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NOTE: We are not shipping orders at this time due to preparation for and attendance of Anthrocon 2024.

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Everybody Loves Luther
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Everybody Loves Luther
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Everybody Loves Luther
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Bad Dog Books
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Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Novel
Print:  Color Cover, Text Interior
Size:  6 x 9
Pages:  241
Parental Rating:  NC-17
Publication Date:  2006

Synopsis:  Luther Coachman, a Dalmatian with all the sweet charm of his tribe and an undergraduate at Whiskey U., is kicked out by his jock roommates when he's outed by a bitchy queen. He turns for help to an acquaintance, Adrian Drew, a math prof at WU, who agrees to take in the Dalmatian for the semester. To the the middle-aged badger's consternation, the young man's friendship turns into something else.

Their lives are turned upside down when Hayward Dench, an old friend and former lover of Drew's, is murdered. Dr Drew finds himself the guardian of Hayward's teen-aged son Alexis, at least for the ten days or so until the boy's mother returns. For Prof. Drew, the murder of his old friend not long after the death of his lover is serious blow, but there is more to come--now that there are two young men living in Casa de Drew.

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Item Reviews
not bad but heavy
well not much to say about this one i finished it in two days only because i was a bit bored and needed something to keep me busy. i really enjoyed the basic story but sincerely some scenes were a little heavy to my point of view. plus the fact that the description at the back of the book doesn't have a whole lot to do with the actual story in the book so i was a little surprised but well if you want a quick book on a trip or something this one can be your friend hehe
Nicolas Franzetti
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