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Nevi'im (Post-Self Book 3)
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Nevi'im (Post-Self Book 3)
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Nevi'im (Post-Self Book 3)
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novellas, transhuman, posthuman, cyberpunk
Madison Scott-Clary
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Print:  Color Cover, Text Interior
Size:  5.50 x 8.5
Pages:  402
ISBN: 978-1-948743-25-9
Parental Rating: PG-13
Publication Date:  July 2022




Do you know how old I am, Dr. Brahe? I am 222 years old, a fork of an individual who is…who would be 259 years old. I am no longer the True Name of 2124. Even remembering her feels like remembering an old friend…”

The cracks are showing.


Someone picked up on the broadcast from the Dreamer Module and as the powers that be rush to organize a meeting between races, Dr. Tycho Brahe is caught up in a whirlwind of activity. And as always, when the drama goes down, there is Codrin B─âlan to witness it.


When faced with eternity in a new kind of digital world, however, old traumas come to roost, and those who were once powerful are brought to their knees.


Growth is colliding with memory, and the cracks are showing.


Praise for Nevi’im

These characters are so well realized, so fleshed out, that I can’t help but to gush about how their interactions with each other inform the central plot of the book.

Nenekiri Bookwyrm

. . . [The characters] really drew me into the book, and helped me ask—and answer—questions that I never even knew I needed to ask.

Payson R.

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Book 3 of the post-self cycle
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Copyright © FurPlanet Productions, All Rights Reserved