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Bucktown Tiger - Shop Music
Item Details
Bucktown Tiger - Shop Music
Item Name:
Bucktown Tiger - Shop Music
Item #:
Paw Recognize Paw Studios
Product Type
Music CD
Average Rating:

Product Image Gallery:

Style:  Music CD
Content:  Furry Rap/HipHop
Files:  12 Tracks
Parental Rating:  PG-13

Description:  A data network engineer by trade, Bucktown Tiger balances his job helping make the Internet go with a desire to cherish each day to the fullest. This love of life shows clearly in Bucktown's second studio album, Shop Music, which exhibits Bucktown's carefree attitude, his strong will to survive and succeed, and his immense gratitude to his friends and supporters, who inspired and helped create the album. 

Track Listing: 

Track 01 - Four More Years

Track 02 - Shopwrecker Salute

Track 03 - Tigers Run the Shop

Track 04 - Get Fursuited Up

Track 05 - On the Real

Track 06 - Kings of the Net

Track 07 - Get a Furst Life

Track 08 - Royalty

Track 09 - Footsteps

Track 10 - Awake

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Furry HipHop/Rap
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