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Bad Dog Books
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As of December 14, 2011, Bad Dog Books is now an imprint of FurPlanet Productions.

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FANG Volume 4
Adult story anthology, around the theme of "Life after High School".
Buster Wilde - Weerwolf
Confused straight man by day, gay party wolf by night!
ROAR Volume 3
Furry story anthology around the theme of Moments.

Fred Savage Volume 1: Wind Fall
Before mercenaries had health insurance, there was Fred Savage: Soldier of (mis)Fortune.
Found: One Apocalypse
A novel by Ben Goodridge
ROAR Volume 2
Furry story anthology around the theme of Games.

ROAR Volume 1
Collection of non-erotic, furry short stories.
FANG Volume 3
Collection of erotic, gay short stories.
The Hero
A novel by Teiran

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