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Electric Sewer
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Electric Sewer
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Electric Sewer
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Thurston Howl Publications
erotic horror, body horror, NC, branding
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Print:  Color Cover, Text Interior
Size:  5.5 x 8.5
Pages:  148
Parental Rating:  NC-17
Publication Date:  June 2020


This is a mature content book.  Please ensure that you are of legal age to purchase this material in your state or region.

Warning: body horror, non-consensual acts


Description: There's a club on the outskirts of town. The neon lights outside flicker over silhouetted forms smoking. Inside, a rat bartender watches forms dancing, glares exchanged, and drinks sloshing. The bass is loud, and the dancers strip more and more...and more. Welcome to the Electric Sewer.




Welcome to the Electric Sewer



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Copyright © FurPlanet Productions, All Rights Reserved