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Chapter 23: A Night on the Town



For those of you who have been keeping track of the timeline of my story, this chapter takes place during the week when Todd is still in the hospital, before he wakes up.



Chris made his way through the halls of Hadenview High cautiously, scanning the crowd in front of him for familiar faces as he walked to the lunchroom. He spotted Keith coming out of a hallway, the small space people left around the wolf making him easy to see. Instead of calling out to the wolf, Chris stepped close to the wall and paused, letting the crowd wash past him. The wolf was soon lost in the crush of the crowd, but the leopard's searching ears caught snippets of conversations as the other kids around him whispered about Keith and Todd.

The rumors had spread through Hadenview High swifter than a brush fire after Keith's breakdown at lunch yesterday. As Chris followed in the wolf's wake, it felt like everybody in the school knew Keith was gay. People were talking about how Todd tried to kill himself after sleeping with Keith, and how David was Todd's old boyfriend. Chris felt eyes watching him, and he avoided the questioning gazes of everyone he knew. He didn't want to admit it, but he knew what everybody was thinking. He sure seemed to be friends with a lot of gay guys.

The leopard caught sight of a couple football players staring at him and he shifted his gaze away from them slowly. Chris was careful to keep his muzzle tipped up and his tail level until the football jocks were out of sight. He didn't want the two huskies to pick up on just how nervous he was, but the cat's chest tightened as he neared the lunchroom.

Chris took the long way around so he wouldn't enter the cafeteria right behind Keith, and he looked out over the sunken floor where the tables were cautiously. The room was already crowded with people as other boys and girls milled about. Some were eating or standing in line, but generally they were just making a whole lot of noise as they sorted out the complicated pecking order of tables and popularity. Chris looked at the table where he had sat every day for the last year with his friends.

Only the twins were at the table, their red coats dull against the white tiles and cream tabletop. Kevin joined them, his head hanging as he opened his lunch. Then Chris tensed, his claws extending slightly as Keith approached the table.

The wolf paused before sitting down. The twins looked up at him, as if the wolf were asking their permission before sitting down gingerly beside them. The wolf's presence caused a stir at a nearby table that was always packed with jocks from the wrestling team. They glared and jeered at Keith, and Chris could tell Alan yelled something at them as he sat down with the others. The leopard's tail twitched and bushed out slightly. He would have to walk right past them to sit with his friends. Chris fought with the hollow feeling in his stomach for a moment, and then turned away from his friends and sat down at a table full of soccer players, trying not to think about his friends sitting a few feet away.


The boy's locker room was just as tense as the lunchroom had been. Everybody had heard the rumors thanks to Tyler. The bear had practically announced it to the room when he came in, talking so loudly even people in the showers could hear him. Chris was pulling on his soccer uniform when a hush fell over the room. The leopard slung his bag into his locker and glanced around the corner locker into the main hallway of the locker room. Keith was standing in an aisle, eyes darting back and forth as most of the locker room watched him.

Chris swallowed nervously. "Oh crap," he thought, "this is going to be bad." A couple of huskies on the football team were forming a rough circle behind the wolf, and everyone was so tense that Chris could smell it in the air. The tangy scent of fear and anger filled the room, overpowering the jumbled locker room scents. It made the hair on the back of Chris's neck stand on end, and the leopard looked around for Coach Townson, but the older wolf wasn't in sight. The coach must have gone off into the shower rooms to settle some dispute.

Tyler stepped up to Keith and cracked his knuckles, the bear's football pads gleaming in the fluorescent lights. Keith began to waver under the collective glare of the room; his ears folding back as he took a small step backwards towards the door. The wolf's tail was slinking towards his legs, and Chris could see his hackles rising. The leopard felt like he should say something, but his breath caught in his chest and he couldn't bring himself to do anything in front of everybody like this.

The sound of the door to the hallway opening made everybody pause, waiting to see if it was a teacher coming in. Nobody moved as Nick pushed through the knot of huskies behind Keith. Keith turned around and stared up at Nick, and Chris could see the fear flash across his friend's face. Chris held his breath, knowing that if Nick hit Keith there was nothing he could do to help the wolf.

Then, with a big grin, Nick slapped the smaller wolf on the shoulder playfully. "Hey Keith, glad to see you're back. We'll need you for the next game," Nick said cheerfully, and as the big black wolf walked past Tyler, they exchanged a glare that could have fried eggs. Then the wolf set his bag down at the end of the row, turned his back to the crowd, and stripped off his shirt right in front of everybody.

The room seemed to unfreeze. It was like the whole room let out a collective sigh. If Nick didn't care that Keith was here, nobody else wanted to make a scene. Keith was so shocked his ears perked up and his mouth hung open, just gaping at the massive black wolf. The Johnson brothers scuffed their paws and backed away from Keith when Kyle loomed behind them, and before following his best friend the tiger gave Keith a slight nod of recognition. Tyler glared at them for a second and then stepped away. Coach Townson walked back into the room, and everyone just relaxed.

Chris didn't relax. His chest felt so tight it was hard to breathe, and he could not drag his eyes away from Nick. The wolf was pulling his pants and underwear off now, still in full view of everybody. The blood rushing in Chris's ears made the gentle bustle of the locker room returning to normal sound far away. Chris jerked his eyes away from the undressing wolf and dashed for the door, brushing past the startled Keith without a word.

The leopard took a few deep breaths once he was in the drab hallways behind the gyms. The air was stale and smelled heavily of sweat, but it was refreshing compared to the spine tingling fear and anger that had filled the locker room. Chris headed for the soccer field, cursing himself for looking at Nick like that. He wasn't gay, so why did the sight of Nick's pants slipping down turn his stomach inside out? The leopard shoved those thoughts away, but they returned full force in the form of Kevin.

The Dalmatian was waiting by the door to the soccer fields in his soccer uniform, shoulders hunched and his head down like normal. Kevin was waiting for him, and there was no way for Chris to get on the soccer field without going past the Dalmatian. The dog stood up a little straighter, trying to smile as Chris approached.

The Dalmatian shuffled his feet and his ears flicked backwards when Chris got close. "Hey Chris," Kevin mumbled, "Can we talk?" Kevin took a step closer to Chris, and the leopard glanced down the empty hallway as the Dalmatian's paw almost touched Chris's arm. The dog saw the glance and thought better of it here at school, his paw falling back to his side.

Chris took a deep breath, his heart fluttering a bit. The Dalmatian was still much too close for comfort. "Sure Kevin, what's up?" Chris watched the hallway behind him closely in case anybody turned the corner, while trying not to think about why Kevin wanted to talk with him.

The Dalmatian was fidgeting with his soccer uniform, his thin tail twitching and shoulders trembling a bit as he stood close to Chris. The dog was scared and as he inched closer to Chris, their muzzles just inches from each other, the Dalmatian tried to give the leopard a friendly smile. It didn't work. Chris could smell the fear and lust rolling off the dog and see the tears brimming in Kevin's eyes.

"Well I was just," the dog coughed and straightened up a little. "I wanted to know if you'd come visit Todd with me tomorrow. Then..." the Dalmatian's voice wavered as he went on, "Then maybe we could get something to eat and talk about us?" The last word was filled with desperation, and Chris knew that ‘us' meant, ‘us fucking'. Chris breathed in slowly, and the Dalmatian's fear and arousal were easy to pick up this close to Kevin. Very close--so close Chris could touch him easily. "Or you can kiss him," thought a treacherous part of Chris's brain.

The leopard's pink tongue washed over his own nose slowly as he remembered what Kevin's lips had felt like. Kevin's eyes followed the cat's tongue almost hungrily. Chris tried to push the thoughts away, but the memory of Kevin's body underneath him welled up in the cat's mind. The feeling of that short white fur was all the cat could think about, and it made the cat's sheath stir in his soccer shorts. Kevin's face began to brighten, his muzzle curling slowly into a smile as his nose caught the change in the cat's scent.
Chris saw the look in Kevin's eyes, felt his shorts tighten, and the rising arousal turned into a shame so powerful it burned the leopard from the inside. Kevin was about to say something, his eyes sparkling, but Chris cut him off.

"No, Kevin, I'm not gay." Chris said hoarsely, "We can't." The leopard looked down, face burning with shame, unwilling to look the Dalmatian in the eyes as his hopes were crushed. "I'm not gay." Chris repeated, his stomach churning.

Kevin blinked as the happiness bled away and his expression went blank. The dog's tail fell still and the two boys just stood there silently for a moment, the hurt building up in both of them. "But you, we made love," Kevin started to protest, but Chris cut him off with a wave of his paw.

"No," Chris snapped, turning the anger he felt at himself on Kevin. "Look Kev, I won't lie. You were good and all but I'm not..." the cat shifted his gaze away from the pained look on Kevin's face. "It won't work between us. There is no 'us'." Chris licked his nose again, still avoiding the dog's pleading gaze. "I'm sorry," Chris muttered and stepped back as the surrounding noise in the hallway started to pick up. A group of cheerleaders were heading towards them on their way to practice.

"But Chris we--" Kevin started, but he fell silent when the leopard snarled at him, whiskers flared and teeth bared for just a second.

"Look, I'll prove it to you," the leopard growled and turned on his heel, heading towards the advancing girls with an angry lash of his tail.

It was the color squad. The girls were carrying their flags, and surrounded by her fellow flag twirlers was Sarah. The vixen's eyes flicked to Kevin for just a second as Chris came up to her, and the leopard gave the vixen his brightest smile. "Hey Sarah, can we talk?" The vixen smiled at Chris, glanced at the other girls who giggled and headed out onto the field.

Chris straightened up a little and kept grinning at Sarah, taking a second to actually look at her. The blue and white cheerleading uniform made the vixen's red fur stand out against the bare hallways, and Chris caught his breath just in time to say "Hey," without sounding like a total idiot.

"Hey there," Sarah said, her smile knowing, "You never found me again at the party last week." Chris could see her tail flip back and forth behind her in slow swishing arcs, and she seemed to be holding her flag so her chest was that much more obvious. "I had to hang out with some really dull people." Sarah's eyes flicked over to Kevin, and the Dalmatian looked away, stomach clenched, when he saw the flash of recognition in her eyes. Sarah remembered him. "Was this the friend you were going to introduce me to?"

Chris mentally stumbled a bit, "Yes, this is Kevin," he muttered, recovering and flashing Sarah another smile. "Sorry about the party. I got caught up in stuff. How about I take you out tomorrow and," the leopard paused for effect, "Make it up to you?" Chris finished, eyebrows going up. It was such a lame come on and so blatant that the vixen laughed, her blonde hair flipping around her face like a halo as her tail flicked back and forth.

"Alright fast guy you've got a date," Sarah said with a smile. Chris grinned, pleased with himself until he noticed the look on Kevin's face. The Dalmatian looked like Chris had punched him in the stomach. Kevin opened his mouth, closed it again, and then nodded once before turning around and pushing his way through the door. The spotted dog disappeared out onto the field, jogging away as fast as he could.

Sarah stared after Kevin, and then glanced at Chris's fixed, dopey grin. "I'll see you tomorrow, after school?" Chris said with forced cheerfulness, and the vixen nodded slightly.

"Sure," Sarah muttered as the leopard turned and left, heading in a different direction than Kevin had. Sarah frowned, twirled her flag once or twice, and headed for the cheerleader's side of the field. As she walked, Sarah glanced into the narrow gap between buildings. The vixen frowned when she saw Kevin hunkered down against the wall, his face buried in his knees. She was about to go over to him when the coach blew a whistle and yelled at her. The vixen bit her lip, and then ran off leaving Kevin by himself.


Chris avoided the spot where he and his friends usually met after school. The leopard slunk through the parking lot, keeping his head down and making a b-line for his car. The leopard's tail twitched and he nervously glanced from side to side to make sure his friend's weren't following him. He was almost sick to his stomach. Kevin had never showed up at practice, but Sarah had said yes, and that was good, right? Chris frowned, his whiskers drooping as he padded across the warm concrete. So why did he feel like such a complete asshole? The way Kevin had looked...

A crowd of other students swirled around the leopard as he walked to his car, and Chris ignored them as he thought. How could all this be happening? Todd had slashed his wrists for god's sake, and Chris felt like he was going to burst if he didn't talk to somebody about everything that was happening. There was just nobody he could talk to. Even Alan would probably refuse to talk to him now, and there was no way he could talk with Kevin again.

The leopard's tail lashed back and forth at the thought of the Dalmatian. His paws began to sweat and he knew, just knew that he was attracted to the dog. All weekend he had been thinking about the party and what he had done with Kev. He'd lain awake at night, wondering why he had done something so stupid and cursing the erection he got whenever he thought about it.

Why had he fucked Kevin like that? He'd never even looked at another guy before, and now it seemed like everybody he knew was gay. Sure, people talked about the twins, but they were just foxes. Most foxes acted a little funny, but Todd? He was always so calm, and Keith? He was on the football team. Even that new kid David had seemed really tough, like he wouldn't take shit from anybody. How could he be gay?

Chris licked his lips and wondered for the millionth time if he was gay too. If he was, why did Sarah excite him? Sure, he had slept with Kevin, but Chris had been drinking right? He could almost convince himself, but that lie didn't hold water. Chris's brain traitorously reminded the leopard that he had been buzzed, yes, but not drunk. He hadn't thought about what he was doing, or been revolted by it, he had just wanted to fuck Kevin. His dick had made the decisions, and now he had no idea what that night meant.

The leopard also had very little time to think of an answer to that question as a heavy paw landed on his shoulder and half spun him around. Chris almost jumped out of his fur as Tyler's broad brown muzzle came into view. Behind him were a couple of huskies from the football team. "Hey spots," the bear muttered.

"Hey," Chris mumbled, trying not to meet the bear's gaze as he took a step back.

"So Chris, what do you think about all these queers?" Tyler rumbled. Chris shot the bear a look that should have caught his fur on fire. Did Tyler know about Kevin? Did Tyler know about him? The bear had been at the party, right? Maybe he had seen them together...

Chris glanced at the ring of huskies behind Tyler. No, if Tyler knew about Kevin he wouldn't be talking, he'd be swinging. Chris licked his lips and said, "I don't."

Tyler took no notice of the glare Chris gave. "Well I don't know why coach is letting a queer like Keith stay on the football team." Chris relaxed a little, but he did not like the way this was going. "So the guys and I figure we should do something about it. I wanted to know if we can count on you," Tyler finished.

"What do you mean?" Chris muttered as the Hale brothers snickered at him.

"You know what I mean Chris. These queers need to be put in their place. So we're going to rough them up a bit and give them what they deserve, right?" The bear's smile turned into a nasty grin, "Just wanted to know if you wanted to prove you're not like your friends."

Chris didn't answer. He just turned away from the bear and got into his car.

Tyler snorted and bellowed, "Well if you want to prove you're really a man just let me know!" as the leopard drove away.


Chris pulled his father's car to a stop along the side of the street in front of Sarah's house. He patted the leather cover on the steering wheel of the '77 Mustang, and then smiled at the vixen sitting beside him. The slim red vixen was wearing a thin green dress that showed off quite a lot of leg. When she turned her muzzle towards Chris, the purple ribbon of hair hung down over in front her hazel eyes and ample bosom in a way that made Chris squirm in his seat. "So, what do you want to do now?" they said together. Sarah tossed her hair and laughed, which made Chris duck his head and fan his whiskers in a blush.

Sarah's eyes twinkled slightly as she looked the leopard up and down as if she were deciding something. "Well tonight has been fun. Why don't you drive a little farther? There's this park down the street. We can sit and talk." The vixen's tongue flicked out for just a moment and licked her lips.

The way she said the last word made Chris's heart beat like a freight train. He drove the car down the street with sweating palms. He parked alongside the playground, the engine dying away into silence as he looked back at her. "So what," Chris started to say, but his words ended in the vixen's muzzle as Sarah kissed him.

Chris's legs tensed and he nearly leapt out of his fur before he melted into the kiss. The vixen's head turned to the side and their muzzled meshed, and they stayed that way for a long moment before Sarah broke the kiss. Chris was panting as she leaned against him, and the leopard slipped his arms around the fox's slim waist. "There," Sarah muttered happily, a smug look on her face. "I've wanted to do that all night."

Chris grinned, turned to face her, and kissed her again. Sarah put her arms around Chris's neck and the leopard slid his arm around her slim waist and began to purr. He and Sarah kissed like that for nearly fifteen minutes, paws roaming over each other as they made out slowly.

Chris was terrified. His dick wasn't responding like it should. He cupped Sarah breasts and pressed up against her slim body, his hips grinding against the vixen, but there was no reaction. Sarah reacted, arching her back and moaning happily. Not even when she lifted her dress up so he could finger her slit did his dick get hard. She sure seemed to love it though, and things would go much further than paws in a few moments. Chris could feel the way she was pressing against him. She wanted it just as badly as he wanted to prove himself with a girl.

Chris began to fumble with the zipper of his pants, trying to buy himself some time to get hard, but Sarah pushed his paw away. "Let me, I like doing this part..." she muttered. Chris slid back, his whiskers flaring out as her paw unzipped the leopard's pants, and it didn't take long for Sarah to notice he wasn't hard.

Sarah smiled, hefting the leopard's soft penis out of his underwear. Chris started to babble something about just being nervous, but the fox just smiled up at him as her muzzle rubbed gently against his dick. "It's okay," Sarah said with a grin, "You're not the first guy who's tried to prove he's not gay with me." The vixen's tongue briefly brought a spark of life to Chris's dick. "I won't tell Kevin."

"What?!" Chris had shouted, and the leopard jumped like the vixen's tongue was a live wire. Chris and Sarah both froze when the leopard's knee hit the stick shift and popped the old car into neutral. With a slowness that made Chris want to die, the slight incline of the street making the mustang roll forward a few sickening inches. When the bumper tapped the car in front of them, the blaring of the car alarm woke every house on the street.

They both fumbled with their clothes and Chris drove them back to Sarah's house as best he could, but Sarah's white fur was still red with embarrassment and her ears never left her head. When he dropped her off, Sarah kissed Chris on the cheek and thanked him for the evening, and Chris left feeling like a complete tool.

Chris could feel the back of his neck burn in shame. Half the street had seen the vixen scramble back to her side of the car and pull her dress back on, and everybody had watched as he fumblingly drove away, the mustang jerking as he missed the clutch.

Claws tore at the leather as Chris gripped the steering wheel. What the fuck is wrong with me? I had a damn beautiful girl in my arms, licking my dick, and I didn't even get hard. Just thinking about Kevin sucking dick got him hard, so why couldn't he get it up when a girl wanted him so bad she was begging for it? Besides, how the hell had she known about Kevin?

The leopard winced and his pants grew tight. The memory of Kevin sucking on his dick came back to Chris in a flash; so raw and sexual it made the cat hiss at himself as hi dick jumped to life. He wasn't gay. This was just a fluke. Chris looked up at the traffic light, and then farther down the road to the long bridge across the lake. In the distance, he could see the lights of the city and the skyscrapers of downtown. A crazy, stupid thought crept into the cat's head.

Chris was a real man, he was sure of it. He wasn't a tail raiser, and Tyler had been right. There was one more way he could prove he was straight.


Chris slunk down the street, glancing over his shoulder from time to time as he passed by dark houses and shadowy alleyways. The leopard's ears scanned for any sound in the night, and his tail twitched back and forth. The neighborhood was dark, even to his keen cat eyes. There were lights on inside the houses, but all the drapes were pulled closed. Every streetlight was dark, and the headlights of passing cars ruined his night vision. Each car made Chris think of what had happened earlier. The cat cringed in embarrassment and picked up the pace. He didn't want to be on this street any longer than he had to.

Chris ducked his head to avoid the gaze of a particularly large wolf who was staring at him from a porch overhang. The wolf was leaning against the frame of an open door, his body silhouetted by the light from inside. He was smoking a big cigar slowly and was wearing leather chaps over a faded pair of blue jean shorts that seemed designed to reveal more then conceal. Chris could just see the interior of the apartment behind him, and when the wolf locked eyes with Chris, the leopard was sure the wolf could read his mind. The wolf took a slow drag on his cigar and stared hard at Chris, as if daring him to try something. The grin on the wolf's face made it all too clear what would happen if Chris if he failed to knock the wolf out with the first punch.

The leopard wanted to break into a run, dash back to his car, and drive away as fast as he could. Coming here had been a rash act in a moment of anger an hour ago, but now everything was going wrong. Chris had been ready to go after the first guy he saw, but when that turned out to be a gruff looking pair of old dogs holding hands, his will had faltered. Now the night had become a dark and nerve wracking walk towards the only place he knew he could find more tail raisers, and the cat felt like he was about to leap out of his fur.

Chris swallowed nervously as he approached the intersection. The suburban style houses along the road came to an end at a high wooden fence, and on the other side the dark night gave way to brightly lit party spilling out into the street, where hundreds of guys were moving from bar to bar. Overhead floodlights lit the world in an amber glow, and music filtered from the various clubs of the tail raiser district.

Chris looked up at the three-story building closest to him nervously, and stepped out of the gloomy darkness and into the light of the Tail Underground's parking lot. Chris slipped under the bright lights, his tail twitching nervously out from under people's feet. There were a lot of guys on the street, a lot more than he expected.

Chris turned his ears backward and got into a short line for the club. Maybe once he was inside he could get up the nerve to do something, or at least he could prove to himself that he wasn't gay. If there was any place he could do that, a gay club was the place right? Chris shifted his feet, looking at the club. It was a smooth faced building with frosted glass in the windows so all he could see through them was the play of colored light and the shadows of the people inside. The sign over the door said, "The Tail Underground," and the last letter turned into a raised up foxtail.

Chris shook his head at the brazenness of the sign, and he tried to avoid making eye contact with the other guys around him. The leopard couldn't hear the music inside the club, but it was so loud that the bass leaked out through the foundation and Chris could feel the vibrations through his paw pads as he waited.

The leopard grinned and flashed his fake ID to the coyote behind the little counter by the door, and the older male waved him inside without a word. Chris slipped through the main doors, where a small group of guys was standing in a vestibule, waiting for the bouncers to open the inner doors.

Darkness swallowed Chris as the outer doors shut behind him. There were only black lights inside this small room, making the white fur of the fox in front of him glow. The leopard had a moment of panic as he realized he was shut into a small room with ten other guys, all of whom were tail raisers, and he nervously glanced back and forth. He nearly hissed at the dog standing next to him when he felt a furtive, wayward paw slide across his hip. Then the inner doors opened and Chris's angry words were swept away in a torrent of sound and light.

The inside of the club was overpowering. The music throbbed loudly enough that Chris didn't so much hear it as feel the music in his bones as his tail jumped to the beat. Lights flashed and swept across the room, making vision almost impossible. The scent was just as overpowering. The musk of a hundred different aroused males flooded the club, and it filled Chris's nose and made his head swim. He found himself getting hard in his pants despite his fear, and that only made the big cat more terrified. He was here to prove he wasn't gay, not get off on the smell of guys. Chris turned around, hoping to find a wall to lean against, and instead he ran ended up staring right into somebody's crotch

The white cotton jock strap was stretched over the package of a well-endowed brown bull who was dancing on a small black platform. The muscular bull swayed and shook his hips to the music; the white triangle of bulging fabric held Chris's gaze so tightly the leopard couldn't even turn his head. He could actually see the outline of the bull's dick as it tented the white fabric out.

The muscular bull noticed the way Chris was staring pretty quickly, and took a step towards the leopard as he danced, bringing his package close enough that Chris could reach out and just touch him. Chris stared; fascinated by the smoothly shifting hips and bulging underwear, and then he saw the five dollar bill stuck jauntily in one of the white straps.

Chris's paw worked on autopilot, diving into his pocket and producing a ten-dollar bill before he really knew what was happening. The bull grinned down at him, kneeling down beside Chris as if to whisper in his ear. As he did, the bull's thumb smoothly pulled the waistband of his jock forward, exposing the thick dark shaft just to the leopard as Chris slipped the bill into the bull's waistband. The bull didn't put his penis back in his jock though, and for a moment Chris stared at the bull's eyes and not his dick.

Bright blue orbs watched Chris, and hint of a smile curved the broad muzzle. "For a ten, you get to touch kid..." the bull said in Chris's ear, and the words were a whisper in the din of the club. Chris closed his paw around the thick length, and shivered when his fingers did not touch on the other side. There was a long moment where the blaring noise and lights dropped away as Chris's brain focused on the throbbing, hard dick in his hand.

Then the bull let the waistband go, forcing Chris to pull his paw back as the elastic snapped back into place, and then the bovine was dancing again as if nothing had happened. The big muscular bull was swaying and moving to the music without even a glance at Chris. The leopard blinked, his face growing hot as he realized just how bad that was. It had taken seconds for him to stick his paw into a total stranger's underwear and fondle his dick. He was really doing a good job proving he was straight. Chris stumbled away, looking for a quieter place to be. The noise and smells made his ears and nose twitch constantly, and it seemed like every guy in the bar was in the process of kissing, petting, or humping another guy's leg.

Some of them were even looking at him, sizing him up to see if they could bag him. Chris turned down two drinks before he even got away from the dance floor. In a moment of panic, Chris headed down a short hallway. It led to a secluded bar at the back of the club where the music was quieter and the lights a dim glow instead of a throbbing rainbow of light.

Chris turned a corner and the noise and flashing lights dropped away as he walked into the hidden bar. Chris could hear snippets of conversation as he ordered a stiff drink. The bartender didn't even bat an eye at him; the elephant just served him his drink and looked away.

Chris swallowed the vodka and orange juice quickly and leaned against the bar. He stared at the smooth round glass and a shiver ran down his spine. His fingers did not touch while holding the glass, just like they had not touched while holding the bull's dick. That thought made Chris finish the drink.

Chris stared at the now empty glass, his mind racing. Had he really just done that? Fondled a guy for a ten spot, without even thinking about it? No, he couldn't have. He'd come here to beat up a gay guy, not become one. Chris brought his paw to his nose, and the sweaty scent of bull clinging to his paw proved he had. Chris stared at the glass in his paw, trying to sort out his thoughts and emotions when the words, "David? What's happened?" were shouted close by.

The name made Chris turn swiftly, and he stared at the raccoon that was sitting beside him at the bar. The guy had purple hair and was holding a cell phone to his ear, and even though the bar was quiet enough for him to talk normally he was nearly shouting into the phone. A gruff, cocky looking hyena was staring at the raccoon as he spoke. "Calm down, calm down, what? He's awake? I'll be there in," the purple haired raccoon looked down at his watch, "Twenty minutes."
He snapped the cell phone closed, and started to say something to his companion, but the hyena cut him off with a grin, "Go."

The raccoon looked suddenly worried, and he eyed the hyena slowly, "What about you...?"

"I'll walk home," the hyena waved him away, "Now go. You have to," the hyena said with a smirk.

The raccoon gave the hyena a quick hug and was off, his rainbow colored tail twisting in a circle behind him as he ran. Chris followed the raccoon's tail, and then slid back to the hyena who was staring directly at him now. Chris felt his ears burn as the other male caught him eavesdropping, a smirk spreading across the hyena's muzzle.

A silence hung between them as the hyena stared into Chris's eyes, and the leopard tried filling the gap. "Something wrong with your friend?" he asked lamely.

"Nah," the hyena jerked his muzzle in the direction the raccoon had taken, and the movement gave Chris a good look at the hyena's toothy grin. The hyena's teeth were a bright white and he looked like he was in college or something. He was wearing jeans and a black leather jacket, which shifted to reveal tan fur underneath as he set his glass down on the bar and stepped toward Chris. "Shane just got some good news, that's all," the hyena said casually. Again, the hyena's green eyes bore into Chris expectantly, and the leopard fell for it a second time.

"So he just ditched you here? I guess your night is going to suck now," Chris muttered, trying to think of what the hell he should be saying. Why was this guy even talking to him?

"Oh my night hasn't had anything that sucked yet." The hyena's words were dipped in honey, and the hyena moved with such an easy, commanding manner that Chris didn't even think to stop him. JD pulled the cat's glass from his unresisting paw and handed it to the barkeep. "Fill it up, Sam," he said cheerfully. Chris turned his head to watch his glass get refilled, and totally missed what the hyena was doing with his other paw right up to the point where the hyena's thumb hooked into Chris's belt loop and pulled the leopard against his side.

Chris stiffened as the arm curled around him and the hyena's paw grabbed his ass firmly. "I'm JD," the hyena whispered, his lips brushing against Chris's ear, "What's your name?"

The leopard flared out his whiskers, ready to hiss in anger and push JD away when his thoughts were derailed by the barkeep. "Here you go," the arctic fox muttered as he handed Chris back the glass filled with a double shot of vodka.

"What's your name?" JD said again, leering a little bit closer to Chris's face.

Chris stared at the vodka, and then his eyes shifted to the hyena's all-encompassing grin, and his anger flared. "Chris," he growled, "Now what do you think you're doing grabbing--" and the leopard would have said more if the hyena hadn't laughed.

It was a good, mocking laugh; the kind only a hyena can make. The leopard's anger deflated like a popped balloon in the face of that laugh. Chris's whiskers drooped and he swallowed the vodka in one gulp. He didn't resist as the hyena turned him around so they were facing away from the barkeep, JD's paw firmly on Chris's hip, fingers digging into the leopard's butt as the hyena whispered in Chris's ear.

"You're new at this," JD leered, "I can tell. Everybody here can. Just look around the room." The hyena's muzzle jerked out toward the room in general and Chris followed the look.

A room full of eyes met Chris's gaze. The whole bar was filled with men watching him with a calculating stare. A big biker bear tipped his cap to Chris. A group of sleek foxes and rabbits managed to wiggle their butts without moving from their chairs. A pack of wolves nodding at each other, looked at their alpha, and then the wolf winked at Chris for the whole pack. A tiger the size of Kyle spread his whiskers and bared his teeth at Chris. He was wearing little more than leather underwear and watched the leopard with naked lust in his eye. The whole room was watching him with hunger in their eyes.

"You're fresh prey to them," JD muttered conspiratorially in Chris's ear, "but maybe I can offer you something a little better than you would get from some of them."

"What are you talking about?" Chris muttered, and when that big smile widened even more Chris realized it was exactly the wrong question to ask this hyena. Chris had meant, 'What the hell are you talking about?' What the hyena heard was, 'What lewd thing do you want to do with me?'

"You said it yourself, my night is going to suck," the hyena's tongue ran across his grin with lighting speed, and his tail brushed across the front of Chris's jeans as he stepped away from the leopard. "Maybe you can make it a good kind..." JD said as he sauntered away from Chris to a door in the back wall that might lead anywhere.

JD stopped at the door just for a second to grin back at Chris, and the leopard had to make a choice. He glanced around at all the other bar patrons. The wolves were grinning at him just as lustily as before. The tiger was even rubbing his crotch slowly. Chris looked at the short hall that led back to the noisy dance floor, his car, and eventually home. Then he followed the hyena.


Chris followed JD down the hallway in a growing state of panic. The hyena was leading him through a dark corridor with lots of doors on either side. Some of the doors were open and Chris could see the people inside, but he did not look very closely after seeing what was going on in the first room. It looked like a skunk had paid that bull pole dancer a lot more than Chris had.

The leopard's fur prickled and his tail jerked back and forth as they walked. Chris could feel his paw pads sweating as he trailed after the hyena, following him around a corner and into a new hallway just like the previous one. Music pulsed thru the wood paneled walls, and he had no clue where the hyena was taking him. Part of Chris was screaming at him to turn back and run away from this place as fast as he could. Another part of him, the part making his pants painfully tight, wanted him to catch up to JD.

JD got to a door that was wide open, and after checking inside the dark room to see that it was empty, he waved for the cat to follow him inside. Chris padded to the door and hesitated, heart racing, and stepped thru the door into the darkness.

A muzzle pressed against Chris's in a rough kiss, and he gasped as JD pushed him up against the wall. For the first time Chris could smell the hyena. JD had a musky rich scent, like the ground after a thunderstorm, and the hyena's kiss had all the power of a thunderbolt. A firm paw gripped the back of Chris's head and he had no choice but to turn his head and open his muzzle, the leopard's blunt muzzle meshing with the hyena's long canine mouth.

Chris gasped as the kiss broke and light filled the room. The leopard was blinking, his chest heaving as JD turned the mood lights up enough for them to see each other clearly. The hyena had already pulled his jacket off, and his brown spotted fur slid across Chris's shirt as he grinned at the cat. "Not a bad kisser, even if you're new at this." JD said happily, his paw shutting the door and hanging his jacket on the handle.

"I'm not a virgin," Chris muttered, the spark of anger dying as JD's paw began to rub against the leopard's crotch firmly, stroking the growing erection in Chris's pants.

The hyena smirked at him as he said, "Really? Had a couple make-out sessions with girls that didn't satisfy? Or maybe you had a drunken kiss with your best friend and liked it more then you expected?"

JD's fingers undid Chris's belt, and the leopard didn't get the chance to snap at the hyena before another kiss occupied his muzzle. Chris didn't close his eyes this time. He was in shock at this point. The leopard watched JD's face as the hyena kissed him roughly and undressed him at the same time.

The hyena's eyes were open too. JD was staring right at him, green eyes sparkling as the hint of a smirk curved the edges of his muzzle and the two males kissed. Chris tried to breathe through his nose, but he could feel his chest tighten as paws unbuttoned his pants. His heart was pounding in his ears as the hyena unzipped his fly, and Chris jumped as the hyena's paw dived into the cat's pants and grabbed hold of his dick, squeezing it roughly thru the cotton of his briefs.

Chris gasped loudly, his body jumping so much he took a step to the right as the hyena touched him. "You ready for this?" JD muttered, steadying the leopard. "Tell me if something don't feel right, but," the hyena smirked, paws holding Chris's hips as he licked Chris on the chin, "I'm very good at figuring out what makes a man feel good."

Chris blinked as the huge grin disappeared downward. He hadn't expected the hyena to get on his knees so fast. He hadn't expected the smell of this place to excite him so much. He never thought he'd kiss a guy tonight, and he damn well didn't expect the muzzle sliding around his cock to make him moan like a kitten.

The blowjob made Chris's head numb and his heart race. He dug his claws into the wooden wall and mewled loudly, his whiskers fanning out as a skilled tongue slid across his shaft. JD was good; that was all there was to it. Chris closed his eyes, the top of his head pressed flat against the wall as the hyena's muzzle bobbed up and down his dick, tongue swirling this way and that, almost matching the leopard's lashing tail. JD had one paw wrapped around the based of his shaft, and the warm wetness of his muzzle made Chris feel damn good. The hyena must have had a lot of practice.

"Damn," JD gasped, wiping a bit of spittle from the corner of his mouth as he took a breather, his paws measuring Chris's dick. "You've got one hell of dick on you kid. You could do porn." JD's grin flashed up at Chris, and this time it was an eager, happy grin that made the leopard laugh. Chris sagged against the wall, the tension draining out of him. Chris stopped thinking so much, and Chris let himself enjoy the muzzle working at his dick.

It didn't take long for Chris to cum. In fact, all he had to do really was watch JD suck him off. Watching the thick pink shaft of his dick disappear between the hyena's lips and down his muzzle sparked something in the cat, and before he was ready Chris was panting hard and bucking his hips forward into that warm muzzle. Chris flared his whiskers and groaned, one paw reaching out to hold the back of JD's head as he pushed forward and emptied his balls down the hyena's throat.

It was a slow, pulsing moment as he came. It was an orgasm that had been building all night long and now found release in this stranger's muzzle. The cat gave a soft roar, his claws pricking the back of JD's head as the hyena choked on the thick cock pushed down his muzzle, and Chris felt like the world grew dark for a second as he finished in the stranger's mouth.

Chris was panting as he leaned against the wall heavily, his paws falling to his sides as JD pulled off him, cum dripping from the hyena's lips as he stood. The hyena blinked away tears and gasped for air, swallowing the load in his mouth swiftly and licking his lips. "Whoa," JD muttered, his eyes blinking in the low light as his throat got used to working again. "You got to be careful with that monster, kid; you damn near choked me. Warn people, it'll get you laid more." The hyena's grin returned and he licked his lips. "But you're new, so I'll forgive you for not warning me." Chris nodded, buttoning his pants back up as the hyena coughed, shaking his head and smirking wider, "And don't hold a guy's head down: not everybody wants to swallow."

Chris smiled a bit, his head spinning as he buckled his belt. "Okay, okay thanks." He muttered, keeping his eyes away from the hyena's gaze. Now that the stomach twisting, heady arousal was gone, Chris wanted nothing more than to get out of this tiny room and as far away from this bar as possible. He reached past the hyena for the door handle and JD's friendly smile hardened.

"Hey," JD muttered, sticking out his arm to hold the door closed, and for the first time Chris could hear an edge to the tone the hyena used, "where do you think you're going?"

Chris shifted his eyes to the hyena's face, and while the smirking grin was still there, it had a fixed look to it, and there was no doubt in Chris's mind that JD was not pleased. "I was just going to..." Chris started, and the hyena stepped to the side, blocking the door with a sigh.

"Look, Chris right?" JD said casually, one paw falling to his belt and the other still blocking the leopard's retreat. "There is an etiquette to hooking up like this. There are ways things are supposed to go. I got you off." The hyena's belt made a leathery snapping sound as he unbuckled it, "and now it's your turn to repay the favor."

Chris blinked, staring at the entirely serious hyena as he unbuttoned his pants. "I'm not going to suck your dick." Chris muttered his voice low as he looked away from those piercing green eyes.

"Really?" the hyena said brightly, "Then I'm glad I found a room with a bed." The sound of a zipper seemed to echo in the small room over the thumping sounds of the music and the distant grunts and moans of the people in surrounding rooms.

Chris glanced over the hyena's shoulder at the bed resting in the corner. The only way two people could fit on it was by fucking. "No that's not what..." Chris muttered.

"I know what you meant, Chris." JD cut him off evenly, "and I'll explain things again so we're clear as crystal about this, okay?" The hyena rubbed his muzzle against Chris's cheek as the older hyena pressed Chris against the wall. Chris realized with a start that JD was actually stronger than he was. He hadn't taken much notice of the hyena's body; he'd been too concerned about the parts touching his dick. Now Chris had a good reason to look at the muscular physique the hyena maintained.

JD spoke slowly and evenly, and he stared right into Chris's eyes. "When you play with somebody and they get you off, then you have to get them off in return. I don't care who it is or how they did it, but when somebody turns your crank, you then turn theirs. You don't want to touch a guy's dick? That's fine. Then go be straight and learn how to please a woman with that sandpapery feline tongue of yours. It'll drive them wild."

The hyena's face brightened and his muzzle curved into a wicked grin, his teeth filling Chris's vision. "But tonight you chose dick my boy," the hyena said happily, "and you got a muzzle job that left claw marks in the wall. That means I either get to pop that cherry tail of yours or you find out what gargling cum feels like." The hyena's smile was so wide Chris wondered if his head would fall off. "Your choice."

Chris pressed himself back against the wall, trying to get away from that huge grin and looming body. He could feel the hyena's erection poking him in the leg and he looked away from JD's face. The small bed sat in the corner, waiting, and JD muttered, "I'd be easy on you kid. I can tell it'll your first time." Chris looked back at JD's grinning face, and then down between them where he could see JD's erection pressing against his leg, a wet spot forming where the hyena's pre was soaking into the denim of Chris's pants. Fear consumed Chris and it felt like there was nothing he could do. He had walked into this room under his own power. He'd gotten his rocks off and now he had to deal with the consequences, even if that meant sucking this guy off. Chris shifted his body, sliding against the wall as he sank down to his knees.

JD's grin looked down at him, "Good choice..." he muttered, a heavy paw petting the back of Chris's head.

Chris shivered as the fingers rubbed the short fur on the back of his head, and the hyena let his pants fall down around his ankles. Chris began panting in fear as the hyena stepped out of his pants and straddled the kneeling leopard's legs, his crotch right in front of Chris's face, the slit of his cock pointing right at Chris, leaking pre slowly as the hyena's dick bobbed in front of him. "Go on, just open your mouth, and watch where you put your teeth." JD said smoothly, his commanding voice dipped in honey again, and Chris did as he said.

The taste took Chris by surprise and he panicked a bit as JD moved his cock forward and into the leopard's mouth. The leopard's tongue tried to push the invading member out and he jerked his head back against the wall trying to get away, but JD just moved his hips forward, shushing the leopard and rubbing his head soothingly. Chris closed his eyes, gagging as the head of JD's cock rubbed against the roof of his mouth, but it was mostly theatrics. JD didn't pull back, and once the initial panic was over Chris found he could take the hyena's penis in his mouth easily. It just really, really freaked him out he had a dick in his mouth.

JD was patient though. He didn't thrust forward or force Chris's head down; he just let the leopard grow used to having a cock in his mouth. Chris started moving his mouth a little, trying to imitate what JD and Kevin had done to him. Soft moans and words of encouragement floated down to Chris's flattened ears over the dull music of the club. JD told him how to use his tongue, to curl his lips back and Chris only gagged once or twice when he went too fast. Maybe if he did it well, the hyena would finish quickly. Chris put his paw at the base of JD's dick, squeezing and trying to make the best of it.

JD didn't finish quickly. Long minutes passed and Chris could feel his jaw begin to ache, and the hyena was still merrily barking and encouraging him to suck harder. He seemed to be enjoying the inexperienced way Chris sucked him off, his shaft stiffening and softening slightly as Chris did the right and wrong things. That would have pissed Chris off if he hadn't gotten into it, but after the first few minutes the leopard started to really enjoy it. His nose was flooded with the hyena's musky scent and he couldn't really see anything beyond the other male's thighs. Chris's world seemed to contract down to the dick in his mouth and the words and gasps of encouragement. Chris even had to unbutton his pants again, because his cock was way too hard to stay trapped inside his jeans. That had made the hyena laugh, and the leopard had laughed too, his muzzle full of dick, and that had brought a gasp of pleasure from the hyena.

Chris had nearly died of shame when the hyena started properly fucking his face. JD just pushed his head back against the wall, shifted his legs, and started pumping his hips smoothly, fucking his dick in and out of Chris's mouth. It was so hot Chris couldn't hold back any longer, and he began touching himself. Having that throbbing shaft push into his mouth scared Chris to the pit of his stomach, but he didn't want it to stop. He liked it because he couldn't make it stop. Chris just let it happen, paws now free to stroke his own dick.

Chris wasn't sure how long JD humped his face, but he could tell the hyena liked this way better. His barks got louder; he was panting hard now, and his tail wagged back and forth like crazy. Chris felt his chest clench in fear as the hyena's balls pulled up close to the hyena's dick as it pushed in deep. The hyena was getting close, so close to cumming in his mouth and the effect it was having on Chris frightened the leopard. Chris could feel a second orgasm building in his own balls when it finally happened. The brown furry legs that had filled his vision for so long tensed into two tree trunks of muscle. JD's stomach clenched, he let go of the leopard's head and grabbed his cock, the tip rubbing against Chris's tongue as the hyena came.

Chris gasped as the warm liquid pulsed into his mouth. It was salty and thick, and it flooded his taste buds as it washed to the back of his throat. Chris felt his muzzle fill up, and he tried to keep his lips closed around the hyena's dick, but he couldn't stop the rising cum. It leaked out of his muzzle and down his neck, flooding the back of his mouth, gagging him until the leopard finally swallowed the heavy, sticky load.

Chris had to swallow twice more before it was over, but the hyena held his dick in the leopard's mouth as Chris's lips and tongue teased the shaft. Chris choked as JD pulled back, drops of cum falling down onto the leopard's shirt as he gulped for air. "You're supposed to keep breathing Chris," JD said hoarsely, a chuckle in his voice as he looked down at the leopard sitting on the ground, cum smeared across his muzzle and his thick, long dick jutting up from his pants. "You want some help with that?" The hyena said casually, a smirk spreading across his face.

Chris closed his eyes and his face burned with shame as the hyena leaned down close to him, the spotted muzzle brushing against Chris's face as the hyena's paws closed around the leopard's dick. The strong paws were slick with hyena cum as JD jerked Chris off, and it only took a few strokes for Chris to start shooting all over himself. The closeness, the scent of musk, and the taste of cumin his mouth simply overwhelmed Chris. The leopard watched himself cum, eyelids sagging, as his second load splattered onto his shirt beside JD's cum, covering himself in even more jizz.

The leopard panted hard, lying limply on the floor in the afterglow. JD knelt beside him for a while, breathing heavily as the leopard panted. Then JD stood up, pulled his pants on, and buckled his belt before crouching beside Chris again, his knees spread as he bounced on his heels. Chris looked up at JD, and the hyena smiled at him. "You okay?" the hyena asked, and Chris nodded. He felt drained and pummeled, as if he'd been run over by a truck, but Chris also felt damn good. He looked up at the hyena, licked his lips, and shivered at the taste of cum.

"You probably don't want to stay here for very long kid." JD said as he stood up. "These doors don't lock, and unless you want me to stay," the hyena's grin returned in a flash and his muzzle jerked toward the bed questioningly, "Then you won't be alone in here for long looking like that." Chris blinked, staring up at the hyena. He felt completely drained, but JD looked like he could go another round easily. Chris swallowed nervously and shook his head. He didn't even want to think about what would happen with the hyena if he got into that narrow bed with him.

JD patted him on the shoulder, "Then goodnight Chris." With that the hyena stood up, grabbed his jacket, and just walked out.

Chris got up slowly and looked down at himself. His shirt was covered in cum and the fur on his face was wet with it. Chris tried his best to wipe it off his face, but the only thing he had to wipe himself off with was a shirt covered in it. The leopard stripped his t-shirt off slowly, careful not to get the sticky cum on his arms, and wiped his face dry with the thin fabric. Chris was shaking as he left the room, his face burning in shame as he walked down the hallway half naked. He could see people looking at him, eyes watching his bare fur, and he knew they could smell the scent of cum even in the heady atmosphere of the club. Chris kept his eyes down, avoiding the looks as his thoughts and emotions battled each other, trying to figure out whether he hated or loved what had just happened.

The image of his father yelling at him, cursing him for being a queer fought with how good it actually felt having somebody suck you off. Chris thought about the way everyone at school would look at him, and that idea lost easily to the idea of sucking a dick. Chris froze, his muzzle opening just a bit and his heart racing as he realized he could do it again. He could stay here, and find someone else willing to trade blowjobs. No one at school would ever find out about this, or his dad. He could even find JD, and take the hyena up on his offer to...

The leopard's legs unfroze, and he was running hard, his legs carrying him down the hall to a door marked "Exit" as fast as they could, hoping to outrun the thought of fucking that was looming up in his mind.

Chris burst out into the night air, his lungs heaving as he turned away from the lights of the busy street and plowed right into somebody. The leopard's paws went out from under him, as he tripped over the short male, who yelped in surprise as Chris collapsed on top of him, the leopard's nose banging into the pavement of the sidewalk.

Stars danced in Chris's vision for a second, and he heard a muffled squeak and then a soft moan from underneath him. He was lying on top of somebody who was much shorter than he was. Chris pushed himself up, rolling over so he wasn't pinning the stranger to the ground anymore. Only, it wasn't exactly a stranger.

Chris stared in shocked terror as Blake sat up, Chris's t-shirt draped over his face. "Whoa..." the rabbit muttered as he pulled the shirt off his head, a goofy grin plastered across his now sticky face. "Who hit me with the cum-rag? The night is just getting... Chris?" Blake blurted out in complete surprise, his eyes widening as he stared at his classmate.

Leopard and rabbit blinked at each other, their eyes fixed on one another. Then Blake's face broke into a huge grin. "Well, well, well," he said cheerfully, "fancy meeting you here. I never thought I would see your face look like that."

The blush consumed Chris's face so totally his white fur turned pink. Blake giggled a bit, licking a spot of cum off his own muzzle. Chris sat there, his paws curling into fists, and then his brain began to work probably for the first time all night. It was like he had been putting together a puzzle, and could now make out the picture. Fear knotted the leopard's stomach, as Chris's brain presented him with the results.

Chris was gay. He'd made himself gay, and there was no way he could deny what he had done. He had fucked Kevin, sucked off a complete stranger, and just looking at Blake's thick pink tongue turned him on. Then an icy chill ran down Chris's spine as his brain worked out what would happen next. Blake had just gotten a face full of cum, courtesy of Chris's shirt. Blake was a horrible gossip, and the most openly gay kid in school. Blake was going to tell everybody he had seen Chris in the gay part of town, and everybody would believe him. Then the last piece fell into place, and Chris wanted to die.

Kevin was going find out what had happened.

"You can't tell anybody you saw me here," Chris said desperately, the words tumbling out in sheer terror. "Nobody Blake, you understand me? Especially not Kevin," Chris's voice was cracking now as he imagined what this would do to his best friend.

Blake smiled at Chris as they sat there on the pavement, "Sure thing Chris," the bunny said happily, "but it's going to cost you. I'll want you to do something for me one day."

Chris opened his mouth to hiss a refusal, and snapped it closed. What choice did he have? If he wanted to keep this quiet, he would have to do whatever Blake wanted. Chris tried not to think about the little part of him that got up and danced at the idea of owing a favor to such a notoriously easy guy.

"Fine, okay, whatever you want," Chris mumbled, "Thanks Blake." Chris got up and slunk down the dark streets to his car, his face burning and his mouth tasting of hyena spunk.

Once Chris was gone, Blake's friendly smile spread into an evil looking grin. Blake lifted the leopard's forgotten shirt up to his nose and breathed in deeply. A rich, earthy smell of male musk made the rabbit's tail tingle and his pants tight. Whoever had been with Chris smelled wonderful.

Next Blake looked down at his little hand camera, to see what, if anything, the lens had captured. On the preview screen, a short little film of Chris running into him played, the small speaker crackling as the camera picture jerked back and forth. Then, there was a close-up of the leopard's cum-splattered t-shirt.

Next there was the shirtless leopard and his cum smeared muzzle agreeing to do anything Blake wanted. The rabbit's grin got so wide it stretched even his experienced muzzle, and he took a moment to breathe in JD and Chris's scent again.

Then Blake got up, dusted his knees off and muttered, "First things first though, I should probably take this home and change before I actually go clubbing. I don't want to ruin the smell." Blake turned his head and grinned at a nearby wolf that had just whistled at him. Well, maybe second thing


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