushed hard at the sight of the two adults being so obviously sexual with each other.  “You are an evil fox, do you know that?”  Richard muttered; his ears twisting backwards as he blushed hard. 


The fox’s muzzle spilt into an evil, mischievous grin that told Tony just which parent the twins had gotten their playful side from.  “I thought we agreed, no lawyer jokes.”  The fox nipped at the wolf’s neck, and the wolf laughed, “And I make no dumb jock jokes.”  Ryan got up and out of Coach Townson’s lap, sitting back down at his desk.  “Now, let me finish this, and then you can take Tony home.”


The wolf stood up, smiling slightly as he kissed the fox on the top of his head between his big, black tipped ears, “Alright handsome, but then we’re going out to lunch.  Sound good?”


Tony did not stay to hear the fox’s respond.  He scrambled away from the door and went to the living room, hoping neither of them saw him leave.





Tony sat on the couch, drumming his hands unevenly on his knees.  Jeff and James were still in their rooms and so he waited, alone and nervous on the couch he had lost his virginity on for Coach Townson to bring him his pants. 


Tony ran his fingers over the couch cushions, touching the dried spots of cum from the night before.  It felt like last night had been years ago because the morning had stretched on forever.  Everything that had happened confused and frightened him, and worst of all he wasn’t sure if he wanted to undo any of it.  He looked up when Coach Townson padded into the room.  


The wolf’s fur was ruffled in places and his tail wagged back and forth.   The terrier blushed slightly and pulled his paw away from the stains on the couch as the wolf said, “You ready to go home Tony?” The wolf handed him his mended pants with one paw and twirled his car keys in the other.

“Sure Coach.” Tony muttered, unable to look the wolf in the eyes.  He could smell the sharp, arousing scent of fox sex lingering on the wolf, and the big grin on Richard Townson’s face made the terrier blush a little. 

The dog went into the bathroom to change, and then followed the wolf out the front door.  Coach Townson locked the door behind him, and the dog noticed that the wolf’s key looked very new.  They walked down the front sidewalk, and climbed into the wolf’s truck.  Once both doors were closed, the wolf started the engine and drove Tony home. 

They didn’t talk much, and Tony was glad of that.  He could just barely smell Mr. Johnson’s scent on the wolf, and knowing what the two had been thinking about did not make the terrier any more comfortable.  As the wolf turned down Tony’s street, he coughed softly and said, “Tony, did you have a good time, despite everything that happened?”  The terrier nodded slightly, not meeting the wolf’s eyes.  “I don’t want, well, my relationship with Ryan to get in the way of whatever you and his boys have.”  Coach Townson coughed again nervously, and Tony felt his face grow a little hot as the wolf continued, “And I don’t want this weekend to become a problem for you at school.”


Tony remembered the wolf’s explanation of his private life, and the way that James had looked at him in the shower.  However bad the day had begun, some parts had been good.  “I, I think I’m going to be okay.”  Tony smiled a little as the wolf’s truck slid to a stop outside his house.  The terrier felt his heart jump just a little when the wolf smiled back and rubbed his head with a paw, right over the red spot of fur on his face.  The friendly head rub set the terrier’s short, floppy ears shaking back and forth, and Tony laughed a little.   He smiled at Coach Townson, who grinned back at him.  “Thanks Coach.”  He said happily.

“I, I should go.  I’d,” Tony’s voice failed him, and he swallowed slowly.  The whole drive, he had been working up the courage to ask his coach one question and the wolf’s easy, normal smile made it easier now.  “Maybe, you can tell me the next time you’re going to spend the night with Mr. Johnson?  It was, it was really nice, having breakfast with you and Mr. Johnson before Jeff… well…” The dog’s face turned beat red, and he ducked his head so far his chin touched his chest. 

“Sure Tony,” the wolf said with a smile, “and next time I’ll call the house before opening the door.”  The dog and wolf smiled, and the terrier blushed only a little bit as he opened the door and went inside his house.  Coach Townson drove away as Tony shut the door behind him with a sigh.  The one person who did not look at him as a freak or a potential boyfriend had just driven away, and it made him sad. 


“Hey dad, I’m home.” The terrier called out, and went to his room.



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