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Red Lantern 2: Conviction (Hardcover)
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Red Lantern 2: Conviction (Hardcover)
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Red Lantern 2: Conviction (Hardcover)
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FurPlanet Productions
Rukis, Myenia, and Ishaway
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Style:  Comic
Content:  Graphic Novel
Print:  Color Cover, Color Interior
Size:  8.5 x 11
Pages:  102
ISBN:  978-1-61450-484-9
Parental Rating:  NC-17
Publication Date:  July 2019



This is a mature content book.  Please ensure that you are of legal age to purchase this material in your state or region. 


Synopsis: An uneasy truce between a colonial fleet and the war party of the peoples they once oppressed is holding on by a thread on the islands of the Shanivaar. Docked in neutral waters controlled by powerful hyena clans, the laws of the island are managing to keep the tensions between the two fleets from erupting into violence… for now.


But hatred is not so easily set aside, and even now, plans are in motion to exact revenge, and force an end to the truce.


The citizens of the island are blissfully unaware of the smoldering fires of war threatening to engulf their small world, focused instead on their own daily struggles. Amon, an indentured brothel worker, is facing the end of his career, and a grim future. Quite by accident, he has fallen in with the Admiral of the Cerberus fleet, an enigmatic man with a tortured past, and no clear path forward.


Many cultures now inhabit this small scrap of land, thrown together through circumstance. They must find a way to coexist, understand one another, and survive. For one way or another, their fates are intertwined.


Book 2 in the Red Lantern Series

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Full color comic by Rukis, Myenia, and Ishaway
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Copyright © FurPlanet Productions, All Rights Reserved


Copyright © FurPlanet Productions, All Rights Reserved