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The Random Sex Portfolio
Let's be honest. Sex is fun. Lots of fun. This portfolio is all about the fun people have. 15 men and 12 women in just 12 pictures, in every position and combination possible. M/M, M/F, and F/F. Sometimes, it really it just for the fun of it.
Old School
Sometimes, the Old School is the best school. This portfolio features 12 of the most masculine dinosaurs showing off all their scales and assets. If you are a fan of the scalie side of the fandom, then this all male portfolio is for you.
B4 Portfolio
The men of Sudonym have always been an entertaining bunch and in this portfolio they are putting on a show. Each of the 15 black and white images features a different man, showing off their best qualities. Muscles and more masculine attributes abound.

Kamui: Coffee Cats
11x17 art print by Kamui

The Art of "The Hero" Portfolio
M/M art portfolio features 11 full colour images from the novel, The Hero
DemonPuppy: WhiteLion
Print by DemonPuppy
DemonPuppy: LionessAmberEyes
Print by DemonPuppy

Prints and posters from a variety of talented artists, from 8.5" x 11" to 11" x 17"!
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