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NOTE: We are not shipping orders at this time due to preparation for and attendance of Anthrocon 2024.

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Basecraft Cirrostratus
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Basecraft Cirrostratus
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Basecraft Cirrostratus
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FurPlanet Productions
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Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Novel
Print:  B/W Cover, Text Interior
Size:  5.5 x 8.5
Pages:  170
Parental Rating:  NC-17 – Graphic Sexual Situations, violence and language.
Publication Date:  June 2010

Synopsis:   Things have just gotten very difficult for Professor Elor Kaya. When Emperor Salaar's secret police, the Nightwatch, decide the cougar is a threat to the regime, he flees to the holds of the Basecraft Cirrostratus, a sort of flying airport.  Within its holds, in a hastily-built shanty town, he and several hundred other creatures try to make out a living in a lawless parallel society.
There, Elor is forced to confront gangsters, thugs, gun runners, and bloodthirsty smugglers... and his ex boyfriend, a wolf named Vinz, who fled the surface nine years before.  Complicating things even further, Vinz's current love interest- a fox named Laz- ends up falling for Elor.
Will Elor be sucked into a life of crime? Will Elor reunite with Vinz, or will Laz break Vinz's heart? And how long can they survive inside the dark, sunless holds of the
Basecraft Cirrostratus?

Author Rose LaCroix is proud to present the very first of her books to see publication, a story that blends adventure, action, romance, and intrigue that crosses genres.  Fans of Noir and Dieselpunk fiction will enjoy the gritty, dangerous setting reminiscent of 1930s Europe.



ADULTS ONLY.  You must be 18 or over to purchase this book



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Item Reviews
Dieselpunk and furries. Great mix.
Considering it's the author's first book, I think it turned out really well. There are rough edges, and the plot could have a bit more polish. But the atmosphere is just great, I could feel the smell and funk of the old times! Descriptions and dialogue feel strong. The starting premise is very imaginative, and I'm sorry the book isn't much longer. It's a quick and easy read, finished it a day of casual reading. If you have a quirk for the 1930s aesthetics, I say go for it!
Basecrarft Cirrostratus
A retraction and a new review... I have reread this book numerous times and would like to apologize for my earlier review as it gives the impression that I copied it from another person for which it isn’t. I am posting this new review in hopes that the author sees it and understands that I have resubmitted my review to show that I am honest in what I posted about his book. To the point, the book is a good read, the pacing is good although very slow from the start and steadily picking up speed after the first few pages. Three Tails also known as Justin Lamar, has a style that can and will draw you into the book and experience the emotions, sights, sounds and scents surrounding the characters in the book. The book starts out with the main character a cougar (Elor Kaya), desperately fleeing his city and country, barely ahead of his pursers who are wanting to arrest him for crimes against his country such as sedition, free thinking, associating with other species and being gay. His pursuers, called the Nightwatch are always one step behind him as he flees his home country. Though here I still wonder how he knew they were coming for him as there was no mention if he had contacts in the Nightwatch who would have alerted him of his pending arrest and incarceration. Once free from his pursuers, Elor makes his way to the Basecraft Cirrostratus to seek sanctuary and to try and locate his former lover a wolf (Vinz), who he discovers is working in a club and has a new lover. Naturally Elor is devastated by the revelation but is comforted somewhat when his former lover lets him stay at his place for a few days until he can find employment and a place of his own. Unfortunately, Elor does find a job, but one that is totally out of character for him, one that he finds that he is a natural at. Vinz, upon hearing who Elor’s new employer is, immediately kicks him out to fend for himself. Elor does find himself in many different situations either escaping by the skin of his teeth or by just pure dumb luck, even saving a stranger who will touch his life in strange ways. Once Elor gets on the Basecraft, the story picks up the pace and really draws you into the world that is known as Cirrostratus. Three Tails description of the world of Cirrostratus is wonderful. He draws you in letting you see, smell, and hear everything going on around you, from what goes on in the “Cunning Little Vixen” bar, to the turn of the century tech that is spread all over the Basecraft, to the dark underworld of crime, prostitution and the lives of the downtrodden, displaced and fleeing populace that inhabits Cirrostratus. You will quickly learn that Cirrostratus is a neutral land (or in this case, country) where people go to seek immunity from their countries for crimes that they may have or have not been accused of committing. There are plenty of plot twists, false turns and dead ends that will leave you scratching your head wondering what just happened. There are plenty of pleasant surprises hidden throughout the book as well as some that you never see coming until they are revealed. The book does end at a very slow pace that belies that there is a sequel in works, whether or not that was intentional, we will never know. All in all, this book is worth buying and adding to your collection to be read again and again. I bought the book after reading a copy that was lent to me. I will be definitely getting the sequel once the book has been released.
Frank Schlechta Jr
Not quite there Just Yet
If you could rate with fractions, this book would be 3.75 stars. The story in and of itself is good, but it's clearly the author's first book. Style and dialogue draw the reader out of what would otherwise be an interesting tale. If you like the concept, give the author a chance. Definitely worth keeping this writer in your sights, as I am certain his next effort will be much more awesome.
Jonathan Hixson
Wonderfuly Detailed book
Just finished reading this book. Normally it would not be my type of thing with the whole 30s style Mafia and crime stuff. However I loved the concepts and the tech in the book. The characters were wonderfully well written and made the book very enjoyable.
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Copyright © FurPlanet Productions, All Rights Reserved