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The Hero
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The Hero
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The Hero
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Bad Dog Books
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Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Novel
Print:  Color Cover, Text Interior
Size:  5.5 x 8.5
Pages:  Approx. 300
Parental Rating:  NC-17
Publication Date:  July 2007

Synopsis:  "The Hero" is a gay fantasy novella which follows Flint, a young hyena and lowly innkeeper's servant, who follows his heart and his hopes to find betrayal, heartbreak, companionship, danger and conspiracy as he quests for that finest prize of all: the heart of the one he loves.

Flint rises above himself, with the aid of some unexpected friends, as he faces off against an insidious order of religious zealots and the prejudices of an entire nation in his simple, honest and pure desire for the love of his knight in shining armor, the wolf Aldain, Knight of the Cross.
Despite its modern alternative romance and the bouts of eroticism, this book is at its heart conventional fantasy.
After reading the book, please also consider The Art of The Hero portfolio, a print set featuring 11 full color prints commissioned from Ayame Emaya as interior illustrations in this book.

This is a mature content book.  Images below have been cropped for a PG rating.  Please insure that you are of legal age to purchase this material in your state or region.

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Item Reviews
really interesting
I didn't know a whole lot about this book I was just searching for a few more furry books to read at first and the story seemed interesting in the synopsis. When I started it I was pretty surprised by the description of magic and fights. The characters got a lot of temper and real feelings going on. You get into it pretty easily I think. Some of the sex scenes might have been a little too much on my point of view but the rest of the story is really worth it for the book. I might have a little regret is that it was so short. The ending was really making me hold my breath and wanting to know what was going to happen. but yeah I think it is pretty worth it
Nicolas Franzetti
Frequent Errors Offset by Aesthetics
Let me clear the air by saying that this was the first furry novel I've ever owned, so it may not be a completely unbiased review. I'll get the bad out of the way; and trust me, there's a lot of bad...Flint, the main character and a hyena, changes very little, if at all, throughout the entirety of the book. He remains this snivelling weak thing that can't help but break down and cry every other chapter. It would have been acceptable in the beginning, but he never really gains any courage. The plot: There are a few surprises, and some surpised me very well (and props to Teiran for them =3). One thing that bothered me, though, was the lack of description. Though there was room for expansion of the world Flint lives in, Teiran skims over the details and leaves more to be desired. I actually now, in retrospect, remember the city that part of the story takes place in as looking (in my head) like a city in a story I read by Kyell Gold. Basically, the city was so sparsely described, my head filled in the blank with some previous medieval furry city that I'd read of; this is a bad thing, in my book. The typos are FREQUENT AND INEXCUSABLE!!! OMFG!!! There are sooo many typos in this book. My little brother (now 9 years of age) could probably have edited this book better than Bad Dog did; and he hates grammar. It is literally pitiful how badly this book was edited. "Desert" is confused with "Dessert" several times. There are many contextual errors, and frequently you can tell Teiran was trying to say something, either in a different word tense or different context, and said something else instead, making the sentence legible, but dirty and muddled, and outright unacceptable. I have no idea how this got past the editor's desk, seriously. He must have been drunk 24/7, or at least whenever he was editing it, to have let this pass through the printer as jumbled and terrible as it is. There are typos on literally every page. I think I remember two pages where I thought to myself, "Wow! There aren't any typos on these pages!" Another thing (and it's not as bad as the others) is that my mental image of Flint was much smaller than he was supposed to be. In the pictures within the book, and in the general description of Flint, I know how tall he is: a bit shorter than average, but not terribly so. As Flint is described throughout the story, however, I couldn't help but picture him being almost child-size. This may be my own fault, but I also feel like Teiran over-emphasizes his smallness and makes him sound shorter than he is. Grah! This book could have been so much better if a little more effort had been put into...well, everything! Now to the good, and the reasons I gave this book 4 stars. The sex scenes and the romance intermingled therein are very nice and aesthetically pleasing. It made me all warm and fuzzy inside =3 You will melt when Aldain and Flint make love for the first time. This is where the books shines, in its depiction of pure love, especially Flint's for Aldain, the White Knight who saves him. It really is a nice feeling, and Flint's innocence really helps it along; he doesn't know that it's 'wrong' to be a tail raiser, and loves Aldain unabashedly, and wholeheartedly; the little hyena can't get the wolf off his mind. It really is sweet, and this is one of the book's strongest points. The characters, unlike the story, have their own unique personalities and are more than just cardboard cutouts (although in some cases this is true, it's not for the main characters and the supporting characters). While I still would have liked to see more of their backgrounds and personalities, the book does a good enough job of this, and is acceptable. Another plus is that the sex is well written. I became aroused many times while reading this book. The only problem I have with the sex, and I still wonder if it's a problem, is that there is so much of it. It's not like there's constantly a crazy orgy or anything, but there was more in it than I expected of a romance like this one. All in all, the book wraps up nicely, and the ending is particularly satisfying. I recommend it to anyone looking for a good gay romance, but not too serious a plot. I approve!
It has been a rather long time since I read this book, meaning I have slacked on the 'friend level' of not writing a review before. But as I think of it now, as I browse, I see that nobody has rated this book or put up anything as a review. So I shall be the first person to write one for this book. I remember finally purchasing it more then a year ago finally at Anthrocon, and I remember when I finally managed to start reading it it was on a military maneuver. This story was crafted very well by the author. The story covered all the basics in which one needs for a story. It had believable characters that you related too in the main character positions and a guy you just plain did not like in the bad guy role. It had fantasy violence in it that made the geek in me remember back to the table top DandD games with my friends. It had a love between the characters that made you wish it could happen to you. I started reading this book, and kept reading it until I was finished. I remember at the end of the book, my heart was pounding and tears were going down my cheeks. Sitting on the turret of an Abrams tank as the wind buffeted at me because of how the ending looked like it was going to turn out. For anybody who is a fan of DandD, who enjoys a story of love worth fighting for, I tell you now that you should purchase this book. It will entertain you with both the well crafted story and the very well drawn illustrations.
Joshua A Bates
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A novel by Teiran
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Copyright © FurPlanet Productions, All Rights Reserved