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reKindled (Artisans and Opportunists: Book 2)
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reKindled (Artisans and Opportunists: Book 2)
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reKindled (Artisans and Opportunists: Book 2)
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Goal Publications
J. Malan
$20.00  $5.00
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Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Novel
Print:  Color Cover, Text Interior
Size:  5 x 8
Pages: 416
ISBN: 978-1-949768-34-3
Parental Rating:  PG
Publication Date:  July 2021


Synopsis: Twenty seasons' hopes and dreams are dashed as the love Oakmore the kudu thought would last a lifetime ends. Down and out, he wonders if the Mammalæ megacity of Bridgend has any further use for him.


An incident at another dead-end job sees the buck thrust deeply into the ranks of the burgeoning workers union. He finds comradeship and purpose anew...but at what cost? The friendly eyes of a wealthy doe kindles a flame inside he thought would never burn again, but there is another fire: Greenfields-a pernicious human relic rediscovered that brings both hope and peril for a city on the brink.


Already in too deep-and too close to the truth-to cut and run, Oakmore finds himself cresting a revolution about to break. He will learn a valuable lesson.


Not all things lost are gone.


Featuring an all-anthropomorphic animal cast in a gritty post-human world, reKindled is a continuation of the Artisans and Opportunists saga first introduced in the author's award-winning debut novel, reWritten.

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