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Winter Games
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Winter Games
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Winter Games
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FurPlanet Productions
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Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Novella
Print:  Color Cover, Text Interior
Size:  5.50 x 8.5
Pages:  144
ISBN: 978-1-61450-088-9
Parental Rating:  NC-17 - Graphic sexual situations
Publication Date:  September 2012




Synopsis:  Sierra Snowpaw is just at the Lonnegan Ski Resort looking for a good time. You can trust him. If he doesn't talk a lot about his past, well, a lot of guys have done things they'd rather forget. A lot of guys have been through things they'd rather forget, too.

He's so nice that it isn’t that weird when he asks about some of the other guests. Not like a cop, though, or a Fed—well, okay. Maybe a little like that one guy from that movie. Maybe he's off-duty, settling a score on his own time.

Or maybe he's the guy on the run. Come to think of it, he looks around corners like someone's after him, too. But you know, some guys are chased by nothing more than the ghosts of their past...


Written by Kyell Gold

Cover art and interior illustrations by Sabretoothed Ermine


Winter Games is a work of anthropomorphic fiction for adult readers only.

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Item Reviews
A Ski Holiday
Great little read here, playing off some nice premises. I will say that the less you know of the story going in, the more enjoyable the story will be to read. Great characters, great dialogue, some expert plotting. Mr. Gold never fails to impress. This was a lovely story to enjoy over coffee while staying in from the cold winter weather.
Well crafted story about interesting characters
This is one of Kyell's strongest novellas to date. Well crafted with some engaging and interesting characters. I could not put it down. I loved every moment reading this book and I'll be rereading it again I'm sure. An amazing foray into the idea of looking into your past. The idea of two people searching each other out is intriguing to anyone and I loved how the characters played off each other. I also enjoyed the way the book played with time. Excellent work!
Daniel Fahl
Read Reviews
Novella by Kyell Gold, M/M, Romance, Suspense
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