When Todd comes home, he and David have a lot to discuss.


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Chapter 22: Coming Home



The key weaved and bobbed as the black fingers holding it trembled.  A larger brown paw reached out and steadied the shaking black paw, smoothing the fluffed fur down gently before taking the slim vulpine paw so that both paws gripped the key together.  Then the key slid into the lock and the dead bolt unlocked with a heavy click.


Todd hesitated again, his paw gripping the door handle as he leaned towards David.  The kangaroo leaned closer to Todd, and for a moment they were propped against each other, drawing strength from each other.  The small fox shivered a little as David’s chin brushed against his forehead. 


The kangaroo’s big brown paw squeezed the fox’s slim black paw tightly as Todd opened the door.  The frosted glass and wood swung out of their way, and David followed Todd into his house for the first time, their paws clasped tightly together. 


A strange sense of déjà vu flowed over David as he stepped into the fox’s home.  It was like walking into a past he didn’t quite remember.  All of the furniture was the same.  Even the couch where he and Todd had first experimented was sitting casually in the living room.  The familiar scent of the Hayes family drifted in the air, a mix of the sharp and earthy musk of foxes and home cooking.  Everything was the same and yet so different at the same time. 


The furniture was shifted around to fit the new room.  Old pictures hung on unfamiliar walls.  As he set his bag down beside the couch David noticed that even the carpet was newer, softer under foot than the carpet in Todd’s old home had been.  ‘Why am I noticing the carpet at a time like this?’  David thought, shaking his head.


The kangaroo wrinkled his nose, grinning as Mrs. Hayes came rushing out of the kitchen to hug her son.  Todd’s grip pulled at his arm and the fox ducked his head as his mother hugged him furiously, kissing his cheeks and making the slim fox blush and flatten his ears against his head. 


David shifted unsteadily, the strange familiarity lingering.  He had followed Todd into the fox’s house a hundred times before, but never holding his paw so openly.  Mrs. Hayes had always greeted him warmly, but this time she threw her arms around him and hugged him just like she had Todd.  She even planted a kiss on his cheek. 


Then Mrs. Hayes went to her husband, who got a much deeper kiss as he closed the door behind him.  “Oh I’m so glad you’re all home.”  Mrs. Hayes said, her voice practically breaking with emotion.  “I can’t believe both my boys are coming home on the same day.”  She looked around the room with her hands clasped and eyes watering, smiling like a tiny sun. 


All the men in the room shifted awkwardly as she hugged Todd and David again.  “Come on everybody,” she said with a sniff, “Dinner is ready, and for once we get to eat as a family.”  She ruffled David’s head fur as she went back to the kitchen, her tail held high, and a huge smile on her face.  Even Todd’s dad looked a bit embarrassed, but he too was beaming with happiness.


David glanced at Todd, who was blushing so hard that the white fur on his chin was turning pink.  They shared a momentary look, and David knew that Todd was holding himself back just like he was.  There was so much they wanted, no needed, to say to each other.  Now just wasn’t the time.  They followed Todd’s parents and sat down at the table. 


It was David’s turn to blush when he sat down, and Mrs. Hayes set his favorite meal in front of him, a special Garlic Herb chicken prepared just for his homecoming. 




After dinner Todd headed for the bathroom, his fur itching slightly as he thought about how good it would be to take a shower.  It felt like his fur was twice as heavy, dragging him down slightly as he moved.  Todd forced his muzzle into a smile when he found his dad beside the bathroom door. 


“Hey son,” Michael Hayes coughed slightly, “I just wanted to go over a few things before you went to bed.”  Todd swiveled his ears forward, listening intently as his dad went into organizer mode. 


“Rowan wants to have lunch with just you tomorrow before he and Deanna head home.  I told him you would, and I’ll take David over to his foster home to get his things while you’re out.”  Todd nodded once, because that sounded good and there was really no point in arguing with his dad when he was like this. 


“If you’re not feeling good enough to go back to school on Monday the principal says you can stay home a few more days, but you should probably start working on the pile of make-up work Coach Townson has been collecting from your teachers.”  Todd held back the groan as he thought about school, and as his father gave him a worried smile.  “And speaking of you and David, well your mother and I bought you a new bed.  There are also some blankets down stairs behind the couch for David, if, well…” the older fox coughed a little as he shifted his weight.  Todd’s father frowned slightly as his ears swiveled backwards, “If you two don’t want to stay in the same room tonight.”


Todd just nodded again.  That was his dad, thinking of everything.  “We’ll be fine Dad.  I just…” the fox trailed off as his eyes slid to the floor.  This was the question he did not under any circumstances want to ask his father, but  had to know.  The fox looked up at his father again.  “Did you tell him about Keith?” 


His father’s muzzle dipped down slightly, and he said, “No. But he knows.”  Todd’s father gave him a slow, calculating look as he decided something.  “You need to talk with David about what happened to him, Todd.  He won’t tell me or your mother, but I don’t think that the last two years were easy for him.”  Michael sighed and rubbed one ear slowly as he looked away from Todd.  “If you need me or your mother just wake us up, okay?” 


Todd nodded weakly, and his dad left him alone so he could take a shower.




David sat down on the edge of Todd’s new bed.  The kangaroo looked at the fresh sheets and blankets a little nervously as Todd took a shower. 


This was the only thing in the house that was truly different.  It simply didn’t belong in the room.  It was brand new and devoid of any scent beside fabric softener and linen.  It sat like stone in the corner of Todd’s room; a monolith reminder of what had happened here two weeks before.  Todd’s parents had purchased it the day the hospital cleared Todd for release so he would have somewhere to sleep when he came home.  David sat on the bed, paws nervously running over the sheets as he waited. 


The bed was big enough for two. 


Just looking at the bed made David’s palms sweat and his ears twitch.  He and Todd had really not had a chance to talk over the last two days.  Once the fox was awake everything had happened so fast.  He and David hadn’t been alone for even a few minutes. 


Todd’s parents had been by his side constantly.  Rowan had visited again with his family, and the doctors had run test after test to make sure Todd’s brain had suffered no lasting damage.  CAT scans, MRI’s, mental skill tests, they all showed that the fox was physically fine. 


David’s head snapped up as the door opened and Todd came in the room.  The fox was wearing a pair of shorts and a white cotton tee shirt he was pulling on over his head.  The kangaroo’s stomach did a flip and he swallowed nervously, because for a moment he could see the creamy white fur and red sides of the fox’s belly before the cotton covered it.  The kangaroo’s heart began to pound in his chest and he felt his ears growing hot.  Todd was just as beautiful as David remembered him.  David smiled as Todd flattened his fur out, and the two boys looked at each other nervously. 


“Hey there.”  David said numbly, his eyes wandering up and down Todd, and the fox’s ears swiveled backwards. 


“Hey,” Todd mumbled back, crossing his arms over his chest as he leaned against the door.  They stayed that way for a moment, their eyes avoiding each other as each boy searched for something to say. 


“You wanna sit down?”  David ventured, and Todd’s muzzle twitched into a slight smile when David grinned at him.  There was a hope in the kangaroo’s eyes that pulled at Todd’s heartstrings.  The fox felt absolutely terrible as he crossed the room and sat down beside the kangaroo, keeping his arms crossed over his chest as they sat on the big bed together.  The fox’s long, fluffy tail curled around into his lap, the black tip coming to rest between the fox’s legs. 

A long moment passed before David said, “We need to talk,” his voice heavy with the tears he was holding back.


“I know we do.  I just…” the fox’s eyes closed, and his body stiffened as he closed his eyes.  “I’m so sorry David,” Todd said carefully, trying to keep his emotions under control.  “I thought I would never see you again.  Now everybody is so happy I’m okay.  They think we’re going to get back together like nothing happened,” the fox’s voice wavered as he fought back the tears, “Even my dad thinks we will in his own way, but you don’t know what happened.  My dad said you do, but you don’t.”  Todd’s voice was filled with self-loathing and David could see that his eyes were brimming with tears. 


David’s muzzle turned so he could look at the fox as a tear ran off his cheek fur.  Todd’s paws began to rub at his forearms, just like he always did when he was nervous.  The fox’s fingers passed over the healing scars on his wrists.  Todd’s back stiffened, his nostril’s flared, and his chest began to heave.  David slid his arm around the fox’s shoulders.  


The touch calmed the fox, and he breathed out in a long sigh.  Todd sagged against the kangaroo’s side, his arms still crossed over his chest protectively.  David pressed his muzzle against the top of Todd’s head and the fox sniffled once as the kangaroo began to rock back and forth. 


“I’m so sorry David,” the fox whimpered, his arms unfolding as he clutched at David’s side.  “I met someone.”


“I know about Keith,” David said quietly, “It doesn’t matter.”


“Yes it does David.”  Todd said, his voice breaking as he looked at the kangaroo,   “I love him.” 


“I know,” David said simply.


Todd pushed himself away from the kangaroo, looking David in the eyes.  The slightly taller boy didn’t look worried, or frightened, or upset.  David was just calm, and his paw gripped the fox’s firmly. 


“How can it not matter?” Todd whispered, his heart breaking.  He felt so horrible for what he had done, and it showed in his voice as he whispered, “I betrayed you.”


“No you didn’t,” David said, his eyes still as green ice.  The kangaroo’s brown muzzle dipped a little so that his eyes were level with Todd’s.


“I didn’t wait,” Todd started again, his voice a desperate whine.  “I betrayed everything we had.  How can you forgive me for that?”


“I don’t care!”  David snapped, the kangaroo’s face clouding as David pulled away from the fox suddenly.  Todd froze for a second, frightened for just a moment by the anger in the kangaroo voice.  David had never, ever been angry like that before.  It sent a chill down the fox’s spine.  The kangaroo had sounded, just for a second, like his father. 

The two of them sat in silence for a while, and Todd wasn’t sure what he was supposed to say.  His face burned in shame, and he felt worthless for making David mad.  David’s chest heaved, and his eyes were unfocused as he stared at the floor. 


Todd eventually mumbled, “Your tail never healed right.”  It was lame and it was stupid, but the fox couldn’t stand the heavy silence anymore.  Any words were better then the heavy silence hanging between them. 


“My dad never took me to the hospital.”  David said sullenly and for a moment they were quiet again, but the spell was broken and David started to talk again.  “I’m sorry I shouted Todd,” the kangaroo muttered.  He paused for a second, sighing slowly.  “It’s just that,” David licked his lips, “You don’t know what the last two years have been like for me.  Things happened to me Todd,” David’s voice was thick, and his green eyes had a haunted look in them as he stared at the floor.  Todd shifted closer to David, and the fox sat on his knees as he leaned on the kangaroo’s shoulder as David spoke. 


“I,” David paused, his courage wavering for a moment, “had to do things to survive.”  The kangaroo gave a slight shrug, and Todd blinked in surprise when the movement lifted him up off the bed an inch, as if his weight on the kangaroo’s shoulder was nothing.  The fox looked at David, their muzzles close together as they avoided looking the other directly in the eyes.  “I’m not mad at you for falling in love, too.” David said quietly.


“Too?” Todd said, his big blue eyes blinking, “What do you mean ‘too?’” 


David’s ears and tail drooped, “I slept with a lot more than one person while we were apart,” the kangaroo said quietly.


Todd felt like someone had punched him in the guts.  The fox closed his eyes and shook his head so hard his ears flapped, as if it could force the words back out of his brain.  Todd pulled away from David and crossed his arms over his chest again, “What?  How many?  WHO?” the fox begged, his voice rising as he stared at David.  The kangaroo said nothing; he just sat there with his head down and his eyes closed.  “Who did you fall in love with?” the fox repeated, and David looked Todd in the eyes.


David’s eyes held Todd’s gaze as he said, “A raccoon named Shane.  He and I…” the kangaroo’s shoulders shook, and he sobbed once.  “I loved him, but we broke it off after he,” David swallowed nervously, “got out of the Academy.  He was at the hospital.” 


“Him?”  Todd asked, vaguely recalling a purple haired raccoon talking to David in the waiting room as the doctors ran some tests.  “Why?” the fox asked desperately, his voice very quiet as he added, “and how many others were there besides Shane?”


“Too many.”  David said hoarsely, “I don’t even know how many would count.”  That made Todd flinch, and the kangaroo felt as if Sergeant Rock had kicked him in the guts. 

“You don’t even remember them?”  Todd whimpered, his voice pleading with the kangaroo to take back his words.  “Why?”  Todd pleaded, “Why did you do it then?”


The kangaroo ducked his head, his eyes closed tightly as the memories of Roosevelt academy washed over him.  David remembered clearly the beatings and humiliation he had endured at the hands of his teachers and peers.  He remembered the fear as he hid in the crowd, hoping that no one would notice him because not everyone would take no for an answer.  David wanted to explain it, to make Todd understand, but he couldn’t wrap words around what had happened.  How could he even begin to tell Todd what it had been like at Roosevelt? 


“You can’t understand Todd,” David said finally, “My dad sent me to a military school designed to ‘fix’ gays.  They did…” David’s words stopped as he shuddered from head to toe.  Todd reached out a paw and touched his knee as the kangaroo crossed his arms over his stomach and looked as if he was going to be sick.  “They tried to break us.”  David mumbled, his voice quiet as he stared into the past. 


“What?” Todd murmured in confusion, fear creeping in to replace the sting of betrayal.  David’s shoulders were shaking now, and Todd was torn between hating him and wanting to hug him.


David’s eyes opened and he looked at Todd like a drowning man looks at dry land.  “I almost forgot who I was, Todd.”  The kangaroo swallowed, “they tried to change me.  Sleeping with another guy was the only way to fight back.  I had to remember who I was.”  David’s eyes flicked downward, as shame overtook his fear.  “I’m so sorry Todd.”


Todd swallowed too, his chest heaving as he looked into David’s eyes.  They were filled with tears and so much love it hurt to look at them. 


Todd could see David’s love for him almost pouring off the kangaroo.  It was unmistakable, just like the fear and need in David’s scent was.  David still cared about him, but how was he supposed to just brush aside something like this?  Just remembering his night with Keith made the fox sick to his stomach with guilt.  How could the kangaroo be defending what he had done?


Todd choked back a sob, and he could feel his tears beginning to soak into his fur.  He put his paw to mouth, and said, “I don’t, I can’t,” the fox faltered, and then he began to cry without hesitation.  Todd collapsed forward into David’s arms, and the two boys held each other and sobbed for a while. 


They stayed that way for a long time, each boy clutching the other as the tears from one soaked into the fur of the other. 


Eventually Todd pulled his head back, intending to say something.  Their muzzles brushed passed each other, and when their lips touched for just a second, they automatically kissed each other.  It was awkward and tender, and David’s lips tasted of his tears, but Todd pulled back after just a moment. 


They sat side by side again, knees touching as they both looked anywhere but at each other.  Then Todd stammered, “I, we can’t do this tonight.  Not yet.”  The fox smiled when David’s paw reached over and took his. 


“I love you Todd,” David said, desperation crowding his voice. 


“I love you too, I just,” Todd swallowed nervously, wiping a tear away from his cheeks.  “I need a little time.  My dad,” Todd said, but David interrupted him.


“Your dad put blankets out down stairs for me.”  The kangaroo’s voice was sad, but he kissed the fox on the cheek before he stood up.  Silence hung in the air as the kangaroo padded to the door.  When the door began to close behind David, fear gripped Todd’s chest.  The sight of David disappearing made Todd leap to his feet, and David turned when he heard the fox say “Wait!” For a moment they looked at each other through the half closed door. 


“David,” Todd muttered, his tongue licking his nose as his tail curled around his leg nervously.  “I don’t want you to think this means no.  I just,” the fox sagged, his emotions tangling up inside him.  He was so upset the kangaroo hadn’t waited.  He was also happy to see David again it made his heart ache.  Todd couldn’t find the words for any of it.


“It’s okay, Todd.”  The kangaroo said quietly, his paw caressing the shorter fox’s muzzle gently as their muzzles brushed against each other.  “One more night doesn’t matter,” the kangaroo said, his nose wrinkling as he smiled at the fox, and for a moment he looked like he was going to say something else, but didn’t.


Todd stayed beside the closed door, listening at the crack as David climbed down the stairs.  He strained to hear, as the kangaroo got comfortable on the couch downstairs.  Then the soft, almost inaudible sounds of sobbing drifted up to the fox’s alert ears. 


Todd flung himself onto his new bed and cried himself to sleep.




A clap of thunder rattled the windows and Todd awoke with a snort and a yelp.  Vulpine paws clutched at the covers as Todd knelt on top of his bed.  He was still dressed and his fur felt heavy with sweat.  The fox’s dreams had been nightmares of the worst kind.  Todd’s legs and arms trembled as he pushed himself off the bed, a paw wiping at the matted fur on his cheeks.  He had cried so much that the fluffy fur on his face was plastered to his skin.


Todd felt a chill descend into his thoughts as the rain began to fall outside in great torrents.  The drops hammered on the roof and the inside of his skull, and when the wind whistled thru the cracks in his window it seemed to run right thru his fur.  Todd’s bushy tail curled between his legs and he looked around, wanting nothing more than to be close to David right now.  Todd’s legs moved unsteadily as he went down stairs. 


When he got to the couch, David was already awake.  The kangaroo was lying on his back with his shirt off, green eyes staring up at the ceiling.  The two boys looked at each other without saying anything.  Todd sniffed once, shifting his paw to rub at his nose.  The fox’s tail was curled between his legs and his arms were wrapped around his shoulders to keep warm.  Only the falling rain filled the silence between the two boys.


Then David lifted the covers and scooted to the back of the couch, giving Todd a place to sit down beside him.  Todd shifted his weight from one foot to the other as he saw the kangaroo’s bare chest, and the way his muscles moved under his short brown fur.  The fox licked his nose and stared at David.  He wanted to be close to David so badly, and yet Todd’s heart hurt at the thought of everything that had happened. 


Moving slowly, Todd lay down beside David with a hollow feeling in his stomach, tail tucked stiffly between his legs as Todd’s back pressed against the kangaroo’s chest.  When David lowered the blanket, the kangaroo’s arm draped over the fox’s midsection, and Todd let out a trembling breath as the warmth of David’s embrace and enveloped him.  A calmness descended over Todd as David held him underneitht the blanket, their bodies touching all along Todd’s backside.


They lay like that for a long time; bodies nestled together under the blanket.  Todd’s belly felt like a hole had opened up inside it, and all four black paws fidgeted nervously.  The fox could feel every inch of David’s body behind him, touching him gently.  Todd wanted to ask so many questions as he pressed back against David’s warm chest, to find some way to make things right between them.


David was having the exact same thoughts.  He wanted to try and explain everything that had happened to him in the last two years, but there was nothing he could say.  David’s chest ached with the effort of holding back tears, and his fingers twitched in soft red fur.  


Todd and David said nothing.  They both knew that if they started talking, then this moment of closeness would end.  Words would only push them apart now, and neither boy wanted that.  They wanted to be together, touching each other.  So instead they just lay in silence together and held one another.  David’s arm even moved under Todd’s head like a pillow as the fox shifted his body backward to match David’s more athletic form. 


The warmth under the blanket began to grow as their body heat mingled and their arousal began to creep upwards.  It grew into a stifling heat, making Todd pant as he shifted against the kangaroo.  David was so close to him, and Todd had waited so long for this moment to happen again.  Todd knew hat that  stiff lump pressing against his fluffy tail was, and it was not something in the kangaroo’s pocket.  The fox’s own erection was straining against his shorts as the kangaroo held him, fingers twisting in red fur as the kangaroo fought with his emotions.  Todd’s chest ached, his heart pounding as he gasped for air.  Then, knowing full well what might happen, Todd shifted his tail up and out from between them and pushed his rump backwards against David.


The kangaroo let out a gasp as the fox’s butt pressed against his erection.  David’s grip on Todd tightened and he shut his eyes tightly.  Now only a few strips of fabric separated the most sensitive part of David from his fox, and he desperately wanted to be inside Todd.  David moved his paw slowly, sliding underneath the fox’s shirt as he rubbed himself against the fox’s backside.  Todd whimpered softly as David’s mouth gripped the scruff of his neck gently, and Todd felt rather than heard the kangaroo whimper into his neck fur.  The two boys began to rub their bodies against each other, each one wanting to touch the other so badly it hurt. 


It was slow and stifling, their clothing bunching and their fur rubbing the wrong way as for once they were just together.  No words, no past, not even the rain, just each other.  Todd felt his chest tighten again, his throat going dry as he felt the kangaroo’s length prodding at his buttocks.  Todd knew exactly what he wanted, what he needed to have happen now. 

Todd needed to feel David inside him again.  Todd’s paws began to fumble with his shorts as they tried to stay pressed together and undress at the same time.  Todd looked back at David and their eyes met.  There was a moment where they both just looked at one another, and David nodded slightly. 

The kangaroo could smell it in Todd’s scent and feel it in the way he moved.  David knew what the fox wanted.  Todd was surprised how quickly it happened from there.  His time at the Academy had taught David how to make love without noise or space to move in, and he put everything he knew into this moment.


Swift moving paws and a deft kick left their shorts and underwear in a pile at the foot of the couch.  David’s arm snaked to his bag and fished out a small bottle of lubricant.  Todd even gasped when David peeled the fox’s shirt off without any apparent effort.  Only a few seconds had passed, and they were both naked beneath the blanket and the kangaroo had yet to make a sound. 


Todd closed his eyes when he heard the click of the bottle opening, and then he felt David’s paw brushing against his raised tail as the kangaroo spread the lube on his erection and rubbed it against Todd’s tail hole.  Then one leg slid underneath Todd’s top leg and lifted, and the fox could feel it as David’s shaft slid into place beneath his tail.  The wet head pressing at his anus felt bigger than Todd remembered, but it was just gently poking beneath his tail for now.  One arm slid back under Todd’s head, cradling the fox as the other gently held onto the fox’s hip.


Todd’s arm moved back and clutched at the kangaroo’s side, and he looked back into the kangaroo’s face as David stopped just short of entering him fully.  The kangaroo was just holding him there, almost inside him.  David’s eyes shone in the dim light, and Todd understood. 


This was Todd’s choice, and if he wanted it to stop all he had to do was pull away.  Todd sank back into David’s embrace, and their bodies joined as the kangaroo’s penis slipped inside him, joining them together once more. 


David’s muzzle pressed into Todd’s neck and he let out a slow sigh as Todd’s tail slid around his dick like a warm velvet glove.  There was no sound, just a pressure as the kangaroo’s arms hugged Todd against him almost desperately, and Todd gasped as the kangaroo pushed forward as far as he could go, hilting his dick inside the fox.  They stayed that way for a long moment, joined and motionless, and then they made love to each other. 


It was a slow and deliberate lovemaking; the kind two people have when the very best thing in the world to last as long as possible.  Todd was in no position to thrust his hips really, and he kept his paw away from his own penis just to make it last.  Besides, he wanted to touch David’s body more.  David kept the pace slow, his legs bunching behind the fox’s slow, restrained movements.  Todd rolled his head back, whimpering softly as David’s shaft slid smoothly inside him and then pulled back evenly.  No bucking hips, no hard jolts, no quick thrusts, just a slow intimate joining between two lovers.  The last thing Todd and David wanted was to climax, because that meant they weren’t making love anymore. 


David made no noise as they mated.  The kangaroo kept his muzzle pressed into Todd’s neck, and he even breathed in thru the fox’s fur to muffle the sound.  It was the way he’d learned to make love at the academy, slow and silent.  David would have done it anyways, because it filled his world with the scent of his lover.  It was what he had missed most, and now David’s senses swam in it.


Todd’s body shook whenever David’s teeth gripped the scruff of the fox’s neck, and while Todd tried to stay as quiet as the kangaroo, he let out small yips and moaned quite loudly when David’s slick paw gripped the fox’s cock. 


Todd squirmed and tensed as David began to stroke his cock, pulling the fox’s weight slightly on top of him so the kangaroo was holding most of the slim fox up a little off the couch.  Todd closed his eyes and moaned as David’s body moved underneath him, pressing upward into him.  Todd rode the kangaroo’s slowly moving hips in sheer bliss, eyes only half open so he could look at the end of David’s muzzle as it moved in the corner of his vision.  Todd’s paws clutched at David’s thighs, pulling at the fur as the fox thrashed in David’s grip, just short of howling in ecstasy.  Todd felt David’s paw rising and falling on his dick, smoothly stroking his erection in time with the thrusts of his hips.  It seemed to Todd as if the paw was pulling at his entire body, and everything Todd felt was focused on his penis, heightened by the intruding member under his tail. 


Todd’s chest tightened, he yiffed loudly, body wracked with pleasure.  David held onto Todd tightly, paw rubbing only the tip of his cock as Todd came so hard spots danced in front of his eyes.  The fox felt his hips buck forward then get pulled back so he was speared on David, and his cock throbbed so hard it felt like his cum could have hit the wall. 


Instead, David’s paw carefully caught every drop of the fox’s cum, the warm pad pressed against the tip of Todd’s cock as Todd yiffed and squirmed in his embrace.  It sent waves of pleasure through the fox as the most sensitive part of his body was caressed, and every drop of cum was caught.  Then just as quickly as it had begun the fox’s climax was over, and Todd was left panting for air in David’s arms, his rump still nestled in the kangaroo’s crotch and filled with David’s shaft. 


Todd didn’t even turn his head when the kangaroo brought the paw up and licked it clean with his tongue.  The moving tongue and broad muzzle was just at the edge of Todd’s now hazy vision, and Todd numbly realized that the kangaroo was making sure no cum remained visible on them.  David was afraid of being caught with spots in his fur.  The thought was quickly driven out of his head when David finished cleaning his paw, gripped Todd’s hips, and proceeded to bugger the life out of the fox’s tail.


 Todd’s back arched and he moaned as the kangaroo pounded into him for a minute.  The fox’s tail hole squeezed down on the cock inside it, and Todd smiled as David’s hips jerked and bunched against his rump.  David pushed in deep, his face twisted into a mask of pleasure and Todd watched the kangaroo as he came in complete silence, not even a gasp escaping his lips.  The kangaroo stayed stiff, holding Todd tightly for a long time before his body went slack behind Todd.  The kangaroo’s hips remained pressed close for a long time, and eventually David’s penis slipped out of the fox’s tail, which flicked back down between them. 


Both boys settled back into the couch and each other, their breathing slowing to normal as they spooned together.  The blanket settled around their waists, keeping their tangled legs warm as David hugged Todd from behind. 


Todd chewed his lip and turned his head enough so he could see David’s face.  The kangaroo’s eyes were closed and he was smiling, genuinely smiling for the first time Todd could remember since finding David again.  He looked as if the weight of the world had been lifted off his shoulders. 


The fox felt like he should say something to David.  So much had happened, and Todd was sure they were supposed to talk now.  Todd wanted to tell David how much he loved the kangaroo, and how much David had hurt him.


As he stared at the peaceful, sleeping face, Todd couldn’t bring himself to do it.  David looked so completely peaceful that Todd could not bring himself to say anything that might ruin this moment for the kangaroo.  The fox settled back into David’s arms, laid his head on the kangaroo’s brown arm, and closed his eyes. 




Sunrise made Todd open his eyes.  The fox blinked unsteadily, and yawned so wide his jaws popped and all his teeth showed.  Todd licked his lips and murred softly, a warm contented feeling filling his hazy thoughts.  He was being held from behind.  David was holding him.  He was safe.


Todd sat up when his thoughts collected themselves enough for him to realize he was lying naked on the couch in the living room.  Todd picked up his shorts, fingering the cotton fabric nervously as he watched David sleep.  The night before replayed itself in Todd’s head, and he frowned slightly.  In the warm darkness of the night being in David’s arms had felt so right.  Now that it was light again, everything that the kangaroo had said came rushing back.  Todd covered his muzzle with his paws as a sob threatened to escape and wake David. 


The kangaroo had slept with other people.  Lots of other guys, he’d said, and had even loved one of them too.  Todd thought back to when he had seen David speaking to Shane through the window of his room.  The kangaroo had smiled at Shane, and now that thought tore at Todd’s insides.  He felt sick as tears began to well up in his eyes, and the knock at the door made him jump.


Todd’s head jerked up and David began to stir as the person at the front door knocked again.  Todd could see the silhouette of a red canine outside, and for a moment Todd caught a glimpse of his brother Rowan’s face peering thru the glass.  Todd stood up, pulled on his shorts, and looked down at David as the kangaroo woke up.  David’s eyes focused on Todd as the fox pulled on his shirt. 


The kangaroo’s face fell when he saw the fox pulling on his clothes in a rush to get away from him.  David was about to say something when Rowan knocked again, making the kangaroo look over the back of the couch at the front door.  David’s eyes widened as he realized just why Todd was hurriedly getting dressed.  David lay back down quickly and pulled the blanket over himself as Rowan unlocked the front door with his key. 


Todd hurriedly stepped around the couch towards his brother, suddenly embarrassed that Rowan might see him with David.  Of course Rowan knew Todd was gay, but Todd still blushed as his older brother smiled at him. 


“You ready to go?”  Rowan said cheerfully, his crisp polo shirt and jeans a far cry form the white cotton shorts and t-shirt Todd was wearing.  Todd smiled nervously, silently thanking god the couch faced away from the front door as he slipped on a pair of sandals.  Todd followed his brother out the door, looking back once as David’s head poked up over the couch.  The kangaroo’s worried face haunted Todd until he and Rowan were several miles away from the house. 




The ride in Rowan’s truck was very, very awkward.


            Todd asked how Deanna and Jake were doing, and his brother talked about them for a while.  Then after about a minute, Todd saw Rowan’s nostrils flare and he sniffed the air once.  Then the police fox’s eyes moved to the air freshener he had hanging over the rear view mirror, and then he slowly took another long sniff to test the air, trying to make it appear as just a normal breath.  Todd was watching though, and he felt the heat rising in his cheeks as the older fox rolled all the windows of his truck down. 


Todd squinted as the wind whipped thru the cab, pulling at his fur as Rowan began to cross the bridge over the lake.  The wind made talking impossible, the cold scent of the water rushed over them both and carried the scent of David away into the wind.  When they got over the bridge and were waiting at a stoplight, Rowan reached into a backpack on the floorboards and handed a can of deodorant to Todd. 


The fox blinked at it, then looked sideways at his smirking brother.  The older fox said nothing; he just kept his eyes on the road. 


Todd’s face burned and he sniffed himself carefully.  The smell of David’s musk still clung to his fur, and Todd wanted to die of embarrassment as he sprayed the deodorant all over himself.  It was especially bad when he had to pay special attention to his tail fur and Rowan had to turn his head and have a coughing fit to cover his snicker.  Todd’s face was still hot when they reached the restaurant. 


Todd kept his eyes down as the hostess seated them at a corner booth, and Rowan began talking about little things; nothing important as they ordered their breakfast.  After a while the sheer embarrassment drained away, and Todd joined the conversation. 


Eventually the food came, and Rowan gave Todd a serious look.  “So, are you going to be alright Todd?”  Rowan asked as he took the first bite out of his omelet.  Todd looked up at his brother, eyes wide, and the older fox turned his ears back when he saw Todd’s face. 

Todd looked down quickly and mumbled, “I don’t know,” Todd poked at his food, shaking his head slightly, “I just, David and I didn’t mean to…”


“I’m not talking about that,” Rowan muttered, waving the topic of sex away with his fork, “You and David will be fine, are ‘you’ going to be alright Todd?”


“We’re not alright,” Todd mumbled, his voice strained with tears. 


Rowan’s ears swung forward suddenly, and he glanced at his brother.  “We’re not?” he asked, “What’s wrong?”


“He,” Todd stopped and put his paws over his face, fork forgotten.  “He didn’t wait for me,” the fox said weakly, his voice shaking as the emotions threatened to overwhelm him.  “I know I didn’t either, I slept with Keith, but I hate myself for it.”  Todd sniffed, and he looked away from his brother’s worried face.  “Rowan, it feels like I’m getting stabbed every time I think about what Keith and I did together,” Todd stopped, gulping for breath as he fought the food he’d just eaten down. 


When he was a bit steadier, Todd said, “But David isn’t sorry.  He’s almost proud of having done it with so many other guys.”  Todd shook his head and looked out the window and away from his brother.  “David said his school made him do it, but I don’t believe him.  He could have done something else.  David didn’t have too.”


“I do.”  Rowan said evenly, and Todd looked at his brother in surprise.  The older fox was chewing a piece of chicken slowly, his eyes fixed on a point somewhere over Todd’s shoulder.  Then Rowan’s eyes flicked to Todd’s face, and he made some kind of decision. 


“Wait here,” Rowan muttered, and a couple of the waitresses gave Todd a sharp look when Rowan left the restaurant and went to his truck.  Todd squirmed under their glare, and watched as Rowan came back with a bundle of file folders.  Todd’s older brother dropped the paper work in front of the young fox and sat down.  The manila folders had a police emblem and a label that read “Roosevelt Academy Investigation” on the front.  Each file was also labeled with a boy’s name on the indexing tab.  The one at the bottom was David’s.


“I didn’t want you to see any of this,” Rowan muttered, “but maybe you should before I give it to Mom and Dad’s lawyer.”  The older fox turned the folders around so Todd could look through them. 


“What are these?”  Todd muttered as he opened the first folder, “and why do Mom and Dad have a lawyer?”


“They’re police reports.  Each one is a former Roosevelt Academy student.  The lawyer wants them for the custody hearings.”  Todd stared at Rowan blankly, and his older brother said, “Mom and Dad are adopting David,” Rowan muttered, attacking his plate with a ferocity born out of anger, “and that is everything the police admit to knowing about the school David went to.” 


Todd blinked in surprise.  He had never seen his brother so angry before, and he stared at Rowan for a minute without reading.  “Read it Todd,” Rowan muttered, “and maybe you’ll understand what David went through.”  The older fox looked down and began eating quickly again, his anger bubbling quietly. 


Todd looked down at the first page and began to read. 


At the top of the page was a small photo of a white tailed deer, his blue eyes gleaming.  Todd did not believe what the first summary page said.  The report claimed horrible things had happened to the smiling young deer looking out at Todd from the top of the page.  Beatings, rape, torture, and then his eventual suicide were all spelled out in neat little typeface. 


By the time Todd was finished with the first report, he was glad that Rowan was busily eating the rest of his food.  There had been pictures at the back.


The second folder was just as bad, and Todd did not look too deeply into each file after that.  The second boy, a young ferret with bright green eyes, still haunted him. 


Some of the reports came years after the incidents occurred, when the boys had gotten out of the school just by growing up.  Most of the reports were written very recently, but they spoke volumes about the pain inflicted on each boy.  The reports spanned a decade at least.  Some of the boys had been sent to Roosevelt as early as age twelve.


When the detectives writing the report had interviewed them, none of the boys could remember how many times they had been beaten.  Some of them couldn’t remember how many times they had been raped, or what even counted as rape anymore.  One or two had escaped that, but more then a few of the reports ended in a write up about the boy’s suicide attempt.  Those last pages made Todd’s vision blur, and he fought to keep his food down.  They were not all attempts.


Todd felt like the world had been pulled out from under him when he opened another file and recognized the boy from his photo.  Shane stared up at Todd, his eyes wide, and his smile bright for the camera.  The raccoon was twelve in the picture, according to the caption, but Todd recognized him from the hospital as the older boy with the tie-dyed fur.  The one David had been in love with. 


By the time Todd saw the final photos in that file, any anger he felt for Shane or David was gone.  Todd closed the folder, paw shaking, and then looked down at the last folder, the one with David’s name on it.  Todd tried to open it but couldn’t.  His paws were shaking too badly.  


“It’s not as bad as most,” Rowan said before swallowing the last bite of Todd’s omelet.  “David got out a lot better than most did.  He was only there two years.”  Rowan sat back with a sigh, his fork settling onto an empty plate. 


The two brothers sat together, and Todd’s voice wavered as he said, “Shane was at the hospital.” 


“I know," Rowan muttered, waving down the waitress for a fresh plate of pancakes, “I saw him comforting David.  They know each other then?” 


“Yes,” Todd whispered, his voice breaking on the word, and that was all Rowan needed to be sure just how well the two had known each other. 


“Shane is the reason the task force got created,” Rowan said evenly.  “People take notice when a kid shows up at the hospital looking like that.” 


“How did you get these?”  Todd said after a minute, because he could not say any of the other things buzzing around his head as he stared at David’s file.  He opened the folder slowly, his eyes half turned away from the summary page.


“I’ve joined the investigation.”  Rowan said smoothly, watching Todd out of the corner of his eyes as he made a big show of eating another pancake.  “We’re going to take that place down if we can.”


Todd read the summary of David’s time at Roosevelt and closed the folder, unwilling to look any further.  He felt so wretched he wanted to die.  The things they’d done to David--and that was only what the police knew about…

Then Todd’s paws balled themselves into fists as tears dropped off his muzzle onto David’s folder.  No, Todd thought to himself, I don’t want to die.  I want to be with David.  Todd looked up at his brother, and their eyes met.   “What am I supposed to do Rowan?” Todd pleaded, “I told him we couldn’t…”


“Talk to him,” Rowan said with a shrug, “he still loves you.”




Todd opened the door to his room slowly, nose poking thru the crack as he said, “David?”


The room was dark, but Todd could just see David lying with his head at the foot of Todd’s bed.  The kangaroo jerked his head up and blinked as the light from the hallway spilled over him.  David stared at Todd bleary eyed, the fur on his muzzle streaked back with tears.  David started to get up as Todd opened the door all the way, mumbling, “Sorry Todd I just wanted to be in your,” David stopped, swallowed hard, and said, “I’ll leave.”


Todd put his paw on David’s shoulder and stopped him from getting off the bed.  “Don’t go,” Todd muttered as he sat down on the bed beside David.  The two boys stared at each other in the shadows, David’s face lit by the light streaming in from the hallway.  “We need to talk.  I,” Todd looked down at the floor and folded his back against his head.  “I’m sorry David.” 


David’s paw reach out and gently touched Todd’s folded paws.  Todd’s fingers meshed with David’s and the kangaroo whispered, “It’s alright Todd.  Things are a bit weird right now.”  The kangaroo’s paw squeezed Todd’s paw firmly, “It was nice being with you,” the kangaroo said, hoping to make the fox feel better, but Todd shook his head.


“I didn’t have any right to act like that David,” the fox mumbled, “After what I what I said last night that was just wrong” The fox sighed, his breathe shuddering.  “I mean, I feel in love too and then I,” Todd stopped and swallowed hard.


“It’s okay Todd,” David mumbled, “I just want to be with you Todd, you don’t have to apologize.”


“Yes I do,” Todd mumbled, “I know what happened to you at Roosevelt.”


The kangaroo’s eyes widened, the green orbs staring into Todd’s heart.  “You do?” 

“Rowan told me,” Todd said as he stared back into David’s eyes. 


“Oh,” the kangaroo blinked once, and then his gaze lowered slowly, “that was nice of him,” David whispered, and Todd nodded as he lay down on the bed facing David.  The fox’s head was level with the kangaroo’s knees, and he didn’t look like he was going to say anything else.  “So um,” David mumbled, “I met a lot of your friends at the hospital.”


Todd’s muzzle wrinkled as he flinched, and his ears turned back again.  “Who came to see me?” The fox didn’t really want to think about what this had done to his friends, but he needed to know.  They would be upset if he didn’t call them tommarow.

“Alan, Chris, Jeff and James,” David muttered, counting off in his head the visitors.  “Those two are a weird pair.”  Todd chuckled softly, and David almost thought he saw a smile cross the fox’s lips.  Then David licked his lips, “Keith came by every day.  He’s the one who, stayed with you over the weekend, before he,” David swallowed hard, wishing he had said nothing, “ran into me at school.”


Todd turned his head and buried his face into the bed.  The fox felt like his stomach was twisting into knots, and he felt the shame burning his face.  A paw gently brushed his leg, and the fox whimpered a little.  “He’s the one who found you?” Todd mumbled, his heart aching for the poor wolf.  “I thought my Dad, but Keith…”  the fox babbled, feeling so bad for the wolf.  Then Todd curled his fluffy tail around his leg, face red with shame that he was thinking about Keith as he lay beside David.  “Oh god this is my fault,” Todd muttered, his eyes watering again. 


“No...” David mumbled, “At least he knew who I was.  I should have just told Kevin I was looking for you last year,” David mumbled, “Maybe this would never have happened.”


“What?” Todd muttered, his ears turned forward as he looked at David.  That didn’t make sense, how could he know Kevin last year?  “How did you meet Kevin?”


David’s head drew back and he looked away from the fox as he blushed.  “Last year, the Academy was in the local soccer league.  I saw him after the game…” David mumbled, and when the kangaroo turned his head to look away from Todd’s lower half it clicked for Todd. 


“Oh.” Todd muttered, “I didn’t know Kevin was…” Todd stopped and blushed slightly, wishing fervently that he wasn’t staring at David’s lower half.  The kangaroo’s legs looked very good.  . 


“It’s,” David swallowed, “Okay though right?  I mean, I was still at the academy… I didn’t know,” David mumbled, his voice trailing off as he looked at Todd with pleading eyes. 


Those eyes caught Todd’s gaze, and filled his thoughts.  They blocked out any feelings of jealousy or regret.  All Todd could think about was the pictures of Shane at the back of that police file and the look in his eyes.  The raccoon’s face had been haunted and full of fear, and David had that look now.  He had been wearing that look ever since Todd woke up. 


Todd wanted to make that look go away; he wanted the kangaroo he loved back.  He wanted David to smile again.  Todd pushed himself up on his knees, and David sat up at the same time.


“Are you okay?”  David said anxiously, his paw rising to touch Todd’s cheek, but stopped just an inch away from the fox’s face.  David swallowed, fingers twitching slightly as Todd stood up and began to strip, pulling his shorts off swiftly. 


David looked down, his eyes watching the fox’s underwear appear in the soft light, and Todd leaned forward to kiss the startled kangaroo.  David didn’t really kiss him back, he was too stunned by the fox’s sudden movements, but he smiled when Todd broke the kiss and nuzzled at the underside of David’s muzzle slowly.


            “Yes, I’m okay now.”  Todd mumbled, his paws touching David’s chest.


David blushed again and they kissed as paws unbuttoned David’s jeans and pulled off shirts.  Todd’s head turned to the side and their muzzles meshed together once they were wearing only underwear.   David moved to turn the fox onto his back, but Todd pushed him off, saying, “No, not this time.”


David’s smile evaporated and a look of fear crossed his face.  The kangaroo looked like he was about to burst into tears as Todd stepped away from him.  The fear vanished when Todd grabbed a bottle of lube from his dresser and said, “I want to be inside you for the first time,” with a big grin.  David was a little stunned as Todd pushed him backwards, and the unresisting kangaroo tipped over onto his back as the fox smeared some of the lube on his paw.


Todd slid his underwear off and rubbed the lube across his shaft, and when he looked at David it was a sight that made Todd’s heart beat fast and his fur prickle.  David was lying back; legs spread open wide, knees up so his body framed the white cotton of his underwear.  The light from the doorway fell right between the kangaroo’s legs, lighting up the tented underwear and nervous smile on the kangaroo’s face.  Todd murred and the fox wanted to tear the white strip covering the kangaroo’s tail hole off.


David sniffed once as Todd climbed on the bed, tears rolling down his muzzle as his paws reached down to cover himself in shame, “I, I’m not,” David babbled, backing away from Todd as the fox slunk across the bed towards him, Todd’s slim pink erection bouncing as the fox crouched between David’s spread legs.  “It won’t be my first time doing this Todd,” David gasped, his breathing labored as the scent of aroused fox flooded the room and drove him wild.


Todd paused for a second, his tail bushing slightly.  There was a pang of jealousy that he couldn’t be the first to take David’s tail, but it was replaced by fear almost instantly.  What if David’s first time on bottom hadn’t been his choice?  David’s file hadn’t said anything about him being forced, been but what if he had?  “Who,” Todd licked his lips and tried to keep his voice steady, “was your first?”


David started to hyperventilate, his chest rising and falling so fast that Todd was afraid he’d burst.  “It was, I tried to wait, we didn’t,” David babbled, and Todd kissed him to make the kangaroo stop.  It was short and rough, but it made David’s eyes focus on the here and now.


“Just tell me who.”  Todd said quietly, his paws caressing David’s muzzle slowly as he leaned between the kangaroo’s legs.


David closed his eyes and his voice was filled with pain, “Shane.”


“Good.”  Todd said, and kissed David again.


David’s eyes shot open and his tried to talk, but Todd’s tongue prevented him.  The kangaroo struggled a little bit as Todd’s paws pulled his underwear off, but now they were lying naked together, and the fox’s slick paw was wrapped around David’s erection.  Todd’s slim body was between David’s muscular legs, the fox’s rock hard erection rubbing against his balls, and the kangaroo didn’t resist anymore.  He wanted the fox inside him just as badly as Todd wanted to be there.


David’s legs lifted up and the fox’s legs slid under them a little as Todd pushed his penis forward, the prodding head searching for David’s anus, and then he was inside.  Todd’s back arched and he stiffened, and David whimpered as he was spread open for the second time in his life. 


They panted for a second, each getting used to this new position.  David reached down and gripped his knees, holding his strong legs up in the air, and Todd’s paws came to rest on top of David’s, fingers twisting together as Todd started to fuck David as hard as he could. 


David was surprised just how good it felt to have Todd fuck him.  David had been sure it would feel good to have the fox mount him, but now David’s head spun and his body seemed on fire.  David could smell Todd’s arousal.  He could feel the fox’s lithe body tensing between his legs, and as the fox hunched his hips forward his tail wagged against the kangaroo’s thick tail.  David bit his lip, trying to keep quiet, but he couldn’t hold it in.  The kangaroo groaned a long low sound of released pleasure as Todd pumped inside him, and he was home. 


For Todd it felt just as good to bury his face in David’s chest and his dick inside the kangaroo’s warm tail.  Todd’s hips shook, his paws clutched at the kangaroo’s knees and thrust forward, spots dancing in front of his eyes as he thrust deep inside David.  Todd looked down, and he could see his shaft sinking into the pink ring of David’s tail hole, the kangaroo’s balls bouncing against his belly when he pushed all the way in.  Just looking down at David like this made Todd’s knot thicken. 


Then David’s tail hole tightened around Todd’s shaft, the kangaroo’s chest heaved, his paws gripped the bed sheets, and the kangaroo gave Todd a sight the fox would never forget. 


David’s balls drew up close, his mouth opened as he groaned, and the kangaroo’s long pink erection flexed up and shot a messy shower of white cum across the kangaroo’s chest.  It landed on David’s chest in a big drop, glistening in the light as Todd kept pumping forward into David as the kangaroo came.  The fox huffed and panted, sweat clinging to his fur as David painted his chest with a sticky pattern of cum.  Todd paused, eyes screwing shut as he tried to push his growing knot into David’s spasming tail hole, and the fox yiffed loudly when it finally popped inside David just as the kangaroo finished cumming. 


David’s eyes snapped open and he gasped a little in pain as the fox’s knot slid inside him.  It stretched David open painfully, but as Todd collapsed forward, body shaking as the fox began to cum inside him.  David wrapped his arms and legs around the fox and knew there was no other way he wanted this to end.  David pressed his muzzle against Todd’s, and he held the fox as he pushed forward and tied inside him.  David gasped for breath, and he could feel Todd’s knot pulling at his insides.  It filled David in more ways than one, and he held Todd for a long time before either of them could speak. 


David managed it first.  “I love you,” David choked, his throat almost refusing to work as he kissed the fox. 


Todd grinned weakly, his body trembling in the afterglow as he kissed David back.  “I love you too.”


David was shaking now, and his brow knitted in fear, but he looked Todd in the eyes as he said, “Why?”


“You know why,” the fox said with a soft laugh, his tail limp as he lay down on David’s broad chest.  The kangaroo was so strong now, but it didn’t frighten Todd anymore.  It made Todd happy as their fur clung together. 


“No, before” David said, gasping for breath as his eyes watered, “why is it good I was with Shane?”


Todd’s smile slowly drained away, and he looked up at the kangaroo.  David was watching him closely, eyes filled with fear again.  “Because,” Todd said quietly, his brow creasing as he thought about Shane and David, and the hell they had lived in together.  “I know what happened to Shane when he left the Academy.” 


“What?”  David said with a gasp, “How?”  David tried to sit up, but the fox’s knot pulled at his insides and both boys gasped. 


The pull sent a bolt of pleasure right up their spines and made all thoughts unimportant for a few minutes as the fox squirmed on top of David, pressing close to him and pulling back in a slow rhythm.  They were both panting as the arousal built back up between them, keeping Todd’s knot snuggly trapped inside David, and even made the kangaroo hard again. 


“Shane didn’t even tell me what happened.”  David panted, his head laying flat against the bed so Todd couldn’t see his face, “How did you find out?”

Todd put his paws on David’s sides and laid his head down on his chest.  The fox whimpered as the very act of breathing made David’s tail hole squeeze his knot, and the fox shifted his hips in a slow circle to make the kangaroo whimper in pleasure.


Todd said quietly, “Rowan got hold of Shane’s police report.”


David lifted his head and stared at Todd’s face, “His police report?”


“Shane made a statement when they brought him to the hospital,” Todd mumbled, his eyes cast down as he thought about the photos of the poor raccoon, “Just before the state declared him an adult.”


“Shane never told me what they did to him after they took him,” David whispered, his paws clutching Todd’s sides.

The fox leaned forward and kissed David slowly.  “You don’t want to know,” Todd murmured, and the kangaroo nodded a little. 


Todd sighed heavily and pushed himself up onto his knees, and the movement pulled back hard on the knot trapped inside David’s ass.  The kangaroo moaned loudly, a bit of pain mixed in with the sharp pleasure, and his legs tightened around the fox’s hips.  “Oh god,” David muttered, “How long are we going to be stuck like this?” the kangaroo whispered, sweat beading on his forehead.


“I,” Todd let the spots clear from his vision before he answered, “don’t know.”  Todd leaned forward again, pressed close to David’s naked body and loving it.  They both shifted, pressing their hips against each other in a slow grind. 


“You think,” David swallowed, “you can go again like this?” 


Todd looked down at the kangaroo beneath him.  Todd could see David’s hard cock resting against his belly, leaking a small trail of pre onto the kangaroo’s already cum splattered chest.  David’s balls were still rubbing against the white fur of Todd’s belly, and the kangaroo’s bright smile begged the fox to take him again. 


“I can go again for you.” Todd panted, the fox’s hips bucking as he leaned forward and kissed the kangaroo.


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