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Heat #06
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Heat #06
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Heat #06
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Sofawolf Press
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Style:  Magazine
Content:  Graphic Stories, Comics, and Literature
Print:  Color Cover, Greyscale Interior
Size:  8 x 10.5
Pages:  94
Parental Rating:  NC-17 - Graphic sexual situations, language
Publication Date:  July 2009

Synopsis: Heat, Volume #6, in many ways is an issue dedicated to the surprises one finds in love. In each story, poem and comic the main characters have their presumptions about what love and romance challenged in one way or another. In some cases, there are definite surprises awaiting both the characters and the reader; in others there is less of an “aha!” moment of surprise and more of a gradual change in understanding of what love can be. We hope that you find each one an enjoyment to read!

Prehistoric, a story by Tym, illustrated by Foxfeather R. Zenkova, brings predator and prey together in an ice-age drama that leads a dire wolf to reconsider his pack’s expectations and taboos.

Sated, a poem by Frost wolf, illustrated by Blotch, also explores predator-prey relationships, but in a more contemporary and unexpected setting.

At a Glance is a story by Rechan, illustrated by Heather Bruton, in which a pas de deux combines with intrigue between the main character and his paramour to exchange secrets of a very intimate nature.

Double Reward, a comic by TaniDaReal, finds a newly-promoted businessman (or, rather, business-fox) on the receiving end of a bit more congratulatory attention than he had expected.

Talk With Your Mouth Full is a story by Kyell Gold, illustrated by Chibi-Marrow, in which creative uses of technology bring the main character to a new appreciation for a former relationship.

Sugar Sweet brings the manga-inspired talents of Yuki to our pages — though in the more Western left-to-right pagination. In his comic, a young baker’s apprentice learns just how deep his master’s appreciation of his talents is.

Song of the Spouse is a poem written and illustrated by Fluke, in which conflicted emotions clash against each other, a relationship in question.

Learning to Live, a story by Khaz, illustrated by Corgi, is a story of self-discovery for a young wolf — one in which the character’s first lover turns out to be very different than expected.

Kisses is a comic in which two of Angie Kae’s characters try something a little different from their usual routine in bed, with very happy results.

Dick and Jane, a story by foozzzball, illustrated by Autumn Sunrise, explores the relationship between humans and genetically-engineered animals, and the main character reconsiders the true nature of love via a string of exploratory relationships.

Vigil, a poem by Ekulf appears on the back cover so as to give the artist Kamui a chance to show off his eye for color. The surprise, in this case, is mere potential — the presumed reaction should those being watched learn that their private activities are not so private.

Also, within the pages of this issue, you will find some new advertising — a creative delivery service and a steamy new lubricant just for males, brought to you by Tracy Reynolds and Keto.

Heat is intended for an adult audience only and contains explicit sexual material of Male/Male, Female/Female and Male/Female nature. It is not for sale to persons under the age of 18.

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Sofawolf's adult anthology, includes comics and illustrated stories.
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