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Bucktown Tiger - Orange + Black: The Furst Album
Item Details
Bucktown Tiger - Orange + Black: The Furst Album
Item Name:
Bucktown Tiger - Orange + Black: The Furst Album
Item #:
Paw Recognize Paw Studios
Product Type
Music CD
Average Rating:

Product Image Gallery:

Style:  Music CD
Content:  Furry Rap/HipHop
Files:  12 Tracks
Parental Rating:  PG-13

Description:  Introducing a story in verse about a musical artist in search of himself. Alone in his inner feelings for years on end, the artist seeks the companionship of those most like him and yearns to be accepted and loved just for who he is. He also strives to share his long-hidden creative talents with a receptive audience of those who will understand his music most. Orange and Black: The Furst Album is the story of how a young man finds all these things--and so much more.

Track Listing: 

Track 01 - Altaican Pledge

Track 02 - Wanna Be Heard

Track 03 - TigerChant

Track 04 - Throw Your Paws Up

Track 05 - Get Your Yiff On

Track 06 - Today's Not Cool Award

Track 07 - How I Love You

Track 08 - Rolling Up Coins

Track 09 - PCD

Track 10 - Still Me

Track 11 - Start

Track 12 - Shoutouts

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Furry HipHop/Rap
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