JD, Alan and Shane go to the Mall.  So, for that matter, do David, Kyle and Nick.  Even Blake stops by. 


Why?  Because faggots like to shop that’s why. 


What?  You were expecting a better reason?


Have you been reading this series at all up to this point? 


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High School Days Chapter 20

A Little Fun at the Mall



            Alan woke up with a low groan.  The rat’s body ached and his head felt like someone was tap dancing inside his skull.  He sat up weakly on the edge of the strange bed he was laying on, his vision fuzzy.  “Oh god… what happened…?”  He muttered, looking around the unfamiliar room that smelled strongly of a male raccoon he vaguely remembered. 


Shane’s head peeked out of his closet, and the raccoon’s masked face seemed strangely familiar but at the same time not.  His voice was still beautiful, but the volume of it assaulted Alan from across the room.  “You got drunk, probably for the first time.  Enjoying your first hangover?”  Alan groaned as the raccoon went back to rummaging through his closet, and the tap dancer returned to the rodent’s head.

The rat flicked his ears down and put his paws over them as he rolled onto his back and lay back down on the bed.  Just the noise of the raccoon moving around made his headache worse and the soft light from outside made the rat squint. Alan’s whiskers fanned out in displeasure as he pressed his ears back into the bed in an attempt to block out the sounds. 


“You going to get up, or just lay there like a fuzzy lump?”  Shane asked happily as he padded out of the closet.  Alan blinked in surprise and stared at the raccoon, who was wearing a shirt and nothing else.  The rat swallowed nervously as he glimpsed Shane’s sheath, the raccoon’s balls barely visible under his shirt.  Shane turned around and pulled on a pair of underwear, and Alan got a good look at the raccoon’s ass.  The spot where the raccoon’s fluffy tail met his rump looked especially nice as he leaned down to grab his pants.

Alan rolled up into a sitting position and looked away from the raccoon, pressing his ears even flatter against his head in embarrassment, his whip like tail flicking back and forth.  Alan’s thoughts were still fuzzy, but he was starting to remember everything that had happened the night before, especially what had happened with JD. 

He turned his head just enough to see Shane out of the corner of his eye, and his whiskers flattened down in embarrassment as Shane finished pulled on his pants.  The raccoon was a little on the pudgy side, but the curve of his butt made Alan’s nose twitch, and just the thought of the raccoon’s sheath made Alan’s heart race.  He mentally kicked himself for staring so blatantly at another guy like that, and the rat kept his eyes firmly away from the raccoon’s body as Shane finished getting dressed.  Alan looked around the raccoon’s room, marveling at how much stuff and music was packed into the tiny room.

“So, um, I guess you should get me home huh?”  Alan muttered, trying to think of anything else but what lay underneath Shane’s paws as the raccoon buttoned up his fly.

“If you want, but I think you should hang around. JD and I are going down to the mall to get some stuff for the band tryout in two weeks.  You should come and pick some stuff up with us.” 


Alan grinned, his whiskers spreading out as he turned around to face the now fully clothed raccoon.  “Really?”  He asked happily, and the raccoon nodded with a smile. 


“Sure, besides you could really use a hair cut.”  Shane said, ruffling Alan’s black head fur as he walked by the bed and towards the bedroom door.

“Hey, I like my hair.  Black looks good on me.” Alan muttered as they walked out of the raccoon’s room and into the main room.

“Yeah it does, but you need a better color than black and a new style. Right JD?”  Shane said happily. 

Alan swallowed nervously when he caught sight of the hyena.  JD was standing over a big griddle he had set up on the kitchen counter with a spatula in one paw, wearing only a pair of faded black jeans.  He flipped the pancakes one by one, and he only barely glanced at Alan when he came out of Shane’s room.  The hyena grinned slightly as he tossed a flapjack into the air.  He didn’t seem so threatening now in the light of day, but the hyena’s body still caught Alan’s eye and made the rat lick his lips nervously.  Even now, the hyena seemed to radiate confidence and seemed utterly cool.

JD looked up at the rat’s head fur and titled his head to the side for a moment as the pancakes sizzled.  “Yeah he needs Celeste to do something with that.”  The hyena muttered. 


Shane sat down at the big table in the middle of the main room, which had been mostly cleared off for breakfast.  Only a small stack of mix CDs remained on the table.  “Really?” the raccoon said as JD handed him a big plate of flapjacks.  “I was thinking Stella would do a better job.” 


JD laughed and it was the classic hyena laugh, which Alan thought sounded much more like a bark.  Coming from JD it sounded better than a normal laugh, cooler somehow.   “Yeah, if you want his hair to end up bright pink.  Stella does a great dye job, but he needs a cut.  Something that doesn’t say last year’s punk wannabe.”  Alan sat down across from Shane as JD set a second plate of pancakes down in front of him, and he glared up at the hyena for a second.  JD sat down at the table and didn’t even seem to notice the rat’s glare. 

“Don’t I get a say in this?”  Alan muttered under his breath, annoyed that they were just deciding to change his hairstyle like that without even asking him. 


“Nope.” they both answered together, sounding for a moment every bit like a happy couple having breakfast.

Alan ducked his head and flicked his ears back as they both grinned at him, blushing a little bit as he began to eat with them. 




The heat of the day had begun to seep into the Perez household.  The few kids left in the house could feel the temperature creeping upward, and by now even David knew that Mrs. Perez would not be turning up the air conditioning. 


The kangaroo sighed, turning his new wallet over and over in his paws as he sat at the kitchen table and waited.  Mrs. Perez had given the wallet to him towards the beginning of the week, when she’d taken him out to get his drivers license and other ID's made.  It didn't have much in it at first, just the paper slip that said he had passed the driving test, but before breakfast today she had given him the rest of the money the state had allowed for him and told him to go shopping for clothes with Kyle when he got home. 

It was a whole lot more money than he had expected, but David realized numbly that it probably wasn’t much.  He had to buy new clothes and school supplies, and he wouldn’t be seeing any more money for months unless he got a job.  In the end though, David didn’t really care.  The cash meant more clothes and a new calling card so he could continue his search for Todd.

The kangaroo frowned slightly.  His efforts to find Todd kept running into brick walls.  The people who owned Todd’s old house had screamed at him when they found out why he was calling for Todd, cursed him as a sinful boy who needed to have the devil flogged out of him.  The teachers at his old school had no idea where Todd was now, and the principal would not open his files to tell him where he had moved.  He was going to start calling the police and post office next.  Maybe he would have more luck that way.

If he could ever get the phone back, that is. David sighed and perked his ears up, listening as somewhere back in the bedrooms Mrs. Perez was screaming into the phone.  She was probably yelling at Kyle still, but there was a chance she had moved on to someone else.  He could vaguely hear the shouts coming from the back of the house, but he could hear them better coming out of the kitchen phone.

A pair of the younger foster kids, a young badger and a hare, were quietly listening in on Mrs. Perez’s call as she screamed at whoever was on the other end.  They were sharing little smiles with each other, oblivious to the rest of the room as they leaned in close to each other and listened.  David smiled softly to himself as he watched the young boys. 


‘Is that what Todd and I looked like at that age?’ he thought.  He watched as the two boys leaned in a bit too close to each other and the end of the rabbit’s muzzle bumped against the badger’s nose.  David shook his head as the two boys smiled sheepishly at each other, not saying anything but not really moving away from each other either.   No wonder Todd's parents had taken things so well back when he and the fox had first been together.  Mr. and Mrs. Hayes had probably figured out he and Todd were in love long before they had even realized what was happening.


Of course, the two budding lovers were not the only kids left in the house.  A couple of the other foster kids were milling around the living room, waiting for rides or other ways out of the house to prevent themselves from going crazy in the slowly warming house.  Most of the actual Perez children were long gone.  David suspected one of the girls might be hiding in her room for some reason, but he wasn’t even sure if Mrs. Perez’s children had even come home the night before.  Mrs. Perez had said Kyle would take him to the mall, but the tiger had never shown back up at the house after the football game.


 David got the feeling that this was the way the weekends around here always went.  Anyone old enough to be out on his or her own got out as fast as they could, while the younger ones were left sprawled out on the floor with a look of collective boredom on their faces as they watched the flickering television.


David groaned and rested his head on the table, the gloomy feeling of boredom filling the room settling into his thoughts and killing his hopes.  He didn’t really want to go shopping today, but he really needed new clothes.  He was tired of wearing the slacks and dress shirts he had from the Academy.  If he could just get to a store he could buy a phone card and start searching for Todd again, but instead he was trapped in this slowly warming little house that was supposed to be his home, which was turning out to be the most boring place he’d ever been. 

David’s ears perked up as a distinctive rumble echoed through the house, and David hopped up just as Nick’s black mustang pulled up into the drive way.  Salvation, it seemed, had come at last.

Kyle had only barely opened the car door when David came rushing out of the house. “You ready?”  The tiger asked, but David was already hopping over the side of the car and into the back seat.

“Like you would never believe.”  David said, a little breathless from his mad dash from the house.  Nick turned around and gave the kangaroo a big grin.

The sun reflected off the wolf’s sunglasses, and the wolf’s teeth were a stark white in the bright sun. “Having fun?”  Nick said, flashing his brown eyes over the mirrored sunglasses. 

David smiled as the tiger sat back down and closed the door, and the wolf’s sports car rumbled out of the driveway. “Am now.” He said as the wind rushed through his short fur.




Blake walked with a bounce in his step through the doors of the Hadenview mall. The white rabbit fiddled with his broken camcorder as he looked around at the other people in the mall, wishing he could film them as he passed them.  He was still annoyed that Leon had broken the lens by shoving him like that.  Blake grinned, licking his big front teeth.  He was just glad the movie he had shot had been retrievable.  The lion made such a great star; it would have been a shame to lose the video along with the camera lens.


The rabbit put a serious swish into his hips as he strutted into the Wolfe Camera store and set his broken camcorder down on the counter.  The coyote behind the counter looked up at him just as Blake turned to the side and leaned against the glass cabinet that served as the stores counter.  The rabbit grinned up at the older male, watching as the coyote blinked once, twice and then openly stared at his ass, which he had pressed up against the glass case.  Blake loved to pose like this; it showed off just how short the rabbit’s shorts were and how tight his tummy was all at once. 

“Can I help you?”  The coyote asked breathlessly, and Blake batted his eyes. 

“I think you can sugar.”   The rabbit said happily, and the coyote began to pant a little.  “I need something, fixed for me.”  Blake held up the camera and smiled at the coyote over it, his big ears folded back so his head looked smaller as he batted his eyes at the taller male.


Blake had to suppress a giggle as the coyote’s tongue almost dropped out of his mouth and he mumbled something about having the equipment in the back room.  He led the rabbit back into the stock room, his tail wagging up a storm.  He practically drooled all over Blake as he started to repair the broken camcorder.  Blake sighed and leaned against a table, posing for the coyote as he worked.

‘This is such a great mall,’ Blake thought to himself as he turned around and showed off his ass, which made the coyote whimper softly.  Sure, it wasn’t flashy like the big places downtown.  It didn’t have any good gay bookstores, or even a really chic designer clothing store.  The rabbit grinned, as the coyote fumbled with the camera and the coyote’s tail brushed against his legs as it wagged back and forth.  It had one thing going for it that none of the fancy malls in the city did.

It was the best place to cruise hot guys for sex in a hundred miles. 

When the coyote finished fixing the camera, he leaned over the rabbit’s shoulder to hand it to him, getting so close to the rabbit that he was practically spooning Blake.  Blake grinned as the coyote brushed against him from behind, and he leaned over the table a little more as he examined the repair job, letting the coyote have a good look at his butt.  When Blake was satisfied it was fixed he turned the camera on and set it on a shelf, flipping around the fold out screen so he could see his own smiling face fill the picture and the sight of the panting coyote behind him.  He flashed the camera a grin, and then looked back at the coyote over his shoulder. 


The rabbit slipped his paws into the back of his shorts and pushed them down slowly to expose the top few inches of his butt cheeks.  The coyote gave a startled bark and nearly died when he saw the rabbit’s pink tail hole winking at him under his small cottontail.  The rabbit was obviously not wearing anything under his shorts today.  “So, how much will this cost me?”  Blake said with a grin, his small cottontail held up high for the coyote.  The clerk was already fumbling with his pants and locking the door. 


Blake’s laugh turned into a moan of delight as the coyote went to work again with a much nicer tool.



The sun beat down on the blacktop, sending heat waves shimmering back towards the sky as Nick and Kyle padded their way across the parking lot.  David trailed behind them a few feet, not comfortable walking between the two big males.  The kangaroo chewed his lip, trying to figure out what was different between Nick and Kyle but he just couldn’t figure it out.  The two football stars were wearing their blue and white football jackets and matching jeans, but for some reason Nick seemed much more relaxed than normal and Kyle jumped at even the slightest thing Nick did, as if the tiger expected to get attacked at any moment. 


When they got inside the mall, Nick turned to David and pulled his sunglasses off.  “So, how long you think you’ll need to get everything David?”  The wolf gave David a slight grin, and tapped his shades against one paw.  Kyle glanced around, his thick tail swaying back and forth as he looked over the directory listing next to the doors.


“Umm, I’m not sure.  A couple hours at least, I’ve got a lot to buy.”  David shrugged his shoulders lightly.  “How long can we stay?”


“Long as you need.”  Nick said with a grin, his sunglasses slipping into his jacket pocket.  “Why don’t we catch a movie, Kyle?”  The wolf reached out and tapped his fist against the kangaroo’s shoulder, a playful grin on his face.  “Then we’ll meet you upstairs in the food court, in say about three hours?  We’ll help you get anything else you need.  That sounds good?”   The big wolf’s muzzle ticked upward, as he spotted someone walking thought the mall.  “Hey, Rob!  Buddy, what’s up dude?”  Nick waved at the passing horse and jogged off to talk with him, and Kyle lingered for a moment beside the kangaroo. 


“You okay?”  David said cautiously, not sure if he wanted the tiger to actually tell him what was wrong. 

“Yeah, I’m cool.”  He rumbled.  The tall tiger’s green eyes looked away from David’s and he coughed a little, “See you later,” and followed after Nick.


“Sure thing,” David muttered, his thick tail still swinging back and forth a bit as the two big males walked away.  Nick started talking to a horse who was also wearing the Hadenview football jacket.    The kangaroo set off to get everything he needed. 


Across the hall from them, Alan fumed as he stood beside the doorway to Fabulous Fur Styles.  He watched as David, Nick and Kyle went their separate ways.  The rat thought about calling out to David, but he decided not to.  He did not feel like talking to anybody right now, and having the two biggest jocks on the football team see him standing outside a fancy fur salon sounded like the worst thing that could happen right now. 


The gray rat leaned against the wall; his ears back and his face twisted into a dark scowl as he flicked his tail back and forth like an angry serpent.  He was forced to breathe slowly through his mouth with his muzzle turned away from the entrance of the fur salon, watching the various furs passing by as they walked around the Hadenview mall. 


The smell coming out of the fur salon was simply overwhelming.  The scent drifted out of the salon like it had a life of its own, a riot of a hundred different perfumes and chemicals all mixed together with the stench of singed fur.  Alan blinked, sniffling gently and wiping his eyes.  His eyes were still watering from being in the store only a few minutes, but he was slowly growing numb to the overpowering scent. 


Alan glanced back over his shoulder at Shane and JD.  They were at the counter arranging his appointment with the rather loud girls who worked the salon.  Alan’s ears flicked backwards, trying to hear what they were saying as one of the girls began to laugh loudly.  Check that, loud women with high voices worked here.  None of the ‘girls’ could be under fifty.  Alan glared at passing people as he fumed about the whole situation.  This was not going the way he wanted it to go.


Shane had initially dragged him inside the ritzy salon and introduced him to Stella, a frumpy badger with a southern twang who was delighted at the thought of cutting his head fur.  She and the other hairdressers had cooed and pawed at his head fur for nearly five minutes.  They kept telling him how soft and long his fur was and how great they would make it look and how fun it would be to cut before the rat had gotten too embarrassed and ducked outside just to get away from the paws and the smell.   He was glad to be out of there.  Even if it meant that Shane and Stella were the ones pouring through her photo books and choosing his new hairstyle. 


The rat stirred himself out of his funk as JD left the counter and came over to him.  The hyena had gotten pretty dressed up for just going to the mall, but he was still showing off more fur than most people did.  He was wearing a black, button up silk shirt he left open to show off his chest fur and a silver chain he had slung around his neck.  A pair of slick, mirrored sunglasses made his eyes impossible to see and his grin that much more disturbing.  The look made Alan’s tail twitch and his heart race.  It felt like the hyena was hunting him, and he nervously looked away from the hyena’s smile. “I’m going to split for a while.”  The hyena said casually, “but Shane has got you a walk-in with Stella.  She must not be too busy today.” 

“I think she just wants to cut my hair.”  The rat muttered sullenly.  He was beginning to regret coming to the mall with JD and Shane at all. 

“Maybe…” JD let his shades slip down his muzzle and peered over them at the rat, a big grin splitting his muzzle. Alan met the hyena’s gaze as JD scratched his chin with a paw as if he were thinking.  Then, JD ran a paw through the rat's hair. “You do have nice fur.”  Alan brushed the hyena’s paw away, blushing slightly even though he could tell JD was just messing with him.  Alan flipped his ears forward when the hyena just walked away without bothering him any more.

The rat felt his chest grow tight as he watched the hyena’s tail flick back and forth over his rump, and the way his tight black jeans moved made his heart skip a beat.  “Hey, where are you going?”  Alan asked as JD strolled off down the crowded hallway.  Nervous as JD’s presence made him feel, Alan didn’t really want the hyena to leave.

JD turned around and grinned at him again, walking backwards with ease. “Oh, I got some things to buy.  Now go get your fur done, I'm sure you'll look even more fuckable when I get back than you do now.”  The hyena’s tail swished back and forth as he turned away and sauntered off down the hall.

Alan rolled his eyes and his face grew hot.  A couple of guys who were passing by gave him a hard look, and the rat was instantly thankful he had not called out to David earlier.  The thought of the kangaroo being there when the hyena hit on him like that made the rat’s ears burn.  Why did JD have to be so loud when he said stuff like that?  Alan sighed and slunk back into the store, hoping no one he knew had recognized him.  Inside, the coos and hoots of the ‘girls’ started up again. 




Blake bounced on his big back feet as he walked, almost skipping through the mall as he hummed happily to himself.  The rabbit stopped occasionally to look at his camcorder, popping open the side viewer so he could see the video he had captured earlier of his tryst with the store clerk.  The rabbit shivered as he watched the coyote hump him as payment for the repairs, and the rabbit felt his tail hole clench at the sight of the coyote silently howling on the little screen, pumping his butt full of seed that was just now beginning to leak out. 

A slim pink tongue ran across Blake’s lips and front teeth as he walked.  He felt much better now that the coyote’s desperate humping had stretched his tail hole, leaving a pleasant ache in his butt behind.  The poor clerk had been particularly energetic about the fucking; he probably hadn’t gotten laid in weeks.


The rabbit snorted a little and bounced, grinning to himself as he snapped the camcorder closed.  How a guy who worked in Hadenview mall could get blue balls was beyond Blake.  The rabbit turned his head and smiled at a pair of dogs who leered at him as he walked past them.  Blake shook his rump, letting his puffy cottontail swish back and forth for the dogs and one of them panted openly at him and the other adjusted his pants.  Blake giggled and grinned, catching the pair on tape as they leered at him.  He loved that moment, when a guy would stare at him with nothing but lust in his eyes.  It made him feel so damn hot to have other guys drool over him like that. 

It was what made Hadenview mall so much fun for Blake.  If you knew what to watch for, you could tell which of the males here were constantly on the lookout for somebody to fuck.  Some of the guys, canines mostly, even went so far as to walk in endless circles around the triangular mall, just hunting for someone who was interested in hooking up.  The mall almost seemed built for cruising like that. 

The main part of the mall was in the shape of a big triangle, with a huge vaulted roof that made it impossible to smell any one individual because everything was open air.  It had two floors and an elevated food court in the middle, and smaller hallways branched off the main ones at various points, leading to department stores or in some cases stores that couldn’t be on the main drag.  Places like Yiff R Us, or certain bathrooms where guys could get a quick fuck in without being seen.

If a guy was cruising, all he had to do was walk in circles around the main two floors, and if they swapped floors every so often they could do it without even looking suspicious.  Guys on the prowl would usually stop briefly in the stores along the sides of the hallways to chat up someone they found interesting or hit on a clerk. 

Blake didn’t really enjoy doing that kind of thing once he had gotten fucked at least once.  He liked to go up to the food court, where he could stare down at the all passing guys from a rooftop vantage point, sneaking video shots of hot guys making out in secluded corners or passing by as they endlessly stalked their prey.  Whether they were looking for a good lay or a good pair of jeans had never really mattered to Blake.  The rabbit just loved to watch the males as they hunted and foraged for their goals.  Especially when that goal was a tight tail hole to thrust into.


That was why he had originally gotten into camcorders and AV equipment in the first place.  He loved to watch two guys going at it on film, watch them seduce each other and then fuck, without ever knowing someone was watching them.  Blake even loved to watch himself get fucked.  His best videos were of hot, unknowing studs using his bunny butt as hard as they could.  Just the thought of it made the rabbit’s shorts tight as he bounced along the main hallway towards a Billard’s department store, looking for a bathroom to clean himself up a little bit.


Blake pondered how he had gotten to this point.  It had started small, looking at sites on the Internet.  The pictures and videos of guys together had sparked something in the young rabbit.  Nearly two years ago he made his first trek down to the Tail Underground, turned a few tricks and bought himself a digital camcorder with the money he had earned.  From that night on, he had recorded all the sex he had and watched it again and again, jerking off to his own homemade porn.  He had quite a collection of videos now, featuring him and practically every gay or questioning guy at Hadenview.


The rabbit grinned, as he skipped down the little side hallway in his designer shirt and custom fitted jean shorts.  His films brought the rabbit much more than just physical pleasure these days.  There were a lot of people willing to pay big bucks for videos of a barely legal bunny willing to do anything.  There were even guys out there desperate enough to pay him to be in his videos.  Those guys were always the best lays.  One particularly connected sugar daddy had even set Blake up with an apartment and a hefty checking account for being available at a moments notice for a quick bounce on papa bear’s knees. 


Blake was proud of himself as he turned the corner and headed for the restrooms.  On the power of his cottontail alone, he had created a pretty comfortable life for himself, and he would have quit school a long time ago if the locker rooms and parties didn’t provide him with so many willing actors.  Blake pushed the restroom door open, lost in his own thoughts.  Then he gasped and almost dropped his camera as the smell of male sex hit him in the face. 


The sheer amount of male musk in the small room sent a rush of blood to the rabbit’s face and crotch, and Blake nearly fainted from sheer delight as the smell filled his nose.  Blake’s cheeks turned bright pink and burned, and he suddenly wished vanity did not demand he wear such tight shorts.  It smelled like someone had scheduled an orgy in the restroom and never mopped up afterwards.  The room reeked of sex from a hundred different guys and it made the rabbit hornier than he could ever remember being.  A wet spot of precum was already leaking through the rabbit’s shorts, and Blake hadn’t even touched himself. 


The white furred rabbit leaned against the wall, panting heavily as the smell sent him from enjoying the after glow of a good fucking to needing to be fucked so bad his tail hole ached for it.  As he panted, the scent filled his senses completely, and Blake’s big ears caught the sounds of two guys still in the process of adding to the musky smell.  They were in the last stall, fucking as quietly as was possible. 


The guy who was on top was a horse who was grunting and groaning through clenched teeth, his long equine nose sticking up over the stall walls every once and a while as he nickered in pleasure and pounded his equine shaft into someone Blake could not see.  The rabbit let his paw run down his chest, his breathing growing louder as he listened to the guy who was getting fucked moan and thrash about, a lupine sounding voice muffled by something.  Blake closed his eyes and whimpered, his paw grasping the head of his rabbit cock through his jeans as the guy who was the bottom screamed and begged for more.  At least, Blake assumed he was begging for more.  Whoever it was, he was probably a wolf and he had something in his muzzle that was big enough to turn his words into little more than muffled barks and howls that made the rabbit’s heart race. 


Blake wanted to be fucked like that and he wanted it bad.  The rabbit rubbed his paw up and down the front of his shorts, rubbing the rough jeans against his trapped erection, gasping a little as he pleasured himself.  Just the smell of so many sweaty, hot guys in one room, their semen all mixed together with the sounds of somebody fucking drove the rabbit insane.  Blake shivered and bit his lip, his balls pulling up close to his body as he set his camera down on the counter.  The rabbit’s other paw moved back to his butt, a finger sliding into his wanton tail hole, still lubed with coyote seed, which flexed around the intruder as Blake was overtaken by the sheer desire to have someone fuck him just like that horse was fucking that wolf. 


The horse in the stall finished with a big whinnying shout, and Blake could tell just from the squishy thrusts that the horse had shot a big load of cum deep inside his partner’s tail.  Blake opened his mouth in a silent O, his tail hole squeezing down on his fingers and he jerked himself to climax with the horse as the wolf let out a tortured, muffled moan.  Blake gasped quietly, coming down from his sudden climax as the horse whinnied and shook himself, the sound of the horse’s mane flicking back and forth loud in the suddenly quiet restroom.

Blake blinked in surprise, rubbing a paw through his head fur while trying to get a grip on himself.  He looked at his paws, sheepishly realizing he had just smeared his own cum through his hair.  There was a large wet spot leaking through the front of his shorts now and his other paw was covered in the coyote cum leaking from his tail hole.  He grabbed his camera and ducked into one of the stalls next to the occupied one, leaning back against the cool metal of the door as the last stall door opened.  The rabbit let out a soft sigh as the horse passed him by without stopping.  Watching was the fun part, not being caught.

He looked down at himself and the white rabbit’s ears turned pink in embarrassment as the horse’s hooves clopped across the floor and a sink faucet turned on as the horse washed his paws.  The rabbit grinned, rubbing his finger through the wet spot on the front of his shorts, gathering up the cum that had pushed through the fabric and licking his fingertip, a smile on his face as he whipped out his cock and cleaned it off slowly.


He listened intently as the horse finished washing his paws, still panting for air as he cleaned himself off.  From the sounds that reached the rabbit’s large ears, he was even washing off his cock in the sink.  The sound of a zipper echoed in the bathroom and the horse left, his hooves clip clopping on the tile floor.  Blake grinned, his head pressed back against the cool metal of the door as he began to paw himself again, his cock filling again quickly.  It didn’t matter if the guys left now; he was going to be able to get off again on the smell in here alone. 


Blake’s legs shook as he stroked himself, and his breathing got louder. He flared his nostrils, drinking in the scents of so many males and their seed.  The rabbit’s ears folded down and he could hear his breathing become gasps as he got close to joining the many males who had cum in this room once more. 


“Aaaroo?”  A muffled voiced called out, and the startled rabbit jumped nearly a foot in the air. 


Blake’s heart raced, the sudden fear of being caught grabbed his heart.  He grinned, the overpowering fear making his blood race and his cock throb in response.  That thrill always excited him more.  The lupine voice moaned softly again.  It was almost a wanton, desperate moan, and Blake realized whoever had been the horse’s bottom had not left with him.  He could see a gray hind paw reaching under the wall separating him and the stall next to him, brushing against his hind paw and eliciting another moan from the guy in the other stall.  Blake grinned, slipped out of the stall and stepped around to the last stall. 


Blake’s muzzle split into a huge grin, his tongue running across his big front teeth at the sight that greeted him.  In the last stall, a grayish wolf was handcuffed spread eagle to the toilet.  He had no pants on, only a green shirt and his sneakers.  A big metal bar kept the wolf’s legs spread open wide, exposing a tail hole that was literally dripping with the cum of every male he had taken, and it was obvious there had been many.  A large red ball gag prevented the wolf from speaking, but he moaned as best he could when he saw the rabbit, his cum covered tail sheepishly hiding his tail hole.  The rabbit popped open his camcorder with a loud murr, recording this beautiful image so he would never forget it.  Then he looked around for a good place to set the camcorder so he could capture what promised to be one of the hottest fucks of his life.  Blake set the camera on the toilet paper dispenser, adjusted it to catch the wolf’s well-used ass perfectly in the shot.  The wolf thrashed when he saw the camera, pulling at the handcuffs as Blake stepped up behind him, his hard rabbit cock rubbing under the wolf’s wet tail.  The wolf howled around the gag, his shame and unwilling desire evident in that mournful sound, as Blake slipped inside the first guy he had ever fucked. 


The wolf’s tail was already well lubed, the repeated mountings he had endured making it easy for Blake to slide in.  The wolf moaned and quickly tightened down on the rabbit, making Blake sigh in delight and push his hips forward.  He started to fuck the wolf, his dick sliding in and out of the strange wolf’s tail in a hard, bouncing rhythm.  The wolf moaned and shook in his bonds, alternately trying to force Blake off his back and pushing his butt back so the rabbit’s dick went further in. 

Blake’s paws dug into the wolf’s back fur as he hunched up close behind him and came inside the wolf with a startled gasp, his orgasm actually taking him by surprise it happened so quickly.  The rabbit was used to it taking much longer for him to cum, but then he was usually getting fucked, not doing the fucking.  Blake held himself inside the wolf, and the bound male began to moan and whimper softly, muzzle working the ball gag that prevented him from talking.  Blake wasn’t sure, but the wolf might have even been crying a little bit as the rabbit started to thrust again, youth and his lapine nature ensuring that this was only the first time Blake would spill his seed into the wolf’s already full butt. 


All the while, the camera recorded the wolf’s moans and the rabbit’s squishy thrusts into the well-used lupine ass.




David wandered through the mall with no particular goal in mind.  It would still be a while before the movie Nick and Kyle had gone to see would be letting out, and his shopping had taken much less time than he expected.  He had gotten lucky, buying all the clothes he needed at one discount store, which had allowed him to stretch his cash much further than he thought it would go.  A quick trip to a phone kiosk and he had a new calling card, and that left him with nothing in particular to do now but wander the mall.   

So he just sort of meandered through the mall, looking for anything he might need.  Eventually he started hunting for a restroom, and turned down a small hallway that he figured would lead to one. 


The kangaroo whistled under his breath as he turned the corner and nearly walked into the biggest sex shop he had ever seen.  This was not what he had expected to find at the end of the small, seemingly unused hallway. 


The sign over the stored read “Yiff R Us” in playful neon letters, and the R was even backwards like the real toy store’s signs always were.  An otter slunk out of the shop and around David, his face turned away from the kangaroo in embarrassment.  David felt his face grow hot, suddenly embarrassed to just be standing there, staring at the shop.  He ducked inside, his ears laying flat against his head.  Whoever owned this place was obviously doing really well and having a good time with it too. 


The store seemed to be doing a brisk business.  There were probably ten, maybe fifteen people in the rather large shop, each ducking through the isles and picking out what they wanted while trying not to be seen by the other people there.  David looked down at the floor and blushed even harder as he turned the corner and a cheetah meet his eyes with a startled expression.  David’s ears twisted all the way backwards and pressed flat against his head as the cheetah ducked out of the other end of isle with an equally sheepish grin. 

David smiled softly, when he saw what the cheetah had been looking at.  The top of the shelves on this isle were labeled, “Dildos!” and fake rubber dicks of every shape, species, size and color covered the wall. 

“Can I help you find something?”  A happy voice said, and David looked to the left, then right, and then down at a perky dog that was grinning up at him.  The small dog was some kind of chocolate brown mutt and didn’t even come up to David’s shoulder.  The kangaroo couldn’t really tell what breed he was, but his grin said everything that David needed to know about him.  His nametag said, “Hi, I’m Jimmy!  Ask if you want to try something!”


“Umm, no thanks,” David mumbled, “Just looking for a restroom.”  The kangaroo’s ears sunk down low as he realized how much that sounded like a lame excuse.

“When you get back to the main hall, turn right.  You’ll see the signs soon enough.”  The dog said smoothly, and David noticed that the dog kept a close eye on him as he made his way to the door.


Jimmy shook his head as the young kangaroo nearly ran into a hyena coming in the door.  The kangaroo blushed and ducked his head, bouncing out of JD’s way and off back into the main part of the mall.  “Kids these days.” Jimmy muttered with a slight smile and made his way to one of his best customers.


The hyena smirked at the retreating kangaroo as Jimmy walked up to him.  “Why is everybody so uptight around here?”  The hyena asked Jimmy playfully, and the dog just smiled. 

“Honey, you know it’s got nothing to do with people being uptight, not in this store.  They’re just nervous about getting loosened up in the near future.”  The dog grinned up at the hyena; who matched the dog’s smirk with an evil grin of his own.  “So what can I get for you today JD?”  Jimmy said happily. “You got some party you need to stock up for?”


The hyena smirked as he put his arm around the dog’s shoulder.  “You would know if I was throwing a party.  You would have gotten an invitation, sugar.”  The hyena said with a smirk, using the pet name the dog loved. 

Jimmy grinned, his ears perking up as he leaned in close to the hyena.  “Alright, then maybe a party your boss is throwing?”  The dog’s tail wagged back and forth, and his hips swished along with it.  “I would love to plan a party for the famous…” the dog stopped mid word as one of JD’s paw grabbed his muzzle and held it closed. 


The hyena leaned in close, grinning like a fiend at the dog.  “You know he doesn’t throw your kind of parties, and I don’t want you saying he does.  Got it?”  JD smirked and let go of Jimmy’s nose, bopping it slightly for emphasis.  “Or else I’ll take my party planning business elsewhere, understand?”

The dog whined dramatically at the light whap, and ducked away playfully from the hyena.  “Alright, alright, I promise.  No rumors.”  Jimmy said with a big grin, leading the hyena over to the main counter.

“Good,” the hyena said, stroking the dog’s muzzle a bit, this time quite tenderly. 


JD sighed as he turned to the big counter and set his paws on top of the glass case.  Underneath the hyena’s tapping fingers, a wide variety of expensive dildos were laid out, arranged nicely by animal type and size.  They were Jimmy’s special line, and were to fake rubber dicks what Porsche was to cars.  “I still don’t know how you figured out who I work for.” The hyena muttered. 

Jimmy said, patting the hyena’s arms as he went behind the counter.  “Your credit cards, darling. Never deny the power of plastic in tracking a man down.” Jimmy just smiled and spread his paws out over the display case, just brushing his paws against the hyena’s paw.  “Now, seriously, what can I get you today?” 


JD smirked and leaned on the counter top.  “Oh well now, let’s see.  There’s this new guy I’ve been hanging around with.” JD and Jimmy smirked at each other, noses almost touching, their muzzle lit from below by the display lights.  “You know the type. A new artist who wants to make a name for himself, but is way too uptight.  I can tell he’s still a virgin.” 

The dog perked his ears up and leaned forward; eager to hear whatever tale of sin the hyena was about to tell.  It was a fun game they played together. “Oh really?”

“Definitely.  He was pretty unsure about things when I came on to him,” JD said, “So I thought I might get him some things to help him make up his mind.  Make things a little easier.”  The hyena tapped the glass case, indicating the dildos underneath.

Jimmy stroked his own muzzle smoothly, looking the finely crafted fake erections over.  “Really now?  What species?” 

The hyena’s tail swished back and forth, and his grin got big as he said.  “Rat.” 

Jimmy murred lightly, “Oh my, such a good choice honey.  I know that’s your favorite too.  Shame you didn’t stop by earlier, Officer Raal and his partner came by, if you get my drift.  Now,” Jimmy grinned slightly, opening up he counter display case. “Let’s see what we can find to help your new rodent friend…”




The mall, even with its vaulted ceiling and wide hallways, suddenly seemed very cramped.  David tried to forget about the sheer embarrassment of what had happened in Yiff R Us, but for some reason it was really hard.  He kept noticing all the different people who were watching him.  Guys seemed to be staring at him, really openly staring at him, as he made his way towards the bathroom.  It felt like everyone knew where he had been just moments before, and more than one male gave him a knowing grin and a wink.  David just gave them a weak smile and hurried away, and his ears turned upward when he finally made it to the small hallway that lead to the restrooms. 


David pushed the bathroom door open and was a little shocked by the scent of the room.  He was used to public restrooms smelling strongly, the bathrooms at the academy rarely got cleaned enough for the smell of urine to fade.  It was why so many of the boys had used the bathroom for sex, it was harder to smell the arousal over all the different scent markings. 


This restroom was the other way around, the sex was easy to smell and the urine was covered up by the sheer riot of male arousal.  It was almost overpowering.  The scent of a male wolf dominated the room, and it was surrounded by what seemed like a hundred other male scents.  The kangaroo breathed slowly, his pants growing tight as the arousing smells filled his nose and teased him with all the sex and debauchery that had taken place in this room.  He was about to open his fly, when David saw the sign. 


The last stall door was open, and someone had written in big black marker the words, “This Slave is here for Punishment.  Yiff as much as desired, but do not release. I will be back to collect him later. Thank you, His Master.”

A soft, muffled howling sound echoed through the bathroom as David’s lips mouthed the words as he read them.  The kangaroo tentatively crept to the stall door, one paw reaching out to the doorframe nervously as he looked inside.  What greeted him shocked the kangaroo more than anything Yiff R Us could have offered.


Kneeling on the floor of the stall was a dark gray wolf wearing only a green shirt.  He was handcuffed to the toilet, and his legs were being held open by a large metal spreader bar.  The wolf’s head twisted so he could look back at David, and the wolf let out a muffled howl from behind a worn red ball gag.  The wolf hauled himself back up across the toilet seat, his rump thrusting up in the air as he lifted his wet tail up into the air over his back.  David swallowed nervously as the wolf exposed his tail hole and jizz-covered butt.  It looked like the wolf had been taken over and over again.  Trails of sticky cum ran down his legs, and all the fur on his rump was matted with cum.  The wolf was even panting for air as he stared at David with wild eyes. 


“Oh shit.”  The kangaroo muttered, just blinking in confusion at the wolf in the stall.  He dropped his bag without thinking about it and moved towards the wolf, his mouth open a little.  The poor male had obviously been raped, over and over again.  The wolf’s muzzle turned and he looked at David for a moment with pleading eyes.  He watched David for a moment before trying to lunge backwards, his ass shaking back and forth as he strained against his bonds. 


David gasped and jumped to the side a little bit.  The wolf was saying something to him, but the ball gag garbled the words beyond recognition as the wolf thrashed his rump back and forth.  David raised his paws and said, “Hold on, hold on I’ll help you.  My god, who did this to you?” David muttered, pulling the gag out of the wolf’s muzzle.  The gag fell under the wolf’s chin, hanging around his neck like a lewd necklace as David tried to open the handcuffs, but they were locked tight and there was no key in sight. 


The wolf worked his jaw for a moment, stretching his muzzle as he groaned in relief.  “Oooh thanks…” the wolf’s voice was husky and dry, and it sounded gravelly, as if he had been shouting for hours.  The wolf’s tail swished back and forth as David fumbled with the locked cuffs.  “I can’t open these,” the kangaroo muttered in frustration, “Is there a key someWHERE!” 

David yelped in shock as the wolf shoved his muzzle into the kangaroo’s crotch and breathed in deeply.  The wolf seemed to savor David’s scent and he let out a deep, contented sigh.  “Oh gods you smell good,” the wolf muttered as David jumped away from the wolf and into the back corner of the stall. 

“What the hell are you doing?”  David demanded but the wolf’s nose followed him, staying glued to his crotch.  The wolf’s black nose rubbed at the spot where David’s half hard cock lay hidden in his jeans, and then the wolf mouthed at the kangaroo’s hidden shaft, making David gasp from the automatic pleasure of having someone mouth his dick. 

“I haven’t had a kangaroo fuck me yet, this should be good…” the wolf muttered eagerly, his red tongue sliding across the front of David’s jeans, caressing the stiffening outline in his pants. 

“What?”  David yelped in confusion, trying to think as the wolf’s mouth worked at his shaft through the front of his jeans. 

The wolf raised his head up and grinned up at David with a crazed look in his eyes and the traces of another male’s seed around his lips.  “All day long, queers like you have been fucking me, but not one has been a kangaroo…” the wolf said happily with a glazed look in his eyes before returning his muzzle to David’s crotch.

“I’m not going to fuck you!” David shouted, and he tried to slip past the wolf, but the searching muzzle followed him and the wolf shifted his body in the stall, forcing David against the wall so he could reach the kangaroo’s crotch.  “That’s cool, I haven’t had a cock to suck in an hour at least,” the wolf muttered, “I’m thirsty.”

“No, really I’m not…” David protested, but the wolf’s muzzle opened and he used his teeth to undo the kangaroo’s button fly.  David yelped as the wolf’s nose moved down, his muzzle unzipping his pants and forcing its way down into his underwear in one rough motion.  The kangaroo whimpered as the warm wetness of the wolf’s eager tongue slid across his dick. 

David smacked the wolf on the nose, but he kept trying to get David’s cock in his muzzle.  David had to slap the wolf hard on the muzzle several more times to make him stop, but by then the wolf had gotten David’s cock into his mouth down to the root. 

“No!”  The kangaroo shouted again as he shoved the wolf’s searching muzzle away from his cock and pushed past the wolf’s body, getting away from the wolf’s mouth completely. 

“Oh come on, just a quick little muzzle job, who would know?”  The wolf said, practically begging for David’s cock with a hungry look in his eyes that David did not think was healthy or normal. 

“I will.”  David muttered angrily, as he tucked himself back into his pants. 

“Come on, you not man enough?  Fuck me you damn faggot…” the wolf growled at David, lifting his tail again as David zipped his pants shut. 


David stood in the doorway of the stall, panting slowly.  He had had guys act like that before, boys back at the academy so desperate to be touched they would rape you to get someone to put a dick in their tails.  He had never turned them down, because he had wanted to be with guys just as badly as they did.  But this was different.  At the academy, he had been proving to himself he was still gay, to keep himself sane as they tried to brain wash him.  The kangaroo grabbed his bag and glared at the wolf, his green eyes dark as he muttered, “I’ve got nothing to prove to you,” and left the wolf alone in the restroom, howling in lust. 




The bag from Yiff R Us swung from the end of JD’s paw with ease, and he swung the black plastic bag as if it contained nothing but CD’s and records, instead of the very erotic toys he had purchased from Jimmy.  He didn’t exactly expect to use the toys for the reason he gave Jimmy.  Alan had already turned him down once and he didn’t usually go after a guy a second time, but it was the principle of the thing.  If he had the opportunity to catch the rat a second time, he was going to be prepared for it.


JD ambled through the mall, not really paying attention to where he was going.  He had time to kill before Shane and Alan would be done at the salon and needed him again, so he was just sort of people watching as he walked into one of the big department stores at each corner of the mall’s triangle. 


JD grunted as someone jostled him, and the hyena barely kept the little black bag from flying out of his paw.  The kangaroo that had run into him while coming out of the side hallway fell over backwards, dropping his own bags on the floor.  They scattered much farther than the hyena had expected them too, because they were so loaded down.  JD gave a little growl of annoyance as he looked down at the kid who had run into him, but when he recognized the cute kangaroo boy from the yiff store his mood brightened.  “Hey, you should watch where you’re going.”   JD said, reaching a paw down to help the kid up. 

“Oww…” the kangaroo muttered, rubbing the side of his head, “I’m sorry.” The kangaroo said while taking the hyena’s offered paw. 

The kangaroo let out a small ‘eep’ sound when JD jerked him to his feet and pulled the boy up against his own chest.  The kangaroo got a nose full of the hyena’s chest fur, as his muzzle slipped inside the taller male’s open jacket.  “You keep running into places you don’t want to be in.”  JD said with a big grin.

The kangaroo’s big ears fell backwards, and he blushed a little as he stepped away from JD, shaking his paw gently.  “Sorry, I just didn’t see you is all.”  He started picking up his fallen bags.  JD lingered by the kangaroo, as something about the boy teased the hyena’s memory. 


“Do I know you from somewhere?” JD said, trying to remember why the kangaroo seemed so familiar. 

The kangaroo gave a slight frown, his blush returning, “We just met like ten minutes ago…” he muttered, and JD realized the boy was annoyed now.


“No, I know you from somewhere besides today.  Like you know someone I know and I should do something about it.”  JD flashed the kangaroo a grin and headed down the short hallway to the restrooms.  “Just can’t remember from where.”  The hyena called out, flicking his tail back and forth over his butt as he walked away.


David watched as the strange, and rather sexy hyena swished his tail and hips from side to side. Momentarily, he thought about warning the hyena about the wolf in the bathroom, but he couldn’t think of a good way to approach another guy about something like that before the strange hyena made it to the restroom.  The kangaroo picked up his bags, and then went off to find Nick and Kyle.


JD meanwhile sauntered down the short hallway, pushing his way into the bathroom and unzipping his fly.  The hyena was half way through pissing before he noticed the smell. 


The hyena’s nose flared, and he grinned a big, evil looking grin as he lifted his nose up and dragged in the scent of sex.  It was like perfume to the hyena, whose eyes closed and he savored the scent slowly.


“Hello?” a hoarse voice called out and JD’s ears perked up, cupped towards the far corner of the restroom and the last stall.  He finished, tucked himself back inside his jeans and was just zipping himself up when he reached the last stall and looked inside.  The hyena’s paw did not leave his zipper; he just pulled it back down when he saw the wolf spread eagle in the stall. 


“Well hello there…” JD said with a grin and a slight chuckle, his fingers flexing slightly as he walked up close to the wolf, closing the door to the handicapped stall behind him.  “What have we here?” 


“Hey, buddy!” the wolf barked, twisting himself so he could look back as JD easier.  “You got to help me out here.”  The wolf’s movements forced him to lift one leg up and put it against the wall, hiking up one leg like a dog going pee.  It completely exposed the wolf, his cum soaked tail hole, dangling, hard cock, and gray furry balls covered in jizz that was even running down his legs.  The wolf sounded rather desperate as he barked, “You have to let me out.”


JD’s tail twitched and he grinned so wide all his teeth flashed at the wolf.  “You look like you’ve been here while,” JD muttered, grabbing some toilet paper and wiping the wolf’s tail clean, which made the wolf moan slightly, his tail flicking to the side as JD rubbed his butt cheeks slowly, cleaning the copious, wet cum off them.  “How’d you get like this, buddy?”  JD said, barely containing his grin as he read the note on the wall.


“A fucking fox jumped me.  Now come on, help me out of these cuffs somehow.  I’m dying here.” 

“What fox?”  JD asked smoothly as he examined the handcuffs, his fingers testing for release buttons.

“Who cares what fox, let me go…” the wolf’s face darkened when he saw that JD’s fly was open, and that the hyena was obviously hard.  The hyena’s white jock strap was tented out pretty badly at this point.  “Ah shit, you’re another damn faggot aren’t you?”  The wolf sneered, his voice dripping with anger. 


JD’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he glanced sidelong at the wolf as he produced his key ring from his pocket.  He always kept a spare handcuff key, just in case he ended up in a situation like this.  “I’m a ‘faggot’, but that’s no way to talk to somebody who’s going to help you buddy.” JD shifted his eyes back to the handcuffs as he asked, “What fox was it?” again.


The wolf growled angrily.  “No, I know you faggots.  You’re just going to fuck me like that bastard Wildfire and those damn cops, and every other guy who’s raped me today!  I’ve just got fucked by a damn rabbit, and I won’t let you do it too…” The wolf’s back tensed as he prepared to lunge at JD, his teeth aimed right at the hyena’s crotch.  JD’s paw caught him by the throat just before the wolf’s teeth connected, and the wolf’s jaws snapped uselessly as JD pinned him against the far wall.  The wolf gargled through the hyena’s tight grip and JD held him there, grabbing his lifted ankle, using it to flip the wolf unceremoniously onto the floor on his back, ending up in a puddle of cum from probably 30 guys. 


The wolf gasped as JD grabbed the spreader bar and hauled the wolf’s lower half up off the ground by it.  The wolf yelped in pain as his legs were stretched out suddenly, as JD hooked the spreader bar onto the coat hook on the door.  The wolf began to whimper softly, his legs spasming in the air as he dangled from the coat hook on the door and the toilet he was handcuffed too, strung across the bathroom stall like he was in a sling.  The wolf began to cry, his shoulders and legs aching as he hung in the air supported only by the toilet seat underneath his shoulders.  Unfortunately for him, that left most of his weight supported by his aching legs as he hung in the air, stretched painfully across the stall.  JD ducked under the wolf’s legs and came up between them, his paws shoving his pants down as he sidled up close to the wolf, giving him some support for his lower half.  The wolf let out a sigh of relief as the pressure on his legs and arms almost vanished. 

 The wolf panted and gasped, and he settled down slowly, the red ball gag resting on his chest under his chin as JD held his spread legs up.  “Bad idea buddy,” JD growled, one paw grabbing hold of the wolf’s muzzle, keeping it closed unless JD allowed him to speak. “What’s your name?”  

“Kevin…” the wolf gasped, his body trembling.  His arms and legs burned.  He had been bound in a kneeling position, bent over and fucked for nearly five hours now.  His muscles hurt just by being in another position, and supporting his own weight made things that much worse. 

“Well Kevin, I was going to let you go.  I got a handcuff key and everything…” the hyena held his key ring right under the wolf’s nose so he could clearly see the tiny handcuff key he had.  A look of despair passed over the wolf’s face and he whimpered, trying to say something. The hyena’s paw did not let him open his mouth this time.  JD grinned slightly, giving the wolf a lick on the nose.  “Now, tell me what fox did this to you.”  The hyena shifted his weight, pressing on the inside of the wolf’s thighs, forcing his legs to spread apart in a terribly painful way. “Now.”

Kevin bellowed in pain as he was basically forced to do the splits, his arms jerked taught by the movement.  “I, I don’t know, I insulted a fox.  He, we were fucking and I…” the wolf whimpered like a cub, his tail curling up to cover his tail hole and cock as tears formed in his eyes. “Please stop…”


JD smiled slightly, releasing the pressure and letting Kevin’s legs close.  The wolf almost instinctively closed his legs around JD’s hips, hugging him for support and smearing cum across his fur.  He didn’t like causing pain, and the wolf’s pained cries had actually made his cock soften a little bit.  He didn’t want that, because he suspected Kevin deserved a good fucking, even after the long day of fucking he had obviously endured. “Go on Kevin.  What fox?”  JD purred softly, and the wolf trembled.

“His name was Wildfire.”  The wolf licked his lips, and for a moment he seemed to be savoring the taste of cum crusted onto his lips.  “I, I called him a cock warmer, because all foxes are cock warmers.”


JD winced a little, just for the theater of it.  “Oh Kevin, you really fucked that one up.  You insulted Wildfire, the most dominate fox in town, with a line like that?”  The hyena shook his head slightly, as he reached between the wolf’s legs and pulled his underwear down.   Kevin could feel the fabric moving, because it was pressed up close to his exposed tail hole and balls.  Kevin’s ears flattened immediately and he whined softly as they hyena’s hard, warm dick replaced the rough cotton.  “You really should not have done that…” the hyena chuckled softly, as the end of his hard cock prodded at the wolf’s well used tail.  “I don’t think I’m going to be able to help you at all now.  I think, I’m just going to fuck you like the bitch you obviously are and leave you here for Wildfire to collect you.” 


JD grabbed the ball gag around Kevin’s neck, but the wolf whined and jerked his face away from the ball gag, preventing JD from gagging him easily.  “No, no wait…” Kevin pleaded, his legs trembling as he actually pulled the hyena closer to him, his body shuddering as the tip of the hyena’s dick began to press inside him.  “Just, just paw me off when you do it.  Please, the last two guys didn’t get me off and I need it bad.” 


“Okay, if you’re a good bitch I’ll get you off wolf.”  JD grinned slightly as he pulled the ball gag up again, and this time Kevin opened his mouth and took the ball in it without a fight, submitting to the hyena and allowing JD to gag him easily.  The ball gag muffled the wolf’s howl as JD grabbed his dick and thrust forward, hilting himself in the wolf in one thrust. 


JD sighed, his dick throbbing as he began to mount the wolf.  He was not surprised that the wolf’s tail was already lubed, he had been fucked over and over again today, and the slick cum of every guy who had come before JD provided all the lubrication he needed.  The hyena leaned down over the wolf and growled lightly, his muzzle rubbing against the wolf’s gagged muzzle as he fucked the wolf roughly, pressing himself deep inside the wolf’s well-used tail.  Kevin whimpered as he was fucked, his legs trembling as he tried to wrap them around the hyena’s waist as best he could despite the spreader bar holding his legs apart and up in the air.  The wolf tensed and thrashed, but despite his earlier protests the wolf was obviously enjoying himself.  The way his cock throbbed in JD’s paw certainly told the hyena that. 


It wasn’t long before Kevin’s back arched and he came across his own stomach with a muffled howl.  JD stopped fucking him for a moment, and the wolf panted around the gag.  His eyes were closed, and he basked in a strange afterglow of being fucked yet again by a stranger he could not resist.  The wolf would never admit it, to anyone, but each time another male fucked him, each time he had a dick shoved inside him it felt better than the time before.  By now, after so many different guys and so many thrusts, he felt more like a bitch being bred for his own pleasure, and not for the fun of the strangers who had raped him today. 

The hyena between his legs grinned and began thrusting again, pushing hard into the wolf.  Kevin moaned, shaking in his bonds as the hyena leaned down and licked at his face.   The hyena’s big, toothy grin leered down at him, and he flicked his ears back with a whine as the hyena’s cock pushed all the way inside him.  It was a silent plea to stop, to just leave him be, and even if Kevin couldn’t talk the message was clear to JD.  Kevin did not want to admit that he liked being fucked, but the wolf’s hard cock betrayed him.

“You said,” the hyena panted slightly, obviously holding himself back from tying with the wolf, “that you didn’t cum the last two times…” the hyena chuckled and licked at Kevin’s lips.  The wolf let out a whine before the hyena kissed him roughly over the gag in his mouth, the hyena’s muzzle meshing with his own so they were both holding the red ball in their muzzles, the hyena’s kiss pushing it farther back into the wolf’s mouth.  “I think,” JD panted when he broke the kiss, “I should make up the difference for you…” 


The wolf moaned and his legs shook as the hyena fucked him until he came for the second, but not the last time. 




Kyle shifted in his seat as he tried to get his knees into a more comfortable position, the old movie theater seat creaking under his massive frame.  The tiger grunted under his breath because his knees were pinned against the seat in front of him, and there was little room to get comfortable.  His legs were much too long for the small seats in the Hadenview Mall's tiny theater.


No one in the dark movie theater noticed the tiger's discomfort, but Nick did glance at him for a moment when the tiger's striped knee touched his own.  The wolf smiled at him and patted his knee, one ear twitching a little before he looked back at the screen.  Kyle felt his face grow hot, and his ears folded back when Nick did not remove his paw.  He was now very, very glad that Rob had turned down the wolf’s offer to join them for a movie.


The tiger tried to watch said movie, desperately seeking a way to ignore the warm paw pad on his kneecap.  Nick’s paw, unfortunately, turned out to be very hard to block from his thoughts.  Every time the wolf’s paw moved Kyle’s leg tensed, as if Nick’s touch has sent a bolt of electricity up his leg to his crotch, and he was quickly becoming painfully aroused by the wolf’s gentle touch.  Kyle felt his fur prickle, and he resisted the urge to pant as he started to sweat nervously.  Nick wasn't really moving his paw; the wolf just let it rest there on Kyle’s knee.  Sure the room was dark, but anybody who looked would see it, and the thought of being discovered like that made the tiger’s ears flick backwards. 


Kyle swallowed nervously and began trying to edge his knee away from Nick's big paw, tucking his leg under the seat and leaning away from the wolf.  Kyle sighed in relief as Nick's paw started to slip off his knee, but fate was not so kind. 


Something in the movie made the whole theater burst into laughter.  Kyle grinned sheepishly, completely lost as Nick slapped the tiger's leg, squeezing his knee tightly as he laughed.  Nick didn't seem to notice the tiger's discomfort at all.  He just rubbed the tiger's knee and went back to watching the film.


The room felt hot to Kyle, like the air conditioning had been turned off.  He could feel the sweat starting to cling to his fur, and he couldn't resist the urge to pant any longer.  Kyle tried to keep his cool, but the wolf's fingers were slowly beginning to rub at his leg.  Nick didn't notice, but Kyle was keenly aware of the fact that the wolf's paw was creeping up the inside of his thigh slowly. 


Kyle whimpered a little, his pants beginning to feel tight as his sheath thickened in his jeans.  He knew what was coming next.  The tiger had gone on a hundred double dates with the wolf over the years, and Nick's paws had a habit of wandering during movies.  Kyle had always thought it was funny that the wolf would start feeling up his date without even realizing it, and the girls he dated never seemed to mind having such a big strong paw rubbing against their most sensitive spots.  One had even climaxed because of the wolf's constant, slow rubbing, screaming into the wolf’s shoulder without him even noticing what he was doing.  Kyle on the other paw, felt like he was going to die as that big, strong paw slid towards his hidden sheath.  Behind them, the tiger's tail began to twitch back and forth, silently lashing through the air behind their seats as Nick felt him up. 


Nick's eyes were fixed firmly on the screen, but Kyle jumped like he had been electrocuted when the wolf's fingers finally touched the bulge of his crotch, fingertips almost instinctively caressing the hidden head of his shaft.  The tiger stood up suddenly, nearly knocking the wolf's soda out of the cup holder between them and into his lap.  Kyle ducked his head and muttered a lame excuse about using the bathroom, rushing out of the theater before the wolf could really protest. 


Once outside the dark theater, the tiger rushed past the bored theater guards and snack bar, stopping only once he was outside the movie section entirely and in a deserted hallway.  Normally, it was filled with people leaving the theater, but since no show was letting out he was alone for the moment, a fact that the tiger was infinitely thankful for.  Kyle pressed his back against the wall, hanging his head as he panted.  He could feel the ghost of Nick’s finger touching his crotch, and it made his spine tingle.  Kyle looked up as the theater doors opened, and Nick came out looking for him.


“Dude, what was that for?  I just bought these things last month, now they’re ruined…” The wolf trailed off muttering, flipping soda out of the fur on his paws after wiping the soda off his pants.  The wolf stopped and actually looked at Kyle. The wolf frowned in concern and tilted his head to the side a bit.  “You okay man?”  The wolf asked, and Kyle closed his eyes with a sigh.


Nick approached the tiger slowly, his annoyance about the soda in his lap gone once he saw how bad the tiger looked.  Kyle’s fur was fluffed out and mussed, and he was panting heavily.  His fur even glistened with sweat, and his whiskers drooped slightly.  Nick stood close to the tiger, who pulled back a little bit from the wolf’s inquisitive muzzle, leaning against the wall behind him.  “Kyle?”  Nick whispered in concern, his paw reaching up to brush across Kyle’s face.

Kyle jerked away from Nick’s paw and practically shouted, “Don’t!”  The tiger and wolf stood only a little bit apart now, and complete silence reigned in the small hallway.  Kyle licked his lips and shook his head a bit, the tiger’s striped tail bushed out like a bottlebrush.  “Just, just don’t.” he muttered, licking his nose nervously again. 

“What’s wrong?”  Nick asked flatly, and the tiger winced slightly at the concern in his friend’s voice. 

“I just,” the tiger breathed deep, forced his tail to be still, and stretched his back a bit to make himself calm down. “This morning, when we agreed to just stay friends but, with benefits?  Well, that sounded great, but when you suggested a movie?”   The tiger grinned slightly at the wolf.  “I didn’t expect it to be one of your movie dates.”


The wolf’s eyes widened slightly and his ears flicked backwards in embarrassment, turning slightly red as he blushed.  “Aww shit, I didn’t.” Nick muttered, looking at his own paws in embarrassment.  “You’re joking right?” 

Kyle shook his head, grinning slightly.  The tiger’s shoulders were hunched slightly and his ears were turned backwards just like Nick’s were.  “Nope. You got me good, too.”  The tiger pointed sheepishly at the wolf’s wet pants,  “Sorry about the drink.”  Nick just laughed, taking a step towards the tiger. 

“Hey it’s cool dude, my fault.”  Nick grinned, his eyes sparkling a little bit.  “Besides, we’re already in the mall.  I can just go get new ones right?”  The wolf stood right in front of Kyle, and the tiger grinned slightly as Nick fished a twenty-dollar bill out of his wet pants and handed it to the tiger.  “Why don’t you go grab some food for us, and I’ll get some new pants.” 

“Cool.”  Kyle muttered, and he felt his tail twitch as Nick got so close their muzzles were just an inch away from each other.  The tiger didn’t move this time, didn’t jump as Nick’s paw brushed the side of his muzzle and the wolf kissed him tenderly, just for a moment in the empty hallway.  Nick flashed Kyle a big grin and walked away, turning left and heading for the nearest department store so he could replace his soaked jeans.  Kyle shivered just a bit, licking his lips and shoving the money the wolf had given him into his pants.  He glanced around when he reached the end of the hallway, making sure no one had seen the tender moment he shared with the wolf before walking away towards the escalators to the top floor. 


Kyle did not see anyone watching, because there was no one on his floor to see.  Blake however was not on the same floor.   If the tiger had looked up, he would have seen the bunny rabbit, camera in hand, leaning over the railing on the second floor of the mall wearing the biggest grin of his life.

Blake rewound the short video he had captured of Hadenview’s football stars, and he paused the image just as Nick leaned in to kiss Kyle, zooming in on their faces with a hearty laugh that made him bounce in place.  One day, he would have to thank Leon for breaking his camera lens.




Alan leaned in close to the mirror and checked his head fur again, frowning at his reflection.  The mirror was a full-length mirror in Fredrick Fox’s Clothing that was supposed to be for trying on clothes, but the rat was focusing only on his hair.  Shane had forced him to sit still while a frumpy badger named Stella cut his fur, and it had turned out very different from what Alan had been expecting and he wasn’t sure if he liked it yet.


“It looks weird, like it’s messed up.”  The gray rat muttered, twisting his head back and forth.  His bang’s swished back and forth across his face, but no matter what he did they always managed to fall back into place, curving over his eyes as the rest fell back between his ears and down his neck.  It was weird.  It looked like the wispy strands of hair were covering up his eyes, hanging so far down that they cast his eyes in shadow.  In reality they didn’t impair his sight at all.   They just sort of hung there, just out of sight, arranged perfectly to make it look like they were forever falling across his eyes but never actually covering them up.

The rat’s hair was still black and he was happy about that, but it had a weird glow to it now like it was sparkling in the light.

“It looks great.”  Shane muttered, pushing the rat’s paw away from his hair.  The rat glared at the raccoon, but Shane just smiled and handed him another shirt to try on.  “Now stop playing with it or it will be messed up.  You need to let it be for while, or it won’t set right. ”

 The raccoon sounded like he was scolding Alan, but the rat didn’t really notice.  He was long past the point of being annoyed.  By this point, the raccoon had been shopping for clothes with Alan for nearly two hours and Alan was resigned to buying whatever the raccoon told him to. 

It’s not like it really mattered anyhow.  Alan didn’t have the money to buy the clothes Shane was picking out anyway.  The haircut had cost him almost all his money, and six bucks wasn’t going to buy a pair of socks here, much less one of the many designer shirts the raccoon had picked out.  Alan sighed, watching as Shane wandered away to find something else for him to try on.


JD had disappeared again to buy more stuff somewhere, but the hyena had been coming and going most of the trip now.  He would show up with a bag and drop it off with them.  He never really commented on the clothes Shane was picking out, but Alan was gradually getting the idea of what kind of look Shane was trying to build for him. 


He looked totally different than he had at the beginning of the day.  Since his parents refused to buy him new clothes very often, Alan always ended up wearing the same thing each day.  A heavy metal band t-shirt, black jeans, with whatever his one pair of shoes happened to be.  He’d dyed his hair and gotten his earrings just to prove he wasn’t just pretending to be a punk, but it hadn’t worked very well really.  In the halls of Hadenview it set him apart as a rocker, but in the club scenes he was just another wannabe punk. 


Shane on the other hand was trying to craft a unique look for the rat, something that stood out.  It was like he was a punk rocker with a twist of club kid.  He had picked out five or six silk over shirts to go with Alan’s punk rocker t-shirts.  If the rat wore them open, it showed off the logo of the band but seriously changed the way he looked.  Each shirt had some kind of crazy designs and weird pictures, which seemed to wrap around the rat.  Each one gave him a unique look, and he liked them all. 


One was just a black shirt with white, jagged stripes across it that made him look like a zebra on crack.  Another was a white shirt with the design of a black angelic rat stretched across the back.  The angry rodent was leaping up into the air holding a sword wreathed in flame, and his wings seemed to wrap all the way around Alan when he wore the shirt.  It was so detailed that the sleeves were jagged so they looked like feathers, and the collar had curled flames on the inside.  There was a simple blue shirt that made Alan’s new hair cut stand out even more, while the swirling red shirt made Alan look like he’d been drenched in blood by some mad finger painter.  The raccoon just kept finding more and more things the rat should buy.  Fredrick’s seemed to have an endless supply of one of kind clothing.


There were new pants and new shoes, and socks that were actually black to match every thing else instead of the ratty white socks his Mom bought at Wal-Mart.  Alan began to freak out more and more as the pile of clothes got higher and higher.  He couldn’t argue about Shane’s taste, Alan looked awesome in the clothes Shane was picking out.  Sure his new hair had cost the rat a lot more than he had expected it to, but it looked great with the clothes.  The problem was that Shane had picked out well over four hundred dollars worth of shirts alone.


Alan nervously straightened the latest shirt he was wearing, sniffing a little and flaring his whiskers out while he posed in the green trimmed black shirt with his AC/DC shirt underneath it.  If he had brought his guitar with him, he would look like a real rock star dressed up like this.  There was just no way he could afford this kind of stuff.  Hell, the very fact that Shane and JD thought he could spend this kind of money was starting to piss the rat off.  They barely knew him, and there was no he could buy all this.  Especially so he could try out for their band.


Alan swallowed nervously, his tail flicking back and forth as he looked at himself in the mirror.  He wasn’t going to get any of these clothes, and what ticked him off most was that he really wanted to buy them.  He looked damn good like this.


The rat caught sight of JD as the hyena came back into the store.  Shane dropped the bags they had collected beside the rat, and went over to talk with the hyena for a minute.  Alan continued to try out the different shirts Shane had picked out, but he kept his ears turned towards his new friends, trying unsuccessfully to catch what they were saying to each other.  Alan frowned a little when Shane left the store, and JD weaved through the shop towards him, setting his bags down next to the pile of clothes by the rat.  JD’s grin seemed unusually wide, and he smelled strange.  Alan caught a whiff of something, and he shivered a little as the hyena stood close behind him.  The hyena smelled faintly of a whole lot of sex. 

“You look good.” JD said after looking Alan up and down once. 

Alan twitched his ears back, and he smiled a little.  “Thanks.” 

JD grinned a little wider, “No problem.  You look good in clothes.”  The hyena’s eyes lingered on Alan, and the rat could almost feel the hyena’s paws on him as JD undressed him with his eyes.  “Almost as good as you do out of them.”  The hyena said with a slight snicker, and Alan felt his face getting hot.  He lashed his tail back and forth, turning around to face the hyena.

“Why are you doing this?”  He hadn’t meant to sound so angry, but he was pissed about the clothes, his hair and the way JD was staring at him was creeping him out.  The hyena’s laugh had been the last straw. 

The hyena’s grin turned into an even bigger smirk, his big teeth flashing at the rat.  “Because I can.”  The hyena almost sounded a little drunk.

“Why?” Alan growled at the hyena’s grin and that made JD blink, tilting his head at the sound.  Growls were not a sound rats usually made. 

“Nice growl, you learn that from a canine friend?”  The hyena said smoothly, his grin never wavering as he took a step forward. 

“A wolf. Don’t change the subject. Why are you making me do all this?”  The rat tried to shove JD back a little, but the hyena didn’t move. “I can’t buy all this stuff.” Alan muttered; throwing his arms out at the pile of clothes that Shane had picked out for him.  He crossed his arms and glared up at the bigger hyena, twitching his head a little to get the hair out of his eyes.  Alan noticed how cool his hair looked falling back into place in the mirror. 

JD just kept grinning, and said, “I see you figured out the hair trick.” JD said, licking his nose once with his long tongue, “Good, you can use that in the show.”

Alan found himself beginning to blush as he stared at the handsome older male. “Show?” Alan muttered, his tail lashing a bit.  

“You want to be in the band, right?”  JD said as the hyena pulled his wallet out of his pocket. 

Alan sighed and shrugged, “Yeah sure I want to join.  You guys play good music, and Shane’s fun to hang out with.  But look, I can’t buy this stuff if that’s what it’s going to take.” 

The hyena just grinned and began looking through the nearby racks.  “You’re not buying, I am.” 

“You’re joking, and it’s not funny this time.” Alan muttered.  Alan stared at the hyena, who just sort of grinned at him.  The rat flicked his tail back and forth, muttering. “I just met you.  Why would anybody do that?” 

 “Normally you’d be right.  People don’t shell out five hundred bucks on someone they just met, but you can thank Derek when you meet him.” 

“Derek who?” Alan growled softly.  The hyena pulled a credit card out of his wallet and flashed it to the rat, who nearly fell over in surprise. 


The card was a platinum gold card, and read “Diamond Dog Entertainment” across the top.  It even had the grinning face of a Doberman pincher on it and Alan recognized him instantly as Derek Diamond.  Alan blinked and stared at it in total confusion.  Diamond Dogs Inc was the hottest record label in the business.  It had stormed the entertainment industry three years ago with acts like the Hellcat’s and the Bunny-Boyz.  Every band Derek and his Dogs put together was a massive hit, and no two were the same.  The owner, Derek Diamond, had organized it with the help of his old style rap group, the Diamond Dogs, who were now his top promoters.

“Why do you have a Derek Diamond credit card?”  The rat whispered under his breath, getting closer to the plastic card just to see if it was for real.


The hyena laughed, his muzzle replacing the plastic card so that he was smirking down at Alan just inches from the rat’s face, “Cause I’m a Diamond Dog idiot.”

Alan shook his head, his mouth hanging open, “Wait, what?  No you’re not, all of the Diamonds Dogs are dogs!  How the hell do you know Derek Diamond?” the rat nearly shouted.

JD’s smirk only widened, as he slipped the credit card and his wallet back in his pocket and looked away from the rat.  “I used to mix his old records, back when he was still a street kid in New York.  Now, I’m one of their best promoters.” The hyena began looking through one of the clothing racks again, seeming to ignore the rat.

Alan was shocked.  To the rat, JD’s statement was akin to someone declaring that yes, they were the Queen of England, thank you very much, but no they did not want any tea. 

“So, why the hell are you living in that dump apartment with Shane?” Alan babbled, shaking his paws at the hyena in disbelief.

JD grinned at Alan as he held up a shirt, to see what it would look like on the rat. “I build his bands and mix his records, not live the high life.  Derek’s the one who loves to strut around like he owns the place, not me.  Besides, you have to throw huge parties to stay on top these days.”  JD smirked as he handed the rat yet another shirt to try on.  “I much prefer small, intimate parties.”

Alan’s ears turned red and he angrily pulled off the shirt he was wearing and put on the new one.  It too looked good on him, but only because it set off his new hair.  He was so mad at the grinning hyena he wanted to spit.   “Right.  So what’s the deal with Shane then?” the rat muttered angrily under his breath.  “I guess you’re going to tell me he’s Diamond’s best friend from grade school or something?” 

  JD laughed, and the hyena’s loud bark made a couple of the people in the store jump.  It even made a young fox clerk scurry away from them in fright.  “God, no, Shane’s from Ohio.  Some tiny Midwest town with too many morals for its own good.”  JD made his way around a rack of leather jackets taller than Alan was, and kept right on talking. “I met him at a private school we both got sent to, and I hooked him up with a place to live four months ago when he got out.”  The hyena’s head peeked over the rack of clothes, “And then I heard him sing.” 

Alan smiled as he looked up at JD’s happy smile.  It wasn’t the big, evil looking grin the hyena always seemed to be wearing, filled with too many teeth and way too much attitude.  It was a genuine, simple smile. 

“He’s going to be a star for sure,” JD muttered, “and I’d been looking to start my own band for a while.” JD came around the rack and hung the leather jacket he had picked out around Alan’s shoulder.  “So enjoy the free stuff and don’t complain.”  The hyena’s tongue slipped out of his grin and brushed across Alan’s mouth in a quick canine kiss.  “Even if you don’t work out for the band, I’m just going to write it all off as a business expense.” 


Alan jerked his muzzle back and blinked at the hyena; who just sort of laughed at the rat and moved off to shop for himself.  Alan swallowed nervously and rubbed his muzzle.  He stared at himself in the mirror, confused by the hyena’s surprising explanation and equally surprising kiss.  Then the rat numbly slipped his arms through the jacket, pulling at the edges gently and flipped his hair.  In the mirror, he looked great. The way the jacket hung and his hair fell over his eyes, it looked like he was walking effortlessly into a stiff wind, as the black leather and denim hugged his gray fur and yet flared out behind him.  It made him look strong, and the rat was silently glad he could keep the clothes.  He looked really, really great like this.




Kyle sat in the food court, eating a hamburger slowly.  Across from the tiger was a tray of food he had bought for Nick, and he was just sort of zoned out as he waited for his friend to return.  He was facing the railing, only barely watching the people down below, so when Blake came bouncing up behind him and sat down, it was a total surprise.

Kyle blinked as the bunny looked up at him with a big smile on his small muzzle, setting a camcorder down on the table alongside a small black bag.  “Hey there stripes, how you doing?” Kyle sighed slightly, his eyes narrowing at the rabbit. 

“Blake.”  The tiger rumbled, taking another slow bite of his sandwich.  “What do you want?”

The rabbit sighed in a really dramatic fashion, leaned over the table and even fluttered his eyes up at the tiger.  Kyle grimaced as the rabbit twisted his whole body into the most slinky, girlish position he could manage.  “Oh, now is that any way to say hello to an old friend?  After all this time?”  The rabbit’s voice was even higher pitched than normal as he grinned up at the tiger. 

“I just saw you yesterday at school Blake.” The tiger set his burger down, and wiped his paws on a napkin,  “and then last night at Leon’s party.” 

The rabbit giggled, “Yes, but it’s been a long time since we talked.  It’s been, years,” the rabbit drew the word out, his paw flipping at the tiger in the most limp-wristed fashion possible, “since you stopped hanging out with me.” 


Kyle growled slightly, his eyes shifting side to side as he looked around the food court.  Thankfully, no one was nearby to hear the rabbit’s effeminate declaration.  “Will you cut the act, Blake?” the tiger growled at the rabbit. 


Blake’s demure smile turned into a much larger grin.  He sat up straight, his ears perked up, one flopping forward under its own wait and instead of thrusting his hips out like a girl he straightened his legs and wrists, matching the tiger’s gruff, macho position exactly.  “You never were comfortable with that, were you?”  The rabbit asked, his voice dropping nearly an octave to its normal tone, which he almost never spoke in these days.  “It always bothered you when were we little kids that I acted more like a chick than a guy.”  The rabbit smirked at the tiger, and Kyle’s hackles lifted a little bit more.


Kyle shrugged slightly.  “You were a weird kid Blake, didn’t know why back then.  Guess you figured it out eventually.  We only hung out cause our mom’s were friends.” 

Blake tapped his paw on the table, right beside his camera.  “That’s true.  You didn’t hang around our street long once you met Nick and started playing little league.  I have to say, I’m jealous you figured things out so much faster than I did.  It’s taken me years to find a sugar daddy like your wolf.”

Kyle’s eyes narrowed, and he tilted his head to the side.  The tiger did not like the way that sounded at all.  “What the hell are you talking about?” he said in disbelief. 

Blake grinned and nearly bounced in his chair as he leaned forward, a bit of the feminine swish moving back into his voice and posture.  “I’m talking about Nick.  I have to say you two have done a damn good job hiding it.  The macho act is working really well for you.  I’d try it myself, but then that’s not what keeps my papa bear happy.”

The tiger’s growl made Blake wince slightly, his smile disappearing as he looked in fear at the much larger tiger’s angry face.  Kyle’s whiskers flared out as he leaned forward, almost nose-to-nose with the rabbit. “You’ve got five seconds to start making sense Blake, before you end up as stew.”

The rabbit’s fearful expression turned slowly into an evil, mean-spirited grin.  “You and your sugar daddy of a wolf.  You’re his bitch, and I,” the rabbit held up his camcorder, flipped the little screen around and showed Kyle the freeze frame shot of him and Nick kissing, “have proof.” 


Kyle didn’t move.  He just sat there, staring at the little screen.  The tiger’s anger turned into an icy fear in under a second.  It gripped his chest tightly as he glanced at the rabbit’s blue eyes.  “It’s not what you think.  And I’m not his bitch.” 


Blake licked his lips slowly, his small pink tongue swirling around his sly grin.  “Oh, sure you are Kyle.”  The rabbit laughed slightly as he crossed one leg over his knee just like every girl Kyle had ever dated did, “but you’ve got nothing to worry about.  I would never mess up what you’ve got going.”  Blake hit a few buttons on the camera, and the word “deleting…” appeared over the picture just before Nick and Kyle’s kissing faces disappeared.  “We came from the same place you and me, same street even.  Big family that’s poor as dirt, and no way out of the suburban hell we live in.”  Blake shrugged slightly standing up beside the table, “You just found your meal ticket first.  As I said, I’m jealous.  I’d love to be kept by a wolf like Nick; he’s hot as hell.  I bet with all the girls Nick gets you hardly have to put out at all.”  The rabbit wiggled his nose slightly, putting a shake into his hips as he grinned at Kyle.  “Not that I would mind putting out for a wolf like him.  I would love to take a ride in his convertible, and I’m sure you get my drift.”


The way Blake wiggled his butt left nothing to the imagination.  Kyle’s voice betrayed his desperation, “Blake, you’re wrong.  It’s not like that.  He’s not keeping me!”

Blake laughed, “Okay honey, I’m sorry.  Nick’s not your sugar daddy at all.”  The rabbit stood up, leaning over so his muzzle almost touched the tiger’s spread whiskers, staring the furious tiger right in the eyes.  “I guess you bought that food, and those designer jeans, and even all that expensive football gear you wear yourself then.  My mistake.”  The rabbit cooed into the tiger’s ears before he sauntered away.  Kyle’s paws curled into fists, but the tiger did not follow him.  Blake grinned and hopped away.  Just being able to ruffle the tiger’s fur put more of a bounce in the rabbit’s already springy step.


Kyle watched as Blake walked away and took an escalator downstairs.  He sat there for a second, his heart racing, fists clenched before shaking his head and pushing the rabbit out of his thoughts.  He and Nick were just friends, it didn’t matter if they were sleeping together now.  They were just friends.  The wolf wasn’t ‘keeping’ him like some bitch. 


Kyle picked up his burger, and instantly lost his appetite when he remembered Nick had in fact paid for the food.  The tiger got up, threw his food away in disgust and sat back down, sulking angrily at the table until David and Nick came back and they all went home. 




Alan rode in the front seat of Shane’s car as the raccoon drove him home. They had dropped JD and most of the stuff they had bought off at the raccoon’s apartment.  Alan had only wanted to take home what he thought he could sneak past his dad.  He did not need his old man believing he was a shoplifter as well as a good for nothing punk, and his dad would definitely not believe someone bought him clothes like this. 


He was a little worried that his father would be pissed anyways, but there was a good chance his dad had been too drunk to notice he was gone all night.  The rat grinned as Shane talked about the plans for the tryouts next week at Diamond studios, and what songs he wanted Alan to play to impress Derek.  Alan shook his head; he was still amazed that the raccoon’s band already had a record label backing it and hadn’t chosen all its members.    

As they got to the rat’s house, Shane leaned over and gave Alan a big hug, and the gray furred rat happily hugged him back.  It had only been 24 hours since he first met Shane, but it felt like the raccoon was his best friend in the world now.  He promised Shane he would practice the raccoon’s songs and work on his guitar, and then ruffled the raccoon’s purple head fur one last time. 

Alan got out of the car wearing all new clothes and carrying a bag with lots more, shaking his head in amazement at the idea that someone would not only dye their head fur purple, but dye the rings of their tail the rest of the colors of the rainbow.  The raccoon had to be the gayest person Alan had ever met.




Blake closed the door to his apartment, laughing slightly at the angry shouts from the superintendent of his building.  The old basset hound was really pissed, because he had evidently found the videos of Blake and his son on his kid’s computer.  The rabbit shook his head, amazed that a twenty-year-old college student could be so bad at hiding things from his dad.  Not that he was worried; the rent was paid for the rest of the year after all, and there was no way the dog could throw him out without losing his job.  Blake didn’t bother turning on the lights in his apartment, he just stretched himself and padded across the room and hooked his camera up to his computer.  The rabbit’s living room was filled with computer equipment, and the monitor outlined the white rabbit’s fur in the darkness as he turned it on.  Blake sat down and started downloading the videos he had made at the mall today.


            The fur on the back of Blake’s neck stood up, and he shivered slightly.  It felt like a cold draft had blown through the warm room, but the air was still.  It felt like someone’s eyes were on him, watching him move.  It sent a tingle down the rabbit’s spine, and he rubbed himself as he began downloading the films he had collected today, splicing them and naming them by subject.  The feeling of being watched did not fade, and Blake turned his head slowly when a soft, but heavy footfall made his ears turned backwards. 


            Just behind him, someone tall loomed in the darkness.  Blake felt himself tremble as he looked back into the big, evil grin of the bruin standing behind him.  He eeped loudly as the person behind him grabbed him up into his arms, lifting the frightened rabbit high into the air, forcing him to sit on his lap as he flopped down into the rabbit’s oversized computer chair.  The bear who held Blake grinned and bit at his neck, making Blake cry out in pleasure and wiggle his rump against the bear’s lap.  Blake whimpered, and the bear’s muzzle split into a tooth filled smile as his claws shredded the rabbit’s designer clothes and Blake struggled, whimpering in fear and delight as he was stripped naked by the intruder’s claws. 


Blake cried out again when he felt the thick, hard flesh of the bear’s dick rubbing under his tail, but this time it was a cry of pleasure.  Blake grinned as he pushed back against the bear’s dick.  His sugar daddy often snuck into his apartment like this, but Blake could not remember the last time he had genuinely been frightened by the gruff bear’s sudden appearance.  It was really thrilling, especially when he reached forward and hit record on his camera, the little screen displaying a perfectly framed image of the horny young bunny rabbit perched in the much older and larger bear’s lap. 


“Well, well Blake, it looks like you had a fun day…” the bear muttered into the back of Blake’s neck, teeth pricking at the rabbit’s skin as his fine three piece suit rubbed against Blake’s naked white fur.  Blake whimpered in delight when he felt the bear’s dick shove its way inside him, sliding out of the fly of his expensive suit and into his ass.

Blake loved it when the bear fucked him still fully clothed.  If they started out dressed, it meant he was going to get fucked at least two more times as the bear undressed and ravaged his young butt all night long.

“Oh Congressman Barnes…” Blake moaned, and the white rabbit shivered as the bear’s thick cock spread his tail hole open wide.  The bear forced him all the way down onto his dick in one smooth motion, before letting Blake bounce on his lap under his own power, fucking himself on the bear’s thick shaft.  “It’s only getting good now…” the rabbit muttered, his newly fixed camera capturing every moment of the rapid, repeated fucking that followed. 




Alan sighed and sat down on his bed, his ears still ringing from his father’s shouting.  The rat’s tail twitched, and he clenched his paws in anger.  His dad, it seemed, had run out of booze at some point during the night as was royally pissed that Alan had not been there to go to the store for him.  It didn’t matter that the rat wasn’t 21 yet.  His Dad was just pissed because the old rat was always pissed about something.  At least he had not noticed the bags of clothing Alan had snuck in with. 


Alan’s ears perked up and his whiskers spread out as he smiled.  The rat dumped the bag onto his bed, going through the shirts and leather pants Shane and JD had bought him.   It was a huge haul for the rat, and he couldn’t wait to wear them to school.  As he pulled the tags off and pushed the clothes into drawers, he noticed a small black bag was hidden among the pile of clothes.  He turned the bag over and yelped when a big, black rubber dick rolled into his paw.  Alan dropped the rubber dildo, which landed with a thud on the floor.  The wide base underneath the sculpted balls providing it the stability to stand under its own power, and Alan stared down at it, as the thick, black dildo pointed straight up at him.  Alan carefully emptied the rest of the stuff out of the bag onto his bed, and sighed when he saw a large tube of lubricant and a note. The rat picked up the piece of paper and growled when he read,


Yo Alan,

Hope you enjoy your new toy. 

See you on Saturday.



The rat growled, and grabbed the dildo off the floor.  The dildo’s surface actually felt like skin, and closing his paw around gave the rat had a chilling sense of déjà vu.  It honestly felt like he was holding somebody’s hard cock in his paw.  He growled in anger at the memory of having his paw in JD’s jock strap actually aroused him and shoved the fake dick and the lube into the drawer of his nightstand.  He would have to throw it away after his dad went to bed, otherwise he would really get his hide tanned.  Staying out all weekend without calling home was bad enough, but bringing home a dildo?  Alan fumed, cursing JD as he finished putting away his new clothes.  Then he flopped down on his bed and put his headphones on to calm down. 


Alan was staring at the ceiling thinking when his Dad came in, yelled something Alan didn’t even bother to listen to and then turned off the lights.  The rat didn’t move, or twitch his tail in annoyance.  His dad’s anger was the least of his concerns right now.  Alan sighed heavily and stared up at his ceiling, the darkness of night making it hard to see anything in his room at all. 


Thoughts of the last two days ran through his head, and he fidgeted nervously as he thought about JD and Shane, and what was now laying in a drawer just two feet away.  Alan really liked them both, and the thought of them as he lay in bed wearing nothing but his underwear made the rat very, very uneasy.  He did not want to admit it, but he was tenting his white underwear pretty badly now, which reminded Alan of JD’s jock strap and the way the hyena had tented them the first time they had met.  After a while Alan rolled over on his side and opened his nightstand drawer, where the thick, black dildo seemed to stare at him, glistening in the red light of his alarm clock.  Alan pulled it out and held it in his hand, chewing his lip as he tried to decide just what he should do with it. 


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