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Drawing Furries
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Drawing Furries
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Drawing Furries
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Ulysses Press
how to, furry, furries, fursona, art, technique
Stephanie "Ifus" Johnson
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Print:  Color Cover, Grayscale Interior>
Size:  7.5 x 9.25
Pages:  152
Parental Rating:  G
Publication Date:  May 25, 2021


This title is available to pre-order. Order will be shipped by the release date of May 25, 2021.


Description: Bring your furry characters to life with this step-by-step guide to drawing anthropomorphic dogs, foxes, wolves, unicorns, dragons, and more of your favorite creatures!

Grab your sketchbook and start drawing today with this step-by-step instructional handbook for creating your own furry characters. Combining human and animal features can be daunting, but with the right tips and tricks you’ll be illustrating your favorite furries and fursonas in no time.

With Drawing Furries you’ll learn the basics of proportions, facial expressions, and body shapes before moving on to creating fun characters based on all types of animals and creatures, including dogs, rabbits, dinosaurs, otters, gryphons, and more! And of course, the book also includes tons of examples, ideas, and tips for personalizing your creations as well as creating your own character palette.

Created by a professional artist who specializes in furry art, this is the perfect art tool for those already a part of the furry fandom or those just starting off!

About the Author
Stephanie "Ifus" Johnson has been a furry fandom artist for over a decade. She lives in central Illinois with her husband, working on illustration and graphic design projects. She has a bachelor's degree in illustration with a minor in animation from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. Her influences include cartoons from the eighties and nineties, anime, and video games.

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Drawing Furries: Learn How to Draw Creative Characters, Anthropomorphic Animals, Fantasy Fursonas, and More (How to Draw Books)
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