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Beyond the Western Deep Book 1
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Beyond the Western Deep Book 1
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Beyond the Western Deep Book 1
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Alex Kain (Author), Rachel Bennett (Artist)
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Style: Hardcover graphic novel
Content:  Graphic Stories, Comics, and Literature
Print: Color Cover, Color Interior
Size: 7.8" by 7.9"
Pages: 112
ISBN: 978-1-936561-76-6
Parental Rating: G (ages 9-12)
Publication Date: February 2019



Synopsis: Following a terrible war, the four kingdoms of Dunia came together and signed a peace treaty to ensure such calamity would never happen again. A side effect of this treaty was the exile of a race of people called the ermehn, who had been perceived aggressors in the conflict. Their kind was forced north into a harsh and unforgiving land of ice and snow.


Generations later, the wounds of this conflict have still not healed. As an ermehn warlord consolidates power amongst his people in the frigid north, a second war appears to be brewing.


To prevent hostilities, a peaceful kingdom to the south and a signatory of the treaty prepares to send an emissary to the northern border. This sets off a series of events that threatens to plunge the entire world back into conflict.


Volume One combines both the Prologue and Chapter One of the story, plus a foreword by Redwall artist Sean Rubin, an extras section with concept art and commentary, and a guest art section featuring the work of Mouse Guard creator David Petersen, Runners creator and The Tick artist Sean Wang, and Jerome Jacinto, whose art can be found in games like Armello, Tooth & Tail, and more.

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