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The Luck of Fools Volume 6
Item Details
The Luck of Fools Volume 6
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The Luck of Fools Volume 6
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FurPlanet Productions
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Style:  Comic
Content:  Graphic Comic Based Series
Print:  Color Cover, Color Interior
Size:  7 x 10
Pages:  114
Parental Rating:  NC-17 - mature themes, sexuality
Publication Date:  July 2018




Description: Lael, Ithimar, and Caius have followed the only lead they have on Otho and Caius’s missing artifacts to the city of Tyre, where the seer Dan of Ohad is rumored to be hiding.

As Lael and Caius search the city in the hope that Dan’s visions can aid them, Ithimar broods over his history with the seer. Meanwhile, someone else from Lael’s past is searching for them in turn.


The past can leave scars which are hard to see. Will Lael, Ithimar, and Caius be able to avoid gaining even more?




For readers 18 and up only.


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Copyright © FurPlanet Productions, All Rights Reserved