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Chapter 24: Test of Manhood



After football practice, the players flooded down into the locker rooms and joined the crush of people changing clothes. The generally smaller boys from the phys-ed classes were already there, nervously dressing back into their normal clothes as the wrestling team came off the mats, flanks covered in sweat as they slapped each other and pushed the smaller boys out of their way.

The two groups of jocks jostled and ribbed each other good-naturedly as the less athletic students got out of the way. The football and wrestling teams had always had a rivalry with each other, but it was all in good fun. They were all jocks after all. That meant something. Both teams laughed when one of Nathan's older brothers pushed the small husky hard enough to knock Nathan over one of the benches when Coach Townson's back was turned.

Rob was pulling off his jersey when it happened, so he missed the husky falling, but Brian slapped the horse's shoulder and pointed as the fallen dog picked himself up off the floor. The palomino horse sniggered and gave the small dog a grin as the husky tucked his tail between his legs. Then the jocks turned around hurriedly and acted as if nothing had happened when Coach Townson moved to help the runt back to his feet. The older wolf shot the room a scathing glare, knowing full well who had shoved Nathan but unable to prove anything. The wolf returned to stalking up and down the locker room watching for trouble.

The horse shook his head and grinned again slightly as the crowd of jocks sneered at the small husky behind the coach's back, making sure to impress upon Nathan just how beneath them he was. The husky's ears drooped as he slunk away from the jocks, and Rob felt a twinge of self-important pride when the dog refused to meet his eyes. The horse felt great. Practice had gone well, the weekend was here again, and everything was good. At least it was until Rob caught sight of Brian as the mountain lion began to strip off his wrestling doublet.

The horse's nostrils flared as the mountain lion's finger snagged the shoulder strap of his blue wrestling outfit and pulled it slowly off one shoulder. Brian's back was to Rob, so the horse got a good look at the way cat's muscles flexed as he reached his paw up and pulled the other shoulder strap down his arm, the blue material clinging to the cat's short, thick fur. Brian peeled the uniform off his body like a second skin, and Rob licked his lips as the blue spandex gave way to smooth brown fur and taught muscles as the suit folded down into a pair of makeshift shorts. A thin strip of white elastic was just visible above the blue fabric, giving just a hint of the underwear that the mountain lion wore beneath. Rob was holding his breath as the cat's thumbs hooked into the waist of the uniform and pulled down, and he nearly dropped his football pads when the white elastic band gave way to reveal a tawny, tight mountain lion ass instead of white cotton.

Brian wasn't wearing underwear; he was just wearing a jock strap that framed his ass instead of concealing it. The cat's butt even thrust out towards the horse as Brian stepped out of the wrestling suit and bent over to pick it up off the floor. Watching the cat's butt flexed, muscles moving as Brian's thick tail flicked to the side for a moment and revealed a hint of pink, made Rob's heart pound in his ears. The horse whipped around so he was facing away from Brian fast enough that no one noticed his sudden erection, which was stretching out the horse's own jock strap so much that it was obvious that rob was hard.

Rob stared at his locker; forcing himself to breathe again, fear consuming him as he changed. The horse was very careful not to look at the almost naked cat as the horse furiously pulled off his remaining football pads, the weight on his chest making it hard to breathe. Rob's chest was heaving as he sensed, rather than saw, that Brian had moved away from him. Rob kept his gaze fixed on the inside of his locker as some of the rowdier football team members moved towards the showers, careful to keep his passing teammates out of his line of sight, and his erection out of theirs, until he calmed down.

It's been like this since the party, the horse thought bitterly. Rob fumbled with his gear and snorted, his ears pressed flat against his head. The horse's hands were even beginning to tremble as he fought against the urge to look around the locker room. Ever since he'd gotten drunk at Leon's party, the thought of other males had been preying on his mind. Hell, look at what he had done the very next day at the mall.

It had been so stupid. Rob had found a total stranger tied up in a bathroom stall, and instead of helping the guy out, he'd fucked him. Sure, the wolf seemed to love the fucking, but it had been hard to tell through the ball gag. Besides, what did that say about Rob? Instead of trying to help the guy out, he'd joined in the orgy.

Now, he was trapped in another kind of orgy. The locker room after practice had become a hell for Rob. The horse had never noticed it before, but a lot of the jocks on the team strutted around naked after football practice. They showered, joked, and changed naked, their dicks just hanging out there for anybody to see. Rob had never thought about it before now. He had even done it a few times when his jock strap was extra ripe after a hard practice.

Well he was sure as hell thinking about it now. Hell, Rob had looked at more dicks in the last few days than he had ever expected to see in his whole life. In some cases it was hard not to look.

Nick and Kyle looked like they were swinging baseball bats between their legs, and it was probably their bold example that had prompted the rest of the guys to go commando to the showers. Most of the soccer players had no shame at all, and one leopard on the team, Chris, had a pretty big reason to flaunt what he had. Even Tyler was hanging out half the time and he went crazy anytime another guy looked at him funny. It was really stressing Rob out. He would just be changing, trying to keep his eyes to himself and somebody would come around the corner and the horse's eyes would just lock onto their cock.

The worst part was that now that he was doing it, Rob noticed just how many other guys were looking as well. Sometimes when one of the bigger jocks like Nick strode by, half the room stopped what they were doing to look. Rob hated that moment, when his eyes would meet the gaze of some smaller guy who wasn't on any team, just some nobody who had been looking at the same dick. There would be this nervous second where they watched each other. They both knew that the other had been looking, and then Rob's eyes would be on the floor so fast it almost gave him whiplash.

It seemed to Rob that the slender guys from phys-ed and gymnastics looked more than the jocks did. Guys like Blake or the Johnson twins were almost brazen, while others like Nathan did it while trying to hide their own bodies as best they could from the rest of the room. Rob snorted and ran a hand through his mane as he stepped out of the last of his football uniform. He stood there for a moment wearing nothing but his briefs, wondering if he should just pull on his pants and go home without showering just to get the hell out of here. He knew a couple of guys were probably staring at his ass right now.

The horse grimaced as a couple of the jocks behind him laughed, having just embarrassed some smaller fur into running out of the room in tears. The horse snorted, grabbed his towel, and headed for the showers with his shoulders squared and his jaw set. What the hell was wrong with him anyway? He wasn't fucking gay. He was a jock; he was on the football team. He wasn't some pussy tail-raiser to be laughed at. Nothing was going to change that.


Rob's hooves clopped against the tile floor in the shower room. Steam curled out from the rows of stalls and he grimaced when he saw Brian leaning against the far wall, towel in paw, waiting at the other end of the row of stalls for a free shower. The mountain lion looked up and his face split into a slow grin. The big cat was facing to the side, but his tail began flicking back and forth when he saw Rob. The big cat shifted the way he was leaning so his hips turned to face Rob, his body curved in a profile designed to show off as much of his fur as possible, as he smiled at the horse. Rob felt heat creep up his neck, and it wasn't from the steam. He shot the big cat a glare and looked at the stalls, and he couldn't help but feel that the mountain lion was smirking at him now as they both waited for a free shower.

After an awkward minute of standing there with his head held high and arms casually crossed over his puffed out chest, Rob hazarded a glance at the mountain lion. Rob turned his head from one side to the other as if he were just shifting which wall he was looking at. The horse's back stiffened as his gaze passed over the mountain lion, and he licked his lips. Rob had seen more than he had expected too.

The steam had caused Brian's jock strap to become quite damp, and like every wet t-shirt the horse had ever seen at Leon's parties, the white cotton concealed very little now. The horse kept his muzzle turned to the side, but his eyes were drawn back to the cat's crotch. The jock strap was bulging lewdly out at him. Brian's tail flicked and his paw adjusted his erection subtly, so that it was lying against his leg. The dark pink shaft was outlined perfectly, the head just peeking out the side of the cat's jock strap, and the horse was well aware how much the cat was enjoying this.

Rob coughed and swallowed nervously, keeping his face passive and his stance rigid as his own underwear grew tighter and tighter as he and Brian eyed each other from across the room. The horse felt his chest tightened, and as he stared at Brian's eyes it became a test of wills. It was a contest now to see who would look down at the other's dick first. Rob knew damn well that if anyone walked into the shower room they would be able to see him and Brian staring at each other, both hard as rocks, but he wasn't going to give the cat the satisfaction of seeing him cave. The horse squirmed on the inside, staring Brian down until blessed relief came in the form of Kyle.

The tiger had finished his shower and pulled the curtain of his stall aside. As he stepped out, the big tiger blocked Rob's line of sight with Brian, and Rob leapt at the chance to escape while maintaining his macho attitude. The tiger turned towards Brian and the door to the fur dryers, but Rob moved so quickly toward the stall that the horse didn't have any time to change course when Kyle paused suddenly to grab a bottle of fur shampoo from the shelf inside the stall. The palomino ran right into the massive tiger, his body rubbing across the backside of the soaking wet cat as he slid past him and into the shower stall.

Rob saw the look of horror on Kyle's face as the tiger spun to face him, the fur on his face drooping as the water dripped from his whiskers. The tiger's eyes were open wide, staring down at Rob's erection as the tiger clutched a towel to his crotch to cover himself up. Kyle's mouth just hung open at Rob as the horse closed the curtain quickly.

The horse shoved his palms into his eyes and suppressed a groan. Rob slammed his fist into the wall as his elongated face turned bright red and he nearly died of embarrassment. There was no way Kyle had missed the horse's erection jabbing him in the butt. Rob sure as hell had felt the tiger's muscled ass as the head of his cock wedged between the tiger's butt cheeks for just a second.

The horse reached a paw down and gave his dick a squeeze before pulling off his briefs, shivering at the remembered sensation of Kyle's body pressed against him. Kyle's growl rolled over the sound of running water, and Brian was laughing loudly. Rob shook his head, his face burning as he started to shower, forcing himself to calm down so his erection would subside.


Outside the shower, Kyle was still staring at the curtain in shock. He closed his mouth and worked his jaw slowly, his eyes narrowing as a growl rose in the back of his throat. He hadn't even seen the horse; there had suddenly just been someone pressed up behind him when he left the shower. There had been the familiar prodding of an erection between his buttocks, and that threw a little switch somewhere deep in his brain to ‘aroused'. Kyle clutched his towel against his crotch, his ears flattening against his head as he snarled at the curtain in disgust and anger. For just a split second Kyle had enjoyed the sensation, thinking that Nick had snuck up behind him somehow when no one was looking. Now the tiger felt like a damn fool.

Kyle turned towards the fur dryers and saw Brian standing there smiling at him. The mountain lion's muzzle was split in a wide, knowing grin. The tiger's face burned as he stalked past the other big cat, and because his eyes were downcast he saw it when Brian shifted his weight from one foot to the other and showed him his crotch.

The movement made the cat's hips turn and Kyle got a damn good look at the bulging jock strap and wet erection underneath it. Hell, the pink crown of the cat's dick was sticking out the side tauntingly. Kyle froze for just a second, and his tail fur would have bushed out in surprise if it hadn't been wet and limp. The mountain lion let his paw slowly stroke down the front of his jock strap, pulling the fabric to the side and exposing more of his penis to the tiger as Kyle's eyes snapped up to Brian's grinning face.

The look on Kyle's face was priceless. The mountain lion laughed, a big booming laugh that carried through the locker rooms, following Kyle as the tiger stalked away. Even if the tiger told everybody in school that Brian had been jerking off in the showers and was queer, the look of pure embarrassment on Kyle's face was totally worth it.

The way the tiger's white fur turned slightly pink as he blushed and his tail curled down between the cleft of his butt cheeks would make the mountain lion smile for days.


Rob took a long, long time showering. He refused to leave the cold water until his arousal had subsided to the point where he was not going to pop a boner in the locker room, but that was proving damn hard to accomplish. He tried to concentrate on washing the grass and sweat from his fur, but it was torture knowing that he was separated from a whole room full of wet naked guys by a few small walls and flimsy shower curtains.

It did not help that he couldn't stop himself from glancing around the edge of the shower curtain whenever somebody walked past, half hoping to catch a glimpse of somebody naked. For a little while he had been able to see into the shower across the hall pretty well, and that had really freaked him out. Tyler had not been very careful about closing his curtains, and Rob had nearly tripped over his own hooves when the bear gave himself a quick hand job with the soap.

Eventually, Rob's cock had finally gone flaccid enough for him to hazard a journey to the fur dryers and the locker room beyond.

It was late now. Way later than he'd ever stayed after practice before. He had definitely missed the bus, and that would mean having to bum a ride from somebody or calling his folks. Usually he was in, changed, showered, and out again before most of the football team was even out of their uniforms. This time he was the last one in the showers, the last person to use the fur dryers, and almost the only one in the locker room when he got changed.

Rob's ears turned this way and that as he clopped through the locker room, and he passed a very nervous looking Jack Russell terrier as he went to his locker. The dog yelped and clutched at a towel as he passed, and Rob smirked for a second. When he rounded the corner of his row of lockers, the smile faded. Brian was there, waiting for him.

"Hey Rob." the mountain lion said casually, half dressed as he rummaged around in his locker for something. The cat's eyes glanced for a moment at the naked horse.

"Hey," Rob said back, as casually as he could manage. Brian was wearing a shirt now, but he still had nothing on below the waist.

"That was pretty ballsy, feeling up Kyle back there." The mountain lion said conversationally, as if they were talking about a game and not gay sex. "I didn't think you had the balls to do that."

"Please," the palomino snorted, "that was nothing. There's no way he could do anything to me." Rob shook out his mane as he pulled his shirt and pants out of his locker. He sat down on the bench in the center of the locker row, carefully avoiding Brian's eyes so the truth of the matter wouldn't show. Rob was secretly glad Kyle hadn't beaten him senseless for the accident. The tiger certainly could have. Rob's eyes flicked, just for a second, to the mountain lion's crotch. Then he made an effort to avoid looking there too.

"Still," Brian muttered, "didn't think you were that much of a man," the mountain lion said evenly, his face turned away from Brian.

Rob stood up so suddenly Brian jumped a bit. The horse's nostrils flared as he faced the cat. "What did you say?" Rob demanded, his nerves frayed by the afternoon's events and the smell of arousal rolling off the cat.

The mountain lion looked at the horse's angry face and his muzzle turned into a grin slowly, "You heard me. After seeing you in action, I didn't think you had the balls to be a stud around somebody like Kyle."

"What, you think I'd flick my tail up for him like some filly for Kyle?" The horse muttered, his hooves stamping in anger.

"Yeah, I do," the mountain lion said bluntly as he smiled at the horse, "You aren't manly enough to take on someone like Kyle," Brian crossed his arms over his chest, "Not even with a case of booze to give you the courage."

"I can take anybody I want," Rob muttered, staring the mountain lion down, "I'm a stud, not some filly."

"Really," Brian muttered, his muzzle tipping upwards so he could look down his square feline nose at the horse. It was a neat trick, since Rob was several inches taller than Brian, but the mountain lion was a feline. Cats can look down their nose at anyone.

"You keep talking like that and I'm going to prove to you just how much of a stud I am," Rob muttered, his eyes still locked with Brian's.

"You ready to back that up, filly?" the mountain lion purred, and Rob's growing anger prevented the horse from noticing the seductive purr the cat's words had.

"Damn right I am," the horse muttered, keeping his voice low in case Coach Townson was still around somewhere. "I could take you anytime, anywhere. You'll be my bitch faster than Blake was."

"Prove it Stud," Brian said evenly, "right now on the wrestling mats. Winner takes all," the mountain lion said, his tail flicking back and forth, "by forcing the loser to ‘take' it all."

"You've got to be kidding me." Rob muttered, his eyes widening in fear as Brian shoved a blue wrestling uniform into the horse's hands.

"What Rob, you used to be on the wrestling team, before you started playing for the other side." The mountain lion grinned as the innuendo made Rob's eyes widen, "Don't think you can defend your manhood anymore?" Brian said with a purr, one finger reaching out, claw extended, to catch the horse's shirt and pull Rob towards him. "I'm sure you'd make a fine filly..."

Rob threw the towel on the floor and stamped his hoof down on it, glaring at the cat as he grabbed a spare wrestling uniform. There was no way Rob could back down from the challenge now.


The blue leather creaked under Rob's hoof as he stepped onto the old wrestling mat. Rob shifted his weight from hoof to hoof, getting used to the way the mats felt again. The horse fingered the shoulder strap of his wrestling uniform as Brian squared off with him. "You ready to be fucked for the first time, Rob?" Brian said with a smirk.

"I'm not going to be the one who gets fucked," Rob muttered, his eyes watching as Brian played with a small plastic tube. The mountain lion opened the tube with a snap that echoed harshly in the empty gymnasium. Brian squirted a big glob of lube onto his paw and reached inside his wrestling suit. Rob looked away, but the horse could still hear the wet sound of Robs's paw spreading the lube on his dick. "Well you won't be fucking me unless you get harder than that... Now lube up."

The horse glared at Brian as the cat tossed him the lube. Nostrils flaring, the palomino squeezed out some lube and spread it across his half hard dick. When he was done, Brian took one last chance to tease him. "Don't you wanna get that tail of yours, too?" Brian said with a chuckle, a wet spot forming where his lubed cock rubbed against the spandex, "You don't want me to pop your cherry dry, Robbie."

Rob crouched down into a starting position, wet fingers barely touching the mat, just as if he were on the starting line. "I told you Brian, I'm not going to be the one who gets fucked." Brian's muzzle split into a slow smile and he spread his feet a bit, waiting for Rob to make the first move.

The horse rushed Brian in a classic tackle. It was a good plan. The last two years of playing football had made the horse good at rushing, and he could use the momentum to take Brian down quickly and pin him with his old wrestling moves. The problem was that Brian was expecting it. Instead of meeting Rob head on, the mountain lion stepped back and to the side. The cat twisted his body as they collided and rammed his knee into Rob's ribs. Horse and lion collapsed into a heap, and Brian landed on Rob's chest. Rob wheezed as the feline's weight forced the air out of his lungs. "You're going to have to do better than that, filly." Rob grunted in pain, trying to breathe as Brian shifted his hips forward, pushing down hard on his shoulders. Rob got a face full of Brian's crotch, and the mountain lion's tactic worked like a charm.

Rob froze as the blue spandex filled his vision. He tried not to, but Rob had no choice but to breathe in the scent of Brian's crotch. Rob almost passed out from the smell of sweat and musk. "Sorry Rob, I never got the chance to shower, you took the last stall after all," Brian said, smirking down at the top of the horse's head. Rob nickered and whinnied, trying to force his shoulders up, but all he managed to do was rub his face against the hard bulge in the mountain lion's uniform and the wet spot of lube. Rob tried to keep his face away, but Brian reached down and pulled his suit aside, letting his dick flop out of the leg and rub against Rob's face. "Or maybe you feel like a drink before we get to the main event?" Brian muttered, enjoying the way the horse's muzzle felt struggling between his legs, and the look of fear in Rob's eyes.

Rob grunted and twisted, trying to get away from the sticky, hard cock pressed against his face. The horse gasped, feeling the wet lube cling to the fur on his face, and he grunted in anger. He wasn't going to lose this easily. Rob grabbed Brian's waist, curled his legs under him, and then slammed his knees into the mountain lion's back. Brian grunted and fell forward off the horse. For a moment they were both scrambling, as Rob's old wrestling skills came back to him and he held his own against the big cat, but in the end Brian was in practice and recovered faster. Brian got his paw under Rob's arm and flipped the horse away from him, letting Rob land on the mat. Rob rolled onto his side, and tried to get to his feet when the big cat plowed into his side, Brian grabbed the horse's arm and twisted it behind Rob's back.

The horse whinnied in pain as Brian shoved his face into the mat and held him down, blue matting once again filling his vision. Rob's eyes widened in fear as he felt the mountain lion's lower half pressed against Rob's backside. Rob gasped and struggled against the lion's weight, but Brian had Rob pinned. Rob's arm was twisted back painfully, his face pressed into the mat, and his free arm was trapped under his body. Rob couldn't get any leverage and he couldn't move. Then it happened.

Brian's free paw pulled the horse's suit to the side, exposing his tail hole and causing the horse's dick to flop out of the leg of the suit. Then the mountain lion used his free hand to push his dick pressed between the cheeks of Rob's ass. The horse whinnied in protest and tried to keep his tail down, but Brian grabbed the horse's tail and forced it up, using it as a handle to control him. Rob felt his chest tightening as the slick, hard flesh of Brian's dick rubbed between his butt cheeks and pressed under his tail.

Rob gasped as Brian pressed down on his back and began thrusting his hips, trying to drive his dick into the horse's ass. Rob whinnied and struggled as hard as he could as the mountain lion's dick pressed against his ass, the tip pushing hard against his tail hole and then slipping away, failing to penetrate the horse. The horse started moving his rump desperately, trying to shake the cat off him, but all Rob succeeded in doing was rubbing against the cat's dick.

This cannot be happening, Rob thought. It isn't possible. I'm not some faggot tail-raiser. I'm a jock! I'm on the football team. Now I'm seconds away from having another dude ram his dick inside me! What the hell is wrong with me? This was not how this was supposed to go! Rob bellowed in shame, his eyes watering as he flailed, trying to get his chest up enough to free his arm. There had to be something he could do!

With a grunt, Brian's dick finally found the mark. The tip pressed against Rob's asshole, and Rob felt his tail begin to stretch open. The horse whimpered, crying out as Brian's dick finally began to penetrate him. "There we go Rob, now you get to be a real filly," Brian said, laughing as the horse struggled underneath him. The horse's short hair was covered in sweat, his back rippling as he tried to pull away from the dick invading him. Rob's eyes snapped open, and Brian saw that they were wild with fear and adrenalin.

The horse did the only thing he could do escape the pin. Rob shoved himself up and back, impaling himself on Brian's dick. The horse whinnied in pain as Brian moaned, his dick forced to the hilt inside Rob's ass, but the movement gave Rob enough leverage to get his free arm out from under him and around in a wild swing. Brian saw the elbow aimed at his head and jerked his face back, but the horse caught Brian on the nose. The mountain lion grabbed his nose and fell off the horse, Brian's dick slipping out of Rob with a pop as the cat yowled in pain as the horse threw him off. Brian tumbled to the mat face down, clutching his muzzle, and after shaking himself Rob threw himself on top of the mountain lion.

Rob's eyes were wide, his nostrils flared and his hard dick flopping out of his wrestling suit as he held Brian down. The big cat was stunned, and didn't fight back as Rob's hands pulled his suit aside and he jerked the mountain lion's tail up. Rob laughed a little maniacally as he pressed the tip of his dick against the hole before him. "I told you, you aren't going to fuck me, Brian..."

Brian's eyes opened just before the horse thrust inside him.

Rob groaned as his dick slid into the cat's tight hole almost to the hilt, and Brian yowled in pain as his anus was forced open. Both boys froze as Rob came flush with the cat', their bodies trembling as Rob collapsed on Brian's back. The horse lifted himself up, grabbing Brian's wrists and holding him down. Rob grunted and started to thrust, shaking in relief as he took the mountain lion's ass.

The fucking was strained and rough, still a fight for dominance. Brian continued to try and force Rob off his back, but the horse was in control now. The horse had Brian flat on the mat, his legs spread, and his arms pinned. That, and Rob had six inches of dick inside the cat's ass, and all he had to do was shove his hips forward to ruin any chance the cat had of escaping the fucking.

Rob whinnied and shook his mane, the sweat dripping off his body as he thrust into Brian's body. It was glorious taking the mountain lion. The cat's was tight and warm, and Rob's dick slid right inside Brian's ass like it was a real pussy. That was where the similarities to fucking a chick ended. Brian's body tensed and struggled underneath him, muscles rippling and fighting Rob as the horse fucked. The horse was shaking too, and Rob's own tail hole ached from the rough intrusion it had suffered, but he made up for it by clenching his ass and ramming into Brian even harder.

"Feel that Brian?" Rob panted; his voice shaking as he kept Brian pinned and rammed his dick as deep and as hard as he could. "Feel my cock in your ass? Told you it would happen. I'm a stud Brian, not a filly like you. You hear me?" Rob gasped, pressing himself down onto Brian's back. Brian didn't answer, he just howled as Rob's dick slid in and out of him, the thrusts shaking the cat's whole body as Brian drove six inches of horse cock in and out of him. Rob grinned, his mouth close to Brian's ear. "You like having my dick in you bitch? Like being my filly?" rob closed his eyes, shaking as he thrust, "Oh man Brian you make such a great filly," the horse breathed, and it was true. The cat's broad back bore Rob's weight much better place then any girl Rob had been with, and beneath both their struggling bodies, Rob knew Brian's dick was hanging untouched as Rob fucked him. Knowing that was the best part for Rob.

Brian was another jock. He was popular and co-captain of the wrestling team. Brian had been a real man until Rob had shoved his dick into the cat and pinned him, and Rob was turning this guy he had always looked up to into his filly. Brian was a mare to be fucked by Rob and nothing more. The horse whinnied in triumph, nipping the back of Brian's neck as he rammed his dick all the way into Brian's ass and loved it.

Brian's eyes were closed tight as the horse fucked him, and he stopped struggling after a while, when the mountain lion was sure rob was too lost in the sex to notice. Rob was panting now and thrusting fast; his dick throbbing as he forced himself all the way inside Brian once again and ground himself against the cat's insides. Brian shifted himself slowly, lifting his butt into the air a bit and giving the horse better access to his ass. Rob didn't even notice, thrusting himself deep into the cat, making Brian wince. Rob's dick wasn't that big, but it had been a long while since Brian had been fucked.

Rob's thrust became erratic, and his body began to tense behind Brian. The cat knew what was about to happen, but Brian smiled when the horse moved his mouth close to the cat's ear and gasped, "I'm gonna... I'm gonna cum dude..."

Brian opened one eye and he smirked at the horse. "Good," the cat muttered, but Rob didn't hear Brian as his body jerked forward for the final time. The end of the horse's dick flared and he came inside Brian.

Brian closed his eyes again and purred happily as the horse whinnied and humped his ass. The cat let his tail hole relax, drinking in the feeling of the horse's body straining against his backside. The way the horse's dick flared inside him sent shivers up Brian's spine, and the claws of one paw dug into the wrestling mat as the horse came. Rob couldn't see Brian's other paw, and the horse would have been shocked to know the cat had been furiously jerking himself off the whole time Rob was fucking him. Brian gave a muffled roar as he shot across the wrestling mat, while the horse forced his own seed deep inside the cat's body. For the minute of desperate fucking that was Rob's orgasm, Brian was in heaven.

Brian groaned softly as the horse finished inside him, his back arching smoothly as the horse sagged. The mountain lion's body pressed up against the horse, the big cat's rump pressed flush with Rob's crotch. The cat smirked as the horse nickered proudly and made short thrusts in the cat's ass, his seed flowing under Brian's tail. Brian closed his eyes and purred in delight as Rob clung desperately to his body. Rob would never understand the feeling washing over Brian. The horse was too much of a meathead to get it. Rob might be on top right now, whinnying and glowing with masculine pride as he emptied himself inside Brian's body, but the cat underneath him was the one in control. Brian had always been in control.

Brian had pinned Rob for nearly a minute, and he could have taken the horse at any moment, but he didn't. The cat had teased and tortured the horse, playing with his ego, until Rob was crazed enough do anything, even impale himself on Brian's cock to get the upper hand, at which point the horse was sure to fuck Brian like a wild animal. The cat had even pretended to be stunned when he let Rob up; lying still much longer than he had to so the horse would take him. It had been a competition all right, and Brian had won by getting exactly what he wanted.

The mountain lion was purring quietly now, basking in the masculine triumph happening behind and inside his butt, stealing it from Rob in a way the horse would never understand. Brian might be the filly this time around, but the cat had Rob by the balls now. He'd gotten Rob to accept the dare, and now that he'd thrown the match the horse would do anything, anything, to get another shot at Brian's tail. The cat's face scrunched up and he gasped, hissing in delight as Rob pulled out slowly; the bell of his dick flared out much wider than the rest of his shaft. Brian gasped as the horse's dick popped out of his ass. Brian was just glad he had lubed his tail before the match when the horse couldn't see him. The horse had been way to rough for just some lube on Rob's cock to be enough.

A minute passed slowly as Rob lay on Brian's back, panting heavily in the cat's ear. The horse's dick was soft again, but he was still lying fully on the mountain lion, his whole weight holding Brian down. Rob shuddered, his thoughts coming back into focus as the two boys laid there on the wrestling mats, the padding depressed by their combined weight and now slick with their jizz. His legs shaking, Rob staggered to his hooves and stepped back, offering his paw to Brian. The mountain lion stood up, shaking, his paw pulling on the horse's arm hard. Rob tipped forward a bit and his eyes opened wide when the mountain lion caught him up in a kiss

Rob gasped as Brian shoved his tongue into the horse's mouth and his paw grabbed the back of Rob's head. Rob blinked in shock for a few seconds as he was kissed, and then jerked his head back when the cat let him go. Rob watched as Brian padded across the wrestling mat, his tail flicking back and forth over the matted fur of his butt as he left the gym. Then the horse sighed, rubbing the back of his head. Rob froze, his fingers dabbing at a sticky glob in his mane. The horse pulled his hand back and stared at the sticky globs of cum the mountain lion's paw had rubbed in his mane.


Rob did not want to go back into the locker room after taking another shower, but the horse's stuff was still in his locker. Brian was sitting in there now, and the horse had no idea what he was going to say. The moment of lust had passed now, and the horse was having so many doubts that his chest hurt. He had almost been fucked, and the memory of Brian's dick pressing into him scared the horse so bad he had nearly thrown up in the shower. Yet he'd won, and had his way with the mountain lion. He'd proved himself a stud, not a filly.

Of course, in doing so he'd proven Brian wasn't a stud. Rob wanted to say something to the guy who had been his casual buddy and a fellow jock for nearly three years now, but he had no idea what to say. Instead the horse just coughed to get the mountain lion's attention.

"Yeah?" Brian said, one eye watching the horse as he laced up his shoes.

"I just wanted to say," Rob swallowed, his hooves echoing dully as he shifted his feet. "I mean... look it was a bet dude. You lost; it doesn't mean anything."

"I know, Rob. It's cool." Brian said with a faint smile on his muzzle as he pulled his other shoe on.

"I just," Rob started.

"Don't worry about it." Brian said, and the big cat looked Rob right in the eye.

Rob took a step back from the cat. Brian didn't look beaten. The cat didn't seem threatened or even bothered by the fact that he had just been royally fucked. In fact, Brian had a smirk on his face, like the cat that had just eaten the canary. Brian looked like he had won, not lost. "See you next week, same time, Stud."

Rob was totally confused now. "What?" the horse sputtered as Brian shouldered his bag. There was a glint of white teeth as the mountain lion turned away and left Rob standing there.

"What, Rob?" Brian called out as the door swung closed behind him. "You afraid you're a one trick pony?"

Rob threw his towel into the hamper, nickering in anger and confusion. Somehow, the cat had won and the horse had no idea how.


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