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Argyll Productions
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Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Novella
Print:  Color Cover, Text Interior
Size:  5.5 x 8.5
Pages:  116
ISBN: 9781935599623
Parental Rating:  PG-13 - Some scary and/or violent scenes
Publication Date:  September 2010








He wanted to study. That's all he wanted but a phone call from his mother drastically changed everything. Now he's on the run from supernatural forces. Fortunately he's not alone, but can he trust an individual who knows more about fighting monstrous forces than a rational man should? Does he have any choice?



GRAVEYARD GREG writes because his imagination won't leave him alone. He was raised in the Deep South until he escaped with the aid of a duffel bag, the clothes on his back and a few games. He is currently at large in Nevada with his cabana boys and Irish lovers. Do not approach him, as he might be armed with what he considers to be a scathing wit. In reality it's just a weird sense of humor.

Cover design by Forgewielder

Interior illustrations by Genesis and Sudonym

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Item Reviews
Sincerely that book surprised me like you got no idea. Before I was knowing mostly Graveyard Greg short stories, until one day he made on offer on buying this book as an E-book and I said "WTH let's try" I wasn't about to lose much anyway hehe When I first started this book the descriptions where damn impressive and it was making me go on and on every time I had a free moment. It was impressive, captivating, the characters were going from scary to endearing and even often funny in the middle of all the mess going on in that short period of their lives. The twins really cracked me up in their behaviors, Tankers and Latte really were adorable characters. And really my only regret was that at the end we don't get to see how it goes between them and that was a damn shame for me. But the story was greatly done and sincerely amazing in all his plots and the surprises that arrived every time you were thinking they had a minute of free time. In all I would say it's a book worth it for a good time with a little bit of suspense and thriller for the people that like their reading "spiced up" hehe. Karmakat
Nicolas Franzetti
4.5 Stars Easily
4.5 stars, easily. This novella was an amazing read. Let me say that flat out. I loved the characters and they were well written for the length of the piece. Ivan was a personal favorite of mine just with the way he reacted to the world around him, especially as it continually went to more and more bizarre places. I really didn't know what to expect from this book when I initially got it but I was more than impressed. The editing is well done, the writing is superb, and the story itself is very well planned out and executed. The only hitch I found in the whole story, and I had to wrack my brain for it, is that Ivan talks about how exhausted he is a number of times in the story. Be it how his sides hurt, or how he will pay for it when it is all over, or how he would work out if he survived the encounter, it's mentioned a lot for such a short read. But as I mentioned, I had to actually actively think of something that bothered me. If you are looking for a good piece to read, furry or not, pick this up. I mean it. Electronic from Smashwords like I did, or in paper form, it's worth it. Hell, I'll be getting the paper version at the next con I go to even though I have the electronic one. It was that enjoyable!
I bought this book at Further Confusion 2011, and I took on reading it on my flight back home from that convention. While a short read, it kept me entertained and hooked until I finished it. I had read it on FA when he was releasing it, and this was just a great way to re-read the story and to see what he put in there that wasn't on the internet version. I'm very glad that I bought it and I'll probably continue re-reading it whenever I get a chance. The artwork within the book is great for the story and helps add an image to your mind's eye to put you into the story with the immense aide of his literature. Long story short? Buy it, read it, love it.
Matthew T Lathrop
In reading this book, I didn’t have much in the way of expectations, either high or low, to start out with. Despite being part of the fandom, it is a rare thing for me to find much reading material that is both engaging and enjoyable. This book fulfilled both. In what ways? Hmm, let’s see. The characters spring to mind first of all. The character of Tank and Ivan and all of the other members of the cast immediately got my attention and remained distinct from one another while still meshing to work well together. I particularly liked the way that you managed to portray Ivan’s accent in the story. The personality changes of the beings under Koschei, sudden as they were, also managed to keep from sounding contrived. I would also say that you did a good job with the plot. While I don’t know much about anything from Russia, either the folklore or the history, you presented it in a way that suspended belief rather nicely. Baba Yaga was a name that struck a cord of recognition, though for some reason I can’t recall why at the moment. But the egg out of the duck out of the rabbit out of the chest was probably the most interesting. Deathless was a book that the fandom and I would say all readers that get it are better for its existence. It was a pleasure to read, and I enjoyed the story a great deal. From the twins to Jolly to Scowl, from Ivan to Tank and his roommates, I found myself immersed in their relationships with one another and their conflict against Koschei. If you are to write something else, I would highly recommend it to friends and definitely pick it up myself for a good read.
A book that seemed rushed to market.
Deathless was a story that never quite got up to speed. Though it had several interesting characters and a plot point that showed flashes of potential here and there, it never truly gripped me all the way through to the end. A decent first effort, but not up to the level of polish I was expecting from a furry novella.
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Graveyard Greg's first novella!
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Copyright © FurPlanet Productions, All Rights Reserved