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NOTE: We are not shipping orders at this time due to preparation for and attendance of Anthrocon 2024.

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Heat #07
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Heat #07
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Heat #07
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Sofawolf Press
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Style:  Magazine
Content:  Graphic Stories, Comics, and Literature
Print:  Color Cover, Greyscale Interior
Size:  8 x 10.5
Pages:  110
Parental Rating:  NC-17 - Graphic sexual situations, language
Publication Date:  June 2010


Heat, Volume #7, continues our tradition of all-orientations stories of love in its various forms, as told through prose, poetry and comic forms. From brief vignettes of chance encounters to complex explorations of love that steadily grows, and from light and fun to the deadly serious, this issue has a little bit of everything.

By a Nose, a story by Tony Greyfox, illustrated by Yuki, is an action-packed tale of love, betrayal and controlled substances in the noisy and odor-filled desert city of Las Vegas.

A Werewolf's Last Warning, a poem by Wu Wei, illustrated by SOLIDASP, reminds the unwary traveler that hungry beasts roam the forests.

The Day I Met You, a comic by Corgi, tells the story of a chance meeting between two strangers who are thankfully not lactose intolerant!

One Night is a story by Faora Meridian, illustrated by Dark Natasha, in which forbidden (or at least very, very inconvenient) love blossoms between a young otter and the nomadic wolf who saved his life.

The One That Got Away is a comic by Adam Wan describing a very different encounter between a very different otter and wolf than in the previous story!

A Taste of the Wild, a story by Kandrel, illustrated by Negger, finds a fox seeking love-for-hire in an encounter that has surprises in store for both involved (not to mention the people staying at the same hotel).

Odd Coupling is a comic by Rukis illustrating a fantastical forest encounter between two unlikely mythical partners.

Dickinsonian is a poem written by Whyte Yoté in the style of a famous poet (go on, guess who), illustrated by Dragondrawer. Sometimes, being a fox is the only excuse you need.

Code Drop is a story by Tempe O'Kun, illustrated by Jailbird, in which a career-driven jackal meets up with a distinctly not-career-driven pup who nevertheless manages to not only save the day when her career is on the line, but also wriggle into the carefully-guarded recesses of her heart.

Virtual funding for this issue comes from advertisements for underwear and inter-stellar travel companions. You take your pick! Products and services envisioned by Greenmonkey and Foxer.

Heat is intended for an adult audience only and contains explicit sexual material of Male/Male, Female/Female and Male/Female nature. It is not for sale to persons under the age of 18.

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Sofawolf's adult anthology, includes comics and illustrated stories.
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