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No Predation Allowed: Ten Years of Suburban Jungle Volume 2
Item Details
No Predation Allowed: Ten Years of Suburban Jungle Volume 2
Item Name:
No Predation Allowed: Ten Years of Suburban Jungle Volume 2
Item #:
FurPlanet Productions
Product Type
Trade Paperback Comic
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Style:  Trade paperback collection
Content:  Comic
Print:  Color Cover, Color Interior
Size:  8 x 10
Pages:  122
ISBN: 978-1-61450-163-3
Parental Rating:  PG-13
Publication Date:  January 2014



Description: As Tiffany Tiger struggles to pursue her dreams while trying to resolve her conflicting desires, Dover and Comfort find true love — leading to secrets from the cheetah geek’s troubled days in college coming to light. Tiffany’s big break comes in the form of a sci-fi show, but it could be destroyed as Leona’s agent attempts to ruin her career, taking Tiffany’s with it.

No Predation Allowed: Volume Two includes...

  • “Biff-ore and After,” the only strips from Vince Suzukawa’s The Class Menagerie available in print
  • “Tiffarella in the 24½th Century,” rollicking space-opera guest story by Scott Kellogg, creator of 21st Century Fox
  • “When Wally Met Mikey,” featuring guest ‘roo Mikey Hopkins from The Class Menagerie
  • “Conrad and Drezzer Have It Out,” with art by Dustin “Bauske” Friend, from a story by The Gneech

Join them all in the story of the life, loves, and career of aspiring supermodel and ferocious predator, Tiffany Tiger!

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Collection of the classic Suburban Jungle comic strip by John "The Gneech" Robey.
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